GL Transcript Wednesday 5/20/09

Guiding Light Transcript Wednesday 5/20/09


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Previously on "Guiding Light"...

Olivia: I saw Reva with Edmund, and it must have been right before he died.

Natalia: I still love the idea of living here with you and Emma but...

Olivia: You don't want me to move in.

Daisy: So you want to leave town?

James: And I want you to come with me.

Daisy: No.

Reva: Did you find out anything at the police station?

Jeffrey: You were with Edmund Winslow yesterday right before he died.

Woman: Mr. Jordan will see you shortly.

Phillip: That's great. Thank you. James, give me a call. I'm trying to buy you a little bit of time before this all goes public. I'm here at the bank applying for... a loan.

Daisy: I bet I could skip it farther than you could.

James: Bet you you couldnít. Daisy, I'm sort of over this whole running away without going anywhere thing.

Daisy: All right, then go run away. You can kiss your trust fund good-bye. Your family will cut you off, for sure.

James: I'm not running.

Daisy: No, you're not, you're standing right here.

James: No, I'm... I'm not running, period.

Daisy: Oh. So, I've changed your mind, Richie Rich. (Laughs)

Bill: What is this here? Is this the... the to-do list?

Lizzie: Yes, it is.

Bill: Hey, baby, I really don't mind if you want to plan the whole thing and I can just... I can just show up.

Lizzie: Oh, yeah. That's not going to happen. You want to know why?

Bill: Why?

Lizzie: Because we're a team.

Bill: We are a team. We are a team, but there are other things to take care of besides the wedding, and I can take care of those things.

Lizzie: No, no, no. See, what you need to do is focus.

Bill: Focus.

Lizzie: Yeah, no, because we cannot do number two through 47 until we have done number one.

Bill: Set a date. Okay, um...

Lizzie: No, we can't do it that day.

Bill: Can't do this day-- why?

Lizzie: It's Roxie's birthday.

Bill: Is it Roxie's birthday? Okay, then. What do you want to do?

Lizzie: Um... I was thinking about the 27th.

Bill: 27th. Ooh. Cubs/White Sox-- canít.

Lizzie: I'm going to pretend I didn't hear you say that. And then, I'm just going to suggest the 28th. I was thinking about the 28th.

Bill: Ooh. It's a three-game series I donít... I donít... I'm kidding, baby, I am kidding, I am kidding. You can pick whatever day you want. I will be there, I promise. And I promise you this-- I am going to make it the best day of your life, okay?

Olivia: Okay, so, you know, we don't want people at work to know just yet, so we'll just... we'll act normal.

Natalia: Yeah, we definitely have to act normal.

Olivia: I know normal. I know normal. You got lunch, right there.

Natalia: Thanks. Oh, that was good, that was really normal. That was really good.

Olivia: (Laughs)

Frank: Hey, did Marina pick up Henry?

Mallet: Yes, you just missed her.

Frank: What... what's is going on here? You're already making a suspect board for the Edmund Winslow case before it's even ruled a homicide

Mallet: Yeah, the M.E.'s preliminary report came back, Frank. Cause of death-- blunt force trauma to the head.

Frank: Could have been an accident.

Mallet: Could be.

Frank: All right, I... I got a meeting to go to, so...

Mallet: You got a hearing about Rafe? Doris Wolfe likes to talk.

Frank: Yeah, you think? She shouldn't have said anything.

Mallet: Yeah, I know, Frank. You know, you're a good guy for helping Rafe, and you're a real good guy for getting me restated here as a detective and I appreciate it. Thank you.

Frank: You're family, okay? No worries. Just take care of my daughter and Henry, all right? Now, who's the next person you're going to be interrogating?

Mallet: All of them.

Reva: That little boy of ours is the sweetest little boy in the world. He's fast asleep. And he's so mellow, even after everything he went through when I was carrying him. I don't know where he gets it from. He certainly doesn't get it from us.

Jeffrey: Reva, you were seen arguing with Edmund Winslow just before he turned up dead.

Reva: How would you know that?

Jeffrey: Somebody told me.

Reva: Who?

Jeffrey: Does it matter?

Reva: Maybe not to you.

