GL Transcript Thursday 5/21/09

Guiding Light Transcript Thursday 5/21/09


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Previously on "Guiding Light"...

Daisy: What did you do, James?

James: You now what a Ponzi scheme is?

Daisy: How often does Alan drive it? Oh, wow, that's a lot of cash for a car.

James: So I can pay back the people I owe.

Bill: I have decided when we should get married... this fall.

Reva: I think you're feeling so guilty about Lara that you think you have to mourn her father, but you have to let that go.

Shayne: Excuse me, are you okay? Are you hurt? Lara? Lara, what happened? Hey, I'm sorry. I'm sorry about Edmund.

Lara: It's not just about my father, Shayne. I'm crying for our baby, too.

Dinah: Hey, Shayne.

Shayne: Yeah.

Dinah: Another dream?

Shayne: Yeah, I guess so. I don't know. I don't remember.

Dinah: Go back to sleep. Come on.

Shayne: No, no, I'm awake now. I'm going to... I'm going to go to the gym, keep up with the rehab on my leg.

Dinah: Rehab?

Shayne: Rehab, physical therapy, whatever they call it, exercises they gave me after I got out of the chair.

Dinah: You haven't mentioned rehab in a while.

Shayne: My leg has been bothering me lately.

Dinah: What? Did you re-injure it again? What happened? Throw Edmund off a bridge?

Shayne: No, it's just all the flying I've been doing. My knees just stiffening up, that's all. Hey, go back to sleep, lay down. Go back to sleep. I'll call you in a little bit, okay?

Marina: Hey. I didn't even hear you get out of bed.

Mallet: Good morning.

Marina: Did I actually just sleep past 7:30 in the morning?

Mallet: Yes, you did. Henry only cried once last night. I think he's moving into a new phase.

Marina: I'm worried about you. How long have you been up?

Mallet: Oh, you know, not... not long.

Marina: Did you even sleep last night?

Mallet: Well, the problem is I have a hard time sleeping because I got Edmund on the brain so it doesn't matter whether I'm awake or sleeping, I'm tossing and turning, it's all about Edmund. It's just... this case can spin into so many different directions, I just want to be on top of it.

Marina: Well, why don't you start out with Edmund's friends? That shouldn't be hard.

Mallet: (Laughs) That's the problem. Edmund only had enemies. And they all seem to be closing ranks right now, which I don't really blame them. All the trouble that Edmund caused everybody. Anyway, justice is supposed to be blind, right? You just got up, I'm sorry. I'm just rattling on and on. It's just been awhile since I've been on a big case.

Marina: No, it's fine, it's fine, really, I know, you. I know how focused you get when you're on a big case, but I'm not worried. I know I have my ways of making you want to come home.

Mallet: Really?

Marina: Uh-huh.

Mallet: Like, what are you talking about? I'm confused.

Marina: Like, I think we have about 20 minutes before you have to leave for work or Henry gets up.

Mallet: 20 minutes. Hmm. I think you're on.

Marina: Yeah?

Mallet: Yeah. Yeah.

Phillip: All right, James, I think we can handle this. I'm getting Lizzie and Bill out of town and we will deal with this money mess.

James: Yeah, whatever works for you.

Phillip: Well, you better hope it works for you. In the meantime, you stay put, stay off the phone and stay out of trouble. I'll be in touch.

James: Dear old dad sounds all stressed out.

Bill: Hey, what happened? I went to brush my teeth and you disappeared.

Lizzie: Do you know that we have six weeks until our wedding? Six.

Bill: Hey, what's going on? Is that my mother's handwriting?

Lizzie: Oh, yeah, that's your mother's handwriting. That would be my mother's handwriting. and that one's Aunt Alex, and this is... everybody is sending all these little notes with all sorts of little helpful hints on how to throw a wedding.

Bill: Baby, all you got to do is tell them when and where it's going to be. All they need to do is show up, okay? We got it covered.

Lizzie: I mean, it's cute. It's nice that they want to help. Look it... it's too much. It's confusing.

Bill: It is, it is, and you are the bride.

Lizzie: I am the bride.

