GL Transcript Monday 5/25/09

Guiding Light Transcript Monday 5/25/09


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Previously on "Guiding Light"...

Mallet: Are you sure that was Reva’s voice that you heard?

Christina: I wish it wasn't but that was the voice I heard in the park with Edmund.

Mallet: Hey, Reva, we need to talk.

Shayne: Something that I needed to talk to you about, something on my mind.

Marina: What is it?

Jeffrey: You already talked with Reva.

Mallet: Not about everything.

Reva: Please don't tell me there's another videotape because you know that would be just like Edmund, knowing that he was going to be murdered to make a tape about all the people who hated him.

Jeffrey: All right, this isn't a joke, okay. And you, Reva just got out of the hospital, okay. It's been a long, emotional day. I would like to take my wife home.

Mallet: I understand that. I'm just going to ask her one thing. It will help clear up some stuff.

Reva: Fine, one question.

Mallet: Okay, Edmund’s body wasn't in the river for very long before someone found him.

Reva: Is that the question? False.

Jeffrey: Reva, stop it.

Reva: What, stop what, do I look like a C.S.I. How would I know how long his body had been in the water?

Mallet: I have a witness who was by the river that day where Edmund’s body was found, okay. And that witness heard two voices arguing. One voice has been ID'd as Edmund’s and the other voice has been ID'd as yours.

Jeffrey: What if this witness wasn't close enough to see Reva? How could they possibly identify her voice?

Mallet: Are you talking as Reva’s husband or her lawyer?

Reva: Did I miss the question?

Mallet: Yes, Reva, the first time I talked to you about Edmund, why did you not tell me that you saw him the day he died?

Reva: Because you didn't ask me.

Buzz: Everything okay?

Christina: Yeah, I guess. How about you? They said you went somewhere.

Buzz: The cemetery, it's Memorial day, you know. Coop, his mom, Gus, you know. Hello, everybody.

Christina: Of course.

Buzz: Nobody answers. What's up with you?

Christina: Money trouble.

Buzz: Ah!

Christina: Don't think that I'm the first person to say that, huh?

Buzz: Well, lunch is on the house.

Christina: Aw, that's so sweet, but I can afford lunch. No, it's Remy, I think his father got into a big investment problem.

Buzz: Yeah, well, Clayton’s not the only one with that problem.

Christina: According to Remy, it's pretty bad. So bad that he went in on his day off to make some extra money.

Buzz: His day off?

Christina: Oh, I know he he's been filling in for you, but I hope you don't mind. I mean, being an E.M.T. pays a little bit more.

Buzz: No, that's fine. Fine.

Christina: You know what?

Buzz: What?

Christina: Can you make me one of all of Remy’s favorite foods.

Buzz: Sure, when is he coming in?

Christina: He's not. I'm going to go surprise him at work.

Buzz: He... well... no, no, I can’t... I'm too busy. I... no.

Christina: (Scoffs)

Dinah: Double fisting?

Remy: It's happy hour. Two for the price of one. Next round's on you.

Dinah: Oh. Thank you.

Remy: You okay?

Dinah: No. That little gathering we had for Edmund, even though that's something Shayne wanted to do, it kind of freaked me out.

Remy: Yeah. It was like he was talking directly to me.

Dinah: I didn't know you knew him.

Remy: Only through Shayne, but when he started talking about material things and how we value them too much, it's like he was talking to me from the grave.

Dinah: If anyone could, it would be Edmund.

Remy: So I figure you would be with Shayne after the Edmund memorial.

Dinah: No, he had to actually go take care of something.

Remy: You two okay?

Dinah: Call me in an hour and I'll tell you.

Marina: Shayne, come on. You know that you can talk to me. We go way back. I know when something's bothering you. You get a little crinkle in your eyebrow. Is this about Edmund? Did he say something on that tape that...

Shayne: No, I mean, not exactly. I mean, this is something that Edmund didn't know about.

Marina: Well, what didn't he know about?

Lynn: Hey. Hey, Shayne.

Shayne: Hey.

Lynn: Marina, can I borrow Henry for a second. Mrs. Popov is in the back. She's got a big surprise for him.

Marina: A surprise? Oh my goodness.

