GL Transcript Thursday 6/4/09

Guiding Light Transcript Thursday 6/4/09


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Previously on "Guiding Light"...

Josh: Mallet's at your house right now. He's searching the place.

Jeffrey: Told you you wouldn't find anything. Let me ask you something, what makes you think the murderer would hide the weapon in his own house?

Mallet: It happens. It happens all the time.

James: You're going to help me though, right?

Phillip: Yes, of course, I will. But you do know what it is I'm doing, right? You do understand it. I could end up going to jail for you.

Lizzie: I forgot what it was like to have a dad. It's pretty great.

Bill: It is great. Let's face it, he bailed us out of that Chicago mess.

Lizzie: Are you getting ready or watching the game?

Bill: I'm doing both.

Lizzie: I know that's not possible. Please get dressed. We're going to be late to our own engagement party.

Bill: I mean, it is our party. Can't we be a little late?

Lizzie: Please put a tie on.

Bill: Hold on a second, it's a full count, full count. Come on, come on. Ah, strike out. Okay, tie is going on.

Lizzie: Good.

Bill: Very good.

Lizzie: Don't touch, I worked very hard on this.

Bill: I really want to marry you.

Lizzie: Well, that's good because you're going to.

Bill: No, I mean, I got to... I got to marry you tonight.

Lizzie: Okay, we can't get married...

Bill: Lizzie, I'm serious. I'm very serious. Lizzie Spaulding, will you marry me?

Lizzie: (Laughs)

James: It's no big deal.

Daisy: Your dad was acting like it was a big deal. I mean, I've seen him mad, but this was...

James: He's a Spaulding. Everything's a big deal to him.

Phillip: I think he's in the study.

James: Oh he’s... that's him, I got to go. It's early.

Phillip: Yeah, James, it's not that early. You need to be ready.

James: I'm becoming a Commander.

Beth: After your sister's party.

James: Yes, mother. You know I'll do anything for you.

Beth: See, he’s... he's fine.

Phillip: Beth, I'm not sure you understand the severity of the situation.

Beth: Phillip, I'm not stupid. I know he made a mistake, but he'll learn from it. What he did, it was a cry for attention.

Phillip: Beth, stealing thousands of dollars from innocent people is not just a cry for help, it's a crime. But it’s... it's more than that. It's like, you see, it's like he's trying to get me to prove that I love him in some unconditional way.

Beth: He knows that you love him.

Phillip: No, he doesn’t. He doesn’t. Maybe if I go to prison he'll feel like I'm willing to sacrifice for him the way I would for Lizzie.

Buzz: Oh, hey, guys.

Daisy: Hey, Grandpa, looking hot.

Buzz: That's what I'm going for, yeah.

Frank: Well that Lillian is a lucky woman.

Buzz: Oh, no, I'm a lucky guy. You don't look very festive.

Daisy: I didn't know there was a dress code here.

Frank: It's just Bill and Lizzie’s engagement party.

Daisy: I'm not invited.

Frank: Well, actually, the whole family is invited.

Daisy: Oh, well, I'm not going. I have too much on my mind.

Buzz: Anything we can help you with?

Daisy: Just that my grandma is locked in a jail cell across town. I'm worried about her.

Frank: Last I heard, they really don't have anything to hold her on.

Mallet: Search warrant covers it.

Jeffrey: You're wasting time. All right. Go ahead.

Mallet: It's not wasting time because Reva was the last person that saw Edmund alive. Security video proves it.

Jeffrey: Well, we both know that you can't charge Reva on the basis of some stupid videotape.

Mallet: Yeah, you can’t. But I'm guessing that a judge might think this is enough. So let me guess, you've never seen this pipe before.

Jeffrey: No, I haven’t. And let me stop you before you get there because neither has Reva.

Mallet: Oh, than how did it end up stashed in her trunk? Look at this. These stains, that's blood. And looks like somebody even tried to wipe it clean. Not usually something you find in the trunk of a new mom's car.

Jeffrey: Reva did not kill Edmund! And I can't believe after all that she has been through you're going to try to dump this on her.

