GL Transcript Thursday 6/18/09

Guiding Light Transcript Thursday 6/18/09


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Previously on "Guiding Light"...

Olivia: What did he say?

Natalia: He's very angry.

Olivia: I'm sorry. It wasn't fair for him to find out like this.

Marina: Looking for a footprint in a construction site.

Mallet: Hey, bring that shoe over here. Check this out. That's a dress shoe.

Jeffrey: I set myself up to look guilty. Now I'm going to go, and I'm going to get Edmund.

Dinah: It's a very good plan because I'm coming with you.

Frank: Whoa! You.. check it out, somebody making breakfast?

Rafe: Yeah, man. They're just hard-boiled eggs though, Frank. I would have made something else, but you didn't have anything else in your cabinets.

Frank: Oh, man, sorry about that. But you know, I've been in this apartment less than 24 hours. I... I haven't done a big shopping spree yet. But this is awesome.

Rafe: I am not going to be cooking all the time. I just... I have a... my job starts today and we have training and then I'm going to find out what my hours are and everything, so, you know.

Frank: All right. Well, I'm on call today, so I may or may not be here when you get home, so...

Rafe: Hey, Frank, I'm going to... I'm going to go hang out before I go to work, okay?

Frank: Okay. Rafe, before you go, we're going to need to lay down some house rules.

Rafe: Yeah.

Marina: So what happened? Did the forensics team get over there to take a look at the footprint?

Mallet: Yeah, they're out right now. They're going to be calling me back soon, and I'll call Frank and we'll have a talk about stuff and we'll see what we have.

Marina: Jeez, I feel so bad for that family. First, Reva is arrested for killing Edmund. And now it looks like it might be Jeffrey.

Jeffrey: Yeah, well, I'll tell you what. I'm not going to make any moves until I line up all the evidence.

Marina: Yeah, listen, I got to go, customers. But I'll call you later.

Natalia: Oh, sorry, not really customer.

Marina: Oh.

Natalia: Yeah, I was just wondering if your dad was around. I was hoping I'd bump into him maybe.

Marina: Actually, he's probably at home.

Natalia: Yeah. Well, I'm not going to really go by there. Rafe is there.

Marina: Yeah, I know.

Natalia: Your dad's a really good guy.

Marina: Yes, he is. He's a really great guy. And I would really appreciate you not taking advantage of that.

Reva: Hey!

Olivia: Hi.

Reva: How are you?

Olivia: Good, good.

Reva: Colin and I just were out buying 4th of July decorations. It's going to be his first 4th of July with sparklers.

Olivia: Well, yay!

Reva: Yay!

Olivia: Emma and I don't do that decorating stuff.

Reva: Oh.

Olivia: Well, I mean, we did it at Christmas at the farmhouse. It was very sweet.

Reva: Well, it's never too late. You know, you just go out and buy red, white and blue decorations.

Olivia: It's so hard to get that bunting around the hotel door.

Reva: (Laughs) That's true.

Olivia: I don't know. I think she misses out sometimes because we are at a hotel and the farmhouse was nice.

Reva: Yeah.

Olivia: How's your life?

Reva: Oh, except for that pesky little murder charge hanging over my head, everything's fine.

Olivia: I've been meaning to talk to you about that. Those are tough.

Reva: Yeah, but we're handling it fine. Jeffrey is... he's just there, you know. Heís... he's always there for me. I'm very lucky to have him.

Olivia: You are lucky to have someone like him, yeah.

Reva: Yeah, well, you don't have to tell me that twice. I should probably get home.

Olivia: Yeah.

Reva: And get my decorating done. It was good to see you.

Olivia: You too.

Reva: Take care.

Dinah: I'm going with you to find Edmund.

Jeffrey: Sorry, I don't need any extra baggage.

Dinah: Yes, you do. You need a partner.

Jeffrey: Not you.

Dinah: Jeffrey, I was the best damn partner you ever had and you know it.

Jeffrey: Well, that was a long time ago. I work alone now. I have a lot at stake here, Dinah.

Dinah: So do I.