Lynn: Come on to Auntie Lynn. Oh, you big boy. (Henry sneezes)

Marina: Okay, I don't know what you're trying to tell me.

Shayne: The video with Edmund today just got me... it got me thinking about some things.

Marina: Oh, Shayne, is this... this is about Edmund’s murder and...

Shayne: No.

Marina: ...Mallet's investigation and he's been trying to investigate Dinah and your parents and...

Shayne: No.

Marina: I want to help, but I can't get in the middle of this.

Shayne: It's not about the investigation, Marina.

Marina: Okay. Shayne, I'm here for you, okay. I'm always here for you. You are one of my best friends, but this is going to have to wait, okay. I have to get Henry over to Cedars before he misses his appointment.

Shayne: I'll go with you then.

Marina: Why would you go with me?

Shayne: In case that you would need me.

Marina: What would I need you for?

Shayne: To donate blood, again.

Marina: You? You are the one in a million random persons who happen to have the same blood type as Henry?

Shayne: It wasn't so random.

Marina: Yes, Shayne it was random. This is crazy. The doctor said that unless we could find his biological parents that...

Shayne: Think about it. It wasn't random. That's what I've been trying to tell you. The reason that the transfusion worked is... is because I'm Henry’s biological father.

Jeffrey: Reva, are you okay? Listen, you don't have to say anything.

Mallet: Well, actually she does.

Jeffrey: Are you questioning her officially?

Mallet: She's got her attorney with her, what's the problem?

Jeffrey: There is no problem because her attorney is advising her not to say anything.

Reva: Jeffrey, I'm fine, it's fine. Yes, I did see Edmund that day. What else do you want to know?

Mallet: What time did you see him?

Reva: It was late afternoon. I don't know the exact time. I went for a walk along the river with Colin, and Edmund confronted me.

Mallet: He confronted you? About what?

Reva: About Shayne and Lara. I mean, he started yelling at me. And it scared Colin so I shut him down.

Mallet: Wait, wait, wait. Why was he angry? What was he yelling?

Reva: You know, it was the typical Edmund stuff. How we all hated him. How he was above all the rest of us. How we were all going to rue the day he crossed us. The kind of stuff you don't want your little kid to listen to. So I guess maybe to your witness it sounded like it was an argument. But really it was me telling Edmund to control himself in front of my kid.

Mallet: So then what happened?

Reva: Nothing happened. I went my way. He went his. I never saw him again.

Mallet: And that's it? So Edmund disappears from town, vanishes for weeks. He reappears at the river. He runs into you, and the next time anybody sees him, he's face down in the water.

Jeffrey: Mallet, as far as we know, your M.E. hasn't even ruled this a homicide. So Edmund could have just slipped on a rock and hit his head and died.

Reva: I'm really tired, you know.

Jeffrey: Yes.

Reva: I mean this day has been so long and exhausting, Mallet, I would like to go home and see my little baby. I'm sure you can understand that.

Mallet: Yes, I can understand that. And thank you for your time. I wish I could spend 24 hours a day with Henry, but I can't because I have a job to do. And Reva, if you lied to me...

Reva: Give Henry a kiss for me.

Buzz: Hey.

Lynn: He's sleeping.

Christina: This? This is why you can't pack some food up for me to take to Remy.

Buzz: I'm on grandpa duty, okay?

Christina: Well, let me take care of him.

Buzz: No... it’ know, Marina is kind of picky about who takes care of him, so...

Christina: Buzz, we're going into business. We're starting a day care center. You know what? Forget it. Forget it, I will go to the deli down the street.

Buzz: Wait, wait, wait. The deli down the street?

Christina: Yes.

Buzz: He hates the deli down the street.

Christina: Buzz, why don't you want me to take food to Remy at work?

Buzz: It's just...

Christina: Did he tell you something? He told you something. Do his coworkers not like me?

Buzz: No, no, nothing like that.

Christina: You know what? Forget it, I will go down to the fire house. I'll ask him myself.

Buzz: No, honey, listen. He's not going to be down there. He's not working as an E.M.T. anymore. He lost his job, you know, it's just like you, the first one, the last one hired is the first one to go. So he’s...

