GL Transcript Friday 7/3/09

Guiding Light Transcript Friday 7/3/09


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Previously on "Guiding Light"...

Blake: Everybody eventually comes back to Springfield because it's such a magical place.

Olivia: What if we go to the Bauer barbecue together.

Natalia: Together.

Olivia: Together.

Phillip: I'm having fun. It's so good just to be here.

Rick: It's not the four musketeers without the other musketeer.

Mindy: Yeah.

Olivia: It's going to be a great fourth of July. It's going to be the best one ever.

Father Ray: Natalia?

Natalia: I'm pregnant.

Mallet: There we go. I know. It's almost on. There we go. Hey, buddy. Today's a big day, right? It's your first barbecue. It's a very big day. So you got to hang out with Papa, so I can teach you how to throw a Frisbee. Wait until you see my egg tossing skills.

Marina: You know, you are his dad. I mean, he might have Shayneís DNA, but you're the one who's going to give him his heart and his courage. Whoever he turns out to be, it is because of you. You are a great dad.

Reva: Oh, hey. Hey, what's that?

Shayne: These are hot dogs from the Minute Mart.

Reva: Really?

Shayne: Yeah, really. You can't have fourth of July without hot dogs.

Reva: Yeah, well, we're not having anything, because you're going to the barbecue.

Shayne: Am I?

Reva: Yeah.

Shayne: Oh, good, that means you're going with me. We're going together, right?

Reva: No, no. I'm not going. Because I don't want to have answer any questions about where Jeffrey is at.

Shayne: Right. Because I want to answer questions about where Dinah is at.

Reva: Okay! I understand that, but at least your party date isn't wanted for a murder he didn't commit.

Shayne: You got me on that one.

Reva: Yeah.

Shayne: That is true. Well, I'm not going anywhere. So I guess it looks like it's just you and me, babe.

Reva: Oh, actually, Grandpa Hawk is in town. He's coming over to watch the game.

Shayne: Excellent.

Reva: Yeah.

Shayne: I love the family fourth, all three of us.

Josh: Hey.

Rick: Hey.

Josh: Happy fourth of July, my friend, come here.

Rick: Hey, Josh.

Josh: How are you?

Rick: Nice surprise. I wasn't expecting you to come. What changed your mind?

Matt: I did.

Josh: He's my date.

Matt: Oh, no, I'm not his date. But we're going find him a date because this guy needs to find a woman.

Josh: No, no.

Rick: We all do. We all need a woman. Don't we.

Blake: Hey, Rick.

Rick: Hey.

Blake: People are asking for chicken.

Rick: Huh, I wonder why? If you would have gotten the chicken when I asked you to get the chicken, people would be eating chicken, right. Don't look at me that way. Simple thing. Get the chicken, Blake.

Josh: Wow.

Blake: A simple thing, some money.

Rick: I would love to give you money, but my wallet is upstairs.

Blake: You forgot your wallet.

Josh: Boy, some things never change.

Rick: I'm good for it.

Josh: Yeah, yeah. I have heard that many times before.

Rick: I can't leave the grill. Can't leave the grill.

Josh: Bring me change.

Rick: Italian sausage, too.

Blake: Remember the rest of the list, call my cell...

Rick: Okay.

Blake: ...With everything.

Rick: Okay, thank you, you're a big help.

Josh: A latte would be nice.

Rick: Big help. Not. Oh, man, I tell you. I need a wife.

Matt: Yeah?

Rick: I tell you, Olivia might be the one. She's been checking me out all day.

Matt: No, I tried that the other day, but it didn't work.

Josh: That's not going to work out for you.

Rick: Guys, I'm a doctor. Watch and learn. Eating out of my hand.

Matt: (Laughs)

Josh: Really?

Rick: Couldn't help but notice you today. (Laughter)

Matt: Nice, very nice.

Olivia: Rick just got whacked in the head with a Frisbee, did you see that?

Josh: What's the Bauer barbecue without an injury, huh?

Mindy: Is that for Rick? I saw him go down. Okay, I'll take it to him.

Matt: Too bad she...

Josh: Yeah, that's my niece.

Matt: Oh!

Olivia: Hey, you guys are always on the lookout.

Matt: Well, and you don't? You're not?

Olivia: No, I'm not.

Father Ray: It's going to take a lot more than lighting a candle.

Natalia: Olivia is waiting for me. We were supposed to go to the barbecue together and now I just... I don't know what to do.

