GL Transcript Wednesday 7/29/09

Guiding Light Transcript Wednesday 7/29/09


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Previously on "Guiding Light"...

Vanessa: You're such a brave man.

Dinah: Getting married?

Mallet: Really?

Marina: Congratulations.

Frank: It's beautiful that he wanted to write a book about his mom.

Buzz: I want to make this book happen, it's a way to keep him alive, but where to start.

Ed: A new treatment is being developed.

Phillip: For my condition?

Ed: It could save your life.

Alan: Well, I'm glad you're here, Phillip.

Phillip: Yeah, I'm here.

Alan: Perhaps you can help me get through to James.

Phillip: Oh, I suggest you call his mother.

James: Women in this family seem to understand me.

Alan: I would think by now, James, that you would understand that when we're standing together and unified we're stronger as a family. When we support each other we can face the outside world.

Phillip: Dad, you got plenty of time till the board meeting. Stop trying to shove it down his throat.

James: I mean maybe if you guys taught me the secret handshake.

Phillip: Be nice.

Alan: I think you have a short memory. I'll tell you one thing, until we break these walls down between us you're not going to make any movement.

Phillip: You know, Dad, you're right about that, you're right. If we don't start changing the way we've been doing things around here, we are all going to regret it.

Frank: I can hear the roof leaking all the way down here.

Buzz: Oh, we'll get it fixed.

Frank: With what money?

Buzz: You know, if the Feds hadn't come after Cyrus, we would be in great shape.

Frank: Do you really want your stove and roof paid for by a criminal.

Buzz: The criminal was trying to pay a debt to us.

Frank: If he wanted to do it the right way, he shouldn't have used the stolen diamonds to do it.

Buzz: Frank, come on. We all use what we have. Company. No. Well, yes, I'm his father. We didn't know. I'll be over in a few minutes.

Frank: Who was that?

Buzz: School-- Coop's school and they are cleaning up the place getting ready for next year. His locker still full so they had to clear it out.

Cyrus: Still waiting for that newspaper, Sanchez.

Mel: Hoping for some good news?

Cyrus: You got some?

Mel: Well, I'm officially representing you.

Cyrus: It's nice to have a friend on my side.

Mel: My brother talked me into taking your case. He's the one on your side.

Cyrus: Oh, maybe this isn't such a good idea.

Mel: It's up to you. I'm a great lawyer.

Cyrus: Got to admit, I do like the idea of you being in charge of my case. Kind of sexy.

Mel: You know, I'm not one of those society women who you can seduce out of their diamonds.

Cyrus: Yeah, I'm well aware of that.

Mel: But what you don't seem to be aware of is how much trouble you're actually in. I was looking over your case. We've got a lot of work to do.

Cyrus: Where do we start?

Mel: The arraignment. And then the real work starts.

Cyrus: You'll figure something out.

Mel: Cyrus, you have lived a charmed life up until now. But unfortunately, your charm ain't going to get you out of trouble this time.

Mallet: Hey. I didn't hear you leave this morning.

Marina: Yeah, yeah, I got up and I dropped Henry off with Christina. Figured we should get an early start. Lots to do.

Mallet: I forgot. You look really good behind that desk.

Marina: Yeah, well, I won't be here for long. Just long enough to prove to my hubby that I didn't kill anybody.

Mallet: Cooper, would you please keep it down. This is an unofficial investigation.

Marina: Will you keep it down, Mallet, I've done undercover work before. Just the first time I've ever been an investigator and a suspect.

Mallet: Well you know what, I am sorry that you have to go through this.

Marina: You're the one that thinks that I killed somebody. You think that I used my superhuman power strength and lifted a stroller over my head, swing around a couple of times and smashed it.

Mallet: It doesn't have to be this difficult.

Marina: Right, I can confess to you and but I will be damned if I confess to something that I did not do. Let's start going through the evidence, all right? I think we should start with the stroller, so let's go back into evidence and take a look.