Mallet: If I'm wrong I will apologize, but right now Reva has some explaining to do. Hayward, careful with this. Let's bag it and go.

(Phone ringing)

Jeffrey: Well, you are wrong. O’Neill.

Josh: Yeah, it's Josh, where are you? I thought you'd be back here by now.

Reva: Is that Jeffrey?

Josh: Yeah. We're getting down to the deadline. Are they going to charge Reva with something or are they going to let her go? Have you heard anything?

Jeffrey: Josh, I know how anxious Reva is to come home. But we... we might have a problem. Listen, Josh, wipe the worried look off your face right now and tell Reva it's going to be all right.

Josh: Okay.

Jeffrey: Just stall, I'm working on it.

Josh: Got it.

Officer: Cell phones are not allowed in this part of the building, sir. You have to turn yours off.

Josh: I got to go, sorry.

Reva: Oh, really? Oh, good, good, good. I can't wait to get home to see my baby. This is great. What are you doing?

Officers: I have my orders to bring you...

Reva: Are you serious? Get Jeffrey on the phone again. What the hell are you doing?

Josh: Reva, Reva, just don't worry, okay. We're going to work this out. We're going to work it out. Don't worry.

Reva: You can't be serious.

Mallet: Yeah, like five minutes, okay.

Jeffrey: Come on, Mallet.

Mallet: Jeffrey, Reva lied about following Edmund to the construction site. The construction site where we found the PVC pipe, the same weapon used in the murder.

Jeffrey: Lots of people had access to those pipes. It wasn't a locked yard.

Mallet: And on top of all that, we find the possible murder weapon stashed and hidden in the trunk. Now come on, Jeffrey, if you were still D.A., you would be all over this evidence. It's like this gift is being perfectly gift wrapped for me.

Jeffrey: And don't you think that's a little too perfect? Mallet, Reva spent months, months fighting for her life. Why would she just throw it all away?

Mallet: I don't know. I don't know. Why would she? (Engine starts)

Frank: Look, Josh, I'm sorry, it's just the way it works, buddy. All right? I'm on my way.

Daisy: What's wrong?

Frank: Oh, just a little snag with Reva’s case.

Daisy: Oh my God, I have to go see her.

Daisy: No, actually, you're just going to stay put.

Daisy: She's my grandmother.

Frank: I promise you, I'll let you know what's going on when I found out, okay?

Buzz: Can I help with anything?

Frank: Yes, you can go to the party. You can take her with you.

Daisy: I can't go to some party knowing that my grandmother's in handcuffs.

Frank: All right, Daisy, look, you do what you have to do, but I will let you know what's going on when I find out.

Buzz: Look, I'll give you a ride home so you can change, okay? Come on.

Daisy: I'm not in the mood for a party, especially not a Spaulding party.

Buzz: Okay.

Bill: Lizzie Spaulding, will you marry me tonight? Please?

Lizzie: No. We are not eloping. We have a room full of guests waiting for us. Come on, get up, you're ruining your pants.

Bill: That's perfect. The guests that are going to be there could be the guest of our wedding, right?

Lizzie: Okay, this is crazy talk.

Bill: Because I'm crazy in love with you.

Lizzie: (Laughs)

Bill: Come on, this is the best stuff.

Lizzie: And you're wonderful, and I love you. And if there was a way for us to get married tonight, I would do it but who would perform the ceremony, hmm? ( Camera clicks)

Ashlee: Perfect.

Bill: What if we were naked?

Ashlee: Well, you weren’t.

Lizzie: What are you doing?

Ashlee: I was going to make a wedding gift for you guys. I was going to document, like, everything and then put it in an album, like a wedding album. Anyway, do you guys want to go? I think we should. My mom's coming and she really hates it when I'm late.

Lizzie: Oh.

Bill: Hey. Doris Wolfe is going to be there.

Lizzie: I know, I had to invite her, I'm sorry.

Bill: No, no, that's perfect. She's mayor. She can marry us.

Lizzie: You're serious.

