GL Transcript Friday 6/12/09

Guiding Light Transcript Friday 6/12/09


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Previously on "Guiding Light"...

Olivia: You know, I think about you all the time. I can't think about anything else.

Phillip: May I... may I speak? Releasing him right now would not only do a disservice to the community, but more importantly, to my son.

Judge: Bail is denied.

Lizzie: You know, I wish we had gotten married today.

Bill: Me, too.

Lizzie: I don't even feel like a Spaulding any more.

Daisy: What? The mop broke.

Ashlee: I'm sorry. I've just... I've never seen you exert yourself before.

Daisy: I exert.

Christina: Is this a part of a punishment?

Buzz: No, no, no. She chose to do this. She chose to do this, believe it or not. I had a hard time believing it myself. I told you I'd get you a mop.

Ashlee: Oh, Buzz, do that so that Daisy can get up and... and come with us.

Christina: We're going to the jail to see James. I've never been to a jail before.

Ashlee: It's okay, we met there.

Buzz: Good times.

Daisy: You know what? Just... just tell James I say hi. I can't leave until I finish the floor.

Buzz: You... you go, I'll finish it.

Ashlee: Buzz, don't do that. Then she'll have no excuse not to come with us.

Daisy: I'm not looking for an excuse. I just already paid James a visit. I... I don't feel like running into any more Spauldingís today.


Lizzie: Oh, oh, oh.

Bill: What? Oh, hey there, Rick. We're working.

Rick: Yeah, nice work, Bill, really nice work.

Bill: Yeah, yeah.

Lizzie: Hi. Uncle Rick, it's nice to see you.

Rick: Nice to see you, too. I didn't mean to interrupt the mauling.

Bill: Yeah, well, not as sorry as I am.

Lizzie: Are you here to see Dad?

Rick: No, actually, I'm not, but listen, I can come back another time so Bill can finish his work.

Bill: That's a great idea.

Lizzie: No, no, no, right now is fine. What do you need?

Rick: I need some help. And I really feel like it should come from the Spauldingís. But I can't go to anyone else in the family about this.

Phillip: I'm glad I caught you.

Beth: What's up?

Phillip: I was going to go over and see James. I wanted to get over there before they stopped allowing visitors.

Beth: Well, I've already been there twice today.

Phillip: Oh, well, I thought it might be kind of nice if we showed up there together. You know, might be nice for him to have mom and dad.

Beth: Uh-uh, see, Mom didn't need Dad to show her support. Just like Dad didn't need Mom to make his decision to have her son thrown in jail.

Phillip: He broke the law and he doesnít...

Beth: But he could be home with me if you hadn't convinced the judge to deny him bail. So if you want to show support to your son, that's great. But I'm not going to be there to make it any easier for you.

James: Hey, girls!

Ashlee: You're not supposed to have that in there.

James: The guard lent it to me. Pretty good stuff, actually.

Christina: How are you?

James: I'm great. How are you?

Christina: Did you really steal all that money?

James: It was a fund. And hey, a lot of people made money.

Ashlee: People lost a lot of money.

Christina: Remy's dad invested with you. He almost lost his house.

Ashlee: Yeah, and Remy had to bail him out.

Christina: So we were wondering about something.

Ashlee: When we went to Universal together, did the stolen money pay for it? Because if it did, I think we want... we want to pay it back.

Christina: We don't want other people to suffer because we had fun.

James: Relax, okay? Alan paid for it.

Ashlee: Okay, I'm fine with that.

James: So you guys have been, what, working, hanging out?

Christina: Hanging out with Daisy?

James: Have you?

Ashlee: Last time we saw Daisy, she was scrubbing the floor at Company.

Daisy: It's not getting any cleaner.

Buzz: That's because you're covering such a small area. When you cover a small area like that, the rest of it looks dirty.

Daisy: You going to tell me how to do it? You do it yourself.

Buzz: No, I... I don't want to do it. I don't want you to do it. I told you I'd get you a mop.

Daisy: Yeah, I know, a mop. Yeah.

Buzz: You can cover a bigger area, until it's all clean.

