GL Transcript Thursday 5/28/09

Guiding Light Transcript Thursday 5/28/09


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Previously on "Guiding Light"...

Buzz: He lost his job.

Mel: Why would he tell me he didn't have money troubles.

Remy: I decided to come back to the force.

Judge: I'm making it a condition of Mr. Rivera's release he be provided with a mentor.

Frank: I'll be there for Rafe.

Natalia: Really, you are coming home.

Reva: I did not kill Edmund! Trust our love, trust me.

Marina: Hey, hey!

Mallet: Go back inside, it's raining.

Marina: No, you are going to leave me without saying good-bye?

Mallet: Well, you were busy feeding the baby.

Marina: Well, it's fine. He's sleeping now.

Mallet: Well, okay, I wanted to get to the station early before it gets crazy because this case is a mother.

Marina: Yeah, well, you know, don't be too long. I wish somebody else was on this case. I really do. I wish they could assign it to anybody else. And finally get on a schedule and a kind of life.

Mallet: I liked it too. Nice routine. I'll get back to you as soon as I figure out who killed Edmund.

Marina: Okay. Have a good day.

Mallet: Thank you. Bye.

Marina: Bye.

Reva: Okay. Let's see, there's this... and this.

Jeffrey: Good morning.

Reva: Good morning. Here's your paper, orange juice, toast will be out in a second.

Jeffrey: Wow! You're full of energy this morning.

Reva: I am. I've lot got lots to do. What is on your agenda for today?

Jeffrey: Me? Nothing, work.

Reva: Oh , okay, well, I thought maybe when Colin gets up I will get him dressed, take a walk in the park. And then I thought I would go over to the library and volunteer my time to read for the children's hour.

Jeffrey: Wow! You really are full of energy.

Reva: Yeah, well I want to keep busy, you know. I'm happy to be breathing and to be with my baby, life is good.

Jeffrey: Well, keeping busy is good. Because that way it will keep your mind off the Edmund murder.

Reva: I want to keep busy because I'm happy to be alive and to be with you and Colin. Now get to work and get back here as soon as you can. Hurry. Go, go, go, go. I love you. Tell the President I said hi.

Jeffrey: Hi, yeah, do you have a few minutes? I would really like to come over there and talk to you. Great, thanks. I'll be right there.

Dinah: Hey.

Remy: Hey.

Dinah: Hi.

Remy: How did you know I needed this?

Dinah: Well, it was actually for Mallet. I came to talk to him but that's okay. You look like it need it a little more.

Remy: Yeah, I'm being reinstated today.

Dinah: That's great! See, you are one of the good guys. You said it.

Remy: Really?

Dinah: Yes.

Remy: Even though I pulled a body out of the water and went through the pockets and found diamonds and I kept them.

Dinah: You know what, don't think about that. Focus on your positive qualities. You have been an E.M.T. for the last year, you have been saving lives. You are a great brother, a great son, a fantastic friend. Don't let a little bag of diamonds get in the way of all of that. The kind of person that makes a bad situation into a good one, okay. Just believe that.

Remy: Thank you. I hope so. I got to get going. Thank you for the coffee.

Dinah: Congratulations.

Remy: Thank you.

Rafe: Hey.

Natalia: You're up so early.

Rafe: I'm kind of used to that now.

Natalia: Is that jacket warm enough for you.

Rafe: Ma I'm just going for a run, relax.

Natalia: You are going to go for a run. You didn't eat anything. Want me to make some toast.

Rafe: Toast?

Natalia: Yeah.

Rafe: No. Mom, I'm-- you're worse than the freakin' warden, stop.

Natalia: Sorry, you should take care of yourself, stay healthy.

Rafe: Look, stop, I can take care of myself, okay. I promise. All this hovering thing, I can't take it, all right. I don't need that any more.

Olivia: Ooh, wow.

Emma: That's for Miss Jennings.

Olivia: Yeah, is that a picture for the last day of school tomorrow. That's pretty sweet. But you know what? It needs a title. Em, the farmhouse it belongs to Natalia and Rafe, you know?

Emma: Can I still think Rafe is my brother even though he's not in jail.

Olivia: Yeah. Of course you can, that's a silly question.

Emma: Then I want to go see him. I miss him. Don't you miss Natalia?

Dinah: Hello.

