GL Transcript Thursday 6/11/09

Guiding Light Transcript Thursday 6/11/09


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Previously on "Guiding Light"...

Rafe: How am I supposed to get a job if all I am is the neighborhood's friendly little convict?

Olivia: Maybe the best thing is just to tell him the truth.

Natalia: Not yet.

Shayne: Somebody had to stop Edmund. Nobody is going to blame you if that's the case, so go tell the cops.

Dinah: We're doing a story out here today, specifically on the murder weapon.

Officer: I'm sure it is in there.

Dinah: Thank you.

Rafe: Go ahead.

Natalia: Mmm. That's so good.

Rafe: Delicious.

Natalia: Don't you wish you could have one?

Rafe: Yes. Mom, look, you don't have to sit here and drink with us to prove to me that you worry about me. I get it.

Natalia: I'm not here as your nagging mother. I'm here because I want to hang out.

Rafe: You want to hang out?

Natalia: Yeah, yeah, knock a few back and have a couple laughs, you know, whatever.

Rafe: Whatever. I'm going to go to the restroom, okay?

Frank: Knock a few back?

Natalia: What is the problem?

Frank: There's no... there's no problem. I can handle this. I'll make sure Rafe doesn't get in any trouble, all right?

Natalia: I'm fine.

Frank: I know you're fine. But you're his mother. The poor kid's having trouble adjusting right now. He just needs to get out. And I have no problem staying with him, okay?

Natalia: Okay, well, I want to be here. I am totally okay here. I used to work here. And a lot of other places like it. So I know my way around a bar.

Frank: If you say so.

Olivia: What are you doing here?

Blake: I love this store. This stuff is great. I mean, they... actually, they have more in the back.

Olivia: Is that right? I... look, I just... I was browsing. I wasn't really going to buy anything.

Blake: It was kind of weird when I first got anything like this, but I got to tell you, it's been a while since Ross, so...

Olivia: I understand. No, I donít... I don't need this. I have plenty of opportunities.

Blake: Oh, well, it's not about opportunities. I mean, I have opportunities. Itís... it's about what is out there and who, and having control over it, and I don't know, just fitting into your schedule.

Olivia: No, no, no. I donít... I don't spend a lot of time thinking about it.

Blake: Well, if you do think about it, this... this little number that you just were hanging on to, not very good, doesn't work.

Olivia: Really?

Blake: Yeah. The silver one? Extremely satisfactory.

Olivia: Oh, it's heavy.

Blake: Yeah.

Olivia: God.

Marina: One more?

Shayne: No, thank you.

Marina: What's up? You look intense.

Shayne: Yeah? Kind of can't help but feeling like all this is my fault.

Marina: Did you kill Edmund?

Shayne: No, I did not kill Edmund.

Marina: It's not your fault.

Shayne: Are you sure about that? Didn't I open up the door for him to come back into our lives? And isn't my mom paying for that now? What are you doing? What's wrong with you?

Marina: See, your reflexes taught you to catch that. I think you need to stop thinking with your head. I think you need to go with your gut.

Shayne: Yeah. Right now, my gut is telling me that I need to find a way to fix this for my mom.

Marina: I think what your mom needs right now is for you to support her.

Shayne: No, I don't think so. I've been over there too much. I think my mom's getting sick of of seeing me right now.

Marina: I seriously doubt that because mothers always like to have their children around. I know. In fact, we're going to go right now. Lynn, you can take care of the restaurant?

Lynn: Sure.

Marina: Let's go see your mom.

Shayne: See you, Lynn.

Josh: Well, this has got to be some kind of mistake, right?

Jeffrey: Well, maybe Rick will be able to clear things up.

Jeffrey: Hey, Rick.

Rick: Hey, never a moment to myself. I hope this is important because I'm having lunch. What is it? What's going on?

Jeffrey: It seems that Edmund Winslow has been cremated.

Josh: Yeah, you guys were holding his body here until the investigation was finished. And then he was supposed to be sent off to San Cristobel to be buried. Who ordered the cremation?

