GL Transcript Thursday 6/25/09

Guiding Light Transcript Thursday 6/25/09


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Previously on "Guiding Light"...

Remy: I was holding Edmundís coat and I found them in the pocket, and you know, he... he was dead. He wasn't going to use them.

Lillian: We're going to plan this wedding. It's going to be a miracle because we only have 21 days to do it.

Ed: The results of the blood tests... they're not good. What you have is untreatable.

Beth: There's still something there between me and Phillip.

Ed: You worried me yesterday when you took off.

Phillip: Just needed some time to process.

Ed: I was going to call Rick.

Phillip: No, I'm glad you didnít. I'm sorry.

Ed: Don't be. Want to sit?

Phillip: No, that's okay. I... I just want to understand.

Ed: You know that I wish the news was anything but this, right?

Phillip: Terminal? You're sure?

Ed: Your lungs have been irreversibly compromised. It's probably from an airborne infection that you got when you were living on the mountain. So what happened was it started in your lungs, it went to your bloodstream and now it's just a matter of time until your lungs cease to function.

Phillip: There's got to be some kind of treatment somewhere.

Ed: It's a really rare disease. There's no... there's no cure. You know, I mean, what we can do is we can... we can treat the symptoms, but there is no way that you can stop the spread of the illness.

Phillip: No cure? And that's it. Okay. How long?

Ed: I think we should just concentrate on making you feel comfortable.

Phillip: Ed, you're not just my doctor, you're my friend. How long?

Ed: If I had to guess, no more than three months.

Lillian: You know, we could use at least three months to plan a wedding this big, right?

Beth: Or six or more. I hope Lizzie and Bill appreciate everything we're doing for them.

Lillian: What else would we want to be doing? I mean, this is so much fun, planning a wedding this big. (Laughter) I'm thrilled.

Buzz: Come on, Bessie, don't go out on me now. Come on. Come on, we've been through so much together. Rush hour is about an hour away. Hungry people are angry people. Come on, baby. Do your magic. Oh, come on, don't make me get the hammer. I'll get the hammer if you want to. Tough love? You want tough love, I'll give you tough love.

Cyrus: You're negotiating with your appliances?

Buzz: This thing wonít... it won't turn on. It won't turn off. In about two seconds, I'm...

Cyrus: Just give me a second.

Buzz: You want a stab at it? Take a stab it. She's declared war against me. It's just... she's taking no prisoners.

Cyrus: There we go.

Buzz: What?

Cyrus: All done.

(Cell phone rings)

Buzz: It works?

Cyrus: Yep. I got to take this. Call me anytime, Buzz.

Buzz: It works?

Natasha: Where the hell are my diamonds?

Cyrus: I'm looking at them right now.

Natasha: Do you have them?

Cyrus: No, but I know who does.

Natasha: Then why are we talking? Do you have a death wish or something?

Cyrus: Well, I have to finish my shift at Company. I don't want to leave Buzz in the lurch. Don't worry, I'm on my way.

(Toilet flushes)

Remy: (Sighs) You know, those diamonds had me worried all the time. You know, I thought if I took one, it would be great that I could help people, but it's just made me feel guilty. But now... now itís... whoosh. Gone. I feel great.

Christina: You should've told me earlier and they would've been gone sooner.

Remy: I didn't want to worry you.

Christina: You wouldn't have worried me because I would've told you to get rid of them. No, no, actually, I wouldn't have taken them in the first place.

Remy: Yeah.

Christina: Yeah.

Remy: Yeah, you wouldn't have.

Christina: Uh-huh.

Remy: But why dwell on the past? The problem now is... how do I solve the case when there's no diamonds?

Christina: Easy, doesn't get solved. Lots of cases donít.

Remy: Yeah, but this is my first case since I've been back. I don't want to screw it up.

Christina: Well, maybe this is your punishment for taking the diamonds in the first place.

Remy: You are ice. You are so cold.

Christina: Brrr.

Remy: You are cold. (Cell phone vibrates)

Christina: That's me, I got to go.

Remy: What? No, where are you going? No, no.

