GL Transcript Monday 7/13/09

Guiding Light Transcript Monday 7/13/09


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Previously on "Guiding Light"...

Lizzie: Everything was messed up.

Bill: The musicians had food poisoning.

Lizzie: The flowers that ordered will bloom next year. But then we found out that just none of that mattered because nobody was showing up. Okay, what is this?

Billy: Looks to me like a big old wedding.

Dinah: I made a few phone calls, and then Mindy did the rest.

Billy: That's my boy. (Laughter)

Phillip: Please tell me that I did not just miss the chance to walk my little girl down the aisle.

Lizzie: Hey. I am your little girl, at least for a few more minutes.

Phillip: You'll always be my little girl.

Lizzie: I know I will be.

Phillip: I brought you a present.

Lizzie: I am glad you're here, Granddad.

Alan: I just want you to be happy, Elizabeth.

Lizzie: I am.

Rick: Hey, mushballs. Let's get this thing started.

Dinah: There's one key element missing.

Frank: Well, we got a bride and a groom, what else do we need?

Doris: Sorry. Sorry, sorry, I'm late. I got a little stuck in the mud back there. So I'm here. Where do I stand?

Dinah: All right, I think it's time to get the groom's sisters in gear, to get this wedding going. Mindy! Fire up the troops!

Lizzie: How did you pull this off?

Dinah: Well, it wasn't that hard. Everybody loves you both very much. I made some calls, did some calls, and... poof, a wedding. Beside, it's Springfield. It's magical here. Anything is possible.

Lizzie: Oh, my gosh. Itís... it's beautiful.

Bill: Thank you, Dinah. Thank you.

Ashlee: All right, it's time to get ready.

Bill: All right, I'll see you at our wedding.

Mindy: Wait, no. Hold still, Lizzie.

Beth: Listen to Mindy. She know what she's doing. She's a professional.

Mindy: Well, not that I got to design the dress or anything. (Laughter) But you still look beautiful. I can't believe it. Little Lizzie Spaulding is getting married.

Lizzie: Well, I won't be Lizzie Spaulding for much longer. I'm going to be Lizzie Lewis.

Christina: Yes, and we all got to watch it happen down in Universal.

Ashlee: You're really going to get your happy ending.

Lizzie: Well, it's just the beginning.

Bill: Shayne, have you heard from your parents?

Shayne: No, I haven't, not yet.

Bill: I'm sorry they couldn't be here.

Billy: Yeah.

Shayne: It's probably for the best. My dad and your dad together at an event?

Bill: That's true.

Billy: Oh, wait.

Bill: (Laughs)

Shayne: That is very true.

Billy: Are you saying my brother and I cause trouble?

Shayne: I'm saying you and your brother are trouble. That's what I'm saying.

Billy: Oh, no, no. We're much too old for that. We thought we'd pass the trouble label off on you two.

Bill: Is that right?

Billy: Yeah.

Bill: Well, I think my cousin and I can keep that tradition going strong.

Billy: Good.

Bill: Absolutely.

Dinah: Hey.

Bill: Hey.

Dinah: Okay, tell me you have the rings.

Billy: I got them. They're right here in my pocket.

Dinah: Okay, don't drop them.

Billy: I wonít.

Dinah: Let's go. Yeah.

Shayne: Hey. Hey.

Dinah: What?

Shayne: Hey, you.

Dinah: Yeah.

Shayne: Come here.

Dinah: What?

Shayne: Hi.

Dinah: Hi.

Shayne: Hi, you beautiful, incredible, sexy, smart woman you.

Dinah: That's it? That's all you got?

Shayne: That's all I got? That's all I got?

Dinah: (Laughs)

Shayne: I got something more for you, come here. How about that? Does that tell you everything you need to know?

Dinah: Uh-huh.

Shayne: You did a good job. You're brother's really happy. You've made your brother very happy.

Dinah: I love my brother very much.