Christina: Why wouldn't he tell me?

Buzz: He thinks he let you down too many times.

Christina: When?

Buzz: It's been a couple weeks.

Christina: Then why would he tell me he knew how to solve our money troubles?

Dinah: Nice.

Remy: I knew it, I knew it they're real, I knew it.

Dinah: Yup. I've handled enough stolen jewelry in my life to know that this...

Remy: Hold on, they're not...they're not stolen. I didn't steal it, okay. I found it and... they are not alone.

Dinah: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Put those away. Put those away.

Remy: I just want to show you.

Dinah: These are beautiful. These are absolutely beautiful. Hi there, little girls. Wait a minute, you found Edmund’s body, so these were on him at the time?

Remy: Yes, yes, yes, they were his, but it's not like I went in the river and went through his pockets. I pulled Edmund out of the river. I gave him C.P.R. Later the police came. They declared him dead. I had his coat, and they fell out.

Dinah: Finders keepers, right?

Remy: Look, I didn't know they were real until now. And now that I do, what am I supposed to do, hmm? Do I give them to Henry-- he is Edmund’s grandson-- but that means I'd have to tell everyone that Mallet and Marina's baby is really Shayne’s.

Dinah: True. Henry's situation is complicated enough. But, I done even think a diamond will help him. Them. If I were you, I would dump them.

Remy: Why, so you can dig them out of the trash?

Dinah: No, Edmund was carrying these diamonds, which means they were stolen. So these diamonds are trouble. Possibly even cursed.

Remy: They can solve a hell of a lot of problems.

Dinah: Or open up a bunch of new ones. Have you told Christina, yet?

Remy: No.

Dinah: Why not? Remy. Keep it simple, my friend, keep it simple. Work's for Shayne and me. Trust me on that one.

Marina: Damn it.

Shayne: What are you doing?

Marina: I'm trying to call Henry’s doctor so that he can get on the phone and he can tell you that just because you guys happen to have the same blood type, it doesn't mean you're his biological father.

Shayne: Would you listen to me please? Would you listen to me please? It's the truth, okay, there was a D.N.A. test. It's the truth.

Marina: What? You did a D.N.A. test on my son and you didn't even tell me?

Shayne: Listen to me. I didn't do it, Dinah did.

Marina: Dinah!

Shayne: Listen, please. She had to do it, okay.

Marina: Shayne, she's crazy. She's crazy. She does things like this and I told you she would do something like this. Why am I supposed to believe her? Where would she even get an idea like this?

Shayne: Because when we went to Bosnia to s good-bye to Lara, there was a nun that recognized her from the orphanage where Henry was adopted. She walked up... please listen to me. She walked up to her and she told her that Lara was Henry’s birth mother, okay.

Marina: Lara?

Shayne: Yes.

Marina: Your Lara?

Shayne: Yes.

Marina: The Lara that you have been telling me about for months and you just forgot to mention that she was pregnant.

Shayne: I didn't know that she was.... I didn't know that she was pregnant.

Marina: Shayne, you didn't even know she was pregnant and now you want me to believe that he is your son?

Shayne: Lara and I-- our jobs the we had-- we didn't see each other for months at a time, okay. She wanted to tell me in person, when she came to tell me she couldn't because she... the doctors couldn't save her. They saved the baby. All right?

Marina: My baby?

Shayne: Yes.

Marina: He is my son.

Shayne: Yes, Marina.

Marina: He's my son. He's mine and Mallet's.

Shayne: And it's going to stay that way. I just didn't want you to find out any other way, please. Marina.

Marina: Where's my baby?

Lynn: He's right over there.

Marina: Give me my son.

Christina: Marina? Marina, are you okay?

Marina: Come on, baby. Come on. It's okay, it's okay, Mama's got you.

Reva: Out like a light.

Jeffrey: Good.

Reva: It's a little late for a nap though, I hope that doesn't mean he's going to be up all night.

Jeffrey: I can take the late shift if you want.

Reva: No, no, I'm fine. You know, I still can't get over the fact that Mallet went to all that trouble of finding someone to identify my voice.

Jeffrey: Yeah, well, he did.

