GL Transcript Friday 5/22/09

Guiding Light Transcript Friday 5/22/09


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Previously on "Guiding Light"...

Remy: Do you know somebody who wants to buy some diamonds?

Marina: Did you even sleep last night?

Mallet: I got Edmund on the brain so it doesn't matter if I'm awake or I'm sleeping, I'm tossing or turning, it's all about Edmund.

Dinah: I'm not Mallet's main suspect.

Shayne: That's good.

Dinah: Maybe.

Shayne: He thinks I killed Edmund.

Dinah: He thinks your mother did.

Marina: Trying.

Mallet: Hey, hey you guys, go back to sleep. Go back to sleep. Yeah. Hi.

Marina: Don't be too late tonight, okay?

Mallet: Well, I'm going to be working late. Going to be questioning each and every one of our friends who happen to have a reason to want Edmund Winslow dead.

Marina: All right. I will miss you.

Mallet: I miss you, too.

Marina: I love you.

Mallet: I love you, too. Bye. Go back to sleep. Sleep you wild pumpkin.

Dinah: Shayne? Hey. Wake up. Hey, Shayne. Shayne, Shayne, Shayne. It's okay. It's okay. You having a dream? About Lara?

Mallet: Okay.

Remy: Sorry Prince Edmund, but finders, keepers.

Shayne: We were walking in a garden... with our son and I went to go hand her the baby and she was gone. She just... she vanished. I turned around and Edmund was standing there. He was dripping with water from everywhere.

Dinah: Okay, all right.

Shayne: So much anger in his eyes that I just...

Dinah: Come here, come here. You are safe now. Henry's safe, Edmundís gone for good.

Shayne: No. No, he's not gone. There's some loose ends to tie up and I'm the one that needs to finish it.

Reva: So what's new in the press? You want to read my horoscope?

Jeffrey: "Death in the lake."

Reva: Oh, darn, whatever happened to you will meet a tall, dark and handsome man?

Jeffrey: Well, there seems to be speculation that Edmundís death was not accidental. Well, what do you think?

Reva: Well, what would anyone think? The only thing that surprises me is that he lived as long as he did.

Jeffrey: You were up all night pacing the floor. Did the baby keep you up?

Reva: No, it was just one of those nights.

Jeffrey: Well, you normally sleep very well, so...

Reva: And you worry too much. I'm sorry I woke you.

Jeffrey: You didnít.

Reva: I'll go make some coffee.

Mallet: Okay. Which one of you did it?

Dinah: So what's the plan?

Shayne: I don't know. These dreams are starting to freak me out though. I'm starting to wonder... if it's some kind of wake-up call.

Dinah: Well, you know, are you getting ready to tell Mallet and Marina that Henry is your son, is that what you're saying?

Shayne: I don't know about that.

Dinah: Well, I'm not pressuring you but I... I don't know if you could walk away from your child without any regrets, do you?

Shayne: You're not pressuring me. If you hadn't gotten a DNA test done, I wouldn't know Henry was my child. He would still be my friend Marina's baby.

Dinah: Okay, well now you know, and I don't think it's a coincidence that you've been having trouble sleeping.

Shayne: No, I don't either. I canít. I can't hurt Mallet and Marina like that. But I know that Lara needs me to do something else.

Dinah: Maybe she needs you to acknowledge your son.

Shayne: I think she would be fine with how Iím handling the Henry situation. I think she needs me to do something else... for Edmund.

Marina: Hey.

Mallet: Hey.

Marina: You still here?

Mallet: Yeah, I just wanted to leave Henry a little note. You know, I like to let him know where... where I'm going, what I'm doing, what I'm up to.

Marina: You are too cute.

Mallet: Well, I think it's important. I think it's important that he knows... you know, what I'm up to and that when I'm not here I'm off working hard for his mom and for him. And I'm busting bad guys and I'm keeping the world safe, and I'm doing something that I love.

Marina: You do love this, don't you?

Mallet: Well, I don't like the idea of possibly busting up friends, but cracking open a big case, yeah, I do love it.

Marina: I just hope it all goes away soon.

Mallet: Well, the M.E. hasn't determined it yet, but I think it's murder.

Marina: Mallet, just drop the assignment, okay? I think this is hitting a little too close to home, if you know what I mean. Please. Edmund's dead, whoever did this, did the whole town a favor.

Mallet: Well that may be true, but it's my job. I can't walk away from my responsibilities.

Marina: Then you take another assignment. Won't you just consider letting Edmund be dead and buried and that's it? (Phone ringing) Hello? Hey, wow, you're up early. I have a kid, what's your excuse.

