GL Transcript Thursday 7/30/09

Guiding Light Transcript Thursday 7/30/09


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Previously on "Guiding Light"...

Jeffrey: I'm going to get some nails.

Reva: Hurry back. Colin will be able to help you with the decorations by next year.

Cyrus: $42,000.

Buzz: I put up the bond, I need to hear every word you said to Coop and every word he said to you, come on.

Dinah: The John Doe murderer. I thought that died with Jeffrey.

Mallet: Maybe, maybe not. We're just trying to tie up some loose ends.

Man: Call us, and we'll pick up.

Reva: Okay, thanks.

(Musical interlude playing)

I can hear you calling I can hear you. I can hear you call my name waiting for a warning finally a warning came if I start to shiver...

Reva: Okay. Books, CDs, DVDs...What the hell? What the hell? What the hell? What the hell? What the hell?

Dinah: I don't think so. No, no, no.

Matt: This is a city gym, anybody can work out here.

Dinah: There is a kick boxing class that takes place here in five minutes.

Matt: What makes you so sure I'm not here for the kick boxing class?

Dinah: Because you've never been to that class before.

Matt: Well, that's because I didn't know how many women were signed up for it. I could be the only guy, which makes my odds pretty good.

Dinah: I will pretend I didn't hear that.

Matt: (Laughs) Why are you here for the class? Are you, uh, going to take out another John Doe?

Dinah: Okay, that's not funny.

Matt: Come on, you know I think you did the right thing. I mean you took out one of Edmund’s hired guns with a stroller. That's awesome. Will you be my sensei? Please?

Dinah: I'm not going to be your sensei. You know, I want to get married. I want to be a bride. That's why I'm working out so I can look pretty in my wedding dress.

Matt: Why is it the pretty ones never really know how amazing they really are?

Dinah: Stop flirting with me.

Matt: I'm not flirting with you-- well, I kind of am flirting with you. I only have a few days left before you get married. My shot, right here to me. Okay, watch this.

Marina: Well, I don't understand why I can't get this information over the phone? Well, how long does it take to get an official response to my official request? I don't have 7 to 10 business days. I need to prove to my husband today that I'm not the a murderer!

Mallet: Did you just tell a stranger I think you killed someone.

Marina: It was just the credit card company, okay? They don't even know who I am. Besides, she didn't even believe everything about the John Doe murderer anyway. She said I was just trying to get around the rules.

Mallet: Yeah, I don't know if that means that you are telling strangers that you killed someone.

Marina: I don't care what Dianne in Oregon, thinks about me, okay. I care about what you think about me. And right now you think that I killed some John Doe, okay, hit him over the head with my stroller. And I didn’t. I didn't do it and I'm going to prove that to you.

Mallet: Good, I hope so.

Marina: All right, now I couldn't get all of the transactions from the credit card company so we're going to have to do a little legwork.

Mallet: We're going to have to do a little legwork. I thought you told me you had all the original receipts. You don't have all the original receipts?

Marina: I thought I did, but I didn’t.

Mallet: You think about keeping and getting and holding on to original receipts. It's not that hard to keep them once you get them.

Marina: I know.

Blake: Knock, knock, knock. The door was open.

Reva: It's okay. I'm doing some spring cleaning. It's a little late seeing as it's almost August, but a lot was going on in the spring so...

Blake: Reva, I know what you're doing. You are just not going to get rid of your pain by boxing up Jeffrey’s things and sending them away.

Reva: Well, I have to do something.

Blake: Okay, can I help then?

Reva: Yes, I'll putting things in category piles so it will make it easier for the mission to sort through everything.

Blake: All right. Just tell me what you want to keep, all right?

Lizzie: (Laughter) What is the matter with you?

Bill: I don't want anyone to see us.

Lizzie: Why not?

Bill: Because we were on our honeymoon.

Lizzie: I know, but now we're back.

Bill: I know. We're back and I will have to share you with the rest of the world and I don't think I'm ready to do that.

Lizzie: We're going to have to do it sooner or later.

Bill: I choose later. (Laughter)

Lizzie: No, the bell man is going to be here in like two minutes with our bags.

Bill: I tipped him 20 bucks. He's going to stay away for two hours.

Lizzie: So we got two more hours of honeymoon time, huh?

Bill: Do you need more time, because we can--

Lizzie: No, two should do it.

Frank: (Clears throat)

Christina: Hi, hi, I was just delivering...

Frank: I know what you were delivering. I'm just not sure this is the proper place to deliver it.

