GL Transcript Tuesday 8/11/09

Guiding Light Transcript Tuesday 8/11/09


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Previously on "Guiding Light"...

Beth: You can't push him like that. Things take time.

Phillip: There is no time.

Blake: I need you to sneak me Coop's manuscript.

Cyrus: Buzz won't let it out of his sight.

Blake: No, it's good for the family. It's going to make big money.

Cyrus: Okay, I will get you the pages.

Olivia: Why is it that nobody loves me for me?

Phillip: Maybe we don't deserve it.

Josh: Hey.

Matt: Hey, yourself.

Josh: We're taking the rest of the day off.

Matt: Well, that's a nice thought, except for I'm working at Bill and Lizzie’s today so...

Josh: But the thing is you work for me and I'm giving you the rest of the day off, because neither one of us have a woman in our lives right now who nags us about being on the course. I need a break. Jeffrey dying-- Dinah running off on Shayne. I'm a little spent. So I'm going to change my clothes. I'll meet you at the course.

Matt: Okay, well, you're buying the beers.

Cyrus: "Growing up in Liverpool, I could only dream of finding a way out. I wanted to be a different person, a person who could come and go as she pleased, a person who could have anything she wanted and get it for herself. I knew I'd never make that happen from my two-room flat above the barber shop, so I picked the place where dreams come true. I found a ship that was leaving, but there wasn't enough time to earn money for the passage so one night I quietly packed my things, crept to the bureau where my grandmother kept her cigar box of jewelry: A watch pin, a wedding band, and a raggedly string of pearls. Not a very long strand but they were real and I loved the weight of them in my hand. Grandma never wore them so I thought it was fair for me to take them." Fair enough. "She was going to give them to me one day anyway." Right. "I went down, boarded the ship and sailed away to my new life." Wow. "I knew my adventure would be magnificent and what better place to start them than the Frog and Toe?"

Buzz: Did she say the Frog and Toe?

Cyrus: That is what it says.

Buzz: What do you mean the Frog and the Toe?

Cyrus: I don't know. We could look it up on the internet.

Buzz: Marina's got a computer at Company.

Cyrus: Then I guess we better head over there.

Buzz: Okay.

Frank: Ah, hot, hot, hot.

Lizzie: That doesn't look like pizza.

Frank: Well, you know, since our stove was repossessed, we just have a little oven back there. So big stove can’t...

Lizzie: I'm sorry. I had no idea.

Cyrus: Oh yeah, thanks to Cyrus Foley, we don't have a stove or a roof. And guess what, my dad has remortgaged the restaurant to spend more time with Cyrus Foley, the very guy who has taken the stove and our roof. I think my father's gone crazy.

Lizzie: If it makes you feel better, I think my dad's gone crazy. He showed up at my house this morning at 6:30 pounding nails.

Frank: Phillip? He doesn't impress me as the handyman type.

Lizzie: Oh no, no, this wasn't a handyman, this was a possessed man. He was pounding. It was like he wanted to get the whole house done today. Weird.

Frank: Well, if he succeeds at that he can come over and help me with the roof.

Lizzie: Well, if he is in the mode he was in this morning, he's probably up at the track doing laps.

Lillian: Hi, sweetheart.

Phillip: Hey. Nice to see somebody else uses the library other than me.

Lillian: I use it all the time. So does Buzz.

Phillip: That's nice.

Lillian: How are you feeling?

Phillip: I feel fine.

Lillian: I saw you a little earlier, you seemed sort of anxious.

Phillip: I'm anxious not to die.

Lillian: I wish I could do something more for you Phillip.

Phillip: Well, according to Ed, he and you and the medical community have already done everything they can. I know you care. I appreciate it.

Lillian: I just love you so much. Okay, I'll leave you to your reading.

Christina: That stuff is interesting. I'm a Leo, myself. You?

Daisy: Careful, don't fall in.

James: Did you walk here?

Daisy: Yes, I walked all the way up a mountain just to be with you. What are you doing here?

James: Throwing some stones. Walking on rocks.

Daisy: There are a lot of rocks up here.

James: Yeah, come over to this side.

Daisy: Cross over?

James: Yeah, it's easy.

