GL Transcript Wednesday 6/3/09

Guiding Light Transcript Wednesday 6/3/09


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Previously on "Guiding Light"...

Clayton: Your mother and I are going to lose our house.

Remy: This is Remy Boudreau, a friend of mine said you can give me some cash for some diamonds.

Reva: I didn't kill Edmund and that is the truth.

Cyrus: I'm settling in, reconnecting with people. You need to be patient.

Natasha: Patient is fine. Just, you know, don't waste my time.

Cyrus: It's just not possible to make this happen overnight.

Remy: You are going to save my dad.

Christina: Remington? I brought you coffee and a muffin. (Rock music plays)

Remy: Hi.

Christina: (Gasps) What are you doing?

Remy: I'm just glad to see you.

Christina: No you're not.

Remy: It may not look like it, but I am. I am glad to see you.

Christina: Remy, I know. I know what you're up to. I saw it.

Cyrus: Don't worry. I'll find the diamonds.

Natasha: You better.

Cyrus: Tasha, come on, you got to trust me. You've been working cons longer than you've been wearing those sexy high heels. You just got to give me time to get everything set up.

Natasha: We know Edmund Winslow had the diamonds. He's dead and they're gone. Find out if the police know where they are. If they don't, that means someone in town stole them.

Cyrus: Yeah, I got to go. Iím on to a cover. It is going to be perfect for this job. Hey, Buzz.

Buzz: What can I do for you?

Cyrus: I'd like a job, thanks.

Buzz: You want some fries with that?

Cyrus: I'm serious.

Buzz: Everybody wants a job nowadays.

Cyrus: Right. All right, well just keep me in mind in case anything comes up.

Buzz: Okay I'll talk to the boss, see what we can do.

Cyrus: Oh, that's too bad, Alan doesn't like me very much.

Buzz: Alan doesn't own the place any more.

Cyrus: Oh, good for me.

Buzz: No, someone who likes you even less, Marina. (Laughs)

Josh: Frank, how are you doing?

Frank: Hey, Josh, what's up, buddy?

Josh: You need a hand with that? Let me help you.

Frank: Yeah, thanks, man. I just got to take these to the curb for the truck.

Josh: No problem, I got it. How are you doing? How are things at the restaurant? The recession hurting you guys at all or...?

Frank: No, no, we're... we're good. We're hanging in.

Josh: Good, good, glad to hear it. How about Mallet, Marina, the new baby, how's everybody doing?

Frank: Everybody's fine, thank you.

Josh: Good, good, good, good.

Frank: Josh, what's going on?

Josh: What?

Frank: Well, I'm sure you didn't come here to help me take out the trash and make small talk.

Josh: Okay, all right, yeah. I'm.... I'm worried about Reva, Frank. I mean, I know it's not really my place and she's married to somebody else, I get that. But still, you know, I...

Frank: You worry about her.

Josh: Yes, I do.

Frank: Josh, I'm sorry. I can't tell you anything about the case.

Mallet: Come on!

Marina: Hey.

Mallet: Hey. I do this every morning. I don't know why I do it. What's going on? How are you?

Marina: Good.

Mallet: Hey, buddy.

Marina: He's sleeping.

Mallet: He's sleeping?

Marina: Yeah, it's morning nap.

Mallet: No way, what time is it? It's too early.

Marina: You can ask every five minutes, it's not going to change anything.

Mallet: That's great. That's just great. I got two hours. I got two hours, that's it. I either have to charge Reva or I have to let her go. And if I have to let her go, that means she's not guilty. And if she's not guilty then who is and why haven't they come forward?

Marina: You are assuming that it's somebody she knows.

Mallet: Yeah, and if I'm wrong?

Marina: There are worse things than sending Reva home to be with her baby.

Mallet: That's the problem with this case. I know everyone involved way too well, Jeffrey, Josh, Reva, Shayne.

Marina: Shayne? No way.

Mallet: Yeah, Shayne, yeah. I have to look at everybody that knew Edmund Winslow and everyone that had a reason to take him out.

Marina: Even her?

Dinah: Well, maybe we should come back later.

Shayne: Yeah? Oh, hey there, Sheriff. Did you catch any outlaws today, huh?

Mallet: Not enough.

Reva: Oh, hey. You're awfully hot for a waiter.