Shayne: No excuse. I have just been thinking about what you said about... that I need to find a way to put Edmund behind me.

Marina: Yeah, yeah, I think that would be great. I think it's a good idea. It'll help you find some closure.

Shayne: Yeah, I think so, too. So I was thinking that maybe a group of us could gather in the park, you know, as a kind of... we survived Edmund Winslow kind of gathering. But I'm going to need help selling this to the other people. So are you still that friend that's there for me?

Marina: Of course I am. I will tell Mallet.

Shayne: Thank you, Marina. We could put Edmund to rest once and for all.

Marina: Shayne is having a little get together today in the park. Kind of a for everyone whoever knew Edmund and lived to tell about it.

Mallet: Huh? Sounds like a good idea.

Mallet: Yeah, I think you should come, support him, you know? He's really struggling with this. He thought that Edmund was his friend. He really believed that, and I think he's shaken up about how it all kind of went down in the end. It would be nice for you to be there and support him.

Mallet: Uh-huh.

Marina: And not be canvassing for suspects.

Mallet: Uh-huh. Right. Yeah, okay, I'll see you there later, uh-huh.

Marina: Okay.

Mallet: I will have to leave him, right. Bummer. Bye.

Mallet: Bye. Breakfast time. Breakfast time. What are you going to have, huh?

Remy: Hey, baby.

Christina: Hey. So I did a search of day care facilities within a 20 mile radius, and there are none. So I think that if we start in the Cooper house we'll have no problem finding a place nearby once we get enough money.

Remy: You're always working hard, aren't you? You deserve a break, you know?

Christina: I just got a break in Florida and someone else paid for that.

Remy: Don't remind me.

Christina: Look, what I'm saying is that the only thing that pays off is hard work.

Remy: What if I told you I have the answer to our money problems? Yours, mine, my dads.

Christina: Are you gambling again?

Remy: No, I told you I blew the game off. No. I promise, remember.

Christina: Money doesn't just fall out of the sky into your hand.

Remy: People win lotteries all the time on impossible odds. You know, miracles do happen. (Cell phone rings) Excuse me. Hey, Mallet? If you're still waiting on an answer on the police force, man I still need some time.

Mallet: There is something else we need to discuss. Edmund's death. You know you two are still my only witnesses.

Remy: I told you, we were out by the river, we heard voices, but we didn't see anybody.

Mallet: That doesn't matter. Those voices are my best leads. You know what, come down to the station and I'll explain it all then. All right. Bye.

Jeffrey: What's up?

Olivia: I need a favor.

Jeffrey: Do I need to sit down for this?

Olivia: It's about Rafe. I was wondering if you could speak at his hearing. You know, since you were the victim, that it might help, and since you have a new little boy of your own I thought you would be a little more sympathetic to Natalia and her son.

Jeffrey: I like Rafe. Of course I will. Be glad to do that.

Olivia: Good.

Jeffrey: But you know, you didn't have to come all the way over here to ask me that. So what else is on your mind?

Olivia: Don't go all black ops on me. I'm just talking to a friend.

Jeffrey: Uh-huh.

Olivia: This hearing could change everything, and I'm not just talking to Rafe.

Jeffrey: Oh, you mean when Rafe comes home, he might discover that you and his mom are closer than...

Olivia: We're not even a couple, yet, really.

Jeffrey: Well, what are you?

Olivia: We're two people who are together, and we're friends. And a bit more.

Jeffrey: A couple.

Olivia: We're just... we don't want to label it.

Jeffrey: That's what all couples say in the beginning.

Olivia: Okay, all I want is for Natalia to be happy. But I also know that Rafe coming back could keep us apart. Rafe and Emma, I don't know how this is going to affect them.

Jeffrey: Everything changes when there's a child involved. You know, you do everything you can to protect them, but sometimes you go too far.

Olivia: Are we still talking about me? I messed this up, right. I should never have told you I saw Reva with Edmund right before he died.

Reva: Hello, Olivia.

Olivia: Reva?

Reva: So you're the rat, I should have known.

Mallet: Where's the...

Officer: I got the contents from the safe deposit box.

Mallet: Oh, good the court order came through. What is this? What's this video? Has forensics seen this?

Officer: It was made months ago, Winslow was working with Shayne Lewis on that hospital project. Hope thereís something in there that can help.

Mallet: Yeah, yeah, yeah, you and me both. All right. Let's see what you have to say for yourself.

