GL Transcript Tuesday 7/28/09

Guiding Light Transcript Tuesday 7/28/09


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Previously on "Guiding Light"...

Shayne: Marry me, surprise me.

Dinah: Yes.

Shayne: Yes... what?

Dinah: Yes, I'll marry you!

Lillian: Today is such a reminder.

Phillip: I'm reminder that I've got all kinds of things to do before I join the crowd up here.

Lillian: Don't joke.

Marina: I love you, and I love Henry. And I will fight for my family.

Lillian: People are going to start talking about us.

Phillip: I hope so. Green tea?

Lillian: Yeah, it's full of antioxidants.

Phillip: I always thought I would end my life with a big scotch and a fat cigar.

Lillian: Well, you would still have something to look forward to, right? That was a rather mysterious message you left me.

Phillip: I'm sorry, I just wanted to find a way to get you alone. I just needed to talk to you. Look, I know that I have been sort of bratty for lack of a more adult word about not wanting to tell anybody in the family how sick I am, you know, and giving them a chance to say good-bye.

Lillian: You need to do that. Only because they're going to find out another way. You have an appointment with Ed this afternoon. Do you think that people aren't going to notice.

Phillip: I know they are. And I'm going to tell them. But before I do I have a few things I want to get straightened out with my father. And I really feel like for the first time I've got a shot to do it.

Lillian: Oh, Phillip, you do you know how much I hate it when you start believing in Alan again.

Phillip: No, I know. Listen, I have learned this a thousand times. I probably should have learned my lesson by now, but I'm telling it you, when we went away on that camping trip, he talked to me. I mean, almost like for the first time in my life he really talked to me. And I just feel like I've got to try to take advantage of this opportunity while I've got it.

Alan: I have to strike while the iron's hot. Many people are grateful that I'm at the head of Spaulding Enterprises right now. But being a CEO in the country is not very popular at this time. That's why I have to grab the bull by the horn before we lose my empire.

Alexandra: Alan, my darling, I wouldn't worry if I were you. You are absolutely fantastic speaker. You used so many clichés I was absolutely dazzled myself.

Alan: Well go ahead, go ahead, make fun of me if you like, but may I remind you when I am CEO of this company, you have a very cushy position in it.

Alexandra: Oh, my Lord, what a convenient memory do you have, my dear. The only assurance there ever is between you and me is the fact that I'm your big sister.

Alan: Well then, big sister, I assume that I can count on you to give me your vote.

Alexandra: Yes, of course you can. Mainly because I'm too damn tired to fight you right now.

Alan: Very good. Well then I'm going to spend the rest of my day getting the absolutes in line and then go after the people who are a little wobbly and on the fence.

Alexandra: Good for you. Oh, the ones like the rest of the family?

Alan: The family, well I'm not worried about the family.

Alexandra: Phillip, and James and Beth.

Alan: What do they have to gain by voting against me?

Mallet: Breakfast smells good.

Marina: I hope so. So I just thought I would come up here and check in with you. See what today was going to be like. You know, what kind of rules and regulations there were. You know, are you going to treat me like your wife or a suspect.

Mallet: Well, considering that it's my day off I was thinking wife.

Marina: Good choice. Very good choice, so does that mean you changed your mind. You don't think that I'm the John Doe killer?

Mallet: No, I think... I think you whacked him upside the head. I do. But you're right, we love each other. And we'll just have to figure out how to figure it out.

Marina: Okay, well, I'll see you downstairs.

Mallet: Okay. Wow, this is amazing. What can I do to help?

Marina: Oh, you could flip the pancakes in just a minute if you want.

Mallet: Okay.

Marina: Thanks for asking. So what kind of syrup do you want?

Mallet: Strawberry.

Marina: Oh, shoot, we are all out of strawberry, but I will run over to the stores and get you some.

Mallet: No, no, no worries. I'll have whatever you are having.

Marina: Wow, if only all husbands were agreeable as you.

