GL Transcript Tuesday 6/9/09

Guiding Light Transcript Tuesday 6/9/09


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Previously on "Guiding Light"...

Natalia: My son just had another one of his dreams crushed.

Olivia: I honestly don't think it is a good idea that you coddle him.

James: Your mom is looking for you.

Rafe: She needs to get a life.

Mallet: I know everyone way too well, Jeffrey, Josh, Reva, Shayne.

Marina: Shayne?

Jeffrey: I'm here to get my wife.

Mallet: You got bail?

Jeffrey: Somebody is trying to set you up.

Reva: Somebody wants me to take the blame for Edmundís murder.

Natalia: Do not break these. I need... do I need this bowl? I need this bowl. I need to hurry up. I need Rafe.

Natalia: Rafe? Come on, we have to get to the church. We're going to be late. I need your help. Rafe? I thought you were up.

Rafe: I am up. Come on.

Natalia: Well, come on, get dressed, brush your teeth, let's go.

Rafe: Whoa, relax, please.

Natalia: Listen to me, we have to go. I am the head of the church cookie committee and I don't want people waiting for us.

Rafe: Mom, who's us? You have like a billion people to helping you over there, you don't need me.

Natalia: Rafe, I understand that it's been difficult since you got back. But sometimes the best way to make yourself feel better is to serve other people. And forget about your own problems.

Rafe: Mom, can I come later, please?

Natalia: No, I need your help, really, I got to go to the grocery store. I have to unload everything into the church kitchen. I can't do that by myself.

Rafe: Five minutes more.

Natalia: Not five minutes, now, now.

Rafe: No. Ma, I'm not ten years old, leave me alone.

Natalia: Let's go, let's go, let's go!

Olivia: Hey, Lynn.

Lynn: Good morning.

Olivia: Can I get a latte and toasted apple butter muffin please?

Lynn: Sure.

Josh: Lynn, bring Oliviaís muffin over here.

Olivia: Get your own muffin.

Josh: Come here. (Laughs) I'm not interested in your muffin at the moment. I just want some company.

Olivia: Okay. I got a few minutes, but you're buying.

Josh: Absolutely.

Olivia: So how's it going? How's Reva?

Josh: (Laughs) You know I dream of a day when people will stop asking me that question.

Olivia: I will never stop asking you that question.                                                            

Josh: I don't ask you about your ex's.

Olivia: I'm not in love with any of my exís.

Josh: Well that hurts. Okay, okay, okay, I can handle that. Let's just change the subject. How are you? How are you doing?

Olivia: Business is fine, it's good.

Josh: And?

Olivia: And nothing. I find myself in a holding pattern at the moment.

Josh: Really?

Olivia: Uh-huh.

Josh: Olivia Spencer without a project, how interesting.

Olivia: I didn't say I didn't have a project. I just can't do anything about it right now.

Josh: So you're looking for... you're looking for a way to fill your time.

Lynn: Excuse me, Olivia, here's your coffee.

Olivia: Thank you. That's my muffin, hands-off my muffin.

Reva: Hey.

Jeffrey: Good morning. Wow, this is quite a production.

Reva: Mm-hmm, I was going to go outside and garden, but there are reporters outside the door. So I'm trying not to notice them so I decided to make breakfast instead, normal, nice and normal.

Jeffrey: Sounds good to me. So what are we having.

Reva: Well, I have fresh squeezed orange juice, I have bacon in the oven and pancakes. I made a special one just for you. See? Look.

Jeffrey: What the heck is that?

Reva: That's a smiley face. Just trying to keep things normal.

Jeffrey: Well, you know what, Reva, this is a lot of things, but it's not normal, okay. It's a little scary.

Reva: Well, you know what, when Colin gets older, he's going to love that, so I'm practicing. Kids love that kind of stuff. Come on, it's cute.

Jeffrey: Well, my pancake is looking at me.

Reva: So eat the eyes and it won't be looking at you.

Jeffrey: I don't like the blueberry.

Reva: You are such a baby.

Jeffrey: I'm sorry.

Reva: And look at that, there a reporter right out there in our yard. Go away! Don't you know there are normal people who live in this house.

Jeffrey: Kind of hard to be normal when you have a murder charge hanging over your head.

Reva: It is. It really is.

Marina: Good morning.

Mallet: Good morning.

Marina: What is this doing here?

Mallet: I'm just reviewing everything. There something not right about this case and you know that I just had nothing. Ok! Nothing, nothing. And then all of a sudden all this evidence just fell right on to my lap.