Jeffrey: I'm talking about Reva and my baby.

Dinah: And I'm talking about Shayne and his baby.

Jeffrey: Shayne and his baby? Tell me.

Dinah: Shayne met Lara in Bosnia. I ended up there helping Mallet and Marina adopt a baby and by some weird coincidence, Mallet and Marina adopted Shayne and Laraís baby.

Jeffrey: What?

Dinah: Yeah.

Jeffrey: Are you sure?

Dinah: Yes, I'm sure, D.N.A., yes.

Jeffrey: So Henry is Shayneís baby?

Dinah: Yes, which means he is also Edmundís grandson. And if he knows that...

Jeffrey: Edmund is going to be more dangerous than ever.

Dinah: Bingo.

Mallet: Yeah, no I got it, Rick, it's coming in now. Thank you, bye. Hey, it's Mallet.

Josh: What's up?

Mallet: When you came in the other day and told me that Edmundís body had been cremated, did you, by any chance, actually happen to see the order of cremation?

Josh: No, actually. Rick went to look for it. He said there must have been some kind of a clerical error.

Mallet: Yeah, well that error's been cleared up. I'm holding in my hand, right now, the order.

Josh: Does it tell you anything?

Mallet: Yeah. Yes, it does. It tells me that Revaís no longer the main suspect.

Dinah: If you just think for one minute, you will know that I'm right. We are both highly motivated to go after Edmund.

Jeffrey: I got to keep a low profile.

Dinah: A low profile. You just made yourself look guilty for a murder. Every law enforcement officer across the country is going to be looking for you.

Jeffrey: I had to make myself look guilty to clear Reva. Now I'm going to go on the run. And I'm going to get Edmund at the same time. It's kind of like one-stop shopping.

Dinah: No, no, that... that... that's not going to work. We have to pull Edmund in. You taught me that yourself. Bring the bees to the honey.

Jeffrey: I don't think I ever said bees to the honey.

Dinah: Whatever. You know what I mean. We have to give Edmund something he wants.

Jeffrey: Edmund wants Colin to replace the child that he lost, now he's going to want Henry, too. And he's going to want revenge on Reva, and the family, for trying to stop him the last time.

Dinah: Yeah, he's going to want those babies, but we have to give him something he's going to want more.

Jeffrey: Like what?

Dinah: His daughter, Lara.

Jeffrey: Lara's dead.

Dinah: Not if we don't want her to be.

Jeffrey: You would do that?

Dinah: To save Shayne and his baby, you bet.

Jeffrey: All right. Let's go get Edmund.

Mallet: Hey, Frank, you got a minute?

Frank: Hey, Mallet, what's up?

Mallet: Yeah, listen, I got a pile of new evidence here for the Winslow murder case, and I wanted to run a few things by you.

Frank: Okay, let's hear it.

Mallet: All right. Well, first thing we got here is a car rental key tag. Now, Josh found this at his construction site and he held on to it for a few days. He was afraid that it could potentially incriminate someone in his family, but he eventually brought it in. Now I tracked it down to the car rental agency. And a car was rented the day of Edmundís murder to someone named OíNeill.

Frank: Great, more evidence against Reva.

Mallet: Well, that's what I thought, too, so I went back to Revaís house to have a look around, poke around a little bit, maybe think that we had overlooked something. And we had. Now in the trash can behind Revaís house, I found a pair of male shoes covered in mud, wrapped in newspaper. So when I went back to the construction site with the shoes, I found a footprint that did match the shoes, and it was in the area where the murder weapon was possibly attained.

Frank: So you're talking about the bloody P.V.C. pipe that was found in Revaís trunk?

Mallet: Yeah, well, in the back of an OíNeill car. Now, the M.E. just sent me over a copy of the order of cremation. Frank, the person that signed this order for Edmundís body to be incinerated was Jeffrey OíNeill.

Frank: Oh my God. Looks like we're going after the wrong OíNeill.

Mallet: Yeah it looks like that, that's what I'm thinking. I just... I just wanted to make sure, you know, before I move forward. Frank, this case sucks.

Frank: Yeah, it sure does.