Marina: If only all husbands were lucky enough to have a wife like this that makes them breakfast. More coffee, Buzz, I will make a fresh pot.

Marina: You do make the best coffee.

Buzz: I woke up in the middle of a '50s sitcom.

Mallet: You know what, Buzz, it's just one of those days where you are happy to wake up and spend the whole day with your wife and kid. It's like happy, happy, happy, day, you know what I am saying. Sweetie, what's on the agenda today?

Marina: Unfortunately, we do have errands to run.

Mallet: Let's do them together.

Marina: Or we could split them up and that way we could get home faster.

Mallet: You know what, I will take Henry that way you can stop off and get your nails done if you want to.

Marina: Really? Thank you.

Mallet: Thank you.

Dinah: Hello? What's going on? Pop me first. With what, a cactus? Oh, no, no, no. I've got a tac here. ( Balloon pops ) ( laughing ) Ow! "I heard you're getting married." This is very, very cute. Where's my fiancée? ( Laughs ) ( balloon pops ) Okay. There it is. "What are you doing for dinner tonight?" Well, I think I have some plans with my fiancée, sorry. ( Balloon pops ) Oh. "Meet me in the shower." Well, well, well, I'm glad you're here, but we're going to have to make it quick because my fiancée is going to be home in a few minutes. We better hurry.

Shayne: Is he the jealous type?

Dinah: Crazy jealous.

Shayne: Crazy jealous? Wow, I better be quick then, huh?

Dinah: Yeah.

Shayne: Good, but quick.

Dinah: Better than my sunrise aerobics class. ( Laughter )

Shayne: That's a high praise, thank you.

Dinah: Yes, now is it just me or are we having more fun now that we are engaged?

Shayne: Oh, more fun, you know it is just going to get better from here.

Dinah: Do you promise?

Shayne: Cross my heart. This is just the beginning.

Dinah: I feel like I want to tell everybody what an amazing man I am marrying.

Shayne: I think everyone knows what an amazing man you are marrying.

Dinah: You know why? Because you told the entire staff, that's what you did.

Shayne: Did I? Maybe I did do that. Well, since all the important people know maybe we could tell our families now, maybe.

Dinah: Oh, them.

Shayne: Yeah, them. Yeah, them. I think everyone could use the good news, don't you, especially my mom. Yeah. Yeah.

Dinah: Yeah, of course, okay.

Buzz: Frank! I'm wandering the police station, alone.

Cyrus: Nobody but us prisoners back here.

Buzz: Where is... where's Frank?

Cyrus: Frank doesn't check in with me very often.

Buzz: Well, I brought some breakfast, Marina made too many pancakes.

Cyrus: Oh, Marina makes good pancakes.

Buzz: Yeah, because she has a stove.

Cyrus: Buzz, I'm sorry, I was trying to help.

Buzz: No, please don't help any more, okay? I mean, we rented a stove. We got the roof. We're going to get us through this winter and Daisy wants to go to college we'll... the grandparents have to figure out how to get her there.

Cyrus: Good to know.

Buzz: Oh, here, why waste them.

Alan: Have you seen James?

Alexandra: No, twitter him. He'll tweet you right back.

Alan: What?

Alexandra: Never mind, darling, let me do it. Just calm down. Just takes a second here. James says, sorry he can't make it. He is hanging out with Daisy.

Alan: I've got to get him away from that girl.

Alexandra: Sure, a board meeting will lure him away. Well, what is it? The decision, board meeting, sex, sex, board meeting, difficult decision.

Alan: He's got to start seeing the bigger picture, Alexandra.

Alexandra: Honey, he's 18 years old. Sex is the big picture.

Alan: I remember what it is like to be 18. I remember that. But I got him on a very short leash right now until this court order runs out. Now that gives me time to mold him into an eager young Spaulding. And I think being a part of this vote is going to hook him.

Alexandra: And if he happens to be anything at all like his father you think he'll be quite that easy to hook.

Alan: Well, I've learned from my past mistakes.

Alexandra: Yes, you have. ( Laughing ) Sorry... he'll never buy it.