Mallet: The stroller's not there.

Marina: Where is it?

Mallet: Come on.

Shayne: We're getting married.

Dinah: I know.

Shayne: Yeah.

Dinah: Yeah.

Shayne: And how long do we have to ourselves.

Dinah: Why, do you want some more dessert. Yes?

Shayne: Uh-huh.

Dinah: Tell me what you want.

Shayne: Ice cream.

Dinah: You want some ice cream. I love ice cream.

Matt: Hey, private party?

Shayne: We thought it was.

Matt: Sorry, I mean, the lights were on, the door's open.

Shayne: It's fine, yeah, it's fine. Sit down have a drink with us.

Matt: No, no, no, it just looks, you know, definitely screams three's a crowd.

Shayne: Well, Dinah agreed to marry me.

Matt: Hey, congratulations, you two. That's great.

Shayne: Thank you, thank you.

Matt: I hope you both live happily ever after.

Rick: We have eggs -- could I see the expiration date on that.

Ed: May.

Rick: Dad, sorry. Let me take you out to lunch.

Ed: I didn't know I was coming until just a couple of days ago. You don't have to entertain me. Don't have to do anything.

Rick: Well, is this part of the research, is that why you're here?

Ed: Yes, I have a couple of meetings. I'm working on a project.

Rick: How long are you going to be in town for?

Ed: I don't know. I don't know yet, just a couple of meetings.

Rick: Well, it would be pretty cool if you are going to be sticking around for a while.

Ed: You'll see a little more of me for the next couple of months.

Rick: That's great.

Ed: Do you think you can handle it?

Rick: I think so. It would be kind of great if this research project you are working on would keep you here permanently.

Alan: Phillip, we have to whip James into shape. The sooner he learns that he doesn't have to fight this family --

Phillip: The less likely he'll be banished to the mailroom or shot in the chest, right?

Alan: Well, thank you for that trip down memory lane.

Phillip: Okay, look, I'm sorry. That was a cheap shot. But come on, Dad, you know there is nobody who wants to right write a new set of memories for this family than I do. I'm working on it right to you.

Alan: Is there anything you'd like to share?

Phillip: Not yet, okay. But trust me, when the time is right, you will be the first to know. I got to take this.

Alan: All right.

Phillip: Hey, anything new? Well, you know, I'm not sure that that's a good direction. But keep at it. Yeah. Try the other thing. And remember, remember, my father can't know anything about this. I mean not a word until this is a done deal. Well?

James: Well, what?

Phillip: Did you decide whether or not you're going to stay with the family at the next board meeting?

James: What would you do if you were me?

Phillip: Well, at your age, James, I probably would have spit in Alan’s face or found some way to skew the vote in my favor, ambush him, but that was me. I spent a lot of years trying to punish him.

James: I've heard the stories. Sounds like he had it coming.

Phillip: Just like you think I have it coming. Do me a favor, think really, really long and hard before you make the same stupid decisions that I made. Try to be a little smarter than I was at your age.

James: You want me to like break the curse or something.

Phillip: You laugh, but it can be done. I got a plan. And if I only do one thing for this family before I -- before I die, I'm going to find a way to put an end to this father and son nightmare that's been going on for generations. And it's time for it to stop.

Alan: Ed Bauer, what are you doing here?

Ed: I'm in town working on a case.

Alan: Oh, really? So you're doing house calls all the way from California. That's pretty impressive.

Ed: It's an important case.

Alan: Well, I happen to be looking for your son.

Ed: Sorry, you just missed him. His shift started maybe five minutes ago. We were having lunch.

Alan: Father-son time together, huh?

Ed: You got to take it when can. I mean life goes by pretty fast.

Alan: And if I don't move pretty fast I think my son is going to try to take over my company. That's why I was looking for Rick. I think Phillip is plotting something.

Ed: I didn't know Phillip was home long enough to do any serious plotting.

Alan: Well, he's got something up his sleeve and I thought if anyone would know anything about it, it would be Rick.