Daisy: Yeah, maybe for you. You come over here. No?

James: What's going on?

Daisy: You're the one who called me to come meet you.

James: Yeah, I... I felt like going for a walk. Needed to be alone.

Daisy: So then why did you call me?

James: Well, I started walking and I realized the alone part wasn't that great so...

Daisy: Well, what do you want to do?

James: I was thinking about going camping. You want to come?

Daisy: You don't like camping.

James: I like you. So, camping?

Daisy: I can't just go camping. What am I going to tell Mallet and Marina and my grandpa and Uncle Frank?

James: Right, you have a family full of cops.

Daisy: Yeah.

James: Just tell them the truth.

Daisy: That would be a terrible idea.

James: You're over 18.

Daisy: Yeah, but...

James: Just tell them whatever you want.

Daisy: What are you going to tell your family?

James: Probably nothing. They don't even notice what I do. Building a house.

Daisy: I don't know. Can you build a camp fire?

James: I'm a boy scout.

Daisy: You so are not.

James: Yeah, well we use enough lighter fluid to just make it happen. We'll be fine.

Daisy: So you really want to go camping with me?

James: I've always wanted to go camping with you.

Daisy: Well, Mallet and Marina, they have a couple sleeping bags so...

James: You go get those and I'll go get the other stuff and we'll meet at your house.

Daisy: Okay.

James: Okay.

Daisy: Okay.

James: Okay.

Daisy: Okay.

Rick: Here you go.

Olivia: Wow.

Rick: This is to make up for what I didn't give you. The barbecue.

Olivia: Oh, the Frisbee mishap. That must have been painful.

Rick: Oh my gosh, you have no idea. I blacked out. I still have this lump. Do you want to feel?

Olivia: Oh, no, no, I can't believe there is still a lump.

Rick: Anyway, I owe you a dog. I mean, it is certainly not as good as mine but it's the second-best in town, so...

Olivia: Tempting. But I'm good, thank you.

Rick: Are you sure?

Olivia: I'm sure.

Rick: You have no idea.

Olivia: You enjoy. You got a... little mustard.

Rick: Really? You want to kiss me.

Olivia: You have mustard. No, no. Bad idea. Okay, all right. Yeah. Okay, see you.

Rick: Damn it.

Buzz: Frog and Toe, Frog and toe, Frog and Toe. What have you got here?

Cyrus: Well, a lot. But it is hard to connect anything to a boat landing in the '70's. Oh, Shakespeare. "I have newt and toe of frog."

Buzz: "Wing of bat and tongue of dog, porcupine's sting, leg of lizards, and howelette's wing for a charm that's powerful like a cauldron of boiling bubbles.

Cyrus: Wow. That was very impressive.

Buzz: What can I say, I'm a complicated guy.

Cyrus: Yeah, exactly. Alright, tree, frog, toe pad... what does that mean?

Buzz: It means the internet isn't much help.

Lillian: What isn't much help doing?

Buzz: We were going through some of Jenna’s stuff and she visited someplace called the Frog and Toe.

Lillian: New York City, right? Yeah, it is a 19th century nickname for New York City. I know that because that Edgar Allen Poe biography that I wanted you to read, told me that.

Cyrus: New York City.

Buzz: Well, I guess we're in for a trip.

Christina: We did a whole section on healing and alternative medicine when I was in school. It was fascinating because, well, it helped me realize that people have other options. Some of them are scary, but some of them offer hope where people wouldn't have any.

Phillip: I just... I picked up a book at the airport, I started reading it and I think I'm getting to be sort of an armchair doctor.

Christina: Healer.

Phillip: Healer, right.

Christina: That's risky. But it's good that people have choices, you know. Medicine certainly doesn't have all the answers yet. And sometimes I think that our bodies know more, you know, or at least mind over matter. The good news is that we used to have to go to the doctor's office and nod and take everything that he says as law and now we can actually go out and find our own cures.

Phillip: I'm starting to become a big believer.

Christina: Yeah.

Phillip: So you believe in all of this stuff?

Christina: There's a place over on Sixth Street and the woman who works there knows a lot about places where people go for miracle cures.

Phillip: Do you believe in miracles?

Christina: I think I do.