Mallet: Hi.

Dinah: Morning.

Mallet: Good morning.

Dinah: I brought you coffee.

Mallet: Oh, great, thank you.

Dinah: I gave it to Remy, he needed it a little bit more.

Mallet: Oh, so he's drinking my coffee.

Dinah: Yes.

Mallet: Aha! Okay, well thanks for the thought.

Dinah: I know you drink a lot of coffee when you work on a case.

Mallet: (Laughs) What's on your mind there, Dinah?

Dinah: Well, just how is the case going?

Mallet: Which one?

Dinah: Edmund's murder case.

Mallet: Ah.

Dinah: It's got Shayne pretty uptight. Was wondering if you had any updates

Mallet: So you are wondering about my suspect list. Nothing's changed because unfortunately, it could be just about anyone in town. See you. No new clues since I saw you five minutes ago.

Dinah: Well, no news is good news.

Mallet: No, I need all the news I can get because I'm trying to solve a murder.

Dinah: If anyone could solve it, you could.

Mallet: Thank you. It's my job.

Dinah: Get a new flag there?

Mallet: I got a new flag, yeah. Remy's being reinstated so I thought I would spiff up the joint.

Dinah: He's a good guy. You're a good guy.

Mallet: Dinah, it's like I told you a few days ago, I can't give you any information about this case.

Dinah: I understand that. Shayne is very upset about this whole thing and he was very close to Edmund. So I'm assuming he is a prime suspect.

Mallet: He is a suspect, yeah. Okay, if it will put your mind at ease, he's not exactly the top of my list.

Reva: You never have to worry about anything ever again because Edmund Winslow is out of our lives for good. Uh-huh.

Jeffrey: Hi, there you are. Thanks for seeing me.

Lillian: Sure.

Jeffrey: I have some croissants here, these are chocolate and these are actually blueberries.

Lillian: Are you trying to fatten me up or are you trying to seduce me? No, no, I'm on a diet.

Jeffrey: Actually, I want some information out of you.

Lillian: You know I can't give you patient information without a court order.

Jeffrey: It's not that this time. It's not official, it's Reva.

Lillian: Is she all right?

Jeffrey: Well, you know what, she's more than all right. She's like the superwoman of domesticity and motherhood. And it's scaring me.

Lillian: And what exactly are you afraid of?

Jeffrey: She's not herself. She just doesn't seem to be herself.

Lillian: Well, she's been through so much.

Jeffrey: I know, I know, she's still recovering. But the Edmund thing on top of everything else, it's just -- I don't know. It's scaring me a little.

Lillian: Do you think she is going through postpartum again.

Jeffrey: There is that too, that is what I'm talking about, it is all too much.

Lillian: Okay. Is she in mood swings. Is she crying a lot, is she being very emotional.

Jeffrey: No, no, she's completely calm.

Lillian: Calm is a problem? Why would calm be a problem.

Jeffrey: It's Reva. That's a problem.

Lillian: Why would her um being in control...

Jeffrey: It scares me because I just-- I want my firecracker of a woman back. My wife. Okay? I want to know that at least she's still in there.

Lillian: I bet she wants to know she's still in there, too.

Jeffrey: So what can I do? I mean do you think therapy would help?

Lillian: Well, I think probably what you need is a bottle of wine, some candles. I think you need to tell her how beautiful she is and how relieved and happy you are that you can still hold her in your arms.

Jeffrey: You think that will do it?

Lillian: Well, I think it's worth a try. And it always works for Buzz.

Jeffrey: Oh, yeah. Well, you know, Buzz has a way with the women.

Lillian: (Laughter) He does, but so do you.

Christina: Hey, you... Officer Boudreau.

Clayton: There they are.

Felicia: Hi. I'm so proud of you, oh, baby.

Leah: Go, Uncle Remy.

Remy: Thank you guys for coming.

Mel: Please, you're a hot shot, half the town will be here.

Remy: Half the town?

Marina: I don't know about half the town, but it kind of seems like a crowd.

Blake: You just look great. I love a man in uniform.

Leah: Oh, come on, everybody get together. Let me get a picture of everybody. Okay, here we go. One, two, three. Got it. Oh, now I have to get one of just Remy and Christina. One, two, three.

Clayton: Perfect couple.

