GL Transcript Wednesday 7/8/09

Guiding Light Transcript Wednesday 7/8/09


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Previously on "Guiding Light"...

Reva: I don't know where the plane was. You can ask me a million different ways and I won't remember because Jeffrey didn't say anything to me about it.

Shayne: I need to know if Dinah was with Jeffrey.

Reva: Dinah.

Lillian: There's just never going to be a good time to tell them, but you have to find the time.

Phillip: Find a good time to tell somebody that you're going to die. I'm not sure there is such a thing.

Phillip: I... I was gone a half an hour, tops. I come back, it looks like an emergency room. Yeah. Black eyes, ice packs everywhere.

Lillian: I would have given anything in the world to see Billy just punch that Alan’s face.

Phillip: I'm glad I missed it. Alan is threatening to sue. Yeah. He's looking for witnesses.

Lillian: Of course, he is. And James started all of this?

Phillip: It would appear so, yes.

Lillian: You have to talk to him, you know.

Phillip: I know. I mean, you know, he is a teenager. That's the scary thing. Punching Bill is probably the most normal thing he's done since he's been home.

Lillian: Phillip, that isn't what I meant. I meant you have to talk to him. You have to talk to all of your children and you have to tell them that you don't have much time left to spend with them.

Phillip: I know, but I... I want Lizzie to have a happy wedding.

Lillian: Of course, you do. You think I don't? You wanted to have the Bauer barbecue be perfect. Now you want Lizzie’s wedding. Next, it'll be my birthday. No, you've got to tell them, for their sakes. You have to tell them for James, because James is the one who's going to suffer the most after you're gone. You have so much you have to make up with him before you... before you die.

Bill: Okay, Lizzie, Lizzie, Lizzie, Lizzie. Stop and think about what you're going to say. Because remember, you cannot take it back.

Lizzie: You see, the problem is, is that no one says anything to him. He gets to make one mistake after another and nothing ever happens to him.

Bill: Don't worry, he's a kid.

Lizzie: No, not really. James.

James: 20 bucks if you make it from right there.

Lizzie: That's what you have to say to me? That's what you have to say to me? Not I'm sorry that I punched your fiancée in the face at his own bachelor party.

James: If I said I was sorry, would you believe me?

Lizzie: No, probably not.

James: Then what's the point, Lizzie. You're no different than anybody else. You already made up your mind about me. I'm the screw up that can't do anything right. If I'm going to live with the label, I might as well have fun with it.

Lizzie: Oh, so it's fun. It's fun to punch Bill in the face.

James: It wasn't that bad.

Lizzie: Is that how you're going to be around him now?

James: If he pisses me off, calls me a kid...

Bill: ( Laughs )

Lizzie: You're uninvited to my wedding.

Bill: Lizzie, think about what you're saying.

Lizzie: No, I'm thinking about what I'm saying. Look, he doesn't want to come. Look at him. We want people there that support us and he doesn't, so we don't need him. I hope you grow up.

Marina: It's okay, baby. What your grandfather left you, you don't want anyway. It's better off as a pile of ash. Like hopefully, he still is, too.

Mallet: No, that's good, thanks. All right, that was my contact at the feds. They lost track of Jeffrey and Dinah somewhere in South America.

Josh: Do they know...

Mallet: That's all they know, Josh, because that information is a couple days old.

Josh: So all we have to go on, at this point, is the phone call to Reva.

Frank: If what Reva is telling us is true, then Jeffrey and Dinah are probably dead.

Reva: Stop it. Don't say that. Don't any of you ever say that. My husband is not dead.

Josh: Reva...

Reva: No, Joshua, Jeffrey is not dead. I won't let him be. He can't be.

Frank: Reva, we've been on the phone with the FAA.

Reva: They haven't found anything, right? They haven't found anything because there's nothing to find.

Mallet: Well, we got the feds working on it.

Reva: The feds have their heads up their asses. They haven't found Jeffrey, but he is alive.

Lillian: How is my favorite grandchild? Sweetheart... and how's that hand?

James: It's fine. I'm just going to play some ball.

Lillian: Oh, are you good?

Phillip: You mean am I as good as my dad?

Lillian: No, I didn't mean that that. I mean, he was good, though. I use to go to Springfield U. and see him. But he wasn't as cute as you.

James: I think I'll stick to lacrosse.

Lillian: You just don't want to admit you're the least bit like him, do you?

