GL Transcript Tuesday 6/16/09

Guiding Light Transcript Tuesday 6/16/09


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Previously on "Guiding Light"...

Shayne: I'm trying to tell you they can't lose you.

Dinah: You're not going to.

Jeffrey: Reva, I think Edmund is still alive.

Shayne: I don't think they are paying enough attention to us.

Jeffrey: If he is out there, I promise you I'll get him.

Christina: I ask him about its gems.

Cyrus: Yeah, not too many of us get a chance to see what it feels like to get away with something like that, right, partner?

Cyrus: You get the diamonds. No one wants to you get them more than I do.

Natasha: You don't seem to be trying very hard to find the diamonds. Is your new partner getting in the way?

Cyrus: No, working with him is giving me more information than I could have helped for. Remy is full of surprises.

Natasha: Those surprises had better lead you to the diamonds or else your life will be worth nothing.

Cyrus: Yeah, I think I may be looking at one of the leads right now. I've got to go. Sorry about that I was on a break. Coffee?

Christina: Diet soda.

Cyrus: Got it.

Christina: You're a busy guy, working here at the restaurant and then hunting down diamonds with Remy.

Cyrus: I like to be busy. Keeps me out of trouble.

Christina: And how are things going you, you and Remy getting along?

Cyrus: Fine.

Christina: He's a good guy.

Cyrus: Yeah. So this is a serious thing, you and Remy?

Christina: No, no, I mean yes, we are. We got together really fast. And then we kind of backed off and now we are heading -- he asked me to marry him again.

Cyrus: Wow.

Christina: I said no, though. We're fine the way we are.

Cyrus: Marriage isn't for everyone.

Christina: No, it's hard to say no to that big diamond, but I don't want to make the same mistake twice.

Cyrus: So he picked out a ring all by himself, brave man.

Christina: Well, he got the diamond. He was going to let me pick out the ring.

Cyrus: That's different.

Christina: He is different. One of a kind. So was that diamond.

Cyrus: Where did he get it from again?

Christina: I'm not sure, why? You looking to go back into business as a jewel thief?

Cyrus: No, no, not me. That would be pretty stupid, when you're working with a cop.

Christina: Oh.

Remy: Got seniority.

Mallet: Superiority?

Remy: Seniority.

Mallet: By the way, I got in the service, don't I. You know why I deserve this, Remy? I got to arrest the most loved woman in Springfield, that was fun because she may have killed the most hated guy that ever set foot on this earth. That's one man.

Frank: That's beautiful, the two of you sharing like that, that's nice.

Mallet: Thank you, I need friends, Frank, lots of friends.

Frank: Don't worry about it. You will when you solve this case. What about you, anything on the diamonds yet?

Remy: Not yet.

Frank: How are you and Foley getting along?

Remy: Like pals.

Frank: Remy, I really need you to find those diamonds.

Remy: Yeah, yeah. Big case for a small town, you know. Stolen jewels.

Frank: It's up to the two of you to solve both cases, no pressure.

Jeffrey: Hey.

Shayne: What's going on. Mom doing okay?

Jeffrey: Yeah, yeah, she's fine. Sorry.

Dinah: Did you at least bring us some coffee?

Jeffrey: Shayne, your father and I went to the morgue. We wanted to have a look at Edmundís body. Funny thing, though, is when we got there, there was no body. It seems Edmund was cremated and his ashes scattered across the lake.

Shayne: And?

Jeffrey: Well, you know, since you ID'd the body I thought you might know something about this.

Shayne: No, I donít. I ID'd the body and took off. Mom took care of the rest.

Jeffrey: Your mom was in charge of the arrangement.

Shayne: Yeah, Jonathan is the closest living relative to Edmund. So Mom took over for me. She was worried about me. She didn't want me making any arrangements or decisions for him.

Jeffrey: I bet she didnít.

Shayne: What's going on?

Jeffrey: I got to go.

Shayne: Well, I'll check in with Mom later.

Jeffrey: Be good.

Dinah: Well, he's never really been much for small talk, has he?

