GL Transcript Monday 8/10/09

Guiding Light Transcript Monday 8/10/09


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Phillip: Rise and shine, there's plenty of work to be done. (Laughs) Hey. Hey, hey, hey, hey. Come on, come on. Your sister's house needs fixing, and we're all going to fix it as a family. We're going to fix it together, you hear me?

James: All right! All right, all right, all right, all right.

Phillip: All right, all right.

Olivia: Useless! That's it.

Frank: No, no, no, no, no. That's not how Dad does it.

Blake: Shh, shh.

Frank: No, no, he doesn't stack them...

Blake: Just watch, just watch, okay?

Frank: No, he doesn't put the napkins in each individual box. He puts them in a nice pile like this so people can take as many as they want.

Blake: And they waste them, okay? This is much better. Besides, it's much prettier. (Knock on the door)

Frank: We're not open!

Blake: Frank.

Frank: What, are they deaf? Hey!

Blake: Frank!

Frank: We're not open!

Blake: So not a way to make money. Come on, can you say second mortgage?

Frank: No, you can't stack them like this. They're going to fall over.

Matt: Thank you, thank you.

Blake: Come on.

Matt: Sorry, I need coffee. I had an early call to the guys at the construction crew for Bill and Lizzieís. You got some?

Blake: Yeah.

Frank: Have you seen my father?

Matt: No, why?

Cyrus: Bloody hell.

Buzz: You know, you're a great teacher. I wondered how much I learned from you. But then I just picked the lock and walked right in here.

Cyrus: Well, that was a stupid risk. We've already been caught once. What are you doing in my bed?

Buzz: I didn't want to wake you, you know. You know, for a cat burglar you are a pretty heavy sleeper.

Cyrus: Oh, God, go away.

Buzz: No, I canít... and what, spoil my thieving success? Come on, no way. Let's celebrate. Let's get back to work.

Cyrus: Celebrate you breaking into my room? I don't think so.

Buzz: Hey, look, look, look, look. Think of it as therapy. Get dressed!

(Knock on the door)

Christina: What time is it?

Remy: I don't know. It's too early. (Knock on the door) Okay! Ow!

Mel: Oh, finally. I have a plan to save Cyrus.

Remy: People are sleeping, Mel.

Mel: Hi, Christina. No, you're not, you're up.

Remy: We were sleeping, and so is everyone else in this flea bag. You want to talk to Cyrus, he's in the next room.

Mel: Shhh! Be quiet. Oh, he's not alone.


Lizzie: Is the crew here? It's really early.

Bill: It's your dad.

Phillip: Hey, sleepyheads, time to get up! Today's the first day of the rest of your life!

Bill: Good morning!

Bill: Yeah, I don't think he's going to leave.

Lizzie: You better go down there before he builds a moat or something.

Bill: It's going to be an interesting day.

(Cell phone rings)

Phillip: James? Where are you, son? We're burning daylight over here. Come on. Your sister needs help. We're going to have the whole family here today, so get your tail up and get over here. Hey, there's my son-in-law.

Bill: Hi. Wow. You made it here before the crew did, thank you.

Phillip: Hey, my daughter's house needs fixing. You think I'm going to leave that to a bunch of strangers?

(Cell phone rings)

Beth: Hello? You woke me up to ask me about your father?

Lizzie: Just wondering why Dad was here at 5:45 in the morning hammering.

Beth: Where are you? Are you at home?

Lizzie: Oh, yeah, yeah. I was sleeping soundly until Dad woke us both up. The crew isn't even here yet.

Beth: Well, where's Bill?

Lizzie: Oh, he's outside making sure that Dad isn't turning our house into a skyscraper or something. So you know, now that you are awake, could you please get over here ASAP?

Blake: Hey, Olivia, what can I get you? Cafe latte, cappuccino, macchiato, straight black?

Olivia: Decaf light.

Blake: Decaf, wow, all right. Most people want to wake up in the morning, but hey.

Olivia: Yeah, well, I don't need it.

Blake: Nice and hot. Of course, you know most coffee is. How's the weather out there?

Olivia: Stop it. Cut the cute talk, okay. We're not friends.

Blake: Excuse me?

Olivia: You helped Natalia leave, okay? You're her friend, you have to be loyal to her. I get that, but you and me, we're not pals anymore, okay? Here.

Blake: Excuse me.

Mel: They broke in. That's perfect. Why didn't you arrest them?

Remy: He was with Buzz. They were doing research.

Mel: Even so, Cyrus has a rap sheet. Prior convictions. And he's out on bail for stealing those diamonds. You could pick him up right now.