Christina: Yeah, we're the best and worst couple I know. (Laughter)

Dinah: Hey.

Remy: Hi.

Dinah: Look at you.

Remy: I don't think I should be doing this. I have stolen diamonds in my pockets right now.

Dinah: Okay. Don't focus on that negativity right now. You be the hero that you are, no alktay on the iamonday, all right? Here come the cops.

Frank: Hello, everybody, it is an absolutely beautiful day and it's a great day. Are we ready to start?

Remy: Guess so, yeah.

Frank: Okay. Okay. Well everyone gather around here. Get up nice and close.

Christina: Up here?

Frank: Just line up right here, that would be great. You ready?

Remy: Yes, I am.

Frank: Okay. Raise your right arm. And repeat after me. I, Remy Boudreau.

Remy: I Remy Boudreau.

Frank: Promise to protect and serve the town of Springfield.

Remy: Promise to protect and serve the town of Springfield.

Natalia: Some water please. Are you happy? Thank you.

Rafe: Munchkin, come here. Did you miss me?

Emma: Duh, Mom and Natalia are hopeless at video games.

Rafe: Really, I'm ready to beat you at Angelica. I don't get it. What's so funny?

Emma: Well, Angelica's like so yesterday.

Rafe: Angelica is yesterday. Oh, I guess a lot of stuff has changed, huh?

Natalia: Hey Emma, why don't you show Rafe your brand-new bike? It's in the barn.

Emma: Where the cows used to live.

Rafe: All right, come on.

Olivia: She still thinks of this as her farm. What's wrong? You... what's wrong.

Natalia: Nothing. I'm happy. My son is home. It's good, but he has to adjust. He's adjusting to, you know, being in a real house and a real bed and sleeping with the lights off and eating breakfast, everything. He has to adjust.

Olivia: Well, you knew it wasn't going to be easy, right?

Natalia: Yeah. I just would really like to see him happy.

Olivia: Well, Emma can cheer him up.

Natalia: I know, she's good.

Olivia: Uh-huh.

Natalia: Like little brother and sister.

Olivia: That is how she sees him which is something to think about. Maybe what he needs is more family, not less.

Natalia: Not yet, not until--

Olivia: You're not going to be able to protect him forever. Maybe the best thing is just to tell him the truth about us.

Natalia: She's good. This is really good.

Olivia: That's her idea of home.

Natalia: I hope she always feels that way. Because you know, sometime talking...

Olivia: I'm not talking about moving in today or sharing the phone bill, although I'm sure you would like that. It's just I want that some day. I want what any family has.

Natalia: Well, so do I. I do. But you realize that telling Rafe whether he is ready or not, that means we have to tell Emma. How do we do that? How do we-- to a little girl, explain.

Olivia: She wrote an essay called My Two Mommy’s, we could start with that.

Natalia: I know, I have my copy in my drawer.

Olivia: I think in some ways she knew we belonged together before we did.

Natalia: Maybe you're right. There's never going to be a perfect time to tell them so maybe we should just say it, maybe we just should try to make them both understand.

Emma: Mommy!

Olivia: Hey what is it? What's wrong?

Rafe: Olivia, I'm sorry, she wanted to ride on the handlebars and I told her no because I was afraid I would crash and she would fall. And...

Emma: He told me to get off and leave him alone.

Rafe: I told you I'm not ready for family life, Ma.

Frank: There you go. Welcome back to the force, Officer Boudreau. (Applause) I'm very proud of you. Enjoy, enjoy! Come on.

Felicia: Hey. It's not the first time you've become a police officer.

Remy: It's different, different.

Mel: He's older and wiser.

Remy: I don't know about that.

Felicia: Officer Boudreau, is it against the law to kiss your mother?

Christina: If that is a law he better break it.

Felicia: I'm so proud of you, Remy.

Mel: Oh, Mom.

Felicia: I can't help it.

Mel: What about your sister? I mean who is the one who taught you cops and robbers.

Remy: You always played the robber.

Mel: Like Mom said, I'm so proud.

Remy: Girl, you better not cry. You better not cry right now.

Leah: I finally have someone to take care of my tickets.

Mel: Tickets? What tickets?

Remy: I got you. (Laughter)

Clayton: Be serious.

Felicia: What else is knew.