Shayne: No. As long as he figures out who killed Edmund, I don't care.

Jeffrey: Hey, can you meet me. We need to talk. I think Revaís in some serious trouble.

Reva: Oh, good morning.

Officer: Mrs. OíNeill.

Reva: Quiet night?

Officer: Just saw your husband leave a little while ago, that's it.

Reva: Oh, here, I brought you part of the paper. When you're finished with that, come back and I can give you the rest. We can trade.

Officer: Best assignment I've had in a long time.

Josh: What's up?

Jeffrey: Well, I just paid a visit to your son. And he gave me some interesting information about Reva. You know Shayne was called in to I.D. Edmund's body?

Josh: Right.

Jeffrey: Well, it seems that Reva took it upon herself to put herself in charge of the disposal of the body.

Josh: So Reva ordered the cremation?

Jeffrey: I don't know, all I know is that this is looking bad and the evidence just keeps piling up against her.

Josh: We got to do something.

Jeffrey: We are going to do something. We're going set me up to make it look like I killed Edmund.

Josh: That's the stupidest plan I've ever heard.

Jeffrey: Oh, yeah? More stupid than you going to jail for Cassie?

Josh: That kind of proves my point, Jeffrey. It didn't work then, its a not going to work now. We have to think of something else.

Jeffrey: We don't have time to think of anything else. I'm convinced that the reason Edmundís body was cremated is because Edmund is actually still alive and trying to frame Reva for his own murder.

Josh: All right, all right, I'll admit that sounds like something Edmund might do.

Jeffrey: We just have to divert the cops attention long enough so that I can go and find him.

Josh: This is a bad idea.

Jeffrey: Okay, you don't like it, don't help.

Shayne: The situation with my mom, it's affected everybody. Jeffrey never come by before. I always thought of him as a tough guy. Never occurred to me that he would be scared.

Dinah: Rumor has it he is human.

Shayne: I never seen it, if he is freaked outÖ what are you doing? I thought you didn't have to work today.

Dinah: I don't, but he and Jeffrey reminded me I have to take care of things.

Shayne: Want some help?

Dinah: No, thank you. Later on we see a movie, maybe?

Shayne: Sounds good.

Mallet: Yeah, like five minutes, all right. Frank, I'm going to run over to Revaís.

Frank: Thanks, good job. Remy, this is Mallet's latest report on the Winslow case. I want you to see if any... perfect timing. We're trying to see if there is a connection between the Winslow case and the stolen diamonds.

Cyrus: Do you think there is a connection?

Frank: Not yet, but I'm sure Reva would like it if the guy who stole the diamonds is the one who whacked Eddie.

Cyrus: It says here that you were the one that found Edmundís body.

Mallet: That's right. He was walking along the river, found some guy face down, tried to revive him, couldn't do it and the cops showed up later.

Cyrus: So it was just you and the body? Yeah. Sitting there all alone with a dead man.

Frank: Gentlemen, we have diamonds to find?

Cyrus: Yup

Marina: I'm telling you, he's going to be walking any day now. Well, maybe you should take a couple days off, you know, so you can be around when things happen. Okay. All right, yeah, well tell Reva I said hi and try not to stress her out too much, okay? Call me later. I love you, too. Hi. Mallet, he's so stressed out. He's been working so hard this whole Edmund murder case, you know, pulling long hours, coming home late. Stressed that he's going to miss all of Henryís first moments, first step, first word.

Christina: You are the cutest family.

Marina: Thank you. I don't know. I love it. Marriage, kids, the house, all of it. My parents were divorced and I dated a lot of Mr. Wrongs before I found Mallet. And I kind of thought, I don't know, that I'd never find someone.

Christina: I did, too.

Marina: Just like you found Remy.

Christina: Sort of.

Marina: What's wrong?

Christina: Nothing's wrong. We are in a different place than you and Mallet.

Marina: Get out of here, come on. The guy's crazy for you.

Christina: Yeah, but you know Remy and I do so much better divorced. That piece of paper almost ruined our relationship.

Marina: That was then. Now you guys are, you guys are ready for this, right?

