GL Transcript Thursday 5/14/09

Guiding Light Transcript Thursday 5/14/09


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Previously on "Guiding Light"...

Shayne: What's going on?

Josh: I have to go after Edmund.

Shayne: Need someone to ride shotgun with you.

Josh: You're saying you want to come along.

Shayne: Yes, I am.

Josh: How soon can you pack?

Phillip: You have to stay away from your grandfather.

James: Are you serious?

Phillip: You can count on me.

Daisy: What's wrong?

James: Nothing's wrong.

Daisy: Really? Because a second ago, it looked like there's something wrong.

Josh: Hey.

Shayne: Hey.

Josh: Got us something to eat.

Shayne: All right.

Josh: Who was that?

Shayne: Uh, hear anything from Roc Hoover, yet?

Josh: No, no. I left him a message, though. I made it very clear to him that a fax would not be an appropriate response.

Shayne: All right. So he knows we're in Italy then.

Josh: Yup. And he also knows that I need to see Edmund in person.

Shayne: Do you think he's going to go along with that?

Josh: He's going to have to. I'm not leaving until he does. Listen, thank you for coming. I'm glad you're here.

Shayne: Yeah. Been a while since we had a father-son outing, huh?

Josh: (Laughs) Maybe next time we should just go fishing.

Shayne: I think so, yeah. Deal. Amen.

Josh: I just... I just need to make sure Edmund can't touch you or your mom or anyone in this family ever again. I just know I'm not going to rest until I know he's out of the picture for good.

Shayne: I'll be happier when you don't have to deal with this anymore.

Josh: Well, it comes with the job description. Fathers take care of their kids.

Jeffrey: Ah!

Reva: Oh, hey.

Jeffrey: Hey, okay, bagels, cream cheese, orange juice and coffee. Anything else?

Reva: You know what? It's only Shayne and Dinah. Shayne will eat anything and Dinah doesn't eat anything at all. You see how skinny she is?

Jeffrey: You know it's nice that you're getting along with Dinah, you know. There aren't many people in town who are even speaking to her right now.

Reva: Oh well, you know, she's good for Shayne. And I've been on the outside before, like she is. I feel for her, you know? Anyway, look, I want you to see this. Look at this.

Jeffrey: Yeah.

Reva: It's one of those groovy things.

Jeffrey: Oh, yeah.

Reva: You wrap... it's a thing you attach toys to and you wrap it...

Jeffrey: Uh-huh. I know what it is.

Reva: How?

Jeffrey: Well, you know, while you were in the hospital fighting for your life, I was doing my homework, you know. I was checking out all this baby stuff.

Reva: In case you had to do it alone?

Jeffrey: Hey, that thought never crossed my mind. Now, speaking of your life, it's time for your meds.

Reva: No, I took them already. Look, I want to do more shopping.

Jeffrey: Oh, okay.

Reva: Look at this stuff.

Jeffrey: Actually, I was ordering from this one.

Reva: "Ethical Toys for Kids"?

Jeffrey: Yeah. It means that everything is environmentally friendly and that everything is made in countries that have strict manufacturing codes.

Reva: Wow. That's cool. Do I get an opinion?

Jeffrey: (Laughs) Listen, I know that, you know, you were in the hospital a long time, but... you missed a lot. We're going to make up for it all, okay?

(Music playing) (cell phone rings)

Dinah: (Sighs) No message. No message.

Daisy: Yeah, okay, so we'll do... what? Shakes and burgers... free shakes and burgers.

Buzz: What's going on with you?

Daisy: Nothing.

Buzz: Please tell me you're not thinking about Grady.

Daisy: Oh, no, I'm not. Are you?

Buzz: No, I'm not. Actually, for me, I'm glad he's out of my life. Good riddance. I can fight my own battles now, you know?

Daisy: Mm-hmm.

Buzz: Yeah, so what is it? Had a fight with Ashlee, what?

Daisy: Uh, no, actually we had a fantastic time in Florida.

Buzz: Florida?

Daisy: Yeah... you're the one who told me to go. You can't, like, now be mad at me for mingling with Spaulding’s.

Buzz: I just thought you needed a change. I thought you could handle the Spaulding’s. You know, some are less awful than others. Don't you think?

Daisy: I am not thinking about James Spaulding.

Buzz: Did I mention James Spaulding?

Phillip: Great. No mention of your money scam in any of these.

James: It wasn't a scam.

Phillip: James, when you ask people to invest in your plan using a phony name, it's a scam.