Rafe: Hey, Frank, I'm going to... I'm going to go, okay?

Frank: Oh, hey, listen, before you head out. We're not going have enough time right now to go over all the ground rules and all that. But... let's start with one, okay? I... I don't need a laundry list when you go out and all that, but one or two details would be cool, all right?

Rafe: All right, yeah.

Frank: Thanks, man. (Cell phone rings) Oh, just a second. Hello?

Natalia: Hey, Frank, do you think Rafe will talk to me now?

Frank: It's your mother, do you want to talk to her?

Rafe: No.

Frank: Uh, Natalia, you know what? He... he just walked out the door.

Natalia: How's he doing?

Frank: Well, Natalia, what do you think? You know, he's hurt. You know, he's confused and he just doesn't understand and all that. I mean, you think he would?

Natalia: I guess I...I didn't think...

Frank: You know, you're right. You didnít.

Natalia: Well, thank you, Frank, for taking care of him. Will... will you call me?

Frank: Yeah, yeah. I'll call you. But you know what, Natalia? Don't worry, he'll be fine.

Marina: I'm sorry. I don't mean to be rude, but which part of, "Don't take advantage of my dad," wasn't clear?

Natalia: Marina, I was just checking on Rafe. I didn't plan on any of this to happen.

Marina: No, see Natalia, that's the problem. You don't plan on anything to happen. Life just seems to happen to you. And then everyone else around you has to pay the price.

Natalia: I didnít... I didnít... I didn't make this situation.

Marina: No, you just seem to fall into situations. And then you react to them without taking any responsibility or control. And that is when people get hurt. Like my dad.

Father Ray: Nice holiday, the 4th of July. The entire country celebrates it together.

Olivia: Yeah.

Father Ray: Well, happy 4th.

Olivia: Father, I just... I wanted to thank you for your support and your understanding regarding Natalia and me.

Father Ray: I'm sorry, but I... I don't support your relationship. I understand things are difficult for Natalia. I understand that both of you love each other. But circumstances shouldn't justify your actions, that would be a mistake, for the both of you, for all the people in your lives.

Olivia: So Natalia should just, I mean, the church should tell her what to do, what not to do?

Father Ray: No, no, no. I don't want to make decisions for Natalia. She's got to make her own choices in life, as you do. But both of you have had a lot going on. There's been a lot of turmoil in your lives since you both got together. And when you're in the middle of something like that... I just don't think you can make clear choices. I'm sorry.

Olivia: Happy 4th of July, Father.

Father Ray: Okay, happy... happy 4th.

Dinah: Did you get a new bed spread?

Shayne: Not exactly. We got a new bed spread.

Dinah: I don't remember picking this out?

Shayne: That's because you didnít. But I figured if... the place could use a little bit more of a woman's touch if you're going to be living here with me. So I thought... what do you say? Do you want to live with me?

Dinah: Shayne.

Shayne: Listen, listen, I just... with Edmund possibly walking the streets of Springfield alive and well, you're in as much danger as anyone. I can't have that. I want you close to me, okay? I want to protect you.

Dinah: I want to protect you, too.

Shayne: Yeah?

Dinah: Yes, come here.

Shayne: You want to protect me?

Dinah: Yes, I do.

Shayne: Is that a yes?

Dinah: That's a yes.

Shayne: That's a yes. So do you want to... do you want to get your bum in here so I can protect it?

Dinah: (Laughs)

Shayne: Yeah?

Dinah: Yeah!

Shayne: All right.

Dinah: (Laughs)

Mallet: Judge Stevens? Hi, sir, this is Detective mallet, how are you? I'm good, thank you, sir. Listen, you issued a warrant to me for the murder of Edmund Winslow and new evidence has come to light that points to another suspect. Yes, sir, you'll be getting that file any minute now. Yes, sir, I need a new warrant. No, sir, this one will be for her husband, Jeffrey OíNeill.

Reva: And then the stripes represent all the people who first settled here. Amazing that I remembered all that, huh? I can't believe I remembered it myself. Hey! You just missed my history lesson. But you're right in time to decorate. You get to climb the ladder.