Jeffrey: I'm also a lawyer.

Reva: Oh, will you marry me?

Jeffrey: Well, I would, but I'm already happily married and very much in love with my wife. How did you sleep?

Reva: I didnít. But I'm fine. Did Colin sleep?

Jeffrey: Off and on, more off than on. But you know, he's going to be okay. Under two hours now. So listen, they have to legally let you out of here, but just in case Mallet tries to trump up some new charges, anything like that, I'm preparing some motions, including a preliminary injunction. What?

Reva: Please, do me a favor. Tell me everything you can about what our son did from the time you got home to the time you left the house this morning to come and see me.

Jeffrey: Well, I put him on the floor, you know, and I thought he was going to... I thought he was going to turn over. But he was on his back and he was just kicking his legs and he kind of knocked over to one side. (Laughter)

Shayne: As a detective, my understanding is you collect real evidence before you arrest somebody. Maybe I'm crazy, I don't know.

Marina: Yeah, well, cops are required to follow certain rules, Shayne.

Shayne: Rules? Nobody can see my mom except her lawyer. What rule is that, Mallet? Is that the "Keep her in isolation" rule, so that she cracks?

Mallet: If you want to go see Reva, then get permission from her lawyer, okay? That's the way we operate around here. But if you do go in, just remember we have security cameras and they record everything. Everything you say, everything you do, so if I see the slightest hint of guilt in your eyes, I will be on you before you reach the doorstep.

Shayne: I'll keep that in mind.

Mallet: Okay.

Dinah: I wonder if Mallet would be handling things the exact same way if he knew Reva was his baby's grandmother?

Reva: Less than two hours. In two hours, I get to go home and I get to hold my baby. And I get to lay down next to my husband and go to sleep. But it's not all Mallet's fault, you know, I did lie to him.

Jeffrey: And to me.

Reva: I have to protect Shayne.

Jeffrey: Well, you know what? We still need to talk about that.

Reva: The point is I'm not completely innocent. I mean I... I mean I am innocent, but I dug myself into a hole. I did, at least a little bit. And I've got to find a way to get out of it. But if Mallet is looking for me to confess or for somebody else to, well, then, it didn't work for him. I mean, I rode it out.

Jeffrey: Well, you're doing better than me. So listen, I'll be right back. I still got to file one more thing before we get you out of here.

Reva: Okay. I love you.

Shayne: Hey, she okay?

Jeffrey: She'll be glad to see you.

Shayne: Okay. Let's go.

Dinah: Okay.

Jeffrey: Hey, um...

Dinah: Go ahead.

Jeffrey: Could you keep an eye on both of them until the arraignment?

Dinah: Me? Really?

Jeffrey: Well, believe it or not, you seem to be the level-headed one here.

Dinah: Wow.

Jeffrey: Stunning, isn't it?

Dinah: Yes. All right. What do you want me to look for?

Jeffrey: Well, just try to keep them from getting too hot-headed.

Dinah: Okay. You got it.

Jeffrey: Thanks.

Josh: Frank, Frank, just... just give me a second, okay, all right? I just... my understanding is that you guys have to release Reva in two hours. I just want to know if anything new has happened, anything that might keep her in jail.

Frank: Josh, like I said, I'm sorry I really can't tell you anything about the case.

Josh: Because I need to know if I need to track down a new lawyer or an investigator or a forensic expert or whatever.

Frank: Josh, if you want to help, just do me a favor, stay low and cooperate. Let the cops do their job.

Buzz: The boss is here. So you can just walk over there yourself and ask her for a job.

Cyrus: Great.

Buzz: You know, if you're brave enough to do that, you deserve to work here. (Laughs)

Cyrus: Hey. I'm back.

Marina: Why?

Cyrus: I had nowhere else to go.

Marina: That's too bad.

Cyrus: I need a job.

Marina: What? There aren't any more banks to rob?

Cyrus: No, they're all owned by the government.

Marina: So you're asking me for a job?

Cyrus: Yeah.

Marina: Wow. How badly do you want one? Like if I asked you to crawl across the floor and beg for my forgiveness, would you do that?

Cyrus: Would it get me a job?

Marina: Minimum wage.

Cyrus: Plus tips?

Marina: Busboy, grease traps.