James: Remember that when I'm on my way to my sixth marriage.

Lillian: Sweetie, why don't we arrange a family basketball game?

James: You play?

Lillian: I taught you to play. Of course, I play. But sweetheart, I think it would be good. All the hostility, we could get it all out on the court. It would be good for us.

James: Right up until I take down on Aunt Alex with my pick and roll.

Phillip: Yeah, James, it's your dad, again. Call me when you get this.

Bill: Hey, Phillip.

Phillip: Hey. Well, I'm glad to see you're not looking too much the worse for wear. Thank you for not hitting James back.

Bill: Oh, please, let's just forget about that. I don't want to talk about James right now. I want to talk to you about Lizzie.

Phillip: Okay.

Bill: Look, you know how much I love your daughter and I want to make her happy for the rest of her life, okay? But I especially want to make sure she is happy on her wedding day.

Phillip: I'm very happy that she's got you looking out for her.

Bill: Yeah, well, look, I'm a little concerned, okay. She should be focused on what's supposed to be one of the biggest, happiest days of her life, okay. But she's got a little stressed out. Okay, your family is making things very difficult. Alan just dumped on her. James, he's pulling his stunts.

Phillip: I understand. Do you not want them to be at the wedding?

Bill: Quite frankly, I don't care if they're there or not. But I don't want Lizzie to have any regrets about this day, okay? I just... I know it would make her happy. So I'm here to ask you two things. Please keep your family under control and make sure Lizzie is surrounded by her family on her wedding day. I know it would make her very happy. Thanks.

Phillip: Uh-huh.

Lizzie: Hey. I hope you're not considering that light reading.

Christina: I'm just getting to the good part.

Lizzie: ( Laughs )

Christina: Did you know that the small intestine...

Lizzie: Oh no, no, no, no. I've dealt with enough things today to make me sick to my stomach. I'll pass on that bit of information.

Christina: Pre-wedding jitters?

Lizzie: No, no. I want to marry Bill. It's just my family is making me insane. My grandfather and my brother are acting like complete jerks.

Christina: Yeah, I get it. But I don't have a brother to act like a jerk, or a mom who wants me to have chocolate cake instead of carrot cake, or a grandpa who would fly the whole family down to spend the weekend with me.

Lizzie: Are you trying to tell me that I'm lucky?

Christina: From where I sit, yeah. What you and Bill have is amazing. It's so amazing that everyone wants to be a part of it, or has an opinion about it. I call that lucky.

Lizzie: Thanks.

Christina: Enjoy the day.

Marina: Hey, it's me. I'm here at the station. You're not here. You're not answering your phone. I don't know where you are. I just wanted to know what the plan was, you know, what we're going to do about Henry, with you and me and Shayne. So call me, okay? Bye. Hey.

Remy: Hey, hey.

Marina: What's up?

Remy: Hi, Henry. What's up, man?

Marina: You busy?

Remy: Supposed to be, but if you know of any cats stuck in trees, I'll be happy to save it. And I'm allergic to cats.

Marina: Wow, sorry, man.

Remy: Uh-huh.

Marina: No cats. But I... I was wondering if maybe Henry and I could hang out with you for a bit. I'm waiting to hear back from Mallet and there's so much going on right now, I just don't want to be alone.

Remy: It's not a problem. I love hanging with Henry, huh? He's getting so big, man. Yeah, I saw you guys with him at the barbecue.

Marina: Yeah.

Remy: It's pretty amazing.

Marina: He's amazing. Greatest thing that's ever happened to me. ( Henry groans ) Yes, you are. You know it.

Remy: He's great. You're a good mom.

Marina: Well, Mallet's a good dad. ( Henry making noises ) Yes, he is the best. He is. Papa's the best! We'd do anything for him.

Shayne: Thanks for the ride.

Mallet: You know, if something happened to Dinah, it's on you.

Shayne: So it's my fault that Dinah’s on that plane.

Mallet: Yeah, that's what I'm saying. You were the one that let her go off.

Shayne: She told me she was going on a business trip, Mallet. You know what, man? If anyone's responsible for Dinah being gone, it's you.

Mallet: What?

Shayne: Yeah. You. If you weren't so hell-bent on finding someone to hang for Edmund’s murder, Dinah would still be here. You arrested my mom, that drove Jeffrey to go find Edmund. Dinah went with him, Mallet.

Mallet: No, Jeffrey ran off to protect his own ass, and Dinah went with him to protect your ass.