Frank: That'd be the one. Hey, Pop, why don't we-- why don't we load everything into the box and we'll deal with this at the house, okay?

Mel: Yeah, there's no question that you're going to have some serious charges leveled against you. You stole jewels that are part of a royal collection from another country. You're lucky that they don't ship you off to do a trial there.

Cyrus: San Cristobel doesn't scare me.

Mel: Maybe not. But then you'll have to get new representation. And I'm pretty much the best thing you have going right now.

Cyrus: Thanks for helping me out.

Mel: You do have one more crazy thing on your side: Buzz Cooper. He seems determined to testify on your behalf which seems a little strange since he was the victim of your latest escapade.

Cyrus: Buzz and I have a connection. He doesn't seem to be as judgmental as some of the other people in this town. You know, those perfect folks who never make a wrong move.

Mel: Tragic, living a crime-free life.

Cyrus: It's boring.

Mel: Safe.

Cyrus: Same thing.

Mel: Well, you're going to need a lot more than Buzz's affections to get you out of this one.

Cyrus: So we'll put our heads together and come up with something.

Mel: So far, I got nothing.

Cyrus: Well, I got work to do out there in the world. I'm not staying in jail. There's a reason I'm in this town. There's a reason I want to help Buzz and there's a reason that he still believes in me.

Mallet: Because once the stroller came back from the evidence room, I didn't care if I ever saw it again.

Marina: Right, because you think that I clocked that John Doe with it.

Mallet: Anyway, I tried to give it to one of the guys in the department. He didn't want it. Nobody did. Then Remy recognized it and thought we might want it back. And to tell you the truth I didn't care if I ever saw it again. So I tossed it into the dumpster.

Marina: Okay, let's have a look at it. Wow, somebody really decimated this thing.

Mallet: I was pretty up set. So I kind of broke it before I threw it in there.

Marina: You were that angry with me.

Mallet: Frustrated with the whole case.

Marina: All right, well, let me grab my boots and let's go look at all your other crime scene areas.

Matt: I'm really happy for you and Shayne. I think you got a life this time.

Dinah: As opposed to the other times.

Matt: Hey, I'm one to talk. I've yet to get it right. Blew it with your mother. Who knows if I will ever get a second chance.

Dinah: Well, look at me and take heart.

Matt: I'm just glad that you got over your crisis of conscience.

Dinah: Matt, I don't know-how you get over killing a man.

Matt: You know what I mean, I mean, you're not going to make anybody happy admitting that you killed that guy. Marrying Shayne on the other hand, you guys both brighten a few lives, including your own.

Dinah: I do want to be happy.

Matt: Well, go be happy. Just try not to kill anyone before that wedding.

 ( Music playing )

You always get by always get by

how you pay them back is oh, tragic

you have the to answer you have the to answer

don't you remember when don't you remember when

don't you remember when you were one of us

you have to answer you have to answer

but don't you remember when don't you remember when

don't you remember when you were one of us

you have to answer you have to answer

you have to answer for yourself.

Jenna: “I was seven when my aunt took me to see the crown jewels in the tower of London. And I remember walking across the guards. They don't look at you, you know. They were so serious. I thought that what they were doing must be very important. It was a little scary. The rooms were very dark so I held my aunt's hand quite tight. There were velvet ropes and so we followed them down a long, dark corridor. We turned the corner and there was this light shining. And for a moment I couldn't see. Then when my eyes adjusted, there they were. They sparkled like nothing I'd ever seen. They called to me. I was fascinated. I wanted to hold them in my hand right then. But of course I couldn’t. I wasn't even supposed to touch the glass. But I had to get as close as I could to those jewels so I waited until the guard wasn't looking. And I reached out and touched the glass case. Oh, yes, I left my fingerprints there.”

Buzz: "I don't remember my mom, but I wish I did. Because the woman I'm getting to know is amazing. I'm starting to understand why my dad loves her so much."