Frank: Moving day is so much fun, isn't it? Hey, Daisy, listen...

Daisy: I'm... sorry, working.

Frank: Yeah, well, I... I can see that. You know what? You're doing... you're doing a great job. You know, I've been trying to call Rafe and he's not answering. So...

Buzz: Well, I'll help.

Frank: No, no, oh, no, no heart attacks, Pop, no more heart attacks. I... I can do this. But listen, if you see Rafe just tell him I'm looking for him, please. Okay. The floor looks great.

Buzz: Actually, there's that spot.

Daisy: Yeah, right.

Buzz: Well, no... you do a small area like that, you know, the rest of it looks dirty.

Olivia: God, you're so beautiful.

Natalia: You make me feel beautiful when you look at me like that. I could sit here, I mean forever, just stare at you. I would be completely content.

Olivia: You know, being near you is all I need, too. Not that I don't want to hold you and let you know how I feel. But if sex never happens, I won't love you any less.

Natalia: Well, it will. I... I want it to.

Olivia: You do?

Natalia: Do you?

Olivia: Yeah, I just... I want it to be... I want it to be okay.

Natalia: Oh, I... it will. I mean, I'm not afraid. Are you afraid?

Olivia: I'm terrified.

Natalia: Me, too. Me, too, I am. But I love you. And we'll figure it out.

Olivia: I never thought I could have anything like this. I certainly didn't do anything to deserve this.

Natalia: That's not true. Everything about you is alive and passionate. You make me so happy.

Olivia: I do?

Natalia: You know you do.

Olivia: Yeah, I know. I just wanted to hear you say it.

Natalia: I know you do. Because you wanted the grand gesture and I... I don't know, should I get up and do my I love Olivia dance.

Olivia: Yeah, I'd like to see that, actually.

Natalia: Would that make you happy? (Laughter) I have to work on it first. Hi.

Olivia: Hi.

Natalia: How was your run?

Rafe: It was good.

Olivia: Hey, your mom says you got a job. Congratulations, where are you working?

Rafe: At a hardware store.

Natalia: Which is fabulous because it's a job and he did it all by himself.

Olivia: She is' very proud of you.

Natalia: Yes. You know what we should do? Celebrate.

Olivia: Yeah.

Natalia: Would you do that? Maybe go get Emma and then we could just all have dinner together.

Olivia: Oh, we'd love that. That would be... should I bring something?

Natalia: I don't know. I could see what we have inside and then maybe you could bring something. I have... I know have I corn on the cob.

Olivia: Okay.

Natalia: Does that sound good?

Rafe: I'll eat corn.

Natalia: Okay.

Rafe: I'm going to go take a shower. I'm a little... I'm a little sweaty.

Olivia: Well, dinner's a good idea.

Natalia: I... I think so.

Olivia: This is all going to work out.

Natalia: It was meant to.

Frank: I'm getting too old for this.

Matt: Don't say that because that means I'm getting too old, and I'm not.

Frank: Good for you, man. Then you can help me with that heavy one in the back.

Matt: All right, no problem. Family sad that you're moving out, getting your own place?

Frank: You know, actually, I think they're relieved. I just wanted to get a place on my own, you know, get a fresh start.

Matt: Yeah. Hey, I'm sorry about you and Natalia.

Frank: Yeah, well, you know, things happen for a reason.

Matt: Maybe there's somebody else out there for you, you know?

Frank: No, no, no thanks, no thanks.

Matt: Now look, you know what? You can't wait too long. You know what they say, just like riding a horse.

Frank: Well, there's an unfortunate metaphor.

Matt: (Laughs) Come on.

Phillip: Yeah, yeah, that's good. I'll see you in a bit.

Emma: Daddy?

Phillip: Hey, come here. Oh, oh, oh, there's my girl. How did you know I needed to see one of my best girls today?

Emma: I heard you across the hall.

Phillip: Oh, you did. Come here, sit down with me. Is your mom in there?

Emma: No.

Phillip: Are you alone?

Emma: No. Jane's here.

Phillip: Oh, okay. That's good.

