GL Transcript Thursday 7/16/09

Guiding Light Transcript Thursday 7/16/09


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Previously on "Guiding Light"...

Mallet: I will squash the suspicions I have that Marina whacked somebody up side the head with a stroller, if you give up the idea of chasing after Edmund with your girl gun, and go be happy with Shayne

Phillip: It's too late. That's not going to happen with us.

Captain: We haven't found him yet, but we have found something.

Reva: Something?

Captain: The wreckage of a small jet.

Marina: All right, I'm going to check in with my dad, let him know that we're home so he can drop Henry off.

Mallet: Yeah, I hope Daisy is going to be okay with Colin.

Marina: She's going to be fine. She's great with babies.

Mallet: Okay, we both know that's a lie. This is a completely different situation. Would you let Daisy take Henry on a plane?

Marina: No.

Mallet: There you go, see.

Marina: Will you let me finish, please? Soda?

Mallet: Sure. Thank you.

Marina: All I'm saying is that if I was about to go find you after your plane had gone down, I would want to make sure that Henry was with us. So I understand what Reva’s doing.

Mallet: Yeah, I understand that, too. I just hope she's not getting her hopes up too much, because if Edmund was behind this, the chances that Jeffrey made it out of that plane alive... they're not good. The chances are not good.

Marina: Edmund is not invincible.

Mallet: Oh, I don't know about that. He seems to keep coming back.

Marina: You know, I hope whoever tried to go after him the first time finds him and finishes the job. That is what we need to pray for.

Dinah: Alan!

Alan: Well, Dinah.

Dinah: Did you enjoy the wedding?

Alan: Well, I had about as much fun as one can have knowing that he's lost his granddaughter to an ingrate like Bill Lewis.

Dinah: Oh, I thought the wedding was beautiful. Oh, and I want to thank you for those flowers you sent me to express your gratitude.

Alan: I sent you flowers?

Dinah: No, but you should have. Since I made Lizzie so happy.

Alan: Well, you owed her that. After all, you did kidnap her, you know.

Dinah: Yes. So now we're even. We're family now. What does that make you to me?

Alan: Absolutely nothing.

Dinah: Okay. Well, you're probably right. There isn't a card to express our connection yet, but you know what? We're one big happy family. We're going to be spending Thanksgiving and Christmases together. You know what? Let's start by having a celebration. In fact, today, buy me brunch. Yeah, I know just the place. Come on.

Beth: Alex, hi.

Alex: Well, good morning. You are out and about early this morning, huh?

Beth: Yes, I was at the library when they opened.

Alex: You know, I'm actually looking forward to you becoming my lawyer. I know Phillip is so proud.

Beth: Speaking of Phillip, I had some paperwork here that he needs for the house he's buying for Lizzie and Bill.

Alex: Oh, I know about it. Yes, it's a wonderful idea. What a great surprise when they get back from their honeymoon. Have they called?

Beth: No, no, they haven’t.

Alex: Well, I take that as good news.

Beth: Yes, I guess it is. Anyhow, I'll just leave these papers here.

Alex: All right. I'll make sure that Phillip knows you stopped by to see him.

Beth: No, I'd rather you just say that I just dropped off the papers for him. I just don't want him to think the visit was any more than that.

Alex: Sure.

Phillip: Hey, I'm sorry, can I talk to you for a minute?

Lillian: Sure, of course, honey.

Phillip: Hey, I just wanted to let you know, I talked to Beth.

Lillian: I should have known it. She called me this morning and asked me to lunch, and her voice was so quakery.

Phillip: I told her that there wasn't anyway that we were going to be together.

Lillian: Okay. But what reason... I mean, what reason did you give her?

Phillip: Well, I told her that our memories were very precious and that I didn't think it was a good idea for us to...

Lillian: Oh, come on, Phillip. It would have been so much better... can't you tell her the truth?

