GL Transcript Friday 8/7/09

Guiding Light Transcript Friday 8/7/09


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Previously on "Guiding Light."

Jonathan: He's a little banged up, but we're going to help him get better. Everyone thinks you're dead.

Jeffrey: Edmund... he's coming.

Buzz: This thing got started and I found out about it. There's a reason, and I want to know what the reason is.

Mallet: Just let them do their jobs.

Shayne: You put that down.

Mallet: Stop, Shayne! Bag the evidence. Bag the evidence. Shayne!

Reporter: Miss Marler, who has was reported to have made a confession, is thought to have fled the country. She has a history...

Mallet: Buzz, you want scrambled or over easy? Scrambled or over easy, Buzz?

Buzz: Easy, easy, I want to dip my toast.

Mallet: All right, over easy. Marina, do you want scrambled or do you want to dip your toast?

Marina: Dip.

Reporter: Miss Marler was previously charged in the shooting death of her ex-fiancée, hart Jessup. She made a new life for herself as the owner of WSP...

Mallet: Good timing.

Marina: Ooh, this is great.

Mallet: I think my beautiful wife deserves the occasional husband-made breakfast before she goes off and feeds the world.

Marina: Thank you. Good morning, Grandpa.

Mallet: Buzz, breakfast.

Marina: Grandpa? Food! He's doing it again, isn't he? He's listening to those tapes of Jenna while he pretends to be listening to golden oldies.

Mallet: Yeah, I think he is.

Marina: I can't believe he sits there listening to these tapes while our restaurant is falling down around us. Grandpa! Breakfast!

Buzz: Okay, all right, all right, all right.

Reporter: Anyone with information on fugitive Dinah Marler...

Buzz: I heard about that before. What a shame, I thought she turned her life around.

Remy: What the hell are you thinking?

Frank: Yeah, your pal's in trouble.

Remy: Dinah ran, man. I can't believe this.

Frank: What, are you kidding me? This is classic Dinah, man. She always screws up for a good cause.

Remy: I just hope Shayne’s okay.

Reporter: Miss Marler was married less than 24 hours ago. Her new husband Shayne Lewis’s mother had been arrested for the murder.

Josh: Hello, my name's Josh Lewis. I got your number from Jeffrey O’Neill’s wife. I need to talk to you about an annulment for my son. If you could call me back... actually, I tell you what, I'll call you back during regular business hours. Thank you. Bye.

Remy: So Shayne’s getting an annulment, huh?

Josh: Well, I'm guessing he's not going to stay married to Dinah.

Remy: Yeah.

Josh: Yeah.

Remy: How's he holding up?

Josh: He’s... he's been arrested. You know that. How do you think he's holding up?

Remy: Look, I know it's been rough, right, but Frank's telling me we have to be bring him in for questioning.

Josh: You're kidding, right?

Remy: He may not even know how much he knows about Dinah.

Josh: Come on, it has to be right now?

Remy: Yes. Dinah's a fugitive, we have to jump on it as fast as we can, Josh. I'm not the enemy. I'm just giving you a heads up so you can make sure he's okay, all right?

Josh: All right, that's very thoughtful of you. Thank you.

Shayne: Cyrus? Where the hell is Dinah?

Cyrus: Not here.

Shayne: Weren't you two partners in crime? Where else would she turn when she's in a jam like this?

Cyrus: What did Didi do?

Shayne: Didi?

Cyrus: I've known her for a long time.

Shayne: Well, your old pal Didi murdered a guy and tried to blame it on my mom.

Cyrus: Oh, the Winslow case.

Shayne: Yeah, the Winslow case. Now she's gone. The cops can't find her, and I want to know where she's at.

Cyrus: You think I helped her?

Shayne: I think that she didn't get out of town by herself.

Cyrus: Then you don’t know Didi.

Shayne: Obviously I don't know Didi because the woman I thought I knew would have came forward instead of trying to pin it on my mom.

Reporter: It is believed that Miss Marler left the country.

Reva: I bet she did. So are you happy you taught Dinah all your tricks? Because they're never going to find her, and it's probably a good thing that they don't find her because if they brought her back here, I would string her up by her toes.

Jonathan: ( Whistles ) You're looking better.

Jeffrey: Thanks for the shirt.

Jonathan: Here you go, a little homemade special. We don't have any jelly, sorry. We left in a rush.

Jeffrey: Oh, man, this looks a lot better than those arctic willow shoots and hackberries. Thank you.

Jonathan: How's your leg?