Jeffrey: How about I hold the ladder and you climb? That way I can watch.

Reva: You did not hear your daddy say that. No, you did not. You're bad.

Jeffrey: (Laughs)

Reva: Here, wave the flag. Okay. Here we go. What's the right end here? There we go.

Jeffrey: You're a good woman, Reva.

Reva: I know that. And you're a very lucky man, Mr. OíNeill.

Marina: You know, I'm glad you stopped by. Can I talk to you about something? Or rather someone.

Olivia: Sure, I could use a distraction.

Marina: Cool. It's about your friend, Natalia? She needs to stop letting the events of her life dictate her actions.

Olivia: Okay, is this about...

Marina: It's about the fact that whatever seems to happen to Natalia just seems to happen and then everybody else is left to pick up the pieces. It's like she just reacts to whatever is in front of her, you know. And, for example, my dad says, "marry me," and she says, "yes." Why? Because it's there. Not that my dad even...

Olivia: Okay, look, she... she... she... no, no, stop, come on. She's a good person and she knows what she wants.

Marina: Well, you wouldn't know that to be around her. And my dad just can't keep getting pulled her life because she can't stand on her own two feet.

Olivia: What is it you want me to do?

Marina: I don't know. Talk to her. Tell her that she needs to take control of her own life. You're her friend. Maybe she'll listen to you.

Natalia: Hi.

Frank: Hey. Rafe's not here.

Natalia: Yeah, I... I didn't think he would be. I was just over at Company. I'm not trying to intrude or anything. I just... I wanted to see how he's doing.

Frank: He's good. Heís... he's taking his meds. He's watching his sugar.

Natalia: Good.

Frank: Yeah. He's a good kid. He actually made me something to eat before he left today.

Rafe: He's a pretty good cook.

Natalia: Yeah, he is. So you... do you think that he's okay? I mean after finding out...

Frank: Natalia, no. It's not okay. I mean, did you really think he would be okay?

Natalia: I thought...

Frank: You see, that's just the thing. You weren't thinking. You weren't thinking at all. You got caught up in your own little world with Olivia and...

Natalia: That... that's not what this is.

Frank: Well, you know, that's what it looks like. It really does. I mean, it just doesn't seem like you. And that's very confusing to Rafe. It's confusing to a lot of us.

Shayne: What do you think of the bed spread, seriously?

Dinah: The color is just... do you have a receipt?

Shayne: Oh, I knew it. It's the flowers, the floral thing?

Dinah: I'm kidding.

Shayne: I... this isn't too much, too fast is it because if it is you can...

Dinah: No, it's not too much, I think it's a great idea. I think it's a great idea.

Shayne: Is it?

Dinah: Yeah.

Shayne: Yeah?

Dinah: Yeah. You know, I have to go to a TV producers convention in Wisconsin.

Shayne: Wisconsin?

Dinah: Yeah, the TV station didn't know if they could afford me, so I was waiting. And... and you know, they said yes, you can go. We can afford to take you.

Shayne: This is the first I'm hearing about it.

Dinah: Yes, and it will only be a few days, but when I get back, I want to make sure that our toothbrushes are sitting side-by-side.

Shayne: Just like that, right?

Dinah: Yes.

Shayne: Just...

Dinah: Yeah.

Shayne: Okay, few days, right?

Dinah: Yeah.

Shayne: Okay, good.

Dinah: Also I was giving it a lot of thought about, you know, the bond that you have with Lara and Henry, the three of you. It means so much to me, so I got you something. It plays the same song as... as Laraís did, the one that got broken. I hope you don't mind. I just, I wanted you to feel close. And I wanted you to... I wanted it to remind you of her. It's not as pretty I... I know. (Music box playing)

Shayne: Come here. You're amazing.

Dinah: You're amazing. I have an amazing guy.

Shayne: You're amazing. Thank you. Thank you.

Dinah: You're welcome. When I get back, move into my place.

Shayne: Hmm?

Dinah: Okay, but we're keeping the bed spread. Okay? Bye.

