GL Transcript Monday 8/3/09

Guiding Light Transcript Monday 8/3/09


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Previously on "Guiding Light"...

Alan: I'm convinced, more than ever, that Phillip is up to something.

Shayne: I want you to know that I'm aware how hard all this is on you.

Reva: You need to shush because being the mother of the groom is a beautiful thing to me.

Marina: I'm really glad that you and Shayne found each other.

Dinah: I'm glad that you and Mallet have a family.

Shayne: Hey, hey. Happy wedding day.

Dinah: Happy wedding day. I missed not seeing you last night.

Shayne: You tossed me out.

Dinah: Well, it's a superstition. Are you with your dad?

Shayne: I was with my dad, had breakfast with him. And had to leave him because I was getting so much advice, my head was starting to spin.

Dinah: Well, he just wants you to be happy.

Shayne: I am happy. Are you?

Dinah: So happy it's scary.

Shayne: Marry me, you'll never be scared again.

Dinah: Listen, honey, Mom is wanting me to finish getting ready. She and Ashlee are helping me out. So I'll see you at the courthouse?

Shayne: No. No, no, no. I want you to meet me at the gazebo at noon, all right? I don't want to wait that long.

Dinah: Why?

Shayne: Just be there, all right?

Dinah: I'm getting married today.

Vanessa: Thank heavens. Now I don't have to worry about you anymore.

Dinah: Oh, no, Mom. You don't have to worry about me from here on in. Okay, let's get that beautiful necklace on me.

Ashlee: Let me help.

Vanessa: Will you do the honors?

Ashlee: Sure.

Dinah: Thanks.

Ashlee: It's so beautiful.

Reva: I'm trying. I am really, really trying. I think I have everybody convinced that I'm doing better, getting better. It just feels like it's never going to stop hurting. All I have to do is get through today, Shayne and Dinahís wedding. She makes him so happy. Just like you used to make me happy. I think I'm putting on a pretty good show. But I miss you more and more. And if I didn't have Colin, I don't know what I'd do. You know, it's hard just getting through the day without you. Oh, there's Billy. Wish me luck. Hey.

Billy: Oh, look at the mother of the groom.

Reva: Yeah?

Billy: You're going to give Dinah a little run for her money today.

Reva: Oh, you're still the best liar I know, Billy Lewis.

Billy: Where's Colin?

Reva: Blake picked him up to spend the day.

Billy: Oh. So are you all ready to go?

Reva: Yeah, I'm ready to go and see my other little boy get married.

Billy: You okay?

Reva: Yes! I'm fine. I'm fine. I'm so happy for them.

Billy: All right, let's go then. Let's get a marriage.

Reva: I got everything.

Lizzie: Hurry, hurry, hurry. We have to unload all this stuff. We have to make it back for the wedding. We have to change.

Bill: We got plenty of time.

Lizzie: No, we donít. And I don't want to be late for your sister's wedding.

Bill: It's Dinahís wedding. There's got to be some sort of excitement. If things run smoothly, it just wouldn't seem right, baby.

Lizzie: Yeah. Your mom must be really happy.

Bill: Two kids married. I think more delirious than happy.

Lizzie: I miss my dad. I cannot believe he bought us this house and then went on a road trip.

Bill: I know, but he's going to be back tomorrow, right? Is that what your mom said?

Lizzie: I think so, yeah.

Bill: Okay. All right. All right, you know what? We should just take off, do the rest later, and get back in to change because we are going to be late if we don't do that.

Lizzie: That's what I've been saying.

Bill: I know, and I'm listening, baby. Because I know if my wife is happy, then my life is happy.

Lizzie: Oh, you just keep saying that.

Bill: I will.

Lizzie: I'm going to call my dad after the wedding and tell him how much we love the house. It's going to make him very happy.

Bill: A lot of happiness going on these days.

Lizzie: Yeah. It's about time.

Bill: We're good? Let's get out of here. Come on, baby.

Alan: Oh, another mysterious phone call. How's the takeover coming along?

Phillip: Talking to my friend Dr. Bauer.

Alan: Oh. Listen, I'm kind of getting hungry. I'd like to go get a bite to eat.

Phillip: Okay, well, that's good because I read about this cafe that's about halfway between here and the next ballpark.