Bill: I am dead serious. When Doris Wolfe walks through those doors, I am going to marry you. Come on, let's go.

James: (Laughs)

Alan: How can you see anything on that tiny little screen?

James: I'm... I'm young.

Alan: Yes, you're young, all right. I hear your father is taking your place in jail.

James: Yeah, well, it's about time he did something for me.

Alan: When did you find out that he was planning on doing this glorious sacrifice?

James: He actually stepped up pretty quickly.

Alan: That's very Phillip. Loves playing the hero.

James: He's going to have a hard time being a hero in jail.

Alan: You don't know your father.

James: Yeah, yeah, you got that right. But I'm actually pretty grateful for what he's doing. Now I have time to start my new plan.

Alan: Ah, new plan, huh? What, back to school, maybe a trip to Europe or something?

James: No, no, I am launching a new fund.

Alan: Hmm.

James: Another investment fund. You interested?

Alan: Well, I might if...

Beth: Yes, he needs to know that you love him. But you sending yourself to prison is not the answer. We'll find another way. And as for James, we just need to take a strong hand with him.

Phillip: What would you suggest?

Beth: He's a teenager. We'll take his car away.

Phillip: You take his car, he'll steal another car. He's very resourceful.

Beth: Fine, then we will build on that good quality.

Phillip: Beth, this is not normal teen rebellion. This is not a kid who's acting out to get his parent's attention. No, there is something seriously broken in our son. And I'm probably the one who broke it, but he needs a major wake-up call. I'm just not sure how to reach him.

Rick: Man, what do those guys have that we don't have?

Matt: Well, one of them has got my wife.

Rick: Yeah, I know. She looks pretty happy.

Matt: Thanks.

Rick: I mean I don't get it, we're good catches, you know?

Matt: Absolutely. You're a doctor.

Rick: Yeah, and you're a... I mean, you know, you're a great looking guy.

Matt: You really do need to find a woman, Rick, serious.

Rick: Yeah.

Billy: Well, look here, the couple of the hour.

Vanessa: Oh, sweetheart, you look just exquisite.

Lizzie: Thank you.

Bill: What about me?

Lillian: You are more beautiful than anybody and you're just so perfect to be my grandson.

Bill: Thank you so much, thank you. Everyone here looks beautiful. I hope everyone is having fun. Now, has anyone seen Doris Wolfe?

Buzz: We don't want to see Doris Wolfe. (Laughter)

Bill: Well, Lizzie and I are looking for her so would you let us know when you see her.

Buzz: No.

Lillian: No. (Laughter) We'll send her away.

Bill: We'll find her. (Laughter)

Ashlee: Hey, are Bill and Lizzie here?

Daisy: No.

Ashlee: Oh, I lost them.

Daisy: Maybe they're at their party.

Ashlee: Well, I hope so because I... I've been documenting their trip down the aisle, to the altar, you know. I'm doing it for a gift for them. But I was also hoping to sell it to the tabloids.

Daisy: So, basically, you're stalking them?

Ashlee: Oh no, no, I'm paparazzi. Look, have Lynn cover for you. Come with me, we'll take my car.

Daisy: I... you know what? I'm not going because I have stuff going on with my grandmother.

Ashlee: Oh, so it's not that you have weird stuff going on with James?

Daisy: So.

Ashlee: Come with me.

Daisy: You know what? You, you go and, you know, maybe I'll meet you there.

Ashlee: Fine.

Alan: Well, hello, Beth. You look beautiful.

Beth: Thank you. Have you seen James?

Alan: Well, as a matter of fact, I have.

Beth: Was he ready to go?

Alan: Well, if he's not, I'll be happy to escort you to the party and he can join us later.

Beth: No, no, I want to make sure that he gets there. He needs a little guidance right now.

Alan: Let me tell you something about James, Beth. I think James has a good head on his shoulders. He seems to have had a lot of things figured out already.

Beth: You think so?

Alan: Yeah. I think he's very smart. And we all need to stop underestimating him.

