GL Transcript Wednesday 6/17/09

Guiding Light Transcript Wednesday 6/17/09


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Previous on "Guiding Light"...

Josh: We got to do something.

Jeffrey: We are going to do something. We're going to set me up to make it look like I killed Edmund.

Natasha: You and your cop friend getting close to finding my diamonds?

Cyrus: Oh, yeah, my cop friend is very close to the diamonds.

Shayne: This whole situation, this whole murder business, this is turning me back into the guy I was before. I'm worried it is turning me back into the guy I don't want to be.

Cyrus: Where are we?

Remy: A place I go to figure things out.

Cyrus: You shouldn't be too hard on yourself. Everyone gives in to temptation every once in a while.

Remy: You got that right.

Rob: Remy, glad you could make it. That goes for you, Dutch.

Cyrus: This is what you wanted to show me, some cards.

Rob: Deal some cards, buddy.

Christina: Mr. Doyle? I just spoke to you on the phone. You said I could come in and talk to you.

Doyle: Did I?

Christina: I'm Christina. My boyfriend and I did some business with you recently? We sold you a diamond?

Doyle: Oh, yeah.

Christina: I was just wondering, if I changed my mind and I wanted to marry Remy. Not that I have changed my mind nor do ever intend on marrying Remy again, would you still have that diamond.

Doyle: That great big perfect one?

Christina: Yes, that one.

Doyle: No.

Jeffrey: Is it done?

Josh: Yeah, Mallet has the rental key tag.

Jeffrey: Good.

Josh: I left a footprint. I'm on my way over to the house to dump the shoes.

Jeffrey: Back garbage can.

Josh: Jeffrey, now that Mallet has the key, you donít have much time.

Jeffrey: Thanks.

Marina: Hey.

Mallet: Hey.

Marina: What's that?

Mallet: This might just be the break I need in the case.

Marina: Awe, Edmundís murder case.

Mallet: Yeah, that case.

Marina: Let me see. Well, it looks like a key from AAR Rental.

Mallet: It is. I'm going to go over there right now.

Marina: Oh.

Mallet: What? Did you need something?

Marina: No, no I was just-- Henry is still at the sitter. I know you still have a lot of work to do and you have to leave.

Mallet: Yes, I do. Thank you. You want to come with me?

Shayne: You are so cute. These are delicious, but you don't have to do this. I just sent you off to -- stick another in my mouth, I'm a grown man, okay Iíll give myself my own.

Dinah: I know, I know, but I like watching you eat fries.

Shayne: Right, hmmm, and I like you watching me eat fries, I like you taking care of me like this but you didn't need to take care of me. I'm not going to get so angry that I'm going to go incredible hulk on you. I will be out on the ledge walking around. I promise.

Dinah: I know, I just like taking care of you.

Shayne: Would you carry me.

Dinah: I'll carry you.

Josh: Hi, guys, sorry to interrupt, but I think you both need to hear this.

Shayne: What's up?

Josh: Jeffrey and I both believe there's a strong possibility that the body that was cremated at the morgue was not Edmundís.

Shayne: What? What are you -- okay, wait a minute? Where is Edmundís body, then?

Josh: We think it's alive walking around and is framing Reva.

Reva: This is the perfect day. I want all of our days to be just like this.

Jeffrey: Well, don't get greedy.

Reva: Why shouldn't I get greedy? Any woman in my position would be. You find something wonderful and want to have it all the time.

Jeffrey: You know what? I want you to remember that. You know, that as much as you love all this, I love it, too. And I want you to remember that no matter what happens in our lives that I love you and Colin more than anything in the whole world.

Reva: You say that like you think I'm actually going go away for murder.

Jeffrey: No, I know you're not. I know you didn't kill Edmund. But you know what? Today, let's he not think about that, or the fact that he might still be out there trying to frame you for this thing. No, today, I want you to look around, go ahead, look around and look how beautiful this is. And I'm going to look at you. And I'm going to know how beautiful you are. Okay? Okay, Colin?

Reva: You can't see anything, you can, no, you canít.

Remy: Cyrus, this is Rob, Gary and Mount Dutch.

Rob: You want us to deal you in?