Marina: Well, it looks like you cracked the case.

Mallet: No, I don't think so. I don't know. There's something just not right about this whole thing. I feel like I've overlooked something. And I know Reva and all the people that are around her are holding something back. And I don't want to be responsible for sending the wrong person to prison.

Marina: I understand all of this, but I don't want a murder weapon on my breakfast table.

Mallet: That's evidence. Listen, you used to be a detective. Do you remember that? You know how these investigations go.

Marina: Yeah, I used to be a cop. And now, I'm a mom. And I don't want that kind of stuff in the house with our son.

Mallet: All right, I get that. But I have a case to solve. All right, I'll make a deal with you, all right. I promise to keep all the gruesome details about this murder away from the house, all right, if you promise me you will talk to Shayne and your new best friend Reva and tell her to cooperate with me.

Marina: Please. Do not belittle my friendships.

Mallet: Whatever. You know, I get that one of those is probably the murderer and I get that they're probably really scared. No one is disagreeing that Edmund was a bad guy, okay. We all understand that. But if someone would just come forward, maybe I could make this whole thing go down a lot easier. and I wish there was someone out there that could get Reva and her family to understand that.

Dinah: You're a good son, you know that?

Shayne: Yeah?

Dinah: Yes.

Shayne: Everything my mom has been through, the least I can do is help out with a little shopping. But what's the difference between a whitener and a brightener.

Dinah: You know what is strange? We are the most stable people we know. It's amazing. What is going on with our families?

Shayne: What's going on with Mallet is a better question. Must be gunning for a big promotion. Guy got a taste of being a big shot detective once and he wants it back.

Dinah: You know what, he's just doing his job.

Shayne: No, he is not doing his job. It's not about him doing his job. It's about him acting like a human being.

Dinah: Or is this about something entirely different?

Shayne: Don't do that. Don't do that. I know that look on your face right now and that is not what this is about, okay? It's to the about Henry. It's not about Mallet raising my son. Okay? It's not.

Reva: Those reporters are still outside. But you know what? I am determined to make this day normal.

Jeffrey: Okay.

Reva: So I am going to kiss my husband good-bye and I'm going to send him off to work with all the other daddies in the world.

Jeffrey: You know, I don't have to go in today.

Reva: Yes, you do. You took all that time off when Colin was born. I need you to get out there an bring home the bacon.

Jeffrey: All right. Well, what are you going to do?

Reva: I'm going to push past those reporters and take Colin to the park. It's a beautiful day and if we are lucky he will see his first butterfly.

Jeffrey: And what if I don't let you?

Reva: That's so sweet. You telling me what to do. But don't you know by now that you would be better off trying to stop a speeding bullet?

Jeffrey: It's worth a shot. So how about if I walk with you then?

Reva: No, no, you go and do your job and I'm going to do mine with Colin. Normal, remember?

Jeffrey: (Grunts)

Reva: You know what? We're going to get through this. We are. We're going to get through this and we're going to clear my name and we're not going to let any of this ruin our lives.

Dinah: Just going say it one more time.

Shayne: Just one more time? I've heard that several times.

Dinah: Mallet found a likely murder weapon in your mother's car. What did you want him to do? Just, just get rid of it, pretend it didn't happen.

Shayne: Yes.

Dinah: Really? In front of the other cops, just throw it in the trash, just like that.

Shayne: You know, I realize I can't talk to you about this because where Mallet is concerned you don't act rationally.

Dinah: Oh, really? Neither do you.

Shayne: Yes, really.

Dinah: Because whether you realize it or not, if it's not Mallet that put your mom away, it will be another cop. Because the evidence is pointing your mom very strongly right now.

Shayne: You know, I don't want to really stand in the middle of the parking lot yelling at you right now, can we just...

Dinah: You tell me, what do you want Mallet to do.

Shayne: I want Mallet to act like a good, rational person. Because I want to know that Mallet is the right man to raise my son.

Dinah: Okay.

Shayne: You're right. I didn't realize how much this matters to me. I need to know that I made the right choice, Dinah.

Dinah: When Henry was placed in to Mallet's arms, I was there. The look in his face was full of love. It took my breath away. He would walk through fire for Henry. Your little boy is in great hands.

Shayne: I want to believe you.

Dinah: Sweetie, you are stressed out right now because of your mom. And you have every right to be.