Rick: I don't know who'd do that. I have no idea.

Jeffrey: There is an ongoing police investigation.

Rick: Uh-huh. I know that. Well, I'll tell you what, let me just... let me just go back and check if this is accurate.

Jeffrey: Don't bother.

Josh: Yeah, we already looked. There's no body back there.

Rick: Oh, no, you don't know all the places to look. Follow me, guys.

Jeffrey: This is not good.

Mallet: Yeah, okay, thanks. All right, Reva, I sent a cruiser over to your house, but I got to tell you, you didn't give us much to go on here. We got two guys, no height, no weight, no race. It's tough to pinpoint anyone.

Reva: Well, why don't you look for two guys running down the street carrying spray paint cans? How about you look for that.

Mallet: Reva, why don't you calm down?

Reva: I'm trying to calm down here! I thought this whole thing was going to calm down. That I was going to be cleared of this. And you were going to find out who really killed Edmund.

Mallet: The evidence says I have.

Reva: All I want is a normal life, Mallet. I want to take my son to day care. I want to go to a yoga class. I want to come back home and find Jeffrey grilling in the yard. How am I going to get that?

Mallet: You probably won't until this case is solved.

Reva: So my life is going to stay like this until you can find someone else to pin this on.

Mallet: Pin this on? How about until I find the murderer?

Reva: What would happen if I confessed? What is that?

Mallet: You said you wanted to confess.

Reva: No, that's not what I said. I said, "What would happen if I did confess?"

Mallet: Ah-ha! Well, you would make an official statement, covering the details of the crime you committed, and the reasons you committed it. And then I run around and make sure your story checks out.

Reva: And if I did confess, all the accounts I gave before wouldn't be held against me.

Mallet: That's right. If your most recent statement was credible. And then if I had enough to call it self-defense, I would relay that to the court. But then that's pretty much where I'd have to hand it off. But because like those TV shows, you know, the first half hour is called "Law," and the second half hour is called "Order."

Reva: Yeah, well, I only watch the last five minutes.

Mallet: Last five minutes. What good is that?

Reva: Because all that matters is who wins.

Mallet: Reva?

Reva: Hmm?

Mallet: How long are you going to keep going like this? (Baby crying)

Reva: You're right, it's time for a change. Colin, he's wet.

Mallet: Oh, you have nothing else to say.

Reva: Not right now.

Jeffrey: Well, is Edmund a pile of dust or not?

Rick: I don't know. Listen, guys, I'm sorry about the confusion.

Josh: How hard could it possibly be to run a morgue? I mean, it's not like the bodies are going anywhere.

Rick: Well, some move and twitch long after they're dead.

Jeffrey: Rick. My wife's life is at stake here.

Rick: I know. Look, it was a clerical error. I... that's all I can tell you.

Josh: So you're sure?

Rick: Yes, John Doe got mixed up with Edmund.

Jeffrey: All right, we're going to need access to the ashes.

Rick: Unfortunately, whoever was en route to San Cristobel was supposed to be scattered across Springfield Lake. So it appears that Edmundís ashes had been swimming with the fishes for a couple hours.

Jeffrey: This is unbelievable.

Rick: I'm sorry.

Josh: Clerical error. Do you believe that?

Jeffrey: No. Someone wanted Edmund incinerated before his body could tell the rest of the story.

Marina: Oh my God. Shayne, don't go in there, okay, you don't know who's inside. Shayne?

Shayne: Mom, Mom, Mom! Mom, are you here? Jeffrey! No one's here.

Marina: There's no cars out here either.

Shayne: I hope she hasn't seen this.

Marina: I'm so sorry. Are you okay?

Shayne: No, I'm not okay. This is exactly what I'm talking about. When is it going to stop? When is she going to stop paying for my mistakes?

Marina: Come on, let's clean it up.

Dinah: What are you doing, Dinah? What are you doing?

Mallet: Hey, what have you got there?

Rafe: Hey, guys. Mom, don't you have to be at like church or work or something like that?

Frank: Rafe.

Rafe: What?