Emma: She's on the phone.

Phillip: Good.

Emma: Want to come in? We have cookies.

Phillip: Oh, honey, I wish I could. I have to go visit your brother James.

Emma: Can I come, too?

Phillip: Um, you know, maybe next time. I got to talk to him about some guy stuff. I think you'd be bored.

Emma: Next time.

Phillip: Next time, okay. And you know, hey, we got summer coming up. We got all kinds of time to have fun.

Emma: Well, I have camp.

Phillip: Yeah, I know, your mom told me about that, but it's just for a couple of weeks, and then we'll have the whole summer. You know what I want you to you do? I want you to make a list of all the fun stuff that you want to do, and we'll do every little thing on that list.

Emma: (Laughs) Yay!

Phillip: Yay, good, okay. Well, sweetie, I got to go see James.

Emma: You're a really good daddy.

Phillip: You think so?

Emma: I know. Love you.

Phillip: I love you, too.

Lizzie: Whatever it is, we're here for you, right, Bill?

Bill: Yeah, right.

Rick: Well, I was really hoping to avoid this, but I guess there is no way, really, around it.

Lizzie: Come on, you can tell us anything.

Rick: Well, it's about the barbecue.

Bill: Oh, wait, the Fourth of July barbecue?

Rick: Is there another barbecue, Bill? It's the biggest party in town. Everybody knows that.

Lizzie: Do you need the Spauldingís to host it?

Rick: Oh, no, I don't know need... no, I just need two responsible people to take care of the kids' games.

Bill: Are you... wait, I'm sorry, are you... are you being serious right now?

Rick: Yes.

Bill: You come to us like you have six months to live and you want to talk about kids barbecue games.

Rick: The kids program... the kids games are very, very important to me. This is a big commitment, Bill.

Lizzie: Oh, oh, oh.

Bill: Oh, oh.

Rick: Okay, when I was a kid... when I was a kid, a hundred years ago, Noah was in charge of the kids' games. And she had me playing duck, duck goose all day long, okay. By myself. I ran around in circles so much, I was dizzy for two days so no, no...

Bill: Duck, duck, goose.

Rick: Exactly.

Bill: Not at all. Dodge ball.

Rick: Dodge ball would be a good start.

Bill: That's a good...

Rick: See, he's smart.

Lizzie: (Laughs)

Rick: So, what do you say? Will you do it?

Lizzie: We're... we're in.

Rick: You're Springfieldís most responsible couple. I know you guys would do a great job. Thank you.

Lizzie: All right, I'll... I'll start researching right away.

Rick: Good.

Bill: Research?

Lizzie: Well, I have to come up with a list, a list of options.

Bill: See?

Lizzie: Yeah.

Bill: Great. I know you'll do a great job, Bill. Okay, thank you.

Lizzie: No problem. You can... you can count on us.

Bill: Thank you entrusting us with this huge responsibility. That's dodge ball. You got to dodge. Oh.

Lizzie: (Laughs)

Ashlee: Hey.

Daisy: Hey.

Ashlee: James says hi.

Daisy: Oh. How is he doing?

Christina: He seems okay.

Ashlee: Yeah. I mean, he actually seems to be enjoying this, like, he feels like the bad boy.

Christina: He is a bad boy. He broke the law. But he did say that he didn't use any of the stolen money to take us to Universal.

Ashlee: Yeah, it was Alanís money.

Daisy: Good.

Christina: He also mentioned that you brought him cake.

Daisy: Yeah. It was old cake. It was in my bag.

Ashlee: Mm-hmm. Okay.

Daisy: What? I didn't know what else to do with it. I didn't want it to go to waste.

Christina: Okay.

Beth: Buzz, what's your special?

Buzz: Today, moussaka.

Beth: How about pasta, you got any pasta?

Buzz: Pasta? Well, I could get some linguini, put that with some vegetables, how's that?

Beth: That sounds good. I'll take that to go.

Buzz: This is your third time here in this restaurant today. What... you're hungry?

Beth: No, not for me, for James. Breakfast, lunch and now dinner. Jail food's not very good.