Shayne: Sorry, it doesn't mean that I have any right to take it out on you.

Dinah: Apology accepted.

Shayne: I'm sorry.

Dinah: Okay, let's go.

Mallet: Would you just talk to Shayne? He's your friend. All you got to do is talk to him and tell him that I'm here to help and get him to talk to Reva.

Marina: You are asking me to spy on my friends.

Mallet: No, I'm asking to use your skills as a detective to show these people that the law can be on their side. Come on, if killing Edmund was self-defense or if someone felt threatened, then the courts will see that.

Marina: Do you really think that I can help?

Mallet: Yeah, big time, yeah. Listen, if you don't want to do it I will go talk to them, I will do it.

Marina: No. No, I... I will do it. I can see that the case is tearing everyone apart. So I will talk to Shayne.

Mallet: Thank you, Mama detective.

Natalia: Thank you.

Rafe: Very welcome.

Natalia: See? Not so bad, we're making good time and we might even have time to stop and get you an egg sandwich.

Rafe: Your going to let me have those?

Natalia: It's a special day.

Rafe: No, it's not.

Natalia: We're going to make it a special day. And it's going to be happy, fun times cookie day.

Rafe: Again? Stop. Mom, can we just go?

Natalia: One smile, just a little smile? Good, good smiling.

Rafe: Thanks.

Josh: It's just so strange to see you at loose ends like that.

Olivia: I'm not at loose ends.

Josh: Oh, come on. You're wandering the earth like a nomad, you're eating breakfast alone.

Olivia: No, I was going to work. You were the one eating breakfast alone.

Josh: Yeah, well that's true.

Olivia: I would have eaten alone, too.

Josh: Makes it sort of pathetic, doesn't it.

Olivia: We're independent.

Josh: You know what, I think that's true. In fact, I like being alone. I prefer it because I don't actually like people.

Olivia: Uh-huh.

Josh: There's just times, you know, like breakfast, lunch...

Olivia: Lying in bed alone at night. Not that difficult to figure out. You are a guy. Guys have needs.

Josh: And women don't have those same needs.

Olivia: I didn't say that.

Josh: So you do have needs.

Olivia: I... yes. But I... I don't really know what to do with them.

Josh: Well, you just have to come up with something that helps you get all that energy out, that's all. You know, go to the gym, weed the garden.

Olivia: I don't have a garden.

Josh: Volunteer for a service project.

Olivia: Is that what you do?

Josh: Yes, it is. When I feel those needs, I find someone I can help and then I help them.

Olivia: Helping is good. Helping is good. Thanks for breakfast.

Rafe: All right, here. You're all set, right?

Natalia: What?

Rich: Mom, you got people coming to help you. You don't need my help.

Natalia: No, I donít... I don't know how many people are going to come to help me. I've never been in charge of this committee before.

Rafe: Come on, you're going to be fine.

Natalia: I'm asking to you please stay.

Rafe: Mom, look, honestly, I've just had about as much of this happy, fun, cookie day thing I can take right now. I don't want to spoil your day.

Natalia: Okay.

Rafe: Come on, Ma.

Natalia: Go ahead.

Rafe: All right.

Marina: Hi, guys.

Shayne: How's it going?

Marina: Good. I'm doing better than your mom, so...

Shayne: Yeah, yeah, you are. See, my mom is not doing well because of your husband.

Marina: Actually, your mom is not doing well because all the evidence is stacked up against her. But what if there was a way for your mom to avoid prison? What if your mom admitted to the murder out of self-defense. I mean, come on, because whoever really killed Edmund probably did it in self-defense. And Mallet is pretty sure that he could get the person off with no jail time. I mean, I think it's a great option.

Shayne: Mallet's pretty sure, huh? Oh, wow, okay, cool. Let me get this straight. So Mallet persuaded you to come talk to me to persuade my mom to confess. Am I understanding that right? I am, aren't I. That's awesome, Marina, thanks.

Jeffrey: Yeah, well, you could consider this an official request, okay. I want a leave of absence effective immediately. Yeah, I know that's not the best career move but that's the last thing on my mind right now. Because right now my wife and my child need me. Yeah, okay, yes, fine.

Mallet: Whoa, hey.

Rafe: What's up? You always do your work out here?

Mallet: No, it's a nice day. I thought it would help clear my head.

Rafe: Is it working?

Mallet: No, no, it's not. How are you doing? You doing okay?

Rafe: No, no.

Mallet: That's got to be good to be out, right?