Christina: I have to go somewhere, so I'll see you later.

Remy: All right.

Christina: Good work.

Bill: Hey.

Lizzie: So... when are you going to tell our moms that they can't plan our wedding?

Bill: Okay, I'm not going to do that. Uh-uh. You are.

Lizzie: I don't dare tell Vanessa. I saw the look in her eye that day. I'm not telling her.

Bill: All right, all right, but look, she's not going to give you that look of disappointment and disapproval that she gives to me. She loves you.

Lizzie: Fine. I'll tell her, you tell my mom.

Bill: It's a deal. It's a deal. But what are we going to do about that dads? Don't want to leave them out of the loop.

Lizzie: I think they want to be left out of the loop. That's the great thing about dads. They'll be fine.

Ed: I want you to know that I will do everything I can for you. I will call every specialist there is in this field. There's a counselor I know back in Springfield you should definitely get in touch with. I mean, you should call a lot of people. You should call your family. Get their support.

Phillip: I don't want... I don't want to tell them about this yet.

Ed: All right, fine, but what about Beth? I mean, she's stood by you ever since you guys were little kids. I mean, she would want to know. Your children have a right to know.

Phillip: No, uh-uh.

Ed: Then Rick. He is your oldest friend. He would want to be there for you.

Phillip: I know you're trying to help, but I got to... I got to... I just need to think this through for a little bit.

Ed: Well, we have to...

Phillip: I canít.

Ed: ...Talk about the treatment.

Phillip: Ed, I just... I... I got to get some air.

Phillip: Why?!

Rick: What a beautiful day.

Phillip: Hey.

Rick: Hey, you okay?

Phillip: Yeah.

Rick: I can't believe you can move after yesterday's game. My back is killing me.

Phillip: I am feeling a little out of it.

Rick: Yeah. I tell you, that's why you got to keep moving. You know, keep moving when you're our age, at least you know you're alive. Right, buddy?

Phillip: Yep, it's true.

Ed: You two doing all right?

Phillip: Yeah.

Rick: I'm just trying to convince this old geezer to play one more game.

Ed: Nah, you should probably knock off. What do you say, you want to stop by Michelleís tonight?

Phillip: Uh...

Rick: You know what? I'm... I'm staying. She's actually turned out to be a pretty good cook.

Phillip: I'm sure she is. I... I... kind of feel like you I should get home.

Rick: Oh, come one. Just do us one more day, buddy. One more.

Ed: No, leave him alone. Leave him alone. He wants to go home and see his family.

Phillip: Anyway. Thanks.

Ed: But... call. Let me know that you get in okay, all right?

Phillip: All right.

Rick: We're a great team. (Laughs) Take care, pal. You've never told me to call to let you know that I'm okay.

Ed: Well, I should.

Lillian: Beth, doesn't that model look like Phillip? I mean, he's so handsome.

Beth: Phillip always did look good in a tux. I wish Lizzie would call me back!

Lillian: Yes, sweetie, she should call you back. We have a lot to discuss with her.

Bill: Oh, my goodness. Well, I got to tell you something. You were very good. Masterful, in fact. I've never seen anyone handle my mother like that.

Lizzie: Well, you know, itís... people skills. Either you're born with them or you're not.

Bill: Are you insinuating I don't have them? All right, well tell me this: Are you ready to talk to your mother?

Lizzie: No, no, no. No, no, remember the deal where I talk to your mother and then you talk to my mother.

Bill: Yeah, but that was before I realized that you are... people skilled.

Lizzie: Oh, no, no. You see, they don't work with relatives. They definitely do not work with mothers. So...

Bill: Yeah? Okay.

Lizzie: Good luck.

Bill: I'll do this.

Lizzie: Yeah. She's with Nana.

Bill: Lillian. She'll be putty in my hands. Yeah. Oh, how are you two beautiful ladies doing today?

Lillian: Ah, he wants something.

Beth: He definitely wants something.

Lillian: And should we listen to him?

Beth: Well, he's going to be part of the family, I suppose.

Lillian: Okay, make it good.