Jeffrey: Okay, look. We can control the situation, but it's going to be hard to stay one step ahead of the police.

Reva: Why don't you just come out and ask me, Jeffrey? Did I kill Edmund Winslow? I saw him...but I didn't kill him. Have you been investigating me?

Jeffrey: What?

Reva: This source that you have, did that information just drop in your lap or did... or did you go looking for it?

Jeffrey: I didn't go looking for it. Reva, in a perfect world, I would have known because my wife would have told me.

Reva: Did you know Edmund was back in town? I guess it's not a perfect world.

Jeffrey: Reva, I was trying protect you.

Reva: Yeah, and I was trying to protect everyone else. Edmund wasn't back here for Colin. He didn't want to hurt me or Shayne, not physically.

Jeffrey: We, what does that mean?

Reva: I... he told me that if I turned him in, he was going to tell the cops that he was drugged and kidnapped. So I cut a deal. He said he had evidence, so I cut a deal, okay. I told him that if he left the country and swore that he'd never come back that I wouldn't tell the police that I saw him here.

Jeffrey: So you wouldn't tell the cops what he did if he didn't tell the cops what we did.

Reva: That's right.

Jeffrey: Okay, and then Edmund just agreed to that, shook your hand and told you at he would disappear forever. But only because you asked him nicely

Reva: What would you have done?

Jeffrey: Reva, it doesn't make any sense. Edmund took the trouble to come back to town, okay. He donít want anyone to know that he was in town. But you promise not to tell anyone if he would leave town. (Knocking on door)

Mallet: Hey, Jeffrey, how's it going?

Jeffrey: How's it going?

Mallet: Good, good, you know, a little busy. Got this whole Edmund Winslow mess going on.

Jeffrey: Well, welcome back to being a detective, right?

Mallet: Yeah, yeah. So... so, you an Reva mind if I ask a few questions?

Olivia: You know what? I can't find that spreadsheet.

Natalia: It's right there.

Olivia: Where?

Natalia: It's right..

Olivia: Where?

Natalia: Right in front of you. Look. You just wanted me to come over here, didn't you?

Olivia: I'm not that clever.

Natalia: Yes, you did, you did.

Greg: Miss Spencer, the ballroom has been double booked?

Olivia: What? Which parties?

Greg: The Springfield Animal Rights Group and the Springfield Furrier's Association.

Olivia: Oh, that's perfect. How did this happen?

Greg: Well, I don't know.

Olivia: Well, you're the banquet manager-- you should know.

Natalia: I...I'm sorry, I booked it. I did that. I'm sorry. I was trying to drum up business, and it was my mistake.

Olivia: It happens. We'll just... we'll call Towers and we'll move one of the parties over there.

Daisy: I have, like, a rock in my shoe or something. So, you were pretty anxious to get out of town the other day at Company. What changed your mind?

James: If you're waiting for me to say "you," you can hold your breath.

Daisy: Beth draws, doesn't she? That's probably where you got it.

James: I am my mother's son.

Daisy: How are things with Phillip?

James: He... he picked his favorite. It wasn't me.

Daisy: Only one person ever really picked me, he's off having a grand old time; probably never even thinks about me, so...

James: I picked you.

Daisy: For what?

James: Picked you to draw.

Daisy: Oh, that's me?

James: Yeah, I... I usually only draw nudes, so you got to take our clothes off if you want me to finish. (Laughter)

Phillip: Well, obviously I'm back in the business of doing business, and I've got some fantastic investments lined up. Now, I mean, I know that application is sort of formality because you know me personally and professionally, but I included a few of them because...

Paul: Phillip, your loan was denied. Every bank in the country is tightening its belt.

Phillip: If any family has got the ability to jump-start the local economy, it's mine. Now, look, this loan will allow me to invest in... Paul! You know me! How many times have we had cocktails out at the country club together?

Paul: That was a long time ago.

Phillip: Well, I thought we at least had a professional relationship that transcended town gossip.

Paul: Town gossip? Yes. But a criminal record-- no. You've become what we consider to be a high-risk candidate

Phillip: Don't patronize me. I'm not trying to play the market and make a few bucks here. Now, damn it, I need that money! Thank you for your time.