Remy: (Laughs nervously) She brought breakfast, Frank, and there's some for you, too.

Frank: Double chocolate glazed with sprinkles.

Christina: Two.

Frank: Well, then, carry on.

Remy: Where were we?

Frank: What the hell is going on? How did this happen?

Christina: He probably found out you ate the jelly filled. Come on.

Frank: Gone, gone, unbelievable!

Remy: Frank, Frank, Frank, Frank. It's just a doughnut, man.

Frank: I'm not talking about the doughnuts. I'm talking about Cyrus Foley, he's gone. He's out on bail.

Christina: Oh, wow.

Frank: Who the hell would ever bail out a jewel thief? What idiot would ever do that?

(Knocking at the door)

Buzz: Hey, hey, hey, how did you sleep?

Cyrus: Well, better than on that plastic cot.

Buzz: Well, okay, I got you out of jail. Now it's time to pay up.

Cyrus: I don't have 42,000 bucks.

Buzz: I don't want your money. I want to know everything Coop told you about Jenna, like every word.

Reva: I'm going to keep this. Can I have the tape?

Blake: You don't have to do this, you know.

Reva: Yeah, well, I have to do something. Can't sit around and be sad the whole time.

Blake: Why not?

Reva: Because I don't want to be.

Blake: Yes, but you're going to be. There is no way you are going to stop that.

Reva: How does this thing work? I have to stop it, you know, because I can't stand feeling this much pain.

Blake: So what are you going to do? Are you just going to put it all in a box and ship it away?

Reva: Yeah, uh-huh, that's exactly what I'm going to do.

Blake: That doesn't work, that doesn't work, Reva. I tried it, I tried sending all his stuff away and it doesn't go away. The pain comes, it keeps coming, it doesn't stop, even when you think you can't bear it any more. And then the anger comes. And then you have the tears that you didn't even know existed.

Reva: Oh, well, I can't take it.

Blake: I know, honey, but you're going to have to.

Reva: I know, but I don't think I can do it.

Blake: Of course you can do it. If it were all sad, but life goes on whether Jeffrey’s in it or not. Really. And I know that you don't believe this, and are you going to have moments where you're going to feel joy and you're going to laugh. And those moments have to be lived, especially those moments with your son.

Reva: So you think I should keep all of Jeffrey’s stuff?

Blake: It doesn't matter what I think. Keep it, don't keep it. It's not going to stop the pain or the hurt. Only time can do that.

Dinah: Go take a shower.

Matt: Okay. Hang on to this?

Dinah: Yeah.

Matt: Hang on --

Dinah: Yes.

Matt: Shayne.

Shayne: Hi, Matt. I like watching you.

Dinah: I like watching you.

Shayne: Yeah? Get changed. We got cheer to spread and people to see.

Dinah: People?

Shayne: Yeah, people, my mom.

Dinah: Do you think she's ready?

Shayne: No, I don't think she's ready. That's part of the reason that we're doing it so fast is because she needs it. Because she needs to see something happy.

Dinah: You know what, that's us.

Shayne: That is us. Yes. Come with your bad self, come with a high kick one time. I said a high kick one time.

Dinah: I know what you said.

Shayne: What you got?

Dinah: My kick is so quick, you might miss it. Oh!

Shayne: Looking good. Get changed.

Marina: Well, this is fun, solving cases. You know what is even more fun, when are you out to prove that you're not a murderer. All right there, partner. So what did we learn in the shoe store, huh? That I like cute shoes, right? And that I was in there around 3:15, sales lady even remembers me.

Marina: Of course she does, she works on commission, she is your best friend. Where to next?

Marina: I believe it was its hardware store because I really wanted to get us a new rice cooker, or it might have been to the pharmacy. I guess we'll have to go both places. I'm going to prove to you that I didn't do this.

Bill: I love you.

Lizzie: (Laughs) Ice, ice, ice.

Beth: Oh, welcome home.

Bill: Thank you, Mom. I won't do that ever again.

Beth: No, no.

Bill: I'm going to be right back. The wife needs some ice.

Lizzie: Hello!

Beth: Hi. I missed you.

Lizzie: I missed you, too.

Beth: Really?

Lizzie: No, no, but it sounds good.

Beth: So, how was it?

Lizzie: It was amazing.

Beth: Do you have a little time? I have a wedding present that I want to show you.

Lizzie: Yeah, as soon as Bill gets back then you can show it to us.

Beth: Well, it's not something I can show you here. And I think maybe you should see it on your own first.