Father Ray: You know, you really should think about going away for a while, by yourself, think things through. I know a great church retreat where the sisters would love to have you.

Natalia: I just can't believe this is happening right now. Everything was going really well.

Father Ray: Was it?

Natalia: What do you mean?

Father Ray: Think about it. You find out you're pregnant right before you and Olivia are about to announce to the world that you're a couple.

Natalia: And now.... and Frank.

Father Ray: You're having a baby with Frank. You're going to have to deal with that.

Natalia: I know. I just... I don't know. I don't understand why everyone always has to get hurt.

Father Ray: Let me make arrangements for you at the retreat.

Natalia: I know you mean well, Father, I do. I know you mean well. It's just... that's just running away, and I can't do that to Olivia.

Father Ray: Listen, if Olivia loves you, if she really, really loves you, she won't be afraid to let you go for a while. Or are you the one that's afraid?

Natalia: Me?

Father Ray: Maybe you're worried that if you're not around Olivia, your feelings for her will change. Is that why you're so anxious about leaving?

Phillip: Not so bad, is it?

James: It's a soda.

Phillip: I'm talking about the barbecue. I'm really glad that you're here.

James: I'm not here because of you.

Lillian: You okay?

Phillip: I just don't know how to get through to him. I love him and he doesn't get it. And I'm running out of time to make him understand.

Lillian: Then why don't you tell him. I mean, tell him that you have...

Phillip: I canít. I can't tell him, Lillian, because the second I do that, it all becomes about me. And I don't want that. I want him to understand that I love him because of him. I want everybody to understand that. I want to remember all this. This is the last Bauer barbecue that I'm going to come to. And I want to remember all of them with those smiles on their faces. And I want them to remember me as a part of the happiness of this day.

Lillian: Okay. Happy fourth of July.

Phillip: Happy fourth of July.

Remy: We're here. We're here. We're here.

Mel: Hey.

Christina: Hey, guys. Happy fourth.

Mel: Where's your car?

Remy: The battery died.

Mel: Great, so what are we going to do, walk? It's a long way.

Remy: Well, you know, I invited a friend. It's not to worry. He's going to pick us up.

Leah: When? We're already late.

Remy: Would you just chill, apple head, he'll be here any second now. You see? Hey, man.

Cyrus: Hey, happy fourth. Jump in.

Christina: Hey, Cyrus, can you pop the trunk?

Cyrus: It's open.

Mel: Hey.

Cyrus: Hey.

Mel: Hi. Well, I barely recognized you with clothes on.

Danny: Well, well, well.

Michelle: Hi.

Danny: Look at you.

Marina: Hello.

Danny: Look who's a mom.

Marina: Yes, this is Henry.

Danny: Hello, Henry.

Michelle: Congratulations, by the way. Rick told us that you guys got married. How do you like being a dad, huh?

Mallet: Good, it's good. It's all good. Henry's an amazing kid.

Danny: Wow.

Michelle: Wow, he's cute.

Robbie: Mom, Hope just fell. She's crying.

Michelle: Oh. Oh, excuse me a second.

Danny: Welcome to the club.

Marina: (Laughs)

Shayne: I hope he brings some food with him. You don't have much in there.

Reva: He's bringing chicken and biscuits.

Shayne: Biscuits? Well, then I definitely hope he brings enough.

Reva: What are you talking about? No, you already ate four hot dogs. And you're not staying. You're going to the barbecue and you're going to be there in time for softball.

Shayne: I'm not going to the barbecue.

Reva: Yes.

Shayne: I'm not going to the barbecue.

Reva: You're going the barbecue. You are. This is for your own good. I'm serious about this.

Shayne: You're kicking me out of the house?

Reva: It's part of my job to know what you need, even if you donít.

Shayne: What are you doing right now, like, exercising the parental special privilege... you're kicking me out of the house is what you're doing.

Reva: I'm exercising my privileges, yes. That is exactly what I'm doing. Get out of here. (Laughs)

Shayne: So not cool.

James: They're having such a good time today.

Phillip: So am I.

Beth: Good. I'm glad James is here. I don't think the three of them have ever just played together. They've never had a chance.

Phillip: I feel very lucky to be able to see it. (Kids yelling) I think I can do better than that. (Laughter)

Beth: Hey, you guys are missing all the fun.

Buzz: We were having fun.

Alan: Hey, hey. Hey, hey.