Phillip: Lillian, I'm not going to have this conversation with you again. I can't do that. I'm not going to tell her. I'm not going to tell anybody right now. I need my time with my family to be about what we have, not what we're going to lose. The only reason I wanted to talk to you is... can you sort of just stay in touch with her the next couple of days, just sort of be around, you know? She'll be fine. She's a lot stronger than she used to be. She can handle it.

Lillian: Okay, are you okay?

Phillip: Yeah.

Lillian: Are you feeling okay?

Phillip: I'm a little tired, but yeah, I'm fine.

Lillian: Will you let me know when you're not okay?

Phillip: You will be my first call.

Buzz: Hey.

James: Hey, Buzz.

Buzz: James Spaulding. She's not here.

James: Who's not here? I'm here for coffee.

Buzz: Right.

Frank: No, you're not.

Buzz: Frank, he's just a kid.

James: Yeah, I'm just a kid, hanging out. So...

Buzz: Daisy's out of town. Reva needed her.

James: Is Reva okay? Did they find out anything about her husband?

Frank: They found a plane.

James: Is that good or bad?

Buzz: That's not good.

Josh: Captain Finney.

Captain: Yes?

Josh: Yes, I'm Joshua Lewis. This is...

Reva: I'm Reva O’Neill. I'm Jeffrey’s wife. In Florida, they said that you found a plane.

Captain: Mrs. O’Neill, would you like to sit down.

Reva: I'm hoping I don't have to.

Captain: We have found some wreckage in the area that you suggested that we scan. It's only been picked up on sonar so far, but there's definitely something down there.

Josh: How far from shore?

Captain: I'll show you.

Reva: I just want to know, is it swimmable? I mean, is it possible that he could have left the crash site and made his way to the beach?

Captain: It's possible under various circumstances.

Reva: Okay so, it is possible. I mean, so he could be unconscious somewhere. He could have gotten out of that plane, gotten to the shore and then walked into the woods or something and passed out or gotten lost. I mean, that's where we should be looking.

Man: Sir, we're down.

Captain: Thank you. Our divers are in the water. They're going to get a visual and after that, we should know what we're up against.

Reva: You don't even know whether it's Jeffrey’s plane yet or not?

Captain: We're pretty sure of that. There was oil, debris on the water. What we're not sure of...

Reva: No, it's not. Jeffrey's not in that plane.

Alan: Well, hello, Beth. Care to join me for a cup of coffee?

Beth: Sure, sure.

Alan: Great. Well, you look lovely as always.

Beth: Thank you.

Alan: Tell me, have you heard anything from Elizabeth?

Beth: No, I haven’t. She's on her honeymoon.

Alan: That's not a good sign, you know.

Beth: I think it's a very good sign. It means she's having a good time.

Alan: I think it means she is slipping farther and farther away from us.

Beth: Alan, did you have a good breakfast.

Alan: Yes, as a matter of fact I did. I love their eggs Benedict.

Beth: Then why don't you go and do what you do. Because I'll be fine here on my own. And you go and do something very Spaulding, that will make you happy. It always does, right?

Alan: Sure, sure, sure it's good to see you.

Phillip: Hey. What are you doing up here?

James: This is where I keep my pot.

Phillip: Good to know.

James: Nah. Mom gave me some books. She's all excited that I like to draw.

Phillip: That's great. Maybe you can inspire her to start painting again.

James: Maybe. I can be a pretty good influence when I want to be one. See you downstairs.

Phillip: You don't have to go. Stay. Look through some of this old stuff together. Never know what we're going to find.

James: I guess I have some time to kill.

Phillip: High school yearbook.

James: Look at your hair.

Phillip: Oh, man.

James: Editor of the "Springfield Star"?

Phillip: Yeah. I was going to write my way out of the family. I thought I would be so famous, that Alan couldn't get past my bodyguard. Of course, I had a backup plan.

James: Tennis?

Phillip: Yeah. Or basketball or something. Had all my bases covered.

James: Not really. I mean, you're still here, right? I'll see you downstairs.