Lizzie: Putty in your hands. No problem.

Lillian: Putty?

Bill: It's a... thing.

Christina: Hi, sorry I'm late. I had to help Remy with something.

Mel: No, it's fine. My shift is over. I was just wrapping up on some paperwork.

Christina: You're so great to help me study. I cannot thank you enough.

Mel: Is Remy excited that you're interviewing for medical school again?

Christina: I haven't told him.

Mel: You know, I don't get you two. Why do you make it so hard? I mean, it's obvious you two want to be together.

Christina: Yeah, we are together. We just do better together when we have some kind of distance.

Mel: Who am I to judge? Let's go.

Christina: Okay.

(Knock on the door)

Cyrus: I need those diamonds.

Remy: I don't know what you're talking about. You want a sandwich?

Cyrus: Ah, I got to say that the whole card game thing was a good ploy. I almost bought it.

Remy: Yeah, you like that?

Cyrus: Yeah.

Remy: Came to me, spur of the moment, too.

Cyrus: Wow.

Remy: Mmm-hmm.

Cyrus: And it almost worked. Too bad you haven't got the criminal mind you need to pull something like that off. I mean, a safety deposit box? How long did you think it would be until someone saw you in the back?

Remy: Would you like mayo or mustard on your sandwich?

Cyrus: I need those diamonds, Remy.

Remy: Don't have them.

Cyrus: (Laughs) Okay. This little charade's been fun, but there are people after me who want those diamonds. And they want them enough to kill for them.

Remy: Cyrus, I'd really like to help you. I really would, man, but I don't have them.

Cyrus: Really? Uh-huh. So where are they? You feel anything?

Remy: I think I'm just hitting a bunch of pipes.

Cyrus: Well... well, push it down further. Maybe a bag's stuck on the way down.

Remy: They're gone.

Cyrus: (Laughs) How many times have you flushed since you put the diamonds there?

Remy: I don't know. Do you count how many times you flush?

Cyrus: Give me the wire.

Remy: It's useless.

Cyrus: Who takes hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of diamonds and flushes them down the toilet?

Remy: I didn't know what to do. Cyrus, they're gone, man. It's over.

Cyrus: Look, those diamonds just didn't disintegrate, Remy. They've got to be somewhere.

Remy: So you're going to go through the building and check the pipes?

Bill: Wasn't too bad.

Lizzie: Uh-uh.

Bill: It's pretty unfair, though. I had to talk to your mother and your grandmother.

Lizzie: You were fine.

Bill: Fine? Well, maybe with your mom there, but I think Nana hates me.

Lizzie: Yeah, she might.

Bill: Yeah.

Lizzie: She'll get over it, though.

Bill: She will?

Lizzie: Yeah.

Bill: You promise?

Lizzie: Errr... I don't know. Okay, list, let's look at it.

Bill: All right, what have we got here? "Invitations, flowers, food, cake." Food and cake? Don't they belong in the same category?

Lizzie: No.

Bill: No? Very interesting. "Music, photographer, minister, location."

Lizzie: Mmm-hmm.

Bill: Okay, that's not too bad.

Lizzie: As long as we split this list in half because I am not doing this all myself.

Bill: You don't want to do it all yourself?

Lizzie: Uh-uh.

Bill: You sure?

Lizzie: Mmm-hmm.

Bill: All right, fine, I'll help out a little bit. What do you want to do?

Lizzie: Well, I want the flowers, definitely. Fine, okay, I'll take minister. It'll be easy, one phone call.

Bill: And I can take... music.

Lizzie: No.

Bill: What?

Lizzie: I've heard your playlists and... there's just no way that you could choose the music.

Bill: Baby, you love my playlists.

Lizzie: No, I donít.

Bill: You don't love my playlists?

Lizzie: Uh-uh.

Bill: You don't love my playlists. Fine, okay, you know what I'm going to do? Food.

Lizzie: Okay, that's a huge one, though. I mean, you can't serve hot dogs.

Bill: Hot dogs? Who's going to serve hot dogs? No, no, no. I'd wrap them up in little things and call them pigs in a blanket.