Shayne: I can tell. You're so giving, you know? You take care of me, get a baby for Mallet and Marina. You're planning Bill and Lizzieís wedding. What are you doing? How do you do it?

Dinah: I'm just trying to balance out some of the mistakes I've made, that's all.

Shayne: Baby, I think you're all paid up.

Rick: You really miss him, don't you?

Michelle: You know, all this love and happiness around. It makes me wish I didn't have two sick kids at home. I could be with my husband and dance at my best friend's wedding.

Blake: This is so romantic. I think I'm going to have to steal it for one of my books.

Michelle: It kind of makes me want to get married all over again.

Rick: Married? Come on, you've already married him 27 times. (Laughter)

Blake: No, you can never have too many weddings. I'm sorry, Frank.

Frank: Oh, hey, thatís... no worries, no worries. You know, it's a happy couple. It's a happy day. Absolutely. It's all good.

Buzz: You're more beautiful than the bride.

Lillian: Uh-huh. Oh, she's so happy. I can't tell you what that means to me.

Buzz: You're happy. I like seeing you happy.

Lillian: I know you do.

Buzz: You do?

Lillian: Uh-huh.

Buzz: You do? Now, I'm happy.

Marina: Oh, my gosh. Oh, no. No, they're at it again.

Daisy: No, seriously, though. Why do I have to be subjected to this, like, literally, everywhere I go? Are there any other kids my age who have to watch their grandparents make out?

Mallet: Well, you could go talk to that guy over there, that keeps looking at you.

Daisy: Over where?

Mallet: Over by the big tree. Do you want me to point? I should point.

Daisy: Don't you dare point! Donít... oh, he's not looking at me.

Marina: No, no, he's not looking at you at all, no. He's just staring.

Mallet: Yeah, he's kind of...

Daisy: Is he really staring?

Mallet: He's staring. He's drooling.

Marina: Well, now he's walking towards you.

Mallet: He's walking.

Marina: Uh-huh, getting closer.

Mallet: He's got his radar on.

Daisy: All right. I'll see you later.

Mallet: There's oh... oh.

Daisy: Hey, I thought Lizzie uninvited you.

James: Yeah, my dad invited me again.

Daisy: Okay, wow. I can't keep up with your family.

James: Neither can I. They keep changing the rules as they go. I... I get lost.

Daisy: Well, Bill and Lizzie seem happy.

James: Yeah, we'll see.

Rafe: You going to break up this wedding, too?

Olivia: I wasnít...

Rafe: You already had the groom, maybe this time you get the bride, too, huh? Get lucky?

Mel: So, Cyrus? You're going to have to help me keep an eye on these two. They have a habit of getting married at other people's weddings. (Laughter)

Remy: I was drunk. I didn't know what I was doing.

Christina: Are you saying you wouldn't have married me if you weren't drunk?

Remy: Are you saying you would've married me if you weren't drunk?

Christina: Absolutely not.

Cyrus: I see. So the plan is to keep them sober.

Mel: Maybe I'll get tanked and do something crazy myself.

Cyrus: I'm sticking with you. (Laughter)

Mel: What?

Christina: Sure.

Remy: Yeah.

Matt: Hey, Billy.

Billy: Hey, how you doing, Matt?

Matt: Good, how you doing?

Billy: Good, good.

Matt: You must be proud of your boy.

Billy: Vanessa and I are very proud of him. That's true.

Matt: Right, right. Well, I better check on Maureen. Mindy, it's nice to see you.

Mindy: Thank you.

Matt: Hey, Rick.

Rick: Hey, Matt, good to see you, man. Big day, huh? Big day.

Mindy: Yeah.

Rick: It's just so good to see those two so happy.

Mindy: Yeah.

Billy: It really makes me happy.

Rick: That suit looks great on you Billy, but, Mindy, I have to tell you that that dress on you, that orange dress on you, you look absolutely, positively amazing.

Mindy: Oh, well, thank you, Rick. Thanks.

Rick: Suit.

Mindy: Oh, oh, you look very handsome, too.