Reva: I just think that he's feeling a lot of pressure to, probably, solve this case. (Sighs)

Jeffrey: You all right?

Reva: Yeah, it's just I've got such a stiff neck. Oh, that's it. You have got the touch.

Jeffrey: Yeah, well...

Reva: That feels good.

Jeffrey: You got some pretty slick moves yourself.

Reva: Are you flirting with me, Mr. O’Neill?

Jeffrey: No, actually I'm wondering which story is true. The one you told Mallet or the one you told me. Or are they both lies?

Christina: Hey. What are you doing?

Remy: Hey.

Christina: Buzz told me you got laid off.

Remy: I could explain.

Christina: Being laid off? I understand that. What I don't understand is why you didn't think you could tell me.

Mallet: Dinah.

Dinah: Mallet.

Mallet: Hey. What are you buying diapers for?

Marina: Grandpa, can you please let Mallet know that I am on my way to the hospital when he comes in here.

Shayne: Buzz could you watch Henry for a second. I need to talk to Marina.

Buzz: Yeah, sure.

Marina: No, thank you, Grandpa. As I was just telling Shayne outside, my son has very important doctor's appointment.

Shayne: Marina, we need to talk.

Marina: No.

Shayne: Please.

Buzz: Look... hey, look...

Shayne: Marina, we need to resolve this.

Buzz: Look, I can...

Marina: I said no! Okay? Look, Shayne, I know that you are having a very rough day with everything that happened with Edmund. You're very emotional and you are not thinking straight.

Shayne: That's the deal. When I watched the tapes with Edmund, that's what made me realize I need to be honest with you. Please.

Buzz: Honest about what?

Marina: Okay, as I just said before, and I am not going to say it again, my son has a very important doctor's appointment right now. And I am not going to let anyone do anything that might harm my son. Are we clear?

Buzz: What did you say to her?

Jeffrey: Here you go.

Reva: That's it?

Jeffrey: Well, you want more, you can tell me the truth.

Reva: I did tell you the truth.

Jeffrey: Well, then, you told a different version of the truth to Mallet, didn't you?

Reva: I didn't lie to you, Jeffrey. It happened the way I said it did. I went for a walk by the river. I ran into Edmund. We made a deal. If he left town for good, I wouldn't tell the police that he took Colin.

Jeffrey: Then why didn't you tell Mallet that? Why the lie?

Reva: You were the D.A., right? Do you think he would have left it at that? No, he would have asked more questions. If Edmund took Colin, why wouldn't I want him to go to jail? Why would I just let him go?

Jeffrey: Plus, he has a trump card, Roc Hoover.

Reva: Yeah, which would bring it back to us and it would get very, very messy.

Jeffrey: Well, so is lying to the police.

Reva: I did not kill Edmund! Do you believe me?

Jeffrey: You know, I was a prosecutor for a long time. I was able to judge people fairly well, tell who was lying, who was telling the truth.

Reva: Good, then what do you see with me?

Jeffrey: Something I never saw in all my years in court.

Reva: A sexy woman? Who just gave birth to your child.

Jeffrey: Someone I love.

Reva: Then trust that.

Jeffrey: It clouds things.

Reva: It doesn't have to. It doesn't have to. Trust our love. Trust me.

Remy: Just get it over with, okay, yell at me or whatever, just say something.

Christina: I'm not mad, Remy, I'm hurt.

Remy: I'm sorry.

Christina: I know how you are with your family. I get why you wouldn't want to tell them. But I don’t... I don't get why you wouldn't tell me?

Remy: I was embarrassed.

Christina: You think I don't get that? I was laid off, too. You know, but we're not bad people. We didn't get fired, we got laid off.

Remy: You're right, I should have told you. You're right.

Christina: Good. Because if we're going to do this, if we're going to be together, I want us to be a couple that shares everything. All that stuff that you were saying about fixing my financial problems and your dad's, you put so much pressure on yourself and you don't have to do it. You don't have to do it alone.

Remy: Christina, it wasn't just talk. I did find a way, look, I... I might be offered my old job back?

Christina: What?

Remy: It's not winning the lottery, but...

Christina: It's so much better! You like being a cop, right? Well, this is your second chance. It was meant to be.