Lizzie: Okay, all right.

Bill: Yeah?

Lizzie: You take food.

Bill: Good.

Lizzie: I think we should do cake together, though, because that would be fun.

Bill: Okay, let's do that. Let's do that. Then that leaves us with photographer and location.

Lizzie: I want photographer.

Bill: Okay.

Lizzie: Okay.

Bill: All right, location. I will do that. Oh, wait a minute. Invitations.

Lizzie: We can do that together. Just make the list right now. What is all the fuss about? This isn't a big deal. We can do this.

Bill: Of course we can. Of course we can.

(Cell phone rings)

Beth: Oh, I'm going to take this outside. Hello.

Rick: Hey, Beth, it's Rick. Listen, I just wanted to give you a little update on the barbecue. You actually don't have to worry about it this year.

Beth: Oh! Are you canceling the barbecue?

Rick: Oh, no. No, I'm having the barbecue. Michelle's coming out and she's going to be the hostess. So you don't have to, you know, worry about that job.

Beth: Um... I wasnít.

Rick: Well, good. Good. I just, you know, felt that... you know, since we did get married at the barbecue, and we were actually in love. I just thought... you know, I didn't want you to feel like you had any obligations.

Beth: Good to know. Thank you.

Rick: Good, it's good to know. So, I'll see you at the barbecue. Happy fourth.

Buzz: Oh, you, don't be so sad. You're still going to her wedding.

Lillian: I know, but I was... I was having all this fun planning it, you know.

Buzz: You can't pick out the dress. So who cares?

Beth: Delivery guy just dropped this off.

Buzz: Who's it for?

Beth: Coop.

Mel: You know, you don't have to do this. You already passed the MCATs.

Christina: I just need to start exercising this part of my brain again. Hit me.

Mel: Okay. Campylobacteriosis?

Christina: Campylobacteriosis is a bacterial infection. It infects the intestinal tract and sometimes the bloodstream.

Mel: Do you think Remyís happy being back on the force?

Christina: Very happy. He loves his job.

Mel: Oh, good. (Laughs) Okay, zoonoses.

Christina: Zoonoses is any disease that is spread between animals and humans under normal conditions. So... avian flu, rabies, monkey pox.

Mel: Right. Excellent. So how's Remyís new place?

Christina: It's bigger. And, you know, he's doing a much better job keeping it clean.

Mel: Well, that's because you're a good influence on him.

Christina: No, no, no. He was going through a hard time, and things are getting better now.

Mel: Well, I don't care what the reason, as long as he's keeping his... stercus together. (Laughter)

Remy: Crap.

Cyrus: I cannot believe we're standing here.

Remy: This is the worst thing I've ever smelled, man. This is...

Cyrus: You're not really thinking they're down there, do you?

Remy: Well, where do you think things go when you flush them? It doesn't matter what you put down there, it all ends up... here.

Cyrus: Only a cop would have three-quarters of a million, right there in his hand, and just toss them down the drain.

Remy: Only a criminal would get himself in a situation where he might get killed over some little rocks.

Cyrus: Why did... why did you flush them without talking to me?

Remy: Why didn't you tell me you needed them?

Cyrus: Why didn't you tell me you had them?

Remy: So, what are we going to do, man?

Remy: You're crazy, I'm not going in there.

Cyrus: Oh, yes you are.

Remy: I don't need the diamonds, man. Let them stay in there.

Cyrus: If they stay in there, I die.

Remy: If you go in there, you might die.

Cyrus: Yeah.

Remy: I guess... I guess it just depends on how much your life is worth to you.

Cyrus: Listen, we wouldn't even be here if you hadn't stolen the diamonds and then flushed them down the toilet.

Remy: You are lucky I am such a stand-up guy.

Cyrus: Yeah, well, if you weren't such a stand-up guy, we wouldn't be in this mess.

Remy: Oh, crap. Fine, fine. I'm a good guy. I'll help him out.

Lizzie: That was really easy. They knew exactly what I wanted.

Bill: Why does everyone make such a big deal about that sort of thing?

Christina: Hello.