Billy: Ho, whoa, whoa.

Alan: Hey! (Laughter)

Billy: Ho, ho.

Alan: What is this?

Billy: It's called a squirt gun fight.

Bill: It's time for you guys to learn the lesson.

Alan: What's the point of it?

Billy: The point of it is to get your opponent wet.

Billy: You got gall, boy. Come on, let's go show them how it's done.

Alan: No, you go ahead, Billy. I'm going to stay right here.

Buzz: Well, this is a surprise.

Alan: What's a surprise about it? I'm here every year, Buzz.

Blake: I thought that was you. I'm just coming back from the store and I saw you. Are you okay?

Natalia: No. I usually just come here and pray, usually makes me feel better when I'm really confused.

Blake: You don't feel better?

Natalia: Blake, I'm pregnant with the baby of the man that I didn't marry. And I'm in love with my best friend. My son doesn't want to talk to me. I have to go.

Blake: Where are you -- where are you going?

Natalia: I think... I think I'm leaving town.

Olivia: Hey, Natalia, it's me. I... we're here, you know. The kids are having a water gun fight. I think Rafe and Emma are soaked. You really don't want to miss this so hurry up, okay?

Blake: Wait a minute, wait a minute. You canít... you can't just say you're going to do something like that and then do it.

Natalia: Okay, I know. So what do I do if I stay here?

Blake: I don't know. I know that you have to tell Frank. And you need to talk to Olivia.

Natalia: I canít. I am too ashamed. I don't know how to talk to Frank. I don't know what I would tell Olivia.

Blake: I'm sorry. I wish I could help you.

Natalia: You canít. No one can.

(Cell phone rings)

Blake: Wait, hold on, hold on, hold on. Donít... don't do anything just yet, okay?

Blake: Blake Marler.

Olivia: Hey, Blake, it's Olivia.

Blake: Olivia, hi. What's up?

Olivia: Well, I'm at the barbecue and Emma was wondering where Natalia is. I... I just was checking. You didn't give her an assignment, did you?

Blake: No, no, I gave her the day off. I made sure that she had today free.

Olivia: Oh, okay, well, I just don't want her to miss the day.

Blake: I'm sure you'll see her eventually.

Olivia: Oh, okay. I got to go. The water attack is advancing.

Blake: Okay, I'll see you soon.

Olivia: Bye.

Natalia: How is she?

Blake: She seems good, actually. She's looking for you. You want me to...

Natalia: I don't know. I donít... can I call you?

Blake: Yes.

Natalia: Okay.

Rick: Oh, hey, baby, hey!

Leah: Hi.

Rick: Oh, my goodness. Well, I think it's time for the hat ceremony.

Leah: Yes.

Rick: So let's get a picture here.

Josh: The hat ceremony?

Leah: Oh, yeah, yeah. I get it, right.

Rick: You got it.

Leah: I now crown you king of the barbecue.

Rick: Oh, you're embarrassing me.

Josh: Better you than me, Rick.

Rick: Not everyone could carry off wearing this hat. There you go.

Matt: Rick, not anybody else wants to carry off that hat. I'm pretty sure.

Mindy: Oh, stop it. You guys look cute.

Christina: Is he wearing a chef's hat? I've never seen someone do that in real life.

Mel: Rick is a very special person.

Remy: You married him. (Laughter)

Mel: Yeah. Oh, God. He's coming over here. Rick, please don't kiss me.

Cyrus: Don't worry. Don't worry. He wonít.

Mel: Hey!

Cyrus: Thanks, Mel. This is a lot more fun than I thought.

Mel: Yeah. Rick, you know Cyrus, right?

Rick: Yeah, I'm so glad you could make it.

Cyrus: Yeah. Hey, thanks for having me.

Rick: Yeah.

Cyrus: Mel brought you some cake.

Rick: Oh, great. Thank you, honey. I appreciate that.

Cyrus: You want to go play some croquet.

Mel: Yeah, I do.

Cyrus: All right, good.

Mel: See ya.

Cyrus: Well, see you later.

Rick: He's a jewel thief, you know.

Remy: Reformed. We just worked a case together. He's getting to know the family... really well.

Danny: Ray!

Father Ray: It's so nice to have you home, you guys.

Danny: It's great to see you.

Michelle: I'm so glad you're here. You made it.

Father Ray: Where else would I be on the fourth of July? My family is home. Come here. Love, love.