(Rock music plays)

James: Mr. Bannon, hey, sorry for the interruption the other day. Yeah, yeah, too many investors, too little time. I'm glad to hear you're still on board. No, you could pay monthly or you could just give us the lump sum up front. No, no, not today. I actually have another meeting. But I'll have my secretary call you. Great.

Phillip: Good cigar?

James: Don't worry, I'll chew some gum. Mom will never know. Better get dressed. Don't want to be late for the party.

Phillip: Yeah, be good that we can at least get one more time together as a family before I have to go away.

James: Yeah, yeah, we'll have a toast.

Phillip: James? You do know that I love you, right?

James: Yup.

Jeffrey: Hi.

Reva: Hi.

Jeffrey: Could you give us a minute, please? Reva, look at me. And tell me that you're not holding anything back, nothing at all.

Reva: What do you mean?

Jeffrey: I know you want to protect your family, but this is your life we're talking about.

Reva: Why don't you just tell me what's wrong?

Jeffrey: Reva, they found... they found a pipe with blood on it in the back of your car. They think it's the murder weapon.

Reva: No, they couldn't have.

Mallet: All right. The judge is ready for you.

Judge: I've already ruled that the evidence seems sufficient. The charge is murder in the first degree. Bail is set at $500,000. I'm not changing my ruling.

Jeffrey: My client is not a flight risk, your Honor.

Judge: The bail is set.

Reva: I didn't do it.

Mallet: Reva, if you didn't do it and you're innocent, then you have nothing to worry about.

Jeffrey: Josh is going to go with you now and then I'm going to bring you home real soon, don't worry. She shouldn't be alone.

Josh: Yeah, I'll take care of her. You just get her out.

Jeffrey: Okay.

Frank: Okay, Reva, I've got to take you up to processing.

Josh: Can I go with her?

Mallet: It's just processing, Josh.

Daisy: Oh my God, Grandma.

Mallet: Daisy, Daisy, Daisy, go home.

Daisy: Well, I used to work here.

Reva: Honey, I'm fine. Josh.

Josh: Yeah, I'll take care of her.

Daisy: Make sure you get the last cell because it's bigger and the toilet flushes.

Mallet: You, home, now!

Daisy: But...

Josh: Daisy, Daisy, why don't you go to Company, pick out a nice piece of pie for Reva, bring it back here, I'll take it to her and hopefully by then, we'll know more.

Daisy: Fine.

Mallet: Josh, you can stay, but just sit down, relax. Just be quiet. You can hang out.

Alan: Looks like we're doomed to spend the rest of our lives eating across the table from Billy Lewis.

Alex: Well, there could be worse things in the world, couldn't there?

Alan: Name one. See, you can’t.

Ashlee: I lost you two for a minute, but we can just pick up right where we left off. Just forget that I'm here.

Bill: Ashlee, where's your mom?

Ashlee: She should be here. But then again, you know Doris, she likes to make an entrance.

Bill: Yeah, look, she's not here right now. Could you do us a favor? Call her, tell her to hurry on up.

Ashlee: Yeah, oh yeah. Wow, I will. She'll be thrilled that you guys actually want her here.

Bill: Okay, great, great, great, great, great. Yeah.

Lizzie: You still want to do this?

Bill: I still want to do this. The minute Doris walks through those doors I am going to marry you right here in front of all these people.

Beth: Alan and Alex have left already. You, James and I can take the Mercedes.

Phillip: You and James go ahead. I got a call to make and then I'll join you.

Beth: We can wait for you while you make your call.

Phillip: I'm talking to the S.E.C.. you want to be here for that?

Beth: Phillip, we need to talk more about this.

James: Ready to go. Let's roll.

Beth: You look terrific, honey, doesn't he look great?

Phillip: Looks like a Spaulding. James, you take your mother to the party so the family can be together.

James: You're not coming with us?

Beth: Your father is going to be along in a few minutes.

Phillip: Yeah, Stan, I'm ready to make that call.

Bill: (Humming)

Lizzie: Everyone's having a good time, I think.

Bill: Well, everyone but me. Where is Doris Wolfe, hmm? Where's Rick? Maybe Rick can perform marriage ceremonies, you think, maybe?