Remy: Okay. All right. So the point you were getting at today, you were right about my dad and the house. About my girl and the diamond. I got the money because I can. It's nothing I'm proud of and am convinced I can quit but I canít. Most of the time I lose. Some of the time I win, but it is the winning that keeps me coming back. I figured I might as well tell you since you're about to figure it out.

Cyrus: So you win by cheating?

Remy: I'm not that good.

Cyrus: You had me going.

Remy: Yeah, right.

Gary: Are you in?

Remy: I'm in.

Doyle: Hey, sweetheart, if your boyfriend comes up with another diamond like that, you are a going to let me know, okay?

Christina: He wonít. It was one of a kind.

Doyle: Diamonds like that are usually part of a set.

Christina: A set?

Doyle: Yeah, like you only use a stone like that in a fine piece of jewelry like a necklace, broach.

Christina: A crown?

Doyle: Exactly. A diamond like that, that he sold me, very rare.

Christina: Thank you.

Doyle: You're welcome.

Shayne: I must say that it can't be true, I am saying that is a heavy weight. You go from Edmund is cremated to Edmund is walking the streets of Springfield.

Josh: I agree with you. I agree with you. I still wish he was dead because that was better. Hate to think he is out there waiting to hurt someone. I know Reva didn't kill him.

Dinah: Well, I know that, too.

Shayne: Okay, we all know that. Stop that for a second. If Edmund is alive--if that is the case, what's the plan?

Josh: I don't know. I just want you to both be careful.

Shayne: What do you mean you don't know? That's all you got for me, you don't know? You are going to walk out here and you expect me to just sit here. You expect me to --

Josh: I expect you to not do anything. Be careful.

Shayne: I don't -- do you think there is any truth to this?

Dinah: Come on. I got to go.

Shayne: Come on what, wait, I wait a minute.

Dinah: Let's go. Let's get out of here.

Mallet: All right, thanks.

Marina: Hey. What you got?

Mallet: They don't remember anything but they did track the key down to the car that was rented the day of Edmund's murder. And forensics is on its way to take it to impound.

Marina: It's probably been rinsed and washed 20 times since then.

Mallet: Probably, but it's a start.

Marina: You got anything else?

Mallet: Yeah, unfortunately I do. The rental agreement.

Marina: OíNeill.

Mallet: Yup. Paid for in cash. One more big fat juicy piece of evidence that all points to Reva.

Reva: I'm going to take him upstairs. You unpack the picnic stuff, okay?

Jeffrey: Okay. I love you (Rock music playing)

Reva: He went right to sleep. You've been doing that all day, staring at me, watching me do boring things

Jeffrey: They're not boring things when you do them.

Reva: Are you trying to get laid?

Jeffrey: Why, is it working?

Reva: Well, you just took a giant step in the right direction.

Jeffrey: Oh, yeah?

Reva: Uh-huh.

Jeffrey: Hmmm.

Reva: You're doing it again.

Jeffrey: I know. I'm sorry.

Reva: Don't be. I like it. You know, I'm trying to remember if I ever actually made love on the kitchen floor.

Jeffrey: I don't think that I have ever made love on the kitchen floor.

Reva: I made love in an airplane once.

Jeffrey: Really?

Reva: But you donít really want to compare stories. Because I'll win.

Jeffrey: That's right, I should stop right now. Because I don't want to hear it. I need water.

Reva: No, no, I will get it. I will get it, you stay right there because you worked very hard.

Jeffrey: Okay.

Reva: You know what? This has been an incredible day. Thank you. Jeffrey, here's your water. I'm bad, I know, I'm bad, I'm bad.

Jeffrey: Stop! Truce!. I have to go out, what are people going to think?

Reva: They're going to think you're very, very bad. Why do you have to go out?

Jeffrey: I hate to leave you.

Reva: Then donít. Okay, you go, but hurry back. Because I'll be waiting.

Jeffrey: Oh, you're so bad. You' going to get it when you get back!

Marina: Hi.

Shayne: Hi.

Marina: Feeling better?

Shayne: I am, thanks. I told Dinah about earlier when I was acting like a real jerk.

Marina: Yeah, you were.

Dinah: He really is sorry, it is one big back break on our head after another. Itís hard to think clearly.

Shayne: My dad just tells me that Edmund may still be alive.

Marina: Yeah, I was just with Mallet.

Dinah: You knew?

Marina: Well, no, but yes. I guess, you know, the good thing is, if Edmundís still alive that means Reva didn't kill him.