Cyrus: Done.

Marina: Done. Go talk to Lynn. She'll put you on the schedule.

Cyrus: It's me.

Natasha: Good news, dear?

Cyrus: I got a job.

Natasha: Pawnshop? Jewelry store?

Cyrus: Restaurant. If anyone has those diamonds, I'll hear about it here.

Christina: Seeing it just took my breath away.

Remy: Seeing what? What... what...

Christina: The diamond, Remy. The diamond, I know.

Remy: I don't know much about diamonds.

Christina: I can't believe you wanted to keep that a secret from me.

Remy: It's just one diamond, Christina. It's just...

Christina: The fact that you want to marry me again is wonderful.

Remy: Marry? Marry... marry...

Christina: You bought me a diamond.

Remy: Yes. Yes, I did. Christina, you... you are the best woman I know, right, yeah, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you... will you marry me, again? (Laughs)

Christina: Remy, get up. Get up. It's a beautiful diamond and I really appreciate you getting for me. I hope you understand I can't marry you.

Remy: What?

Christina: It's better like this. We're better like this. Not that it's going to be easy to say no to that diamond. I can already picture it in a setting.

Remy: And thatís... that's what I was thinking. I wasn't sure what I should get you and I was... we were going to go to a jeweler together. That's what I was thinking.

Christina: Remy, being married to you was... the thing is, it didn't work. I think we are so much better divorced. I hope you're not mad at me.

Remy: No, no, no, no. I'm not mad at you. I understand. I completely understand. A thousand percent, 100% understand. I guess I'll just have to take the diamond back to the jeweler.

Christina: Wait. Can I just... can I hold it one more time?

Cyrus: Frank?

Frank: Oh no.

Cyrus: Hey, listen, I just got back into town and I... I wanted to start things off the right way this time around. So I want you to know that I have no intention of causing any trouble for anyone, especially not your family. I hope I can make up for the past somehow.

Frank: Well, you could keep your distance. That'll work.

Cyrus: Well, that, actually, might be a problem. I just got a job at Company. Marina hired me.

Frank: You're not joking with me, are you?

Cyrus: Nope. So I hear things have been busy around here. Big murder case to solve.

Frank: Yeah.

Cyrus: Yeah, the guy who was the victim, royalty. Must have been a diplomatic nightmare.

Frank: No big deal.

Cyrus: Any clues point to international intrigue or was it all personal?

Frank: Exactly what day do you start working at Company?

Cyrus: I'm not sure. I'm waiting to be put on the schedule.

Frank: See you there.

Buzz: That was an awfully nice thing you did hiring Cyrus.

Marina: Actually, it's probably one of the stupidest things I ever did.

Buzz: What, you mean your old man? Your father? Frank will get over it.

Marina: Please, can you imagine what my husband is going to say?

Buzz: I hadn't thought of that. Why did you hire him?

Marina: I don't know. He just looked so pathetic.

Buzz: Still got a soft spot for him?

Marina: No! No, I do not have a soft spot for him, no. Please, my life is wonderful. I have a beautiful baby, a wonderful husband. In fact, they bring me so much happiness, I just want to share my happiness with the whole world.

Buzz: Aww! He'll be fine. I mean, he caused trouble before, but something is telling me we are supposed to give him a second chance.

Jeffrey: Hey.

Josh: Hey. How's it going in there?

Jeffrey: Well, she hasn't caused a riot yet.

Josh: Give her time.

Jeffrey: So she should be out of there of in a little less than an hour. Shayne's in there with her now.

Josh: Okay. Police have anything new?

Jeffrey: No, nothing.

Josh: That's a good thing.

Jeffrey: So I'm heading home too.

Josh: You're checking on the baby?

Jeffrey: No, the baby is with Lillian. I got some court documents that are being faxed over to the house. I'll be back in a little bit.

Josh: Okay.

Jeffrey: Okay?

Josh: See you later.

Shayne: I hate this place. What did they give you for dinner last night?

Reva: The usual.

Shayne: The usual, huh?

Reva: Yeah.

Shayne: Are you going to make it a habit of stopping by here for dinner.

Reva: Ha-ha-ha.

Shayne: Ha-ha-ha.

Reva: No, that was the one and only meal I will be having here because I'm getting out in, I don't know, an hour.