Phillip: Hi, sweetheart.

Lizzie: Hey.

Phillip: Go for a ride?

Lizzie: No, Nana said that there was a book on etiquette in here. I guess Mom used it when she was planning some of her weddings. I was trying to find... do you know what this is?

Phillip: Edmund gave at to you when you were sick in the hospital.

Lizzie: Wow. It was like listening to a foreign language when you and Mom would talk to the doctors. Edmund made me understand. Cancer was the big bad dragon, and a knight was going to come in on his horse and help me fight it. Edmund wasn't always bad.

Phillip: You're really something. You've always looked for the best in people. On a day when everybody in this town was talking about how Edmund left this world, I guarantee you are the only one who has found something positive to remember that he brought to it. We weren't sure you were going to make it. Now look at you-- you're all grown-up.

Lizzie: Thanks to my brother. James was the white knight on the horse.

Daisy: So where were we going to go? I mean, if we had run away together or whatever. You must have had a plan.

James: Yeah. I... I just don't know what it was yet.

Daisy: If we had gone away together, would we had to have been worried about being found?

James: What are you talking about?

Daisy: Would there have been, like, international wanted posters with our face on it?

James: Check it out. It's you.

Daisy: (Laughs)

James: You did that there. It's like your hair.

Olivia: I don't want Margaret at Towers knowing that we double-booked, so just let her think that we're throwing some business her way, okay?

Greg: I'll make the call.

Olivia: Thanks. What's his problem?

Natalia: What are you doing? I screwed up. And you tell me it's okay right in front of another employee. There was no yelling at me, no threatening to fire me.

Olivia: Why? Why would I?

Natalia: Because. You're yelling at Greg. And he expected it-- you know why? Because that's what the boss does when she's mad. I can't work here if you're going to give me special treatment.

Olivia: Okay. You know, I can... I can separate my professional life from...

Natalia: Your love life?

Olivia: I can do it. I've done it before, okay? You just caught me by surprise, that's all.

Natalia: We just... I mean, you may have to be careful, because the entire staff is going to know.

Olivia: And then, someone will talk to Emma and we don't want that.

Natalia: No.

Olivia: Okay. No special treatment for you.

Mallet: Yeah, Henry is finally, finally sleeping through the night.

Reva: Yeah, well, we're... we're lucky; Colin already is.

Mallet: Yeah?

Reva: Yeah.

Jeffrey: Only because she's home.

Reva: Aw.

Mallet: Well, as much as I wish I was here just to talk about babies...

Reva: No, no, we understand.

Mallet: Okay. Reva, where were you the day that Edmund washed up?

Reva: Um...

Jeffrey: The miniature golf.

Reva: Right.

Jeffrey: We were actually killing some time, you know, waiting for Revaís test results-- cancer-free.

Mallet: Oh, congratulations.

Reva: Thank you thanks. It's great.

Jeffrey: Yeah, when the call came in, we were talking to this real nice couple out there, remember?

Reva: They were sweet, yeah.

Mallet: And so, you got the news and you went out and celebrated.

Jeffrey: No, actually, we stayed here. We stayed in. It's been so long since we've been able to do at, just the three of us.

Mallet: And you didn't see Edmund hanging around. (Baby crying)

Reva: See, that... that happens to be the problem when you have a baby that sleeps through the night; they don't sleep during the day. I'll be right back. ( Baby crying harder)

Jeffrey: (Laughs) So, you were saying?

Mallet: Um... yes, did you see Edmund the day he died?

Jeffrey: No, never saw him.

Olivia: So, you left work...

Natalia: 12 minutes after you did.

Olivia: And since I used the lobby exit...

Natalia: I went out the service door.

Olivia: Good times.

Natalia: (Laughs) Yeah. It's like we're in a spy movie or something. But this, this is where I'm actually most comfortable-- in a big, empty park.

Olivia: It's not empty; I'm here.

Natalia: So, why is this so easy, and then everywhere else is just... it's hard?

Olivia: Maybe we need a timetable. You know, like this the day we'll tell Emma; this is the day weíll tell Rafe; this is the day that we won't leave work 12 minutes apart and use different exits...