Shayne: Okay, so if Edmund is still alive then my mom has a whole different kind of trouble to deal with.

Dinah: I think we have to figure out how to get Edmund out of hiding, what would force him to make his presence known. What would be the one thing that he -- that he canít resist?

Marina: Are you crazy?

Shayne: Henry would be the only person Edmund would care about. If he knew he had a grandson he would definitely want to come out of hiding because he would want to get a closer look.

Marina: I think a brick actually did fall on your head, Shayne. You're not using my son as bait.

Shayne: Our son, actually, Marina. Okay, ok, I'm sorry. I'm not saying we should do it. I would never do anything to put Henry in danger. I actually pray that Edmund never finds out he has a grandson. But I know that Henry is the only person that would pull Edmund out of hiding.

Marina: I think we should go.

Dinah: I need to take care of some things at the station. Okay, I'll see you later.

Shayne: Okay.

Remy: Some days you win. And some days you win big.

Cyrus: You got the makings of a pretty good partner.

Remy: Pretty good, I beat you.

Cyrus: I won by cheating so I can keep mine under control. You win, luck. Mine, a skill. But I think you're teachable.

Remy: You're not going to tell anyone about my little habit, are you?

Cyrus: I'll keep it in my belt.

Remy: I don't want anyone to know. Besides, I could lose tomorrow.

Cyrus: See that's what I'm saying, I couldnít.

Remy: Wait for me outside, man. I'm going to set up our game.

Gary: So, did it work?

Remy: Think he bought it, guys, I think he thinks I play with you guys every week. Okay? All right? Here's the money that you won. Thank you.

Mallet: Hi.

Christina: Hi.

Mallet: You still looking for your man?

Christina: Not any more. Remy found me. And when he found out that I was coming to the neighborhood he asked me to pick up the description list, I think that's what he called it. Something about the diamond.

Mallet: description list -- oh, the inventory.

Christina: That's it. That's what he called it.

Mallet: Oh, the inventory. That should be somewhere on Frank's messy desk. This might be it.

Christina: Yeah, that's it.

Mallet: You can have that. Okay.

Christina: Citing investigation, huh? Do you normally have cases like this?

Mallet: Involving royal gems? No not really.

Christina: I just thought its with a bunch of diamonds.

Mallet: Itís a bunch. But I guess these are supposed to be extremely rare.

Christina: Thanks Mallet.

Josh: Hi the, it's Josh Lewis, just checking in.

Mallet: Of course you are.

Josh: Yeah, I'm just wondering if the rental key tag helped at all?

Mallet: Josh, you know I can't discuss the case with you.

Josh: Yeah, I understand that. It's probably nothing, you know, probably just junk.

Mallet: Listen, I followed up the lead. It not going to change anything, okay. This investigation will focus on the same person as we were going to focus on before, all right, that's not going to change unfortunately the keys will not lead us into a new direction. I'm sorry about that. As a matter of fact, -- I was going to go see her right now.

Josh: Oh, okay, I just thought it might have helped.

Mallet: Me, too.

Remy: Hey.

Christina: Is that all you have to say to me?

Remy: You want some pizza?

Christina: Not hungry.

Remy: Good. More for me.

Christina: How's the investigation going?

Remy: I tell you what, I was worried about working with Cyrus, that I couldn't control him. But after today, it's going to be a breeze.

Christina: Guess that means he doesn't know you have the diamonds.

Cyrus: If Remy doesn't have the diamonds, where are they? (Phone ringing) Hi, Natasha:

Natasha: Well, hello, do you have any good news for me?

Cyrus: Buzz has blueberry pie today, it's delicious with ice cream.

Natasha: Really, you're toying with me?

Cyrus: No, no, he really does have pie.

Natasha: Do you have the diamonds?

Cyrus: I'm going to need a little more time.

Natasha: I thought you said that you had good leads.

Cyrus: Not all leads pan out. Listen, I got to go. I have a customer. I donít want to lose my job.

Natasha: Well, I don't want you to lose your life.

Mallet: Hey.

Marina: Hey.

Mallet: What are you doing here?

Marina: Well, you said you were going to go to Reva's. I thought you shouldn't go alone so I dropped Henry off with Grandpa and here I am.

Mallet: Oh, youíre being a sexy little cop.