Shayne: Protect me? Protect me, she did it for everyone, Mallet! She thought of everyone's safety before her own. Everyone, like she always does. Like she did that night with you at the docks.

Mallet: The docks?

Shayne: Yeah, the docks, the night she took a bullet for you. Remember now? Ring any bells? How about this? How about the time she risked everything to give you my... to give you your son. How about that time, too? She was always the first person to throw herself in front of the bus for anyone that she cares about. Even when they had given up on her.

Mallet: Shut up, man. Why don't you just shut up?

Shayne: You know what? Dinah's not yours any more, Mallet. Why don't you go home and protect your own family? You just left Marina alone with Henry as Edmund is alive walking around. And you're here looking for Dinah, Mallet? Why don't you try going to protect your own family because I hope you do a better job this time.

Mallet: You don't know what the hell you're talking about. You don't know what it means to protect someone.

Shayne: I'm not going to fight you right now. It's not going to fix anything.

Josh: I didn't think I'd beat you here.

Reva: Yeah, well, I had to pick the baby up at the baby-sitters.

Josh: I just wanted to make sure you're okay.

Reva: No. No, I'm not okay. You know, I'm not. I mean, my husband called me and needed my help and I couldn't help him. And then everybody that I went to for help... they had already given up on him. Well, I'm not going to do that. Because I don't believe he's dead. Do you believe he's dead? Do you believe Jeffrey’s dead?

Josh: Reva, I... I just...

Reva: You know, you want to tell Colin that? I mean, do you? Do you want to... do you want to hold my son in your arms and tell him that his daddy's dead? No? I don't want to either. So I'm not going to. I'm not going to do it. There's a lantern in that window. If you look, you'll see it, it's right there. It's sitting right there. Jeffrey told me to light it and keep it lit until he comes home. So right now I'm going to take my son inside, Jeffrey’s son inside. And we're going to light the lantern, and we're going to keep it lit until he comes home.

Josh: I'll get the door.

Reva: No! I don't want anybody in this house who doesn't believe that Jeffrey’s alive.

Phillip: Guess it worked.

James: What?

Phillip: Punch Bill, got yourself uninvited to the wedding, now you think you don't have to go.

James: Lizzie stood right there and said, "James, do not come to my wedding."

Phillip: You're going to the wedding.

James: Why would I do that? Why would I just show up?

Phillip: Because she wants you there. And because I want you there.

James: Dad, I don't get it. I'm not supposed to just show up at the bachelor party because Lizzie might get upset. But I am supposed to go to the wedding, even though Lizzie asked me not to?

Phillip: No, you're not going to show up at anything. You're going to go to Lizzie and Bill first and you're going to apologize. Then you're going to tell her that you love her and you're happy for her. Then you're going to stand there and you are going to do you best to make her day perfect.

James: So this morning I was the problem, but now I'm the solution. You know what, Dad? There must be some Spaulding handbook or set of guidelines, and I just didn't get it. Maybe I missed orientation, I don't know. Whatever it is, you guys all know the rules, but I keep on breaking them.

Phillip: James.

James: I'm just saying. I got to know the rules if you want me to follow them.

Lizzie: Here's our permit all filled out.

Frank: I'm on hold right now, so if you want to...

Lizzie: It... it's late. It's supposed to be in seven days before the wedding, but we just finalized all of our arrangements.

Frank: Your arrangements?

Lizzie: For our wedding. Mine and Bill's.

Frank: Right, right.

Lizzie: Yeah, yeah. We're getting married at Rock Church, but there's not enough parking, so the city said we needed a permit. So I just need to you sign off right there, and I need you to fill in what officer will be working the ceremony. Actually, if you look right here, that's how much we're agreeing to pay you.

Frank: Okay, so if I sign this right now, you'll go away?

Lizzie: Uh-huh.

Frank: Okay. Yes, yes, I'm still here. I'm holding. Thank you. Okay, there you go.

Lizzie: Thank you.

Frank: You're not going away.

Lizzie: Just one more thing.

Frank: Right.

Lizzie: You were called to Farley's when that...

Frank: You mean when James punched out Bill, and Billy punched out your grandfather. Yeah.

Lizzie: Yeah. Yeah, has there been any follow-up. I mean, nobody's pressing charges against anyone, right?

Frank: No, not yet.