Natalia: It's fine. No, he doesn't think that I belong here. It's totally fine. Excuse me.

Bartender: Yes, ma'am?

Natalia: Can I have a shot please?

Rafe: What? Mom, no.

Natalia: A shot, please.

Bartender: Of?

Natalia: Um... surprise me.

Rafe: Ma, you've never had a shot in your life.

Natalia: Of course, I've had a shot.

Rafe: Okay.

Natalia: Thanks. Cheers.

Rafe: Chug.

Natalia: (Coughs)

Rafe: That's smooth, Ma.

Frank: She'll... she'll have another one.

Natalia: It's fine, very funny. Strong one. All right. So which one of you wants me to whip their butt in pool?

Rafe: You don't play pool.

Natalia: You don't know everything about me.

Rafe: All right, all right, yeah.


Blake: Oh, dear. You, my dear, should have gotten the red one because it looked really good on you.

Olivia: I think the red one was a little much. I've got wine, would you like some?

Blake: Oh! Okay, yeah, half a glass. I still have to go back to work and, you know, and burn off an awful lot of empty calories.

Olivia: Oh, yeah, calories. I should think of that.

Blake: So the next time you are at that store, go to the back. So many more choices.

Olivia: Yeah. I don't even know what I'm going to do with this one, so... cheers.

Blake: Oh, yes you do. You know what you are going to do with this one.

Olivia: I donít... I don't know that I need this one, thatís...

Blake: Well, yeah, all I can say is that it works. It works for me. Saves... saves me from making a lot of bad choices.

Olivia: Well, you know, not all my choices are bad. I turned down sex with Josh Lewis.

Blake: Oh, really?

Olivia: Yup.

Blake: He's very sexy.

Olivia: Yup.

Blake: I find him very attractive.

Olivia: He is. Just not what I'm looking for.

Blake: I don't know how you can be so blasť about sex. I miss it.

Olivia: Oh, I miss it too.

Blake: Yeah, you know, it took me a while after Ross died. But eventually, I realized that it's just who I am. I mean it's a big part of who I am.

Olivia: I understand the feeling. Uh-huh.

Blake: And how you can just give it up to easily?

Olivia: Who's giving it up? I was... I was sick. I, you know, I had to do the whole heart thing.

Blake: You have Gus' heart.

Olivia: And then, you know, recovery and taking care of Emma, you know.

Blake: Are you telling me you haven't had sex since before Gus died?

Olivia: Well, when you put it that way it makes it sound like it's a really long time.

Blake: Honey, that is a long time.

Olivia: It is. It is, okay, so how long do you hold out? I mean, do you just wait for the love of your life. I mean, it's just sex.

Blake: On the other hand, I miss Ross every single day. I think he'll always be the love of my life. I'd give up sex in an instant just to have one hour with him.

Natalia: Thank you. Today was the best day that I have had with my son since he's been home. And I don't expect it to be easy. And I'm ready and willing to take whatever steps I have to to help him. So I just wanted to thank you for that little bit of progress. (Sighs) Amen. Um, also, he's going to need a little help maybe finding a job. Thank you. Amen.

Mallet: What the hell are you doing?

Dinah: You can see what's inside the bag.

Mallet: Burning evidence? You know very nice cops have worked very, very hard to collect this stuff.

Dinah: I was trying to get rid of the pipe.

Mallet: The pipe is not in there.

Dinah: It's not? All right, my bad.

Mallet: Is that your defense if I brought you in right now and arrested you? Your defense would be, "All right, my bad."

Dinah: Look, Jeffrey says that Reva is being set up for Edmundís murder.

Mallet: Well, I'm aware of that. But what are you doing here? Why are you doing this?

Dinah: I was trying to prove myself to Shayne.

Mallet: By destroying evidence?

Dinah: I said that I... I am upset about Reva being in jail. But I could not bear it if I saw Shayne go to jail.

Mallet: Still, Dinah, Revaís not going to jail because you sent her there.

Dinah: Exactly, exactly. Somebody does not send her to jail and then decide to burn what would save her, okay? So...