Lizzie: Yeah, I love my Uncle Rick, but no, no.

Bill: Yeah, maybe not, maybe not.

Lizzie: (Laughs) Let's go talk to Nana.

Bill: You know, maybe we should talk to your mom. Maybe she could do it, right? She's a law student, right? Doesn't that...

Lizzie: I don't know. I was wondering.

Bill: Maybe.

Lizzie: Oh, look, James made it. Good.

Bill: Of course he did, why wouldn't he?

Lizzie: He does his own thing. I wonder where my dad is?

Bill: I'll stay here.

Lizzie: Hi, where's Dad?

Beth: He'll be here any minute.

Lizzie: Oh, good.

Ashlee: Hey, guys, can I grab a photo of you really quickly? Maybe just of the girls, if you would move over.

Lillian: Aww! And he's our hero. He's our perfect, perfect person.

Ashlee: Okay, get close. (Camera clicks) Thank you, that's perfect. Thanks so much. I am so glad you made it. This is the best party ever. Like, everyone's so happy and loving and Bill and Lizzie are like, "Where's your mom?" And I'm like, "I don't know, I didn't even know you wanted Doris at a party." I'm just really glad you're here.

Daisy: Yeah, I'm not here. I just came to get some dessert for Reva because we ran out of her favorite at the restaurant.

Ashlee: Oh, good. Oh, well, I'm really glad she's out of prison.

Daisy: Oh, she's not.

Ashlee: Oh. Oh, I'm sorry. Would you maybe want to stay and help me? Because I was hoping someone could go around and talk to the guests about, you know, Bill and Lizzie and do kind of a roving reporter thing.

Daisy: Yeah, I don't think so.

Ashlee: Okay, but you're related to half the people in here.

Daisy: Yeah, and the other half? I don't even want to be in same room as them.

Ashlee: Right, who wouldn't want to be in the same room as him?

Daisy: Whatever, I'm just going to go swipe something from the dessert tray.

Lillian: I'm so happy you decided not to travel. No, it's wonderful to have you home for family events.

Alex: Me, too. I can hardly believe I'm watching my own family here. They're all so pleasant.

Lillian: Did you look at James? He is so wonderful. I'm just so proud of him. You know, he likes Daisy.

Buzz: He's always slobbering over her, of course he likes her. She's trying not to like him back.

Lillian: Why don't you and I go on a... go out with them for dinner?

Buzz: You mean like on a double date with them.

Lillian: Yes, wouldn't that be fun?

Buzz: Talk about what?

Alan: Daisy would be smart to steer clear of James. He's got big plans and he doesn't need to be distracted.

Alex: Oh, hush up, will you, Alan? We were having such a nice conversation before you arrived.

Lillian: Yes, we were. Look, here's Phillip. I love being able to say, "Oh, here's Phillip."

Alex: (Laughs) I'm so happy he's here, too.

Lillian: He just made the whole entire family happy that he's home again.

Rick: Hey.

Phillip: Hey.

Rick: Hey, nice party, buddy.

Phillip: Thanks. Lizzie deserves it.

Rick: Hey, you always go all out for your kids.

Phillip: I'm trying. Nothing you wouldn't do for yours.

Rick: That's true. Cheers.

Phillip: Oh, I have to talk to Beth. I'll be right back.

Rick: Uh-huh.

Beth: So? Please tell me you came to your senses.

Phillip: I did what I had to do.

Ashlee: Hey, guys, do you mind? Could I have a family photo?

Lizzie: Oh.

Beth: Where's James? James, come here.

Bill: Good idea.

Ashlee: Okay, guys, get together. Here we go. Oh, so cute. One, two, three. ( Camera clicks) Perfect, perfect. Thank you so much.

Bill: Thank you, thank you.

James: Where's Daisy?

Ashlee: Oh, she's over there, stuffing her bag full of pastries.

James: (Laughs)

Alan: Well, you finally got here.

Phillip: I had something I had to take care of at the house.