Rafe: I don't know, I'm having a tough time. I even bailed on my mom this morning. I just came over here to see if Frank has some time to chill.

Mallet: Well, you know what, I'm not having a lot of luck with these files. Got a ball and couple gloves in the trunk. Do you want to play catch?

Rafe: All right, yeah, sure.

Mallet: Let's do it.

Natalia: Hello? Oh, hi Mrs. Morrison. Yeah, I'm here. I'm all set. I'm ready to bake. No, no one else is here yet. So as soon as you can get here, that would be great. Oh, yeah, no, no, of course, Timmy is sick. There's nothing you can do. Okay, well, thank you for calling. Maybe next month. Okay, fine, bye.

Olivia: So, is this the right place?

Natalia: What are you doing here?

Olivia: I heard there was baking going on.

Natalia: No, there's supposed to be some baking going on, but no one showed up. And I have to make 50 dozen cookies by this evening.

Olivia: We should be able to do that.

Natalia: Yeah, the two of us?

Olivia: Uh-huh. I brought help.

Emma: Surprise!

Natalia: Hi, honey. It's good to see you.

Emma: So are we making chocolate chip?

Natalia: I guess we are.

Olivia: Let's go.

Natalia: Okay.

Olivia: Okay, four dozen down, how many more do we have to go?

Emma: 46 dozen.

Olivia: Very good.

Natalia: Okay, all right, so what kind are we doing next? Should we do oatmeal, should we do some peanut butter?

Emma: Peanut butter.

Natalia: Peanut butter, two jars of peanut butter, over there, go open them. Look at her.

Olivia: She loves baking cookies with you. We both do.

Natalia: How did you know to come here?

Olivia: I signed up. There was a sign-up sheet going around the Sunday school class.

Natalia: You did not sign up at Sunday school. (Laughs)

Olivia: There was a flyer on your fridge and I love to bake.

Natalia: That's good, because we have 46 dozen to go. Okay.

Mallet: Look at you. Still got a good arm.

Rafe: You're not bad for an old man, my friend.

Mallet: Hey, hey, hey.

Rafe: You're a little weak though.

Mallet: Don't make me hobble over there and give you a beat-down.

Rafe: No more prison jokes, come on, stop.

Mallet: It's got to be good to be out though, right?

Rafe: I don't know. I mean yeah, but something's not right. I don't know if it me or if it's my mother. I don't know.

Mallet: Take it easy on your mom, okay. She's a good woman.

Rafe: No, yeah, I know. I mean, it's probably me. It's probably just me.

Mallet: Well, you know what happens to a lot of guys is they are on the inside. They are missing the outside world. Then they get out and they realize they got used to the inside world. But you know, don't worry about it. You will find your way.

Frank: He's already found his way. He's fine. What are you, a hot shot now practicing without me?

Rafe: Listen... hey, hey, hey.

Mallet: Frank, we didn't want your arthritis to start acting up.

Rich: Ooh. Frank, he just...

Frank: You call your wife, she needs to talk to you right away. She has something to say.

Mallet: All right.

Marina: Hey.

Mallet: Hey. Dad said you wanted me to call you.

Marina: Yup, just reporting in.

Mallet: Reporting in. Like I gave you a bunch of orders?

Marina: Well, you did.

Mallet: Yeah, I kind of did. Anyway, how did it go?

Marina: Pretty much like I told you it would. You know, asking people to confess to a crime is pretty much accusing them of being guilty. People don't like that, go figure.

Mallet: Yeah. All right. Well, hey, thanks for trying.

Marina: Yeah, well, I would rather not ever do it again.

Jeffrey: Prints from Revaís car. Court order.

Mallet: So you still think Reva was set up?

Jeffrey: It's the only explanation.

Mallet: Okay. Fine, I will run the prints.

Jeffrey: That was easy.

Mallet: The DNA results came back from the pipe we found in Revaís trunk.

Jeffrey: The blood on it confirmed?

Mallet: Yeah. It was Edmundís.

Dinah: Hey.

Reva: Hi!

Dinah: Doing some gardening?

Reva: No, actually, I'm digging for worms, going fishing later.

Dinah: Really?

Reva: (Laughs) No, no. No. This is the first moment I've had without reporters standing outside the house since I got out on bail. I think they went away because they got bored because I don't do anything. So I took the opportunity to come out here and do some weeding while Colinís taking a nap.

Dinah: Want some help?

Reva: You're not really dressed for it.