Phillip: I think I do too. Really nice talking to you. My grandkids are a great reason to believe.

Woman: Oh, that stone brings peace of mind.

Phillip: I'll take it.

Woman: Is this your first time here?

Phillip: Yeah, it is.

Woman: Where should we start? I have some lovely teas and herbs for all sorts of ailments.

Phillip: I'm dying, or at least my doctors tell me that I'm dying. I've only got a few weeks left and they say that there's nothing more that they can do for me. And I just need more time than that. My family is... I just need a little help and I don't have anywhere else to turn.

Woman: What you need is beyond my understanding or abilities. I can't help you. But I know people who can. It's in Mexico.

Phillip: Thank you.

Woman: I can give you this. Blood stone for strength.

Christina: Hey.

Daisy: Hello.

Christina: So now that I'm married, we can't be friends.

Daisy: What?

Christina: I feel like are you avoiding me. What, I'm too old to hang out now that I have a ring on my finger.

Daisy: No.

Christina: All right, so come hang out tonight.

Daisy: Tonight?

Christina: Yeah. Tonight would be good.

Daisy: I can’t.

Christina: Because you're going where?

Daisy: Camping.

Christina: Camping.

Daisy: With James.

Christina: You're going... oh, you're going camping.

Daisy: Uh-huh, for the night.

Christina: Are you sure that you want to go camping?

Daisy: I will be fine, okay. I'll call you when I get back.

Christina: Do you want me to leave through the kitchen?

Daisy: That would be weird. Say hi.

James: Hey.

Christina: Hi.

James: Hi, Christina.

Christina: Oh, I saw your dad. We had a really nice talk.

James: Somebody has to. Are you ready?

Daisy: Yeah.

Christina: Okay, bye. Watch out for bears and mosquitoes.

Matt: Do you need CPR?

Olivia: I need something.

Matt: You actually scared me for a second there. I rode by and saw you laying there. I thought you might actually be hurt.

Olivia: I'm okay.

Matt: Well good, then we can talk about me because I think I took a chunk out of my ankle on my bike.

Olivia: Let me rush you over to Cedars.

Matt: We should wait and see if shock sets in.

Olivia: Shock.

Cyrus: How many days do you reckon we'll be gone?

Buzz: I don't know, how long does it take to find a frog and a toe, what do you think, four, five days.

Cyrus: I better pack and get some money together for food and gas and somewhere to stay.

Buzz: I got a few bucks saved and Company's going to lend us this.

Cyrus: Yee-haw.

Buzz: And oh, my car is on the fritz so we have to use the van. But that's okay, because if we can't get a hotel or afford a hotel, we can sleep in the van, right?

Cyrus: Fine by me.

Buzz: Frank, hey.

Frank: Hello, Pop.

Buzz: Just the man I want to see. Listen, we're going to have to use the van for a couple days. Got something we have to do. So Marina is

Frank: Where are you going?

Buzz: New York City.

Frank: In the company van?

Buzz: Yeah. My car's dead, Frank.

Frank: Excuse me, I don't think so.

Buzz: What?

Frank: The van isn't yours, it belongs to the restaurant.

Buzz: Right, Marina can use your car.

Frank: Here is the deal: Since you don't own the restaurant by yourself, we all have a piece of it. Since the van is part of the restaurant, we all own a piece of the van. My piece says no to New York City and I bet you, Coop and Marina would say the same thing as well.

Buzz: Don't tell me what your brother would want. Keep the damn van.

James: How about here?

Daisy: Yeah, fine. All right.

James: Where should we put the fire?

Daisy: Aren't you supposed to like put it in the middle?

James: In the middle? This is like the forest. Where's the middle?

Daisy: That's a good point. Okay, yeah, so I guess we just pick a spot.

James: Right there.

Daisy: That is perfect.

James: Perfect.

Daisy: All right. Great. We're going to need like stones like to keep it from spreading.

James: And wood.

Daisy: And wood. We should get the wood. We are very unprepared.

James: We'll find some wood.

Daisy: Okay.

James: We're in the forest.

Daisy: Yeah.

James: So where do you think...

Daisy: Do you want to split up, cover more ground?

James: No, no, let's stay together.