Lillian: Oh, Alex.

Alex: Hello, darling.

Lillian: Hi, what are you doing here?

Alex: I'm actually here to pick up a prescription, which is not ready yet.

Lillian: You? You didn't send Hilda? You usually do.

Alex: I know. Actually, I just had to get out of the house.

Lillian: What a surprise, having to get out of that house.

Alex: Oh, yeah. I did see Beth this morning, though, and she did seem, you know, a little bit off.

Lillian: Well, I think everybody is a little bit off these days. The whole town. I mean, Jeffrey’s plane going down or disappearing like this. I think it keeps us all thinking how short life is, right?

Alex: It certainly does that, doesn't it?

Lillian: I so hope they find him. And if they can't find him, I hope they find some answers, so they can give Reva some peace of mind.

Dinah: Okay, d-4, d-2. Aaa, aaa, aaa.

Mallet: Aaa.

Dinah: Thank you.

Mallet: There's aaa. Uh-huh.

Dinah: How are you?

Mallet: Great.

Dinah: What's wrong?

Mallet: What? Sometimes great is just great.

Dinah: You're acting weird.

Mallet: Well, Marina and I just dropped Daisy off to the airport. She's taking little Colin down to see Reva.

Dinah: Wow.

Mallet: Yeah, I guess Reva wants the baby there, in case Jeffrey is...

Dinah: Oh, God.

Mallet: Pretty sad, right?

Dinah: Yup, yeah I... I like Reva. I would like a miracle right now. I would like to believe that Jeffrey’s not dead.

Mallet: Yeah, there's are a lot of things I'd like to believe right now, but I'm having a hard time doing it.

Dinah: Mallet, we made a pact. Do you remember that? You said that we would be happy. That you would be happy. Aren't you happy with your wife and your beautiful baby?

Mallet: I would be happy if I could believe, for a second, that Marina didn't whack somebody over the head with a stroller.

Dinah: Would you stop? Would you stop doing that?

Mallet: How do I stop doing that?

Dinah: Stop talking like that.

Mallet: How do I stop that? The whole thing has snowballed, from the murder to Jeffrey’s plane going down and now there's a good chance that Marina is responsible for all of that. So how do I stop thinking about that? I can’t. It's just eating away at me.

Marina: Henry? Henry? Hey, hey, honey. It's all right. Mama's here. Mama's here. Yes.

Frank: Hey, sweetheart.

Marina: What the hell do you think that you're doing? What is going on?

Frank: What are you talking about?

Buzz: Frank got some stuff...

Frank: We were only gone ten seconds.

Buzz: I got the monitor right here.

Marina: Are you kidding me? Do you know how many things can happen in ten seconds? Honestly, I think if you guys are going to keep acting like this, this irresponsibly, then I'm not going to leave him with you.

Frank: Hold on, once second. I think you're overreacting here a little bit.

Marina: I am not overreacting. There are dangers out there that you don't know anything about.

Buzz: How many cups of coffee did you have this morning?

Marina: I'm sorry. I'm sorry, I think it's just... you know, Edmund’s murder and... and Jeffrey’s plane going down, it's a lot right now.

Josh: How much longer?

Captain: Could be minutes. Could be hours. The wreckage is very deep. It's nearly inaccessible.

Josh: Look, in your opinion, what are the chances Jeffrey’s alive? Yeah, that's kind of what I figured.

Reva: I just got off the phone with the airport. Daisy's plane is just landing.

Josh: You asked Daisy to come down here?

Reva: She's bringing Colin down. I want Colin to be the first thing Jeffrey sees after he sees me.

Josh: Do you think this is the right place for a baby?

Reva: It's the right place for this baby, because Colin misses his daddy. And I'm sure his daddy misses him, too. So once we are all together again, then we can take a picture.

Josh: Reva, about Jeffrey, I...

Man: Sir.

Captain: Yes.

Man: I think you should hear this.