Bill: Right? This is our project.

Lizzie: Our project.

Bill: Our wedding, it's the happiest day of our lives.

Lizzie: Yes, exactly, exactly. Exactly. And that makes me feel like I should let them help because we have so much to do.

Bill: Just think about it though. Your mom, my mom, your Aunt Alex, Lillian, collaborating on this, putting in a group effort. I don't know about you, but that scares the hell out of me. Come on, baby, we can do this, all right. We're going to divide and conquer, all right. In fact, this is what we're going to do. I will take decorations, okay? All right, how about music for the reception, all right? All right, baby, I'll do cake. Yeah, I will do cake because I know the perfect place.

Lizzie: Really?

Bill: Yes, yeah, yeah, it's practically a Lewis family tradition. there's this place where you can get a red velvet armadillo cake, and I think... yeah.

Lizzie: Does it look like an armadillo?

Bill: It looks just like an armadillo. Life-like.

Lizzie: Okay...

Bill: Baby, it's Oklahoma, it's practically the state mascot.

Lizzie: No, I'm calling your mom, now. I'm calling your aunt. I need help.

Bill: No, no, no, no. Listen, listen, listen, no need, all right. We can do this. We can do this. In fact, when we're left alone, that's when we operate best, huh? Right? We don't need them, we don't. We just need you and me. You know what we should do?

Lizzie: Hmm?

Bill: Talk about this in bed, upstairs, maybe, a little bit more.

James: How's it going in there?

Daisy: Tell me again, why are we playing grown-up?

James: The guy who's coming is already an investor. We just need to convince him the time is right to invest more. And then I'll be back on my feet.

Daisy: Sounds kind of shady to me.

James: This coming from the girl who sells IDs for extra cash.

Daisy: Whatever.

James: Just play along.

Daisy: Play what?

James: You look really hot.

Daisy: Oh yeah? Do you like the dress?

James: Yeah. Great investment, selling Granddad's car was definitely worth it.

Daisy: Well, I will make sure to thank Alan next time I see him.

Alan: Good morning. Where's your son?

Phillip: I don't know where he is, why?

Alan: Bruno informs me that I'm missing a car from the garage.

Phillip: Which one?

Alan: The one that will bring the most cash.

Phillip: Why would James steal your car?

Alan: I have no idea. I did see him ogling it the other day. He's also been hanging around with that young criminal, Daisy Lemay, who can probably hot wire anything on four wheels, which makes my point. You have got to stop indulging James and Elizabeth about this ridiculous wedding plan of hers.

Phillip: What's ridiculous about her wedding?

Alan: For starters, her groom.

Phillip: She happens to love Bill.

Alan: I love my car.

Phillip: Have you called the police?

Alan: No, I will give you till noon to find my car and your son. And if you haven't done it by then, I will call the cops.

Lizzie: Hey, down there.

Phillip: Hey, sweetheart. Hi, Bill.

Bill: Hey, Phillip.

Lizzie: What were you working on? You looked pretty intense.

Phillip: Nothing, really. It's just sort of a wedding present.

Lizzie: Oh, we set a date, well, we didn't set an exact date, we set a time of year.

Phillip: Tell me.

Bill: Yeah, we're thinking Autumn.

Phillip: Sounds good. Doesn't really matter, just tell me when and where and I'll be there.

Bill: Wait. Is that it? Are you telling me you have no suggestions from the...

Lizzie: Helpful hints?

Bill: No, nothing, nothing?

Phillip: The family getting involved, are they?

Bill: Well, both families, actually. (Cell phones ring) Speaking of which, it's my little sister.

Lizzie: Maureen's calling you?

Bill: Yeah, my mom's secret weapon, she knows that I can't say no to her. Who called you?

Lizzie: That's... Nana.

Bill: There you go.

Phillip: You know what? On second thought, I do have something I would like to contribute to the wedding.

Lizzie: No, we don't need any money.

Phillip: No, not... it's better than money. This is something, actually, we were talking about the other day, but we got sidetracked. Why don't you let me send you on that wedding planning trip to Chicago? You guys can listen to bands, you can talk to caters, you can actually get some things done away from all the well-meaning relatives.