Daisy: Okay.

Lizzie: Dad? What are you doing here? Buying some relaxing tea or something?

Phillip: You know what, I went in and I just picked up something I thought your Aunt Alex might like.

Lizzie: Nice, she is totally into this stuff.

Phillip: Yeah? I guess I picked the right store.

Lizzie: What's that?

Phillip: Oh, the woman in there recommended this. I got a little bit of a sore throat. She said a couple drops might make me feel better. I don't know if I believe in any of this stuff or not.

Lizzie: I guess it can't hurt.

Phillip: Yeah, can't hurt.

Frank: Oh, good, Lillian, hi. Listen, here's Dad's plan, he wants to go to New York City with Cyrus Foley, but I think I stopped him because I took his car keys.

Lillian: Oh, no, Frank, he needs to do this. He loved Jenna and Coop so much. How does this hurt him to find out more about her?

Frank: Because it is turning him into a whacko.

Lillian: How?

Frank: Because he is obsessed with Cyrus, right now. He says he's listening to tapes with Jenna then he says he doesn't, which concerns me. And Lillian, I'm just really worried for him, right now.

Lillian: Sweetie, he has been through so much since Coop died.

Frank: I know that. I know that it's just... maybe you can talk to him because you have influence over him. Maybe you can just see what is going on in his head. Can you talk to him, please, please, please.

Lillian: Okay, please, please, please. I will talk to him but I can't promise anything.

Frank: You're the best. Thank you. Thank you.

Buzz: Wait, don't you have a car?

Cyrus: Repossessed.

Buzz: Oh, terrific.

Buzz: Well, we don't have money for a plane. Can get a bus or hitchhike, I guess?

Cyrus: Then we'll take a bus. You hitchhike, your family is going to kill me.

Buzz: My people aren't too thrilled with you as it is. (Cell phone ringing) Hello.

Lillian: Hi, honey.

Buzz: Oh, hi.

Lillian: I need to talk to you. Can you come over to the hospital for a minute?

Buzz: I don't have a car.

Lillian: Yeah, so I heard.

Buzz: Why don't you drive here?

Lillian: No, I can't because I'm on duty. You can walk over, okay? Bye.

Buzz: I got to go see Lillian.

Cyrus: Okay. Well, bus station in one hour? It's going to be great.

Matt: Hey.

Rick: Hey.

Matt: You have mustard on your shirt.

Rick: Hot dog. Was going to talk to Olivia since it went so well for me on the fourth of July.

Matt: Went so well? You got hit in the head with a Frisbee.

Rick: I know, I blacked out. I blackout, you know, I thought I would get the sympathy thing going for me but... anyway, I bought her a hot dog.

Matt: How did that work out for you?

Rick: Not good. I think she's off the market.

Matt: I'm not so sure about that. I saw her in the park. She was... she was sniffing around a little bit.

Rick: Really?

Matt: Really.

Josh: Hi there.

Olivia: Hi.

Josh: Did you lose your key?

Olivia: No, I have my key. It's just Emma’s out of town. It's kind of empty in there.

Josh: Yeah, well I kind of understand that feeling, when it's a little too quiet. You could turn on the TV. You could listen the radio.

Olivia: I could. I could invite someone over.

Josh: You could, yes.

Olivia: You busy?

Josh: Actually, I was going to change my clothes, play some golf.

Daisy: Not bad.

James: And we still have a little bit of food left.

Daisy: All right, now let's figure out where our sleeping bags go.

James: How about right here.

Daisy: Okay. Should we put them facing the fire though.

James: Sure. Now what?

Daisy: Now... oh, did you remember to get marshmallows?

James: Two bags.

Daisy: You got sticks?

James: Got one right here. And this one.

Daisy: All right.

James: I've never done this before.

Daisy: Careful. So why are we here? What are we doing?

James: We're going camping.

Daisy: I know, but I mean why did you call me in the first place. What's going on?

James: My dad. It's always my dad.

Daisy: I know.

James: I wish he'd just go away.