Clayton: You know how proud we are, but I have learned the hard way that pride goeth before a fall. It's not the badge, it's what is inside. And that's where you shine, son. That's where you truly shine.

Buzz: Okay, let's go to the park before the potato salad goes bad, again!

Felicia: Okay.

Mel: How are you going to hit the ball?

Remy: Oh, man.

Marina: Come on. I made you a separate batch of potato salad, you know, the kind that you love with no onions and jalapenos and pickles.

Mallet: I don't have time. I got to go.

Marina: Then we'll go straight for the chocolate cake.

Mallet: I got a crime to solve, a murder.

Marina: Food will help give you strength.

Mallet: No, I really-- I got to go, no time.

Dinah: Hi, Marina, where is Mallet going? I brought some of that potato salad he likes. You know with the jalapenos

Marina: Yeah, I know.

Reva: Hi.

Jeffrey: Hi.

Reva: You're home early, are you hungry? I made chicken salad.

Jeffrey: No. But is the baby asleep.

Reva: Yeah, you missed him. I'm sorry, we could go upstairs and we could watch him sleep.

Jeffrey: No, I would rather watch you.

Reva: Really?

Jeffrey: Yeah. Uh-huh.

Jeffrey: I could lie and say that I was on my way to work and then I turned around and-- but actually, someone very smart told me something. They told me that I need to tell you that I love you.

Reva: Oh.

Jeffrey: Yeah.

Reva: So someone had to remind you of that.

Jeffrey: Well, actually they didn't have to remind me that I love you, they have to remind me that I need to tell you that more out loud.

Reva: Saying it is always good.

Jeffrey: Yeah. Reva, you are amazing, the way you fought so hard, you know, to beat your cancer. The way you came through everything with flying colors. You almost died. But now here you are, the most alive person I know. You're beautiful, you're smart. And holding you in my arms is what I look forward to more than anything. And I'm sorry. I'm sorry I don't do that more. Wait, wait, wait. I'm not done telling you yet how wonderful you are. So...

Reva: Just show me. Show me, show me.

Olivia: Baby, Rafe didn't mean to snap at you.

Emma: Then why did he?

Olivia: Well, imagine you have come to a strange country and you have to learn everything new again.

Emma: But this is Rafe's house.

Natalia: I know, you know that. But it is still a little strange for him because he has been away so long.

Olivia: We have to be patient. Which is not always easy for someone like us to do. But when you love someone and you are a family, you have to know when to hold on tight and when to let go.

Frank: Hello, ladies.

Natalia: Hi, Frank.

Frank: Hi.

Emma: Rafe's home.

Frank: I know that. He called me. Is everything okay?

Rafe: Hey.

Frank: Hey, Rafe.

Rafe: Hey, Frank.

Olivia: Sweetie, why don't we get going, huh?

Frank: Actually, no one needs to go anywhere. Rafe and I are just going to play some ball. We're not going to be in anybody’s away, so ah... hey, Rafe, the equipment is in the car, so...

Rafe: Sure.

Frank: Thanks, buddy. Oh, Natalia I was a little surprised that you weren't at Remy’s reinstatement today.

Natalia: Oh, I know. But I didn't think that Rafe wanted to go. And I didn't want to leave him at home alone today, so -- how was it?

Frank: It was great. He's looking forward to being a cop again.

Emma: Can we play ball, too?

Mel: It's a good day for the Boudreau's, huh, Mom?

Felicia: Yeah, really nice. Now if we could just find you a really wonderful man who's worthy of you and knock some since into your brother’s head so that he will marry this gorgeous, intelligent, fabulous creature again, we would be set.

Christina: All right, you two need to stop. Now your son is the most amazing man I have ever known.

Felicia: Yeah, he is.

Christina: But we do so much better divorced.

Felicia: Oh, now that is just backward psychology.

Christina: It's true.

Mel: Oh Mom, don't start. Let it go.

Felicia: All right. I'll keep a lid on it. (All laugh)

Remy: You're out.

Dinah: No! I was in! I was in.

Remy: What?

Dinah: Are you kidding? No, time out.

Buzz: What, what game are you playing, baby! What game are you playing?

Dinah: I play all the games!

Blake: Okay, okay, time for dessert, all right. Over there.

Dinah: See, they are all celebrating, how good is that?

Remy: Don't want to let them down, you know?