Remy: Wait, wait, wait. You want me to arrest Cyrus? Why, why?

Mel: I have a guy on the inside.

Remy: Do I know him? What's his name?

Mel: Let's just say that he owes me a favor or two.

Remy: Okay.

Mel: My client has some solid information on the outfit.

Remy: You mean the Chicago syndicate?

Mel: Uh-huh.

Remy: Don't tell me, he's not talking. I don't blame him.

Mel: It would make him a pretty big target. But if Cyrus were held for arraignment for the break-in at Towers, I could represent him and then he could make a deal with the judge for that same information.

Remy: Mel, I let them go. Are you saying they worked together, that Cyrus worked for the....

Mel: No. No, no, no, no, no. But if somehow they were accidentally placed in the same holding cell, I am confident that my guy will feed Cyrus the information, okay? And Cyrus works as an independent. The outfit doesn't know him.

Remy: This is a little shady for you. It's almost devious.

Mel: Pretty good, huh?

Christina: I think it sounds great.

Remy: What the hell is... I don't get this. What have you done with my sister? What is this?

Christina: I get it. I think Cy's hot, too.

Mel: I am just a lawyer doing my job.

Christina: Okay, Miss Lawyer, I'm going to go get us some coffee, and then we have some work to do.

Mel: Yes, we do. Are you going help me?

Remy: Yes.

Buzz: No, but it cannot be at the same time.

Cyrus: This would have been a lot earlier.

Buzz: Yes, right. But it can't be the same time. It can't relate to the same thing.

Cyrus: I know, that's what I'm saying. I don't understand it.

Buzz: She was in her 20ís for this. She had to be, like, at least 32 when this happened.

Cyrus: But yeah, yeah, that's what I'm saying, so I donít... but this seems like there's a connection, but there's not because there can't be.

Frank: Hey, Dad. Excuse me, one second. You know, Blake had this really interesting idea about the "to go" boxes, you know, and the napkins, and the way she kind of puts them in each box instead of stacking them.

Buzz: Uh-huh. Yeah, right.

Cyrus: Do you see how this connects with the tapes?

Buzz: Well, I haven't heard all the tapes, yet. I haven't listened to them. Frank, could you get us some coffee, please? Thank you.

Cyrus: Let's try this one.

Buzz: Okay.

James: Where's the coffee?

Christina: Oh, it's by the counter. Hey, good morning.

James: Is it?

Christina: You do need coffee.

James: You think?

Christina: All right, I'll make you some.

James: Thank you.

Christina: Drink up. (Cell phone rings) You're not going to answer your phone?

James: It's my dad. He wants me to report for hard labor.

Christina: Well, at least you're up and walking.

James: Sleepwalking.

Lizzie: Hey, coffee break.

Bill: Perfect timing.

Phillip: Oh, thank you.

Lizzie: Wow, is this the new molding for the living room?

Bill: No, no, your dad thinks we should replace the load bearing wall in the main hallway, and we're building supports for that.

Lizzie: Wow, that sounds like a big... a big job.

Bill: Yeah, it is. It is. It is.

Lizzie: Isn't this going to take days longer? Dad?

Phillip: Honey, I got to make sure that you and this house are taken care of. James, if I have to come over there and get you, neither one of us are going to be happy about it. So come on, everybody's here. Workers are here, Lizzie and Bill. Your mom just got here. Hurry up. Hey.

Lizzie: Hey.

Phillip: Matt's here.

Lizzie: Yeah, yeah.

Phillip: He and your mom seeing each other now?

Lizzie: No, they're just walking up the driveway together. They just came here together like everybody else.

Bill: Okay, everyone. Listen up, please. First of all thank you for coming out early today. Some earlier than others. Look, we got some coffee and water over there, snacks, just help yourself, take whatever you need.

Phillip: Actually what we need, we need a couple of guys, you, you guys. Start on the south side of the house, clear all that brush out of there, move some earth if you have to because we are going to inspect every inch of this foundation, okay? And you guys, you finish the base units Bill and I started. We'll show you. And I need somebody to get all these bags of cement out of here because we got to be able to get the flatbed back. Anybody?

Matt: Got it.

Phillip: Great, thanks, Matt. Okay, anybody who doesn't have a specific job, just ask Bill, he's the man of the house.

Bill: Okay? Then let's get to work.

Phillip: So how is Matt working out for you?

Bill: Oh, he's a great foreman.

Phillip: Yeah?

Bill: Yeah.

Phillip: Now he and your mom completely split up now?

Bill: Yeah, still friends. He's a great guy.

Phillip: Yeah.

Frank: Okay.

Buzz: Take a look at this. Here, you see.