Lizzie: No, okay. Please don't let them. I just don't want anyone spending the day in jail when they should be at my wedding. Because you know that my granddad will press charges against Billy so that he misses his son's wedding. It will break everyone's heart. It would be awful. It would be awful.

Frank: Okay, Lizzie, I'll tell you what I'll do, okay? If anyone files any charges, I'll lose the paperwork for 24 hours, okay? My wedding gift to you.

Lizzie: Thank you. Okay, so where should I...

Frank: You want to go right over there.

Lizzie: Okay. I can't wait to marry Bill and all our troubles will be gone.

Frank: Yes, yes, I'm right here.

Bill: Hey, Josh.

Josh: Hey, Bill.

Bill: Glad I found you. I got these wedding vows here. I was hoping you could take a look at them, especially mine.

Josh: Yeah, right. The wedding.

Bill: Yes, the wedding. The one we were out celebrating at Farley's.

Josh: Listen, Bill, Bill, something has happened. Just a little while ago, Reva got a call from Jeffrey, apparently he was on a plane and the plane was going down.

Bill: Have they found him?

Josh: We don't even know where he was when they made the call, so, no.

Bill: What about Reva?

Josh: She's a mess.

Bill: Yeah, yeah. You know what I should do? I should call Lizzie. I can just postpone this wedding.

Josh: No, don't do that. Reva wouldn't want to you do that. Don't do that.

Bill: Josh, there's so much going on in the family, I don't think...

Josh: I understand, but that's why we need this wedding. We need something to celebrate.

Bill: I don't know.

Josh: So you and Lizzie have your wedding. We'll all be there, okay? I've got to go.

Reva: I didn't hear you knock.

Lillian: I didn't knock. The door was open.

Reva: Well, you want to come in and have some tea?

Lillian: Josh called me.

Reva: He needs to keep his mouth shut! Because I don't want anyone here who doesn't believe that Jeffrey’s alive.

Lillian: Look it, I'm here to believe what you want me to believe. What you need me to believe.

Reva: Okay, can you do that? Can you actually be here in this house with me and believe that Jeffrey’s alive?

Lillian: Do you believe it?

Reva: Yes.

Lillian: Then I'll believe it with you.

Reva: Okay.

Lillian: Okay, so, what should we do?

Reva: You want to help me mop the floor?

Lillian: No, I don’t. Do you have another option?

Reva: Maybe.

Marina: Oh, you love your peaches now. Wait until you grow up, and you can eat them right off of the tree. All right, let's get something to clean off your face. All right. Yum, yum, yum! Huh? Hey.

Mallet: Hey.

Marina: What's going on? What happened?

Mallet: Reva got a call from Jeffrey. He was on a plane. He was piloting the plane, I guess, and the plane was going down.

Marina: Well, what happened?

Mallet: We don't know. Jeffrey didn't say where he was. We're checking with the FAA. There's no records of any flights. We're doing an international... hey, Henry. Doing an international check, but that could take... that could take days.

Marina: Well, have you checked his last known location?

Mallet: Well, the feds had tracked them to South America, but nothing since then.

Marina: Them?

Mallet: Yeah, Dinah.

Marina: Dinah was on the plane?

Mallet: Yeah, we think so.

Marina: Oh, God.

Dinah: You know there's a game on. Top of the third inning.

Shayne: Oh, my God. You're alive. Oh, my God. No, no, no. Oh, God, you're alive.

Dinah: I'm alive.

Shayne: No, no, you don't understand. I thought I lost you, all right? I thought you were gone.

Dinah: You were never going to lose me. I was always coming back. But look, I need you to focus, all right?

Shayne: All right.

Dinah: I've been on a plane for a long time. I haven't even gone home, okay. I came to look for you first.

Shayne: Plane, plane, listen, we have to talk... the plane...

Dinah: Listen, Edmund is alive. Jeffrey sent me to tell you.

Shayne: Okay, Dinah, about Jeffrey...

Dinah: Before you go on. Before you go on and ask that you need proof and all the... I'm telling you that it is for real, okay? We tracked him down. Jeffrey went after him alone. He didn't want me to get involved. I really don't know why because I was helping him find Edmund.

Shayne: I know. Dinah...

Dinah: He was like, "You're gone. Your work, you're out of here." And then I said, "Okay, fine." Anyway, he booked a plane. He went after him. He flew off, and I don't know, he's probably caught up to him by now, and I would kill to see the look on Edmund’s face.

Shayne: Dinah, listen to me. Jeffrey's plane went down. He never made it. We don't know where he's at.