Jeffrey: It's feeling better. I could use a few more aspirin, maybe.

Jonathan: So how many days were you out there?

Jeffrey: I don't know, a few weeks, maybe.

Jonathan: Wow, “Survivor” man.

Jeffrey: Only without the camera crew.

Jonathan: So you know, when we get you feeling better, we'll take you down off the mountain, bring you back home and then Sarah and I can go on our way.

Jeffrey: I ain't going home.

Jonathan: You have to. Everyone thinks you're dead.

Jeffrey: I'm going to stay dead.

Jonathan: So you're just going to let everyone think you're dead-- my mom, your kid?

Jeffrey: My plane went down. I want to take advantage of that.

Jonathan: To do what? Make people suffer?

Jeffrey: You know, your mom isn't the only one who thinks I'm dead. Edmund thinks I'm dead, too. That means his guard's going to be down. That means he's not going to be looking over his shoulder, looking for me. I want to keep it that way.

Jonathan: So you want Edmund to think you're dead so you can get a jump on him?

Jeffrey: Basically, yeah.

Jonathan: So are you going do that all alone?

Jeffrey: No, you're going to help me.

Mallet: So this is nice, huh? Just the two of us.

Marina: My grandpa's sitting right over there.

Mallet: I know this has been really hard. I know that. But once this whole Dinah part of the case dies down, our lives get back to normal.

Marina: Yeah, I'm not so sure if the Dinah part is going to go away any time soon. I know if she doesn't want to be found, she won't be. Actually, I was thinking about it. And I am wondering if she got some help getting out of the country. You know, she's got connections.

Mallet: Well, I just want to put it behind us. And I can't tell you, again, how sorry I am that I suspected you. I promise to make it up to you. And I promise to make this family work.

Marina: I want our family to work.

Mallet: I love you. You know that, right? I love you, and I love our baby.

Buzz: Sorry, guys. Are you going to be around today?

Mallet: Why, is Lillian coming over?

Buzz: No, that's a good idea no, but I thought maybe I would clear some boxes out of the basement. I don't want to be in anybody's way.

Marina: Knock yourself out, I'm leaving.

Mallet: Yeah, no, I'll be at work.

Buzz: Oh, great. Okay, then.

Mallet: I think it's Lillian. But we'll go with boxes.

Marina: All right.

Mallet: I'll see you after work.

Marina: I'll see you. I will make dinner. I will make dinner, you made breakfast.

Mallet: Okay.

Marina: Bye.

Mallet: Bye.

Shayne: So you didn't help her?

Cyrus: Last I heard she was very happy and marrying you.

Shayne: I thought we were happy, too. So my curiosity is this: If you didn't help her, then who do you think did help her?

Cyrus: How would I know that?

Shayne: I don't know, same contact lists. Maybe you guys run in the same criminal circles, just a couple ideas there.

Cyrus: We're not part of some online criminal match-up service.

Shayne: No, you're not?

Cyrus: No. But I will tell you this, if Didi wants to disappear then she knows how to do it. If she doesn't want to be found, you won't find her. Why do you want to find her, anyway? Are you going to turn her in?

Shayne: No, I'm not.. I don't know what I'm going to do. You know what I want? I want to understand this. I want her to explain this to me.

Cyrus: And you think you'd be okay with her then?

Shayne: Probably not. ( Cell phone rings )

Cyrus: Hello?

Buzz: Oh, Cyrus, it's Buzz. The coast clear, the chickens have flown the coop.

Cyrus: What have you been listening to?

Buzz: I'm listening to Jenna. Can you can get over here?

Cyrus: Buzz, I don't think that getting wrapped up in old Coop's research is such a good idea.

Buzz: No, it's a great idea. Get over here.

Marina: I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm late, I'm late, I'm late. Coffee?

Remy: I got my own. I stopped at the minimart.

Marina: Oh, gross, sorry.

Remy: I just need the caffeine. I had to clear my head.

Marina: Why?

Remy: I feel like I should have seen this coming.

Marina: Seen what?

Remy: This Dinah mess.

Marina: Yeah, looks like she kind of messed up again, huh?

Remy: Yeah. She's my friend too, you know. I could have helped her. I ran into Shayne right after the wedding, right? I could tell something was wrong. And then I saw Dinah and I should have just realized something big was going down. I could have stopped her.

Marina: No, you can't say that, she already killed the guy.

Remy: No, I could have stopped her from running. Now she's a fugitive. There will never be any rest for her.