Mallet: There is no point in us being here right now.

Marina: You came here during the investigation.

Mallet: Yeah, and you know what? It wasn't one of my finest moments. Because Jeffrey was setting me up. He was the one that planted the muddy footprint to look like he was the one that had been here.

Marina: All right, let's just have a look around, all right. You never know.

Mallet: You never know.

Marina: Tell you what, Mallet, why don't you go ahead and see if you can find any of my footprints around here.

Mallet: Marina, there's been too much rain. They've moved the equipment around, we're to the going find anything. Find my footprint, Mallet. If I'm the suspect, oh there's got to be something here, right, oh, wait, you're not going to find any footprints, are you, no, you're not going find anything, because I didn't kill anybody. But if are you so sure, have a look around. Go ahead, look. Got to be something, right?

Mallet: I'm not wasting my time.

Marina: Great, next the riverbank.

Matt: Hey. I thought you were out celebrating?

Shayne: We were-- we just have things to do so we're going meet up later.

Matt: Hey, a spoke with Josh. He said you guys are going to work on a project together.

Shayne: Yes, we are, it's actually going to be fun. I'm actually looking for Bill and Billy, have you seen them.

Matt: No, Bill is on his honeymoon as far as I know and I haven't seen Billy all day.

Shayne: Thanks a lot.

Matt: I just want you to know I'm really happy for you and Dinah. She has seen some dark days. She's a handful.

Shayne: We're all aware of that.

Matt: Yeah.

Shayne: I'm up for the challenge.

Matt: Good, good. Well, she is a good girl. She deserves to be happy.

Shayne: I hope I make her happy.

Matt: I'm sure will you. I'm sure you will, Shayne. See you later.

Shayne: See you.

Alan: Rough day?

Dinah: Wonderful day! I'm engaged. My mom sent me here to taste champagne.

Alan: Engaged to be married?

Dinah: Yes, that's usually how it goes.

Alan: Well who is the lucky man?

Dinah: Mr. Shayne Lewis.

Alan: Well, it's been a banner year for those hillbillies. Elizabeth married one of the clan and now you do, huh?

Dinah: Why, Alan, that almost sounds like a compliment. You know what, we are going to be connected on so many different levels I can hardly wait for the holidays!

Alan: Good Lord.

Dinah: Now come on, you're the one whose always spouting out about family and all those wonderful things. There's just going to be more of us to love.

Alan: Well, I'm having trouble keeping control of the ones I already have.

Dinah: Then stop trying.

Alan: You have to keep the upper hand, Dinah, or you will lose everything. Don't forget, it happened to you.

Dinah: Yes, it did. It did. But I will take Shayne over Spaulding Enterprises any day.

Ed: I talked to your father earlier.

Phillip: Oh, yeah?

Ed: He was just being Alan.

Phillip: I'm actually learning a lot about him lately. One of the major reasons that I think I am going to say no to that treatment that you were offering me. I just can't risk it. I really need these two months. Alan has been living with his guilt all these years because his father sent this kid to Vietnam in his place and the kid died. Left behind a wife and a son. And Alan knew the man, that is when Alexandra said he changed.

Ed: Sounds like that would change anyone.

Phillip: I think he just buried it, you know, but I think its had so much to do with who he is and the crazy way he always approached us as a family. You know, that obsessed need to try to control everything we do. I mean, who knows, maybe that's been his way of trying to keep us safe.

Ed: And Alan actually opened up to you?

Phillip: But he denied it. And he did. He tried to pretend that it didn't happen. But it did. And it really was a breakthrough. Which is why I feel like even if it's just a little bit of time right now, I feel like if I can get to us a better place, it would really help the entire family, and particularly my kids. Because they -- you know, they get a chance to see that people really can change and grow and forgive.

Ed: That's a lot to accomplish in two months.

Phillip: But I feel like I got to try.

Alan: James, your father is up to something. Ever since he's come home he's tried to fix the family. And we've all suffered for that.