Rick: Thanks.

Mindy: Yeah.

Rick: All right, I'll see you later.

Mindy: Okay.

Rick: Good talking to you, Billy.

Billy: Yeah. Well, I say the boys are drifting by, and they are all going to want to dance with you.

Mindy: Oh, Daddy, they hardly spoke to me.

Billy: Wait a minute. Your daddy knows. I'm telling you. You make sure you save a dance for your old dad, okay?

Mindy: Oh, you know I will.

Billy: Oh, goodie, goodie, goodie. I love you.

Alex: My, I'm so glad you came to your senses and decided to show up.

Alan: I don't think it's any secret that I don't want this wedding to happen, but, Alexandra, I want to take the path of least regret.

Alex: Really? Since when?

Alan: Since always. I don't want to waste my time on unnecessary emotions.

Alex: Come on, Alan. I am your sister, you know. You have so many emotions running through that body of yours, I'm surprised you're standing. So it makes me even happier that you decided to come.

Lizzie: Ah, thanks.

Beth: You look so beautiful.

Michelle: She does.

Lizzie: Oh, thank you, Michelle. It means so much to Bill, and to me, that you're here.

Michelle: I wouldn't be anywhere else. See you, guys.

Lizzie: I'll see you.

Beth: You know how happy I am for you? You have grown into such a wonderful woman.

Lizzie: Well, it's because of you.

Beth: I don't know about that. You were always stronger than me, ever since you were a little girl. You deserve all the wonderful things that are coming into your life now.

Lizzie: And so do you. And you're going to get them.

Vanessa: I remember the day you were born, and I first set eyes on those dimples.

Bill: Are you... you getting sentimental on me, Mom?

Vanessa: What do you think?

Bill: Me, too. Me, too.

Phillip: You look beautiful.

Beth: Yes, she does. I will go ask Dinah to get everyone seated.

Phillip: You know, you don't have to go through with this if you don't want to.

Lizzie: (Laughs) I want to.

Phillip: I know.

Lizzie: Okay.

Phillip: Somebody just has to say it to you. You know, there were times, honey, when you were sick... I wasn't sure you were going to make it to this moment. But a father's prayers were answered, and here you are.

Lizzie: You know, there were a couple of times where I didn't think you would make it to this moment. And there were a couple when I didn't want you to. But here we are. And there's no one I would rather have walking me down that aisle to the rest of my life.

Phillip: You ready?

Lizzie: Yes, yes, I'm ready. (Laughs)               

Frank: All right, gentlemen, we have to do this quickly because the ceremony is about to start.

Matt: I don't think we got enough stuff.

Buzz: We got plenty of stuff.

Rick: I've got some more beer cans in the car, guys.

Frank: You do? Of course, you do.

Rick: Yeah.

Buzz: Oh!

Frank: Pretend I didnít....

Remy: Oh, my god. What is that?

Frank: That's disgusting.

Matt: What is that?

Rick: It's a cream cheese and herring on a toasted Russian rye. It was great three weeks ago.

Cyrus: Where are the beer cans?

Rick: It's under the tennis racquet.

Buzz: You don't play tennis.

Rick: No, but there was a yard sale, and I got that and an electric toothbrush for three bucks.

Remy: Hey, can we...

Rick: Three bucks. We should just tie it on the back.

Matt: What else you got in there

Rick: I got a baseball mitt with a smoked salmon bagel.

Vanessa: Look at you.

Dinah: What?

Vanessa: What you've done! Arranged this whole beautiful, wonderful thing for your brother.

Dinah: Well, everybody's here because they love Lizzie and Bill. I mean, they want to be here.

Vanessa: I know that. But there also here because of you, because they respond to you. I don't know anybody else who could've done this.

Dinah: You could've.

Vanessa: No, darling. You did it, and I'm very proud of you.

Dinah: Oh, thank you. Thank you, Mom.

Michelle: Hey.

Bill: Hi.

Michelle: Are you okay?

