GL Transcript Monday 7/20/09

Guiding Light Transcript Monday 7/20/09


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Previously on "Guiding Light"...

Alan: You never know how much time you have.

Phillip: And I feel very lucky just to be here.

Olivia: Hey, Ava baby, it's your mom. Baby, I have some bad news.

Reva: I just... I want to be alone.

Shayne: Mom, I don't think...

Reva: No, it's okay. Thank you, all, for being here. But I want you to go now.

Phillip: Three generations of Spaulding men bonding over stringing a tent and catching fish.

James: We didn't catch any fish.

Phillip: James, fishing's got very little to do with catching fish.

James: Isn't that...? (Laughs)

Phillip: What the hell? Oh, you got to be kidding me? We're right back where we started from.

Alan: You mean we have walked around in a big circle?

James: We would be the first people kicked off "Survivor."         

Phillip: Oh, man.

Alan: Boy, I should have brought my GPS, you know. (Laughs)

Phillip: Well, Dad, I got to say, I think you are handling all our failures pretty well.

Alan: Well, I think it's probably because of all this bug spray I have, I'm high from it, so nothing phases me.

Phillip: Doesn't matter, whatever it is, I'm enjoying it.

James: That's it, Granddad.

Alan: Well, I’m going to have a drink of water and pretend it's scotch. Care to join me.

Phillip: You know what? Let's have a toast. Here's to the navigators club. ( Laughter) No, hey, here's to fathers and sons. Here's to Jeffrey O’Neill. We're lucky to be here for as long as it lasts.

James: No bloodshed yet, good sign.

Alan: Three generations of Spaulding men. There's nothing we can't accomplish if we set our minds to it.

Olivia: To you Jeffrey, wherever you are. I'll miss you. (Cell phone rings) Hello? What? Oh God, oh God. I lost track of time. Can somebody stay with Emma until I get there? Yeah, no, I'm on my way. Yeah, okay.

(Glass breaks)

Josh: Reva, Reva.

Reva: I can’t. I can't be in there. I can't go in there, not yet. I can't do it.

Josh: It's okay.

Reva: No, it's not okay. If it were just me, it would be okay. I brought Colin back home so that he could sleep in his own crib and I... I have to go in. I have to go in there. I have to be able to take care of my little boy.

Josh: You will.

Reva: How? I can't even breathe!

Josh: Reva.

Reva: I can't even breathe. I've never been the one left behind before. How do I do this?

Josh: You can do this. Because you don't have any choice. Colin needs you right now. You'll feed him, and you'll hold him. And you'll sing him to sleep because that's what you have to do. And somehow he will... listen to me, look at me. He will help you survive, Reva. He will help you survive. Let me take him inside, okay? You take your time and when you're ready, you come on in. It's okay. Hey, buddy. Hey, buddy. I got you. Let me tell you something, big guy. You've got nothing to worry about. You know why? Because your mom, she's going to come walking through that door any minute. And once she comes in here, she's never going to run out again. You know why? Because she's crazy about you. And she's also kind of crazy, but she's crazy about you. And you guys, you're going to take care of each other. You're going to laugh together. You're going to cry together. You're going to play together. And if there's some problem, you need some help, you feel free to call me any time you want, okay? Just call me on my cell. And I'll be there for you, okay? I got... I got to tell you this, though. I'm not a superhero like your dad was, you know. He was... he was a great man. I'm just an average guy. But I'll do everything I can, okay?

Reva: Thank you.

Josh: We were just talking about you.

Reva: You didn't tell him any of the bad stuff, did you? Because I'd kind of like for him to keep a high opinion of me for as long as possible.

Josh: What bad stuff? Want to sit down?

Reva: It's just... Jeffrey’s everywhere. And I can't take it.

Josh: Yeah, you guys are... you and Jeffrey, you became everything to each other in a relatively short period of time.

Reva: Too short. We didn't even make it to our first anniversary.

Josh: I'm sorry, Reva. I wish I could help.

Reva: You can’t. I... I don't want help. I want Jeffrey to come back here. I want him to come back here and be here in this house with his son. That's what I want. I mean, everything was turning out. You know, I kicked the cancer. Then we had this wonderful little boy and this life, this fantastic life together. And I want that back.

Josh: Yeah.

Reva: I don't get it. I don't know if maybe I didn't appreciate what I had enough, and that's why it was taken away?

Josh: No. No, no, no, don't go there, okay? This was not your fault, Reva. Edmund... Edmund just happened. That's all. Jeffrey's gone because of Edmund, not because of you.