Marina: I was worried you wouldn't come home. I thought Shayne might beat you up.

Mallet: (Laughter) You thought Shayne was going to -- you don't think I can take your old boyfriend, t-ball boy.

Marina: You guys are both on the same team, you just don't realize that yet.

Mallet: On the same team?

Marina: Uh-uh.

Jeffrey: All right, I will meet you at the airport in two hours.

Josh: Good.

Jeffrey: Chopper in 10.

Josh: Not much time.

Jeffrey: No. Anyway, Mallet should be able to piece it all together. All the clues are in place, right?

Josh: Yeah, I just dumped the shoes at the house.

Jeffrey: Okay, so, I better get out of here before I get arrested. I managed to get this out of the house before Reva saw me. I'm going to need it when I'm on the run. Can you bring it with you?

Jeffrey: Yeah. I'll see new two hours.

Shayne: What are you doing out here right now? I could slit your throat.

Reva: Hello to you, too.

Shayne: Jeffrey not tell you. He and Jeffrey think Edmund is still alive.

Reva: He told me.

Shayne: So are you not a little worried about that?

Reva: I'm not going to live in fear about Edmund Winslow.

Shayne: It's not about -- he could be here right now. He could be the one that spray-painted the house.

Reva: I don't seeing that, I donít. Edmund is not exactly the graffiti type.

Shayne: Oh, man, all right, listen to me. Mom, this changes things. Because if Edmund is not dead, he's probably going to try to come kill you.

Reva: Don't you have something else to worry about? Where's Dinah? Can't you go hover over here her for a while?

Shayne: No, I canít. Because when she heard Edmund may be alive, she took off too.

Dinah: Excuse me, sir. I would like to book the helicopter.

Pilot: Okay, great, two grand an hour.

Dinah: Okay, that's fine. I'm going to need new a few hours.

Pilot: I'm booked up for the day. But tomorrow I will pick you up.

Dinah: I will pay double if you cancel whoever it was.

Pilot: Sorry, Mr. OíNeill is already paying triple.

Dinah: Mr. Jeffrey OíNeill?

Pilot: I think that's his name.

Dinah: Jeffrey, where are you going?

Christina: You did not just walk out on me.

Remy: Can you give me a few minutes? I'm trying to figure out how to explain is to you, okay?

Christina: Figure out what story you are going to tell me. Do you want to propose again?

Remy: I want to tell you the truth okay, but I realize no matter what I say, it will sound bad.

Christina: If you took those diamonds, its bad.

Remy: I took the diamonds.

Christina: What were you thinking?

Remy: I don't know. I don't know. My dad was having money problems. You wanted to start your own business and go to school. I didn't have a job. I was holding Edmundís coat and I found them in the pocket. And he was dead, he wasn't going to use them.

Christina: Didn't it occur to you that they might be stolen?

Remy: Yes, later. And by then I was in too deep.

Christina: Where are they?

Remy: They are in a safe deposit box at the bank. Wait, it, wait, wait. Where are you going?

Christina: We're going to get those diamonds.

Dinah: Where are you going?

Jeffrey: Nowhere. I'm working.

Dinah: Think you'll get all that work done on a helicopter? I know that you booked a helicopter two hours ago. I know that you are leaving town and I think I know why but I would like to hear it from you.

Reva: Scary, huh? Make you feel vulnerable. Maybe we should close the curtains.

Shayne: Are you being funny?

Reva: No one thinks this is any less funny than me. But let me tell you, last time Edmund tried to get to me, he walked through the front door. Four walls aren't going to stop him from getting to us. And if we want to stop him, we have to get to him first. I don't want to talk about this any more. Donít. I canít. I'm so sick of waiting for the next big event of my life to be over so that I can start living life, for God's sake. I have a high-risk pregnancy. I have cancer. I'm a murder suspect. And now you are trying to turn me into the victim of a stalker and I can't do it anymore. Shayne, I wonít. My drama meter is tapped out. Wow, never thought that day would come.

Shayne: That well runs deep, all right.

Shayne: Listen, I'm sorry because what you are saying is you don't need your son to come and make it worse. And I am. And I'm sorry for that. I'm still not going to go anywhere. So we can go someplace else. We can talk about something else. We can play monopoly, cards, want to play some cards.

Reva: You know what? Let me take care of this. (Baby crying) You go find the cards.