Dinah: It's okay. I don't mind.

Reva: You came all the way out here to help me pull weeds?

Dinah: Shayne has been worried about you, he didn't want to hover.

Reva: Uh-huh.

Dinah: So I figure I wouldn't mind hovering for a while.

Reva: Okay, sure. Hover away.

Dinah: Oh!

Reva: You okay? Is that your knee?

Dinah: Yeah.

Reva: Oh.

Mallet: You can stare at it all you want but it's not going to change the results.

Jeffrey: Well, you know what, this just goes to prove my point, okay that Edmundís murder is desperate, so desperate that he is trying to set up Reva to take the fall about this thing.

Mallet: Then why would Reva lie about following Edmund to the construction site?

Jeffrey: Come on, Mallet!

Mallet: And why would we find a murder weapon in her car from that same construction site?

Jeffrey: Don't you think that a little too perfect.

Mallet: Okay so, who would be trying to set her up? Because all my suspects are people that love Reva. So why would they want to pin this on her? I mean you didn't set her up.

Jeffrey: We can't rule out Josh or Shayne.

Mallet: You are reaching here.

Jeffrey: Well, I have to. It's my wife, okay. What if it was your wife?

Frank: Hey, baby.

Marina: This is disgusting. Who would do this?

Frank: You used to do that.

Marina: I did not.

Frank: What flavor is that, that might be mine.

Marina: Oh, you're disgusting. How are all the criminals doing?

Frank: Well, let's see. James is sitting quietly. Remy is keeping an eye on Cyrus, and Reva is out on bail.

Marina: Wow. So everything is petty much the same?

Frank: Yeah, pretty much, except for one thing. The lab report just came in on the pipe that was found in Revaís trunk. The DNA was a match, looks like that was the pipe that was used to kill Edmund Winslow.

Josh: Hey.

Shayne: Hey, hey.

Josh: Great day for a catch, thank you for the call.

Shayne: It a great day for a catch. But sorry, no catch today, just talk.

Josh: Okay. Well, it's a good day anyway. I mean any time your son, you know, calls you up and wants to talk, that's a good thing.

Shayne: It may not be a good thing. I have to ask you this question.

Josh: Bring it on.

Shayne: All right. Do you think that there is any chance that Mom... that Mom killed Edmund?

Josh: No, I donít. I don't think your mom killed Edmund. But I wouldn't blame her if she did.

Olivia: We have to give these away?

Natalia: I know, aren't they good?

Olivia: Your snicker doodles are amazing.

Natalia: So good, let me have a bite?

Olivia: Bite?

Emma: These are my favorite so far.

Natalia: Mine too, definitely.

Emma: When are we making the chocolate chip?

Olivia: Well, I don't know that we can. You see somebody has been sneaking the chocolate chips out of the bag before we even got started and I don't think we have enough.

Emma: But I only took a handful.

Olivia: Jelly bean, I wasn't talking about you.

Natalia: You saw that, huh?

Olivia: Oh, yeah, I like keeping an eye on you. And every time you think we're not looking, you take chips out of the bag.

Natalia: Okay, well at least I don't have my fingers all in the dough every time we turn our backs.

Emma: Can I do that?

Natalia: Go right ahead, baby.

Rafe: You guys need some help?

Emma: He got here!

Rafe: Hi.

Emma: We made some sugar-free cookies for you already.

Rafe: Did you. Okay, that's good.

Natalia: Just in time for chocolate chip, if you want.

Rafe: Um, I'm not wearing an apron.

Natalia: Deal.

Rafe: Okay then. Cookies. Okay. A lot of work, huh?

Emma: Yeah. I'm tired.

Natalia: Well, there are only ten dozen more to go.

Rafe: I'm sorry, guys, I can't stay late again. I got to go.

Natalia: Do you really have to go? Because this is the most family time we've had together.

Rafe: I know, Mom, look, I like this and all, but I can't handle too much of it at the same time, okay? All right. Excuse me, you. Can you do me a favor? Can you keep these two ladies in check, please.

Emma: I'll try.

Rafe: Okay. Bye, Olivia.

Olivia: Take care.

Rafe: Okay, thanks. I got to go. All right.

Olivia: He showed up. That's big.

Natalia: He left so quickly though.

Olivia: One little step at a time, okay? What are you making?

Natalia: A mess.

Frank: Hey! Is everything all right.

Rafe: Yeah, my mom is happy.