Reva: I don't know how... I don't know how I am going to do this.

Remy: Hey, Daisy.

Daisy: Hey.

Remy: Dude, we got to talk about those diamonds.

Cyrus: That case is closed.

Remy: Really, partner? You took a count, remember. After you and I solved the case, a few diamonds went missing, and the feds want to know what happened to them before they put this to bed.

James: Surprisingly... surprisingly, yes.

Phillip: I wish we had gotten to do more of this when you were a kid.

James: You're not going to hug me, are you?

Phillip: I don't know. Do you want me to hug you?

Alan: You know, I think these hamburgers are going to turn out to be really good.

James: You know, Granddad, you've been pretty cool out here in the woods.

Alan: Well, I will tell you something, James. It's something I've wanted to do for quite a while, ever since your father was a little boy.

Phillip: What was the deal with that? You were going to take me camping and then Brandon said that you had to stay and go to a business meeting or something? I mean, you were a grown man. I guess you had the option of just going.

Alan: Yes, but you didn't say no to my father. No, he was all about control. And if you defied him, he would destroy you.

James: Did you hate him?

Alan: Did I hate my father? Good question. He was a hard man to love, I'll tell you that. He was very cold-hearted and angry all the time. And if you had any confidence, he would crush it right out of you. He never said anything encouraging or kind to you. So, yes, I guess I did hate him.

Phillip: That's sad how that happened.

Olivia: Hey, baby, I'm sorry. Sorry.

Emma: I knew you'd make it.

Olivia: I got caught up at work. I'm so sorry. It won't happen again. Thanks for taking care of her.

Christina: It's no problem. Emma and I had a very nice chat. Didn't we?

Emma: Christina told me to study about doctors.

Olivia: That's a great idea, yeah.

Christina: You know, Olivia, you're looking tired. Are you okay?

Olivia: Yeah, it's just been a difficult week.

Christina: Well, I don't have any plans, and I was wondering if I might be able to borrow Miss Emma. You know, I'm in the mood for some ice cream. I thought she might like some.

Olivia: Would you like that?

Emma: Yeah.

Olivia: Okay, you go then.

Christina: How are you going to get home, Olivia?

Olivia: Maybe I'll walk.

Christina: That's a good idea. I will call you when we're on our way home, okay?

Olivia: Thank you.

Christina: Take care of yourself. Hey, Emma, why don't you go meet me by the swings? I just wanted to make sure you were okay. What's going on?

Olivia: We live in an unfair, unjust world where crazy psychos get to run around free and deprive good kids like my daughter, Ava, of their father.

Christina: Yeah, I heard about Jeffrey. I'm sorry.

Olivia: He died in a plane crash trying to do something decent. And Edmund is probably sitting by the Riviera drinking a gin and tonic and laughing. And the only person that can really make me feel better is gone. Thanks for taking care of Emma.

Josh: Can I...

Reva: If you say get me some tea, I'm going to slap you.

Josh: Why would I offer you tea? You don't like tea.

Reva: Everybody keeps wanting to give me tea.

Josh: I see. Well, maybe I need to set everybody straight then and tell them what you really want is bourbon. Would you like some bourbon?

Reva: No. No, bourbon.

Josh: Okay. Reva? You have to stop moving and start breathing.

Reva: I need to take a walk. I just need to get out.

Josh: Hey. You okay?

Reva: If I tell you I'm great, will you go home and not look at me like you think I'm going to drive off a bridge?

Josh: I don't have any fear that you're going to drive off a bridge.

Reva: Why not? I've done it before.

Josh: Yes, but I think somehow, deep down inside, you knew that the kids would be safe with me. This guy over here, you're all he's got.

Reva: I'm going to make some tea.

Buzz: I made shepherd's pie.

Remy: That's my favorite, Buzz. That is my favorite.

Buzz: Amazing shepherd's pie. Because now I have a stove!

Daisy: Stove! He loves the stove more than he loves us.

Cyrus: He runs a restaurant, he needs a good stove.

Remy: Any idea who sent it?

Cyrus: Maybe someone who likes shepherd's pie.

Remy: Or maybe someone who has a few bucks of disposable cash.

Cyrus: Well, that's no one I know these days.

Daisy: You know, I would like to know who bought the stove because that happened the same week I got my college check.

Remy: Wait, so someone sent you a check to go to college?

Daisy: Yeah, and I hadn't even told my family because I knew we couldn't afford it. But then this check shows up out of nowhere, no note or anything. And I think it might have been the same person who sent the stove. And I would like to thank them.