Ryan: I saw somebody, a man.

Reva: Where?

Ryan: Coming out of the ocean.

Captain: Today or...

Man: The day of the crash.

Captain: Do you remember what he looked like?

Ryan: I didn't get that good of a look.

Josh: Wait, wait a second. Let me understand this now. You saw a man swimming. He came out of the ocean. Is that unusual in this area?

Ryan: No, but it looked like he had his clothes on.

Reva: I knew it. It's him. It's Jeffrey. He's alive.

Marina: I'm sorry I snapped at you guys before. I'm just a little paranoid.

Mallet: What's up?

Buzz: She yelled at us.

Frank: You know what? It's fine.

Marina: I was just trying to be a protective mother.

Buzz: I think we all need to relax a little bit.

Marina: Yeah, well, I thought we were really hit a turning point there, you know? Things kind of seemed normal right about at Lizzie’s wedding.

Buzz: It was amazing wasn't it? No fights broke out. Nobody got food poisoning.

Frank: And the bride didn't leave the groom at the altar.

Buzz: Oh, Frank, you're still young. You'll have another chance.

Marina: You're not that young. I'd get on it.

Mallet: Actually it's the bad haircut, Frank. Even I have a hard time loving you.

Buzz: Is this a stroller or an electric car?

Marina: Ah, brand-new stroller.

Mallet: Yeah, marina broke the other one.

Marina: Yeah, I don't know how or when that even happened. But this man, this man right here, he went out and he got Henry a new stroller. Top of the line. Is he a good dad or what?

Phillip: Hey.

Alan: Hey. What's all this stuff doing in the study?

Phillip: It's ours. Do you remember? When I was 11-year-sold, you promised to take me on a camping trip. This is it. This is the stuff. We used to... do you remember we spent hours planning all the different places we were going to go. And every night after dinner, we went to Joe’s sporting good store. That's where we got all this stuff. We bought the best tent. We've got these great down sleeping bags. And oh, and those Indian knives, remember the Indian knives that we got, that we picked out to gut the fish?

Alan: If you say so.

Phillip: What do you mean if I... you don't remember any of this? Yeah, we were going to live off the land like pioneers, just you and me. I was so excited that you and I were actually going to go and do something together. And you were actually pretty excited, too. And then at the last minute, you had to cancel because something came up, some business deal. Starting to sound familiar?

Alan: No, doesn't ring a bell at all.

Phillip: Wait a minute. This was your pole. We looked at 50 poles before you picked this out. You were driving the guy nuts. Now you have to remember that. He was like ready to throw us out of the store.

Alan: Phillip, why would I remember? Now if a business deal interfered with a trip, then this trip was not that important.

Alex: Don't believe him for a minute.

(Cell phone ringing)

Daisy: Hello?

James: Hey, just calling to see how you're doing down there.

Daisy: Yeah, I... I can't talk. I just got in. The plane just landed, and I have to go meet Josh and Reva. They think they found Jeffrey’s plane.

James: Pretty intense.

Daisy: Yeah. It's kind of unreal. And I've got Colin with me, their baby. And thank God he doesn't knows what's going on. I mean, you should see his little smile. He doesn't even know that he might grow up without ever knowing his father.

James: Yeah. It's tough.

Reva: So Ryan said that he'd show us the spot where he saw the man go into woods, but it's a ways down, so can you drive?

Josh: Reva, maybe we should...

Reva: Should what?

Josh: Nothing, nothing. Let's go.

Reva: Do you remember anything else about the man you saw?

Ryan: Dark hair. Maybe a beard.

Reva: A beard? That's Jeffrey. That's got to be him. And you said he was walking, so maybe he's not that badly hurt. A concussion, maybe, or a bump on the head.

Captain: Mrs. O’Neill?

Reva: Yes.

Captain: I just heard from my lead diver. As I said, the wreckage is very deep. But the FAA markings on the fuselage match the description of the plane that Jeffrey O’Neill was in.