Olivia: What are you guys working on? What's the project?

Buzz: I'm trying to find out more about the love of my life.

Olivia: Jenna?

Buzz: Yup.

Olivia: Must be amazing to have someone to love like that, and someone who loves you.

Buzz: You're kidding me.

Olivia: No, I'm not kidding, actually.

Buzz: You are the object of adoration for every man that has ever met you.

Olivia: Thanks. I was hoping for something a little different.

Mel: Okay. You know what to do, right?

Remy: Yeah, I still can't believe you want to do it, though.

Mel: Just arrest Cyrus for the break-in.

Remy: What about Buzz?

Mel: Leave him out of it, he was doing research, right?

Christina: Cyrus is the one out on bail.

Remy: Okay.

Mel: Okay?

Remy: All right, yes. Wait, wait, wait, you're really going to work right now.

Mel: Yeah, I got to go meet my other client at the courthouse. I want to be prepared when you bring Cyrus in.

Remy: So I got to put on this little show by myself?

Christina: You can handle it.

Remy: I still can't believe you want me to do this.

Mel: You don't know everything about me.

Remy: Yes, I do.

Mel: No, you donít.

Remy: Yes, I do.

Christina: Are you ready?

Remy: You bet.

Remy: Cyrus Foley, you're under arrest.

Cyrus: What?

Buzz: Wait, wait, hold on a minute, wait.

Remy: You have the right to remain silent.

Buzz: Hey, wait!

Remy: Sit down!

Buzz: All right.

Frank: Remy, what are you doing?

Remy: Doing my charge, Frank.

Frank: What are you arresting him for? What's the charge?

Remy: For breaking and entering yesterday at Towers.

Buzz: Well, then why don't you arrest me? I was breaking and entering with him, too. I was there.

Frank: You were doing what?

Buzz: I was doing research on Jenna, for God's sake.

Remy: You have no priors, this man is out on bail. Not so smart staging another break-in, huh, Cyrus?

Buzz: Hey, hey, what happens to me?

Remy: Nothing, as you were. Let's go.

Matt: Is this for me?

Phillip: Hey, Matt, could you do me a favor? Could you help Beth with the toolbox there? Thank you.

Matt: Having trouble there, missy?

Beth: No, actually, no.

Matt: I'll get it for you.

Beth: Oh, okay.

Matt: That's okay, I got.

Bill: You got it?

Matt: There you go.

Phillip: Hey, Matt?

Matt: Yeah.

Phillip: I'm sorry. I hate to keep sending you places. Can you just check on what Beth is doing in there? I'm afraid she's doing something, she's going to hurt herself. If I go in there, she's going to get mad.

Matt: Okay, all right. I got it.

Phillip: Thanks, I appreciate it. I'll help Bill. Hey, I'm glad you made it, just in the nick of time. We got a lot of work left to do. What took you so long?

James: Looks like you have a full crew here. Not much for me to do.

Phillip: Oh no, no, no, no. We got plenty to do. Actually, you know what you can do first, you can go to the...

Beth: Hey, sweetheart. Can I talk to you in private?

Phillip: Sure, yeah, all right. Don't go too far. What's up?

Beth: What are you doing?

Phillip: Our son has just joined the family project. I'm welcoming him. What?

Beth: I'm talking about the whole thing, the whole cheerfulness thing. Me and Matt? You're pushing him on me.

Phillip: I have no idea what you're talking about.

Beth: Okay, okay. I don't need a man in my life, but if I want one, I'll find him on my own, okay? My life is my own. I can run it myself.

Bill: I am all for your dad helping out, but does he have to be so happy about it?

Lizzie: I know.

Bill: It's just not...

Lizzie: Eerie, weird, wrong. I know. Mom and I were talking about it. It's just not him.

Bill: No, it's not. It's not. What happened to that angry domineering Phillip that we all know and love?

Phillip: No, you'll stay here and work because that's what I told you to do! You're a member of this family, and we need to finish this project.

Bill: There he is.

Lizzie: Right.

Blake: That was a nightmare.

Christina: Well, at least everybody's okay.

Buzz: Well, Cyrus isnít. I got to bail him out.

Frank: Oh, no, you donít.

Buzz: What?

Frank: You cannot afford to do it twice, Dad. You let him sit.

Buzz: I can't let him sit, Frank.

Frank: Why do you care about him so much?

Buzz: He's helping me with Jenna and Coop, okay?

Phillip: James. Don't walk away from me!

James: Look, I didn't come here for you to order me around.

Phillip: Listen, we are a family, and we are going to pull together because we have a lot that we need to fix.