Shayne: I know, when I escort you out the door and take you straight to Towers for a real meal.

Reva: That's sweet, but I have to take a shower first.

Shayne: Yeah, you would. You smell likeÖ I can smell you from over here.

Reva: You know, you're close enough that I could punch you in the face.

Shayne: That would be assault and you'd have stay another night.

Reva: I got clean clothes. I still could hit you. Don't be mean to your mother. (Laughs)

Mallet: What are you doing here?

Dinah: I'm on duty.

Mallet: You don't work here.

Dinah: Jeffrey asked me to keep an eye on Shayne, Reva. He thinks they get a little hot headed.

Mallet: He should know. He's married to her.

Dinah: Yeah. Well, I... I won't be here long. I imagine Reva will be out of here in about an hour, wouldn't you say? Mallet?

Mallet: Mmm?

Dinah: Shayne is really depending on Reva getting out of here today. And I know you can't have enough evidence or you would have already had an arraignment.

Mallet: The judge is executing a search warrant for Revaís house. So if she didn't do anything, she doesn't have to worry about anything.

Christina: We're so lucky the jeweler could see us so soon.

Remy: Yeah, lucky.

Christina: I still don't understand why we couldn't go back to the place where you bought it.

Remy: The guy's an operator. He'd probably try to stiff me.

Christina: So can I see it one more time, the diamond?

Remy: "Can I see it one more time?"

Christina: I've never seen anything like it. Oh... bye diamond. It was nice meeting you. So where is this guy?

Remy: I don't know. I haven't met him.

Christina: Is that him? Oh.

Remy: Nope.

Christina: What about him?

Remy: Christina, that's the waiter.

Christina: Right.

Remy: Mm-hmm. This is the guy.

Doyle: Remy?

Remy: Yes.

Doyle: I'm Doyle. You selling a diamond?

Cyrus: No, I don't think the cops have any leads on the diamonds. No, no, they don't have a clue. Yeah, I'm still checking it out. I'll call you if I get anything, all right? DeDe, Nice to see you.

Dinah: It is?

Cyrus: Of course.

Dinah: What you checking out?

Cyrus: Jobs.

Dinah: At the police station?

Cyrus: Well, I just got back into town. I got a job at Company, but I don't know if that will pay all the bills.

Dinah: And you think they've got something for you here? You are a jewel thief.

Cyrus: Ex-jewel thief.

Dinah: Oh, whatever. So will you put in a good word with Mallet, your husband?

Dinah: Ex-husband.

Cyrus: Whatever.

Dinah: So, the answer to that is no. He's working on a big case.

Cyrus: Just tell him I'm looking.

Dinah: Okay.

Cyrus: Okay.

Dinah: All right.

Reva: Hi. Well look who's here, just in time for the breakout party.

Josh: Right, you're getting out of here, aren't you? That's too bad because I was just baking you a cake with a file in it.

Reva: Really? Well, you can give the cake to Billy but be sure to warn him about the file.

Shayne: Why, he wouldn't notice. (Laughter)

Reva: When was the last time the three of us were together because this is nice, you know, the three of us together.

Shayne: You've spent too long in that cell. This is not nice.

Reva: It's nice.

Josh: But... but it will be over soon.

Reva: Yes, 40 minutes about and counting. Because the police are running out of time.

Jeffrey: What now?

Mallet: Jeffrey, you know, I hate this part of the job.

Jeffrey: What's this?

Mallet: Search warrant. I got to take a look.

Doyle: Looks good. Where did say you got this?

Christina: He got it for me to make an engagement ring, but we're not getting married. Did that once, it didn't work.

Doyle: It's an exquisite stone. I seldom get a chance to deal in anything this rare.

Remy: Well, she... she deserves the best.

Doyle: She sure does.

Christina: Oh my God. Imagine what you can do with all that money.

Remy: Shhh!

Doyle: I do hope we do some business again in the e future.

Christina: Oh, that won't be happening. There are no more diamonds in our future.

Frank: Gothca!

Remy: Whoa! Frank, I can explain. It's not what it looks like.

Frank: Remy, take it easy, man, okay. Listen, you're off the clock. You can have a beer in the afternoon. No worries.

Remy: Right, right.

Frank: Hello, Christina.

Christina: Hello.