Reva: I mean just... what exactly did you find? Just say it.

Captain: I'm sorry. There was a body inside.

Reva: No, no.

Captain: Mr. O’Neill was flying alone so the only person that it could be is...

Reva: No, it's not Jeffrey. It's not. You're wrong. Whatever body you found in that plane, it's not him. It's not. It's not him. This kid saw my husband walk out of the water and into the woods. How do you explain that.

Josh: Reva's right. We have an eyewitness. We should at least organize a search.

Captain: We did that. I sent a whole team to check it out. We had calls into town, to the hospitals, to the sheriff's department. Nobody has been spotted.

Reva: Okay, so nobody has been spotted, but yet a man wearing clothes was seen walking out of the water!

Captain: Maybe it looked like someone wearing clothes. But given the distance, the lighting conditions, it could just as easily have been a wet suit. Is that possible?

Reva: No, no, no, you stick to your story!

Josh: Reva, Reva. We have to at least consider the possibility it was someone else.

Captain: I'm afraid it had to be. I have a plane at the bottom of the ocean with a man in it. The same plane that Jeffrey O’Neill was flying.

Reva: What did the man look like?

Captain: All my divers saw was a leg.

Reva: A leg? A leg? I want that plane brought up.

Captain: I don't know. Given the underwater terrain, the depth, the treacherous currents, my divers are risking their lives.

Reva: I want that plane brought up!

Captain: We'll do our best.

Reva: Thank you. They're missing something.

Josh: Reva, stop.

Reva: I'm not going to stop. Jeffrey's alive, and he's just waiting for me to find him.

Josh: You have to listen what the captain is saying.

Reva: I'm listening to my heart. What...

Josh: Let's go for a walk.

Mallet: Yeah, okay. Okay, I'll pass the word on, thank you. Thanks.

Frank: What's happening?

Marina: What is it?

Mallet: Courtesy call from the Coast Guard down in the Carolinas.

Buzz: Jeffrey?

Marina: Is there any evidence?

Mallet: There's a body in the plane.

Buzz: Oh, poor Reva.

Frank: Yeah, well, at least she's got Josh and Daisy down there. Oh, my God.

Marina: Well, I just hope this is the end of it.

Mallet: The end of what?

Marina: The end of people having to die.

Mallet: It's got to make you wonder though.

Marina: Wonder what?

Mallet: We may never figure out who died in the river that day, but it was murder. And whoever was responsible for that is now responsible for what happened to Jeffrey. And the shame is, he's not a stranger. He's our friend, and practically everyone in town had connections to him. And now he's gone. And it's got to make you wonder, how does the person who started all of this live with themselves? How do they do that?

Lillian: Oh, sweetie, I'm so glad you're here. I was starting to worry.

Beth: Yeah, I'm sorry. But I did book us a reservation at Pino Bistro, unless it's too late and you can't go.

Lillian: Oh no, no, no, no. I certainly can come. Do you want to tell me what's wrong?

Beth: Nothing, nothing.

Lillian: Did you have a fight with Phillip?

Beth: No, no. It wasn't a fight.

Lillian: Well, what was it?

Beth: Nothing, I mean, I don't know what it was, really. He just shot me down. The most humiliating part was the excuse that he used. He actually said he didn't want to ruin our old memories.

Lillian: Honey, don't be too hard on him. He just got back, and he's under so much pressure to make everything right with everyone. Let's go. Let's have fun.

Alex: Ah, Buffalo Creek, yes. Indian trails... I remember that trip well, very well. As a matter of fact, I know for a fact that Alan remembers it well too, because he was absolutely crushed when our father wouldn't let him go on that trip because Brandon found out how important it was to him. He found some way of keeping him from having that.

Phillip: Why would he do that?

Alex: Toughen up his son, you know. Teach him to suck it up. I think you understand, don't you?

Phillip: That's something Alan would do.