Christina: I'm on to you, you are one of those disgustingly happy married people who think everybody should be married.

Marina: Well, not everyone. Definitely you and Remy.

Mallet: Don't scare me like that, don't scare me, especially in front of my guys.

Remy: Oh, it's entertainment for them, right? Been kind of boring around here.

Mallet: You know for a cop boring is good.

Reva: Oh, well that's good. I wanted to thank you for putting a watch here on the house. It does make me feel safer.

Mallet: Good. You're welcome.

Reva: I was just wondering if you might do just one more tiny favor for me?

Mallet: Okay.

Reva: Drop the charges.

Mallet: Sure, sure, if you do one teeny-weeny little favor for me.

Reva: Okay. Anything.

Mallet: Tell your family to start telling me the truth. Okay, thank you.

Josh: Jeffrey, just -- just stop, okay. How are we going to do this? How are we going to make it look like you killed Edmund? There's no evidence to point to that.

Jeffrey: Not yet.

Josh: You going to manufacture new evidence?

Jeffrey: No, no, we're just going shift focus, we're going to shift the attention. A lot of the evidence that points to Reva could just as easily point to me.

Josh: Okay, okay. I just want to point out, minor flaw in this grand plan of yours, okay, when it's done, when it's over, you go to jail! Do you think Revaís going to be happy with that? You have a new son. You have a wife that of loves you. You can't just walk away from that.

Jeffrey: I won't, okay. We're going set it up so that the cops are convinced that I killed Edmund, but before I go to jail, I'm going to go on the run. I'm going to find that bastard and drag his ass back here and this whole thing will be over here.

Josh: No, I'm not going to let you do that. I'm not going to let you leave Reva. We'll set it up so it looks like I did it, okay?

Jeffrey: JoshÖYou know, I'm sorry I brought this up to you. It's a simple plan. You're making it complicated.

Josh: It's not simple. What is simple is you and I work together to find Edmund so we can clear Revaís name.

Jeffrey: Josh, this job requires skills that you don't have time to learn. Look, I'm going to go get this bastard. I'm going to bring him back here so that my wife doesn't have to live her life with a murder sentence hanging over her head.

Josh: You are really going to do this?

Jeffrey: Yeah. But I need your help. We need to set up some clues, some very big clues that make it look obvious that Jeffrey killed Edmund. Now can you help me with that?

Josh: Yes, I can help you with that. I'll do whatever I have to do to put this Edmund thing behind us.

Jeffrey: Well, let's get started. Because we don't have very much time to make me look very, very guilty.

Cyrus: Don't you think we should get out there and find those diamonds. I have a feeling we are very close.

Remy: I think we need caffeine to make the brain work quicker.

Cyrus: I have a criminal mind. Nothing gets by me.

Charles: There you are. I was heading for the station, but I saw your car.

Remy: Hey, Dad, hey, this is my new partner Cyrus Foley.

Charles: Oh, Cyrus. You're lucky to be working with a man like my son. There aren't many men like him. He saves lives, he protects the citizens and he bails his father out of financial trouble when times get hard, all without batting an eye.

Remy: Dad, he didn't want to hear about...

Charles: Now, look, I can't even tell your mother. Let me brag. He's your partner. You guys have a bond. You see, I recently lost money in an investment. I was in trouble. I almost lost my house. My son paid down my mortgage, walked into the bank and paid it off. That's why I was looking for you. Amazingly the money I lost from that fund got put back in in my account. I can afford to pay you back. It feels good. $34,200. I thought it would take a lot longer to get this to you. Now we're even and thanks. Cyrus, nice to meet you.

Cyrus: You, too.

Charles: And you two, just look out for each other.

Cyrus: Wow. That was incredible thing you did for your dad.

Remy: I'm pretty incredible.

Christina: Grandma, you would not believe the diamond that Remy got for me. It was incredible. No, no, I can't bring it by for you when I drop off the groceries. I told Remy no. We'll talk about it... we'll talk about it when I get there okay, love you. Bye.

Dinah: Hello.

Christina: Hello.

Dinah: Remy proposed to you?