Lizzie: Oh, that fabulous, huh.

Beth: That... something.

Lizzie: Okay, right now? Okay.

Buzz: Okay, let's get started.

Cyrus: I'm not sure I'm going to have the answers you're looking for, Buzz.

Buzz: I want to know everything about the two people I loved the most in the world. Look, look at that.

Cyrus: Yeah, she is a beautiful woman.

Buzz: She was, she was. She was more than that, though. Much more.

Cyrus: You loved her for a long time.

Buzz: Yeah, I did. I did. But it only seemed like a moment, you know. She was there and she was gone. And it was like that from the beginning. I'm telling you, this woman, she was just a mystery to me. Even after we were married, after Coop, after Rocky, after everything, she was just a mystery. The most mysterious, fascinating woman I've ever known. And nothing is going to solve this mystery.

Cyrus: I can't help.

Buzz: You owe me.

Cyrus: I don't know where to start.

Buzz: Start with whatever Coop asked you when he asked you about being a jewel thief.

Cyrus: That's with a pretty regular conversation.

Buzz: Well, not to me, it isn’t. I need to hear my boy's voice. Tell me everything.

Bill: Hi.

Matt: Hey. I didn't expect to see you back so soon. I thought you were on your honeymoon.

Bill: I was on my honeymoon, but then my mother-in-law came in and snatched my wife away.

Matt: I hate when that happens. What's up?

Bill: Just came back to get my feet in the water.

Matt: Okay. Thought you told your dad you weren't coming back till Christmas.

Bill: Um... yeah, well, that's true but I just wanted to come and check on a property for me and Lizzie.

Matt: Land or house?

Bill: A house, well what's left of it. It's in rough shape.

Matt: Fixer-upper for Lizzie?

Bill: We're a good team. Thought we needed a project.

Matt: Don't you -- why don't you have a baby.

Bill: Not ready for that project just yet but.. oh, man.

Matt: What, sold?

Bill: Yeah, sold.

Matt: Why didn't you say something to me? You could have called me. I would have put a bid in for you.

Bill: I mean the house was in such rough shape I didn't think anyone else would want it. One of those places, you know when you walk in, you just know it's the place for you?

Lizzie: Ah! It's perfect!

Beth: I'm so glad. I was worried. But your father seemed to think it was right.

Lizzie: Did Dad pick this out?

Beth: Yes he did. He looked and he looked and nothing was right until he saw this place.

Lizzie: He didn't even know we were looking for a house. How did he know to do this?

Beth: Honey, you and your father have a special connection, you always have.

Lizzie: I've got to call him and say thank you.

Beth: You might have a hard time reaching him. He and Alan are on a road trip.

Lizzie: They're on a road trip?

Beth: Mm-hmm.

Lizzie: With what, like beef jerky and Doritos?

Beth: I think more like prosciutto and melon. (Laughter) In any case, you'll have plenty of time to thank him when he gets back.

Lizzie: I can't wait for Bill to see this. (Laughter)

Dinah: Okay, so salty, sweet, what should we do?

Shayne: You know we don't have to bring her anything.

Dinah: Of course we do, we have to let her know we're thinking about her.

Shayne: She knows.

Dinah: Ice cream, what's her favorite flavor?

Shayne: Daisy, Daisy, Daisy.

Daisy: Oh, hi. Hey, guys.

Shayne: What's my mom's favorite flavor of ice cream?

Daisy: She really likes the super fudge chunk.

Shayne: Oh, really, would not have guessed that. Good thing we asked.

Daisy: You guys going to see her? I'll come with you.

Shayne: Normally that would be great, but we have some news to share with her.

Dinah: Some news that we want to share with you too, we're trying to find Remy.

Christina: Remy.

Daisy: What is it? Oh my gosh!

Christina: It's beautiful. That's so great.

Shayne: Yes, that's the right reaction. I like that.

Christina: I'm so happy for both of you. I can't wait to tell Remy.

Dinah: Thank you, thank you.

Mallet: Okay, well, it appears that you were definitely at the hardware store the day of the murder.

Marina: It also appears that someone thinks that I took a mortgage out on the restaurant so they canceled my credit card. I've got to go fix it I'll talk to you later.

Remy: Hey, guys.

Marina: Can't talk, got to go.

Remy: Is she okay?

Mallet: Yeah, we're just going over the evidence trying to establish a time line of her whereabouts the day of the murder.

Remy: That is well -- weird.

Mallet: Yeah. It's just weird. We're trying to clear it up. Man, I hope she can prove me wrong.