Reva: No, it's not straight. Itís... one side's higher than the other

Jeffrey: A minute ago, you said lower.

Reva: I know, but it's higher now. Itís... it's just... it's not right.

Jeffrey: No one is going to see it anyway.

Reva: I will see it! Okay, you know what? It's perfect. Just leave it, it's fine.

Jeffrey: Like this.

Reva: Yeah, like that.

Jeffrey: Just like this.

Reva: Just like that, go ahead and nail it.

Jeffrey: One problem.

Reva: What?

Jeffrey: No more nails.

Reva: Oh, that was perfect. It was the perfect spot.

Jeffrey: What did you want me to do, stand up and hold it while you go to the store and get nails?

Reva: Oooh, don't listen your daddy, he can be very cranky at times.

Jeffrey: Your mother can be very...

Reva: Careful, choose your word carefully.

Jeffrey: Sexy.

Reva: Yeah, that's good. I like that, that's a good choice. (Laughs)

Officer: This just came in from Judge Stevens.

Mallet: Oh, good, thanks.

Officer: You know, I thought there was already an arrest warrant in the Winslow case.

Mallet: Well, there was. There was for Reva OíNeill, now this one is for her husband Jeffrey.

Officer: So you got the wrong OíNeill first time around.

Mallet: Would you give me that? I have a murder suspect to arrest. You're not helping.

(Cell phone rings)

Jeffrey: Oh, excuse me.

Reva: Okay. Look, you like these colors.

Jeffrey: Yeah?

Josh: Mallet has seen the order of cremation that we forged.

Jeffrey: It worked?

Josh: Yeah, he's got a warrant for your arrest. He's on his way over there right now. You better get out of there, okay? You only have a few minutes.

Jeffrey: Really, because, you know, I thought that...

Josh: Hey, Jeffrey, he's on his way right now. Get the hell out of there. I'll pick you up.

Jeffrey: All right.

Reva: I thought you were going...

Jeffrey: I'm going to go get some nails.

Reva: Good, okay. Hurry back! You know what? Colin will be able to help you with the decorations by next year. What do you think? ( Laughs) Hurry! Bye-bye. Say bye-bye, Daddy. Bye-bye Daddy.

Jeffrey: All right, let's go.

Josh: Are you okay?

Jeffrey: No. Let's go.

Reva: Mallet? What now?

Mallet: Jeffrey here?

Reva: No, he's at the hardware store. He should be back in a few minutes, but you can talk to me. Whatever you want to say to him, my lawyer-husband, you can say to me.

Mallet: Well, I'm not here for you, Reva. I'm here for Jeffrey. I have a warrant for his arrest.

Marina: I am so glad that you are here with me today. I am. I miss you so much when you're with Grandpa. I know you guys have fun though, huh? Yeah.

Dinah: Hi.

Marina: Hey.

Dinah: How are you doing?

Marina: I'm good. What's up?

Dinah: Well, I don't know, everything's just been so crazy, you know, with this whole Edmund thing. And I don't know, your husband arresting my boyfriend's mother and Shayne being Henryís father, I just want everything to be okay, you know?

Marina: Yeah, me too.

Dinah: How's Henry?

Marina: Look at him. He's playing the drums.

Dinah: (Laughs)

Marina: He's wonderful. He's happy. And... and he reminds me that I need to be happy and grateful, too. And not just focus on the bad things.

Dinah: Yeah. I'm glad are you his mom. I really am. I got him a little gift. He... he doesn't need to know who it's from at all, but I just thought he might like it. I hope you think that's okay.

Marina: That's okay. Let's look at this, huh, Bud. Look, look. What is this?

Dinah: Yeah.

Marina: What is that? It's a music box. Oh, I think he likes it.

Dinah: Yes, I think he does like it. I knew he would. You know, I... I do have to go. But... thank you for taking such beautiful care of Henry. Bye.

Marina: Bye. Isn't that pretty?

Father Ray: Rafe!

Rafe: Hey.

Father Ray: Hey, man. Frank told me you got a job. Way to go, kid.

Rafe: Oh, thank you, sir.