Lillian: What is it about Alan, if people continue to believe in him after he keeps breaking their heart.

Phillip: I think it's probably because somewhere inside you get the feeling like he has had his heart broken.

Lillian: Oh, sweetie, do you really think he's has a heart?

Phillip: I do, yes. If you had asked me at other times, I probably would have given you a different answer. But I think I may have finally figured out what makes Alan Alan.

Lillian: Do I want to hear this?

Phillip: It explains a hell of a lot.

Lillian: Okay.

Phillip: During the war, he got drafted.

Lillian: He did not. He did not. Why did he tell you that?

Phillip: No, I didn't say he served. I said his number came up. Brandon fixed it for him so he wouldn't have to go.

Lillian: Of course, he did.

Phillip: But here's the thing, here's the way he fixed it. He got another boy to go in Alan’s place. That boy was killed. He left behind a wife and a son. Alan has been sending money to them all these years, anonymously. So see, here's the thing. He... he's been feeling this guilt all this time, but he has never really had to face what happened.

Lillian: Do you honestly think he cares?

Phillip: Oh, Lillian, I think it has been eating him alive for over 40 years. I think it's the reason that he can't love anybody else. Because he hates himself so much.

Lillian: Do you think it's possible that at this point in Alan’s life, he's able to change at all?

Phillip: He told me. He wanted me to understand. So I think he is still trying to find a way to understand. And if I can help him do that, who knows. Maybe I can actually change a few things.

Lillian: Do you think you can do that in the next few months?

Phillip: I have no idea. I just know I have to try.

Lillian: Yeah. You do.

Dinah: Hi, Mom.

Vanessa: Hi, sweetie, hi, Shayne.

Dinah: What are you working on?

Vanessa: Oh, just trying to get the edit done with Bruce, you know.

Dinah: Oh, oh, have you ever tried this intercom here? That could reach Bruce.

Vanessa: No, don't, don't, don't, don't, don't bother him, you know, I need to talk to him.

Dinah: Mom, I can't believe you haven't noticed.

Vanessa: What? A bad mother, I should... well, you look... you look beautiful. You haven't gained any weight or...

Dinah: No, I haven't gained weight.

Vanessa: You never do, but your hair's the same. It's gorgeous. Your shoes I know are very important to you, but I've seen those shoes before.

Dinah: Mom! We're engaged!

Shayne: ( Laughs )

Vanessa: You're engaged?

Dinah: Yes!

Shayne: We're engaged, engaged, engaged.

Vanessa: Are you getting married?

Dinah: Yes!

Vanessa: Oh, honey. Oh, oh, oh my darling! This is most wonderful news! And you, you are such a brave man. Come here.

Shayne: I'm a brave man, no, no, I'm a lucky man.

Vanessa: You are a lucky man. I was getting to that. Oh, well, let's see now. This is... it's almost August and we have... we want to make a really beautiful wedding for next spring 2010. We have enough time. We really do.

Dinah: Yeah. Yeah, we do. We were thinking more like late summer 2009.

Shayne: Yeah.

Vanessa: You mean like winter white? Oh, that would be beautiful.

Shayne: Umm...

Dinah: We were thinking about maybe a little sooner.

Shayne: Yeah.

Dinah: We needed to really kind of get married sooner.

Vanessa: You do?

Dinah: Yeah.

Shayne: Yeah.

Vanessa: Like when?

Dinah: Well, you know, you've got enough time, like two or three days.

Shayne: Three days.

Vanessa: Are you out of your mind? Two or three days? Oh, my God.

Dinah: Where are you going?

Vanessa: I mean, my goodness.

Dinah: Where are you going?

Vanessa: I have to go see the caterer right away. But I just...

Dinah: ( Laughing )

Vanessa: I just, I have to really tell you how happy I am, I just... I'll call you later.

Dinah: Okay, please don't trip. ( Laughs )

Shayne: Let me see. Which one?

Dinah: This nose. ( Laughing )

Shayne: Wow.