Bill: You don't have to do that, Phillip, that's not necessary.

Phillip: Alan's going to be sticking his two cents in, and....

Lizzie: Okay, okay, we'll go, let's go, that sounds great, really good.

Phillip: You know what, why not? There's nothing wrong with getting away from the craziness for a while. You guys get out, get some stuff done, be by yourself, you know, without the family trailing behind.

Lizzie: I like that. When should we go? When do you want to go?

Phillip: Something wrong with today?

Bill: I don't think anything's wrong with today. Thank you. Thank you. Come on. Come on, let's go.

Phillip: Get out of here!

James: Can I get you anything else, Mr. Newton?

Mr. Newton: Your boss.

(Cell phone rings)

James: Oh, that's probably him now. My boss says he's sorry, he's running a little late.

Mr. Newton: I don't like waiting. Tell him to call me when he's serious.

James: Mr. Newton, wait, I can tell you about the investment.

Mr. Newton: You? I don't take investment advice from college boys.

James: That's because you don't know who I am.

Mr. Newton: You're an underpaid assistant, anxious at becoming valuable.

James: I'm James Spaulding. Yeah, that Spaulding. Normally, I don't like to tell people, but I can't let you walk away from this investment. It's too good. I heard my granddad on the phone this morning. He bought 100,000 shares. He made it very clear to his broker it had to be today. I'm not going to say it's insider trading, but he knows something. So you see, you're getting better advice from me than from my boss.

Mr. Newton: Well, I'm definitely interested. But I need to speak to Bill Lewis face-to-face. You know, I've never even met him.

Daisy: Bill?

Mr. Newton: He's the one in charge. I need to speak with him.

Dinah: (Laughs) You're pushing yourself.

Shayne: I told you, my leg's been stiffening up, I'm trying to work it out.

Dinah: It's okay to take some breaks. Take it easy, take it easy.

Shayne: You going to work out?

Dinah: Maybe, in a little while. I just came by to talk to you.

Shayne: Yeah?

Dinah: Yeah.

Shayne: Just came by to make sure I'm not hurting myself?

Dinah: No.

Shayne: Want to talk, huh?

Dinah: Just want to talk.

Shayne: Okay, talk.

Dinah: Have you heard anything about Edmund's investigation at all?

Shayne: I really don't have anything to say about that.

Dinah: I don't think anyone does. You know, I think it's very strange that the cops have not asked me one question. Have they talked to you?

Shayne: Yeah. Mallet did, it's his case.

Dinah: And?

Shayne: And it was no big deal.

Dinah: Fine. Fine. Did he ask you about why you were limping at all?

Shayne: I told you that this has only been happening since my flight home from Italy. This is no big deal, too. I'm going to... I'm going to go for a walk, all right?

Dinah: Okay. Take it easy on that.

Shayne: I'll call you later.

Dinah: Okay.

Phillip: Okay, jet is fueled. Reservations are made, pack a bag, get out of here.

Lizzie: Are you trying to get rid of us?

Phillip: Yes.

Bill: What?

Phillip: No, come on, you know, I want you to have some fun while you're planning your wedding. You know, these can turn into traumatic experiences and you've had enough of those already.

Lizzie: I am kind of looking forward to boring and happy.

Bill: Well, not that boring.

Lizzie: No, not that boring.

Phillip: Hey, let me tell you something. Some of the most fun I've ever had in my life was when your mom and I got off by ourselves away from all the outside influences. Doesn't happen that often in this family.

Bill: Yeah, we learned that in Florida, didn't we?

Phillip: Right.

Bill: Yeah.

Phillip: So why are you standing here? Go pack a bag and get out of here before somebody in the family decides that they want to come and listen to bands with you.

Lizzie: Okay, okay. Oh, oh, oh, I forgot about Ashlee.

Bill: Ashlee... all right listen, I will go pack a bag. You go, I'll meet you there. We'll take it from there. All right?

Lizzie: You're brilliant.

Bill: I am brilliant.

Phillip: All right, all right, all right.