Remy: Wow, well, I have a feeling that person knows they did something great.

Alan: I'll tell you something, though. I'm nothing like my father when it comes to family. Phillip, I had very high expectations for you. And you and I have had our disagreements down through the years. But I think you know how much you mean to me.

Phillip: Oh, come on, Dad. I mean, you've been trying to mold me and manipulate me my entire life. You're always testing me. I would say our relationship is exactly like yours and your father’s.

Alan: No, it isn’t. We're camping here, aren't we?

Phillip: Oh, yeah, we're camping.

Alan: Yeah.

Phillip: It took us like 40 years to get here. Why did it take so long? What was always so much more important than your family?

Alan: Look, why don't we just, you know, toast some marshmallows here?

Phillip: No, Dad. See, the point of actually taking this trip was so that we could have this conversation.

Alan: I thought the point of this trip was to have some fun together and to make up for lost time. I didn't know you were going to be out here telling me what I terrible father I've been.

Phillip: I'm not... I'm not doing that. All I want to do is try to figure out why we keep making these same his mistakes, so that maybe we won't have to make them any more.

James: Look, mine's all done. Let's find some marshmallows.

Phillip: Hang on just a second. Dad, you know, we've only got so much time to get this right.

Alan: What, for you to tell me all the things I've done wrong? Is that it?

Phillip: No, it's not just about you. Me, I've done a lot wrong, too.

Alan: Yes, you sure have. Your list of failures is much longer than mine.

James: Look, there's some chocolate or graham crackers.

Phillip: James, please, we're in the middle of something important. How you can possibly say that my list is longer than yours?

Alan: You know, James, your father invited us out here to toast marshmallows and to point fingers.

Phillip: It's not about pointing fingers. It's about us looking at each other, having an honest conversation and maybe, for once in both of our lives, learning something.

Josh: Reva, you got to stop working, okay? I feel guilty watching you.

Reva: Yeah, well, that's your problem.

Josh: And tired, by the way.

Reva: Why don't you just go, then? I'll call if I need anything.

Josh: I'll go soon.

Reva: I have to do this, you know, at some point. I have to be here by myself.

Josh: Yes, I understand that. But it's too soon, Reva, and I think... (knock on the door) Maybe that's somebody who is more entertaining than I am.

Colin: Hey, hey. I just let myself in. How is my most difficult, challenging friend?

Reva: You know.

Colin: I know. I'm sorry about Jeffrey. He kept up with you. I give him credit for that.

Reva: Come over and meet your namesake.

Colin: Oh, wow.

Reva: Did you do this?

Josh: Yes, I just figured you needed something, so thank you for coming.

Colin: Thanks for calling.

Josh: Sure. I'll leave you two alone. Excuse me.

Reva: Hi.

Colin: Hey, tell me you got some bourbon hidden around here. (Laughs) So is he witty and brilliant seeing as how he's named after me?

Reva: He's only a couple of months old, but I do see flashes of genius. Look at him smile.

Colin: Wow.

Reva: Mostly I just see Jeffrey. He has these little wrinkles, creases, actually, right here by his thumb. See right there? Just like his daddy’s. Just like Jeffrey’s. He was the first one to notice them. And his face, you know, when he is concentrating on something, he's very serious, very focused, just like his daddy, too. And he definitely has Jeffrey’s smile. He's never going to get to see his daddy's smile.

Colin: No, he won't, but he'll see his mom's smile, and he'll hear her laugh. And that laugh, I mean, can set a man free, huh?

Reva: What if it's not enough?

Colin: Stop. You need to focus on the baby and focus on yourself. Be sad, be angry, and then rest.

Reva: I can't rest. I can't even sit.

Colin: That's common in a situation like this, but it's important that you get your rest, Reva, especially you, with your history. You can't let yourself get run down. I brought you these.

Reva: Are they vitamins?

Colin: No, sleeping pills. There's 12 in there, and I'll write you a script for more.

Reva: So this is a house call, not just a visit from a friend?

Colin: Look, I am your friend, Reva, but I'll never stop being your doctor.

Reva: Really, well then I'll just come visit you at the hospital, then, Doc.

Colin: Reva.

Reva: No, really, I mean come on. You know what? You... you had no problem letting yourself in, so I'm sure you won't have any problem letting yourself out. Just...

Cyrus: What happened with the whole Berkeley thing? Did they cash your check?

Daisy: No, Berkeley is not going to work out because I waited too long, and then they gave my spot away.