James: Bill Lewis isn't phony. He's a real guy with a real reputation.

Phillip: I stand corrected. When you ask people to invest in your plan using a name other than your own, without a legitimate way to recoup there investment, it's not well thought out. But, so far, time seems to be on our side. Hey! My girl.

Lizzie: Hey.

Phillip: How are you?

Lizzie: Good. Catching up on current events.

James: Something like that.

Lizzie: We're not in there are we.

Phillip: No, not a word.

Lizzie: Good, it's never good when we are in the papers.

Phillip: No. Hopefully the next time the Spaulding name is in this paper is when we see your wedding announcement.

Lizzie: Oh, that would be nice. You know, you're making quite a mess in there. When are you planning to move in, spend a lot of time here?

James: I'd rather live under the bridge in the park.

Lizzie: Nice.

Phillip: I've had those days.

James: This place is like a prison.

Lizzie: I've really come to terms with it. Now that Bill and I are getting married, I found a very Zen way to deal with all this family stuff.

James: You guys are getting married? I hadn't heard that.

Lizzie: Hmm, cute.

Phillip: (Laughs) How are the plans coming?

Lizzie: They just keep getting bigger and bigger. The wedding's taking on this, like, life of its own.

James: Scary. (Laughs)

Phillip: Hey, did I hear you say something about wanting to check out a band in Chicago?

Lizzie: Yeah, we thought about it but...

Phillip: You know what? You ought to do it. You should do it. You and Bill should take a couple of days. You should go to Chicago and you should find somebody great.

Lizzie: I just feel like...

Phillip: This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Lizzie: I know, we just got back from Florida, though.

Phillip: I think you're making a mistake. I think you ought to do it. I know some people. I could make the arrangements.

Lizzie: Well, that's a nice idea. You know, I've been looking at places and photographers and stuff. I've got a whole file I was going to show Mom. If you want to take a look at it...

Phillip: Umm... yeah, yes, of course I would. I'd love to. (Giggling)

James: Don't worry about me. I'll be fine.

Daisy: Okay. So we're done making changes to the menu. What's next?

Buzz: How about you talk to me?

Daisy: What? There's nothing to talk about.

Buzz: You know, humor me. I need to be occupied.

Daisy: Okay, what do you think I need to talk about?

Buzz: I don't know. You seem rattled.

Daisy: What? Oh, by... with James.

Buzz: Yeah. Am I wrong?

Daisy: Uh, yeah, completely. I... I... he doesn't rattle me. No, if anything, I rattle him. I'm not the kind of girl he usually likes.

Buzz: Well, he definitely likes you, yeah.

Daisy: Yeah, I mean, he does, not that he'd ever admit it. I think, you know, a big part of the reason he likes me is because he knows how much his family doesn't want him to like me.

Buzz: Whereas your family's, what, so cool they won't bring the subject up. Is it something like that, huh?

Daisy: Well, you're the only one who knows that anything's kind of going on. If Uncle Frank found out, I think his head would just pop off.

Buzz: Now, that would be messy. We'll keep it between ourselves.

Daisy: And you know what? It might not be anything anyway.

Buzz: Yeah?

Daisy: The kid's kind of boring. He doesn't even have a fake I.D.

Buzz: Mm-hmm. But he does now?

Daisy: That's not what I said.

Buzz: Wow! Should I be protecting James Spaulding from you?

Daisy: Yeah, maybe. I think I am a bad influence. (Cell phone rings)

Buzz: Could that...

Daisy: Stop! (Clears throat) Hllo?

James: Hey.

Daisy: Oh, hey, what's up?

James: Uh... just, uh not much. Sitting around, counting the family money, like always.

Daisy: (Sighs)

James: What, you don't believe me?

Daisy: No, James, I don’t. You're acting like you did yesterday.

James: Hey, um, why'd you change your name?

Daisy: What?

James: When we were younger, your name was Susan. Why'd you change your name?

Daisy: Uh, when Harley had me, she named me Daisy. I like it. It's no big mystery.

James: I never had a nickname. Even as a kid, no one ever called me Jim or Jimmy. I've always been James. Maybe I should change my name.

Daisy: This is really what you want to talk about?

James: Why not?

Daisy: Because. Okay, you know, sometimes you start out joking and that's all it is. But then other times, like yesterday and right now, it seems like you're joking just to cover something up.

James: What would I be covering up?

Daisy: That's what I'm asking you.

James: Oh, what? I can't hear you. We're having a big party, people everywhere. Oh, man, a girl just jumped out of a cake. Got to go, too much fun.