Alex: Yeah. Round and round we go in this old house. And where it stops, nobody knows.

Phillip: It stops here.

Alan: Are you going to cart this stuff around all day? I mean, it's really sad.

Phillip: No, no, it's inspiring.

Alan: All right, Phillip, go out and make you a bed under the stars, roast some marshmallows. You see, son, I have to stay here and run a business.

Phillip: You owe me a camping trip. An we're going to do it. We're going to go to Buffalo Creek and we're going to camp and we're going to fish and we're going have a good time together.

Alan: You have truly lost your mind.

Phillip: Aunt Alex told me that you wanted to take this trip as much as I did. So you know what I'm proposing. I'm proposing that we go, and we just get in the car and we just do it, now, today.

Alan: No, it's a little late for that.

Phillip: Yeah, but it's not too late. This is our chance to talk to each other, to get to know each other, the way we didn't when I was 11.

Alan: Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. You know me.

Phillip: Do I?

Alan: Yes, of course. Look, son...

Phillip: No, no, Dad, you look? There has been way too much tension around here for as long as I can remember. And maybe, just maybe, this is a chance for us to start to put an end to some of that. Now don't think about it too much. Just do it. Let's just do this while we still can. What do you say?

Alan: This really means something to you, doesn't it, son?

Phillip: I think it could mean something to both of us.

Alan: Well, I doubt that. But I do have a very light schedule the next couple of days that I could cancel. So count me in.

Phillip: I'll get your gear together.

Alan: Oh, Phillip, don't make me regret this. Hi, James.

Phillip: Come here. I was just going to come looking for you.

James: If you found that pack of condoms in the attic, they're Granddad’s.

Phillip: How would you like to go camping?

James: Like outside?

Phillip: Yeah, it would be fun. Just you, me and your grandfather.

James: Granddad in the woods?

Phillip: Yes, yeah. We're going to camp. We're going to fish. We're going to tell stories around the camp fire. What do you say?

James: What's in it for me?

Phillip: You want me to pay you to go? What do you want?

James: A convertible with enough cash in the glovey to keep it fueled for a while.

Phillip: Deal. Get your gear together. We leave in an hour.

James: Whoa, wait. How much more could I have gotten?

Phillip: You'll never know.

Mallet: Somebody died. They died. They sprinkled their ashes in the lake. And somebody died, Marina. I'm sorry if I can't let that go.

Marina: Why not? Edmund has already won, okay? Jeffrey's dead. If you throw another man in jail, Edmund wins again. Why do you keep giving this man so many victories? Can't you see what he's trying to do?

Mallet: No, no, I can’t. What is he trying to do?

Marina: He is trying to change our focus, okay? He's trying to distract us. He's trying to get to us stop watching after Henry. How you can protect your son, when you're so caught up trying to solve John Doe murder 346?

Mallet: Wow.

Marina: I am sorry if that sounds cold.

Mallet: Yeah, that sounds a little cold.

Marina: Okay, but we have got to look at this here. We've got to look at what happened today. And we have to say enough. Enough people have been hurt by this. And have been suffering because of this.

Mallet: No, I think this is the time that we dig a little bit deeper, and we try to figure this out. (Henry cries)

Marina: It's okay, bud, I'm sorry, buddy. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Mom and Dad are being too loud. I'm sorry. It's okay. Do you want to try?

Mallet: Yeah, I'll take him. Come here, buddy. It's okay, buddy. It's okay. Everything is getting too loud. Hey, listen, Daddy's here. Daddy's here. Do you know what I forgot to tell you today? You know what? Hey, bud, our team won. Do you know our team won and we're going to the play-offs? What do you think about that, big guy?

Henry: Da Da.

Marina: Did you hear that that?

Mallet: Yeah, I did. What did you say?

Marina: Da Da.

Mallet: That sounded like said Da Da.

Marina: Did you just say Da Da? Yes? Yes, you did. Yes, you did. You just said Da Da. Yes. Oh, my goodness.