Mallet: Right, exactly, right.

Dinah: Okay.

Mallet: And is that what you would tell Shayne when he comes down to post your bail?

Dinah: My only crime here, today, is faulty logic.

Mallet: Oh, boy. Be glad, be very, very glad that I'm the one that found you.

Dinah: Yes. Can I just have my bag back please? You're not going to give me back my bag, are you?

Mallet: No.

Dinah: Okay, all right. Okay.

Jeffrey: Okay so someone kills Edmund and then puts the murder weapon in Revaís trunk, does that make sense?

Josh: Yeah, cover your tracks, implicate someone else.

Jeffrey: You know, if you really wanted to do a cover-up job, cremation would get the job done.

Josh: But why scatter the ashes over the lake?

Jeffrey: Well, there is something you can find in ashes. D.N.A. and if we had Edmundís ashes we could have run a D.N.A. test.

Josh: To prove what?

Jeffrey: Josh, what if those ashes weren't Edmundís? What if that body wasn't his?

Josh: So where is Edmund?

Jeffrey: Good question.

Reva: Hi.

Shayne: Hi. I was hoping to have this cleaned up before you got here.

Reva: You know what? It doesn't matter, it's sweet of you, it really is, but I already saw it. And it's no big deal, right, Colin? It's no big deal.

Shayne: What are you talking about? This is a big deal.

Reva: Yeah, actually, it really did piss me off enough so that I went to the police station to confess. (Laughs)

Shayne: What are you... don't laugh right now, please. What are you talking about? You told me you didn't do it.

Reva: Well, that's why I didn't confess. But it is really starting to get to me!

Shayne: Okay. Okay so, what are you going to do?

Reva: I'm going to find the bastard who really did kill Edmund Winslow. Okay, baby, I want you to stay asleep because I may be saying some things that you don't want to hear. My name is Reva Shayne OíNeill. And I'm being accused of murdering a man by the name of Edmund Winslow. However, I didn't do it. But somebody out there did. So all I'm asking is that you come out of hiding and man-up, now. I guess we'll see how long it takes for someone to spray paint the house again, huh?

Jeffrey: If Edmund were still alive, he could be the one setting up Reva.

Josh: Shayne I.D.'ed the body.

Jeffrey: Shayne and Remy and Mallet just got a quick look at that body. Besides it was submerged underwater.

Josh: You're suggesting Edmund found a look alike? I mean, come on, Jeffrey.

Jeffrey: Yes, it's Edmund. And if Edmund were alive, he could've very easily put his own blood on that murder weapon and put the murder weapon in Revaís trunk.

Josh: Okay, so our job now is to either find Edmund or at the very least prove that he's still out there somewhere.

Jeffrey: Well, it is just a theory.

Josh: Yes, but it's a good theory. Reva couldn't have possibly killed Edmund if Edmundís not dead, right?

Mallet: I believe these belong to you.

Shayne: What's going on here?

Mallet: And I trust that you'll get rid of that and you'll also deal with this, all right? I've got to get back to work.

Shayne: Hard work setting up my mom. You should run off, get to it.

Mallet: I don't know what's going on between you two. But do me a favor, work on it, okay. And stop getting in the way of my investigation.

Shayne: Bye. All right, hey, hey, what was that about?

Dinah: Oh, he was in a mood. He might have, maybe, caught me trying to burn that place down the S.P.D. keeps their evidence at.

Marina: Hey.

Frank: Hey, baby girl.

Marina: You are never going to believe what I... you smell like booze.

Frank: Easy, I was keeping an eye on Rafe today?

Marina: While you were drinking?

Frank: Is there something you were going to tell me?

Marina: Yes, actually. I just came back from Revaís house. You are never going believe what I saw. Somebody actually spray-painted the word "murderer" all over her house.

Frank: Did they catch them?

Marina: I don't know.

Blake: Oh, hey, guys.

Marina: Hey.

Blake: Sorry, I'm late. I just... I was out shopping with Olivia and, you know.