Christina: Of course, why wouldn't he?

Dinah: Where's the ring?

Christina: No ring, I told Remy no. So he sold the diamond.

Dinah: You said no?

Christina: I donít see a ring on your finger.

Dinah: Shayne and I aren't that far along.

Christina: I don't think Remy and I are either.

Dinah: Okay, uh-huh.

Christina: That's a very blue drink you have there.

Dinah: Yes, it is. But I'm a happy girl. I just needed some time alone with my little blue drink.

Mallet: Thank you.

Reva: I don't like it when people call my family liars.

Mallet: Reva, I got to call them as I see them. Every time I turn around new evidence points to one or all of you not telling the truth.

Shayne: What's going on here, exactly?

Reva: Nothing. If you don't mind being called a liar.

Shayne: Liar, huh? I think it's time for you to go now.

Mallet: Yeah, I'm going to leave. I'm going to check on my guys first.

Shayne: No, I don't think you should. I want you off of my property.

Mallet: I will do my police business first and then I'll leave.

Reva: Shayne, Shayne, just go, Shayne.

Shayne: What happened? Are you all right?

Reva: Yeah, yeah, you know, I try to be. And then I think about this whole murder thing and it really gets to me.

Josh: Well, I did what you told me to do.

Jeffrey: Good.

Josh: How about you?

Jeffrey: Everything's in place. This is for you. You know what to do.

Josh: Okay. That means we're ready to move forward again, as long as you are sure.

Jeffrey: It's the only way. What's next? Whatís next is I go home and spend some time with my lovely wife.

Reva: Yes, yes three bags full

one for the master and one for the dame

and one for the little boy who lives down the lane.

Jeffrey: That's really a beautiful sight.

Reva: Oh, hey. You left for work so early this morning I thought you had a ton of stuff you had to get done.

Jeffrey: Yeah, well, I finished early because I wanted to come home and spend some time with you.

Reva: Did you hear that, Colin? We got Daddy for the whole day. Goody, goody, we can clean out garage.

Jeffrey: No, no. But we are going to do something. And we're going to do something fun that's going to put a smile on your face.

Reva: Cleaning out the garage would make you smile. Everything would be done and so neatly organized.

Jeffrey: No, no. No, we're going to have a little family outing. We're going to go on a little picnic in the park.

Reva: What's gotten into you?

Jeffrey: Well, I just, I miss your fried chicken.

Reva: Listen to that. We're going to have a picnic. What are you doing, huh?

Dinah: Josh. Hello?

Josh: Hey, Dinah. What are you doing out here?

Dinah: Well, I find myself strangely drawn to the places connected to Edmundís murder. I'm worried about Reva, worried about Shayne.

Josh: I can certainly understand that. This murder has caused a lot of -- yeah, heartache for this family.

Dinah: Well, maybe the cops haven't found everything. Maybe they've overlooked some things?

Josh: I'm sure that's true. They'll find something, something that will clear Reva. I'm sure of that.

Reva: I hope so, Josh, I hope so. I really don't like what this is doing to Shayne.

Josh: Thank you, by the way, for caring so much about my son.

Dinah: I do, you know.

Josh: I know.

Dinah: See you later.

Josh: Bye.

Marina: Hey there.

Shayne: Hey you. I need you to do me a favor and tell your husband to back off my family.

Marina: Wow, how about you back off. What's going on?

Shayne: I just came from my mom's house where Mallet was there harassing her.

Marina: Harassing her how.

Shayne: Harassing her by calling her a liar.

Marina: Well, Shayne, she's lied to him pretty much about everything.

Shayne: Well, thank you for that. You know, my thing is does he have to be such an ass about it, I'm just curious, is this how he treats you and Henry at home?

Marina: Iím not having this conversation with you.

Frank: Hey, Mallet, how is your day going?

Mallet: You know what, Frank, I don't have to be friends with these people, I really donít. But I do want to help them. And if they aren't guilty why don't they come forward and talk so I can stop pointing my finger at them. I don't think Reva's guilty but the problem is I don't have enough evidence to prove otherwise unless someone comes forward and tells me the truth.