Bill: Hello. Attention, everyone.

Lizzie: Grab your partners. It's time for the three-legged race. Come on!

Josh: Hey.

Billy: You and Reva used to win this race every year?

Josh: Yeah, that's right.

Billy: Too bad she's not here.

Josh: Well, I think it might have been a little too much for her. You know, in fact, I wasn't going to come either except that Matt talked me into it.

Billy: Yeah?

Josh: Yeah.

Billy: You want me to go visit Reva.

Josh: You might want to call first. She might not be up for company.

(Music playing)

Hawk: Happy fourth, sister!

Reva: Hey.

Hawk: You're just putting your decorations up?

Reva: No, no. A little hurricane blew through and knocked some of them over.

Hawk: A hurricane.

Reva: Yeah. Hi, how are you?

Hawk: Oh, oh, brought you a gift.

Reva: Oh good, good, thank you.

Hawk: So when's Jeffrey coming home?

Reva: I'm not going to the barbecue because I don't want to answer questions about Jeffrey, okay? I miss him like crazy. And I'm scared for him every day, but no questions about Jeffrey, can you do that? Can you do that, Pop?

Hawk: Where is the potato salad?

Reva: Thank you.

Rick: I need you to pay attention.

Phillip: Huh, I'm sorry, what?

Rick: Do you want to race with your kid?

Phillip: I barely got him here. He would never do it.

Rick: Yes, he will. He will. He'll do it.

Phillip: How?

Rick: Just walk with me. Work with me. Watch this. It's just...ow, oh! Ow, ow. Ow. Oh, God. I'm not going to be able to race with you, buddy. I'm sorry. It's this back injury.

Phillip: Oh, his back.

Rick: Oh my, goodness. Listen, James, could you step in for me?

Beth: Honey, go on, go on. It will be fun.

Rick: I'm so sorry.

James: How does this work?

Phillip: Just put... give me your leg. Okay. Okay, you ready?

James: Yeah. You go first.

Phillip: Okay.

Remy: Hey, man.

Shayne: Glad you're here.

Remy: Likewise.

Shayne: All right.

Remy: So you hear from Dinah yet?

Shayne: That depends, are you asking me as a friend or are you asking me as a cop?

Remy: It's a holiday, man. I'm off duty.

Shayne: I know, man. I know.

Shayne: On duty or not, either way the answer is no. I wish I had, though.

Remy: Hey, let's watch the race, man.

Shayne: Yeah? All right, go ahead. I'll be right there. Go ahead. I'll catch up with you in a minute, all right?

Remy: Yeah.

Lizzie: Wow, there's more competition here than I thought.

Bill: Yes, and we will squash them like bugs. Am I right?

Lizzie: Wait, wait. We don't have anyone at the finish line. Josh, Buzz, can you guys go to the finish line and declare the winners.

Josh: We walked all the way up here.

Lizzie: Cardio.

Bill: You can declare it now, we're going to win.

Lizzie: It's going to be us. All right, everybody ready? You ready? On your mark, get set, go!

Bill: Whooo!

Lizzie: Hurry, hurry, hurry. We're losing.

(Music playing)

(Yelling and cheering)

Phillip: Don't give up on us yet. (Laughs)

Alan: Well, it looks like they lost.

Beth: Oh, Alan. You don't see anything, do you?

Olivia: What's wrong, jelly bean?

Emma: I wanted to run the race with Natalia, but she didn't show up in time.

Olivia: I know. I'm sorry. She's late, but she's going to get here, okay? She has to.

Natalia: Rafe?

Rafe: Olivia's at the barbecue. She's waiting for you. I don't know if you're going, but if you are, I'm not sure I want to be there if you guys are together.

Natalia: Honey, I know how uncomfortable you are around me and Olivia. Just... so you just bailed?

Rafe: No, Ma. I mean, Ma, I tried. But I just kept thinking I'd turn around and I'd see you guys holding hands or something. And I donít... Ma, I don't know if I can deal with that very well.

Natalia: I didn't mean to hurt anybody.

Rafe: I don't get it. I don't get you and Olivia. I donít... I'm sorry. This whole thing just has me a little bit confused, you know?

Natalia: That makes two of us.

Josh: What did that blanket ever do to you?

Olivia: Nothing, I just...I thought this day would be different than it is.

Josh: Really? Well, there's still a lot of this day left. I mean, there's speeches and fireworks, that kind of thing.