Dinah: Oh, thank goodness.

Frank: Dinah.

Dinah: Someone who would know something. I'm sure you....

Frank: I know a lot of things. What would you like to hear?

Dinah: I would like an update on Jeffrey. Please, I mean Josh gave us a call on the way to North Carolina. And that was the last we heard of him.

Frank: Well, being that Shayne’s down there with his family, I'm sure you'll know something before we do. Because we only get the official reports.

Dinah: What if you don't hear anything?

Frank: Then that means there is nothing new to report.

Dinah: What do you think, Frank? What do you think Jeffrey’s chances are?

Frank: I don't think you're going to like my answer.

Dinah: All right.

Reva: Hey, give me back those keys.

Josh: No, Reva, I can't do that. You need to listen to me right now, okay? Jeffrey's gone, Reva. He's gone. Reva.

Reva: You don't know him the way I do.

Josh: You heard what the Coast Guard said.

Reva: Yeah, that the plane's down deep and they can't get near it. They haven't made a positive identification.

Josh: Who else would it be, Reva? Who else would it be? He knew. That's why he called to say goodbye. He was that kind of a man. He would do anything he had to do so you wouldn't worry, so he called to say goodbye.

Reva: It wasn't goodbye.

Josh: Look, Reva, I know how hard it is to lose somebody you love. I get that. But think about what he said to you before he left. Think about what he wanted to give you. He wanted you and Colin to live your lives, even if that meant having to do it without him. I'm sorry.

Buzz: More coffee?

James: I need six hamburgers, raw on ice.

Buzz: I never had anyone order that before.

James: I'm going camping.

Buzz: The Charles reservoir?

James: No, no, Indian creek. We're going there.

Buzz: Oh, that's great, but who's the we.

James: Me, my dad and my granddad.

Buzz: Oh, well that would be...

James: Yeah, yeah, I know.

Lillian: I mean, I just think you have to try not to let Phillip up set you. And just enjoy every day you have with him. Remember it wasn't that long ago we thought we lost him.

Beth: No, I know. I know that.

Lillian: Sweetheart, we both know he loves you. You know, it might just have to be all there is.

Beth: I have to go, but thank you so much for lunch. Love you.

Phillip: Hey, can I talk to you again real quick?

Lillian: You bet you can. "Our memories are too precious"? You devastated her.

Phillip: Okay, I could have come up with something better, but there wasn't any time. There isn't any time for everything. I need a favor. I need you to give me another shot.

Lillian: I just gave you one before the wedding.

Phillip: I know you did, but I'm going out of town with Alan and James, and I can't take the chance that any of the symptoms are going to show.

Lillian: This isn't like vitamin C. The more you use, the less effective it is. Your body builds up this immunity to it.

Phillip: Look, Lillian, please. I wouldn't ask you if it wasn't important.

Lillian: Okay.

Marina: Da Da. Da Da, huh? (Laughs)

Marina: How about Mommy, huh? Can you say Mommy?

Mallet: I don't know, yeah.

Marina: You little traitor.

Mallet: Yeah, he's sticking with Da Da right now. He's just... what can I say? He likes me better. He's speaking the truth. Yeah.

Marina: Does this just make you know that you've made all the right choices?

Mallet: What are the right choices?

Marina: I don't know. Every step of the way, just making the right decisions, you know? I mean, look at our little family.

Mallet: This, all this. This is the most important thing in the world to me. I love you. Hey, Henry, hey. Hey, buddy. I like you too, a lot. I love you, too.

Josh: Reva.

Coming up, on "Guiding Light"...

Marina: I guess, you know, Jeffrey’s the one who killed the guy that we all thought was Edmund and now he's gone. Case closed.

Lillian: I'm just not sure you should be going on this camping trip.

Phillip: Three generations of Spaulding men in a tent, what could be more relaxing? What, are we crossing the Alps?

Reva: "Look how happy Reva is." Everybody says that. And now he's gone.

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