Alan: No, no, no. I'm hungry now.

Phillip: They got the best pancakes in Ohio.

Alan: Well, I like good pancakes.

Phillip: Let's go.

Mallet: When are the lies going to stop?

Marina: Can you help me with this?

Mallet: Yeah, sure.

Marina: Thank you. Okay?

Mallet: Yeah, you look beautiful.

Marina: Thank you. I am so glad that it's today. Yesterday is over, and we survived it. And we survived everything that's happened in the last few weeks.

Mallet: Yes, we have. Fresh start.

Marina: Yeah, I'm glad we're going to have a fresh start.

Mallet: Starting over, right? Telling each other about everything?

Marina: Everything.

Mallet: And if there's something we haven't talked about, we should probably...

Marina: Put it out in the open.

Mallet: Yeah. Because we owe that to Henry, right? I mean, I think it's important that Henry sees his parents communicating with each other, right?

Marina: Yeah.

Mallet: Teaching the importance of being honest, right? Because, rich or poor, being a good, honest person means more than all the money in the world. I mean... right? That's important, right? I mean, look at Alan Spaulding or Edmund Winslow.

Marina: Absolutely. Okay. I think we should probably grab Henry, right? We got to get him over to Company before the wedding starts. I'm so glad that Dinah and Shayne are getting married today. Because they're getting to start their life all over, and so are we.

Shayne: Hi.

Dinah: Those are beautiful. What are those?

Shayne: These are flowers. I picked them myself. I almost got caught.

Dinah: They're beautiful, but I think I'm allergic to that.

Shayne: Your... well, did you get flowers?

Dinah: I did, I did.

Shayne: You did?

Dinah: I did.

Shayne: Okay.

Dinah: Lilacs. I got lilacs.

Shayne: Okay.

Dinah: They seem to really not bother me.

Shayne: All right, all right.

Dinah: But they're beautiful. They're beautiful.

Shayne: Not as beautiful as you. Not as beautiful as you. Here, I put these right there.

Dinah: No carriage today?

Shayne: Not today.

Dinah: That's all right. I don't think I could ride a bike, though.

Shayne: ( Laughs ) No bike rides. I thought we'd walk.

Dinah: It's a beautiful day for a walk.

Shayne: Walk to our wedding? Yeah?

Dinah: Yeah.

Shayne: It's a beautiful day for a wedding.

Dinah: I love them. It's like they're wishing us well.

Shayne: They mate for life, you know?

Dinah: I know.

Shayne: We should follow their example.

Dinah: I'm ready. I'm ready to land, to be somewhere that I'm loved and appreciated.

Shayne: Yeah? Then you picked a good spot to land.

Dinah: You think after we're married we'll still take walks and fly kites and have fun?

Shayne: Yes, I do. I think we'll do it for the rest our lives. I think we'll do it with our kids. Yeah.

Dinah: Kids?

Shayne: Yeah. Yeah, I said it, kids.

Dinah: Kids.

Shayne: Yeah, kids. I can't wait to have a little girl who looks just like you, beautiful like her mother.

Dinah: Wow, you know, making plans for the future. You know, I never thought I'd have that for myself.

Shayne: Let's get married first. Then we'll start with the rest of it.

Dinah: All right. Do you think anyone's going to show up at this wedding?

Shayne: No. Of course, people are going to show up. Remy's going to be there, there's free food.

Dinah: ( Laughs ) Oh, I didnít... I didn't mean it like that.

Shayne: No, people are going to show up. We invited our family, a couple of our closest friends. Do you... should we wait? Do you want... should we have a bigger wedding?

Dinah: No, I don't think we should wait.

Shayne: We're not rushing it, are we?

Dinah: I want to get married now.

Shayne: Yeah?

Dinah: I want to get married now, yes, to you. I want everybody to wish us well.

Shayne: Why wouldn't they?

Dinah: Let's go! I got to get you to the courthouse on time, sir.

Shayne: Actually, you're supposed to take my arm.

Dinah: Okay.

Joanne: Here you go, gentlemen.

Phillip: Thank you.

Joanne: You're welcome. Enjoy.

Alan: We drove a long way for these pancakes, I hope they're worth it.

Joanne: Well, so do I.

Phillip: Well?

Alan: They're good.