Daisy: All right.

Lizzie: I'm having fun hanging around with James. I'm glad he's sticking around even if he's determined to play the role of the pain in the neck little brother.

Phillip: He'll grow out of it.

Lizzie: I don't really mind. I just wish he wasn't so weird with Bill.

Phillip: Well, you know, he's probably just being protective of his big sister.

Lizzie: Well, I don't know, maybe that's it.

Phillip: I'm glad the two of you get along. Certainly better than Alan-Michael and I ever did.

Lizzie: Yeah, I don't think James and I are really going to have those problems. I mean, try to talk to him about the family business-- not interested. I honestly think the guy's not interested in business or money at all.

Dinah: Hi.

Jeffrey: Hey.

Reva: Oh, hey. You're right on time. Where's Shayne?

Dinah: Uh, I don't know exactly. Okay, um, we had a fight and so by the time I got back to the house, once I took off, he wasn't there. Remy said that he left town carrying his suitcase. Anyway, I want to thank you for the brunch offer, but obviously today is not a good day.

Reva: Dinah! Wait. Stay. We can talk about him behind his back. I'll show you his baby pictures.

Jeffrey: Bagel?

Reva: (Laughs)

Dinah: You got sesame?

Jeffrey: (Laughs)

Josh: You want some privacy?

Shayne: No. I was just checking the weather update.

Josh: Yeah, well that makes sense, I guess. I mean, you know, looking out the window is so unreliable.

Shayne: You still haven't asked me.

Josh: Why you had to leave town so quick?

Shayne: Yeah. Dinah and I had a fight.

Josh: Must have been a pretty big fight for you to want to leave the country.

Shayne: Dinah isn't the only reason that I wanted to leave. I mean, I... I need to make sure that Edmund is locked away, too.

Josh: You didn't think that I could handle that on my own?

Shayne: No. No, I know you can handle it on your own. I just, um... partially, the reason you're here is to protect me, your son. I'm just telling you that I get it. I understand the impulse to protect your family. I must get it from you. I finally realized that I'm not the center of the universe, you know?

Josh: You've never been like that, son.

Shayne: Oh... thank you, but I've been pretty caught up in my own movie for quite a while now. You know, it's nice, though, to be back in the world and know there's people out there that need me.

Dinah: This is a very good bagel.

Reva: Good.

Jeffrey: See, she eats.

Dinah: What?

Reva: Well, I said that you were skinny. It's a mom thing. I'm sure Vanessa says the same thing.

Dinah: Well, most of the time my mom doesn't say much of anything to me.

Reva: She can be difficult.

Dinah: Well...

Reva: I've known Vanessa a long time, though. We're getting along now, but there was a time... you know what? We're not going to go traveling down memory lane. So what's going on with you and Shayne?

Dinah: How are you feeling? What's going on with the treatment situation?

Reva: Oral chemo, radiation, buckets of vitamins, lots of good stuff. Your turn.

Dinah: Shayne and I had an argument. Couples do that.

Reva: Yeah, I know they do. You know, Dinah, we have come to a place where we accept that we're both in Shayne’s life, but if you two had a fight, I'd like to help.

Dinah: Reva, you know Shayne doesn't like his mommy to fight his battles.

Reva: Yeah, well, I don't know about that, but he's still my son and I'm always going to take his best interest at heart. So what did you do to upset him?

Dinah: Ah, see! That's more like it.

Reva: (Laughs)

Jeffrey: You're badgering the witness, prosecutor.

Reva: No, I'm not.

Dinah: Thank you.

Reva: I'm not doing that nosey mother-in-law thing. I'm not doing that. It just that Shayne’s had a rough year, Dinah, and you know that. And if he packed a bag and went somewhere without telling anyone, that scares me.

Dinah: The difference is this time... you know, when he took off he would be upset, in the past. He would be in a bad place, but this time he was calm and that has me a little nervous, too. That's what we fought about.

Reva: What does that mean?

Dinah: This is Shayne’s business. I wanted him to talk to you about certain things. He did not want to do that. That's what we fought about.

Marina: Reva?

Jeffrey: Oh, we're in here.

Reva: Hey. Look who's here.

Marina:(Laughs) Hey, I was hoping to see you and Shayne.

Jeffrey: Uh, Shayne’s not here.

Marina: Oh, well, then I can tell you guys. The blood transfusion worked. He's going to be okay.

Jeffrey: That's great.

Reva: Oh, Marina, that's fantastic. And look how handsome you... he has the brightest eyes. Hi, how you doing, Henry? (Laughs)But Henry’s fine now.