James: I sure have.

Alan: Now he's getting tired of this healing thing and I think he's got some other tricks up his sleeve.

James: Tricks?

Alan: Yeah, I think he wants to take over the company.

James: You know, why? It sounds like a pretty crappy job.

Alan: He wants to put me in my place because you see, he thinks can run the company better than I.

James: He said he had a plan when he was here a little while ago.

Alan: What did he say?

James: He wanted to -- oh, break the curse, shift the balance of power in the family. Something like that.

Alan: Yeah, you see, I'm right. He does want to sit in that big chair, doesn't he?

James: Why don't you just let him? I mean who cares?

Alan: James, running Spaulding Enterprises is an honor and a huge responsibility. Now your father's very talented. Talented at many, many things but running a company is not one of them. He's too much of a bleeding heart liberal for that.

James: Everyone says that, but I haven't seen it.

Cyrus: If you're here to tell me what a turd I am Buzz, I've already that talk so don't bother.

Buzz: I want to know how much do you know about this? School called. The locker needs to be cleaned out and there's all this stuff. All this stuff, pictures, audio tape with her voice. I never knew any stuff existed.

Cyrus: I told you he was writing a book.

Buzz: Yeah, right. And he ordered those books about jewel thieves, this is an idea but this is her whole life.

Cyrus: He had been working on it for a long time.

Buzz: How long?

Cyrus: About six months. He came to me about it before Christmas. He thought that I could help him understand her.

Buzz: So you've seen this before.

Cyrus: Some of it. He had a lot of stuff, but he was still collecting things. The more he found, he said the more he grew to love her.

Buzz: Why didn't he come to me?

Cyrus: He didn't want to you know until it was done.

Buzz: How many times did you talk to him?

Cyrus: A dozen, I guess.

Buzz: What did you talk about?

Cyrus: Jenna, mostly. We would look at a letter she had written and talk about how she might have felt. What compelled her to steal, to run, to stay here. And we talked about you, too. Why you loved her. He said he never really understood it until he got to know her through this stuff.

Buzz: But why, why did he come to you?

Cyrus: I understood a part of Jenna that no one else would. Are you okay?

Buzz: There's something I got to do.

Marina: Well, this could be just a husband and a wife going for a lovely stroll if I could get you to believe in me.

Mallet: I do believe in you, otherwise I wouldn't be here.

Marina: Right.

Mallet: I also believe --.

Marina: That I offed some guy with my stroller try to protect my son.

Mallet: Marina, I get it, I do. I understand wanting to protect Henry. I get self-defense.

Marina: Right. But I didn't kill someone and just leave them in the river.

Buzz: Crazy woman, your mother. I wish you could have known her better while you were here. I guess you knew her better than I did, in some ways. I wish we could have shared this stuff together. She loved you, though. In all this research, you found something that showed how much she loved you. What a fantastic life. There was nothing she loved more than her sons. What was she here, about eight? Why? Why would you do this? Not that I don't love it, kid, but why? Why was it so important? Well, I got to go. I got to go. Why?

Cyrus: So how many times you have done this you know, been a lawyer at an arraignment.

Mel: Well, I started at the D.A.'s office but since I started my private practice, I would say 23 times.

Cyrus: And how many of your clients were convicted?

Mel: Only four.

Cyrus: Good odds.

Mel: I'm good at my job. And what about you, how many times have you done this?

Cyrus: Let's see, I'm going to say 14.

Mel: 14 arraignments?

Cyrus: Yeah.

Mel: And how many convictions?

Cyrus: One.

Mel: You've only been convicted one time.

Cyrus: I'm pretty good at my job, too.

Mel: Okay. Let's go.

Phillip: Hey, Phillip Spaulding, what have you got for me? That's great. Okay, that I can work with. Yeah, I'll leave as soon as possible. The only thing is I can't be gone that long if I'm going to get done everything I need to. Yeah, thanks.

Alan: Hey.