Dinah: She's happy.

Shayne: Just a little bit, little bit.

Dinah: She's very happy.

Shayne: Let's see, who's next? My dad, my dad, let's go by my dad’s. Yeah?

Dinah: Okay.

Mallet: So Henry and I, we dropped off the taxes, we picked up the dry cleaning.

Marina: Excellent, aren't you boys amazing. And Mommy, she dropped off all the recycling and I just finished up payroll, so we have two things left, the bank and the post office.

Mallet: You know what? Forget about the post office. I can go there because it is on the way to the hardware store because I need a new hose for the yard.

Marina: That is perfect. If you go to the hardware store, you can get some of those picture frame holder things. I want to hang some of Henry’s pictures up.

Mallet: Pictures, you're always on top of everything, all the time.

Buzz: This more serious than you thought. Mommy and Daddy are going to patch it up. You and I are going to go into sugar shock.

Shayne: Dad, hey.

Josh: Hey, son, how are you?

Shayne: I'm good, I'm good. I want to talk to you about a project.

Josh: Oh, good, you're bringing some business into the company. That's good. Because I'm bored out of my head. So what have you got?

Shayne: Not that kind of project, exactly. I want you to think, think bells, flowers.

Dinah: Uh-huh.

Shayne: Cake, Justice of the Peace.

Josh: Wait. Are you guys getting married?

Shayne: We are.

Dinah: Yes!

Josh: Are you?

Shayne: Yeah, we are.

Josh: Oh, my gosh. ( Laughing ) Ah, look at... come here, come here. Oh, you done good here, son. Good work, nicely done, congratulations.

Shayne: Thank you, thank you. Listen, listen.

Josh: Okay, I'm listening.

Shayne: I want to tell Mom, but I don't want to do it this moment. But we have to do it soon, because we're getting married in a couple of days.

Josh: A couple of days.

Shayne: Yeah.

Josh: Okay, you know, I think this will be good for your mom. I really do. She'll be happy for both of you.

Dinah: We are so happy. I just want everyone to be as happy as we are. I want to make phone calls. I want to send e-mails.

Shayne: We can scream it from the rooftop.

Dinah: Okay, you raised a good one. He's a wonderful guy.

Shayne: Yeah, he's okay. He's fine, he's fine.

Ed: Oh, it is so good to see you.

Lillian: Thank you, Ed, it is really good to see you too. Even under these rather awful circumstances.

Ed: I know, I've got a meeting with him in just a little while.

Lillian: You know, he hasn't told anybody. I mean he hasn't told his family. He hasn't told Beth, he hasn't told Rick.

Ed: I know, honey, but it is his choice. It's his choice.

Lillian: But it is not fair to them.

Ed: We have to think about what's fair to Phillip and just trust that he will know when the right time comes to tell people.

Lillian: Okay.

Ed: What about you? You look terrific. You look happy. I mean under the circumstances.

Lillian: I am.

Ed: And I understand that Buzz Cooper has something to do with that?

Lillian: What about you?

Ed: Nothing, you know, I'm a busy doctor.

Lillian: I don't believe it.

Vanessa: Oh, my goodness.

Ed: Oh, looky here, come here.

Vanessa: Oh!

Ed: Oh, sweetie. Can you join us, can you sit down for a little bit?

Vanessa: I would love to, but I don't even have a minute. I... I'm sorry, I was just talking about you with Michelle at Lizzie’s wedding.

Ed: Michelle told me that little Maureen is so beautiful.

Vanessa: Oh, well...

Lillian: She is.

Vanessa: Thank God all the children are really doing well. In fact, Dinah just told me today that she's getting married.

Ed: Oh.

Lillian: You are kidding! That's fabulous.

Vanessa: It is, except that I just have two days to get the whole thing together, which is why I have to leave you. I'm sorry.

Lillian: If you need help.

Vanessa: Yes.

Ed: Congratulate her.

Vanessa: Okay, bye, see you soon.