Buzz: That's why it's jail, you know. If it were good cuisine then everyone... how's the kid holding up?

Beth: How would you be if your father sent to you prison?

Buzz: I'll be right back with your order.

Phillip: James, James, I got... I got permission for you to have one of these in your cell.

James: I've got one.

Phillip: Oh, you got one. Oh, good, well, that's good. Um, you doing okay? Are you holding up okay in here?

James: A little late to worry about that.

Phillip: I actually didn't think the food was all that bad when I was in here.

James: I don't know. I haven't tried it. Mom's been bringing me all my meals.

Phillip: James, I know that this is hard, but eventually you're going to see that these lessons that you're learning right now are going to be invaluable.

James: Eventually, you'll learn how much I hate you.

Beth: I brought you fries to go with your pasta. I know that's kind of weird, but they're good.

James: Thanks, Mom.

Beth: And I'm having a pillow and blanket delivered from the Beacon.

James: You don't have to.

Beth: Honey, I would do anything for you. I know pillows and blankets aren't much but...

D.A.: Mr. Spaulding, I thought your attorney would be here. I phoned him.

James: You can start without him. Just tell me what I need to know.

Beth: No, honey, you should wait for counsel.

D.A.: I was going to hand over a list of the charges: 312 counts of fraud against individuals, 312 counts of personal theft, and he's in violation of the anti-fraud provisions of the securities acts of 1933, 1934 and 1940.

Beth: These charges carry a sentence of up to 850 years in prison.

James: What?

D.A.: That's only if he's found guilty of all counts. Chances are he won't receive the maximum.

Beth: Oh, so I should feel happy that he'll only spend 375 years in prison.

D.A.: There's nothing to be happy about. Your son hurt a lot of people.

Beth: Honey, I don't want you to worry, okay? We're going to fight this. These charges won't stick.

James: But I'm guilty. Mom, I'm going to... I'm going to go to prison.

Rick: Yeah, it's always hard to play one-on-one basketball by yourself.

Phillip: Hey.

Rick: Hey.

Phillip: I'm not sure what to do.

Rick: Well, the first thing is you don't wear a, you know, a suit to play basketball. That's the first thing. The second thing is you just dribble.

Phillip: I'm talking about James, Rick. I put my son in jail.

Rick: Yeah, that's got to be harsh for you.

Phillip: Yeah, well, itís... it's not about me, it's about him. And apparently, it's not harsh enough. Because he's not even reacting. I can't seem to find a way to make him understand what he's done. I don't want him to go through his entire life not feeling any emotion about anything.

Rick: Are you saying he's not feeling anything?

Phillip: I don't know what he's feeling, Rick. I can't tell.

Rick: You're doing everything you can from what I can see.

Phillip: He scares the hell out of me. Because right now, he has got no regard for anybody or anything. It's like... you know, he just does whatever he feels like. There are no rules.

Rick: He has no rules?

Phillip: None.

Rick: Yeah, I wonder where he got that from?

Bill: Up at the plate, Bill Lewis... Lewis... Lewis.

Lizzie: Okay, ready?

Bill: Oh.

Lizzie: We can't have the kids play baseball if the coach sucks.

Bill: Wait a minute. It's the pitcher, okay? Don't blame me. It's the pitcher. Now just put it right over, like, here. That's what I'm talking about. What did I teach you earlier? Come on, baby. Come on, baby. Oh my, God.

Lizzie: That was right down the middle.

Bill: Who are you throwing to, Amy in accounting? Come on, get real, get focused.

Lizzie: Hey, batter, batter, batter, batter. Hey, batter, batter, batter, batter.

Bill: Oh, see, now if you're going to taunt me, I'm just... I'm just going to go home.

Lizzie: It is not my problem if you are a sore loser.

Bill: Oh, I will show you a sore loser.

Lizzie: Uh-huh, yeah?

Marsha: Mr. Lewis, I need you to sign...

Bill: Hey, hey.

Lizzie: Hey.

Marsha: Sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt anything.

Bill: You didn't, you didn't, Marsha.

Marsha: Okay, so I'm just going to leave these outside your office. You need to sign them.