Marina: Yeah, well, as long as she is still out there, I don't think there's going to be any rest for Shayne either.

Josh: Got a minute?

Mallet: Yeah, sure.

Josh: Good. Any news on Dinah?

Mallet: I'm on my way to the station.

Josh: Well, here's a thought for you. Let it go.

Mallet: What?

Josh: Drop the case, stop looking for Dinah.

Mallet: No, I want to close the case.

Josh: Well, I want my son to get on with his life. So...

Mallet: Well, that's not really the way it works, Josh. I mean, nobody wants to wrap up this case more than I do, and I wish they weren't going to go looking for Dinah, but they are. They're going to keep looking no matter what you want or I want or anybody else wants. So I'm just going to do my part so we can wrap this up as quickly as possible.

Josh: Well, wrap it up sooner than that, okay? Because you've done enough damage to my family. Thank you. ( Engine starts )

Marina: Thank you so much for helping come over and fix that leak. It just keeps getting worse.

Frank: I know.

Marina: You know, if we can't fix that leak, then we can't rent out the boarding house. And if we can't rent out that boarding house, that means that we're not going to be able to pay off the second mortgage that Grandpa decided to take to bail Cyrus out of jail. You know, if things keep progressing like this, we're going lose the restaurant.

Frank: Hopefully not. I am going take this upstairs. I got to get to the station and assign this manhunt team.

Marina: Looking for Dinah?

Frank: Yeah.

Marina: You know, I was thinking about that. She's never really been on the right side of the law. Do you think she maybe found someone to help her get out of the country?

( Knock on the door )

Buzz: Yeah, come in. Come in! Come on. Close the door, lock the door behind you, okay? I don't want any unexpected visitors. Okay, look, I... come on. I got this thing organized, okay. Here's the big picture. It's done age by age by age, okay? So it's all of Jenna’s... all of her notes, all of her journal entries, everything by age. Then we got Coop's manuscripts here with all his notes, and then, of course, the tapes. I was listening to more tapes this morning.

Cyrus: What does your family think about all this?

Buzz: This? They don't know about all this. They don't know. They think I've been listening to, you know, rock tapes and Smokey Robinson and The Miracles.

Cyrus: That's clever.

Buzz: So, how do you think we should do this? We should do it, like, chronologically or, like, caper by caper? What do you think?

Cyrus: I think you should do whatever works for you, Buzz. I mean, I'd love to help you, but I'm out on bail. I'm facing those charges again pretty soon. And chances are I'm going back to prison.

Buzz: That's okay. It's going to be okay. I got you out of jail, I'll figure out how to do this. But first... let’s... here, you look at this. I'll look at this. See if you find anything good, okay?

Cyrus: Okay.

Buzz: Okay, let's do it. Come on, let's go.

Frank: Remy, where did you say you found this guy?

Rafe: He came in on his own. He's the mechanic that worked on the helipad. Says he has information on the murder lady.

Frank: All right, go for it, let me know what you find out.

Remy: You're positive that's the woman you saw get on the chopper.

Mechanic: When I saw the news, I had to come in.

Remy: What day was that? What time?

Mechanic: Yesterday, around 4:30.

Remy: You can give me the name of the pilot, right? Anyone board with her.

Mechanic: No, she got on alone.

Remy: Thank you. Let me know if you remember anything else.

Mechanic: I can describe the guy who brought her.

Remy: That would be great. Go ahead.

Mechanic: Tall, thin, white, spiky brown hair. Face like Buzz Lightyear.

Remy: Age? Late 30s maybe? Thank you. Thank you.

Mallet: Hey. Face like Buzz Lightyear. Yeah. I always thought I had a face like Batman, younger Clint Eastwood, tougher Dick Van Dyke. You know.

Reva: I need a rest. Hey.

Shayne: Hey, hey. Got a beer?

Reva: Help yourself. So is there any news, have they found Dinah?

Shayne: If they found her, they haven't told me about it. I've been everywhere. I went to WSPR, went to Bill's, went to Vanessa’s, this guy Cyrus that she's friends with. I... I went to Ross’s grave to see if she would be sitting there.

Reva: Honey, she probably left town.

Shayne: Yeah, she probably did, didn't she? I don't know what to do, Mom. I don't because I am mad as hell at her, and I hate her for what she did to you. But I miss her.

Reva: I know. I miss Jeffrey, too.

Shayne: Every time that... every time that I felt my life was over, was going to end, Dinah gave me something to look forward to.

Reva: That's how I felt when I met Jeffrey.