Christina: Hey, I was just looking for Remy.

Frank: Hey, Christina. He's out in the field.

Christina: Oh, I was hoping he could break for lunch. Is he working on the diamond case?

Frank: He better be.

Mallet: You know what would be nice is to find the diamonds because there might be a different outcome in this case. Wouldn't that be nice?

Christina: Hey, Frank, do you think the diamonds could be the key?

Frank: I know they are a hot commodity. And yeah, I think it is very likely someone could murder him for the diamonds, absolutely.

Cyrus: This is an old folks... we're not going to find the diamonds there, are we?

Remy: No, no, every day I learn to visit Annabel before she dials 911. I'm just making it all in one call.

Cyrus: Wow, you're quite a guy. I learned a lot about you today.

Remy: Great.

Cyrus: Christina told me about the diamond that you bought her. Pretty impressive.

Remy: She's a nice girl.

Cyrus: Yeah, and you gave your dad money when he needed help, $35,000. I mean, who does that? Who has that kind of cash?

Remy: I saved a few bucks.

Cyrus: And on top of everything, you are a hero. You pulled Edmund out of the water and tried to save his life, all by yourself. Not another soul with you.

Remy: What can I say, man, I'm an amazing guy.

Cyrus: You're right. You are an amazing guy. I have a feeling that are you going to lead us right to the diamonds.

Dinah: Hello.

Remy: Hey, thank you for coming so fast.

Dinah: Sure. You called me. Said you needed me, I'm here.

Remy: I think I'm in trouble. I think Cyrus knows I have the diamonds.

Dinah: Okay, so how does Cyrus know that.

Remy: Frank made us partners. He thought a jewel thief would help me find missing jewels.

Dinah: Pretty perceptive of Frank. Cyrus been with you this whole time?

Remy: Uh-huh.

Dinah: You're screwed. Cyrus has an incredible radar for gems, for pretty little gems, that is what made him a good jewel thief.

Remy: So what do I do?

Dinah: Obviously Cyrus has a plan or he would have told someone you have them. So I would say you have some time.

Remy: Okay. Time to make a choice?

Dinah: Yes.

Cyrus: I'm calling with good news.

Natasha: Well, that's what I'm looking for.

Cyrus: I think one of those leads I was talking about might pan out.

Natasha: You and your cop friend getting close to finding the diamonds.

Cyrus: Oh yeah, my cop friend is very close to the diamonds.

Christina: Good, good. If you are having lunch that means that Remy must be ready to break for lunch.

Frank: No, that means I'm off the clock and those guys are still working. And when you are working a case like the diamond case, you really don't have time for anything else, but hopefully they will stop off and get something.

Marina: You calm down?

Shayne: Yes. Sorry I am taking it out on you when it is Mallet that Iím upset with. I'm sorry.

Marina: It's okay. I just wish you weren't so upset at Mallet for trying to do his job.

Shayne: Okay. I'm just worried about my mom.

Reva: What are you doing?

Jeffrey: I'm watching you.

Reva: I know you're watching me. But why are you watching me?

Jeffrey: Well, is it a crime for a husband to watch his beautiful wife pack a picnic basket?

Reva: Did you watch one of those Dr. Phil episodes where he berates the husband for not a paying enough attention to the wives.

Jeffrey: Okay, sorry, I will help you.

Reva: No, no, no. You stay there. I like being the center of attention, especially when the attention is coming from you.

Josh: You got a minute?

Mallet: What for?

Josh: How are things going?

Mallet: I should really put out a newsletter every day. You know what, better yet, I will just start blogging? Would that be good, Josh, for you and your family to stay updated on the case. Because I am thinking if you read it every morning then you could keep your story straight and we could take turns covering up for each other. But to answer your question, Josh, I don't have time to talk. Because you know what, I decided to write a blog.

Josh: Okay, I sense some animosity here.

Mallet: Good, I'm glad I made that clear.

Josh: Which I understand because we have not been completely forthcoming with you. At least I know I havenít.

Mallet: I am sorry I jumped on you. I appreciate your understanding.