Lizzie: Hey.

Remy: Hey. You look thirsty.

Lizzie: Thank you. My hero.

Remy: That's what they pay me for.

Lizzie: Do you know how difficult it is to get a permit just to park some cars?

Remy: Do you need any help?

Lizzie: No, no, no. It's all done now.

Remy: Okay, cool.

Lizzie: Actually, that's the last thing I had to do, so I am all ready for my wedding.

Remy: Good for you.

Lizzie: You're coming right, you and Christina are still coming?

Remy: Yes, yes, we'll be there.

Lizzie: Okay, good. Because in the last eight hours, numbers have been going down. Granddad's not coming, now my brother's not coming. So I don't know if my family is going to show. So I need my friends.

Remy: If your family doesn't show, I'm sure the whole town will come. No offense.

Lizzie: None taken. Thanks for the soda.

Marina: Your food?

Mallet: Thank you.

Marina: Are you okay?

Mallet: No, but I have to be. I mean, I'm going to be. I have you and I have Henry. So Jeffrey’s plane goes down while he's looking for Edmund. Edmund must have known that Jeffrey was on his tail.

Marina: You think Edmund caused the crash?

Mallet: Could have. He's capable of that. He's a real threat.

Marina: I knew this morning, he's going it to come after Henry.

Mallet: Well, it doesn't matter if he does. Because I'm not going to let Edmund take away anybody else that I love. He's not going to hurt you. I'm not going to let him hurt Henry.

Lillian: Aren't you having any?

Reva: How long are you staying?

Lillian: Why?

Reva: Well, because if you're staying for a while, I was actually going to have bourbon, otherwise I'll have a diet soda.

Lillian: Let's have two bourbons.

Reva: Okay.

Lillian: So how long has Colin been asleep?

Reva: I don't know, about 15 minutes. Do you want to go outside and sit?

Lillian: I thought you'd never ask.

Reva: We'll take the baby monitor. We'll go outside.

Frank: I don't have anything else. Are you telling me that you can't check flight plans that have been filed? So there is nothing else you can do? Well, guess what? That's just not good enough.

Josh: I think you just answered my question.

Frank: Josh, man, this is so frigging frustrating, man. I got to tell you. I hate ignorance. And I also hate the fact that Jeffrey went out there and is playing superhero without telling anybody else what he's doing.

Josh: Frank, Frank, it's not like he had a choice here.

Frank: No, he had choices and he's making dumb ones. I expected more from him.

Josh: Okay, okay. I assume we don't have any more information on Dinah because I just ran into Bill outside.

Frank: What did you tell him?

Josh: I told him about Jeffrey. I didn't say a word about Dinah, but he and Vanessa, they have a right to know if something has happened.

Frank: Okay, I agree. I agree. But we don't have anything to tell them right now, and I don't think there's any sense in upsetting anybody right now.

Josh: Okay, fine, fine. Reva's in shock about Jeffrey. Let's deal with her and then we'll figure out other things as they come up.

Frank: Fine.

Lillian: So I think Lizzie really enjoyed the get together, and thank you for coming.

Reva: Oh, I'm glad I went. They're really, you know, good for each other. They make each other very happy.

Lillian: Yeah, I mean they're just adorable together. They're so madly in love. It certainly took them a long time to get out of their own way, but now they're just so much fun to be around, you know?

Reva: Is everything set for the wedding?

Lillian: I think so. As long as the family can hold it together.

Reva: Yeah, well there's a lot of that going around, you know, people just... just trying to hold it together.

Bill: A raspberry slushy and a hot dog, that's it. Thank you very much.

Christina: That's so cute. Lizzie just ordered a raspberry slushy, too.

Bill: Really?

Christina: Uh-huh.

Bill: Lizzie was just here?

Christina: Yeah.

Bill: Oh, I got this for her. I guess I'm going to have to have it now.

Christina: So, you excited for the big day?

Bill: The big day? I'm very excited. I am very excited. I can't wait. Can't wait. I just want to marry Lizzie, get it over with so we can move on before something terrible happens.

Christina: Yeah, I guess that's one way to look at it. You know it was so cool the way that you went and got the treasure for your one true love, Lizzie. Slid down the rope and danced through the fire.

Bill: Please, do not remind me of that, okay? In fact, you guys were not even supposed to see that.

Christina: I'm so glad that we were because we were there for the beginning of Bill and Lizzie.