Shayne: I don't want to lose that hope. I like the idea of being a husband. I wanted to have a wife, and a family one day. You know, some kids.

Reva: Jeffrey loved Colin.

Shayne: Yes, he did. Yes, he did. Very much.

Reva: Yeah.

Shayne: That's what I wanted. I wanted... I wanted a chance at that happiness.

Reva: When you find somebody that makes you happy, you have to hold on to that. You know, no matter what happens, you can't let that go. You just can’t. You can't get it go.

Shayne: Did Jeffrey make you happy, Mom?

Reva: Yes. Yes, he did.

Shayne: Then I'm happy that you got to share some of your life with him. And that you got to experience that with him.

Reva: Oh, honey. Oh, Shayne.

Shayne: I'm... I'm good on the beer. I got to go, okay?

Reva: Okay.

Shayne: Bye.

Reva: Bye, baby. I love you.

Shayne: I love you, too.

Jonathan: You look beautiful. Doesn't she look beautiful, Mr. Jeffrey?

Jeffrey: Yes, she certainly does.

Jonathan: Yes, she does. Okay, sweetheart, you go back in your room and color in your book, okay?

Jeffrey: You're doing a good job with her.

Jonathan: I'm all she has.

Jeffrey: We're going to have to take care of her. How much cash do you have?

Jonathan: I always travel with some cash on me.

Jeffrey: Good. Because we're going to... ( cell phone rings )

Jonathan: This is prepaid, untraceable.

Jeffrey: So how did someone get the number to call you?

Jonathan: I don't know.

Jeffrey: Answer it.

Jonathan: Hello?

Edmund: Hello, Jonathan. I'm sorry I missed you at Eagleton.

Jonathan: Uncle Eddie, yeah, I decided to skip the family reunion.

Edmund: That's all right. We can always plan another one.

Jonathan: I think I'm booked up all summer.

Edmund: Oh, you don't have to be there. How about this? I'll drop by and pick up Sarah, and take her for a whirlwind trip of the globe for the next, oh, say, 18 years.

Jonathan: You'll have to kill me to get to Sarah.

Edmund: I don't think that would be too much of a problem. I took care of Jeffrey O’Neill. I think I can take care of you.

Jonathan: You don't know where I am.

Edmund: I found you before, Jonathan, I think I can find you again. Besides, I want all of Reva’s family to know how near and dear they are to my heart. I'll see you around, Jonathan.

Jonathan: Well, obviously he thinks that you're dead. That's good. Bad news is he's going to come for Sarah until he gets her, nothing's going to stop him.

Jeffrey: All right, we got to come up with a plan. We're going to set a trap. We're going to get to Eddie boy before he gets to us.

Buzz: Cyrus, can you read this out loud? I need to hear it with an accent.

Cyrus: Well, I don't know if you noticed, but I have an Australian accent. Jenna was a Brit.

Buzz: Close enough, read it.

Cyrus: "Casing a place... and then the moment you realize you've found a way in, you've watched, you've listened and you know where the weaknesses are. You hold your breath as you make your way to the prize. You can hear your heart beating in your ears. It gets louder and louder because one wrong move and you could be caught. And then you see it. The safe, or the jewel case, and you know you're only moments away from the reward. All that stands between you and triumph is your own ability." Wow, she nailed it. That's pretty much exactly how it feels.

Buzz: Really?

Cyrus: Uh-huh.

Buzz: I want to try it.

Cyrus: What?

Buzz: I want to break into a place. No, not to take anything. I just want to just try it, see how it feels. Come on.

Cyrus: Are you serious?

Buzz: Yes, I'm serious. Come on. Let's do it.

Cyrus: Okay.

Buzz: We got to clear all this stuff so they don't see it, all right? Let's do this before we get back. Come on.

Josh: Sorry I didn't call first, but I did talk to the attorney you recommended about Shayne’s annulment and he's agreed to take the case.

Reva: Oh, good. Jeffrey says he's the best.

Josh: Okay. You know, I was always thinking that, in the meantime, maybe we should do something for Shayne to keep him occupied. You know, since he's so sad.

Reva: What do you suggest?

Josh: I don't know. He's going through a tough time. Well, you... you've been going through a tough time. What do you do to keep yourself happy?

Reva: Bourbon and branch, singing karaoke, dancing on tables in a red dress.

Josh: I don't think that's going to work out for Shayne.

Reva: So why don't you make a suggestion?

Josh: Okay.

Remy: So when did you find out Dinah was the murderer?

Mallet: Right after she married Shayne.