Josh: No, I mean, I have not been forthcoming. I need to talk to you outside right now.

Frank: So Christina, you looking for a job?

Christina: Yeah, I need something part-time. I was laid off at the gym and the loan hasn't come in for the day care.

Frank: Remy has his job back now.

Christina: Remy doesn't pay my rent.

Marina: But if you move in together then you only have to pay one rent.

Christina: We didn't live together when we were married.

Frank: Well, are you maybe heading down that road again? Christina?

Christina: No.

Marina: Oh, come on. You guys are making such a huge mistake. You are crazy about each other. Marriage is a beautiful thing.

Frank: Yes, it is.

Marina: I have to get this.

Christina: Hi, Mr. Doyle? Yeah, this is Christina Moore. I don't know if you remember me but I was with my boyfriend when he sold you a great big diamond.

Remy: Glad I found you. Hey. I know you've been watching me. I know you're suspicious. I never had a partner before so I was always able to do my own scene. But you notice stuff. It's not the kind of thing that anyone on the squad will ever see and I don't want them to see. But there's no use hiding it from you. You're already on to me, aren't you?

Cyrus: Maybe.

Remy: Good, I'm tired of carrying this around.

Cyrus: Carrying what?

Remy: Come with me. I have something to show you.

Dinah: All right, you pick the movie.

Shayne: All right, the movie.

Dinah: Are you okay?

Shayne: No. I'm not okay. Look, I went to my mom's house and Mallet was there. I practically threw him off the property. See I understand what that guy is doing and what he has to do. But I'm really not liking him. Every time I see him, I flip out on him.

Dinah: You can handle it.

Shayne: I go over to Company and I lost it on Marina. I am pretty much stomping on whoever I know these days. I'm in the minimart, I'm in traffic honking at everyone.

Dinah: You have a lot going on.

Shayne: I do, but does that excuse me freaking out on everyone? No, no it doesnít. I feel like... I feel like it's just like before, you know. When I cause a problem, and it costs everybody that I love and I can't do anything to fix it.

Dinah: You are acknowledging it.

Shayne: That's not helping, though. It's not. It just is getting me more and more pissed off every day.

Dinah: Shayne. See...

Shayne: You're not hearing me right now, okay. This whole situation, this whole murder business, this is turning me back into the guy that I was before. I'm worried that it is turning me back into the guy that I don't want to be.

Reva: This is great. We needed this. I needed this, especially me, I needed it.

Jeffrey: You have had a lot going on.

Reva: Who, me? Oh, you know what? Darn it. I left his other bottle in the backseat of the car. Here you want...

Jeffrey: No, no, I'll get it.

Reva: Okay, thank you yes. This is nice. This is nice. Our first family picnic together.

Mallet: All right what was such a big deal that we couldn't talk on the inside?

Josh: Okay, this is not easy for me because what I'm about to say to you might incriminate a member of my own family. I don't know, but I can't just sit back and let the wrong person pay for killing Edmund.

Mallet: You know who killed Edmund?

Josh: No, I donít. I wish I did. In fact, I wish it was me because I have the least to lose. I'm hoping it is not Shayne because he's just starting his life out. And I know, I know it's not Reva. But what I am about to tell you might send your investigation off into a different direction. I'm just hoping and praying it's not toward a member of my own family, that's all I'm saying.

Mallet: Okay, so what do you have?

Josh: I was out at one of my construction sites a short time after the murder, the Lara project. And I found something on the ground that obviously didn't belong there. I tried not to get my own fingerprints on it.

Mallet: You found this on the ground?

Josh: Yeah.

Mallet: Someone was driving a rental car on that property?

Josh: Yeah.

Coming up on "Guiding Light"...

Christina: Would you still have the diamond?

Mr. Doyle: That great, big, perfect one?

Jeffrey: Is it done?

Josh: Mallet has the rental key tag.

Mallet: This might just be the break I need in the case.

Remy: I want to tell you the truth.

Jeffrey: I want you to remember that no matter what happens in our lives, that I love you and Colin more than anything in the whole world.

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