Marina: Oh, 100%.

Reva: I'm sure you were scared.

Marina: Oh, Reva, I was terrified. I was completely terrified. But now that it's all over and I know how it ended, I'm actually kind of glad it happened. If that makes any sense at all.

Reva: It makes total sense because when you have a crisis like that, it always makes you feel closer.

Marina: Well, loving this little guy has always been easy. He's a good kid. I don't know, maybe it's an adoptive-parent thing, you know, wondering if it's the same, you know, if I love him enough.

Reva: Well, look at how happy Henry is, though. Could you imagine him with anyone else?

Marina: Yeah, you know, you know those stories that you hear about parents getting this superhuman strength, you know. And they can lift a car off their kids. In the hospital, when it got really scary, that's how I felt. You know, Mallet felt the same way. It was like we would do anything. We would've gone city to city, state to state knocking on everybody's doors until we found the right blood match. I don't know, after the scare was over, I think Mallet and I just knew, you know, anything that had felt odd or off before was just gone. I mean, Henry’s our son. That's the end of the story.

Reva: And that is a happy ending.

Dinah: You look very pensive over there, Jeffrey, what are you staring at?

Jeffrey: No, I was just thinking about Ava. You know, she was adopted and what if the same thing would have happened to her. And all of the information about her parents was sealed. I mean, it shouldn't be like that.

Reva: Well, you work for the president. You could pass a law.

Jeffrey: You're right. You know, all medical records should be made available to adoptive parents in case of emergency.

Dinah: Well, I think Mister Henry wants to go back to his momma.

Marina: Is he okay? Is he wet?

Dinah: Well, I think he might be wet, yeah. I don't know, but I have to go.

Josh: You want to try to call her one more time before we go?

Shayne: No. It's not just Dinah, Dad. I mean, it is Dinah, but it's also... it's about something else, too. You know, I need to talk to you.

Josh: Okay.

Shayne: You're the one person I know I can tell this to, but, um...

Josh: You can talk to me about anything, you know that.

Shayne: I know. I know, I'm just not quite sure that I believe it myself. ( Cell phone rings)

Josh: Sorry.

Shayne: No.

Josh: No, no, no, I'll just call back.

Shayne: It's okay. No, no, no don't call back. It could be Roc. Take it. Take it.

Josh: Yeah, hello. Yes, it is. Yeah, can you hold on for just a second, please?

Shayne: Is it Roc?

Josh: No, it's a local hospital. They were given my number, told I would want updates on the patient.

Shayne: Updates on a patient? But... Edmund... patient?

Josh: Yes. He's not expected to make it through the night.

Daisy: So it was James on the phone before.

Buzz: James who?

Daisy: Buzz.

Buzz: How is old James?

Daisy: He’s... he's weird.

Buzz: Well, he can't help that. But he does like you.

Daisy: He's so not my type.

Buzz: Oh, really?

Daisy: Mm-hmm. He's just so...

Buzz: So what? So... handsome, so smart. Oh my God, not funny. Is he funny?

Daisy: What is wrong with you? He's a Spaulding. You're supposed to be freaked out. You're supposed to be telling me to stay away from him.

Buzz: Yeah, that hasn't worked out so well in the past.

Daisy: The accident wasn't your fault.

Buzz: The Spaulding’s. The Cooper’s. So different, I mean, how do we end up in each other's orbits?

Daisy: It's because we're too stubborn to learn from our mistakes. Beth and Coop, Harley and Phillip, uh, Lizzie and Coop, Alan-Michael and Marina. Our families don't work together.

Buzz: Mallet and Marina. Mallet was with Harley. Now he's married to Marina. Worked out great.

Daisy: So what are you saying, like, just because James is a Spaulding doesn't mean I shouldn't follow my heart?

Buzz: No, I'm telling you it's your call.

Daisy: But I'm asking you, what do I do?

Buzz: You... you go with your gut.

Daisy: (Groans) My gut says that I like him, but I do not like his family.

Phillip: Well, you haven't heard back from Bill Lewis because he's been helping a friend through a crisis and I'm sure as soon as that situation is resolved, he'll be able to answer all your questions. Okay. Good enough. You okay with that?

Lizzie: Well, I'd be lying if I said that the thought hadn't crossed my mind that you helping Bill is just a ploy to get him out of the company.

Phillip: I'm not your grandfather.

Lizzie: I know. I figured it out in Florida. It just became clear what Granddad wants for me and what you want for me-- different things.