Dinah: Come on. Let's get some cake. Out.

Cop: Taken by a surveillance camera at the Lara project site.

Mallet: All right, let's see what we got here. All right so, these are time stamped, 5:00 P.M.. well, look at that. We got PVC pipe.

Cop: Sir?

Mallet: Same type of fibers that were found embedded in Edmund’s skull. What else have we got here?

Cop: What is it?

Mallet: Can you get Reva O’Neill on the phone? Hold on, hold on. I got a better idea. Thank you.

Reva: I have rug burns. (Laughs)

Jeffrey: Yes, me too.

Reva: You do.

Jeffrey: It was great.

Reva: That was great. Are you hungry?

Jeffrey: Yeah.

Reva: I made chicken salad, remember.

Jeffrey: No, no, no thank you.

Reva: Apple? How about an apple?

Jeffrey: Apple?

Reva: Apple.

Jeffrey: Apple?

Reva: No? Leftover Chinese.

Jeffrey: Yes. Wait, wait, wait.

Reva: What?

Jeffrey: I have been a little bit worried about you. But instead of saying something, I have just been watching and worrying.

Reva: Well, don't, really. Because if I start not to feel fine I'll tell you, okay.

Jeffrey: You know, you have been through a lot. And there is still a lot.

Reva: Would you just stop already. You either eat the leftover Chinese, or you make mad, passionate love to me again. Those are your choices.

Jeffrey: Forget the Chinese.

Olivia: Well, look at that, Rafe has a good arm.

Natalia: Nice to see him having a good time, you know. I don't think he's really thrown a ball around since Gus. It's really good of Frank to do this, to step in like this, you know, give him a little guidance since he's been so at odds with everyone and everything since he got home.

Olivia: Yeah. Well Rafe's a good kid.

Natalia: Not a kid any more.

Olivia: He's your kid.

Natalia: Once I feel like he's really settled in, like he's really calmed down, then I will be able to talk to him about you know, everything, about us. But I can't right now. Just not ready.

Frank: Man, it's great to be outside doing this.

Rafe: Are you kidding me?

Frank: No, no, let's take a little break here, you know.

Rafe: Frank, you getting tired on me already.

Frank: Nobody's getting tired. You know, you got a good arm. You got a really good arm. You remind me of your dad. You are a lot like him, you know.

Rafe: Think so?

Frank: Yeah, absolutely. You got good street smarts. You know how to handle a tough situation.

Rafe: Those things don't match, no big deal.

Frank: It is a big deal. Those two things alone, man, can get you through life. Look, Rafe, you gave me this and I think you should have it.

Rafe: Frank, no, man, stop.

Frank: No, you should have it because it will remind you where you came from.

Rafe: Thanks, man.

Frank: Yeah.

Remy: Who is your favorite uncle, applehead?

Leah: You are my only uncle.

Remy: That's what I'm saying.

Felicia: Leah. We're going to need some help pack up the food, honey.

Leah: What about Uncle Remy.

Felicia: No conversation, get over here. He's the guest of honor. Come on.

Remy: Wawa wawa.

Blake: I think Remy is one of the best looking men I've ever seen in my life. I'll just have to do something illegal so he will arrest me.

Dinah: Oh, you keep those paws off of him; he's Christina’s.

Christina: He's not mine. He's just...

Dinah: Oh, just what.

Christina: We're just having fun.

(All): Uh-huh.

Felicia: Um, Clayton?

Clayton: I have to take this call.

Felicia: I need help with this ice bucket. I can't believe this.

Blake: Wow, Dinah, are you some ballplayer, I never took you as that athletic type.

Dinah: Well, used to go to the batting cages all the time when I was married.

Blake: Hey, where is Mallet, by the way? Why isn't he out here for this game?

Marina: Focused on the Edmund murder case.

Blake: Wow. That's going to be tough because just about every single person in this town wanted to kill Edmund.

Reva: I love it when he does that.

Jeffrey: That thing with the towels.

Reva: No, no, the nose thing is even better.

Jeffrey: Oh my God, I love that I love that too, yeah.

Reva: It doesn't get any better than this, does it.

Jeffrey: I love you.

Reva: I love you, I love you more, and more. I love both of you. (Knock on door)

Jeffrey: Oh, no. Go away.