Frank: You look lovely.

Christina: Thank you.

Frank: How's everything going?

Christina: It's fine. We're having a great day.

Frank: Well good, good. Can I talk shop with him for just a couple of minutes?

Christina: Of course, I'll be right back.

Frank: She's adorable.

Remy: That's what they tell me. So what you got for me, Frank? What's going on?

Frank: It's the Winslow case. Mallet's in charge of the murder investigation. I've been running point with the State Department and the Feds. I just got a special request from the government of San Cristobel.

Remy: Well, what kind of request?

Frank: They think that Edmund Winslow stole the crown jewels.

Remy: The crown... the crown...

Frank: That he's been... well, that he was cashing in the diamonds one at a time in order to support his lifestyle. And they want us to keep an eye out for them in case they surface.

Remy: Do you think they will?

Frank: I don't know. You never know, but, I bet... you know what? We checked his safety deposit box, but it was empty. They could be anywhere, absolutely anywhere. So your job, Officer, is to go out and find those gems. If there is anybody that can do it, you're the man.

Christina: Hello. Frank's gone.

Remy: Uh-huh.

Christina: Everything all set?

Remy: Uh-huh.

Christina: All right.

Remy: All right.

Cyrus: Oh, I'm sorry.

Christina: No, my fault, I'm sorry.

Cyrus: Well, we're a sorry lot, aren't we? Hey, Remy. Hello... hi.

Christina: See you. Finally we're alone. Now, let me see that cash.

Remy: Security camera.

Christina: What?

Remy: In the corner is a security camera. I don't want anyone knowing I'm carrying around this much cash.

Christina: Right, well, do you care if they see us kissing?

Reva: Hey.

Dinah: Hi, everyone behaving?

Reva: Yeah, well, I don't have much of a choice at the moment.

Shayne: She's almost out of here. So I'm going to call Towers and make reservations for us.

Dinah: Oh, good.

Reva: Sweetheart that's sweet, but really, when I get out of here, I'm going home to squeeze on my baby and hug on my husband. But I'll call you and we will make plans for dinner. But you two should go, really, you and Dinah should take off.

Dinah: Reva, Jeffrey wanted to make sure that you weren't alone.

Josh: It's okay. I'll stay. It's only a few minutes anyway. You sure you're going to be all right?

Reva: Yes, I'm fine. But I don't want this to turn into a really big commotion, okay? Go.

Dinah: All right.

Shayne: Okay. We're out of here.

Reva: Call me.

Shayne: Okay.

Reva: Or I'll call you. (Laughs)

Shayne: Okay.

Reva: Oh, how much time do we have?

Josh: We got enough time for me to beat you a couple of times.

Reva: Oh, really. You see, you always lose.

Josh: Not always.

Reva: Always.

Josh: You shouldn't have made Shayne leave.

Reva: Well, he's got better things to do than hang out with his mom in jail.

Josh: I don't think so.

Reva: You think he believes me?

Josh: Reva, you didn't kill Edmund.

Reva: I know that, but does he?

Josh: You were very convincing. Actually, you know what? I'm going to go track down Mallet before we get this game going. So you look at me now.

Reva: Don't point your finger at me.

Josh: Donít...

Reva: I hate it when you do this.

Josh: Don't go anywhere.

Reva: Ha-ha. Get out of here.

Josh: Excuse me. Where is Detective Mallet?

Officer: He's out.

Josh: Where?

Officer: He's out.

Josh: Okay.

Jeffrey: OíNeill.

Josh: Yeah, it's me. It's Josh. Look, I'm here. The clock is ticking and I think Mallet has disappeared.

Jeffrey: Well, not quite. He's here.

Josh: Doing what?

Jeffrey: Well, he's got a search warrant, but he's not going to find anything.

Mallet: I hope not.

Jeffrey: How's she doing?

Josh: Well, she's ready to go home.

Jeffrey: I want to make sure that she does. You're not going to find anything.

Mallet: I hope not.

Cyrus: I'm all set. I'm a busboy at Company.

Natasha: Congratulations.

Cyrus: I told you, everyone in town goes in there. If anybody knows about the diamonds, I'll overhear it while they're eating their Buzz burger.

Natasha: Are those good? Buzz burgers?

Cyrus: Little greasy, but it's worth it.

