GL Transcript Wednesday 7/15/09

Guiding Light Transcript Wednesday 7/15/09


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Previously on "Guiding Light"...

Beth: What are you thinking?

Phillip: Just how precious every second is.

Cyrus: You two got married last night. Woo-hoo! I didn't see you put away too many beers, that's all.

Cristina: I only had one glass of champagne.

Buzz: You were drunk.

Cristina: Yeah.

Dinah: You need to find Edmund as much as I do.

Mallet: Okay, let's go.

Josh: I chartered a helicopter. They're going to take us up so we can do our own search.

Lillian: Oh. You look just like this boy my daughter had a crush on in high school.

Phillip: A little older and grayer.

Lillian: What does that make me?

Phillip: Eternally young and beautiful.

Lillian: That's why I love you so much. Now, you called. Are you feeling all right?

Phillip: Yeah, I'm okay.

Lillian: Look, it was a really emotional day yesterday, you know. And that might have real physical ramifications for you, honey.

Phillip: Well, I'm actually concerned about the emotional ramifications of the day.

Lillian: I know it's hard to give away your daughter. But Bill just loves Lizzie.

Phillip: Oh, no, no, I'm very happy for Lizzie. It's actually Beth that I'm a little worried about.

Lillian: Beth? She's thrilled for Lizzie. She had a wonderful day at the wedding. I mean, it was just so romantic, wasn't it? We were all just so swept up in it.

Phillip: Yeah, I think I may have gotten a little too swept up.

Lillian: You can never be too swept up with all romance.

Phillip: I kissed Beth.

Remy: I tried. I really tried to stay married. I did everything I can do. But we still got divorced. I mean, since then, we're together all the time.

Cyrus: I've noticed.

Remy: And when I saw her at the wedding with the champagne, I thought to myself, you know, it worked last time. You know, she had too much to drink, and we got married. So when I saw her with the few drinks, I pretended to have a few.

Cyrus: You don't think it's a little bit wrong to marry someone who's completely under the influence?

Remy: Yes, yes, it's bad. I know. But she's the girl for me. She just doesn't know it yet.

Cristina: Remy just doesn't see it. We're supposed to be married. It's probably my fault, because I've been denying it to him and everyone else. But when I saw the opportunity at Bill and Lizzie’s wedding...

Buzz: When Remy had one too many, right?

Cristina: When I saw him drinking, I thought I'll just play the part, and when I see the opportunity...

Buzz: When he was too sloshed to say no.

Cristina: When you put it like that, it sounds bad. But we would wake up in the morning, and we would see that it was okay, and we would recognize that we did the right thing and we would stay married.

Buzz: Why didn't you just talk to him?

Cristina: Because when Remy and I talk, we talk ourselves out of it, especially me.

Buzz: So when you're drunk-- or pretend drunk-- you can sort of let your emotions go?

Cristina: Yeah, something like that.

Buzz: At least you know what you want.

Cristina: Yeah, and now the only problem is how to make Remy want it.

Frank: So anybody recognize this? Hello.

Marina: My favorite.

Frank: Yup, you guys were inseparable. I thought maybe my grandson would like him, too.

Marina: Well, thank you. He will. Thank you so much for bringing him.

Frank: You're welcome. You're welcome. So how is Mallet? I know this case has been pretty hard on him. It's tough to suspect your friends, you know? It messes with your head.

Marina: Yeah. He's good. He's good. You know, we've had our ups and downs lately, but we're good. And he just bought Henry this brand-new stroller. Check it out, huh?

Frank: Wow, pretty swanky.

Marina: I can't figure out how to make it recline, but it looks pretty.

Frank: Well, that should be pretty easy. I think all you've got to do is... you know what? This has got more straps and bells and buzzers than a space shuttle, so why don't you just let your loving husband show you how to work that?

Marina: All right, I'm sure he will.

Shane: Hello. Went shopping for us. No? Okay. Just going to leave that there then with you. Put that up. Damn it, Dinah. Come on, Dinah. Pick up, pick up, pick up, pick up. Hey, it's me. Where are you? Call me, please. Call me now.

Dinah: Well, we tracked Edmund down from Buenos Aires. He actually took off, though, before we got there. We saw that he had some internet activity, was still making some payments to this place.

Mallet: Okay, which probably means he was here, and he's planning on returning.

Dinah: Exactly.

Mallet: And why didn't you tell me this before?