Remy: Oh, just before you were about to turn in your wife for the same murder, huh?

Mallet: Yeah, that's right.

Remy: Looks like Dinah told you just in time.

Mallet: No, she heard me telling you that I was going to continue to push Marina, and she couldn't let that happen.

Remy: So then you made a plan to get her out of town.

Mallet: No, not right away. I was going to let the whole thing blow over. The problem is Frank overheard the confession, and Dinah told Shayne, and I thought this whole thing is going to explode, so I yes, I better get Dinah out of town, so she doesn't go to prison.

Remy: So you were going to arrest Marina then save Dinah? What is that?

Mallet: Marina never would have gone to jail, Remy, okay? Everybody would have seen it as her protecting own kid. She has no priors. She never would have been indicted. Dinah, on the other hand, is a convicted felon. Henry is not even her own kid. Okay, look what's going on now. She's considered a fugitive that's armed and dangerous.

Remy: She's a fugitive because you made her one, man.

Mallet: Remy, what would you have done? What would you have done? Would you have turned her in?

Remy: I probably would have done the same.

Mallet: Yeah.

Marina: Okay, so we deliver the baklava every Tuesday and Friday.

Kopavi: Got it.

Marina: Well, thank you so much, Kopavi, very nice to meet you. And welcome to the Springfield restaurant family. See you.

Shayne: I was going to spend the rest of my life with you. Which scares the hell out of me because I fell in love with somebody that I didn't even know. Which means that I need to let you go now. I really do. I want to let you go. But I'm afraid. I'm afraid. I'm afraid that if I let you go right now, that I'm going to hate you forever. I cannot live with all that hate inside of me.

Marina: Shayne? Hey. Careful, all right? You don't want to fall off.

Shayne: How did you find me up here?

Marina: Total accident. I swear. I wasn't looking for you. I'm sorry.

Shayne: I just come up here when I need to think.

Marina: Okay. Okay. I know you're pretty angry at Dinah right now. I get that. I'm pretty pissed off, too.

Shayne: I'm worried about who I am when I'm angry.

Marina: I know. So don't be angry, right? You know, I know Dinah screwed up. But I think that she's allowed a few screw-ups before we get mad at her.

Shayne: Why? Why is she allowed a few screw-ups?

Marina: Because of everything she did for us, Shayne. She brought back your son. And she helped you. Look at how many ways she helped you. She brought you back from Germany when you were about to fall apart, right? And she brought you to Springfield. And she brought you back to your family.

Shayne: Yeah. My family. Okay, my family. But she also...

Marina: No, Shayne, no buts. No buts, okay? She gave you your life back. Come on.

Josh: Okay, okay, I have a list of things we can do for Shayne. First, of course, is bible study, you know.

Reva: Yeah, well, he'd hate that.

Josh: Yeah, that was actually supposed to be a joke. Just an icebreaker kind of thing. Exercise is next. Well, not exercise, but getting him outside. You know, he and I like to throw the ball around. Maybe just walking. You know, you and I could take turns.

Reva: Take turns walking with Shayne.

Josh: Movie night. We used to do movie night from time to time when he was younger. And he loved it, you know, pizza, popcorn, watching "E.T." That kind of... um...

Reva: Get the hell out of here.

Josh: What?

Reva: I know what you're trying to do. You're trying to see how I'll respond to all those lame ideas. Well, they're stupid! You... you can't fix someone who's sad with a movie night. It doesn't work that way. So just get out. Go find some other widow to help. No, I mean it Joshua.

Josh: Our son is hurting.

Reva: Our son? This isn't about our son. You're not here for our son. Please just go.

Josh: Okay.

Jonathan: You sure we can set a trap? You can barely move on that thing.

Jeffrey: Haven't you heard? I'm tough guy, okay, special ops and all that.

Jonathan: Yeah, like an action figure.

Jeffrey: We can do this. I'm smart and capable, you're strong and bull headed.

Jonathan: I get that from my mother.                                                                                                                          

Mallet: Oh, hey, Reva.

Reva: Where's your warrant?

Mallet: Sorry, sorry, I should have called.

Reva: Nobody does. What do you want? You already apologized.

Mallet: I know, but since the charges have been dropped, a lot of the evidence that we bagged is being released, and I thought maybe you would want to go through it.

Reva: Well, whatever is mine in that evidence bag, the police department is welcome to have it.

Mallet: Well, some of it's yours, but a lot of it's Jeffrey’s, and I thought if any of it had any sentimental value, I mean, why not go through it.