Lizzie: Hey!

Bill: Hey, what's up Christina?

Christina: Those are pretty... wedding invitations.

Lizzie: They're pretty, huh?

Bill: Yeah, yeah. We walked in, told him what we wanted. Walked out with 75 invites, right?

Lizzie: Should we send yours to Remyís place?

Christina: Sure. This is so exciting. It's a beautiful time of year to get married.

Bill: It is.

Lizzie: Yeah, we think so, too. And you know, we're doing it all ourselves. And everyone just made it seem so complicated, but we're not going to let it be.

Bill: Why? Why? Keep it simple.

Lizzie: Yeah.

Bill: Good food, good people. And each other.

Lizzie: Yeah.

Bill: Right, baby.

Christina: You two are a little sickening.

Lizzie: Yeah, we know. (Laughs)

Bill: Yeah, well, look, we're almost through with all the work. And after the ceremony, it's going to be a breeze.

(Cell phone rings)

Mel: Hello.

Rick: Hey, Mel.

Mel: Hey, Rick. I thought I told you that Leah doesn't get back from camp until July 3.

Rick: Oh, I... I already... I already know that. I was just calling to... to let you know that you don't have to worry about, you know, being the hostess for the fourth of July. I got it covered. So you can scratch that right off your list.

Mel: What?

Rick: Michelle's coming back for the fourth of July. She's going to be taking over all the hostess duties. So I just... you know, didn't want you to worry about, you know, being a hostess.

Mel: Well, I will be happy to pass that torch along. Thank you.

Rick: Just don't want you to be disappointed.

Mel: Rick, we're divorced. We've been divorced for several years now. The only reason why I come to the barbecue is to support our daughter.

Rick: Well listen, I'm glad that we straightened that whole thing out.

Mel: Me, too. See you then.

Rick: Happy fourth.

Mel: Unbelievable. What a moron.

Beth: (Laughs) I'm sorry. I'm sorry, was that Rick telling you that you didn't have to worry about being hostess for the barbecue?

Mel: Yeah. You, too?

Beth: He called me just a little while ago.

Mel: No! (Laughter) I can't take it.

Both: What were we thinking? (Laughter)

Beth: Oh, my God. Oh, Rick, thank you. I needed that laugh.

Beth: Has he opened it yet?

Lillian: Uh-uh.

Frank: Hey, guys. Whatís... what's up?

Beth: Package.... for Coop.

Frank: Oh, well, aren't you going to open it, Pop?

Buzz: I'm not sure I want to. Itís... last link...

Lillian: You know, maybe it's a book.

Frank: Yeah, Lillianís right, you know? Coop always had books delivered here. Maybe it's a book.

Buzz: Yeah, yeah. It's probably some random something he ordered. It's nothing important. Why does it feel so important?

Remy: All right, turn around, man. You're not getting in my car with all this... stuff.

Cyrus: Oh, this is disgusting. Would you take it easy?

Remy: You... you still stink, man.

Cyrus: Well, that's maybe because I had a mission in there. You were just dog paddling around the sides.

Remy: You are so ungrateful.

Cyrus: Give me that.

Remy: (Groans) This is... this is frigging humiliating, man. I hope no one sees me. Stop, man.

Mel: Remy?

Remy: It's my sister, stop.

Mel: What are you guys doing?

Remy: What?

Mel: What are you doing?

Remy: What are you doing? We're... we're solving a case.

Mel: I was just here to pick up some paperwork for... for a lawsuit that I'm working on, okay? Do I even want to know why you guys were hosing each other down?

Remy: You probably don't want to know, no.

Mel: Probably not.

Remy: Hey, you... you met my sister, right?

Cyrus: Yeah, yeah.

Mel: Hi.

Cyrus: Hi, it's nice to see you again.

Mel: Right, um... well, actually, I... I'm glad that I ran into you because I'm going to the Bauer barbecue and I'm going to bring a cake. And I was wondering if you and Christina wanted to ride with me and Leah.

Remy: That'd be great, Mel.

Mel: Okay. And you know what? If you want to come, you can because I have a minivan.