Lizzie: Thank you for taking care of us.

Phillip: You're very welcome. Okay, go, go. I'm trying to take care of you.

James: Sorry, I can't talk. I'm in a meeting.

Phillip: What? (Phone hangs up)

James: Five more minutes, please, I'm sure Mr. Lewis will show up, but about that investment... what do you think about it? Good inside information from Alan Spaulding. How about it, how much can I put you in for?

Mr. Newton: Nothing, until I talk to Bill Lewis or your grandfather in person.

James: My granddad? Why would you want to see him? I told you what he said, word for word.

Mr. Newton: Well, it might be a good tip, but you have no say so at Spaulding-Lewis. I need to hear it from somebody who does.

James: My granddad is in a conference all day.

Daisy: Oh, I'm so sorry to interrupt, but I just got a text from Mr. Lewis. It appears his plane is grounded on the runway.

James: I understand you want to wait. And it is the safe thing to do. But my granddad made this very clear, this deal will not be around tomorrow.

Mr. Newton: Tell your boss that if I don't get a face-to-face meeting with him in 48 hours, I'm pulling all my money out.

James: Oh man, this is not good.

Daisy: Oh, oh really? For who, for you or for Bill? My God, James, what were you thinking? I mean, he's your sister's fiancée.

James: Daisy...

Daisy: He's my uncle. No, no, no, no. He could go to jail for this.

James: That was never part of the plan, okay. Things went wrong.

Daisy: You know, I don't want any part of this. In fact, I might go tell Bill that...

James: You can't.

Daisy: You're screwing with people's lives here.

James: I'll fix it. I swear.

Phillip: Daisy, where's James? Hey, are you all right?

Daisy: Yeah.

Phillip: You look upset.

Daisy: I need to get out of here. James is in there.

Marina: Hey.

Shayne: Hey. I was just getting ready to take a jog.

Marina: Oh, can't wait five minutes to say hello?

Shayne: Okay, guilt trip. I didn't mean it like that.

Marina: Well, whatever. I'm sure. See Henry? You see how soon they forget? Wasn't all that long ago that I used to date this guy, when he was the hottest baseball player in Springfield. And now, he never writes, he never calls.

Shayne: I was away with my dad. I just got back in town.

Marina: All right.

Shayne: You hear that, Henry?

Marina: Don't be so hard to get a hold of, okay? Because Henry here, I know you're going to think this is crazy, but I can see it. I can see it just by the way he holds his milk bottle. He's got a pitcher's arm. And he's going to need a coach.

Shayne: I'm sure that Mallet's going to do just fine with that. And my arm's not what it used to be.

Marina: Yeah, Mallet. Mallet's a good guy. He's good at a lot of things. And I love him. Pitching, not so much. I'm hoping you'll be a good influence on Henry. So you're arms not well, how's you butt?

Shayne: My butt?

Marina: Yeah, your butt, you know, for sitting down in a stadium. Because Mallet and I got some tickets to go watch the Cubs play this year, and now that he's working on this case, with Edmund, doesn't look like he's going to make it to all the games. But you already knew he was working on Edmund's case. Has he investigated you?

Dinah: Mallet, trying to avoid me?

Mallet: No.

Dinah: Then why aren't you questioning me? You trying to make me sweat? Get myself all upset and say something that I shouldn't say, is that it?

Mallet: Now, Dinah, why would I want you to do that?

Dinah: There a reason, Mal, there's always a reason.

Mallet: Right, okay. Fine, you want to be interviewed? You want to go into the police station right now?

Dinah: No, I don't want to be interviewed. I want to get this over with. You of all people have all of the facts. You knew that I hated Edmund. He tried to kill me in a fire. And I wanted him dead and not just once.

Mallet: Right.

Dinah: Do you have something you want to tell me?

Mallet: So you want to make a formal statement, we can go in right now, you want to do that or do you want to call your attorney first?

Dinah: I don't need an attorney. I need to be interrogated, which would be by you. Would you please do it, like now?

Mallet: Okay, if that's what you want, let's do that.

Dinah: Go.