Olivia: All right. Okay. You're right. It's not over yet. It's just... I'm being me.

Josh: What did you want this day to be?

Olivia: Perfect. But Natalia... Emma wanted to run the three-legged race with Natalia. She missed it, and I just hate to see Emma disappointed.

Josh: There's still a lot of games to play. Don't give up hope.

Michelle: I knew it. I knew it. The four of you guys are missing and the apple pie hadn't even been served. And now it never will. Great.

Rick: They made me do this. I was minding my own business.

Michelle: Oh, please. You guys, this guy taught me a long time ago, this is the key to getting a piece of Grandma's apple pie, right? You sneak into the kitchen and eat it before it's been served.

Rick: See, kids, this is a Bauer family tradition. You have to keep it up, okay? Eat slow.

Hope: Mommy, you do it every year.

Michelle: I know. This is nice.

Rick: What, stealing the apple pie?

Michelle: No, this here. You and me, our kids, in this kitchen. It just... it feels very right.

Rick: Look that them. That's the next generation sitting at that counter.

Michelle: Yup.

Rick: The next Bauerís to host the barbecue, to serve the burnt hot dogs and steal the apple pie.

Michelle: Oh yeah, yeah. This is this family's legacy, right here.

Rick: Uh-huh. Couldn't be prouder.

Michelle: Me either. So we got some extra forks for me, or what?

Rick: Sounds good. You okay with sharing?

Michelle: Oh my, gosh. Look at this mess.

Marina: So Californiaís good? I mean, you and Michelle and the kids, you all seem great.

Danny: It's good. Yeah, we're good. We're all good. Michelle misses Springfield, but...

Marina: Yeah? Do you?

Danny: I needed to get away. You know, it was really the only way I could start over.

Marina: Yeah. Yeah, I think for both of us.

Danny: You look happy.

Marina: I am. I am... I am so happy.

Danny: That's good.

Mallet: Hey.

Shayne: Hey.

Mallet: Shayne. I know about Henry. I know that you're his dad.

Shayne: You don't need to worry.

Mallet: Yeah, thatís... she... she was telling me that, that's what she said.

Shayne: Yeah, good.

Mallet: Good, good. I just want you to know that I love Henry very, very much. And I feel blessed to be his dad. So hopefully things won't get weird between us.

Shayne: Between us, never.

Mallet: Happy fourth.

Shayne: Happy fourth to you.

Daisy: Having fun?

Phillip: I am. And a good bit of that is thanks to you.

Daisy: Really?

Phillip: Well, I asked you to get James here. And I don't know how you did it, but somehow you managed it.

Daisy: I didn't make James do anything. I think he wanted to come.

Phillip: I think you're right about that. I don't think he's quite as cool as he pretends to be. But anyway, I really do appreciate it. You're a good kid.

Daisy: Phillip, I can't make James do something he doesn't want to do. He does what he wants.

Phillip: James.

James: You're friends with Daisy now.

Phillip: Friends with Daisy...

James: You know, Daisy. The girl that you didn't want me to hang out with. But now that you need her, she's a good kid.

Phillip: I never said...

James: That would be great if you didn't say anything, like, ever again.

Marina: Hi, sugar bum, you miss me?

Mallet: Here, we'll sit like this.

Marina: Look what I have. Oh, yes.

Mallet: What is that?

Marina: It's your first apple pie.

Mallet: That's not apple pie.

Marina: Well, there wasn't much left, so I had to mush some up with some rice cereal. But it's really yummy. It really is. Watch Daddy. He'll taste some. Look, look how yummy that is.

Mallet: I'll pay you back later.

Marina: Hey, bud, look, yummy, yummy.

Remy: You okay?

Shayne: Yeah.

Remy: Look, man, I should've told you this sooner, but I helped Dinah when she was trying to get some DNA. I know Henryís your kid.

Shayne: I know you know. Henry's not my kid. Mallet and Marina's kid.

Remy: That's cool.

Shayne: Yeah.

Remy: Still has to be a little tough, right?

Shayne: No. No, not at all. Everyone's exactly where they're supposed to be, you know?

Hawk: Nice day.

Reva: Hey, it's not raining, okay.

Hawk: All right.

Reva: Game should be starting soon.

Hawk: Yeah. Who are you rooting for?

Reva: Well, the Texans, of course. They've always been our team.

Hawk: Well, I just thought you might have switched on account of Jeff... I'm going to get a plate for that chicken.