Phillip: I just want you to be happy.

Lizzie: I'm happy with Bill.

Phillip: I know. (Laughter) And you should know that I'm not just looking out for you anymore. I'm looking out for Bill, too. Whatever it takes. Come here.

(music playing)

James: Whichever flight leaves earliest. Yeah, the last number is six-four-four-five. That's right. How can it be cancelled? It's a brand new card. Let me try another one. Never mind, they're all going to be cancelled. ( Sighs)

Daisy: Um, hi. I was just coming out to wipe the table. I wasn't eavesdropping.

James: (Clears throat)

Daisy: Um, but cancelled credit cards? That's a problem Cooper’s can relate to.

James: No, it's not cancelled because there's no money, it's cancelled because I've been cut off.

Daisy: Why?

James: Because I made the mistake of trusting a Spaulding, and now I've been stabbed in the back.

Daisy: You're not joking, are you? This is real? Tell me about it. Maybe, I can help.

Josh: Yeah, I'm on my way over. Thank you very much.

Shayne: What happened?

Josh: A fire of some kind.

Shayne: Where?

Josh: I don't know.

Shayne: Where's Roc?

Josh: I haven't the faintest idea. All the nurse said was that they were given a note with my name and number.

Shayne: All right. Let's go check this out. Let's go to the hospital.

Josh: Wait a minute. Wait a minute, now. You were about to tell me something.

Shayne: No, no, no, it can wait. It can wait. Let's go do this.

Josh: Shayne...

Shayne: Dad, I want to wrap this Edmund thing up first. And then I'll tell you, okay?

Josh: Okay, okay. But you are going to work out things with Dinah eventually, right?

Shayne: Absolutely, I am. I knew that the minute I got on this plane, when we were leaving Springfield.

Josh: Okay.

Shayne: All right?

Josh: Let's go.

Shayne: All right.

Marina: No, no, I don't think he's wet.

Dinah: Oh, he felt wet to me, but then again, I'm not a mother. I do have to go, I'm going to be late.

Marina: Yeah, look, when you see Shayne, could you just let him know, you know, that Henry’s okay?

Dinah: Marina, I really honestly have to tell you happy I am for you and Mallet. And how happy I am that everything worked out so well for Henry.

Marina: Me too. You know, I like to think that, you know, there was someone up above looking out for him, you know?

Dinah: Yeah.

Marina: Like maybe it was Coop looking out for his namesake. Yeah, that he found the right person and was able to, I don't know, whisper into his ear, "I think you should donate blood."

Dinah: I do believe there's a reason why Henry’s here in Springfield. I do believe that.

Marina: I'll see you.

Dinah: Okay.

Jeffrey: Here's some diapers for you.

Reva: Dinah! Wait a sec. I know that I always get very impatient with you, but it's because we're so much alike, and that makes me nervous for Shayne.

Dinah: I don't blame you.

Reva: But I think you're good for him, and I hope things work out for you.

Dinah: Thank you. Thank you.

Daisy: I know you like to act like your family doesn't get you, but they do. And it happens to all of us.

James: Not me.

Daisy: Yes, you, me, everyone.

James: I had a plan. I didn't want to be like Lizzie, my dad, or even my mom.

Daisy: What do you mean?

James: They always go back, no matter what my Granddad says or how angry they get, or hurt. They always go back for more. I didn't want to be like that.

Daisy: And this plan, is it working?

James: It was until I caught a couple of bad breaks.

Daisy: The credit card thing.

James: No, that was my family's way of reminding me where I stand in the pecking order.

Daisy: Which is where?

James: The bottom.

Daisy: I find that hard to believe.

James: It's not like I didn't know before. It was stupid to think that I could change anything. (Sighs)

Daisy: Is there anything I could do to help? Do you need money? I mean, well, Cooper money, not Spaulding money.

James: All I need is enough to get out of town.

Daisy: Oh. Uh, yeah, I think I can swing that.

James: You didn't let me finish. Do you have enough for two? I want you to come with me.

Phillip: Hey, honey, did you see James leave?

Lizzie: Uh, no, but I haven't been sitting here the whole time.

Phillip: What are you doing watching the business channel, I thought you were supposed to be planning your wedding?

Lizzie: I told you that I could do both, especially with the economy the way it is. Can you believe this? Another financial scandal.

Phillip: Another one.

Lizzie: Yup. Just what Wall Street needs. Here, look at this.

Reporter: And now, the latest scandal to rock Wall Street. This one is big and most unexpected because the company isn't centered in New York. It's based in Mississippi where a surprising turn of events...