Natalia: (Laughs)

Olivia: ... So that people won't think we're together when we are together? What are we so afraid of?

Natalia: Me? I am afraid of everything. I wish I could be more like you.

Olivia: I'm scared. But that's why I know it's worth it.

James: Maybe I should scratch it out, make it look more random.

Daisy: No, it looks really good. I mean, if you're into that kind of thing.

James: It's not my best effort. Didn't have a lot of time.

Daisy: I think you should show your mom. I mean, I think Beth would like to know that you guys share a talent.

James: It's nothing, it's just a doodle.

Daisy: Yeah. At least, you have something cool and, like, creative in your gene pool. What does my family have? We have, like, the perfect recipe for baklava, and a good aim arm at the S.P.D. shooting range.

James: Sometimes, I forget your family's, like, half the S.P.D.

Daisy: Yeah. Hey, what are those numbers you scribbled down there?

James: Nothing.

Daisy: What did you do, James? James, I was in juvie, I... I used to do drugs, the car that killed my cousin-- I was high in the backseat when it happened. And you could throw in some stealing, lying, cutting school. Come on, it's your turn.

James: Do you know what a Ponzi scheme is?

Daisy: Yeah, I've heard a little bit about it, like, on the news. It's, like, a scam with money, right?

James: Yeah. Iíve sort of been running one. I thought I could keep it going with... without anything going wrong, but you know, I got this... used someone's name to get people to invest. And then, the market crashed and the thing fell apart. My dad knows.

Daisy: How did he find out?

James: I told him. You know, he said whatever it is, he'd be in my corner. But when the time came..

Daisy: He went to another corner?

James: The same corner he always goes to.

Daisy: So, you're a, what, white-collar gangster? How very Spaulding of you.

James: No, I did this so I could get away from my family, so I didn't have to live off them or... or count on them. Every minute I'm here, ups my chances of turning into one of them.

Daisy: So, you were trying to run away from your family. I thought you were running away from mine.

James: What?

Daisy: The Springfield P.D., because, I mean, you could be in some big trouble.

James: I know.

Daisy: Maybe you could come up with, like, a new scam to plug a hole in the first one.

James: No lecture about turning myself in or whatever?

Daisy: No.

James: Well, I'm all out of cash. You need money to make money.

Daisy: I've got some change in my car.

James: Car...

Phillip: Do you think much about having cancer any more?

Lizzie: No, not anymore. I used to, whenever I would get really tired, or when I'd get sick. I mean, I know it's gone, but I guess it'll always be a part of me. Cancer taught me things a little girl shouldn't know about yet.

Phillip: Like what?

Lizzie: Like bad things happen. Grown-ups cry. All the time in the world isn't enough. Pretty deep things for someone who still believed in unicorns.

Phillip: Yeah. I'm sorry you had to grow up with that much fear, honey.

Lizzie: No, once I beat it, it was the opposite of fear. It was, like, "Bring it on, world. Nothing you can do to take me down." You don't stress about taking risks, even extreme ones, especially for the people you love.

Phillip: I guess that's true. I guess you stop asking yourself what's the worst that can happen.

Lizzie: No, no, you ask yourself but... I don't know. When you bet something that big when you're that little, it just sets the bar so high for the rest of your life. Opens the door to making all sorts of brave and very stupid mistakes. You okay?

Phillip: You're going to have the best wedding.

Lizzie: Yeah. (Laughs)

Phillip: And your brother James is going to graduate, and he's going to go on to better things. Got to go. Hey, don't stop believing in unicorns just yet.

Lizzie: What does that mean?

Phillip: Never stop believing in the impossible. I love you.

Lizzie: I love you.

Mallet: Right, right, but you tried to get Edmund out of town the last time he was here with Will.

Jeffrey: Yeah. I was also ready to dump him at the train station last time he came into town. You know, he and Shayne were getting along, and what's good for Shayne is good for Reva. Hell, I don't know what else I can tell you.

Mallet: Well, when did you see him last?

Jeffrey: A couple weeks ago. I thought he had left town for good.

Mallet: So is Reva coming back or should I go talk to her up there?