Phillip: The trip hasn't been so bad, has it? See a little baseball, eat some pancakes.

Alan: Well, I'd be fine if I thought that was all this trip was about, but I think you're hiding something, because of your insistence on me not going home to prepare for the board meeting.

Phillip: Oh, don't worry, Dad. I've done just about everything I planned to do on this trip.

Alan: Uh-huh, good. Then why don't you stop playing games and tell me the real reason we're on this trip.

Phillip: Okay. You're right. I didn't bring you here just to see another ballpark.

Alan: I knew you had some kind of deal in the works.

Phillip: Maybe I do, but it's not the kind you think.

Alan: Why don't you stop talking in riddles, huh?

Phillip: Okay. Okay. I'm going to try to be as straight with you as you were with me that day at the campsite.

Alan: You know, Phillip, you have made way too much of that story I told you.

Phillip: Why don't we let them be the judge of that?

Alan: The waitress?

Phillip: Actually, she owns the place.

Alan: Oh.

Phillip: Here name is Joanne. Her son's name is Charlie.

Alan: Joanne and Charlie, huh? How do you know them?

Phillip: I donít. But you do, in a way. Here last name is Pierce. She's the widow of Gerry Pierce, the boy who went to Vietnam in your place. Charlie is his son.

Alan: Is this some kind of set-up?

Phillip: No. It's a chance for you to finally face something that has been haunting you all these years.

Reva: So, where is the bride and groom?

Josh: They're walking.

Ashlee: Oh, isn't that romantic? Here, smile. ( Camera clicks ) Perfect

Josh: They'll be here in a bit.

Mallet: You know what? I got to check on something on the inside. I'll be right back.

Christina: I'm so happy for Dinah and Shayne.

Marina: Yeah, me too. I mean, Shayneís a great guy, right? And I think he really loves Dinah. And she turned out to be such a good friend to us. You know, she's the reason we have Henry.

Christina: I love hearing you talk about Henry.

Marina: Yeah? Are you serious, it's not getting old? I mean, have I told you how much I love that kid?

Christina: No.

Marina: No?

Christina: Yeah, I think so.

Marina: I think I forgot.

Remy: I opened the courthouse. Let's go. What's going on? It's hard to see your ex getting married?

Mallet: Oh, no, no. It's my current wife I'm worried about.

Remy: You haven't worked that out yet?

Mallet: You know, Remy, I thought I knew Marina better than anyone in the world. I mean, I trusted her more than anyone in the world, but nowadays I don't know. I don't know what to think.

Remy: Mallet, is this still about that John Doe murder?

Mallet: It's about the fact that she can't tell the truth about anything, man. She's keeping secrets. She's keeping crazy secrets. Take a look at that. Look at that.

Remy: Henry's going to be a rich guy.

Mallet: Yeah, you know it. I found that hidden on a shelf. Why wouldn't she tell me about this? This is a million dollars, why?

Remy: You got me, man.

Mallet: Yeah, it's got me, too. It's starting to scare me.

Remy: Yeah, well, put it on hold, man. We have a wedding to go to.

Everyone: ( Cheers and applause ) Bravo, bravo.

Shayne: Thank you, thank you.

Josh: Shall we.

Remy: Shayne wanted me to check on you.

Ashlee: We're having a bit of a crisis.

Remy: All right, you can't change your mind, okay? The poor guy's out there waiting for you.

Dinah: It's not that. I forgot to ask someone to just give me away.

Ashlee: Yeah, I told her it wasn't a big deal. I mean, it's not like we're in a big church with a big aisle.

Remy: Yeah, it's no big deal. Problem solved, Dinah. I'm here.

Dinah: You would do that for me?

Remy: If it's okay with you.

Dinah: My dad would be so happy to know I've got a good friend like you, and you, thank you.

Remy: Ash, tell them the bride's ready to be handed over.

Ashlee: Okay, let me... let me take your hat.

Dinah: Okay. Thank you. Thank you.

Bill: How can you run in those shoes?

Lizzie: Well, not very fast.

Bill: Well, don't worry, weddings always start late, ours.

Lizzie: Wait, ours can't be compared with anyone elseís. Ours had a life of its own. I feel this is embarrassing. We're going to go in there, and we're going to cause a commotion.

Bill: But you're a Spaulding. You love to make an entrance, right?