Dinah: I've been a little busy. Jeffrey's plane went down; Reva went after him; my brother's getting married. Besides, I'm telling you now. I could have come here by myself.

Mallet: Okay, you're right. Thanks for sharing.

Dinah: I want to do everything by the book.

Mallet: What? Wow.

Dinah: Yeah.

Mallet: Wow! It's a whole new you.

Dinah: Yes.

Mallet: Good for you.

Reva: How long does it take to unload a helicopter? I mean, Jeffrey could still be in the water. He could be stranded on some island somewhere, and we're standing here doing nothing.

Josh: Reva, calm down, okay? They just landed. And we don't even know what direction Jeffrey’s plane was headed in. We're going to have to narrow down the area before we take off.

Reva: Okay, how do you figure we do that?

Josh: Well, for one thing, we're going to have to try to understand why Jeffrey thought that Edmund was headed to this area.

Reva: Well, why does Edmund do anything? Because he's evil! I mean, we have to find him. We have to do something. Hey.

Man: Hi.

Reva: Hi.

Man: You're Reva.

Reva: Yeah.

Man: You just had a new baby. I met your husband before he took off. He was looking at a picture of his wife and kids, so I recognize you.

Reva: Well, then you're the only one. You're the one who saw him last. So you can help us. You can help us find him and bring him home.

Man: I'm sorry your husband's missing.

Reva: No, no, he's not. He's alive, I know he is. He is out there. He's somewhere. Just-- tell me, he didn't say where he was headed or he didn't talk to anyone else in your office?

Man: I don't know where he was headed but I can tell you one thing. He did have a feeling it was pretty risky. Because he took out one of those flight insurance policies.

Reva: No, he wouldn't do that, because that would be like he was betting against himself. He wouldn’t.

Man: Check for yourself.

Josh: So is that a policy or...

Reva: No, it's a diagram.

Josh: Of his flight plan?

Reva: ( Laughs ) No, it's the fuse box in the garage. He knows I wasn't very good at those things, so he wanted to make sure I knew how to turn the lights back on in case there was a storm. And I was left in the dark. This is proof that he knew something bad was going to happen.

Josh: I'm sorry, Reva.

Reva: I don’t... I have to take a walk.

Shayne: Hey, hey.

Marina: Hey.

Shayne: Hi.

Marina: I'm trying to figure this stroller out. I don't get it. My dad took off out the back so he didn't have to deal with it.

Shayne: Is Mallet here?

Marina: No, he left awhile ago. What's up? You look upset.

Shayne: I am a little upset. I need Mallet's help to find Dinah.

Marina: Wow, having trouble keeping track of that girlfriend of yours?

Shayne: No, I think she's looking for Edmund.

Marina: Oh, come on. Shayne, even Dinah is not that crazy.

Shayne: She bought a gun, Marina, okay, she bought a gun. She is definitely looking for Edmund. She's looking to take him out.

Marina: Wow. Would that really be so bad?

Mallet: All right.

Dinah: Cut through a lot of red tape when you know a cop.

Mallet: I know. You just flash the badge and you're in.

Dinah: Didn't help that the guy at the front desk thought you were pretty hot.

Mallet: He did, didn't he. That's true. Alright. Wait here. What are you doing?

Dinah: I'm checking out the room.

Mallet: No, with the gun, what you are doing?

Dinah: Protecting myself, what are you doing with your gun.

Mallet: Mine is legal.

Dinah: How do you know mine's not legal?

Mallet: Because you are a felon. Felons aren't allowed to purchase a gun.

Dinah: Fine, fine, fine. I'll put it away.

Buzz: I think you should just tell him.

Frank: Tell him what?

Christina: Tell Remy that if he wants to call off the marriage because he was under the influence of alcohol, I understand.

Frank: Oh, come on now. The guy is known to take a shot or two before they say their I-do's.

Christina: Oh, great. So are you saying men have to be drunk in order to get married?

Frank: No, I'm not saying that at all. But come here. If I remember correctly, yesterday you were a little smashed yourself.

Buzz: Frank, Christina wasn't really...

Christina: Wasn't really in her right mind.

Remy: Well, neither was I. Don't know what the hell I was doing.

Cyrus: I thought you were going to tell her.

Remy: I'm going to tell her that she can back out if you want to. I understand you didn't know what you were doing. It's no big deal.