Bill: Yeah, yeah, I'm okay. I mean, the question is, are you okay?

Michelle: I'm fine. Why? Shouldn't I be?

Bill: Well, after today, I am officially off the market.

Michelle: Oh.

Bill: You blew it. You blew... you lost your chance, so if you want to...

Michelle: You're not married yet. Come on. Back in the bushes, right now. You and me, now.

Bill: Are you serious?

Michelle: Uh-huh. No, you moron!

Bill: Okay, well, I don't know. I mean, I'm...

Michelle: I am more happily married than you will ever be.

Bill: Impossible, impossible. I don't think anyone can be happier than Bill Lewis is right here, in this moment, right now.

Michelle: I can tell.

Bill: Good, good. Hey.

Dinah: Hey, it's time you guys. All right I just got word...

Michelle: That's your cue.

Dinah: ...That the bride is ready. So I think we should take our places.

Michelle: All right.

Bill: Hold on, one second. Hold on.

Michelle: Good luck.

Bill: Okay, I'm good. (Laughter) Thank you very much.

Dinah: You ready? You have to go up front. You look great.

Bill: Thank you, so do you.

Dinah: Thank you.

Bill: Let's go.

Dinah: All right.

Shayne: (Laughs)

Bill: Okay.

Dinah: Hit the music.

Shayne: Music?

Dinah: Uh-huh.

Shayne: Music. Here, let's go sit. (Music plays)

Alan: Elizabeth, shouldn't we get started.

Lizzie: Wait, I can't do this.

Phillip: Sweetheart?

Beth: Lizzie?

Lizzie: I'll be right back. Oh, no. No, no, no. No, this is not... sit. Sorry, sit. Dinah? I don't have a maid of honor.

Dinah: What?

Lizzie: I don't have a maid of honor.

Dinah: Okay, okay. We can get you one. I'm sure there will be someone that wants to do it.

Lizzie: No, no, no. No, no, you.

Shayne: She's asking you to do it.

Lizzie: I'm asking you to be my maid of honor.

Dinah: Me?

Lizzie: Yeah, come on.

Shayne: Go, go, go. Go, go, go.

Lizzie: Here you go. Okay... here you go. Dinah, you go behind Emma and Maureen.

Dinah: Okay.

Lizzie: Okay, Granddad. Now. (Wedding march plays)

Phillip: I love you, Lizzie.

Lizzie: I love you, Dad.

Phillip: Okay.

Doris: Friends, family, loved ones, we are all gathered here today to celebrate the love of Harlan Billy Lewis III and Elizabeth Lillian Spaulding. But I don't need to remind you of that. We are all quite ready to celebrate that love. And who gives this bride away today?

Phillip: I do.

Beth: I do, too.

Doris: Good. Bill, Lizzie, I would like you to turn around and face all of the people gathered here today. They are here for you. They believe in you. They believe in you two together. And look at them. Look what they are capable of. You all have been through a lot together. You have seen each other's strength and weaknesses, and today is a testament to what's good in all of us. Do you now promise, all of you, to support Bill and Lizzie through the good times and the bad? In hardship and joy? To bolster them, and each other, remembering the vows that you've made to one another and your loved ones.

Everyone: We do.

Doris: Bill and Lizzie, it is time for the vows. Lizzie?

Lizzie: I love you. Wow. Those words have become so much easier to say. There was this time in my life where I just chased after love. It was all I wanted. Relationships were difficult, were painful and conflicted and, you know, love wasn't in the cards for me. And then, like a miracle, you came into my life. And you, Bill Lewis, make me feel special and safe... and wanted... and very strong. And it's because of you that I understand real love now. And it's way better than all my dreams, and it's greater than any fantasy. I love you. Thank you for choosing me.

Doris: Bill?

Bill: When I came back to Springfield I was a man who needed no one. My family, friends, definitely not love. I thought I knew it all, and then you came into my world and turned it upside down.

Lizzie: (Laughs)

Bill: You, Elizabeth Lillian Spaulding, you make me crazy, okay?