James: I didn't come here for you to lecture me either, all right!

Phillip: James!

James: Does anybody have anything for me to do? Mom, Lizzie, Bill, you got anything for me? Anything?

Matt: Three-foot tree stump up there on the fence line.

James: Thanks. Thank you, thank you.

Matt: Dig it out.

Phillip: Thank you.

Matt: Hey, no problem. I know how it can be with fathers and sons sometimes.

Phillip: I'm sorry. I just... lost my temper. Just for a second. It's okay. Everything's good. Matt calmed everybody down, got everybody back to work. It's fine.

Beth: Are you okay?

Phillip: (Laughs) Yes, I am. I... I am. I'm good.

Blake: You know, this isn't just research, this is the first draft.

Christina: What's it about?

Blake: Well, I don't know, but if it's Coop, it's got to be a good read. I should call Ashlee and ask her because she used to edit all of his stuff.

Christina: Remy mentioned that they were together.

Blake: Yeah, they were. I'm going to call her. I think this could be a good book.

Frank: Come here. What were you doing breaking into Towers?

Buzz: Frank, I had to understand how it was done, you know? How do you break into someone's private space. I had to get the experience of it. Cyrus had that. You know, Frank, think of it this way, you know, I was hiring Cyrus to teach me how to understand Jenna.

Frank: Okay. Well, I'm not comfortable with you hanging out with Cyrus. Look what he has done to you. He's turning you into a criminal, for God's sakes.

Buzz: I had to understand, Frank.

Olivia: I get it. I understand. Because when you're that close to somebody and you lose them, you just want to feel connected again, right? What would you do just to have one more day with them? Excuse me.

Buzz: What she said.

Blake: You know, Buzz...

Buzz: What?

Blake: I could turn this manuscript into a book.

Buzz: Oh, I just want to know Jenna and Coop better. I don't want to make Jenna famous.

Remy: You know the way, right?

Cyrus: You let me go the other day, what is this?

Remy: You just wait here for your attorney.

Mel: I am your attorney.

Cyrus: Who's that?

Mel: He is actually another client of mine. I tell you, there must be some sort of mistake here.

Cyrus: What kind?

Mel: Well, in your case, the stolen diamonds, I think that your sentence could be commuted or your charges dropped entirely if you had some sort of information that you could give to the authorities to, let's say, catch a bigger fish.

Cyrus: I don't have that kind of information.

Mel: Cyrus, I'm your attorney and I'm not really supposed to counsel two clients in the same room. It's just not ethical. So... especially since one of my clients refuses to talk to the grand jury in a federal case.

Cyrus: Uh-huh.

Mel: Uh-huh, yeah. You see what I'm talking about, boys? S.P.D. has done it again. I am not permitted to give you any legal advice in this sort of situation. So I think there must be some sort of mistake, so I'm going to go down the hall and see if I can figure out this little situation, get you two in separate rooms. Talk amongst yourselves.

Olivia: You looking for someone?

Frank: No. No, I just needed to come out and cool off. You?

Olivia: I wouldn't know where to start.

Frank: I'm sorry.

Olivia: Where did she go, Frank? Why did she leave me?

Frank: I don't know. I don't know. She's gone, you know. And... if she's gone, I mean, then does it really matter?

Olivia: It does to me.

Frank: Yeah, well, you know what? Don't beat your yourself up. Just let it go.

Olivia: I canít. There has to be some reason.

Frank: Then pick one, Olivia. Pick one. I'm sure there's a long, long laundry list of possibilities. You know, it's just...

Olivia: Just what?

Frank: Did you ever think maybe that it was you, just you?

Phillip: James, James what the hell do you think you're doing?

James: Taking the stump out.

Phillip: No, but you don't do it like that.

James: Let go.

Phillip: You don't use the side of the shovel. You're going to hurt yourself.

James: Let go.

Phillip: You're going to hurt somebody else. God, James, you got to do things the right way.

James: You know what? If you want it done your way, do it yourself, all right?

Phillip: James!

Beth: Hey. What is the matter with you?

Phillip: Beth, I'm sorry.

Beth: You can't push him like that. You think that that's what he needs? He just got back. You just got back. Things take time.

Phillip: There isn't any time. I need... I need to do these things. I need to fix these things.

Beth: You need? Will you listen yourself? No, better yet, listen to me. Nobody cares what you need when it comes to your son.

Phillip: That's not what I meant.

Beth: Well, whatever you meant. You can't continue to treat people like this. You canít.

Phillip: I'm trying to make things better. And I'm making things worse. I'm making things worse.

Cyrus: Yes.

Desk sergeant: Sign here and here.