Christina: Marrying me was no big deal.

Remy: You were drinking. Any judge will see we weren't in control. That is why we would be able to get the annulment. Since we don't remember, it would be like it never happened.

Christina: Expunged from our record.

Beth: Oh, are you using this room, because I can go someplace else. I was just looking for a quiet place to read.

Mel: No, you can stay. I just have to work on these annulment papers.

Beth: Annulment?

Mel: My brother and Christina. Seems that in the harsh light of day, their spontaneous marriage doesn't seem to be what they both wanted.

Beth: Oh, I'm so sorry. They make a cute couple. So romantic and one wedding with another.

Mel: Yeah, it must have been lovely.

Beth: Well, you were there.

Mel: Yes, yes, I was.

Beth: I just thought the whole day was amazing. It's just so romantic and there wasn't a single person that wasn't touched by it.

Phillip: I wish things could be simple for Beth and me.

Lillian: They could be.

Phillip: Oh, no, they can’t. At this point in my life nothing is.

Lillian: Phillip, I know it's complicated but I think Beth could help you.

Phillip: Yeah, she could help me. Being with her would help me a lot but what would it do to her.

Lillian: I think you let her decide that.

Phillip: It's not the way it would happen. Our bond is too strong for that. If she knows that I need her, she'll be here. And believe me there is nothing that I would like more than to have her hold me and tell me that everything is going to be okay. I would love to have her take my hand and tell me how strong I am and let me be her hero like she has a thousand times before. But at the end of all of this I'm still going to die. And she's going to be left with nothing. I will have broken her heart again, except this time it will be unforgivable, because I would know what I was doing ahead of time.

Lillian: Maybe she wouldn't care.

Phillip: I'm not telling her. I'm not telling anybody. I wish you didn't know.

Lillian: You're robbing them.

Phillip: Lillian, I don't want the next three months to be about me dying.

Lillian: So you're not going to give any of them a chance to say good-bye to you?

Phillip: Don't worry. I'll find a way to say good-bye to them.

Buzz: She says she wants to wait quietly until Mel calls with the annulment papers.

Frank: Oh, man. But you know what, they belong together.

Buzz: Frank, let them get that themselves.

Cyrus: Remy doesn't know how far it will get there.

Buzz: Neither does Christina. She made me promise. Well, actually I didn't promise not to tell. She wasn't drinking. She wasn't really drunk. She knew exactly what she was doing when she got married.

Cyrus: Remy wasn't drinking either.

Frank: So he knew exactly what he was doing too.

Buzz: Yeah, they both want to be married but they don't want to admit it to the other.

Frank: Why don't we tell them?

Cyrus: Because everybody is telling them they belong together and they don't want to hear it from us.

Buzz: They don't want to hear it from us, Frank. They want to hear it from each other.

Mel: You're all set. You sign the papers and the marriage is over.

Remy: Just like that?

Mel: Just like that.

Christina: Who was that?

Remy: It's Mel. She has the papers.

Christina: Good. So should we go sign them?

Remy: Yeah, but maybe we should eat first. Yeah, yeah, we don't want to sign on an empty stomach, right?

Christina: I'm not hungry.

Remy: You're in a hurry?

Christina: There's no reason to wait, right?

Remy: I guess not. I have to put gas in my car, though.

Christina: Well, I'll get a ride over with Frank. Frank, can you give me a ride?

Frank: Yeah, of course.

Christina: Thanks. So I guess I'll see you at the courthouse and we'll get unmarried.

Remy: I guess so.

Buzz: Why did you let her go?

Remy: There was no stopping her, Buzz.

Cyrus: Are you blind? She's crazy about you. She is waiting for you to take her in your arms and tell her you love her.

Remy: I did that last night.

Cyrus: Well, do it again, now that she's sober.

Remy: Really?

Buzz: Give it a try.

Frank: Absolutely.

Remy: Hey, Mel, it's me. I'm on my way to the courthouse.

Buzz: I'm not missing this.

Cyrus: I'm going.

Phillip: Yeah, the eyes are the first thing to go.

Beth: ( Laughs ) Nice, nice, thanks.

Phillip: What strength are those?

Beth: Not as strong as yours, Grandpa.

Phillip: You real busy? Can I steal you away for a little while?

Beth: I guess maybe. I have a test to study for, but I have a little time.

Phillip: It will just take a couple hours. I want to pick out a wedding present for Bill and Lizzie and I could use your advise.