Cyrus: Wow, great. Well, I don't know if I'm going to be around on the fourth, but...

Mel: Okay, well... well, you can just tell Remy.

Cyrus: Sure.

Mel: All right. See you later. Nice to see you.

Cyrus: Yeah, you, too. Your sister's a beautiful woman.

Remy: Yeah, I'm sure you made a long-lasting impression.

Cyrus: Doesn't matter anyway. I'll be dead before I get a chance to do anything about it.

Remy: You think these will help?

Cyrus: (Laughs) Yeah.

Christina: Hey.

Frank: Hey, Christina. How are you doing, honey?

Christina: I'm good.

Frank: Let me give you a hand with those.

Christina: Oh, thank you.

Frank: Doing a little study, are you?

Christina: No, no, just catching up on some reading.

Frank: Oh, good for you. There you go.

Christina: Thank you, thank you. Can I get a coffee?

Frank: Of course, you can. Listen, have you heard from Remy at all today, because he's supposed to call and check in about the diamond case.

Christina: Well, he's working really hard on that case. He's probably working on it right now. I'm sure he'll call you anytime now.

Frank: So is he getting use to Cyrus?

Christina: Yeah, yeah. Cyrus has been a huge help. It was a great idea, Frank.

Frank: Oh, good. Well, I though that might work, put the cop with the criminal, you know. Let Remy have a chance of seeing the other side. I'll get your coffee.

Bill: Hey, hey, hey, baby.

Lizzie: Hey.

Bill: What's going on? Okay, so what did you do?

Lizzie: Okay. Flowers ordered. Music booked. You?

Bill: I called Josh and he is in.

Lizzie: And?

Bill: And... I got Josh, I got the minister. What?

Lizzie: You called your uncle. I ordered all the flowers and I booked a string quartet for the ceremony and a band for the reception, and you made a phone call.

Bill: Well, baby, a very important phone call because without the minister, you can't have a wedding. I mean, you need someone there to pronounce you... say I pronounce you husband...

Lizzie: Hey!

Bill: Hello.

Beth: Hi.

Bill: There she is.

Lizzie: What are you doing here?

Beth: Oh, just needed some time. What are you guys doing?

Lizzie: Well, right now, we're taking a break from wedding planning. But I ordered all the flowers and booked the music and the invitations.

Bill: And the minister. Right? I got the minister.

Beth: Yeah, well, the flowers are pretty. Can I... can I see these?

Lizzie: Not today.

Beth: Oh.

Lizzie: We are doing this ourselves.

Bill: (Laughs)

Lizzie: We got it covered.

Buzz: Hey, kiddo. I know I don't stop by often enough. I... I love you. Love... present tense. You... past tense. It's tough. I just... I think about you all the time, every day. This came for you in the mail. It made me think about how happy you were, how much you loved the simple things in life. You know, a card game, a report from one of your students, putting sugar in Alanís gas tank. Packages in the mail. So I thought I'd come down and sit with you. See if some of that joy could rub off. It goes by so fast. Life just goes by so fast.

Lillian: I know, it's so much faster than it should.

Buzz: I just... I wish... I... I wish we had more time.

Driver: Only a few more minutes, Mr. Spaulding. You're almost home.

Phillip: Actually, you know what? Stop, stop. Stop. I...

Driver: You want to make another stop first?

Phillip: No, I donít. I want to... I want to walk.

Driver: The house is a good two miles from here.

Phillip: It's okay. It was a long flight. I want to stretch my legs. Just take the bags on up to the house, and if anybody asks about me, tell them I'll be home soon, okay? Thanks.

Driver: Whatever you say, Mr. Spaulding.

Mel: Ooh, I know what you're doing. Study aides?

Christina: Busted.

Mel: Yeah.

Christina: I thought about what you said so I'm going to tell Remy that I'm studying and see if he can help me remember what it's like to pull an all- nighter.

Mel: Hmm. Well, if you're going to pull and all-nighter, I suggest you do something a little more interesting than study. (Chuckles)

Christina: And what's in your basket?