Shayne: Uh-huh.

Reva: I'll be two minutes. Unless of course it's a poopy diaper, that will be more like three.

Shayne: You got two.

Christina: Well?

Remy: Took them out of the bank.

Christina: Just peek into the pouch. I need to see them

Remy: Pretty, huh?

Christina: Very incredible.

Remy: Like you.

Christina: How you can say that? You hate me right now.

Remy: I hate that I am with such a smart woman.

Christina: That's right. And don't ever lie to me again because I will figure it out eventually. I can understand how you could take one. They suck you in.

Remy: And I wasn't sure what I was going to do with these, but my dad almost lost his house, I figured just selling one, I mean, you want to go to med school and a day care center.

Christina: I don't want the money that way.

Remy: Yeah, I know. I know, so if I sold them, it would be for myself and I don't want to be that guy.

Christina: You're not that guy.

Remy: So what are we going to do with them?

Christina: I don't know. We can't sell them. We can't take them to the cops.

Remy: Goodbye diamonds.

Cyrus: I appreciate this. I know it's a long shot, going through random security tapes, but it's a big case.

Security: You made it worth my while.

Cyrus: Well, I won a few bucks playing cards. Will you look at that? Unbelievable. I can't believe it. Do you see that?

Security: I don't see anything.

Cyrus: Smart man.

Security: You find what you're looking for?

Cyrus: You may have just saved my life.

Shayne: You okay?

Josh: Yes, I'm fine. It's been a long day, that's all.

Shayne: And itís only half over

Josh: Thank you for reminding me of that I appreciate if. You hungry?

Shayne: No, I'm at Mom's.

Josh: How is she?

Shayne: She's having a good old time laughing at the whole Edmund is still alive theory. I know she's rattled though.

Josh: We'll keep an eye on her.

Shayne: I wanted to stay around longer than I did, but she told me she was getting sick of me. Besides Jeffrey is coming home so I know he will keep an eye on her for the rest of the night.

Josh: I'm sure Jeffrey will do whatever he has to do to protect Reva.

Shayne: You have mud on your shoes.

Marina: You know, this really is a long shot, darling. I mean look for a footprint in a construction site, there are lots of footprints

Mallet: I know, I know, but not dress shoes.

Marina: You know, maybe we should go down to the riverbank, you know, where they found Edmundís body and take a look. Might be better luck.

Mallet: You know, this is a different kind of mud. The riverbank is way too sandy. What is this?

Mina: That's a tarp, they use that to cover things. Keep things from getting wet.

Mallet: Thank you, smart ass. Will you hold on to this? Evidence, be careful. Hey, bring that shoe over here.

Marina: What?

Mallet: Check this out. That's a dress shoe.

Marina: Wow, what do you think?

Mallet: The shoe fits.

Dinah: You think I'm just going to go away.

Jeffrey: I was hoping so.

Dinah: Josh came by, said Shayne and I, that he thinks that Edmund is still alive. So I know what you're doing.

Jeffrey: Well, if you know everything, then why are you asking?

Dinah: I love hearing the little sound of your voice.

Jeffrey: Look, Reva is my wife. I have to protect her.

Dinah: Why don't you go to the police?

Jeffrey: The police, Reva is their main suspect, okay. If her husband shows up with some wild theory about the victim not being really dead, do you think it's going to fly?

Dinah: If you are going to go away with your accused wife, just home, your newborn baby, by the time you get back, Reva will be back in jail.

Jeffrey: Not if she is no longer a suspect.

Dinah: How are you going to make that happen?

Jeffrey: Look, Dinah, I set myself up, all right. I set myself up to look guilty. Now I'm going to go, and I'm going to get Edmund.

Dinah: All right, I figured it was something good like that. That a good plan. Itís a very good plan. And I'm coming with you.

Coming up on "Guiding Light"...

Frank: Looks like we're going after the wrong OíNeill.

Jeffrey: I had to make myself look guilty to clear Reva. Now I'm going to go on the run and get Edmund at the same time.

Frank: He is confused and he doesn't understand all that.

Natalia: Guess I didn't think--

Frank: You know, you are right, you didnít.

Dinah: We have to give him something he's going to want more, his daughter.

Jeffrey: Lara is dead.

Dinah: Not if we don't want her to be.

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