Cyrus: Oh, that sucks.

Daisy: It's my own fault.

Cyrus: Well, there are other schools.

Daisy: Of course there are, yeah. It's just that I had the check to Berkeley, and it's not going to work anywhere else. If only my anonymous donor had just written me a blank check.

Cyrus: Would you have used it for college then?

Daisy: Probably not, which is why it sucks having a smart guardian angel.

Cyrus: What?

Remy: Just looking for wings.

Alan: Phillip, you can't say that I've always been a bad father or we wouldn't be here right now.

Phillip: Dad, we're here right now because I don't want every memory we have to be bad.

Alan: Not every memory is bad! What about the time that we...

Phillip: What? What? Oh, the time where you lied to me about who my parents were? Or how about the time where you tried to make me think that Beth was dead? Oh, no, wait, how about the time where you shot me? That's always a favorite of mine. No, you pick. I'll let you pick.

Alan: You know, you haven't been a picnic either, son. What about the time you stole the company from me? Also stole my wife, and tried to steal her on my wedding day. What about that? And also, you kidnapped my grandchildren.

Phillip: Clearly, I've learned from the best.

Alan: You know, if everything... if I'm responsible for everything bad that's happened to you, I'm also responsible for everything that is good that has happened to you.

Phillip: The good... something that is good about me?

Alan: Yes.

Phillip: What would that be? What would it be, because God knows you've never told me. (Engine starts)

Alan: Because you weren't listening.

Phillip: Oh, no, I've...

Alan: Well, there goes your son.

(Knock on the door)

Josh: Hey. I was just wondering...

Reva: I'm still wide awake. I'm not going to take them.

Josh: I just thought...

Reva: You thought you knew what was best for me?

Josh: I don't think you're seeing things straight right now, Reva.

Reva: I think I'm seeing everything perfectly clear. My husband's dead, and now you're looking at it as an opportunity to take over my life again.

Josh: No, no. I'm not trying to replace Jeffrey.

Reva: No, you can't replace Jeffrey. You're not Jeffrey.

Josh: I know that, Reva.

Reva: I don't want to be handled. And I don't want to sleep. What I really want right now is for you to get out.

Josh: Reva.

Reva: Just get out.

Buzz: It's raining, what are you doing here?

Cyrus: I thought I'd find you here.

Buzz: I just can't make any sense of it, you know? About Coop, about Jeffrey, about anything. Just... Olivia was here. Looked like she had lost her best friend. I mean, how do you hold on to so much loss? How do you stay connected to life, to here, to now? When people keep getting pulled away from you.

Cyrus: Well, you are connected. You got friends, family, Lillian. The whole town loves you.

Buzz: Since I lost that boy I just... I just don't feel the same about anything. About people, about the sun on my face. It's just not the same. Unless I'm here with him, then it’s... what, does he need something from me? Do I need... it just doesn't make any sense.

Cyrus: I know. I might be able to help you with that.

Buzz: You think you can make me feel connected to my dead son?

Cyrus: I wasn't sure whether to bring this up before now. It's not like I know much about it, but Cooper's trying to do something for you. All those books that arrived for him? He was doing research for a life story that he was going to write.

Buzz: Jenna?

Cyrus: He didn't want to tell you until it was done, but it was for you. And he was hoping to finish it in time for Christmas.

Buzz: He told you about this?

Cyrus: Well, he called me to get insight into the mind of a jewel thief. He... he wanted to capture who Jenna really was, so that he could somehow give part of her back to you.

Olivia: Well, I'm glad to see I'm not the only one drinking in the middle of the day.

Josh: Well, sometimes the day just calls for it.

Olivia: You got that right, my friend.

Josh: Actually, I could use a friend right now.

Olivia: Me, too. They're dropping like flies. That didn’t...

Josh: That's okay, don't worry about it. Here's what I think. You've had the same kind of day that I've had, somehow the universe is conspiring to put us together to cheer us up.

Olivia: I don't think I'm capable of cheering anybody up right now.

Josh: I think you could cheer me up.

Olivia: Can’t.

Josh: I'm not talking about that. Don't flatter yourself. Here's the deal. I hope you have a lot of cash right now because I'm going to take you over to that pool table, and I'm going to kick your butt. How's that sound, huh? We'll just turn our brains off for a few minutes.

Olivia: Yeah, I could stand to forget who I am for a little while.

Josh: And I could stand to be with somebody who's not going to throw things at me, so let's get it on.

Alan: Hello, Hilda? Hilda? Dammit. You can't get cell phone reception out here in this God forsaken place. I can't even order a car, Phillip.