Natalia: Hey. I thought you'd left.

Rafe: Yeah, I'm going back. I just wanted to see if you were going to show up at all. Because I wanted to be able to be prepared if you and Olivia are going to...

Natalia: We're not.

Rafe: Okay, all right. All my life you tried to guide me with certain beliefs. And even though I may not have lived up to the standards or to your standards, I needed them. And that's kind of what makes this whole thing so hard to accept. I'm sorry if that let you down.

Natalia: You could never let me down, Rafe.

Rafe: You know I love you, Ma, even if I don't like anything that you're doing.

Natalia: I love you, too.

Olivia: Hey.

Blake: Hey. Looks like Emma is having fun, huh?

Olivia: She is.

Blake: Olivia, I have a message for you from Natalia. Sheís... she's not coming. She canít.

Olivia: Is everything okay? Where is she?

Blake: She doesn't want to see you right now.

Olivia: Did something happen?

Blake: You know what? She's going to have to tell you that herself. I'm...

Olivia: No, Blake. Come on, don't do that.

Blake: No, Olivia, I am really sorry. I'm really sorry.

Hawk: There's the anthem.

Reva: Oh say you can see by the dawn's early light

Together: What so proudly we hail

at the twilight's last gleaming

whose broad stripes and bright stars

through the perilous fight other the ramparts we watched

were so gallantly streaming

Michelle: Hey, hey.

Rick: Hey, what? What?

Michelle: Come here. It's getting kind of late, don't you think? It's time to say something, right?

Rick: It's time for the speech?

Michelle: Yeah.

Rick: Well, then who do we get?

Michelle: You.

Rick: What?

Michelle: It's all you now, baby. Big brother.

Rick: What?

Michelle: Hey, everybody, come here, gather around, grab a drink. I just want to say-- on behalf of several generations of Bauerís-- thank you so much for coming to our annual fourth of July barbecue. And I'm going to hand it over to my big brother, Rick.

Josh: Hey, Rick.

Rick: Wow.

Josh: Can you handle it?

Rick: I don't know. Michelle tells me that I'm one of the grown-ups now.

Frank: Oh, great, now we're in real trouble.

Rick: Yeah, it is scary. Might ask for some help from some of my buddies back here. But it is scary. I mean, I look across at all your faces and I realize that I'm one of the grown-ups now because it just seemed like yesterday. I was just a little kid sitting on that diving board, eating my grandmother's chocolate chip cookie. I just couldn't help think about Grandma today. She's a great lady. Real special. Not just because she loved her grandson, but because she came up with this.... this celebration with family and friends. And she used to tell me, Rick, you know we live in a great town in a great state in an even greater nation. And we're all very blessed to live in a country that upholds freedom and liberty, and she's right. And I miss her. And it's not been quite the same without her. But she leaves this wonderful legacy behind, and I feel very blessed. And I feel blessed that I have these three buddies back here. Thanks, Grandma.

Blake: Are you sure? All right. Let's go on inside and get you packed. (Crying)

Phillip: I do know that what makes this nation great are its people. And some of the greatest are in this town, in this yard. When I look around at all your faces, I can't tell you how lucky I feel to have been able to spend all this time with you. I wish it could go on forever.

Beth: Yeah. And I wish that everybody had a chance to live in a town like this. A town where people really look after each other. Sometimes it's just a hello. Or a smile. Or a pat on the back. And sometimes it's something more. Sometimes it's saving each other's lives. Or holding each other while we cry.

Mindy: And we know that no matter where life takes us, we can always call Springfield our home.

Phillip: That's right.

Rick: That's right.

Phillip: That's right. Because you know what? We are bound together by those friendships and by that history and no matter where we go or where life takes us, we are always, always going to be a part of each other's lives.

Rick: God bless Springfield and God bless America!


Lillian: It was so good to see the four of you together.

Phillip: It's been a great day.

Lillian: Did you get what you wanted?

Phillip: I did. Not enough, but I did. I just want to stand here and soak it all in. I just want to pretend that it will never end.

(Music playing)

Next week, on "Guiding Light"...

Emma: She said she was coming.

Olivia: Something must have happened.

Jeffrey: Reva, the engine's gone.

Reva: No.

Lillian: You have to talk to all of your children and you have to tell them that you don't have much time left.

Reva: I need to get down there. My husband's in trouble and needs my help.

Lizzie: Nobody's here yet.

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