Marina: Well, what did you buy?

Blake: Girl... girl stuff.

Olivia: (Sighs) Okay. This is stupid!

Natalia: Look at you.

Rafe: It needed to be done.

Natalia: I was going to do it, I just, I had to go to work.

Rafe: No, no, don't worry about it, I'll take care of it. And I'll do it tomorrow, too.

Natalia: Okay. I'll remember you said that.

Rafe: Yeah.

Natalia: You want me to get you something to drink?

Rafe: No, I'm good. I'm okay.

Natalia: Okay.

Rafe: All right?

Natalia: Uh-huh.

Rafe: Ma.

Natalia: What?

Rafe: I had a good time with you and Frank today.

Natalia: Me, too.

Rafe: And I want to say that I know I can kind of be a handful, especially since I came back. But I mean, I really don't mean to give you a hard time.

Natalia: You're not. You're not giving me a hard time. You know, I just... I've just been trying to figure out, you know, what the right thing to do is, and...

Rafe: It helps me to talk to Frank and to hang out with him. You know, I have things that I'm still working through, and I like him. He's a good guy.

Natalia: Good.

Rafe: You know, I... I understand you don't love him, whatever, that's fine. But I just think it was... every once in a while I kind of, I could've seen him, like, being my dad or something like that.

Natalia: I didn't mean...

Rafe: No, Mom, I'm not trying to say anything. I'm just... I can see why you liked him.

Natalia: Yeah. I'm going to get you some juice or something, okay?

Rafe: Oh, Ma?

Natalia: Yeah.

Rafe: Some guy called earlier today.

Natalia: What, he didn't say who it was?

Rafe: Oh, no, it wasn't for you. It was for me, about an interview that I had earlier this week. About a job that I got.

Natalia: That you got?

Rafe: Yeah.

Natalia: Oh my, God. That's so great. Oh, I'm so happy.

Rafe: Ma, it's not that big a deal. It's not that big a deal. (Laughter) It's just a part-time job, like, at the storage part of a hardware store or something.

Natalia: Yeah, that's a job. It's a job, and you did it all by yourself.

Rafe: I did do it all by myself. It's true.

Natalia: Yes, and you know what's funny? I went to church today and I was talking to God and I thanked him for bringing you home to me.

Rafe: (Laughs)

Natalia: And I may have mentioned something about you getting a job. And look what he did.

Rafe: He's quick, huh.

Natalia: Yeah. He loves us, Rafe. He really loves us.

Rafe: He does.

Natalia: I'm so happy.

Rafe: I love you. Ma, Ma, stop. Don't do that. I'll do that later.

Natalia: No, no, I'm fine. I'm good.

Rafe: You sure?

Natalia: Yeah.

Rafe: All right. You don't mind if I go for a run really quick, do you?

Natalia: No, go right ahead.

Rafe: Yeah?

Natalia: Will you please just think about what you want for dinner, so I know.

Rafe: Okay.

Natalia: Okay.

Rafe: All right, love you.

Natalia: Bye. (Car door closes)

Olivia: Well, Rafe looked happy. I haven't seen a smile like that in a while.

Natalia: He got a job.

Olivia: Oh, that's great!

Natalia: Yeah, he did it all by himself, too. He didn't want any help.

Olivia: Oh, he's a good kid.

Natalia: He is. And I... I really feel like this is kind of a big turning point for him, you know? And that pretty soon he'll be more adjusted and then we won't have to wait any more.

Olivia: Well, that's what I wanted to tell you. Because I don't want to see our situation as waiting, you know? I just... I want to cherish every moment I have with you for whatever it is. That really sounded way too mushy.

Natalia: No, that's not too mushy. I love... I love hearing that. I do. And I love spending every second with you that I can. But I do want more.

Olivia: So do I. But you know, if we... if we never have more, if we end up just being two friends who love each other more than anything in this world, I'll still want it. I don't mind giving up other things just to be with you.

Mallet: Just put that on my desk, thanks. Oh!

Marina: Here.

Mallet: Oh, you are amazing.