Beth: Afraid of picking out the wrong china pattern.

Phillip: Something like that.

Beth: Okay. Let's go.

Phillip: Here, I will carry your books.

Beth: Oh, thank you.

Reva: So Rachel, is everything okay? Well, if he has trouble falling asleep, all you have to do is rub the bottoms of his feet because he likes that a lot. Oh, he's awake now? Can you put the phone up to his ear for me? Hi, sweetheart. Hey, it's Mama. Are you being a good boy, sweetie. Because Mommy miss you a whole bunch. Yeah, yeah, thanks, Rachel, thank you. No, he gurgled. That means he's okay. He sounds good. No, no, I don't know yet when I will be back. I'm just... I'm going to... I'm going to hang here until we find Jeffrey and bring him home. Okay, I'll be in touch. Thanks. How did you know I came back here?

Josh: I followed you. It was quite a walk.

Reva: Yeah, yeah, I just... I needed the time.

Josh: You need rest, Reva. I'm going to call helicopter pilot, tell him to stand by a bit.

Reva: I'll rest when I know that Jeffrey is safe.

Shayne: So you want Dinah gunning after Edmund, turning this place into the wild west?

Marina: Dinah is good with a gun, okay? And if anyone is a threat to Edmund, it's Dinah.

Shayne: Dinah is good with a gun. What does that mean? You trying to turn her into a bounty hunter now?

Marina: No, I... look, if it takes away the threat from Henry, then yes, okay, yes. Look, I know that sounds really irrational right now, okay, but the only thing that I'm interested in is that my son is safe, okay? Why don't you go upstairs right now, go upstairs and you take a look at him sleeping, safely, and peacefully in his bed. And then you come back down here and tell me that you don't want the same thing.

Shayne: I do want the same thing. But I want to make sure they are a both safe.

Dinah: Anything?

Mallet: Nothing, not yet, you?

Dinah: It's like no one has ever moved into this room.

Mallet: Nothing!

Dinah: All right. Sorry that I brought you to this place.

Mallet: No, no, no, it's still a good lead. Listen, Edmund has got to be paying for this room somehow. So maybe I can track it through a credit card company.

Dinah: Well, I already tried that. Found out that the credit card was registered to a company out of Turks and Caicos.

Mallet: Great, offshore, they don't keep any records.

Dinah: Thanks anyway.

Mallet: For what? For being such a bad cop?

Dinah: Nah, you didn't bust me for the gun.

Mallet: Yeah, well I'm pissed about the gun. I should have busted you for it. But you know the last few weeks have taught me a little thing called perspective. You running around with an illegal firearm isn't nearly as bad as my wife being a potential murderer.

Dinah: What?

Mallet: There's a good possibility that Marina was the one who tried to kill Edmund and wound up killing some other poor bastard instead.

Dinah: You think Marina did this?

Mallet: I don't think, I know.

Dinah: What kind of evidence do you have? How did we get from Jeffrey to Marina? What, what, could you possibly imagine would make her do something...

Mallet: The evidence. I mean Marina knew that Shayne was Henry’s father. And she hid it from everybody in town. And now I know that Edmund knew that truth too. So what if Edmund confronted Marina with the truth about Henry? Well, then that means nobody had more of a reason to want him dead than Marina.

Dinah: That's not true. Plenty of people had reasons to want Edmund dead.

Mallet: Well then I got the stroller.

Dinah: What?

Mallet: The stroller, after the barbecue I noticed that Henry’s stroller had a big crack in it.

Dinah: Okay, so?

Mallet: Yeah, okay, so, the plastic in the stroller is the same plastic used to bash in the skull of the victim.

Dinah: That kind of plastic is everywhere.

Mallet: Yes, it is, it is everywhere. But the problem is it's a match.

Dinah: So that's it, that is what you have got.

Mallet: Yes, I have got that and plus Reva and Shayne told me that Jeffrey set himself up.

Dinah: Yes, we know that Jeffrey is not guilty.

Mallet: Well, that's fantastic, that's fantastic, because that means that that leaves out Reva and that leaves my wife. And my heart wants it to be Reva but my gut tells me it's probably Marina.

Dinah: Okay. So what are you going to do? What are your options? You know, because you can't turn her in. Because you love her. And you love Henry. And you love your family.

Mallet: Yes, I do, I do love them.