Bill: Okay.

Marsha: Okay.

Bill: Thank you. We need to take this somewhere else.

Matt: Hey, I'm sorry to cut out early on you, but I got to get Maureen signed up for the Fourth of July float.

Frank: Good for you, good for you. She' s adorable, man.

Matt: Thanks.

Frank: Hey Matt, thanks for coming out to help me.

Matt: Yeah, anytime. You going to be okay here?

Frank: Yeah, yeah, I'm good. I'm just going to give Rafe a call and see if he can come over and help me.

Matt: Okay. Serious, when you're ready to, you know, get out a little bit, we'll have a couple of beers. You let me know. I'll be the wing man, huh?

Frank: I appreciate it, thanks. That's some nice wheels you got there. Real babe magnet. (Laughs)

Matt: (Phony accent) Frank, you do not laugh. The girls, they love this bike.

Frank: Take care, man.

Matt: Okay.

Frank: Don't break the speed limit. Hey, Rafe, it's Frank. Listen, I could use a hand here, buddy. Why don't you just come on over or call me, anything, man, okay? I'll see you then, take care. (Cell phone vibrates)

Natalia: Okay, I'll just make some potato salad to go with the chicken. And then, if you want, you can bring a green salad and some dessert.

Olivia: Okay. This is a good idea.

Natalia: It is. Afterward, we can pop some popcorn. We can watch a movie.

Olivia: Emma would love that. I would love that.

Natalia: This is all going to work out.

Olivia: It is going to work out.

Natalia: Yeah.

Olivia: So what time is dinner?

Natalia: Two hours?

Olivia: Okay.

Natalia: All right.

Olivia: I'll see you then.

Natalia: Bye.

Matt: Hey.

Olivia: Hi, how are you?

Matt: Good, just signed Maureen up for the Fourth of July float. Are you going to sign up Emma?

Olivia: I... yeah, I should do that. It's a good idea. I'll do it next time I'm around here.

Matt: Yeah.

Olivia: Yeah.

Matt: Well, I'd... I'd offer you a ride, but there's handlebar laws here in Springfield, you know?

Olivia: Is that right?

Matt: Yeah.

Olivia: It's okay, I don't mind walking.

Matt: You mind some company? I'll... I'll walk with you.

Olivia: You don't have to.

Matt: No, no, I want to.

Natalia: Hi.

Frank: Hi. Is... is Rafe with you?

Natalia: Oh, no. Is he supposed to be helping you?

Frank: Well, yeah, I called him, but no big deal. I'm almost done, so...

Natalia: I can help you out for a little while.

Frank: No, no, no.

Natalia: I can just... you know.

Frank: I got it, thanks.

Natalia: Okay.

Frank: I'll take one of those, though.

Natalia: Yeah, good, because they're for you. I wanted to come by and say thank you. Rafe's starting to do a little bit better, and I know that that has a lot to do with the time that you've been spending with him.

Frank: He's a good kid.

Natalia: He likes you, too.

Frank: Thanks.

Natalia: Okay. So if I do see Rafe, I will tell him to call you or get over here, okay?

Frank: Great, thank you.

Natalia: Okay.

Frank: Bye.

Rafe: Olivia? Olivia, can you open up please? I want to talk to you.

Jane: Oh, hey, Rafe.

Rafe: Hey, again. Is Olivia here? I kind of want to speak to her about something.

Emma: Oh, hi, Rafe. Come on in.

Rafe: Hey.

Jane: Hey, Emma. Since Rafe is here, I'm going to go see my friend. The one we don't tell Mommy about. Olivia doesn't like me to date hotel employees.

Rafe: Whatever, it's fine. I'll go. What's up, little one?

Emma: You want to play video games?

Rafe: Sure. Hey, what's that from?

Emma: That's from family day. I took it at school. I wrote a paper. Everyone loved it.

Rafe: Can I see it?

Emma: Here you go.

Rafe: You got an A.

Emma: Uh-huh.

Rafe: What's my mom doing at your family day?

Emma: We all live together, and Natalia is my mom's best friend.