Edmund: For future generations, you've obviously discovered our time capsule and its contents I think do a pretty good job of saying who we were and what we were. But I don't think it does a very good job of saying--

Christina: That's one of the voices I heard that day.

Remy: It's Edmund.

Edmund: That's what I'd like to try do here.

Mallet: Good. Good, then all we have to do is identify the other voice. The one that belongs to the last person that saw Edmund Winslow alive.

Olivia: I'm sorry. I wasn't trying to stab you in the back.

Reva: Of course not. No worries. Besides what could you have seen?

Olivia: Just saw you and Edmund from a distance, and it seemed like you were arguing.

Reva: So you didn't see me push him in the lake, hang him, shoot him, kick him till he dropped? Well, but if you want to go to the police, that'll make your day.

Jeffrey: No one's going to the police.

Olivia: Why, do you have something to hide?

Jeffrey: No. (Cell phone rings) Reva, maybe we should discuss what Olivia saw--

Reva: You know I have to get that. Hello?

Shayne: Hey, Mom, it's me.

Reva: Hi, sweetheart.

Shayne: Hey. I'm calling actually to invite you to a... to a farewell party for Edmund.

Reva: Okay.

Shayne: Well, it's not like a memorial or anything like that. It's more of like a gathering of people who survived Edmund.

Reva: Well, I hope you booked a football stadium.

Shayne: Actually we're all just going to meet in the park and blow off some steam. I don't know if I can get everyone else talked into it though.

Reva: Well, you can count on me, if you feel that this is something you have to do.

Shayne: Thank you.

Reva: Okay, sweetheart. That was Shayne.

Olivia: I saw him, he reminded me so much of Josh.

Reva: Don't even think about it.

Jeffrey: So what happened?

Reva: Shayne is going to put Edmund to rest at a gathering in the park.

Jeffrey: What, like a picnic.

Reva: My son has a conscience. He has to do this for one reason and I want to be there for another.

Jeffrey: You're not getting anywhere near there.

Reva: I have to go. Edmund can't hurt me now. And I have to be there to support Shayne.

Olivia: You know, if she doesn't go it might make her look even more suspicious. Just a thought.

Jeffrey: This is crazy.

Reva: I'm going to change my clothes.

Dinah: I hope lightning doesn't strike us down right now.

Shayne: You know, we have to give a proper send off otherwise we'll never get rid of him. Right?

Dinah: Yeah.

Shayne: He's going to linger if we don't, like a bad... you know, like a bad what.

Josh: Hey.

Shayne: Hey.

Josh: I got your message.

Shayne: Thanks for coming.

Josh: Sure, sure. Edmund made a big impact on all of us while he was alive. I guess it makes some sense to acknowledge his death.

Dinah: Yes, I think you are right.

Josh: How are you doing, are you okay?

Shayne: I'm okay. I'm okay. You know, he... I don't know, for me he gave me connection to Lara when I badly needed one, but he was who he was, right? People don't change.

Josh: Well, he's gone now. He's not going to hurt anybody ever again.

Mallet: What have we got here?

Marina: Hey.

Shayne: Hey.

Marina: I hope we're not late.

Shayne: No, you are just in time.

Marina: Good, good, I am glad to be here to help send Edmund off to wherever it is that he is going. And hey, after today we won't have to worry about him causing any more trouble, right? Did you say I hi to Uncle Shayne?

Dinah: You would never know he's been sick. He looks great, he looks wonderful.

Marina: Yeah. You know, the doctors say they get sick fast, they get healthy fast, you know? In our case, we're lucky we found a blood donor fast.

Josh: Sorry.

Marina: Come to me.

Shayne: He's all right, isn't he?

Josh: He's a cute kid.

Marina: Yes. He's fine. He's fine. We've got another check up today, huh, bud?

Shayne: He doesn't need another blood donation or anything like that, does he?

Marina: No, no I mean hopefully not. We'll find out today. What can I do to help?

Shayne: Nothing. Here, we're going to have a toast. Actually all you need to do is get ready to rock 'n' roll. To life. One of Edmundís problems was he didn't allow himself to connect with anyone. We were all very lucky to have each other. Here to knowing that we'll never be alone. Cheers.

Everyone: Cheers.

Reva: Wow, it looks like they already started without us.

Jeffrey: Are you sure you want to do this?

Reva: Absolutely. What about you, Olivia? Are you ready to dance?

Olivia: I can twist, tango, I do it all.

Reva: Hey.

Shayne: Hey, you came.

Reva: Yeah, hi, baby. Did you go ahead and open the champagne without us? You did, but guess what? There's plenty. Just a little bit for me because I'm supposed to be a good girl.