Mallet: Okay, do you want to know the reason I hadn't talked to you?

Dinah: Please.

Mallet: Yeah? You weren't very high up on the list of suspects.

Dinah: Oh, thank you.

Mallet: Yeah, well, you're welcome. But let's do this if you want to do this.

Dinah: Go.

Mallet: So where were you around the time that Edmund died?

Dinah: I was with Shayne and Marina at Company. After that, I went home, I took a shower all by myself. I know that is not a very good alibi, but it is the truth.

Mallet: Right, okay. Well, unfortunately, nobody has a good alibi. So either that or everybody is covering for everybody else. I don't really know. I don't know. But I get it. I understand it because Edmund hurt a lot of people. So I know if she did it, she was probably justified.

Dinah: She?

Mallet: He or she.

Marina: I'm sorry. I shouldn't be asking you about this. It's Mallet's case. You're my friend. It's probably why Mallet didn't tell me he was investigating you in the first place.

Shayne: Yeah, I don't know. This whole thing is odd if you ask me.

Marina: Well, yeah, I bet. I mean, Dinah and your parents, everyone was just kind of connected.

Shayne: It's not just that. Everyone's happy that he's dead. Listen, I know the guy caused a lot of hurt, but still, to be happy that someone is dead, it's...

Marina: It's different for you, Shayne. I mean, Edmund was Lara's father. You guys have a different kind of bond.

Shayne: It's not just because he's Lara's father. He understood what it was like to lose her so quickly. He hadn’t known her much longer than I had. Look, I know Edmund did a lot of bad things, ok, but he loved Lara. Fact. Lara loved him. Makes me feel like I need to honor it somehow, even though everyone is going to think I'm out of my mind.

Marina: Well, maybe you should do something privately.

Shayne: Something privately? What does that mean?

Marina: I don't know. You know when Coop died, everyone wanted to be there for the funeral, you know, because they all loved him. And then Alan came. And, you know, it got really offensive to my family because he didn't love Coop so much. So maybe you should do something. And if you do, maybe you shouldn't, I don't know, invite your parents or Dinah just because they don't feel the same way you do. Because this is for you, and for your healing.

Shayne: A funeral of one?

Marina: Hey, I'll go with you. As your friend.

Lizzie: Wow! So... you're really serious. Are you... you want be my wedding planner.

Ashlee: Yeah! I have been...

Lizzie: Okay.

Ashlee: ...So depressed since they cut my hours back at WSPR, and I know that I haven't done this before. I understand that, but, I mean, how hard can it be. The first thing that you have to do is you have to set a date. So I was thinking the fourth of July.

Bill: Fourth of July? Why?

Ashlee: Well, work with me. The fourth of July, so fourth of July-- independence, fireworks, you know, of all of the colors could be red, white and blue like flowers and gifts and we could have hot dogs and you, you could dress up like Uncle Sam. And Lizzie, you could be like the Statue of Liberty and instead of a bouquet you could have sparklers. How do we... how do we like that? And then, and then, I figure that after that, and then little shorts and we could say things like give me your poor... I'm not very good at this, am I?

Bill: No, no, no. Look, it's not that at all. You know what it's like, it's almost like you're too good at it, right.

Ashlee: You guys are firing me, aren't you?

Lizzie: No, no. No, you know, why don't we just think of it like we never hired you.

Phillip: What's going on?

James: Hey, Dad. Can I get you a drink?

Phillip: I just ran into Daisy out in t hall. She didn't look very happy.

James: We're from two different worlds. Sometimes she just doesn't get it.

Phillip: I saw Tim Newton down in the lobby, too. He's one of your investors, right? He didn't look much happier than Daisy.

James: What did he say?

Phillip: Nothing. But it's not too tough to figure out. Fancy room, nice spread. You were scamming him for more money, weren't you? James, what the hell are you thinking? How am I supposed to fix this?

Jam: Fixing it doesn't mean I have to give up my plan.

Phillip: Yes, it does. You have got to back off and let me take care of this.

James: I know what I am doing.

Phillip: No, you don't! I cancelled all your credit cards, how did you pay for all this?