Reva: Is his briefcase in there?

Mallet: Yeah, yeah, actually it is. There's bags and bags of stuff. You know what, I'll go to the car. I'll carry it in.

Cyrus: So, the manger is in his office putting away money from the restaurant, and then he'll come by in a couple minutes.

Buzz: Won't he catch us here?

Cyrus: Just act casual, follow my lead. Then when he's gone, we'll slip into his office.

Buzz: Okay.

Cyrus: It's okay. Excuse me, do you know where the restroom is?

Kopavi: It's not back here. It's on the other side of the restaurant.

Cyrus: You see, Dad, that's what I was trying to tell you, it's not over here. We have to go all the way back around. He's slowing down a bit, losing some of his hearing.

Kopavi: It's all right. Take your time.

Cyrus: Thank you. Good. Let's slip around here, see if the coast clear. Buzz?

Buzz: I'm hard-of-hearing.

Cyrus: Well, it worked, didn't it? Come on, I'll show you how to pick a lock. Okay, almost there. Shine the light over here, will you? Not in my eyes.

Buzz: Sorry, I'm a little excited. Excited.

Cyrus: It's fun, isn't it?

Buzz: Yes, it is.

Cyrus: I know.

Remy: Freeze!

Buzz: Remy?

Remy: What the hell are you two doing here?

Buzz: We were... we weren't going to take anything. We were just practicing.

Cyrus: I was just trying to show him what it's like...

Remy: Cyrus, Cyrus, you are testing me, man.

Cyrus: Cut us break, will you, Remy?

Remy: You know, you make it really hard to be a cop in this town. Get out of here. Go, I'll tell them the alarm company made a mistake.

Cyrus: You're the best.

Buzz: Breaking and entering is a big rush.

Marina: Hey, want to play catch?

Shayne: No.

Marina: Didn't think so. Thought it was worth a try. Hey, I know, we could ride our bikes down to the creek like we did when we were in third grade.

Shayne: In third grade, when I got grounded for it in third grade.

Marina: You did not.

Shayne: I did, too.

Marina: Josh is so strict, dude. Seriously? All my dad made me do was wipe the mud off.

Shayne: Thank you, for today, for talking with me. Thank you. I feel better.

Marina: We could keep talking.

Shayne: I think I'm talked out for the day. I'm going to get going. But... if I need to talk, I'll call you later.

Marina: Okay.

Shayne: Okay.

Mallet: Hey.

Marina: Hey.

Mallet: There you are. I was looking for you.

Marina: Yeah, I was hanging out with Shayne.

Mallet: Oh. How's he doing?

Marina: He's okay. He's pretty upset.

Mallet: Yeah, yeah, I was just with Reva. She's not that okay either. You know, I was thinking, why don't we stop worrying about everybody else and start concentrating on us? This case has cost us too much.

Marina: Yes, it has. How do you think we do that?

Mallet: Try to fix it. Start trying to fix it right now.

Marina: Okay.

Edmund: I'm going to make every member of Reva’s family suffer-- just the way I suffered. And then I'm going to take the children, all of them. For you, my lovely.

Jeffrey: The key is using Sarah.

Jonathan: I'm not using Sarah. I spent the last few years hiding her from a madman. I'm not using her as bait for Edmund.

Jeffrey: But we're not actually going to use Sarah. We're going to use the idea of Sarah. We want to keep her safe. We want to keep everyone safe. Do you have anyone that you can leave her with, anyone that you can really trust?

Jonathan: Yeah, yeah, I got someone.

Jeffrey: Okay, then we're going to take her there. And once we know that she's safe, then we're going to go after Edmund.

Jonathan: Okay.

Jeffrey: You know, this might not be pretty. Someone could get hurt.

Jonathan: Hey, as long as that's you or Edmund, I'm fine with that.

Reva: What did they expect to find with most of this stuff? They even took your Beatles anthology. Put your guitar back in its case and now it's busted. This is the guitar you used to write Colin’s lullaby. Okay. We're not going to worry about any of this because I'm going to have this fixed, and then we're going to put it back in its case where it belongs. And then I'm going to put all the rest of this stuff away. I'm going to put it somewhere safe, so all you have to do, Jeffrey, is tell me where you want me to store it.

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Daisy: You don't like camping.

James: I like you.

Reva: You're not here. And I need someone.

Billy: I was thinking of marrying you.

Vanessa: Were you thinking of asking me?

Bill: It's your dad.

Phillip: Today's the first day of the rest of your life!

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