Mallet: Jeffrey, it's Mallet.

Reva: You better let him in or he's going to break down the door. (Knock on door)

Mallet: Hi. Am I interrupting?

Jeffrey: Yeah.

Mallet: Sorry, Reva, I have to ask you something. I need you to explain something to me, okay?

Reva: Uh-huh.

Mallet: I have photographs from Lara’s project, the construction site security cameras. Now these are time stamped 5:00 P.M. Which is an hour later than what you told me was the last time that you saw Edmund. And Reva, I hate to tell you this, but they are all pretty clear it's you. And you are following Edmund.

Reva: Well, I don't care what it shows. I didn't kill him.

Mallet: I hope not. Reva O’Neill, you are under arrest for the murder of Edmund Winslow.

Clayton: Is it possible to get an extension, even 30 more days, you know, I don't know how this could have happened. Fine. I understand. Thank you. Son, I was just heading back.

Remy: What's going on, Dad?

Clayton: Oh, nothing, it's fine.

Remy: We shared a lot these last couple months. Don't treat me like a kid.

Clayton: That was the bank. A couple of months ago I took out a second mortgage on the house.

Remy: Oh, Dad.

Clayton: I put the money in that investment deal and now it's gone. The bank needs $35,000 from me. They give me 72 hours to come up with the cash. I don't have it. I will get it, son, don't worry.

Remy: Do you have a plan?

Clayton: Not yet. Your mother is waiting. I better go.

Remy: We'll fix this, Dad. We'll fix this.

Clayton: I'm sorry, this is your big day. Don't worry about me. There is no way you can fix this.

Dinah: Hey, Officer, upholder of the law, get over here, we want to say good-bye to you. (Applause)


Felicia: What's going on?

Jeffrey: Thanks.

Natalia: Hey, Frank, I was going to get a bucket of chicken, do you want to stay awhile?

Frank: No, thank you. On my way out, actually. But I'll be back tomorrow.

Natalia: Okay, what about you? Do you want to stay and have some chicken?

Olivia: I would love some chicken. But Emma’s having a sleep over so you and Rafe should really, you know, spend some time together. Jelly bean, in the car. We're leaving.

Natalia: Okay. I'm going to get my stuff, too. I guess I'll see you later?

Olivia: Yes, you will. Okay, buckle up.

Marina: Mallet, Reva, she's our friend.

Mallet: Evidence, I've got evidence. You knew she was at the top of my list.

Marina: I know that, but you had to put her in a cell away from her baby.

Mallet: She lied about the last time she saw Edmund alive, okay. But more than that, I can place her near PCV, all right, the same type of fibers forensic embedded in Edmund’s skull.

Marina: We both know circumstantial evidence is not ...

Mallet: I know, are not enough to convict. I know.

Marina: Then why are you doing this?

Mallet: Because I can hold her for 24 hours and maybe that is enough for her to crack and confess, or maybe...

Marina: Or maybe what.

Mallet: Maybe she didn't do it and that is enough time for the real killer to come forward. And because odds are I believe, someone loves her very much.

Jeffrey: I want to see Reva.

Mallet: Yeah, I know. Come on, you now you know the rules, no visitors. Listen, Jeffrey, I hope Reva didn't do this. I really do. But I have a case to solve and I have a suspect who can't keep her story straight.

Jeffrey: Reva has a right to counsel.

Mallet: Yes, she does. Okay fine.

Reva: You got me out?

Jeffrey: Not yet. Are you okay?

Reva: I want to go home.

Jeffrey: Can I have some privacy with my client, please?

Reva: I'm so glad I married a lawyer.

Jeffrey: Well, right now I'm not your lawyer, I'm your husband.

Reva: Well, then I'm even happier to see you.

Jeffrey: No, you are not. Because your husband is very pissed off right now because you lied to him.

Reva: Jeffrey.

Jeffrey: Reva, why did you lie to me?

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Natalia: Are you applying to the police department?

Rafe: It's one thing to say that I want to be like Gus, it is something completely different to actually do it.

Mallet: I have PVC pipe in the photo next to Reva. I've got vicinity, murder weapon and motive.

Jeffrey: You didn't tell me you saw him the he day died. Now it turns out you fought with him.

Reva: I had to be sure he wasn't going to hurt Shayne.

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