Phillip: I know it's radical. But I got to do something. Because the doctors certainly aren't offering me anything. Not more time which is what I need. So I don't care. I don't care how crazy or how out there it seems, I'm going to do it. I'm going to go to Mexico and these people are going to heal me. Or they're at least going to buy me some more time. So you know what, here's what you do. You sit up here on your hill and you look down at everybody beneath you because you're not getting me yet. I'm going to find a way to keep living my life. I'll see you, pal.

Lillian: Okay. If you get up with me every morning and walk, you wouldn't be so tired and wet.

Buzz: Lillian, what do you want?

Lillian: Frank thinks you are out of your mind.

Buzz: You couldn't tell me this on the phone.

Lillian: He thinks Cyrus is dangerous and you are both heading for trouble.

Buzz: Frank doesn't understand.

Lillian: I agree, I don't think he does understand. I'm all for your doing this.

Buzz: You are?

Lillian: Uh-huh. I know how much you loved Jenna and how much you love Coop. And if this going to bring you some closure and bring you closer to them, then I want to you do it. As long as you promise you'll come back afterwards.

Buzz: You're a good woman.

Lillian: I know.

Buzz: I'll call you.

Lillian: No, bring me a present.

Buzz: (Laughs)

Lillian: I mean it. Maybe more than one present.

Buzz: Keep your water.

Cyrus: Hello, Lizzie.

Lizzie: What are you doing, Cyrus?

Cyrus: Me? Just getting some snacks. Going on a little trip.

Lizzie: No, no, I mean what are you doing? I talked to Frank. You know that the Cooper’s cannot afford to have you run a scam on them.

Cyrus: I am not trying to hurt them. I like Buzz, I like all the Cooper’s. I owe them. I'm just trying to make up for everything I did.

Lizzie: I believe you. I think that a lot of the time you're not trying to hurt anyone. I actually think that there may be a good man somewhere inside there. I just can't tell where the charming, scam artist ends and the good guy begins.

Cyrus: I can't tell either.

Phillip: Hey. Come here.

Rick: Hey, you okay?

Phillip: Yeah, I want to ask your opinion. Aunt Alex is thinking about trying something.

Rick: Yeah?

Phillip: I don't know what it is. She's been feeling really tired, I guess older. And she was thinking about going to one of these spiritual healers in Mexico. Do you know anything about?

Rick: Quack, quack, quack quack.

Phillip: Not good?

Rick: No. Just have her see a doctor in Springfield and take some vitamins.

Phillip: She's not getting any answers from her doctors that she's looking for. I think she feels like she has to try something different.

Rick: Well, sometimes you can't find the answers.

Phillip: That's not acceptable.

Rick: What does that mean?

Phillip: Well, I... to her, that's just unacceptable. Okay.

Rick: I guess she'll have to figure out what is right for her. You know, it does depend on the person. I mean, Spaulding’s people are really tough-willed people.

Phillip: Yeah, I guess we are.

Rick: Grab a beer, my treat. Do you want to join me?

Phillip: I can't, actually, I'll take a rain check. I gotta go, I'll see you later.

Rick: All right, good luck.

Lillian: Phillip, what are you going it to do?

Phillip: I'm going to take charge of what's left of my life.

Lillian: So you're going to go to Mexico and you're going to waste precious time you could be with your family.

Phillip: What do you think I should do? Do you think I should just sit here and wait to die?

Lillian: No, of course I don’t.

Phillip: Good. Because I won't do that.

Frank: Hey.

Rick: Hey.

Matt: Perfect timing, I'm buying.

Frank: Really, that's exciting. What's the occasion?

Rick: Matt thinks Olivia likes him. (Laughter)

Frank: Have you not been around the last two months, man. That's highly unlikely.

Lillian: You are having fun, aren't you?

Matt: They're having a great time.

Lillian: Frank, I came by to tell you I talked to Buzz.

Frank: And?

Lillian: And I told him he should go to New York.

Frank: What? Lillian!

Lillian: See you later.

Frank: That's great.

Rick: Frank, Frankie, Frankie, you got to stop worrying about your father and do something for yourself. We need to find a woman. Check this out.

Frank: Here we go again.

Rick: My friend at the hospital does on-line dating. He goes out three or four times a week. Bam, bam, bam. That is almost 150 times a year. Even we can't get rejected that much, so I'm thinking about giving it a shot. What do you think?