Alan: I hear you've been taking care of quite a lot lately. I know about you taking the wrap for James.

Phillip: How did you find that out?

Alan: Well, people talk at the house and I hear things that I'm not supposed to hear.

Phillip: Of course you do.

Alan: (Laughs) Jail's going to be tough, but I'm confident you can handle it.

James: Nice party, Dad.

Reva: Thanks, Frank.

Frank: Reva, I'm sorry about all this.

Reva: I didn't kill him. I didn't kill Edmund.

Frank: God, I hope not.

Reva: Let's just get it over with.

Frank: All right, here we go, Reva. All right, I'm going to need right profile, please. Reva.

Reva: Sorry. It's not really... oh... profile. (Camera clicks)

Frank: You're killing me here.

Reva: Sorry.

Mallet: How is she?

Frank: Well, you know.

Mallet: Yeah. You know this is one of those cases, Frank, where the cop ends up feeling like the criminal.

Frank: Well, you know, it's a small town. She has a big family. I'm sure there's going to be some commotion.

Mallet: Oh, yeah.

Frank: But once she posts bail, I'm sure everything will calm down. But at least you don't have to deal with the family.

Mallet: Pretty steep bail, Frank.

Frank: Pretty steep charge, murder one.

Mallet: Yeah, it was almost too easy.

Frank: What are you thinking?

Mallet: I'm thinking, I'm not done with this case, not by a long shot.

Frank: And I'm thinking you need to take a break. You need to go home and see your lovely wife and your son.

Mallet: Marina knows this isn't a nine to five job.

Frank: Yeah, and she's not psyched about that either.

Mallet: Yeah, I know that. But I tell you what, though, Frank, I love this job. I had forgotten how much.

Jeffrey: I'm here to get my wife.

Mallet: Got bail?

Jeffrey: Posted.

Frank: Well, that was quick.

Reva: What's taking so long? Oh, hi! Are you my husband or my lawyer?

Jeffrey: Both.

Reva: Both.

Jeffrey: Thanks for staying with her.

Josh: No problem.

Jeffrey: Are ready to go home?

Reva: Really?

Jeffrey: You made bail. Let's get the hell out of here.

Reva: Hooray.

Frank: Get out of here.

Reva: Thanks. You bet your ass, I'm going home! Home sweet home.

Jeffrey: Here we go. Here's Mommy.

Reva: Hi, sweet pea. Hi, my little baby. Oh, I've missed you so much. ( Laughs) So is this how it's going to be? I'll see him on visiting days in prison?

Jeffrey: Don't talk like that. We're going to get through this, okay? Someone put that pipe in your car. It didn't just get there by itself. Which means someone is trying to set you up.

Reva: Somebody who wants me to take the blame for Edmund’s murder.

Jeffrey: Looks that way.

Frank: You know, I'd really like to get through one day where I'm not arresting somebody that I know.

Josh: That's going to be tough in this town.

Frank: Well, we have our dry spells and then, boom, all of a sudden everybody is in here.

Josh: I need a drink. You think Bill and Lizzie’s thing is still going on?

Frank: Yeah, sure. Tell you what, mind if I join you? I could use a drink myself.

Josh: Well, you're not going to drink on the job, are you Frank?

Frank: I'm off. Well, you know what? That guy right there could use a drink.

Mallet: You guy goes ahead. I'm good. I got a little work to do.

Frank: Come on, Mallet, you have to take a break eventually.

Mallet: It'll be quiet the rest of the evening. I'll go home in a little bit. I'll take the case with me, and, you know, I'll talk it over with Henry and see if he has any ideas. I'm good.

Frank: All right, buddy, see you later.

Ashlee: Okay, guys, smile. (Camera clicks) Great, thanks. Could we have all the Spaulding’s? Do you guys mind? Come... let's get together here on the stairs.

Alex: Okay.

Ashlee: Guys go up... you... the men should go up on the stairs. Yeah, gather together, close.

Lizzie: Oh, wait, Bill, come in this one.

Alex: Oh, here you go.

Bill: Excuse me, thank you.

Lizzie: There we go.