Frank: Hey, I'm proud of you. you stepped up, man.

Rafe: Yeah, but can we do something fun now. Because dang it, man, I'm bored.

Frank: You're bored. All right, let's see, we can go bowling.

Rafe: If by bowling, you mean mini-golf.

Frank: No, no minigolf, you kicked my butt last time.

Rafe: Dude, have my mom's cookies, you won't feel so bad.

Frank: Those are your mom's?

Rafe: Yeah, sugar free, you want one.

Frank: Alright, let's go.

Mallet: What are you doing that for, you should be mowing the lawn.

Marina: Really? I was saving something for you and Henry to do later on together. It's summer. The birds need water.

Mallet: No, no, the birds don't need water because if they have water that means they like it here and if they like it here, then they stay. And if they stay, then they poop all over the lawn furniture.

Marina: Wow, Mr. Nature, lighten up.

Mallet: Sorry. The DNA on the pipe came back. It was a match for Edmund.

Marina: Yeah, I know. My dad told me.

Mallet: I didn't mean to drag you into the case this morning. It's just it's bugging me. Something's not right about the case. I don't think Reva did it.

Marina: You know what? Getting kind of tired of talking about the case all the time. Baby-sitter has Henry for another two hours. I think they are still at the park. How about I go inside and grab you a beer, you finish filling the birdbath and I will meet you upstairs?

Mallet: Yeah, okay, deal.

Marina: Yeah?

Mallet: Uh-huh.

Marina: Okay.

Mallet: I'm filling up the birdbath.

Marina: You've got to be kidding me.

Mallet: I'm filling up the birdbath.

Marina: You are so on.

Mallet: What are you talking about.

Marina: You are so on.

Mallet: What, what? I'm filling up the birdbath.

Marina: Stop! (Laughter)

Shayne: It can't be Mom who killed Edmund. I mean, it's my mom, you know.

Josh: Yeah, but you know how she is. She can be, I can see her being pushed to the point where she would do something like that. Especially if it involved protecting one of her kids.

Shayne: I guess any of us could have done it, really.

Josh: Well, that's true. I thought about it myself. Last couple of months. He's been threatening the people I love.

Shayne: Maybe if that's the case I could see myself doing it. If he came after you or Mom, Dinah, baby.

Josh: You mean your little brother?

Shayne: Yeah.

Josh: Yeah.

Shayne: So if hypothetically, okay, if you did do it to protect someone that you loved, if you killed Edmund, would you tell the cops? Would you confess?

Josh: Yes, I would. Especially if it's self-defense. I mean, why not?

Reva: Yeah, I'm sorry about your shoes.

Dinah: It's all right. Manolos clean up very nicely.

Reva: I should have warned you about that spot you were working in, it gets kind of swampy.

Dinah: It's all right. I wanted to come. We don't really get a chance to talk very much. We don't get a lot of time alone. I don't think you realize how much I admire you.

Reva: Really?

Dinah: Yeah. You have a beautiful family. Your husband Jeffrey, he loves being married to you. You're full of life, you're full of passion. And I think that's incredible. I've always heard about these Reva Shayne stories, wild stories. You get an image in your head. You take all that fire, all that energy and you put it in your family. You love your kids and I think that's great.

Reva: Thank you, Dinah. It's really kind of surprising.

Dinah: I have to be honest with you. I don't want to lose your family. I don't want them to ever lose you. You have tried very hard to keep everything intact. I don't know what is going on with you and them, and I don't want to know. It's none of my business. But I'm gently reminding you to not admit to anything you didn't do. Shayne loves you very much. He needs you.

Reva: I think he loves you, too.

Jeffrey: Dinah? What are you doing here?

Reva: She came to check on me for Shayne. And then I put her to work gardening and I ruined her shoes.

Dinah: It's okay. I'm fine. I have to go, I have to go. You have taken such good care of your family, thank you for that. Shayne loves you, remember that, he needs you.

Reva: Okay. See ya.

Dinah: Bye.

Reva: That was really nice, you know. I never thought Dinah would really care that much about my feelings.

Coming up on "Guiding Light"...

Shayne: I need to talk to you about something.

Reva: What about?

Shayne: Confessing. If you killed Edmund, you did us all a service. But if are you trying to frame Reva, I'm not going to let that happen.

Josh: You need some help.

Olivia: I need something.

Jeffrey: Hey, you busy?

Josh: Not so much.

Jeffrey: Do you want to come with me to see a dead body?

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