Lizzie: No, Lizzie Spaulding liked to make an entrance. Lizzie Lewis is much more low key.

Bill: I see, I see.

Lizzie: Your sister has done so much for us, and we're going to walk in and ruin her wedding.

Bill: Well, we'll get her a good present.

Lizzie: She's turned her life around. I'm proud of her. She's living proof that anyone can make up for past sins. Let's get in there. Come on.

Bill: Let's go.

Phillip: Dad, come back inside.

Alan: No!

Phillip: Dad, I know you feel terrible about what happened to Gerry. And I know you've tried to make up for it. That's the reason they have this place. It's because of the money that you've sent them all these years.

Alan: Oh, so now money can make up for the loss of a husband and a father? Is that it?

Phillip: No, but you did the best that you could.

Alan: You know, you had no right to bring me here.

Phillip: You confided in me. You said you felt like a coward knowing that Gerry had died for you. That's what you told me. You don't have to feel like a coward, Dad. You can face it.

Alan: You know, I should never have told you that story because you're always trying to fix things. When are you going to learn to leave well enough alone, Phillip?

Phillip: You told me for a reason. You don't want to feel this way anymore. This is your chance. Go back in there, tell them who you are, ask for their forgiveness. I know it's not easy, but if you face it, you'll be free. You will finally be free to live the rest of your life. Dad, what do you really have to lose?

Bill: Hey.

Lizzie: We are so sorry.

Dinah: It's okay. I'm just glad you're here.

Bill: Yeah, well, what's going on?

Remy: I'm giving Dinah away.

Bill: Oh, that's great. You think Mom noticed that I'm late.

Dinah: Yeah, yeah. You are both in the doghouse, but I'm her favorite today, so don't worry.

Bill: All right, well, I love you anyway. Okay, let's go.

Lizzie: Okay.

Dinah: Thanks.

Remy: It's not a big deal.

Dinah: It is to me. You're my best friend, Remy.

Remy: Back at you. So are you ready? You want to do this?

Dinah: You know what? I want to be happy. I don't deserve it, but I want it anyway.

Remy: Let's walk. Here comes the bride.

Shayne: Thank you, man.

Remy: My pleasure.

Shayne: Hi.

Dinah: Hi.

Shayne: Hi. You look great.

Dinah: Thank you.

Doris: Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to celebrate the love between Shayne Lewis and Dinah Marler. From this day forward, they will be each other's love, best friend, confidant. They will be husband and wife. Now, I believe you two have things to say to each other.

Shayne: Yes. Dinah, I've said this to you before, probably a million times, but I want to say it again right now, in front of all these people that we love. You saved my life. Literally, you saved my life. When you found me in Europe, I was a wreck. I was wrecked.

Dinah: I remember.

Shayne: Yeah. And... you taught me how to live again. You gave me hope. And since that time, since that day we've built this relationship on trust and honesty. And that means everything to me. See, I used to think that you only got one love in life. If you're lucky, you got one love in life. We both had loves before. We both lost loves, and you've taught me that love doesn't die. That it's going to go on. It's going to keep living through us. I want you to know that I promise you, for the rest of our lives, I'm going to make sure to keep fighting that the love lives with us forever.

Dinah: You've never tried to change me, not once. And I want to tell you how much I appreciate that. You've always accepted me for who I am. And I promise you, from this day on, I will be the best me I can be, from now on. You deserve that. You are a wonderful man. And I am a lucky, lucky woman.

Doris: Are there rings? Shayne?

Shayne: Yeah. Thank you, Pop.

Doris: Repeat after me. With this ring, I thee wed.

Shayne: With this ring, I thee wed.

Doris: And now, by the power vested in me by the state of Illinois and the town of Springfield, I now pronounce you husband and wife. Shayne, you may kiss your bride. ( Cheers and applause )

Josh: Congratulations.

Doris: Oh, I just hope that you find someone to make you that happy.

Ashlee: You know what, Mom? I hope that for you, too.

Josh: I tell you, I just... I hope you both are as happy as you look.

Shayne: Happier.

Dinah: Your son is a wonderful man.

Reva: And you're a smart girl.

Dinah: Well, I feel very lucky. Very, very lucky, I can't believe it.

Shayne: Okay, okay. We got to go. We got to get over to Towers if we don't want to upset the new mother-in-law.