Marina: Yeah, well, I used to work here, remember? I know the coffee stinks. How is your day going?

Mallet: Beautiful, beautiful. That's the best part. Reva nearly confessed today after someone spray-painted her house.

Marina: Yeah, I know. I just got back from her house. I was helping Shayne clean off "murderer" across her wall.

Mallet: Yeah.

Marina: That's not very nice.

Mallet: Yeah, it's not very nice. Nothing about this case is very nice. Although, my wife thinks I'm working way too hard and she brings me coffee.

Marina: Anything else happening?

Mallet: No, that's it. Pretty quiet day.

Shayne: All right, well, now I know why you didn't answer your phone.

Dinah: You were trying to call me?

Shayne: What exactly were you thinking with this?

Dinah: Same thing you were. Last December when you said that's the best way to get rid of evidence.

Shayne: Wait a minute, what were you trying to do with this, exactly?

Dinah: The pipe that killed Edmund was in that evidence shed. Things have only gotten worse for Reva, now that they found the pipe in her trunk. I was just trying to help.

Shayne: Come here. Listen to me, I'm trying to keep the people I love out of jail right now, okay? And I can only handle one at a time. I don't know what I would have done if Mallet had locked you up for this.

Dinah: He didnít.

Shayne: Okay, what I'm trying to tell you is I can't lose you, okay?

Dinah: You're not going to.

Josh: Hello, Blake, how's it going?

Blake: How's it going for you, huh?

Josh: Fine, thank you.

Blake: Yeah?

Josh: Yeah.

Blake: So is that all... is that all you want, just coffee?

Josh: Yeah.

Blake: Because I'm... I'm more than happy to get you anything you want. Anything, anything at all.

Josh: Thank you, that's good to know.

Blake: I'm glad.

Josh: Okay. Could you excuse me for just one second?

Blake: Yeah, no problem.

Josh: Thank you. Frank?

Frank: What's up, buddy?

Josh: If Edmund wasn't dead, what would that mean, exactly?

Frank: Well, that would mean he is dumbledore, Josh, and he's not.

Jeffrey: Reva?

Reva: Hi.

Jeffrey: What's going on? The cops are parked outside. The house is all wet.

Reva: I handled it.

Jeffrey: You handled... you handled it? That's not an answer.

Reva: Colin and I were in the park, we were taking a walk and when I came back, I caught two guys vandalizing the front of the house.

Jeffrey: Are you all right? Did they hurt you?

Reva: Yes, yes, they ran off like the chickens that they are, but they'd already spray-painted "murderer" on the front of the door. Marina and Shayne were cleaning up the mess when I got back.

Jeffrey: And the cops?

Reva: I went to Mallet and he said he'd station a car out in front of the house, which is why that car's sitting there. I considered confessing, but then I changed my mind because I realized I didn't do it. So I came in here and immediately blogged to the murderer that he's a coward. How was your day, dear?

Jeffrey: Well, my day started out with getting a court order to view Edmundís body because I wanted to see if I could find some more evidence. But when I got to the morgue, I got some news. It appears that Edmundís body was cremated and he was scattered all over the lake, his ashes.

Reva: Edmund was cremated?

Jeffrey: I think that Edmund might be setting you up for this murder.

Reva: Setting me up, from the grave.

Jeffrey: No, Edmund is not in the grave. And I don't think he's scattered over that lake either. Reva, I think Edmundís still alive.

Shayne: So, you were ready to break the law to get me to notice that you're there for me.

Dinah: You were upset about your mom. I just wanted to help.

Shayne: You do help. You help me every day. I'm sorry, I'm just so involved with my family that I don't think I've been paying enough attention to us.

Dinah: I didn't do this to get attention. I did this because you're my family. And I saw that you were hurting.

Shayne: Thank you. Doesn't make it okay, though, I need to remember that all of this is affecting you, too.

Dinah: Yeah.

Shayne: Yeah.

Dinah: Yeah. All right, I promise not to burn down any more buildings in order to help you.

Shayne: Promise?

Dinah: Promise.