Dinah: Right so, what are your options?

Mallet: I don't know.

Dinah: I'm going to tell what your options are. You are going to let this go. You are going to let this go. You are you going to leave well enough alone so that you can be happy.

Mallet: The same way that you are letting it go? I mean you are running around chasing Edmund with a gun in your purse instead of having a life with Shayne.

Dinah: Point taken. We have the same problem. We have happiness right in front of us and we just want to make it better than it is. Instead of just letting it be.

Mallet: Why do we make that choice? Why are things so hard?

Dinah: I don't know. That's because that's what we do. But we can stop it. I will, if you will. From this moment on, I vow to stop stirring the pot.

Mallet: Dinah, what if Marina is guilty.

Dinah: Happy.

Mallet: No pot-stirring?

Dinah: Do I get to keep the gun?

Mallet: I really don't know. I can't say one way or another, because I guess I'm not stirring the pot.

Dinah: ( Laughs )

Shayne: Hey, Dad.

Josh: Hey son, everything okay?

Shayne: Yeah, yeah, everything's great. I'm just calling to check up on you guys. How's Mom?

Josh: You know, she's doing okay. It's just tough, that's all.

Shayne: I can't even imagine. Any word on Jeffrey? What's going on?

Josh: No, no, nothing new. But you know your mom, she's not about to give up. So...

Shayne: Yeah, no, she won’t. Hey, you haven't heard from Dinah, have you?

Josh: It's funny you ask me that question because, in fact, she has called.

Shayne: She didn't happen to say where she was, did she?

Josh: No, is there some problem?

Shayne: Nothing, nothing, just worried about her. She's really upset about Jeffrey. Anyway, what's next for you guys?

Josh: We've chartered a helicopter. We're going to take off in a little bit and do a search on our own. After that, I don't know.

Shayne: A helicopter, wow. May I talk to mom?

Josh: Yeah, I think that's a good idea. Hold on for a second. Reva, Shayne.

Reva: Hi, sweetheart.

Shayne: Hey. How are you holding up?

Reva: I'm staying hopeful.

Shayne: You are amazing, you know that?

Reva: I really appreciate you calling to check on me. But I really should go because we have got to get busy here, okay? I love you.

Shayne: I love you too.

Reva: Bye, sweetheart. He's a good kid.

Josh: I think so too.

Reva: He's like his dad.

Josh: Yeah, fathers and sons.

Reva: I want Colin to know Jeffrey. I want Jeffrey to be there, to be Colin’s father.

Josh: He will, right?

Reva: Yeah. We just need to find him. Bring him home to his son.

Beth: When you said wedding present, I thought you were talking orange juicer or waffle iron or...

Phillip: They'll get plenty of those.

Beth: They have a place to live.

Phillip: I want Lizzie to have a house. I want them to have what we had when we were really happy. A home of their own.

Beth: A house wasn't the only reason that we were happy.

Phillip: No, I know, but they love each other, you know. And hopefully they can make that last. Because you know, when you lose it, it's almost impossible to get back.

Beth: That doesn't always have to be the case, right? I mean with enough time.

Phillip: Beth... look, I took advantage of a vulnerable moment for both of us and I'm really sorry. I don't want to spoil all the good memories of the past by pushing something that should probably just be left alone.

Beth: It's okay, you know, everything doesn't have to happen today.

Phillip: It's too late. It's not going to happen with us.

Cyrus: We got here before Remy.

Buzz: Just got to find a way to keep him from signing the papers.

Mel: Okay, so sign this, read the bottom of this, and then sign right here at the bottom.

Frank: What?

Buzz: Why didn't you stop Christina?

Frank: What did you want me to do, tackle her?

Buzz: Well, we have to figure out some way to stop Remy.

Cyrus: If he can't get in the room, he can't sign the annulment papers. You take that door. I'll take this one. Frank, you watch the judge's chambers.

Mel: All right that one is done. We just have two more forms to go and then we just have to wait for Remy’s signature. I wonder where he is, anyway? Maybe he's getting cold feet. Maybe he wants to stay married to you after all.

Christina: No, no, he made it very clear that he does not want to be my husband.

Remy: Christina! Christina! Don't sign those papers.

Cyrus: Damn, I forgot the loft.

Christina: What are you doing?

Remy: Staying married to you. I love you. And I know you love me. And I don't know why we have been so afraid, but on my way here I realized I'm not afraid any more. You're my wife. And I will not allow you to sign those papers.