Mallet: What, you want to talk to Reva now, when she's taking care of our son? Mallet, she just got back from the hospital, and you want to go drill her about Edmund Winslow?

Reva: I'd do anything for you. I just hate lying to your daddy.

Mallet: I'm not here to cause trouble.

Jeffrey: I know. You're just doing your job.

Mallet: Yeah, I'm just doing my job, you know, like you were doing your job when you came down to the station and asked me questions about that case. What was that, something about international jurisdiction?

Jeffrey: Well, we want answers just like you do.

Mallet: Good, because there could be a killer loose out there.

Jeffrey: Well, there's more than one killer running around free in Springfield.

Mallet: You know, I get that you're looking out for your wife and kid. But I'm going to go home to my wife and kid, and I want to know that I did everything that I could today to make sure that this town is a safer place for them.

Jeffrey: This town is safer, Mallet, because Edmund Winslow is gone.

Mallet: Alright. I'll be in touch.

Jeffrey: All right.

Reva: Baby, don't say a word

mama's going to buy you a mockingbird

and if that mockingbird won't sing mama's going to buy you a diamond ring

if that diamond ring turns brass

mama's going to buy you a looking glass...

Natalia: This is a sad little picnic.

Olivia: No, it's not. No, no, no. We got our water. We got our... what do you want, dark chocolate almond?

Natalia: I don't..

Olivia: And we've got gum for the after...

Natalia: Oh, good, great. (Laughter) I like your hair like that.

Olivia: Thanks.

Natalia: Yeah. I was going to tell you that the other day.

Olivia: Stop stalling-- pony up for the picnic.

Natalia: (Laughs) I don't have any...

Olivia: What have you got in there? Oh, come on, you got a stash.

Natalia: I have... I have tissues to clean-up, and then...

Olivia: Well, that would be a nice napkin.

Natalia: And then, I have some mints. (laughs) Hi.

Olivia: Hi.

Frank: You're hard to find.

Olivia: You know what? I can take a walk.

Frank: You know, Olivia, you don't have to go anywhere, actually. I just wanted you to know, Natalia, that I got a call from Corrections and, well, they scheduled a hearing for Rafe next week.

Natalia: I know. I know that you did that. Doris came by the house and...

Frank: I didn't want her to say anything.

Natalia: I'm so glad that she did. But then, I wasn't really sure if it was going to happen or not, or if I should call you.

Frank: The judge is ruling whether Rafe is ready to be released from the halfway house.

Natalia: Do you think that this... this means that he should be coming home for good?

Frank: If the hearing goes well.

Natalia: Frank, I don't know... I don't know how to thank you for everything that you've done...

Frank: Itís no problem.

Natalia: ...For Rafe.

Frank: No problem at all, actually. I'm glad I can help. It's just. It's hard to see a good person go down the wrong path. Anyway, you ladies have a good day.

Natalia: (Laughs)

Lizzie: Hi!

Bill: Hello, hello, hello. So, I have decided when we should get married.

Lizzie: Oh, okay. When?

Bill: You're going to have to guess.

Lizzie: Can't you just show me on a calendar?

Bill: I could do that, I could do that. But that would be so boring.

Lizzie: Please? Please?

Bill: Wouldn't that be boring?

Lizzie: Iíll make it worth your while.

Bill: That's very... very tempting. Very... do you know what? I cannot wait to do that on the day we get married this fall. Mm-hmm.

Daisy: Sweet. How often does Alan drive it?

James: I'll bet you six figures he forgets he even has it. He never comes down here anymore.

Daisy: It's too bad you don't have that kind of cash.

James: I will when I sell it. Scared?

Daisy: No. I mean, I'm not going to have any part in it and I'm not exactly a big fan of Alan's, so... gosh, how much do you think you're going to get for it?

James: Whatever it is, it'll probably be enough for me to retire from car salesmanship.

Beth: Phillip?

Phillip: Hey. What are you doing here?

Beth: I saw you headed this way and I had the same question.

Phillip: I thought more about Edmund today than I ever did while he was alive.

Beth: I was married to him. He wasn't always bad.

Phillip: That's exactly what our daughter said.

Beth: How is Lizzie?