Remy: I hope so.

Reva: Hey, Matt.

Matt: Good morning, Reva. How are you doing?

Reva: Good.

Matt: You want a cup of coffee or something?

Reva: No, actually I'm glad I ran into you. Because I have a question I want to ask and I really don't want to ask Josh or Billy.

Matt: Okay, shoot.

Reva: I'm thinking about maybe going back to work. And, and I wanted to find out if maybe there was a place here for me.

Matt: Well, are you kidding? You're always welcome back here, of course.

Reva: Okay.

Matt: Are you sure you're ready for something like that?

Reva: See, that's why I didn't want to ask Josh or Billy because I wanted to avoid that.

Matt: Sorry about that.

Reva: It's okay. But if I find that I want to come back to work it might be because I just need to keep busy.

Matt: Well, we would love to have you back here, you know that. You want to grab some lunch and we'll talk about it?

Reva: No, actually, no, not today. But thanks.

Matt: Okay.

Reva: Thanks.

Matt: Sure.

Cyrus: He told me that Jenna left town when she was pregnant with him.

Buzz: She did. I didn't know it at the time.

Cyrus: That she wrote him a letter about that, should be in a box somewhere. (Banging on the door)

Buzz: Put this stuff away.

Marina: What! Why are we closed? And why are you here in my restaurant instead of in jail where you belong?

Buzz: It will be fine. Look --

Marina: No, this has not been a very good day for me, okay. I just tried to use my credit card and they told me that they had canceled my credit card.

Blake: Are you over the limit? You know what, it's okay. You talk with them, they'll work with you.

Frank: What the hell is he doing here?

Cyrus: I'm out.

Frank: Yeah, I can see that.

Marina: The credit card company told me that I re-mortgaged the restaurant and that made me a bad credit risk. I did not re-mortgaged the restaurant.

Buzz: No, I re-mortgaged the restaurant.

Frank: Why would you ever do that?

Buzz: To bail Cyrus out of jail.

Marina: You re-mortgaged the restaurant to bail Cyrus out of jail.

Christina: Cyrus, this is great, does Remy know that you are out? Did Mel get you out?

Daisy: What is Cyrus doing here?

Blake: You just don't want to know.

Marina: You re-mortgaged the restaurant to bail Cyrus out of jail?

Buzz: It will be fine.

Frank: No, it's not fine, actually. Ever since Cyrus came to town he's been nothing for trouble for this family. It's like he targeted us.

Cyrus: This is not what this is about.

Buzz: I need his help, Frank.

Frank: You need his help, like that worked so well in the past.

Cyrus: Your dad will get his money back.

Frank: It is not his to give. This whole family has a stake in this restaurant.

Buzz: Frank, he is the only person in the world who can help. This is about Coop and Jenna.

Frank: Yeah, we all knew about Coop and Jenna. Remember, Dad?

Buzz: That's why we need him.

Marina: Are you kidding me? What has he told you, Grandpa? He's scamming you. Like he scams all of us. Like he scams the innocent women that he steals jewelry from.

Frank: He's going to skip. He's going to run out of here. You're going to lose the bail money and we're going to lose everything.

Buzz: He's not going to leave, Frank. I need his help.

Frank: Really? What about the rest of us?

Buzz: Frank, Coop was writing a book about Jenna. He trusted Cyrus, so I trust Cyrus. So the rest of you are going to trust Cyrus.

Marina: I cannot do this today, Dad, would you please get a handle on your father.

Frank: I'm taking Cyrus back to jail. I'm going to un-mortgage the restaurant and I'm going to get the bail money back.

Buzz: Fine, you do that, Frank, and then I will sell my share in this restaurant, and I will sell it to Alan.

Frank: What is the matter with you? What has happened to you, are you crazy?

Buzz: Yeah, I'm crazy.

Frank: Okay, well, I'm going to go to the police station and get a warrant for your arrest.

Buzz: Fine. Okay, let's listen to some tapes.

Lizzie: I have something to show you and it's really great.

Bill: Okay, okay, I am all yours, but first I made us an appointment.

Lizzie: Oh, spa appointment.

Bill: Not exactly but I think it's something that's going to make you very happy.

Shayne: Oh.

Bill: Hey!

Dinah: Hey. Thank you so much for sending me flowers. I can't believe you guys thought of us. It was on your honeymoon.

Lizzie: We can't believe you threw us a wedding.

Bill: Yes, thank you. Thank you so much. We owe you big time.

Dinah: Well, you may have a chance to pay up, bro.