Dinah: Yes.

Shayne: Let's go.

Phillip: Did you have a good walk?

Alan: Not really. I just saw a bunch of cars and trucks on their way to nowhere.

Phillip: Did you go back to the restaurant?

Alan: No, Phillip, I... look, I know why you brought me here. And I would like to make you proud of me by going back there and facing up to my past, but I canít. I'm... I'm afraid to. I want to, but I just canít.

Phillip: I just thought it might help all of us.

Alan: If I faced my demons...

Phillip: No demons. It's Joanne and Charlie.

Josh: Go figure. We actually did something right.

Reva: We did a lot of things right. Our kids are amazing.

Josh: Yes, they are. Look at him. He's happy. I mean, you got to grab that kind of happiness when you can.

Reva: I know.

Josh: Sorry.

Reva: Oh, it's okay. I was lucky, even if it ended too soon. I just hope Shayne and Dinahís happiness lasts for a good long time.

Josh: Me, too.

Remy: Hey. Glad you made it, join the party, man.

Mallet: Remy, I'm going to give my wife one more chance to tell the truth.

Remy: Maybe you should go home and talk to Marina later.

Mallet: Listen, man, it's not like I want to nail my wife for murder, okay. Even though there's a pile of evidence that points to her, and she has motive and she has no alibi.

Remy: So you'd turn your wife in?

Mallet: No. And even if people found out, she wouldn't be convicted. What judge would do that?

Remy: So just drop it.

Mallet: She's a mother trying to protect her baby from a known psycho, I get all that. But listen, I need to know if she's capable, capable of telling the truth, Remy. Because when you do something like this you can't bury it. You can't pretend like it didn't happen because it always catches up to you in the end-- destroys your life in the long run. And I can't let that happen. I need to help her. That's what I'm going to do. I'm trying... I'm trying to get her some help.

Remy: Mallet.

Mallet: What?

Remy: Nothing.

Mallet: Hi.

Marina: Hey, there you are.

Mallet: Yeah, I just called to check in on Henry.

Marina: How is he?

Mallet: He's good. Yeah, he's good. Yeah.

Marina: You're such a good dad.

Mallet: I just want to make sure that Henry has everything he needs. You know, I was thinking about getting a second job lately.

Marina: Really? Why? I mean, even with the mess going on with Company right now, we're still better off than a lot of people.

Mallet: Yeah, I was just thinking maybe we should start putting some money away for Henryís future, make sure he has everything he needs.

Marina: Yeah, I guess so. You know, things are already so expensive now, they're just going to get more expensive.

Mallet: Yeah, yeah. It's not like Henry has buried treasure out there for him, right?

Marina: No.

Mallet: No, he doesn't, does he?

Marina: No.

Mallet: We need to talk about something.

Marina: Okay.

Mallet: Like, right now, outside.

Bill: Ding, ding, ding. Attention, everyone, I'd like to make a toast to the happy couple. I couldn't be more happy for Dinah and Shayne that they found each other. And that they had the good sense to realize that when you find the special person that you want to spend the rest of your life with, well, you don't waste any time. You get it done. So take care of my sister, Shayne. And I love you two. And I wish you many years of happiness. To Dinah and Shayne, everyone.

Everyone: Hear, hear. To Dinah and Shayne.

Marina: What is it?

Mallet: What is that?

Marina: It... it came with the box that Edmund sent to Henry.

Mallet: The stuff that you burned? The stuff that you burned. Why didn't you burn this?

Marina: Because it's money, if it's real. I don't know, I was going to run it by Jeffrey...

Mallet: Why didn't you show it to me?

Marina: Because you were busy, Mallet. Because you were under a lot of pressure, so I thought I could just run it by...

Mallet: So you thought you'd just hide it on a shelf?

Marina: I didn't hide it, Mallet. Why are you so suspicious of everything I do?

Mallet: Because I don't think you're capable of telling the truth, and that scares me. It scares me for us, and it scares me for Henry.

Marina: Nothing has changed. It doesn't matter what I say or what I do. You don't trust me. You actually think that I killed that John Doe, and you think that I am lying to you.

Mallet: Marina, Marina, not telling me things is lying to me.