Phillip: I don't think you're going to find it in the corporate files. It might be in Alan’s personal file. It could even be as far back as Brandon. Yeah, yeah, before I was born. Okay. All right, Stan, I'll wait to hear from you. Thanks.

Alexandra: Doing a little detective work?

Phillip: Seeing if I could find out...

Alexandra: Find out a little bit more about that young man who died in Vietnam.

Phillip: Or his family.

Alexandra: Well, I think the cancelled check made out to his widow and his son should have helped some, huh? You know, I'm willing to do anything I can to help you.

Phillip: Thanks Aunt Alex.

Alexandra: The main reason is I would love to have my brother back. The one I had before this tragedy. He was a good man.

Phillip: Maybe we can find him.

Shayne: Ya-hoo! Got some fries to go with that shake!

Dinah: You following me?

Shayne: No, I just love to watch you go.

Dinah: Oh!

Shayne: Oh, what are you doing here? I've got to tell a friend the good news.

Dinah: Me, too.

Shayne: Which friend?

Dinah: Remy.

Shayne: My friend Remy?

Dinah: My friend Remy!

Shayne: My friend Remy!

Dinah: Oh, look at that, we have the same friends.

Shayne: That's why we're perfect together.

Dinah: It's good, it's good. It will save my mom a few bucks at the reception.

Shayne: Excuse me, is Officer Boudreaux here today?

Dinah: Oh.

Officer Larkin: Off today.

Shayne: Okay. Thanks

Dinah: Thanks Officer Larkin, we'll catch him later. She's so nice.

Shayne: Catch you later.

Dinah: Yeah. So what's next?

Shayne: My dad's office. I got to tell Wanda in person or she's going to kill me.

Dinah: Oh, okay. You know what, I am going to go hop a fence at Spaulding and try to tell Jeremy and Hilda. I will do it quick though, Alan might send out the hounds.

Dinah: Be careful.

Shayne: I will.

Dinah: Okay. All right.

Marina: You are a super duper sandwich maker.

Mallet: And I love to watch you eat a sandwich. You are a super duper sandwich eater.

Marina: This is ridiculous. Babe, I don't want to live some kind of pretend perfect life. I want to know what you are thinking.

Mallet: I'm thinking you have a lot on your shoulders.

Marina: So you still think that I killed that John Doe.

Mallet: I don't have anything to prove otherwise. And I have a mountain of evidence that proves that you did. Not everything about this morning was a fake. I do love you. And I do love the way you eat a sandwich.

Mallet: But while I'm eating that sandwich, you're thinking, so what side did she swing on, the left or the right. Or did she hit him over the head.

Mallet: Something like that.

Marina: Okay. Well that's all I needed to know. I will see you at home.

Alan: Well, I'm glad I caught you. I just want to make sure, son, that I can count on your vote at the board meeting.

Phillip: Dad, you only put me on the board so I would have to take a psychiatric evaluation. I mean, I have a seat because you thought I would be locked up by now.

Alan: Yeah, well, you're not locked up. And I think it's very important that our family show a unified front, okay. It's not easy being a CEO these days, and I need the support of every one of you.

Phillip: Dad, is this really how you want to spend this part of your life?

Alan: My life is the company.

Phillip: But it doesn't have to be. You know, don't you want to take some time to try to connect with people? Maybe get to know yourself again.

Alan: I know myself. Phillip, I have many years ahead of me to be CEO.

Phillip: But anybody can run the company for you. Or at least a lot of good people can. You know, I just... I don't want to let you see the real opportunities in your life slip by.

Alan: Can I count on you to be at the board meeting or do you have some kind of surprise that I should know about?

Phillip: Dad, I got stuff I need to do. Don't worry about the board meeting. I'll see you later.

Ed: All right, you still have...

Buzz: Oh my... Ed!

Ed: ... Some coffee here?

Buzz: How are you doing, man?

Ed: I can only stay or a minute. I'm on my way to a meeting.

Buzz: You can't sit?