Rafe: Best friend? Best friends, like, best friends like Jane and her friend.

Emma: No, silly, it's different. It's not a secret that our moms like each other. Everyone knows that they're BFFs.

Lizzie: You know, we could make t-shirts.

Bill: T-shirts, what do you want to make t-shirts for?

Lizzie: So people know what team they are. You know, team Lizzie, team loser.

Bill: Oh, thatís... see thatís... you know what that is? Unnecessary. It's hurtful. Okay, we have to teach these kids about sportsmanship. I don't want to see the inner Spaulding coming out of you during game time.

Lizzie: Whatever, Lewisís are just as competitive as Spauldingís.

Ashlee: Hey, guys.

Lizzie: Hey.

Christina: Hey.

Ashlee: What are you doing?

Lizzie: Bill and I are in charge of the kids' games at the Bauer barbecue.

Ashlee: Oh, that's so fun. I want to help.

Lizzie: Okay.

Christina: I've never been to the Bauer barbecue.

Bill: Well, I tell you something, you are in for a treat. You got Rick making bad burgers.

Lizzie: Yeah.

Bill: Someone gets into a fight.

Lizzie: Or married.

Bill: Married, yes, yes, yes. And everyone comes, basically, right? Even Alan shows up, even though he is never invited.

Lizzie: Yeah. It's fun.

Bill: It's going to be a good time, but listen, thank you for coming down here. We want to go over some games with you guys. We want you to be our testers, if you're not too busy, cool?

Christina: I think we can do that.

Bill: All right, excellent. (Laughter) Let's get started, okay?

Christina: Okay.

Bill: Let's stretch out properly. (Giggling)

Buzz: Hi. How are you holding up?

James: Okay.

Buzz: Your mom forgot dessert so...

James: Thanks. She likes to feed me.

Buzz: Well, you know. She's your mom. (Laughs) it's quite a stunt you pulled. I... I... how long were you working on that?

James: 18 months, more or less.

Buzz: 18 months? Wow, that's impressive. It shows some initiative. Maybe next time you can use that initiative on something that's legal, good for all.

James: Yeah, maybe. I guess I could.

James: Well, you know, actually at your age, I think I would have done the same thing.

Rick: Go ahead. Take a shot.

Phillip: You know, wait... wait until you have a teenage son. You'll find out.

Rick: I have a teenage daughter. You don't know what terror is.

Beth: Well, this is nice. Your son's sitting in jail, and you're out here playing hoops with your best friend like nothing's going on. (Cell phone rings)

Rick: Oh, hospital. I got to... we'll... another time. I'll catch up. Good seeing you, Beth.

Beth: So, thought you'd like to know, D.A. stopped by with a list of charges. It's looking like James could be sentenced up to 850 years in prison.

Phillip: What?

Beth: Yeah.

Phillip: Well, look... I... I don't know what's going on with that, but that... that will never stick. I mean, they always... they always charge a lot more than they know they can win.

Beth: Oh, oh, so... so I should feel okay because he won't be found guilty on all the charges.

Phillip: No, I mean... that's not what I am saying.

Beth: You know what? You need to figure out what you are saying. Because thanks to you, our son may end up spending the rest of his life in prison.

Phillip: Thank you for seeing me, I appreciate it.

D.A.: I'm obligated to meet with the citizens of Springfield when they have a concern.

Phillip: Well, I tell you, I'm not so much here as a citizen as I am a father.

D.A.: I understand. I hope you understand that I can't discuss the details of your son's case.

Phillip: Yeah, no, I donít...I don't want to talk about the details. I just would like to try to understand the charges. Why are there so many?

D.A.: There were that many crimes committed. James may have formed only one company, but it affected a few hundred citizens.

Phillip: Yeah, but it's a little severe to be going after him on over 600 counts, don't you think?

D.A.: Excuse me, Mr. Spaulding, I'm confused. Aren't you the one who turned your son in? Didn't you expect him to be punished?

Phillip: Yes, and I want him to pay a price for what he did. I just don't think that price should be the rest of his life.