Remy: It's not a done deal yet.

Christina: Are you kidding? Just say yes.

Mallet: Are you pregnant?

Dinah: No! Oh my God, no!

Mallet: You're not pregnant? Oh, you're just playing with my head.

Dinah: Exactly.

Mallet: Uh-huh.

Dinah: Uh-huh.

Mallet: Come on, who's this stuff for?

Dinah: This is for a friend who is not even sure he's going to be around for the baby. So I am, of course, buying out the place.

Mallet: Oh. Because your friend doesn't have custody?

Dinah: Well, no he has custody, he has custody. This is about whether or not he can bring his baby to work, you know, at the TV studio. So, you know, I'm just buying some stuff just in case.

Mallet: Mm-hmm.

Dinah: Yeah.

Mallet: Okay. Boy or girl?

Dinah: Boy.

Mallet: Boy. Ah! Well, you know what? Highly recommended. Henry loves this, can't get enough of it.

Dinah: Oh, thank you. I got enough stuff already. Thank you though,.

Mallet: Okay.

Dinah: Yeah.

Mallet: You know, seeing Edmund’s tape, did that kind of freak you out?

Dinah: Is this an official question? It's okay, I just like to know.

Mallet: No, off duty, non-cop question. Just curious. Let's just be friends for a few minutes because it kind of freaked me out.

Dinah: Yeah, it was awfully strange. I don't know if it was just so much that he was dead, but he seemed hopeful.

Mallet: Uh-huh. Yeah, no, that's is what I got. That's what I got. Because all the times I've seen Edmund he's always bitter, right? Or he's always vengeful. And he seemed hopeful, I guess because he found out that he had a child. And then that child was taken away from him so quickly. Anyway, it just freaked me out. I would lose my mind if I lost Henry.

Dinah: I want you to know that everything's going to be fine. I don't know how, but it will be.

Mallet: What are you talking about?

Dinah: Henry is so lucky to have you, to have you both.

Mallet: Well, I feel lucky to have Henry. It's the best thing that ever happened to me.

Marina: Okay, bud, the doctor is going to see you. And everything is going to be fine. For you, for me and for your papa, I promise. What do I have to do? Do I have to get a restraining order against you?

Shayne: Whoa, Marina, what you are talking about? Stop it.

Marina: What are you going to do, Shayne? You going to rip him out of my arms, is that what you're going to do? Because I don't care about your stupid blood work, okay. He's my son.

Shayne: Marina, please calm down. I need to talk to my friend right now.

Marina: Friend? Shayne, you are trying to take my child away from me. You are not my friend, you are my enemy.

Shayne: I am not trying to do that, that is not what I want.

Marina: What do you want, Shayne? We can't rip him in two, can we? So what are you suggesting? Are we supposed to share custody of him? What... you and me and Mallet and Dinah. That is not going to work.

Shayne: I'm not suggesting anything like that. You are his mother. Mallet is his father. None of that's going to change.

Reva: Is this a standoff?

Jeffrey: No. I trust you. Of course, I trust you.

Reva: But you don't believe me.

Jeffrey: I didn't say that. I trust you because I know exactly who you are. I trust you with my life and with Colin’s life.

Reva: Good.

Jeffrey: But you didn't let me finish. I also know... I also know that you, if you thought that Edmund was a threat to Colin, to me or to Shayne or to anybody in your family, there is nothing that you wouldn't do to protect them.

Reva: That's true. What about you?

Jeffrey: Do you even have to ask?

Reva: No, no, but I'd like to hear it.

Jeffrey: Okay. If I thought that Edmund was a threat to you or to Colin or to anybody else in my family, I wouldn't hesitate to put him into the ground.

Reva: And did you do it? Did you kill Edmund?

Jeffrey: No, but thanks for thinking that. I take that as a compliment.

Reva: Good. Because that's how I meant it. But it still doesn't mean that I would ever think you were a killer. It's just the kind of people we are. We would do whatever it took to protect someone we love.

Jeffrey: That's why we're so good together. And for the record, I do believe you.

Reva: Good. Because I believe you, too.

Jeffrey: Yeah?

Mallet: All right, man, what have you got, tell me, give me the goods.