Olivia: You know, I actually thought that he had changed, become more of a human being.

Shayne: We had fun that day, didn't we?

Olivia: Yeah. I just hoped that being a parent would have lightened him up, you know, even though he didn't have a lot of time with his daughter.

Shayne: Five minutes with Lara would change your life.

Olivia: Well, being a parent changed me. I guess it was just a little too late for him.

Shayne: You know, I am... I wish that things didn't end so badly for him. But I think it's time for all of us to move on. So Jeffrey, would you like to say anything about Edmund?

Jeffrey: No, that's okay, Shayne. You go ahead. I think that out of all the people here, he might have actually cared about you the most.

Shayne: Okay. Edmund... Edmund let his hatred and his mistrust run his life. And because of that, he died alone and no one misses him. I don't think he ever understood what he was missing out on by not... by not letting good people into his life. So I hope that... I hope that we all can learn from Edmundís mistakes. That man was a tortured soul, and I just hope he's at peace now.

Josh: I guess most of us are stronger for having survived him.

Dinah: He left me to die in a burning house. I think it made me stronger.

Jeffrey: One of my highlights was a burning barn.

Reva: Tried to drown me and my baby. He tried to drive us off the side of a cliff. So I say to his killer, job well done, sir.

Christina: I don't know about this, Mallet.

Remy: Yeah, we know those people, man. They're good people.

Mallet: Listen, that's all the pore reason to rule them out of this murder investigation, okay? Just think of this as, like, an audio line-up. Just forget the faces, forget the friendships. You just concentrate on that voice. That's all that matters, okay? All right. Come on, let's do it. Maybe something will jog your memory so you can identify the killer's voice. All right? Remy, you can do this, right?

Remy: Yeah, yeah, I'm always up for a party.

Mallet: Let's do it.

Remy: Is this a private ceremony or can anyone join in?

Shayne: Oh, no, you're more than welcome. Thank you for coming.

Jeffrey: Are you on the clock, Mallet?

Marina: No, he is not. He's just here as a friend to show some support. No shop talk.

Mallet: No, I wanted to give Shayne something. I guess since you're the closest thing Edmund had to the next of kin, this was found among his personal affects. I guess it's a speech he taped. He was going to put in the time capsule for the foundation of Laraís hospital wing.

Josh: Wait, wait, wait, just a second. Because I don't know that Shayne should see that right now. Itís...

Shayne: Dad, it's all right. I'm okay. Go ahead and cue it up, let's watch it.

Edmund: For future generations, you've obviously discovered our time capsule. Its consents I think do a pretty good job of saying who we were, and what we were, but I don't think it does a very good job of saying why we were. And thatís... that is what I would like to try and do here. My name is Edmund Winslow, and the Lara Project was established to honor the memory of my daughter. I... I didn't know Lara for very long. Indeed I met her when she was a grown woman. She was a lovely, beautiful, accomplished young lady who dedicated her life to helping others. I could talk for hours about her but that's not why I'm here. I'm here to talk about you. We are... all of us now living, we are all of us dust now. But that doesn't mean you can't learn from us. From our successes and our failures, from our sacrifices and our selfishness. I lived most of my life as a very selfish man. All I thought about was me, and that left me empty and alone. I was a prince. They called me Prince Edmund and I valued that title pretty much over everything in the world. But if I could spend just a few seconds, a few moments making my daughter's life happier, I would gladly give up the palace and such titles. Why is it we don't value the precious moments in life? Why do we waste so much time with things? The things that really matter are those... are those moments that bind us together. If you learn from us... from me, learn from me. If you are lucky enough to be loved... if you're lucky enough to be loved, hold on to it. Hold it in your heart. If you value things over the laughter of a child, over the touch of a loved one, think of my daughter. Think of Lara and fill your life the way she filled hers. And if you're searching, if you're one of the many people searching, never give up. Never, never, never, never give up. Even when the world seems to turn its back on you, there's hope. Take it from this old saying, there's hope.

Josh: Well, as bad as Edmund was, he obviously loved his daughter, and it's unfortunate that he didn't have a chance to spend more time with her while she was growing up. Maybe it would have changed him. Maybe if he had had the chance to do those things that really stay with a father, you know, helping her blow out her birthday candles or watching her take her first steps.

Jeffrey: Maybe if he had, things would have been different for him and his victims.

Shayne: Maybe if that were the case, that he would have been able to rise above the terrible things that he's done to everyone. I don't know. I mean, I understand how you guys must feel. It's a little different for me. I got to see him at his best. Watching him express true love for his daughter. But I wish it would've changed him.