Lizzie: (Gasps)

Shayne: Same reaction every time.

Bill: Congratulations. Good news, huh? When?

Shayne: Day after tomorrow.

Dinah: Yeah.

Shayne: With the quickness.

Lizzie: Wow, I got to get a dress.

Dinah: Okay.

Bill: I guess I have to take a shower the day of the wedding. (Laughter) Just kidding. I shower. So we're invited, right?

Dinah: Oh yeah, you're invited. (Laughter) Ceremony, reception at Towers.

Bill: Okay, gosh.

Dinah: Mom's doing it. Mom's doing it. Doing it up. (Laughter)

Shayne: Speaking of moms, we haven't told mine yet because of... but we're on our way to Cross Creek right now to let her know.

Lizzie: I'm sure she could use some good news.

Bill: How is she doing?

Shayne: Exactly how you would expect her to be doing. Ready? Let's go.

Dinah: Yeah, sure.

Bill: Sis, congratulations.

Lizzie: Yea!

Bill: Okay, come on.

Mallet: Hi, Reva. Can I help you?

Reva: No, I'm fine.

Mallet: Let me help you. I'll grab the box. Kind of heavy, what you got in here.

Reva: I've boxed up some of Jeffrey’s things.

Mallet: Oh, wow, do you think that's a good idea?

Reva: Well, keeping them isn't going to bring him back.

Mallet: I know, but I thought maybe you might want some of that stuff later for Colin.

Reva: I put some stuff aside for Colin and for Ava.

Mallet: I want you to know that I respected Jeffrey. He was a real hero, and he died trying to protect you.

Reva: Well, he's dead, just the same. And I'm alone.

Dinah: Hey.

Reva: Hi.

Shayne: How are you doing?

Reva: I'm fine, I'm just... I'm cleaning.

Shayne: Do you have a second for us?

Reva: Of course I do.

Shayne: Okay.

Dinah: We got you some chocolate something marshmallow ice cream.

Reva: That's like my absolute favorite, how did you know?

Shayne: Thank you, Daisy.

Reva: Daisy, yes, of course, she would know, because she steals it out of my freezer every time she comes over. Thank you. What is that? You two got engaged. Without telling me?

Shayne: No, no, no no. That's exactly why we're here, to tell you. That we are engaged, yeah!

Reva: Oh, I needed this! Oh, I'm so happy for you. I'm so, so happy for both of you. Oh. Wow!

Mallet: Hey, what happened? Did you fix the credit card mess?

Marina: No, not only did I not straighten it up, it looks like I'm going to lose the restaurant.

Mallet: What?

Marina: Yeah, my grandfather is going crazy! He bailed Cyrus Foley out and took a mortgage out on the restaurant to raise the money.

Mallet: Can he even do that?

Marina: Yeah, yeah, he owns the largest stake in the place, so... what is happening? Honestly, a couple weeks ago everything was fine. We were doing well. The baby was doing well. My family was finally healing after losing Coop. I... the restaurant was doing well. And now everything is falling part.

Mallet: Do you want some good news?

Marina: Please don't tease me.

Mallet: I'm not teasing. Do you want some good news?

Marina: What?

Mallet: I went back to the drugstore, they made a copy of the receipts. So you were definitely busy the day that that guy got killed.

Marina: Come on.

Mallet: Where are we going?

Marina: We're going go to mini-mart where I got the diapers and get that receipt. And I will piece everything together in a nice little time line, so you can see there is no way I killed that John Doe. And then maybe our lives can get back to some semblance of normal.

Frank: You know, my father has made so many mistakes in his lifetime. And now he's acting like a crazy man and I don't know how to stop him.

Blake: Maybe it's his mistake to make.

Frank: No, it's not. It's not just his restaurant, it's mine, it's Marina's, it's Harley, it's his grandkids. And now he's willing to throw it all away for what, for Cyrus Foley? Are you kidding me?

Blake: Not for Cyrus.

Frank: Then for what, for who?

Blake: That book, that book means a lot to him. You have seen him light up when he talks about that? There a light in his eyes that I haven't seen for I don't know how long.

Frank: Yeah, the light of a lunatic.

Blake: Frank, listen to me. If I thought that somebody could deliver just a piece of Ross to me, I would believe him. Maybe he needs Jenna, maybe you shouldn't take that away from him.

Frank: He's going to get hurt again. And I don't think my father can survive another hit.

Blake: His choice to make. Why don't you just be there for him, either to pick up the pieces or support him, whatever he needs, huh?