Cyrus: Okay. There you go.

Desk sergeant: All right, you're free to go.

Cyrus: Thank you. Thank you.

Mel: This way.

Cyrus: I don't really have any money right now.

Mel: No?

Cyrus: No.

Mel: Don't worry, you'll pay.

Blake: I need to get the rest of those pages. I want to publish Coop's book.

Christina: That's so exciting.

Blake: Yeah, it's a good story. The story of how it was written is a good story. I can make a book out of this. It would be good for the family. Make a lot of money. Pay off the mortgage, get a new roof, stove.

Christina: I thought Buzz said no.

Blake: Oh, Buzz doesn't know what he wants. I'm going to get those pages. This has to stay between us though, okay?

Christina: Of course.

James: Has anybody seen Daisy?

Frank: No.

Christina: No, she's not here, sorry.

James: Really?

Christina: It worked.

Cyrus: I'm free.

Frank: What are you doing here? How did you make bail?

Cyrus: Because all the charges were dropped, including the diamonds.

Buzz: That's amazing, but how?

Cyrus: Mel here is a very, very good lawyer.

Buzz: Well, you care to get back to work?

Cyrus: That's why I'm here, Buzz.

Buzz: Okay, come on.

Christina: So, I guess it worked.

Remy: Surprisingly, it did.

Christina: Well, I think you deserve a reward.

Remy: A reward?

Christina: Uh-huh.

Beth: Okay, okay, he'll be all right. Just needs a little time to cool off.

Bill: Yeah, which one you talking about?

Beth: Both, I guess. Oh, I'm so sorry. I could just strangle them both.

Lizzie: What is with Dad?

Beth: I don't think anybody has the answer to that question.

Matt: Quite a morning.

Lizzie: Yeah, I kind of hope my family doesn't come back to help any more. Not you.

Matt: I need to get some real coffee. No offense.

Lizzie: None taken.

Matt: You want to ride with me?

Beth: Sure, why not?

Lizzie: I'll go grab your purse.

Phillip: I'm having a really bad day.

Olivia: Me too.

Phillip: And I'm getting sick of having really bad days.

Olivia: I'm kind of getting used to it.

Phillip: I just move too fast.

Olivia: I didn't move fast enough.

Phillip: You know, you know how sometimes it's like you're trying to do something, and you know why you are doing it, and then everything just... just backfires.

Olivia: Yeah, but sometimes, sometimes you know exactly what you should do, and you don't do it anyway.

Phillip: Doesn't matter. You can't make situations be what you want them to be.

Olivia: But you always try to.

Phillip: But you shouldnít. It's just not a good thing.

Olivia: No.

Cyrus: So, there's still your bill to settle, Counselor.

Mel: You want an invoice?

Blake: Oh, take it out in trade.

Mel: Oh, Blake.

Cyrus: That's not a bad idea.

Mel: (Laughs)

Blake: I need you to sneak me Coop's manuscript, okay? I'm going to make a book. I'm going to publish a book.

Cyrus: Buzz won't let it out of his sight.

Blake: No, it's good for the family. We're going to make big money, all right? This is going to pay off the mortgage that Buzz took out to post your bail, get a new roof, a new stove. It's good for everyone.

Cyrus: Okay. I'll get you the pages.

Blake: Okay.

Cyrus: Okay.

Frank: This is going to be a disaster. Dad's going to be get hurt. You know that, Blake.

Blake: Just give him someone to love, okay?

Frank: Yeah, well, unfortunately Jennaís dead. When do I get someone, Blake?

Blake: What's meant to be will be, Frank. You're going to find love. You will. Or it will find you. And when it does, watch out.

James: Hey, daisy, it's me. I'm up at Miller's Creek. Come meet me when you get this message.

Matt: Feel better?

Beth: Not yet.

Matt: Is it about James?

Lizzie: No, it's the nanny about my daughter, Peyton.

Matt: You're worried about him, aren't you?

Beth: Always. He's got a good heart. Things will work out. They'll work out.

Matt: Sure they will.

Beth: Funny how life works out, huh? You never know where it's going to lead you.

Olivia: All right, question. Why is it that nobody loves me for me?

Phillip: We're not the easiest people to love, you and I.

Olivia: Well, that just stinks.

Phillip: Maybe we don't deserve it.

Olivia: No. No, I can't believe that. I canít...

Phillip: Then maybe it just won't happen in time.

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Buzz: She visited someplace called the Frog and Toe.

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Buzz: I guess we're in for a trip.

Christina: The woman who works there knows a lot about places where people go for miracle cures.

Phillip: Do you believe in miracles?

Christina: I think I do.

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