M.E.: You are officially working on a murder case, Detective Mallet.

Mallet: So Edmund Winslow, victim of a homicide, huh? Let me ask you this. Could you be wrong? Could he have slipped, hit his head on a rock?

M.E.: We found pieces of plastic embedded in his skull.

Mallet: Plastic? What kind of plastic?

M.E.: Are you familiar with PVC?

Mallet: Yeah, you mean like the big heavy piping, the kind they use in construction.

M.E.: Exactly.

Mallet: Okay. This is going to get messy.

Buzz: Hi.

Remy: Hey, Buzz.

Buzz: Hey. You look happy.

Christina: That's because he has some more news.

Buzz: Yeah, yeah, I didn't get a chance to tell you yet.

Buzz: You got more news? Oh, like you were... you were... like they hired you back as E.M.T., something...

Christina: Better.

Buzz: Better than that?

Christina: Better.

Buzz: They hired you back as like an E.M.T. with a raise. (Laughter) That would be unbelievable. Wouldn't it, wouldn't it? It would be unbelievable. It would be... listen to me. If you're going to tell a lie, you know, make it a smaller lie, not that I'm advising you to lie to them, but just, you know, make it a smaller lie, all right?

Remy: Okay.

Buzz: Hello?

Mallet: Yeah, so I was talking to Christina and you want to tell me something?

Remy: Yeah.

Mallet: Uh-huh.

Remy: Yeah, I decided to come back to the force if you still want me.

Mallet: Uh-huh, I don't know if we still want him. Yeah, welcome back. I'll pass the word on to the Chief. I'm sure it won't be a problem.

Buzz: That was the better news? That was the better news? Okay, well, I'll be there when they pin the badge on you.

Remy: It's not a done deal yet.

Mallet: No, I'll pass the word on to the Chief, man. Yeah, right after Henry’s appointment. By the way, where's Marina.

Buzz: She went over to Cedars, but she's a... she's a little nervous, you know.

Mallet: Yeah, well, that makes sense. We're getting the results back from Henry’s blood test today. And I think we both want to hear that, you know, Henry’s good to go and we don't have to rely on an anonymous donor again. Thanks.

Marina: You expect me to believe this, Shayne, that nothing changes?

Shayne: Yes, nothing changes. I'm not here to lay claim on Henry. You and Mallet are his parents. And that's it.

Marina: Why did you tell me?

Shayne: Because it's the truth. Because in case you need help with Henry in another medical situation, that you don't have to worry.

Marina: Really? Really, Shayne? You tell me today that you don't want to be his father. What happens next week or next month or next year, when all of a sudden you change your mind or I put him in a school and you don't like it, Shayne? You're asking me to spend the rest of my life waiting for the day that you're going to walk in and tell me, "I have the D.N.A., that's my son."

Shayne: No, I'm not. I've known for a while already, okay. I wasn't going to say anything, ever. Then I watched this tape today with Edmund talking about what binds us together. That loving someone is the most important thing...

Marina: I love him, I am his mother and Mallet loves him.

Shayne: I know that you do. And you are good parents, okay. I've seen it. I'm not trying to take that away. I'm trying to tell you that we are bound together. Think about it, please. Listen to me for a second and think about it. If that nun hadn't stopped Dinah in Bosnia, and Dinah hadn't gotten the D.N.A. test, I wouldn't have known. And I wouldn't have donated blood that Henry needed. And where would that have left him? Okay? All I'm saying is whatever you need, or you need blood, you need my family's medical history, you need Lara’s medical history, you've got it.

Marina: That's it? That's all you are going to want?

Shayne: Yes, that's it. Henry's your call. If you want him to spend more time with Frank or Daisy or...

Marina: That's different, Shayne. It's my family.

Shayne: Okay, how about Remy, okay? If you want Remy to baby-sit and that's the decision you and Mal make, that's okay with me.

Marina: It's not going to be that easy.

Shayne: No, nothing is that easy ever, is it? All the times my mother and father got divorced, I hated it.

Marina: We are not going to get divorced, Mallet and I are not getting divorced.

Shayne: That is not what I meant. I'm just trying to say that if there's anything that pops up that neither one of are you good at some time in Henry’s life, like throwing a curve ball, I can help out.