Ashlee: Oh, you guys look stellar. Okay, here we go. One... say "money." Okay, here we go, smile. (Camera clicks) That is beautiful. And how about the Lewis’s? Yeah, come on.

Billy: All right. Make way for A-team. (Laughter)

Ashlee: Here we go.

Billy: Hey, hey.

Ashlee: Get together. Oh, good looking people. Okay. Billy, over here, smile. (Camera clicks) Wonderful, thanks.

Bill: Great, great. I just want to marry the woman I love tonight. Is that too much to ask?

Lizzie: It'll be worth the wait.

Bill: Where is Doris? When she gets here I'm locking the doors and you and I are not leaving until we are Mr. And Mrs. H.B. III.

Billy: You sound a little antsy, boy, just hold on. Your wedding day will be here soon enough.

Bill: Not soon enough for me.

Billy: Yeah, I know. Once you find the woman that you love, you just want to marry her and get on with that married life.

Bill: Exactly.

James: So this is like the countdown of the wedding.

Beth: Honey, do you realize how much your father loves you? Do you realize what he's willing to do for you? He's willing to go to jail for you.

James: Turns out Dad's a stand-up guy. Who knew? Miss, I need you to open that bag for me.

Daisy: Shut up. I'm bringing treats to my grandma. She's in jail.

James: Treats?

Daisy: Yes.

Lizzie: Hey, is everything okay?

Phillip: Yeah, yeah, everything's fine. As a matter of fact, you know what? I think it's time for the father of the bride to give a toast. Everybody, can I get your attention for a second please? I want to thank everybody for being here to help celebrate Bill and Lizzie’s engagement. My beautiful daughter has not had the easiest road to travel in her young life. But somehow or another she has managed to find her way safely home. And that home is with Bill. When I see the way you two love each other, it just makes me feel young. And hopeful, and very happy for you two. And having my family with me here makes me happier than I can tell you all, so please, if you will, raise your glasses and join me in wishing Lizzie and Bill all the best.

Everyone: Hear, hear.

Phillip: All right, enjoy the rest of the party.

Lizzie: Come here. Oh, thank you, Dad, that was really nice.

Phillip: I'm your dad, that's what I'm supposed to do. You have fun, I got to go talk to your mother.

Bill: You know what? I'm afraid everyone is going to start leaving. So I want to make an announcement that we are getting married as soon as Doris shows up.

Lizzie: You sure?

Bill: I have never been more sure of anything in my life. Excuse me, everyone. If I could just have your attention. First of all, thank you so much for joining Lizzie and I on this special occasion. In fact, I don't think you know how special it is. I love you, Lizzie, so much. And that's why there has been a change in plans. Tonight, as soon as Doris Wolfe walks through that door, Lizzie and I are going to...

Man: Bill Lewis?

Bill: Yeah, but I'm sorry, private party.

Man: Mr. Lewis, you're under arrest?

Bill: Yeah, right, is this some sort of joke? This is not funny.

Man: Securities fraud, Mr. Lewis.

Vanessa: Darling, don't say anything. Your father is calling the lawyers right now.

Bill: Well, there's nothing to say.

Phillip: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hang on, hang on, you have the please, don’t... look, they can't do this now. You've got the wrong guy here, all right? It's not Bill Lewis. It's not who you want.

Man: Sir...

Phillip: Look, I'm Phillip Spaulding. I'm the one that talked to you earlier. He’s... the man you are looking for is my son, James.

Announcer: Next, on "Guiding Light"...

Cyrus: I have to take this.

Frank: How's Cyrus doing?

Marina: Did you see the girl on the front porch?

Frank: Hard to miss.

Natasha: You told me you could deliver the diamonds. If you don't, it could be very, very dangerous for you.

Christina: Let's talk about what Remy’s going to do with the money he got from selling Christina’s diamond.

Marina: What's that?

Frank: There was trouble at the Spaulding engagement party.

Marina: Shocking.

Man: Mr. Lewis, you are coming with us.

Bill: Wait, wait, wait.

Phillip: Tell them, James!

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