Mel: Oh, actually, I ran into Remy. And you might not want to "study" with him. He was his new partner, Cyrus, by the sewage plant. And they were covered in head to toe with... something, okay? And they were hosing each other off. Yeah. And the stench... I think you're going to need these.

Christina: You know what? I... I actually need to go. I'll see you.

Mel: Wait, Chris... you forgot your coffee.

Cyrus: Hey, hey, hey. Where are you going?

Remy: Taking these suckers to the cops.

Cyrus: You... you flushed them down the toilet. You suddenly having a crisis of conscience?

Remy: Well, when I didn't have them, I didn't think about it. But I know what it's like to feel guilty, so I can't keep them.

Cyrus: Well, I don't want you to keep them. I want you to give them to me.

Remy: I'm a cop. I can't give jewels to a criminal.

Cyrus: I'm not looking to steal them, Remy. I need them to stay alive.

Remy: Cyrus, how many jewels have you stolen in your life?

Cyrus: What?

Remy: How many gems have you taken, ballpark?

Cyrus: Couple of dozen necklaces, 30 or 40 bracelets, a bunch of rings.

Remy: So a lot, huh? Why should I trust a man who spent his life scamming people to stay alive? How do I know you're not scamming me?

Cyrus: Because I just jumped into a sewer.

Remy: Not convinced.

Frank: Oh, hey, guys.

Buzz: Hey, Frank.

Frank: You haven't opened that yet? Pop, don't you want to open that and see what's inside?

Buzz: This is probably the last package that's ever going to come for my son. You know, it's the last time somebody comes in here and asks for Henry Cooper Bradshaw. He wanted this. He picked it out and... Frank, if I open it, it's over, you know? I'm just not ready.

Lizzie: Once we started doing everything ourselves, then things just fell into place.

Bill: Yeah.

Beth: That is great. But if you need anything...

Lizzie: We're not going to need anything. I did run a multi-million dollar corporation. I think I can handle a small, simple wedding.

Bill: And I'm here to make sure Lizzie gets everything she wants. So itís... yeah.

Lizzie: I like that. Oh, there is something I need you to do. I need you to try on dresses. I chose the colors and the designer knows that you're going to call him. I just want you to look almost as beautiful as me.

Beth: Oh, not possible. Not possible.

Bill: Aw. (Laughter)

(Music plays)

Lizzie: Hey.

Phillip: There's my girl.

Lizzie: Oh, my goodness, you must have missed me. How was your trip?

Phillip: Oh, good to be home.

Lizzie: Well, we were just talking about you. We have almost all of the wedding plans done.

Bill: I got the minister. So itís...

Lizzie: Ah, yes. Yes, he... he did do that. He did. He is also going to take care of the tuxes. So Bill will let you know where he gets his and then you can just go there.

Phillip: Okay.

Lizzie: And on the wedding day, I'm going to need you to get there a little bit early.

Phillip: Whatever you need.

Lizzie: I need you to walk me down the aisle. I know it's super old-fashioned, but I feel like it really applies to me. Because I was your girl and now I'm Bill's girl, and I want the whole world to know that.

Phillip: You will always be my little girl.

(Cell phone rings)

Phillip: How's this?

Lizzie: Perfect.

Bill: Hey, I just got a message from the Beacon. We have to go check out the ballroom. So we're going to do that.

Lizzie: Okay. Bye, guys.

Bill: Bye-bye. We'll see ya.

Beth: Oh, she's going to be happy. They're going to get married. They're going to have kids of their own. And grow old just like us someday. And we get to watch it all. It's the one part of our lives that we can't screw up. Hey, we have a lot to look forward to.

Phillip: Hmm.

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Olivia: I'm going to sit her down when she gets home from school and I'm going to tell her about us.

Remy: We hand them over to Natasha. And when she has them, we turn her into the cops.

Cyrus: She'll kill us before the cops can arrive.

Remy: We have to give her something to make her feel like she's already won.

Ashlee: How long does it have to be before I can file a missing person report?

Mallet: Well, who's missing?

Ashlee: Dinah. It's Dinah.

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