Ed: No, I can’t. I just saw Lillian.

Buzz: Oh, you did see Lillian.

Ed: She looked so happy, man.

Buzz: She is, I think she's happy. I'm happy. Hey, Rick must be happy to have you in town.

Ed: Well, I don't know. Yes and no. He sort of feels he has to clean up when I'm around, but he also knows I will pick up the tab for dinner and stuff like that. Yeah. I was really sorry to hear about your boy, Coop. I remember him as being such a great kid.

Buzz: He was a great kid. You know, you appreciate them when you have them. And when they're gone... you know.

( Car horn honking )

Shayne: Jeez, lady, didn't you hear me honking my horn at you?

Marina: I was just about to give you the finger.

Shayne: Oh, yeah?

Marina: Mm-hmm.

Shayne: Well I have good news, so don't give me the finger.

Marina: Oh yeah? Some good news, I hope.

Shayne: It's really good news. Dinah and I are getting married.

Marina: Are you serious?

Shayne: I'm really serious.

Marina: Oh, congratulations, that's awesome.

Shayne: Yeah, yeah.

Marina: I think will you be so happy.

Shayne: I think we are. You know, we help each other, we trust each other. It's everything.

Marina: That's very important.

Shayne: Yeah. I got a hundred people to tell. I just wanted to share with you. I'll see you?

Marina: All right, call me.

Shayne: I will.

Dinah: Hey, guys.

Mallet: Hey.

Dinah: Hey. I saw you walking to your car. Guess what?

Mallet: What?

Dinah: Getting married.

Mallet: Really?

Dinah: Yeah.

Mallet: Okay.

Dinah: Okay? That's all you're going to give me?

Mallet: No, of course not. Congratulations. I'm sure you and Shayne will be very happy, and I'm assuming it's Shayne.

Dinah: Yes, it's Shayne. Yes, and we are happy.

Mallet: Well good, I want that for you.

Dinah: Good. Are you all right?

Mallet: Yeah, yeah, I'm just... I'm running some errands and I'm just going to finish up and go back to Marina.

Dinah: Well good, good.

Mallet: Oh, no.

Dinah: What?

Mallet: I forgot picture hangers I... oh, shoot, would you mind watching Henry for a second, while I run back in?

Dinah: No, no, not the all. You go.

Mallet: All right. Thank you. Sorry.

Dinah: Hi, buddy, hi. It's all working out really good, I think. Mommy and Daddy are happy. I'm getting married. I'm getting married. No one else has to know about what I did to that bad guy. No. It's going to be our little secret.

Alan: Well, I hear congratulations are in order, Vanessa. Dinah is getting married. And I wish you all the luck in the world on that.

Vanessa: You know what, Alan, not even you could rile me today.

Alan: Well, I just wanted to drop by and tell you that I'm going to be counting on your vote at the next board meeting.

Vanessa: Fine.

Alan: Fine?

Vanessa: Fine. Oh, you haven't been doing any more damage than anybody else whoever ran that company. So have at it.

Alan: Well, are you being very agreeable.

Vanessa: Oh, would you rather I put up a fight?

Alan: No, no, not at all. I was just making...

Vanessa: You know what? I feel like I've waited my entire life for this day when my daughter comes to me and tells me she's getting married and wants my help with the wedding. So if I were you, I would just get out of here before I change my mind about that vote. Go on. Shoo, shoo, get, get.

Alan: I will, I will.

Ed: So, how are you been feeling.

Phillip: Well, I don't know if it's the shots I've been getting or what, but I mean honestly, I feel pretty good. I may get a little tired. But if you haven't told me that I was as sick as I am, I wouldn't know it.

Ed: So how did your family take it?

Phillip: Haven't told any of them yet.

Ed: Yeah, Lillian mentioned something along those lines.

Phillip: I'm sure she did.

Ed: It might be a good time.

Phillip: Ed, if we could just talk about medicine that would be great.

Ed: Okay, just medicine. We got to do some more blood tests today, but something has come up, and you and I need to talk about it. A new treatment is being developed.