Natasha: And that's all you have for me? You have advice on where to get indigestion.

Cyrus: Will you give me a second? I just got back into town. If those jewels are here in Springfield, I'll find them.

Christina: He was so cute. So then he gets down on one knee, his towel is still on at this point.

Marina: So when are you getting married?

Christina: Oh, no, no, we're not getting married.

Marina: Oh, come on. Remy just proposed to you in the nude. Send him over, I will marry him.

Christina: You're married already.

Marina: Yes, I know. And I'm very happy. But hey, I'm just saying, you know, I used to be roommates with him.

Christina: Okay. Time to change the subject. So how is Henry?

Marina: Oh, no, we are not changing the subject. Come on. Remy and I go way back. I'm just saying, you know, that there may be things that I know about him that you don't know.

Christina: That is impossible. Remy and I tell each other everything. There is nothing about Remy Boudreau that I don't know.

Remy: Hey, Dad. Yeah, it's me. I'm at the bank. I may have found a way to save the house. Yeah, okay, I know, I know, Dad, I know, but let me just talk to them, okay? All right. Okay, I'll call you when I'm done. Bye.

Dinah: Oh!

Shayne: (Humming)

Dinah: You know, Reva is going to be just fine.

Shayne: I know. She's amazing, isn't she? I don't know how she does it. Must come from the confidence of knowing that she's innocent.

Dinah: Innocent, I told her that I had my doubts. We had a nice little talk about it. I can say there's no way she could do anything like that. You know, Mallet is going to kick her out of jail and then, you know.

Shayne: And then he's going to move on to somebody else, which is great.

Dinah: Right. Oh.

Shayne: So my mom is getting released from jail. You could be a little more enthusiastic about that.

Dinah: I am happy.

Shayne: Are you?

Dinah: For Reva, yes, I am. It's just...

Shayne: It's just... it's just, what?

Dinah: I'm...

Shayne: What?

Dinah: I'm a little worried about what is the next step here. What happens next?

Shayne: I told you that I didn't kill Edmund.

Dinah: And I believe you.

Shayne: Yeah.

Dinah: Yeah. Let's have a drink to celebrate.

Shayne: You're in a strange mood.

Dinah: I'm fine. I'm fine. It's just... not any ice. There's never any ice. You know how irritating that is?

Shayne: Horrible. Come here. You know that whatever you are going through, you can tell me, right? No matter what it is. You can tell me anything and we'll fix it together. You know that, right?

Dinah: There's nothing to fix.

Shayne: Yeah?

Dinah: There's nothing to fix.

Shayne: Okay. (Slow music plays) Don't do this. Don't do this. She couldn't have done this. Don't do it.

Jeffrey: Told you you wouldn't find anything. Let me ask you something. What make you think that the murderer would hide the murder weapon in his own house?

Mallet: It happens. It happens all the time. You got sloppiness, didn't have time to get rid of it, wasn't expecting a search.

Jeffrey: 15 minutes.

Mallet: What?

Jeffrey: 15 minutes until you legally have to release Reva, so we can go down to the jailhouse together or I can get a court order. What is it going to be?

Mallet: All right, man, let's go. We're done here.

Reva: Hey. What time is it?

Josh: You got about 15 more minutes.

Reva: I can survive that.

Josh: Yeah.

Reva: What is it? Come on, tell me.

Josh: Mallet's at your house right now. He's searching the place, looking for a Hail Mary pass.

Reva: What do you mean? What's he doing?

Josh: Reva, don't worry about it, okay. Jeffrey's on it.

Jeffrey: Well, Mallet, thank you because that is the neatest search job I've ever seen any cop do. I appreciate it.

Mallet: Reva's car. No, Revaís car, I want to take a look at it.

Jeffrey: Come on.

Mallet: The search warrant covers it. Reva's car, come on.

Jeffrey: You're wasting time. Oh, you got to be kidding me. Go ahead.

Mallet: Jeffrey, we're not wasting time. Reva was the last person that saw Edmund alive. And the security video proves it.

Jeffrey: Well, we both know that you can't charge her on the basis of some meaningless video.

Mallet: No, you canít. But I'm guessing the Judge might think this is enough.

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Mallet: If I'm wrong, I will apologize, but right now, Reva has some explaining to do.

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