Frank: I don't think I can.

Buzz: I have to find that letter Jenna wrote to Coop. Coop's first haircut. She was a great mom.

Cyrus: Buzz, this may be too much.

Buzz: For what?

Cyrus: This book, it may be too much for you. It might be too hard on your family.

Buzz: My family can handle it.

Cyrus: What about you?

Buzz: Look, this thing got started and I found out about it. There's a reason. And I want to know what the reason is.

Lizzie: Keep your eyes closed until I tell you.

Bill: Okay.

Lizzie: A little closer.

Bill: Okay.

Lizzie: A little closer.

Bill: Okay.

Lizzie: Open.

Bill: Oh, this house, I know this. I love this house. I love it. Baby, I already checked on this house and it's not for sale. I even talked to a realtor and there are actually new owners and they're not interested in letting it go.

Lizzie: No, no, yeah, I know, they're not.

Bill: What you checked them?

Lizzie: No, well, no I just know that because we're the new owners.

Bill: What?

Lizzie: Dad bought this for us as a wedding present.

Bill: He... no!

Lizzie: We're going to fix it up together.

Bill: This! Oh, oh my goodness.

Lizzie: We got a house.

Bill: We got a house!

Lizzie: Whooo!

Bill: Needs a little work.

Lizzie: Just a little bit.

Bill: Little bit. No, problem, easy fix. (Sniffing)

Lizzie: I guess it hasn't been opened up in awhile.

Bill: No, but we can just open up the windows, air it out, it will be fine, fine. It's got good bones though, right.

Lizzie: It does have good bones. Most importantly, it's ours.

Bill: It's ours, baby. It's ours and we are going to make this place beautiful.

Lizzie: When are we going to start?

Bill: I don't know, why don't you tell me, when do we start?

Lizzie: I think we go get our stuff and we move in tomorrow.

Bill: Yeah?

Lizzie: Yeah.

Bill: Okay.

Buzz: Frank, glad you came back.

Frank: I can't support this, Dad. But I won't try to stop you.

Buzz: Well, couldn't if you tried, Frank. Listen, things like this don't just happen like this, you know. They just-- life hands you a gift like this, you have to figure out why.

Frank: I know why.

Cyrus: Frank, I didn't have anything to do--

Frank: Cyrus, please.

Buzz: Can we go to your place and do this?

Cyrus: Sure.

Man: Here you go.

Mallet: Thank you. All right. This is good. The receipt for the diapers. So you can account for your whole day. You were busy.

Marina: I didn't think this day could get any worse.

Mallet: What are you talking about, you just established an alibi.

Marina: Yeah with a huge flipping hole in it. Okay, right here. Pharmacy, 4:16.

Mallet: Uh-huh.

Marina: Mini Mart, 5:03. That's a 47 minute time lapse.

Mallet: Okay, so you think that gap is big enough. I mean you think you have time enough to drive from here, the pharmacy, to the river park, park your car, get your stroller out whack somebody up side the set, collapse your stroller and drive all the way back here.

Marina: Pretty close.

Mallet: 47 minutes, I don't think so.

Marina: I don't have anything to worry about? You're going to worry about this now. You're going to worry about this the rest of your life.

Mallet: Okay so, what do you want to do?

Marina: Tomorrow, we get in the car and we drive it.

Dinah: I thought she was doing okay.

Shayne: Are you kidding? I thought she was amazingly good.

Dinah: Yeah.

Shayne: Yeah.

Dinah: I'm going to have my mom call her.

Shayne: Okay, yeah. Just make sure that your mom doesn't let her do too much, you know what I mean. But at the same time, don't ignore her.

Dinah: I know what you mean.

Shayne: Okay.

Dinah: I think my mom will know how to handle it.

Shayne: All right.

Dinah: Yeah.

Shayne: You did it again.

Dinah: Oh, what did I do?

Shayne: Nothing bad. You made things better, again. Did you see it just now? I mean you make my life better. You've made Henry’s life better. Now you're making my mom's life better. You are.

Dinah: Good. I just want Reva to be okay, you know.

Walk the line with it's twists and turns because it can make you bright then inside, with your lessons learned...

Reva: I'm trying, Jeffrey.

No one else...

Next on "Guiding Light"

Dinah: We have 24 hours to get this wedding together.

Shayne: I think you can open it now.

Dinah: Okay.

Rick: So how much you have been boozing lately.

Alan: I'm convinced more than ever that Phillip is up to something.

Josh: You don't have to do this. It's okay to miss it.

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