Lizzie: (Laughs)

Bill: You make me crazier than I have ever been. But you also make me happier than I ever, ever thought I could be. And because of you... you make me want to be a better man. The kind of man you deserve. And it's your love and your faith in me that has made me whole. And it's also shown me that I knew nothing until I found you. I need you. You are my best friend. You are the love of my life. And I love you more than I thought I could ever love anyone. Thank you for choosing me.

Doris: Do you, Elizabeth Spaulding, take Bill Lewis to be your husband...

Lizzie: I...

Doris: ...In sickness and in health. (Laughter)

Doris: In joy and sorrow? To cherish and to love, so long as you both shall live?

Lizzie: I do.

Doris: Do you, Bill Lewis, take Elizabeth Spaulding to be your wife? In sickness and in health? In joy and in sorrow? To cherish and to love, so long as you both shall live?

Bill: I do.

Doris: Will the best man please provide the rings? Bill, place the ring on Lizzieís finger and repeat after me. With this ring I thee wed.

Bill: With this ring I thee wed.

Doris: Lizzie? Place the ring on Bill's finger and repeat after me. With this ring I thee wed.

Lizzie: With this ring I thee wed.

Bill: Get it on there. (Laughter)

Doris: By the power invested in me, as the Mayor of Springfield, I now pronounce you husband and wife. Bill, you may kiss the bride. (Applause)  Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Mr. And Mrs. Harlan Billy Lewis III.

Billy: Hey! (Applause)

Beth: Our little girl is married.

Phillip: I feel so lucky I got to see it.

Mindy: That was a beautiful ceremony.

Rick: I think a big congratulations are in order.

Phillip: Thanks, pal. I'm so glad you were here.

Rick: You did it.

Christina: Delicious.

Remy: Refill?

Christina: Oh, no, no, I shouldnít.

Remy: Yes, yes, you should.

Christina: It is a wedding.

Remy: Yes it is.

Christina: Oh.

Remy: Cheers.

Christina: Yeah.

Billy: You know, there was only one thing I missed when I was walking you down the aisle today.

Vanessa: What?

Billy: Watching you walk down the aisle toward me.

Vanessa: Oh.

Billy: I think this wedding stuffs kind of contagious, don't you? Don't say anything. I'm going to give you a kiss.

Olivia: Hey, baby, we have to get going soon.

Emma: I want to see them cut the cake. And Marina said if you put a piece of cake under your pillow, you'll dream about who you're going to marry.

Olivia: Okay, well, maybe one more dance with Ashlee and Daisy, and... why don't you go do that, okay?

Maureen: Come on, kiddo.

Phillip: Emma was great.

Olivia: She's having a wonderful time.

Phillip: Good. How about her mom?

Olivia: If I leave early, could you bring her home?

Phillip: You sure that alone is a good thing right now?

Olivia: I think it's better than being here.

Phillip: Okay, yeah, I'll take care of Emma.

Ashlee: Could you gather around? It's time for Bill and Lizzie to have their first dance as man and wife. Hit it, Daisy. Where's Bill? Come on, Bill. Come on. (Music plays)

Bill: Hello, Mrs. Lewis.

Lizzie: Hello, Mr. Lewis.

Bill: Would you care to dance?

Lizzie: I would love to dance.

Bill: I want to keep you this close for the rest of my life.

Lizzie: You might get tired.

Bill: Not if you are with me.

Lillian: Oh, they look so happy.

Buzz: Well, that's because Bill, in his mind, is at the hotel room.

Lillian: They're young.

Buzz: But their not too young to have the monopoly on hotel rooms.

Ashlee: And now, the bride will dance with her father. And our groom will dance with his lovely mother.

Phillip: Are you having a good time?

Lizzie: This is the best day of my life.

Phillip: Me, too.

Ashlee: Okay, everybody, join. Get on the floor, come on.

Remy: So... shall we cut some rug?

Christina: Uh-huh.