Phillip: Hey. What's going on?

Alan: Well, I was going to ask you the same thing.

Phillip: Oh, I do need to go out of town for a couple of days.

Alan: That's rather sudden. Why is that?

Phillip: I just came across some information I want to follow up on. Think it might be useful.

Alan: Useful to whom?

Phillip: All of us.

Alan: Oh. If he runs wild, we'll all pay.

Dinah: Hello?

Marina: Hey.

Dinah: Hi. Sorry to barge in. What are you guys doing?

Marina: We're working on a case.

Dinah: A case, I thought you left the police work.

Marina: Yeah, I did. I just have a particular interest in solving this case.

Dinah: The John Doe murder, right? I thought that died with Jeffrey?

Mallet: Well maybe, maybe not. We're just trying to tie up some loose ends.

Marina: We need to solve this case so we can put it behind us. That will be better for everything. So what's up? What do you need, do you need help with the wedding?

Dinah No, no, no, no, no, no, no. I need you to show up, that's all. That's all. I'm late to meet Shayne. I got to go. I'll talk to you guys later. Good luck on that, okay.

Shayne: Think about it and let me know, all right. I know that there's no right time to tell Mom, but the wedding's in a couple of days, Dad, so we have to do it soon, right? Okay, all right. Thanks, Dad. Okay. Bye. Hi.

Dinah: Hi. You're the most wonderful man in the world.

Shayne: Oh, don't do that. Don't do that. That's setting me up for a fall.

Dinah: Well, you know everything about me. And you still love me and want me.

Shayne: What's funny about that? I know all your secrets, right, but you're still the most mysterious woman that I ever met. It's true.

Dinah: Not mysterious, just me.

Shayne: Just you, huh? You know what, that's more than enough for me. Get over here right now.

Mallet: What else do we need?

Marina: Milk, cereal, diapers.

Mallet: Yeah, got these, what, wrong kind?

Marina: No, right kind.

Mallet: What?

Marina: I just thought of something. I was running a lot of errands that day that that man was found down by the river. I was here, I ran a bunch of errands that day.

Mallet: Okay.

Marina: I have all the receipts. I keep all of my receipts and they will all have a time stamp on them. Do you see, I'm going to finally get to prove to you once and for all that I wasn't anywhere near that riverbank that day. I'm clear. Come on.

Cyrus: All right. Well, it is what it is.

Mel: I told you we got a long road ahead of us.

Cyrus: Yeah, but together we got pretty good odds.

Officer: You can go.

Mel: Oh, my client was just arraigned, $42,000 bail.

Officer: I know.

Cyrus: I don't understand.

Mel: I'm going to find out what is going on.

Buzz: You're out. We've got to talk.

Mel: We don't know if he's out yet. They opened the door, but we don’t know why.

Buzz: I posted the bail.

Cyrus: It was 42,000 dollars.

Buzz: I need to hear every word that you ever said to Coop, come on.

Phillip: Hey, Dad.

Alan: Well, you seem to be in a big hurry.

Phillip: Just want to take advantage of something while it's still there to do.

Alan: You're not in trouble, are you Phillip?

Phillip: Yes, I'm running from the law. No I just -- I want to try to see if I can get something done. It's a good thing, okay?

Alan: Are you taking a plane?

Phillip: No. I'm driving.

Alan: Oh, oh, yes, the road trip you had talked about, about seeing minor league ballparks. Remember?

Phillip: Right.

Alan: Well, you still want someone to go along with you?

Phillip: You really want to go on a road trip?

Alan: Yeah, yeah, I told you I did. Look, I'll go and pack right now.

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Marina: I will prove to you I didn't do this.

Buzz: I got you out of jail, now it's time to pay up.

Cyrus: I don't have $42,000.

Buzz: I don't want your money, I just want you to tell me everything Coop learned about Jenna.

Blake: You aren’t gonna get rid of your pain by boxing up Jeffrey’s things.

Reva: I have to do something. What the hell?

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