Marina: I get what you're thinking, okay? I used to be a cop too, remember? So I understand how this all looks, but if the situation was reversed, Mallet, I would try to give you the benefit of the doubt.

Mallet: I've tried giving you the benefit of the doubt.

Marina: No, you haven't! No, you havenít. You have come down harder on me than anyone else on your damn suspect list that's hanging in that station.

Mallet: I want to believe you more than anything in the world.

Marina: No, you don't! No, you donít. And I'm not quite sure why, but you are ruining any chance we have to be a family with your damn suspicions and accusations.

Mallet: Oh, my God, but I'm not the one who's lying.

Dinah: Wait until they bring out the dessert. I got a baked Alaska.

Shayne: Baked Alaska?

Dinah: Yeah.

Shayne: Are you going to light it yourself?

Dinah: ( Laughs ) No, no. I turned over a new leaf today. I'm an old married lady.

Shayne: Old married lady? Ouch, I wouldn't say that. I would say that you should stay away from combustibles, though. But other than that, I just want you to be you.

Joanne: You still hungry?

Alan: No, I think I'll just have a cup of coffee, please.

Joanne: Coming up. Here you go.

Alan: Thank you very much.

Joanne: Oh, that was my husbandís. He was just a boy. They were all boys back then. Believe it or not, that big lug sitting in the corner was a little boy himself once. Actually, he's the one who makes me keep the silver star in here. He's awful proud of his dad. Look, I am too, but for him it's his one connection. It's a great thing when a son can be proud of his father.

Alan: Charlie? My name is Alan Spaulding, and I knew your father.

Phillip: Hey, Ed. Phillip, returning your call. Everything is actually going okay, but I am starting to feel a little bit, so I think we will probably be heading back pretty soon. If you get a chance, could you give me a call back and let me know what's going on with that blood work? Okay? Thanks.

Remy: Hey, there starting to talk about you in there.

Mallet: Yeah, sorry.

Remy: What's up man?

Mallet: I showed Marina the trust document and she had no good excuse for keeping it from me.

Remy: Wow.

Mallet: This makes me wonder about everything, Remy. When I think about all the things I've stumbled upon, the fact that Shayne is Henryís father, all the evidence in the murder case, the trust document for Henry. I mean, man, as much as I want to believe Marina didn't kill that guy, I have no reason to believe that she's told me the truth about anything.

Remy: I admit it doesn't look good.

Mallet: I think she's in trouble, man. I think she needs some help. I got to start thinking about protecting her from herself, and I got to start thinking about protecting Henry. I think the only way she's going to tell me the truth is if I bring her in for questioning about the John Doe case. Oh, man, I hate this. I'm pretty damn sure that she killed that guy. Remy, I understand why. I get why. What I don't understand is why would she let so many innocent people suffer.

Shayne: Where's my wife?

Josh: Is that the first time you've ever said that?

Shayne: That was the first time I've ever said that.

Billy: Wow. ( Laughter )

Shayne: That feels good. That feels good. It does.

Christina: I'll go check on Dinah.

Shayne: No, no, no. It's okay. It's okay, she'll be back soon.

Billy: Oh, yeah, she's going to be back. She's a happy bride.

Alan: Ed Bauer? Hello?

Dinah: Mallet!

Mallet: Dinah?

Dinah: You can't do this.

Mallet: What's wrong?

Dinah: I overheard you talking to Remy about Marina. You can't do this.

Mallet: Okay... isn't this supposed to be your happy day? It's your wedding day. So... go. Forget you heard anything, okay?

Dinah: Stop it! Stop it. You can't do this.

Mallet: Okay, I don't think I have a choice, Dinah, okay? I've tried the whole happy thing. The happy thing is not working for me. You? You go be happy. You deserve it, okay.

Dinah: I've tried. I've tried to keep this a secret and I can't because I can't watch other people suffer like this.

Mallet: What are you talking about?

Dinah: You can't turn in Marina. She didn't do anything. She did not kill that John Doe. I did. I did it.

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Ed: Phillip, it's Ed.

Alan: Ed....

Ed: Phillip, I got the results of those latest blood tests.

Bill: Well, it's a project, baby. I admit it. But we knew that going in. But we got our whole lives to make it perfect.

Dinah: I didn't want anyone to pay for my mistakes. And then you decide it's Marina.

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