Mel: What now, Rem?

Buzz: No, no, he'll start over thinking.

Remy: Just going with my gut.

Mel: Right.

Remy: I love you. I want to be married to you.

Frank: Christina, say something.

Christina: I love you too, Remy. And I'm ready to be your wife.

Cyrus: Well, that's a good deal.

Buzz: Yeah, good, let's go eat.

Mel: Why?

Buzz: Because we're hungry.

Mel: No, why do you guys want to stay married?

Cyrus: Is she always like this?

Remy: Lawyers.

Mel: I think that we have, you know, all done a lot for you. And I think we deserve to hear your vows.

Remy: Fine, I know why I'm marrying her. Christina, nobody's made me feel the way you do. I feel like I can take on the world when I'm with you. And I promise to be the husband you deserve. I promise to love and protect you forever.

Christina: Remy, I have walked a straight line my whole life and because I knew I had to take care of myself, I always made a clear, logical, smart choices. Marrying you was the first and the second crazy thing that I have ever done in my life, and it was the smartest thing that I have ever done. I'm ready for the adventure. I'm ready for the uncertainty. I'm ready for the mistakes. And I'm ready for the joy and the love. I want it all. And I want it with you. I love you. ( Applause )

Frank: You know, Pop.

Buzz: What?

Frank: Makes you really believe in true love.

Buzz: What else is there Frank?

Mel: Let's go.

Buzz: Let's eat.

Cyrus: Yeah. Let's go.

Beth: What are you doing?

Phillip: This is it. This is Bill and Lizzie’s house.

Beth: There's not even a for sale sign here.

Phillip: Look at it, Beth, it's empty.

Beth: It needs work.

Phillip: That's what makes it perfect. It will be a great project for them to do together, for all of us.

Beth: I think you need to call Lizzie.

Phillip: No, I'm not going to call, they are on their honeymoon. She doesn't want to hear from good old Mom and Dad.

Beth: I think she would want to know that good old Dad is buying her a house.

Phillip: This is the place for them. I can just feel it. Can't you... can't you see them having picnics out here on the lawn with the kids? And at Christmas, can't you see a big beautiful Christmas tree in that window right there?

Beth: You really want this for them.

Phillip: Oh, that horseshoe, do you remember the horseshoe that I put over the door before we moved into the house in Arizona? Remember how much Lizzie had loved that. It has to be around someplace, I am going to find it and give it to them as a housewarming present, okay? You help me.

Beth: It's good to see you so happy. I'm going to go look in the windows.

Josh: Pilot's here.

Reva: Oh, it's about time.

Pilot: We're ready to go when you are.

Reva: Good, I'm ready to find my husband. Well, if you two have better things to do, I will take the helicopter myself.

Josh: No, no, let's go.

Man: Mrs. O’Neill, Mr. Lewis, hold on a sec, we may have found something.

Reva: You found him.

Mallet: You can't walk into the station with an illegal gun.

Dinah: Mallet, no one is going to know.

Mallet: Me, me, I will know. Even I have limits.

Dinah: All right. I will lock the gun up as soon as I get home. As long as I know that you and I are in agreement. Mallet.

Mallet: Okay, I will squash the suspicions I have that Marina whacked somebody up side the head with a stroller if you give up the idea of chasing after Edmund with your girl gun and go be happy with Shayne.

Dinah: Exactly, happiness, choose happiness.

Mallet: Okay, deal. Oh, look. The object of our happiness.

Dinah: Yes. You see, it's all right there in front of us. You just can't screw it up, okay?

Christina: ( Laughing ) You can put me down now.

Remy: Uh-uh, uh-uh, I'll enjoying this moment. Besides there is a chance that I won't carry my new wife over the threshold.

Christina: If you play your cards right.

Remy: We're going to do it right this time.

Christina: We did it right the first time, it was just too soon.

Remy: And now?

Christina: Now I love you. I love us. Whatever happens...

Remy: You're stuck with me.

Reva: You found Jeffrey. Where is he? I need to see him.

Man: No, no, we haven't found him yet, but we have found something.

Reva: Something?

Man: The wreckage of a small jet.

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Mallet: I would be happy if I would believe for a second that Marina didn't whack somebody over the head with a stroller.

Man: Our divers are in the water. They will get a visual and then we will know what we are up against.

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