Father Ray: You know one of my specialties is saying blessings for new homes, new businesses, new jobs. (Laughter) Is that why you stopped by?

Rafe: No, I kind of was... I was hoping I could talk to you. If that's okay.

Father Ray: Sure, no problem. Come on, step in my office.

Rafe: Yeah?

Father Ray: Have a seat. What's up?

Rafe: Um... I don't know. I guess, I thought... I thought I could kind of get past it.

Father Ray: Past what?

Rafe: My mom and Olivia.

Father Ray: Oh.

Rafe: I don't know, she's a... I love my mom, you know, but she lied to me. I mean, I thought they were just friends.

Father Ray: They are friends.

Rafe: No, Father, they're a hell a lot of more than friends. I'm... I'm sorry, excuse my language. I'm sorry.

Father Ray: I...I know. I know what you mean.

Rafe: Father, you know?

Father Ray: Rafe, what's said to me stays with me. It's part of the job. I've spoken with both your mom and Olivia at different times, different ways.

Rafe: You're... you're okay with that?

Father Ray: I cannot and will not give them my blessing. I've been very clear about that with your mom.

Rafe: She's the one who told me you can't have sex before marriage.

Father Ray: She's right. She's right.

Rafe: I don't get it, though. What, it's okay.... I have to follow the rules. I have to follow them, but she gets to go around and do whatever she wants. Father, what she's doing isn't even normal.

Father Ray: Rafe, Rafe. The feelings we're dealing with here, well... they're complicated.

Rafe: Oh, God.

Father Ray: This is... this is really hard on your mom. And although she's struggling to do the right thing, it's only going to get harder. But now is the time for you to man up and help her, not turn your back on her.

Rafe: I don't know.

Olivia: Hi.

Natalia: Hi.

Olivia: I thought you had a lower lobby staff meeting.

Natalia: Yeah, I got it wrapped up pretty quick. I wanted to come talk to you.

Olivia: Good, I want to talk to you too. How's Rafe?

Natalia: Frank says he's okay. He still won't talk to me.

Olivia: Don't worry about that. He's going to come around. He will.

Natalia: I don't know. I think the way things are going right now, I don't know.

Olivia: What does that mean?

Natalia: Donít... don't stand, sit. No, thatís... it's just... I know how I feel about you. But I've been thinking a lot about what it must look like from the outside. And I don't want Rafe or anyone else to think that we are together because of our situation. You know, I mean, I know we know that this is real, but think about it. I love Gus, you love Gus. You get sick, Gus dies. You get his heart. We become friends. I nurse you back to health. You've given me a job, you help me with out Rafe. We end up moving in together. Frank asks me to marry him. And then I run away from my own wedding. And then you're right there to pick up the pieces. And then Rafe gets out of jail. And he needs to adjust, and just... it's a lot and...

Olivia: All right, all right, all right. I agree.

Natalia: You do?

Olivia: Yeah. I love you. And I know how I feel, but I don't want to give anyone the chance to think that what we have exist because of our circumstances. I donít... I don't want either one of us to ever feel that way. I want everyone to know that even if we're separate, without the drama, I choose you.

Natalia: I choose you, too.

Olivia: So this means we... we take a step back and we don't let, you know, everything that's happening in our lives be what brings us together, right? How do we do that?

Natalia: I think I need to quit my job. Well, that makes it sound like I didn't like working here.

Olivia: No, no, no, but the letter has to sound like you're moving on. Like, you know, there's no place for you to move up in the company.

Natalia: Yeah, I know, you know what you are doing. I donít.

Olivia: And then I'll write a really lovely letter of recommendation, and you can go out and...

Natalia: We're not going to see each other as much.

Olivia: But we'll see each other because we want to, not because of all the craziness in our lives, right? So, really, what do you think?

Natalia: I think I just quit.

Olivia: You want to help me write your letter of recommendation?

Natalia: Yes, because I know all my best qualities.

Marina: Who's that?

Frank: Oh! What's up, big boy?

Marina: Hey.

Frank: What's up?

Marina: How are you doing?

Frank: Pretty good.