Phillip: She's fine. She s looking for a wedding-planning book out in a trunk out in the barn. She found that white horse that Edmund gave her. Do you remember that-- when she was sick?

Beth: Oh, yes. Oh, I had forgotten that was even out there.

Phillip: I feel like I have been given another chance.

Beth: You're not Edmund. Yeah, he... he had another chance and he used that chance to... to hurt people. You're trying to help.

Phillip: Yeah. But I can't make it up to the kids, you know. I can be there for them now, but I'll never be able to make up for what I did.

Beth: What's going on? Did something happen? What is this?

Phillip: James is in trouble. He's been running a Ponzi scheme.

Beth: What? No! Phillip, he's a kid.

Phillip: He's a smart kid who's in way over his head.

Beth: Oh, my God. How could I not know this?

Phillip: Because he... because he really, really doesn't want you to know. There are a lot of things that I don't get about my son, but one thing is very clear: He really loves and appreciates his mother.

Beth: I need to know more about this Ponzi scheme.

Phillip: Oh, I'll tell you the whole story, but the important thing is I'm doing everything that I can to fix it. I promise you, I will not fail him again. I wonít. You know, my father used to love to pit his kids against each other. He used to love to watch them all competing for his love. And I swore, if ever had children, I would never take sides.

Beth: Could James go to prison?

Phillip: No. I'm going to fix it. He needs to know that I'll do that for him. And it's not about winning him over; it's about all of my children having a fair chance at a good life.

Beth: Hey, you know something? It's okay to want them to love you back, too.

Natalia: I have so many things to do now, you know. I have to get something to wear for court. I have to fix up Rafe's room. I'm so... I can't believe my little boy is coming home.

Olivia: I'm so happy for you.

Natalia: Yeah, it's going to... it's going to be a little different, though, for us, you know, because Rafe has no idea.

Olivia: You know what? Just let's not... not today okay. Today, we celebrate.

Natalia: Okay

Olivia: Okay. Come on.

Daisy: Oh, wow, that's a lot of cash for a car.

James: It's worth more, but... but I'll take it. Next stop, Vegas.

Daisy: James, you need that money.

James: I'm joking.

Daisy: Oh.

James: It's going back in the pot so I can pay back the people I owe and get some more money.

Daisy: Oh, wait, so you're not just patching things up; you're keeping your little business up and running.

Jam: Keeping it up and running is the way to patch it up.

Daisy: I want to help.

James: Why? You want a cut?

Daisy: No. I... I've been in messes where, you know, if I were on my own, I wouldn't have gotten out of them.

James: So, you want to become a part of the mess that you're trying to get me out of? How does that work?

Daisy: I don't know. I just... I don't have any money to give you. I... I just want to help you.

Phillip: So, how was my funeral?

Beth: Oh, it was great. Olivia got drunk and fell on your grave.

Phillip: Yore making that up.

Beth: No, I'm not. (Laughing) Your children are lucky to have you back. And so am I.

Phillip: I'm the lucky one.

Lizzie: So, why the fall?

Bill: I don't know. I've always liked the fall. You just get the sense that change is in the air. And that day when I look in your eyes and I promise that I'm going to be yours for the rest of my life, well, I'll never want anything to change again.

Lizzie: Me, either.

Bill: So, fall?

Lizzie: Fall it is. I love you, Bill Lewis.

Bill: I love you.

Jeffrey: Mallet left.

Reva: Did he ask if I'd seen Edmund?

Jeffrey: Not this time. We're going to have to get our stories straight, you know. We don't want to get caught in a lie.

Reva: Well, we won't get caught if we tell the truth-- that I made a deal with Edmund and he was going to leave.

Jeffrey: Well, you know, there are some holes in that story.

Reva: I love you

Jeffrey: I love you, too.

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Alan: You have got to stop indulging James.

James: How about it? How much can I put you in for?

Man: Nothing, until I talk to Bill Lewis in person.

Lizzie: Do you know that we have six weeks until our wedding?

Bill: We can do this.

Dinah: I think it's very strange that the cops have not asked me one question. Have they talked to you?

Shayne: Mallet did. It's his case.

Dinah: Did he ask you about why you were limping?

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