Marina: This is exactly what I'm talking about, Shayne. This is my son and you're already making plans for him.

Shayne: I mentioned it because you brought it up the other day.

Marina: Well, things are different now!

Shayne: Yes, they are, for you and for me.

Marina: What about my husband?

Shayne: Mallet is that boy's father, the way I see it. I'm not going to tell him anything.

Marina: You expect me to just keep this a secret from for my whole life?

Shayne: I expect you to do what is best for your family, okay? Just like you did yesterday. Just so you know, I have told... I have told no one. I've not told my mom, I've not told my dad. Dinah is the only person that knows. Listen, I hope everything goes okay with Henry and the doctor. But if you ever need anything...

Jeffrey: Don't worry, don't worry. The baby monitor's right there. If he wakes up, we'll hear it.

Reva: What if he hears us?

Jeffrey: I can be very quiet.

Reva: I'm sorry.

Jeffrey: I guess we're out of practice, huh?

Reva: Yeah, I'm really sorry. It's me, you know.

Jeffrey: Listen, listen. If you're worried about Mallet, don’t. I can run interference.

Reva: It's not that. It really... it's not that. It's me, it's me. After the childbirth and the chemo, I haven't gotten the okay from my doctor yet.

Jeffrey: Okay. I understand.

Reva: Liar.

Jeffrey: No, I do. I didn't say I was happy about it, but I understand. What's a few more cold showers, right?

Reva: We could have a toast.

Jeffrey: But I thought the doctor said you weren't supposed to drink that much.

Reva: Well, I mean, just a sip, you know, a sip. It'll be worth it.

Jeffrey: Okay. What are we going to toast to?

Reva: Us?

Jeffrey: You know what, in richer and poorer, I never really liked that part so can we skip that.

Reva: Okay, how about this? To us, for trusting each other.

Jeffrey: I like that. To us.

Reva: Ladies first. (Laughs) Cheers.

Buzz: Okay. For the party after the swearing in, we got, basically, basically, the Cooper’s, the Boudreau's and Loretta?

Christina: Uh-huh. And Shayne and Dinah.

Remy: Stop, stop, okay, it's just a job.

Buzz: In this economy there's no such thing as just a job.

Christina: You're going to be a cop, protecting people. What job is more important than that?

Remy: Can we just keep it real? Last time I was a cop, it didn't end so well.

Christina: Yeah, you told me.

Remy: Then stop making me sound like some superhero, okay. I'm not perfect.

Christina: They asked you back. They recruited you. Obviously, they know what a good guy you are.

Remy: They were short staffed.

Christina: Do you remember when I was trying to get out of taking the MCATs and I was all down and negative on myself.

Remy: It's not the same. I know who I am, Christina.

Christina: Well, then you need to start looking in a different mirror, okay. Because in mine, you're a hero.

Shayne: Are you checking up on me?

Dinah: I came to check on Henry to make sure he was okay. I also ran into Mallet, I wanted to know...

Shayne: You wanted to know how it went with Marina, is what you wanted to know.

Dinah: I wanted to make sure you're okay.

Shayne: I am fine. I just told Marina everything, everything is great.

Dinah: What happened? Are you okay? Is she mad at you? Is she mad at me?

Shayne: I don't want to talk about Marina right now, okay. I don’t.

Dinah: I'm sure it was intense. But I can be quiet.

Shayne: No, no, no, no. I want you loud. I want you crazy. I want you right now. I want you right now.

Dinah: Okay.

Mallet: Hey. Hi. Did I miss the doctor?

Marina: No, we're still waiting.

Mallet: Okay, good. Hey, buddy. Because it's days like this that a boy needs his papa, right? Huh? Yeah. Do you need your binky? You're teething. Want to chew on something, huh? Do you have his binky? Marina? Sweetie, hey, what's going on?

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Mallet: Why would someone choose to be an anonymous donor?

Marina: Maybe he had his reasons.

Doctor: I have your son's latest blood work.

Beth: Your father told me about everything. You put Lizzie and Bill in a terrible position.

Man: Did I hear you say your name is Bill Lewis?

Bill: Yes, it is, do I know you?

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