Shayne: Cheers me on that.

Dinah: Cheers.

Shayne: What did you make those with, anyway?

Dinah: One part kerosene, two part gasoline, just like you told me.

Shayne: That's my girl. Give me a high five.

Dinah: (Laughs)

Shayne: That's my girl.

Josh: Hi there.

Mallet: Hey.

Josh: Did you know Edmundís in the lake?

Mallet: We found Edmund in the river.

Josh: No, I mean he's in the lake, right now. His body was cremated. His ashes were scattered there?

Mallet: What?!

Josh: Yeah. Actually, I can save you the phone call. The hospital is going to say it was a clerical error. Jeffrey and I don't think so.

Mallet: Jeffrey and you. I didn't know the Hardy Boys were on the case.

Josh: Well, when Nancy Drew is being framed for murder...

Mallet: Oh, man, oh, man, does Reva know about this?

Josh: Jeffrey is telling her right now, and I'm telling you. Now, someone obviously didn't want that body examined again. We think that someone might have been Edmund.

Mallet: (Laughs) Josh, I saw Edmundís body.

Josh: Or you saw something that looked like it.

Mallet: You're kidding me. You don't think Edmundís still alive?

Josh: I think anything's possible. Does it sound crazy? Yes. Do I think you should look into it? Yes, again.

Reva: Well, I don't know if it's good news or bad news. I mean, if Edmundís alive, then he's still a threat. But if he's dead, I'm still a murder suspect.

Jeffrey: Well, if anyone can pull it off, it would be Edmund. If he is out there, I promise you I'll get him. (Baby crying)

Reva: Oh, look, look. My baby, look, he's awake. Hi, sweetie pie, hi. I don't want him to grow up. I want him to stay little and perfect like this. Just like he is right now.

Blake: That's really awful. I mean, Reva must have been really scared, to have "murderer" painted on her house.

Marina: I know, can you imagine?

Blake: Jeez.

Marina: We stayed with her to make sure she felt okay before we left. But I don't know how you feel safe after that.

Frank: Okay, well, thanks for letting me know. That was probably one of the weirdest phone calls I've ever gotten.

Marina: What's up?

Frank: That was Mallet. He said someone accidentally cremated Edmundís body at the morgue.

Blake: How do you accidentally cremate a body?

Marina: You donít. You donít. Someone wanted Edmundís body gone.

Frank: They don't even know if it was Edmundís body in the first place.

Blake: This is really creepy, can we talk about something else? What did you do today, Frank?

Frank: I played a little pool with Rafe and, you know, hung out with him.

Marina: Yeah, how's he doing? He hung-over, too?

Frank: No, he's not hung-over, thank you very much. He's doing great, actually, you know? He called me, said he just got a job and, you know, things are finally settling down for that family.

Olivia: I miss this.

Natalia: I miss everything about us.

Olivia: You know, I think about you all the time. I can't think about anything else.

Natalia: I can't either. I do, and I feel like I'm always going to see you around every corner and I'm always looking for you and... for the back of your head. (Laughter)

Olivia: I wait all day for you to call me, and I can't take it anymore so I just call you.

Natalia: Well, I just call you and I listen your voice on voice-mail, and then I hang up. (Laughter) I'm so embarrassed.

Olivia: I think that's wonderful.

Natalia: But I want this. I want this all the time, you know? And...

Olivia: We might have to give up some things if we're going to be together.

Natalia: I don't want to give up anything. I donít... I want... I want all of it. I want all of the things that people in love share.

Olivia: I want that, too.

Coming up on "Guiding Light"...

Man: Mr. Spaulding, I thought your attorney would be here. I was going to hand over the list of charges.

Olivia: This is all going to work out.

Natalia: It was meant to.

Matt: Family sad, moving out, getting your own place.

Frank: Actually, I think they're relieved. I just want to get a place on my own, you know? Get a fresh start.

Beth: These charges carry a sentence of up to 850 years in prison.

Man: Your son hurt a lot of people.

Rafe: Ma, what the hell you doing?

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