Bill: Well, that's a little embarrassing.

Christina: No, it's not. You and Lizzie have something that is so special and we all want to be a part of it. You know, it's so special that Ashlee documented the entire thing in picture form.

Bill: Really, she got the whole thing?

Christina: Yeah, the whole thing. And in fact, I think that she's going to put it into an album and give it to you as a wedding gift, but don't tell her that I told you.

Bill: With the head band...

Christina: Uh-huh.

Bill: Maybe that would be better off left a memory. You sure you don't?

Christina: Oh, no. Bye.

Bill: See ya.

Phillip: James, you are making this so much harder than it needs to be.

James: Making what harder?

Phillip: God, I just... I want us to be able to love each other. I want us to be able to get along.

James: Why?

Phillip: Because we need it.

James: I don't need it.

Phillip: Okay, I do. I need it. I need to be your father. I need for you to be my son. I need for us to be able to talk to each other.

James: That's not going to happen.

Phillip: It has to happen!

James: It won't!

James: Why?

James: You and Granddad have never been able to get along with each other, right, like your entire lives. What makes you think that this is ever going to work? ( Engine starts )

Phillip: James, James, James!

Remy: Bill.

Bill: Hey there, crime fighter. You happened to see Lizzie? She came down here to get a parking permit or something.

Remy: She was here. She left.

Bill: She left?

Remy: Uh-huh.

Bill: Oh, okay.

Remy: Seemed happy, too.

Bill: Yeah, she is happy. We're both happy.

Remy: Make sure she stays that way, okay?

Bill: That's the plan.

Remy: Yeah, yeah, the plan. That was the plan with Ava, too, but you broke her heart. You broke her, man. So I don't want to see that happen to someone else, you know?

Bill: It's a completely different situation, Remy.

Remy: If you say so, Bill. If you say so.

Bill: See you later.

Lizzie: Are you working on your toast?

Phillip: What?

Lizzie: The toast that you're giving at my wedding.

Phillip: I guess I better start thinking about that.

Lizzie: You guess you better start thinking... are you coming? Because I do need one family member to show up at my wedding.

Phillip: Glad to hear you say that because I just told your brother to show up. I know you uninvited him.

Lizzie: It'll be fine. Fine, it'll be fine. My wedding, I'm sure I will be so happy, that I won't be able to be mad at anyone.

Phillip: I want you to be happy.

Lizzie: I know.

Phillip: That's why... I want the whole family to be there doing their best to make it a beautiful day for you.

Lizzie: Everyone but Granddad.

Phillip: Did you uninvite him, too?

Lizzie: No, no, he uninvited himself after Billy punched him. And then he told me I couldn't marry into that family and if I did, he was not going to come to the wedding.

Phillip: Do you want him there?

Lizzie: I don't not want him there.

Phillip: I'll see what I can do.

Lizzie: Work on your toast.

Mallet: Yeah, all right. Well, if the FAA needs more information then we'll send a psychologist to talk to Reva when she calms down.

Frank: That's a good idea. There's probably a lot that she doesn't even know she knows.

Mallet: Yeah, exactly. That's what I'm thinking. All right, listen, Frank, before you go, any more information on... from the feds about Jeffrey and Dinah? Uh-huh.

Marina: Oh my, God. You're here. You're here, you're alive.

Dinah: Yes, hi. Hi. Hi, there. Come here.

Mallet: You're okay.

Dinah: Yeah.

Mallet: Good to see you.

Dinah: Good to see you, too.

Shayne: So what's going on? Talk to me. Is there any word from Jeffrey? Do we know anything yet?

Mallet: No, we got nothing. You heard about the plane?

Dinah: Shayne told me.

Mallet: When was the last time you saw Jeffrey?

Dinah: Yesterday. He left me. He didn't really want me getting in the way. He said that things were starting to look a little too dangerous.

Marina: So Edmund is alive?

Dinah: Alive, positively.

Mallet: All right. Where were you?

Dinah: I was in Buenos Aires and Jeffrey is, I imagine, in Cuba, or somewhere in the Caribbean.

Shayne: Does my mom know that? We need to tell Reva that immediately.

Dinah: Yeah.

Mallet: All right, you know what? I'll call Frank on the way.

Dinah: Okay.

Shayne: All right, let's go.

Marina: Let's go.

Dinah: Okay, let's go.

Lillian: Okay, she saw you drive up. She doesn't want you here. She doesn't want anyone....