Phillip: That's enough, Dad.

Alan: Enough? I'm trying to solve a problem here. What are you doing?

Phillip: Nothing. I'm just going to sit here. I'm going to roast some marshmallows and enjoy nature.

Alan: You're acting as if nothing is wrong. Boy, your big plan to fix everything really failed didn't it, son?

Phillip: My plan was for us to be together. And here we are. We'll find our way home. They're really good with chocolate and graham crackers. James left those, so we're in good shape.

Alan: Mmmmm, they're pretty good. What are they called?

Phillip: S'mores.

Alan: S'mores? Where did you learn about s'mores?

Phillip: When Lizzie was a girl scout.

Alan: Boy, I really like them.

Phillip: Uh-huh.

Alan: Well, I guess this trip hasn't really turned out the way you planned it to, isn't it?

Phillip: Could have been worse.

Alan: Yeah, maybe James will come back with the car, huh?

Phillip: You think?

Alan: No. You're worried about him, aren't you?

Phillip: What if I don't know how to love him the right way because I never learned how to be a father to a son? What's going to happen one of these days when he falls in love and gets married and has a son? What chance is he going to have if none of us ever get this thing right?

Alan: Well, I think you're just over-thinking all of this, really. Because I feel that James is going to find his way in this world.

Phillip: I wanted something better for him. I didn't want one more Spaulding son to have to go through the hell that you and I did.

Alan: Well, you're right about one thing. I certainly wouldn't win the father of the year award. But in my own way, I loved you Phillip and was very proud of you.

Phillip: In your way.

Alan: You know, I went to great lengths to have you become my son. And I know that you hated me for a long time. But I knew the first time I saw you, that you were the son I was meant to have.

Remy: Boudreau. Hey, Frank, what's up? Are you serious? Frank, Cyrus helped me find those diamonds. We dove into... we went through a lot to deliver those to you, Frank. What would he have to gain besides money, Frank? Why would he steal them and stay in town? A warrant, really? Great. That's great. I can't stay out of it Frank, he's my partner.

Josh: So how's Ava.

Olivia: She's upset.

Josh: Yeah.

Olivia: But honestly, she's handling the news better than I am. I think both of my girls are stronger than I am.

Josh: Well, they get their strength from you.

Olivia: All this news about Jeffrey’s tragedy. I always thought that he had a spare life or two up his sleeve, you know, in case he wanted to bail out of this one. Keep expecting him to show up, and just say surprise.

Josh: He did seem invisible, didn't he?

Olivia: Why aren't you with Reva?

Josh: Who?

Olivia: Reva.

Josh: Yes. Well, she needs to be alone right now. She's mourning her husband and I think my presence reminds her that I'm alive and he's gone.

Olivia: Doesn't she know how lucky she is to have you looking out for her?

Josh: I'm not blaming her for anything right now.

Olivia: You're not showing up with casseroles trying to get her into the sack or anything?

Josh: That's true. I just... I feel like she needs her space. I need to know when to be there and when to back off.

Olivia: You know, I wish... I wish could do that. I'm just afraid that if I actually step back, then it's all really going to be over.

Josh: Are you okay? And by the way, where's Emma right now?

Olivia: Emma is with Christina, you know, Remy’s wife. She saw that I wasn't in the best shape, so she offered to take Emma for a little bit. Didn't want me driving around with my kid in the car. Didn't want me driving around.

Josh: Well, you listened, that's a good thing.

Olivia: You know, I make mistakes on a daily basis. But I never show up drunk to pick up my kid. I don't know. I'm just a mess. I mean, I guess everything feels wrong when the person you love is gone, right?

Josh: Hey. It's okay.

Olivia: Right?

Josh: It's okay.

Olivia: I'm right, right?

Josh: Yes, you're right.

Reva: Your daddy wrote that song for me. We had this big fight. I told him I never wanted to see him again. And then he showed up on the front step with his guitar and a very expensive bottle of wine. And nine months later, there you were. I just want to see his face. Just one more time. I want to tell him all the things that I never got a chance to say to him. All those things that you want to say and you think you're going to have the time, and then you don’t. Hey, little wiggle worm. You little wiggle worm. You're mommy's little wiggle worm, aren't you? Oh, yes, you are. Just you and me, kid. It's just you and me.

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Beth: Well, he shouldn't get mixed up in whatever problems Phillip is having with Alan.

Phillip: I got to find some way to leave him in better shape than I found him.

Alan: What do you mean by that?

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