James: I found a way.

Phillip: You sold your grandfather's car, didn't you? You sold your grandfather's car!

Lizzie: I feel really bad.

Bill: Yeah.

Lizzie: If we had hired Ashlee, she would have been another voice in our head.

Bill: I know, I feel awful, too. But maybe there's something we can find for her to do. You know, she can be a part of it somehow.

Lizzie: I don't know. I think maybe you could talk to your sister and ask her not to cut back her hours. I mean, that's awful.

Bill: I would definitely do that if I was talking to my sister. But, I don't know...

Daisy: Hi.

Bill: Hey, what's going on?

Lizzie: Hey.

Daisy: I don't know, what's up with you guys?

Lizzie: Well, we are on our way to Chicago, wedding planning.

Bill: Uh-huh.

Daisy: That's good.

Lizzie: Are you okay?

Daisy: Yeah, fine. I will see you guys later.

Bill: Yeah. Wow, that was strange. Well, hey, let's take off. The jet awaits. And we can do a little making out at 40,000 feet in the air.

Lizzie: Oh, nice. Why do you think my dad's doing this?

Bill: Let's not over think it, maybe he just wants us to have some fun, yeah?

Lizzie: Yeah?

Bill: Yeah. That's what it is.

Lizzie: I mean why else would he do it, right? Okay, let's go to Chicago and I am warning you, I am going dress shopping.

Bill: That's perfect. That is great. Because while you do that, I will be eating deep dish pizza and watching baseball because I can't see the dress before the wedding, it's bad luck.

Lizzie: That's great. You know, I'm worried about my dad, and here it's you that has the secret plan.

Bill: There's no secret.

James: So I sold Granddad's car and you think it's funny.

Phillip: I should probably ground you until you're 30, but you know James, you're really just being what you least want to be, a Spaulding.

James: Thanks.

Phillip: You know, I remember one time when I was a kid, he parked that damn thing under a tree full of birds. That was the day your grandfather took up hunting. Okay this isn't funny. Your grandfather certainly doesn't think it's funny. He's talking about having you arrested so we do have to fix this.

James: Okay. You don't have to pretend like you give a damn. I know you're really just worried about losing Lizzie and her fiancée, kidnapper.

Phillip: James, I'm capable of worrying about you both at the same time.

James: That's not how it works in this family, ever. My big claim to fame was saving Lizzie's life when she had cancer. After that, no one but Mom really was all that interested in me. And that's pretty much how is always been. Have you... have you ever been up in the attic? It's like a shrine to her, every toy, all her clothes.

Phillip: James, you've got to understand she was our first. You do things differently. I'm sorry if that hurt you.

James: I'm good, better off, really. Bet you're having second thoughts about this.

Phillip: About helping you? No, I'm not.

James: Does that mean you have a solution to my problem?

Phillip: Not yet. I got turned down for a loan at the bank, but don't worry, I'll think of something.

James: Yeah? What about Granddad's car?

Ashlee: Hey.

Daisy: Why aren't you meeting with Lizzie?

Ashlee: Because I suck at being a wedding planner.

Daisy: Did she fire you?

Ashlee: The official story is that I was never hired. So if I were you, I would make it work with James because being poor is not fun.

Daisy: Well, having money doesn't solve all your problems either. And he might not even be that rich anyway.

Ashlee: But, wait, are you mad at him?

Daisy: Yes, obviously he has no concept of the real world. And he's doing things that will hurt people and he's oblivious because he's a Spaulding and he's used to getting whatever he wants.

Ashlee: Uh-huh, but...

Daisy: But what?

Ashlee: Come on, I hear it in your voice. You still like him.

Daisy: But I shouldn't because I can't trust him. But then... he turns around and he does something like this.

Ashlee: That's really cool.

Daisy: Yeah.

Ashlee: He must really like you.

Daisy: I don't care.

Mallet: No, sorry, I'll be in in about five minutes. I've had an unexpected delay. Okay.

Dinah: So that's it? You don't want to ask me one more question?

Mallet: No, not now.

Dinah: So there is a suspect, I'm assuming.