Phillip: For my condition?

Ed: Yes. It's a procedure that if every single thing falls into place, could save your life.

Josh: We're going to be in-laws. ( Laughter ) Okay.

Vanessa: I couldn't be happier. I think Shayne is just a great guy.

Josh: Well, and I adore Dinah. I know Reva does. I'm here because I want to know what I can do to help.

Vanessa: Oh, get me another six months.

Josh: Yeah, I don't think that's going to happen. They want to get married pretty quick. You know, we could make it a double wedding. You and Billy could get married at the same time? Huh? Huh? Huh?

Vanessa: You could mine your own business.

Josh: I could. I'm just saying, you would make a beautiful bride.

Vanessa: Thank you, ever the gentleman. No, this is my daughter's day. This is going to be Dinah’s day in the sun.

Dinah: Wow, this place is really working on changing its image. What is this... I thought we were just coming to get hot dogs?

Shayne: I couldn't get rid of it. I just thought it would make us both happy. You get your fancy lunch and I get my fancy hot dog.

Dinah: You know what, I love it. But we don't need no fancy table. We just need each other.

Shayne: We don't need no fancy table.

Dinah: No. I already have you. Thank you.

Shayne: You're welcome.

Mallet: Hey, I got the hose, and I got the picture hangers.

Marina: I can't do this any more.

Mallet: No, no, baby, wait.

Marina: You just... I... I want us to be partners.

Mallet: Okay, good.

Marina: Not just partners in marriage. I mean partners the way we used to be. I want us to work together to solve this John Doe murder so we can get back to what we had.

Mallet: Yeah, I want that, too.

Marina: I want us to be able to trust each other again. We worked pretty well as a cop team. Partners?

Mallet: Partners.

Alexandra: Hello.

Cyrus: Alex, this is a surprise.

Alexandra: Yes, well, I'm actually running a litter errand for my brother. Drumming up support for the next Spaulding meeting. So we are visiting personally each one of the board members.

Cyrus: And you find a lot of them hanging around the jail?

Alexandra: Well, only you at the moment. Yes, it seems as though everyone who married a Spaulding at one time or another ends up with something. And you happen to have one tiny little vote. So I'm here to ask you to use it to help my brother.

Cyrus: Will that help you?

Alexandra: As a matter of fact, yes.

Cyrus: Well in that case, you got it. I owe you, Alex.

Alexandra: Yes, you do, my friend.

Phillip: So when did you find out about the treatment?

Ed: Just before I was getting on the plane to come here. I mean, the research has obviously been going on for a long time, for years. But very recently there has been a major breakthrough.

Phillip: And what does that mean?

Ed: It means that there is now a possible cure, possible, cure for your condition, there is a procedure that could save your life if you agree to it very soon.

Phillip: I will do it tomorrow. What would my chances be with it?

Ed: It's still experimental. It's high-risk. You could be one of the people who responds to the treatment.

Phillip: Or...

Ed: Or you could be one of the people who don’t. In which case, the procedure itself would probably kill you. See, that's the deal. You undergo this procedure and you take a shot at an honest to God cure, having a long life ahead of you. But knowing that the odds are against you making it, and that you could die now. So there's that. Or you take the two or so months that you got left, and you make the most of them.

Phillip: See, I need... I need... I need the time. I'm working through something with my father right now that I think could really help my family. And I... I... I don't think I can walk away from it.

Ed: I just got to know that you understand this, all right? Admittedly, the risks are huge but what it is potentially offering you is a life.

Phillip: But the if the odds were just a little... I need the two months.

Ed: Do me a favor, just go out and take a walk. Take a walk and think about this, okay? I'll be here.

Phillip: Okay. Thanks.

I am the lucky one oh, I am the lucky one.

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Cyrus: You got some?

Mel: I'm officially representing you.

Matt: You're not going to make anybody happy admitting that you killed that guy. Marrying Shayne, on the other hand.

Phillip: My father can't know anything about this.

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