D.A.: Mr. Spaulding, your son is a rich kid who took money from people who live paycheck to paycheck. It's my job to see that he's prosecuted to the full extent of the law. America's had enough of you greedy bastards getting rich off the rest of us. Thank you for coming in.

Daisy: Rafe, hi. Are you headed to help Frank move?

Rafe: No, no.

Daisy: Going to the mall?

Rafe: No.

Daisy: Where are you going?

Rafe: I don't know. I don't know.

Daisy: Are you okay?

Rafe: I don't know. I don't know. Can I ask you a question? You remember that time, a long time ago, when my mother walked down the aisle up to the altar with Frank and then she kind of ran out.

Daisy: Yeah.

Rafe: You remember that?

Daisy: Yeah, I was there.

Rafe: You were there. Okay, you remember it. Okay, good. I want to know why. Why? Why run away? Why couldn't she have just told Frank sometime before the wedding that she didn't want to marry him?

Daisy: Well, maybe she didn't realize until right then. I mean, maybe she changed her mind all of a sudden.

Rafe: No, people don't do that, people don't just change... or do they? Do you just, out of nowhere, suddenly change your mind from one thing to the next?

Daisy: I change my mind, like, every day.

Rafe: You do. I donít... I don't understand.

Daisy: Yeah, I think it's just that women are complicated. We're hard to understand.

Rafe: That's true.

Daisy: Yeah.

Rafe: I need a hug. Okay?

Natalia: So I just... I just wanted to come visit and let you know that we're all doing okay. I know that you've probably seen that Rafe was having a hard time, but I think things are turning around. And you probably know, you know, about the rest of what's going on with me and Olivia. It's really good, Gus. It makes me really happy, and I know that that would make you happy. So, um, I'll see you. You watch out for Rafe for me, okay?

Matt: Did you see that Al Gore movie?

Olivia: Yeah, I did.

Matt: When I saw that I thought, you know, I got... I got to do something. That's when I bought... I bought the bike. Started riding everywhere. You know what? It's pretty great. Because you get out, you see people, you meet your neighbors like you, and me. This is... this is nice, right?

Olivia: It's very nice.

Matt: You know what? We should... do you hike?

Olivia: I do.

Matt: We should get together and... and hike sometime.

Olivia: Yes, but I... you know, the thing is that right now I have a lot going on. So thank you so much for carrying my sack.

Matt: Sure, sure.

Olivia: I know it's heavy. And I have to get going. I... I have to be somewhere.

Matt: Yeah, me, too. I got to meet Bill and Lizzie. But it's good walking with you.

Olivia: You, too. Thanks again.

Matt: All right, take care.

Frank: Lynn, I got this table.

Lynn: Oh, thanks, Frankie.

Frank: Okay.

Buzz: Frank? Shouldn't you be unpacking?

Frank: You know, I decided to take a little break. So... everything's going pretty well.

Buzz: Well, okay, you know, if you need a hand.

Frank: Well, you know Pop, Mattís been helping me.

Buzz: So, tomorrow you wake up in your new place.

Frank: Yeah, fresh start I guess.

Buzz: You know Iím gonna miss you.

Frank: Everything happens for a reason. Iím gonna take a walk.

Buzz: You know Frank, if you need anything, Iím here.

Frank: I know and I love you.

Buzz: Iím gonna miss that kid

Rick: That was tense. Did she yell at you?

Phillip: No, the D.A.

Rick: You can't leave the house, man. We're men, we're always wrong.

Phillip: You know what? I... I just tried to teach my son a lesson, and now he's looking at 850 years in jail.

Rick: See that's ridiculous.

Phillip: Yes it's ridiculous. It's crazy. I just wanted him to understand that... that actions have consequences. There are some rules. You can't trash the whole system.

Rick: We didn't know that when we were his age.

Phillip: No, we didnít. Which is why I wanted him to learn it now. But not if it means he's got to spend the rest of his life behind bars!

Rick: You got to fix it, man. You just can't let that happen.

Phillip: Oh, good, yeah, how do I do that?

Rick: I don't know. But you set it in motion, and you got to stop it.

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