Matt: Rick, wouldn't it be easier just to ask out somebody that you know?

Rick: Nobody likes me.

Matt: True.

Rick: So the problem is people that we know... the women that we know know us. On-line, they don't know us, okay. It is a fresh beginning. It's a new start. What do you think?

Matt: I guess we could check out the web site.

Frank: There is a laptop on the bar.

Rick: Totally harmless. I'm first.

Frank: All right, Doc, fire it up.

Rick: All righty. Okay.

Matt: I think you got to create a new profile there.

Rick: All right.

Frank: God, I hope nobody catches us doing this.

Rick: Frank, would you lighten up, please. We're just giving honest information.

Matt: Name.

Rick: Rick Bauer.

Matt: Occupation.

Rick: Doctor. Beat that, guys.

Frank: What would be the age of the doctor.

Rick: 47? (Laughter) Shut up. I'm dying my hair.

Matt: You already dye your hair.

Rick: Shut up. Okay, hobbies... sailing my yacht, overlooking my vineyards and fields.

Matt: Nice.

Rick: Women like that. You got to keep it shallow, guys. Can't go too deep. Just got to give them the good parts.

Matt: Leave out all the unfortunate parts.

Rick: Right.

Matt: Right.

Rick: We're men. We have a lot of unfortunate parts.

Matt: Suit yourself, cowboy.

Rick: Check, please. You are so funny, man.

Daisy: It's good.

James: The marshmallows?

Daisy: Yeah, the marshmallows and the stars, the fire, I don't know. I wasn't sure that I was going to like it.

James: I knew I would.

Daisy: So peaceful.

James: It is until the bears come.

Daisy: Shut up. There are no bears. Are there bears?

James: I don't know.

Daisy: Well, how do we keep them away?

James: You got to stay up and stoke the fire.

Daisy: Okay so, what, do we just take turns sleeping or...

James: No, we got to stay up together.

Josh: Okay vodka tonic for you. Scotch for me. Cheers.

Olivia: Cheers. What do you want to do? We can play cards. We can watch TV.

Josh: We can do whatever your heart desires.

Olivia: Which?

Josh: You choose.

Olivia: TV. I suck at cards.

Josh: Excellent. Let's see what we've got here.

Olivia: I'm stupid.

Josh: Well, thank you for that.

Olivia: No, I mean I don't know what I want. I mean I want this and it feels good. It's just that I'm sad and I shouldn't have invited you in here. And I need something. I just don't know what it is. I just didn't want to be alone.

Josh: Okay. So what happens next?

Olivia: If I ask you I'm going to be selfish.

Josh: Wouldn't be the first time.

Olivia: Could you just lay next to me, sleep with me and hold my hand?

Josh: Yeah, I can do that.

Time stays still everything is moving so fast...

Buzz: You travel light.

Cyrus: You never know when you're going to have to run from the cops.

Buzz: Don't try to do that this trip. I don't know many cops in New York.

Cyrus: Sure thing, no arrests. We're on a mission.

So now, you're on your own like a rolling stone.

Lillian: Please, please, please don't do this. It's just so dangerous, Phillip.

Phillip: Lillian, is it more dangerous than dying?

Lillian: Just hear me out. Some of these people, not all of them, but some of them in some of these places. They give you hallucinogenic drugs and they tell you you're cured.

Phillip: Can you help me?

Lillian: No.

Phillip: Do you know anybody who can?

Lillian: No.

Phillip: Then let me find somebody who can at least give me a little hope. Because I'm not ready to just lay down and die.

Daisy: There's so many stars. There's actually bears, right?

James: No, but there is spiders.

Daisy: (Laughs)

James: Daisy.

Daisy: Me too.

Coming up on "Guiding Light"...

Daisy: I'm glad I came camping.

James: Me too.

Shayne: I don't know what else to do besides just ask this. Do you know where Dinah is?

Billy: She's tough, she will land on her feet.

Vanessa: Billy, I hate that she is alone.

Olivia: You're hurting, okay. I'm hurting too.

Rafe: That's the only good thing about this whole thing.

Olivia: It doesn't bother you that I'm in pain.

Rafe: I'm not the one hurting.

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