Lizzie: Nothing to do with us.

Phillip: Right.

(Music playing) (knock on the door)

Dinah: Marina?

Marina: Hey.

Dinah: Hi.

Marina: Okay, so you left Reva’s in a hurry, you said you were going to be late, and now you're home alone.

Dinah: You sound like a detective.

Marina: I think I might know what's wrong.

Josh: Oh, sorry.

Shayne: Excuse me.

Josh: We'll go.

Nurse: No, stay, please. Mr. Winslow's had no visitors and he's been in so much pain.

Josh: You sure it's okay for us to be here while you're doing that?

Shayne: Dad, that is not Edmund.

Josh: That's Roc Hoover.

Lizzie: Do you need my help?

Phillip: What, honey?

Lizzie: Do you need my help looking for James? He can't have gone far.

Phillip: That's what I'm counting on.

Lizzie: What?

Phillip: Um, honey, when I came back to town, it was for all my kids. But, you know, I could tell that Emma was okay where she was. With Zach so far away, with James in boarding school, you know, you were the one that was in trouble so I really focused on you and your happiness.

Lizzie: Well, I'm very happy. So go worry about James. It's fine. Really, I've got Bill to take care of me. Go! Go bond with James or, I don't know, spend the day with Emma.

Phillip: It's not quite that simple.

Lizzie: Is Olivia keeping you from seeing Emma?

Phillip: No, it's not Olivia. It's you kids, really, you know? Because being a parent... it's a juggling act. You know, sometimes you feel like you're trying to do something for one of your children and you can end up hurting another one.

Lizzie: What are you talking about? Something happen?

Phillip: No, just... never mind. It's me. I'm obviously not used to being a full-time parent. I'll find James. You plan your wedding.

Lizzie: Okay, all right. Well, if I see James, I'll make sure he calls you.

Phillip: Okay.

Daisy: Go away with you?

James: Yeah.

Daisy: And you're not talking about, "Oh, let's go back to Universal Studios for fun."

James: No.

Daisy: Are you in trouble?

James: I don't know, maybe. It's just my family. Like I said before, I know where I stand with them-- last. My idea about getting away from them, being independent... it was right.

Daisy: So you want to leave town?

James: Yeah. And I want you to come with me.

Daisy: (Sighs) No.

Nurse: This is not Edmund Winslow?

Josh: No, his name is Roc Hoover. Who brought him in?

Nurse: I don't know.

Josh: Jeffrey, it's Josh Lewis. We have a problem.

Jeffrey: Yeah, I'm listening.

Dinah: Do you mean Shayne?

Marina: Uh, yeah, I'm not trying to stalk you or anything, like I said, I got a feeling back at Reva’s and I just wanted to check with you. Did you guys get into a fight or something?

Dinah: Yeah, yeah we did, but we're going to be fine. We're going to be fine. (Cell phone rings)

Marina: Do you need to get that?

Shayne: Come on, Dinah, pick up. Pick up, pick up.

Dinah: I'll get it later. It'll go to voicemail. Um, what were you saying?

Marina: Well, just that you've been an incredible friend to Mallet and I both, Dinah, and I can't tell you how much I appreciate that. And I want to be that kind of friend for you. You've made us so happy. A baby... you know Shayne and I go way back. So I was thinking maybe I could talk to him or...

Dinah: Thank you, thank you, but you've got your hands full here. (Laughs) We'll be fine. But I really appreciate you stopping by like this, Marina, thank you.

Marina: Okay. All right, okay. Have a good day.

Dinah: You too.

(Music playing)

Jeffrey: Uh, what else can you tell me?

Josh: Edmund's gone. I don't know how it happened, but Roc's in the hospital. He looks bad. Now, I don't know how long Edmund’s been on the loose, but there's a good chance he could be back in the states by now.

Jeffrey: Okay, well, thanks for letting me know.

Reva: Who was that?

Jeffrey: Uh, it's just some baby stuff that I ordered before you got home. Nothing for you to worry about.

Reva: Mmm. (Guitar strumming) (music playing)

Jeffrey: (Laughs)

Coming up on "Guiding Light"...

Shayne: What are you going to do?

Josh: What I should've done in the first place, I think.

Remy: I don't gamble anymore, remember?

Man: It's easy money, my friend.

Remy: I'll call you.

Jeffrey: It looks like the results are in.

Reva: I guess so.

Shayne: You bring up this child every time you breathe. Do you know that? I don't know what it's about?

Dinah: Shut up!

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