Mallet: Dinah, I can't talk about the case. Hey.

Marina: Hey.

Dinah: Hey.

Mallet: You showing off our son again?

Marina: Well, it's not showing off, it's true. Call you later about those games and call me if, you know, you think about what I said.

Shayne: I will.

Marina: Okay.

Shayne: Okay.

Mallet: And thank you. I'll call you if there's anything else.

Dinah: You bet. Okay. All right, bye little guy.

Marina: See ya.

Dinah: Bye.

Shayne: Bye.

Mallet: Hey, buddy.

Marina: Hi, honey.

Shayne: Listen, about before when I took off on you...

Dinah: Listen, you don't have to explain anything to me. If this is complicated for me, I can't imagine what it is for you. I am so sorry that I tried to push you into any decision whatsoever. I haven't been where you've been, haven't gone through what you have gone through or lost what you have lost. Whatever you decide, I'm behind you 100%, okay?

Bill: Here we go.

Lizzie: Well, I hope that wasn't bad luck.

Bill: No, no, no, no, no. Do not say bad luck, okay? There will be no more bad luck for us. Nothing but good. Nothing but good. So the concierge said there is going to be some sort of, I don't know, celebration going on with fireworks and we'll probably see it from the window.

Lizzie: Really? That's a good sign.

Bill: Yeah.

Lizzie: That's a very good sign for us. For our wedding. For our future. We are going to live happily ever after.

James: Hey.

Daisy: Hey.

James: Thanks for not telling Bill about me.

Daisy: How do you know I didn't?

James: Because I'd be in handcuffs right now if you did. I'm sorry for not telling you about everything. The whole plan. Not something I'm proud of. Okay, maybe a little proud of. It was working great before.

Daisy: But now you could hurt Bill. He's my family. I don't want to be roped into any more stupid Spaulding schemes.

James: Okay, okay. I'll try to control my scheming in the future.

Daisy: You'll try?

James: What can I say? It's a lot more fun when you're around.

Alan: Was that the police? When are they arresting James?

Phillip: They're not. Your car is back in the garage. Just leave James alone.

Alan: You had better straighten him out, Phillip because he's becoming more and more like you every day.

Phillip: Don't worry about it. He'll do what I tell him to.

Alan: And you're sounding more and more like me.

Marina: Hey there, Detective.

Mallet: Howdy.

Marina: So, you got any new leads?

Mallet: I got too many leads, that's the problem. Every time I talk to somebody they seem guilty about something.

Marina: Well, let's see, we have Dinah and Reva and Jeffrey and Shayne and Josh.

Mallet: Yeah, exactly, all people we know, and that only makes it worse. But we got a dead guy and I got a job to do.

Marina: Well, do you hear that, Henry? That is integrity. That's your papa.

Mallet: Overflowing with integrity.

Shayne: Thank you.

Dinah: Was it hard?

Shayne: Was it hard? No, no, it wasn't hard. Exercise was good for me.

Dinah: I mean when you saw Marina about Henry.

Shayne: I wouldn't call it fun. Seems like no matter what we talk about the subject goes back to me and him. But I'll get used to it sooner or later. What were you doing with Mallet?

Dinah: Well, I am sure that he wanted to investigate me, you know, eventually. And I wanted to get it over with.

Shayne: If he wasn't looking for you, why would y go look for him? Why would you go look for trouble?

Dinah: Shayne, don't worry about me. I'm not Mallet's main suspect.

Shayne: That's good.

Dinah: Maybe for me, not for you.

Shayne: He thinks I killed Edmund?

Dinah: No, he thinks your mother did.

Coming up on "Guiding Light"...

Shayne: Lara needs me to do something else for Edmund.

Dinah: Are you getting ready to tell Mallet and Marina?

Shayne: Something on my mind.

Marina: What is it?

Jeffrey: Edmund's death was not accidental.

Edmund: My name is Edmund...

Christina: That's one of the voices I heard that day.

Mallet: Then all we have to do is identify the other voice.

Jeffrey: Well, what do you think?

Reva: Well, what would anyone think?

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