Marina: How's the new place? How's Rafe?

Frank: He's fine, he's fine. He's got a lot of adjusting to do, but he'll get there.

Marina: You are too good, Dad. I told Natalia that today.

Frank: You... you did what?

Marina: Yeah. I told her that you were one of the greatest guys in the whole world, and she needed to stop taking advantage of that. And then I saw Olivia, and I told her that she needed to straighten Natalia out.

Frank: Well, I don't think Olivia will ever straighten out Natalia, but...well, this is pretty sharp. Look at this. That's nice.

Marina: Yeah. I got that as a gift, Henry did. From a friend.

Frank: Oh.

Marina: Do you like it? You say hello, Grandpa.

Mallet: What are you doing?

Reva: I'm protecting my kid from you because obviously you've lost your mind.

Mallet: I told you we found additional evidence.

Reva: You can take your additional evidence and shove it, Mallet. What are you thinking?

Mallet: I don't want to arrest Jeffrey. Right now, with your mouth, I'd rather throw you in jail.

Reva: You need to leave.

Mallet: I'm not. I'm not. I'm going to wait here. I'll be by my car.

Reva: Okay wait, yeah, wait. Wait to take Jeffrey away from his wife and baby.

Mallet: Reva, please, don't do this.

Reva: No, don't you do this, Mallet. Stop harassing my family.

Shayne: Wait, wait, wait, Mom what's going on here.

Reva: Mallet is bored with me now, so he wants to arrest Jeffrey.

Shayne: (Laughs) Why?

Mallet: Evidence.

Shayne: Yeah, evidence. Where is Jeffrey right now?

Reva: He want to the hardware store to buy more nails to put up the decorations. Isn't that what every murderer does on a day like this?

Mallet: You would be surprised.

Reva: I'm going to go in and I'm going to call Jeffrey and tell him not come home.

Mallet: Don't do that, Reva.

Shayne: Hey, hey, hey, you need to get your hands offer her.

Mallet: Back off. Back off, man. Don't you do that. Don't you call him.

Reva: I'm going to be right back.

Mallet: Don't you call him. I need him to show up here.

Reva: You think he'd run? You don't know him very well. He would never run away from a difficult situation.

Mallet: I am going to find him, all right? And sooner or later, I'm going to arrest him.

Josh: Jeffrey. Look, this... this thing you're doing...

Jeffrey: It's something that you would do, too. Look, if I find Edmund, I will send word.

Josh: Bring him back in handcuffs, okay? So you and Reva can live in peace.

Jeffrey: I'll do my best. One thing.

Josh: Anything.

Jeffrey: Stay away from my wife. I'm going it to be gone for God knows how long, and that doesn't mean it's your chance to move in?

Josh: I understand.

Jeffrey: I know you understand, but do I have your word?

Josh: Yeah, you have my word. Take care of yourself.

Jeffrey: I'll do my best.

Josh: Good luck.

Frank: Henry, this is Towers. This is where we take our best girls. Especially when they defend you like my daughter did for me today.

Marina: You don't have to sell it so hard, Dad. I really don't think he understands a word you're saying. Whoa, okay. He's only nine months old. Do you think he can taste the cheesecake? Okay, okay. Here, here, here.

Frank: Is that good? Is that good?

Olivia: He's really cute I wanted to say that I'm sorry. I... I can't take your advice that you gave me earlier about Natalia, the one who can't control her own situations. Because she came into my office today and she handed me her letter of resignation.

Frank: Was there a problem?

Olivia: No, we're still great friends and I gave her a good recommendation. She just wants to make some different decisions for her life. Thought you should know.

Natalia: I knew you would have to come home eventually.

Rafe: Why aren't you at work?

Natalia: I don't have a job right now.

Rafe: What, did Olivia fire you?

Natalia: No, I just... I decided maybe it's time to try something different.

Rafe: You've been trying a lot of different things, huh?

Natalia: Rafe. I don't expect you not to be angry. But you still have to show me some respect. I'm always going to be your mother.

Rafe: Yeah, I know. You're not the mother that I thought I knew.

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