Josh: She doesn't want anybody who doesn't think Jeffrey is alive. I got that earlier. What about you? What do you think?

Lillian: I think my friend needs me right now, and I think I'm going to stay here until she tells me to go home.

Reva: Well, you can go home now.

Lillian: No, I didn't mean it like...

Reva: No, really, it's fine. You're both standing out here trying to decide whether or not my husband is alive, trying to figure out how you're going to handle me. And I don't want to be handled. I appreciate your concern. I do. But I'm fine. So you can go, home, now.

Mallet: Josh, is Reva inside?

Josh: Yeah, she is, but I don't think she wants to see anybody right now. Especially if you're somebody who... Dinah.

Dinah: Hey.

Josh: Hey.

Dinah: It's good to see you.

Josh: Where have you been? Where's Jeffrey?

Mallet: We might be able to piece some information together on Jeffrey’s whereabouts, but we need to talk to Reva.

Josh: Hang on, let me get her. ( Bangs on door ) Reva.

Reva: What? Oh, oh, is Jeffrey...

Dinah: I wasn't with him the whole time, but I'm going to tell you everything I know, okay? Everything I know. Okay?

Lizzie: Hey.

Bill: Hey, baby. Oh, so I heard you got the parking permit.

Lizzie: I did. I did, and I talked to my dad. You were right. My brother should come to the wedding. My dad told him he had to.

Bill: Good. Good. And I hope you always remember that I am always right, okay, after we get married.

Lizzie: Yeah, yeah, no, no, I'll try to remember that. I'll lock that one in. Did you talk to Josh?

Bill: I did.

Lizzie: Did you? Did he like our vows?

Bill: He didn't have time to read them, but he will. He will. Yeah.

Lizzie: That's it. It's done. We're getting married.

Bill: We are getting married tomorrow. Oh, I got you something.

Lizzie: You did?

Bill: It's a raspberry slushy, but then I saw Christina. She said that you already one, so I had to drink it.

Lizzie: I did. Did yours give you a red tongue?

Bill: I believe it is a little red, and raspberry flavored. I think.

Lizzie: Me, too.

Phillip: Hey.

Lillian: Hey, how are you, honey?

Phillip: I'm okay. I'm just trying to smooth things over for Lizzie’s wedding. My teenage son informs me that there's no way that I can fix our relationship until I fix my relationship with Alan.

Lillian: And that sounds like a very difficult task.

Phillip: You okay?

Lillian: No, I just spent the afternoon with Reva.

Phillip: Uh-huh?

Lillian: Jeffrey's dead. He was killed in a plane crash.

Phillip: What? Oh my, God. Is there anything anybody can do?

Lillian: No. She doesn't want anyone around her. She won't even admit the possibility that he's even hypothetically dead. I mean, I think it was just too fast. She didn't have time to get used to it.

Phillip: You can never get used to something like that.

Dinah: He was so incredibly focused. The way that he zeroed in on Edmund, he was just so focused on everything. I mean, it was all about finding Edmund so he could get back home to you.

Reva: And he was taking care of himself. I mean, he was eating and taking care of himself?

Dinah: You know you how he gets. You know how he gets when he works. Yeah, but he knows what he's doing. He knows what he's doing. And he is going to protect you and Colin. And he... he said that once we got close to Edmund that he needed me to go. And he did ask me to leave because he thought things were getting too dangerous. He doesn't want any of us to get hurt. And he said that he wants to protect all of us.

Frank: Reva, I just relayed all the information that Dinah gave me to the FAA. They actually might have something. They said a small plane took off from a Key West airport. They hadn't filed a flight plan, but we're checking with all air-traffic controllers in the area. And, well, we're seeing if anybody had any contact with Jeffrey, okay? So we should know something pretty soon.

Reva: I knew it. I knew it. I... I knew it. He's coming home. He's coming back to us. He's out there, and he's coming back to us, back home, here.

Coming up on "Guiding Light"...

Bill: Jeffrey's plane went down.

Lizzie: We have to postpone the wedding.

Olivia: We were supposed be on the road 30 minutes ago looking for Natalia, so if you can't make it, can you just...

Mallet: Do you think the chances are good that he's out there, that he's alive? I think he's the one that framed Reva and he probably sabotaged Jeffrey’s plane.

Reva: I need to get down there.

Josh: You can't be serious.

Reva: I'm going to today. I am going to try to get the next flight out of here.

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