Remy: Uh-huh.

Christina: Yeah.

Remy: Yeah. Give me your glass. Okay, come on.

Cyrus: So this is what you call getting into trouble?

Mel: I'm not very good at trouble.

Cyrus: Well, maybe you need some lessons.

Blake: This must be hard for you, huh?

Frank: Oh, it hasn't been easy.

Blake: Yeah. It will get better. I promise.

Blake: Oh, I love this song. Oh, Frankie, dance with me.

Frank: Oh, Blake, I'm hot. I'm sweaty.

Blake: Dance with me, dance with me.

Frank: Okay, okay, okay, okay.

James: Watching the dancing?

Daisy: No, actually, I'm watching my grandparents make out. Look at Billy, he's whispering into Vanessaís ear. Oh, my God! Did Buzz just grab Lillianís butt? I think he did. Oh, God, that is just wrong.

James: I think it's great. They're doing their thing.

Daisy: Uh-huh.

James: How come you're not out there? You don't dance?

Daisy: I do, when I feel like it.

James: Yeah, me, too. I feel like it.

Alan: Well, I'm afraid we've lost her, Alexandra.

Alex: Alan, give me that. Will you stop being so damn melodramatic?

Alan: What are you doing?

Alan: Everything wonderful Lizzie is is because of this family. You know it and I know it, and so does she. So lay off. And now, if you don't ask me to dance right this very minute, I'm going to tell everyone how you flunked Mrs. Cook's dance class, and why.

Phillip: May I have this dance?

Beth: That would be lovely.

Bill: So, are you happy yet?

Lizzie: I was happy before the wedding. I'm way passed happy now.

Bill: I'm just getting started. I'm just getting started.

Matt: Whoa, nice job.

Dinah: Yeah. Oh, I didn't make the cake.

Matt: No, I mean, you know, just everything. I mean, look at everybody. Your mother's doing the chicken dance.

Dinah: Yeah, that it is pretty big accomplishment. (Laughs)

Matt: You did a good thing. (Music stops)

Everyone: No!

Bill: I'm sorry. I'm sorry, could I... please your just... you're only embarrassing yourselves. (Laughter) Christina, Remy, the music stopped.

Christina: But I love the chicken dance.

Remy: She's the number one chicken dancer!

Bill: Number one chicken dancer, thank you. Thank you. Thank you so much. I should probably have a drink in my hand right about now. Thank you very much, thank you. I just quickly wanted to say... look, I know usually at this part someone would toast the groom and the bride, but no one has. I don't know what the problem is. (Laughter) Come on up here, Lizzie. Thank you so much, baby. But really, I just want to take this opportunity to toast all of you. The way this happened was just completely amazing, a huge surprise. And you gave the woman I love, the wedding she deserved. So I just want to toast all of you and thank you so much. I think we will remember this day for the rest of our lives. Thank you. (Applause)

Lizzie: Thank you.

Bill: Thank all of you. Okay, I'm sorry for interrupting. Dance, dance.

Phillip: Do you want to go for a walk?

Beth: Sure, I don't think Lizzie needs me right now. What are you thinking?

Phillip: Just how precious every second is, and how much I love being here. Watching our daughter lay her head on her husband's shoulder, watching James playing with his friends. Did you see Dad dancing with Aunt Alex? Holding your hand.

Beth: I love being here, too. I remember the first time I held your hand. It felt just like this.

Phillip: God, you're still so beautiful, just like you were then.

Ashlee: It's time to cut the cake.

Everyone: Cut, cut, cut! (Cheers and applause)

Bill: Okay, thank you again everyone. Thank you. We love you, but it is now time for me and my wife to be alone. (Laughter)

Lizzie: No, no, no. Wait, wait, wait. I have to throw my bouquet.

Bill: Oh, yes.

Lizzie: Single girls, get together. One... two.. three. (Cheers and laughter) (applause)

Bill: Thank you, thank you. (Cheers and applause)

Bill: Go home.

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