Reva: Well, I hated the man.

Jeffrey: Okay, Reva, maybe we should--

Reva: No, really, let me finish. Come on. We all know. He was a bastard, right, he was a monster. And seeing the way it ended for him made me aware of all of the blessings that I have. Maybe he had to die to make us all realize that we're not alone like he was. That we're all loved unlike he was. And maybe finally with him dying, he made something worthwhile of his life. He didn't die in vain, right? Cheers to that.

Christina: That's the voice I heard by the river with Edmund. It was Reva.

Reva: He has too big a heart. He still wants to believe that there was good in Edmund.

Josh: Edmund deserved everything he got.

Marina: All right, I am going to stop by the restaurant and make sure that my grandpa is okay and then I'll take Henry over to the hospital. I'll see you there, yeah? He's going to be okay, honey.

Mallet: Yeah. Yeah. All right, sport, I got to go. All right, Papa's got to go back to work. I will see you and your mama later at the doctor's office, all right? Don't you worry about a thing. Nobody's ever going to hurt you, ever.

Shayne: Hey.

Marina: I hope today helped.

Shayne: It did.

Dinah: Did it help?

Shayne: It did. Thank you for being a good friend.

Marina: Of course.

Shayne: I'm not really sure that I believe in closure, really, but I'm happy that... I'm happy that I could do one last thing for Lara, to send her dad off in a proper way.

Marina: Good. I'll see you guys.

Shayne: Marina? Good luck at the doctor with Henry.

Marina: Thanks.

Dinah: What are you thinking?

Shayne: I'm thinking you are right. I can't go on like this. I have to tell Marina. I mean it's not like I'm taking Henry away from her, right? It's just... I need to get her on her own and explain.

Dinah: I'll go with you, if you want.

Shayne: No. No, no, no, no, no. I need to do this alone. How do I find the right words to do this? Marina and I grew up together. When we were young, she helped me through so many things. I mean day after day, she kept me going, she stuck by me. How do I look her in the eyes and destroy her whole world? How do I --

Dinah: You're not going it to destroy her. Shayne, we all find a way to make it work. You tell the truth, that's all you can do. And then you look at the bright side of things.

Shayne: The bright side of things.

Dinah: Yes.

Shayne: What the hell is that going to mean?

Dinah: Without you, Marina wouldn't have a child.

Shayne: See you soon.

Josh: Was that really necessary? Really, that little slideshow of Edmundís? You had to put my son through that right now.

Mallet: A man's dead. Granted not a very nice man, but maybe people in this town need to be reminded that everyone's death does have consequences.

Olivia: Hi, Natalia, it's me. Look, I know we can't move in together right now, not yet anyway. But I... I want you to know one thing. Nothing is going to get in our way because you are way too important to me. And if you need anything, you know, you or Rafe, you can count on me because we're in this together, right? Whatever this is? It's what I want more than anything.

Mallet: Hey, so you sure that was Revaís voice that you heard?

Christina: Yeah, I wish it wasn't, but that was the voice I heard in the park with Edmund.

Mallet: Wow, so Edmund and Reva down by the river together.

Christina: It doesn't mean she's guilty. You're going to talk to her first, right?

Mallet: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, don't worry about that. It's just the start of the murder investigation. Thanks for your help.

Christina: Are you okay?

Remy: Uh-huh. Just Edmund, the guy had all the riches, you know, and all he did was hurt people. He didn't deserve them.

Christina: Well, it's like they say, money doesn't bring happiness.

Remy: Not so sure about that.

Reva: Hey, what's the rush?

Jeffrey: No rush, just got to get back to Colin, and Lillianís got to get back to the hospital so...

Mallet: Hey, Reva, wait. You know, I'm working on Edmundís case, and a few things have come up and I think that we need to talk.

Shayne: Marina.

Marina: Hey, what are you doing here? Did I leave something at the park?

Shayne: No, no, nothing like that.

Marina: His binky -- he's always dropping that thing. I should buy them by the case.

Shayne: No, no, just something that I needed to talk to you about, something on my mind.

Marina: Okay. What is it? We could always tell each other anything, right?

Next week on "Guiding Light"...

Man: Did I hear you say your name is Bill Lewis.

Bill: Yes, it is, do I know you.

Phillip: What do you mean there is a problem?

Officer: Maybe you two want to sit down.

Bill: What the hell is this all about?

Marina: Just keep this a secret from my whole life.

M.E.: You are officially working on a murder case.

Mallet: You are under arrest for the murder of Edmund Winslow.

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