GL Transcript Wednesday 5/13/09

Guiding Light Transcript Wednesday 5/13/09


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Previously on "Guiding Light"...

Remy: I swear it's not much, but I'm wondering if you can loan me some money so...

Clayton: I want to give you the money, but I can't get to it.

Alan: That boy has problems.

Phillip: I have this feeling that you've got something going on with you.

Clayton: I've been calling them trying to find out where my money is, but my calls haven't been returned.

James: What if I told you that you could get in on the ground floor of an amazing investment opportunity.

Phillip: You're running a Ponzi scheme?

James: I think scheme is a little harsh.

Phillip: You don't know what you're doing.

James: I ran into some bad luck, but now I don't know what to tell my investors.

Phillip: Who are these people? Who gives this kind of money to a kid?

James: Dad...

Phillip: How did you get the money?

James: I used an alias.

Phillip: You used somebody else's name as a front?

James: Not used. Borrowed.

Phillip: Whose name? Who?

James: Bill.

Phillip: Bill?

James: Lizzie's Bill. Bill Lewis.

Phillip: Okay, let's back up here just a second.

James: It wasn't clear?

Phillip: How much money did you steal?

James: Not a dime. I solicited investments.

Phillip: Which you now can't pay back.

James: Not for a lack of trying.

Phillip: Ah... you know, somewhere across town there is a father who is dealing with a son who is flunking out of school. And I got a son who's running a Ponzi scheme. You... you probably think I should be proud of you. Well, I'm not.

James: If it makes you feel any better, I'm not, technically, running anything.

Phillip: No, you're studying for your finals and you're taking Daisy out for pizza. It's actually your sister's fiancť that's in trouble.

James: Maybe. Maybe not, if I'm lucky, but... it's his name on the masthead.

Phillip: Right, which you forged.

James: I figure if you're going to do something then why do it halfway?

Bill: Can you tell me something?

Lizzie: Mm-hmm.

Bill: Why did I make this so hard on us? If I knew being engaged to you was so much fun, I would have proposed to you the first time I saw you.

Lizzie: (Laughs) Please. You've been married and engaged before.

Bill: Whoa, whoa, wait a minute. I don't remember that.

Lizzie: You know what? You know why I think we are together and ready to be happy?

Bill: Hmm?

Lizzie: I think it's because of everything that happened before this. So I am grateful to our exes for making us who we are today.

Bill: You are so much more mature than me.

Lizzie: Than I. And yes, that's true.

Bill: I cannot bear the thought of you with someone else.

Alan: Well, Bill, I hope you appreciate a little jewel like Elizabeth. I hope you enjoy every moment you have with her.

Bill: I do, Alan. You can believe that. I don't take one moment for granted.

Alan: Good, good, I'm glad to hear that because it's all going to be over very soon. And all you'll have are your fond memories of her as you ride off into the sunset.

Lizzie: If he goes riding off, I will be with him. Nothing can separate us now, Granddad.

Alan: Well, he won't need any assistance to separate. He'll do it all himself.

Bill: Oh, Alan. Winning you over is going to be my top goal once I join this family. We will bond. I promise you that.

Lizzie: If you love me, you'll learn to love Bill.

Daisy: Uh, where does this go?

Buzz: How long have you worked here?

Daisy: Oh, no, I don't actually admit to working here. It's too much of a commitment. I just like to help out my family.

Buzz: Uh, honey, you walk out of here with a pocket full of tips, you know.

Daisy: Yeah, I like to help out my family and walk out of here with a pocket full of tips. So I will put this...

Buzz: Top shelf.

Daisy: Okay.

Buzz: Over the stove.

Daisy: Thank you.

Buzz: You're back?

Christina: It's here. Good. Perfect.

Buzz: Something happened?

Christina: Yes. Right after I left, the small business administration's district office called me.

Buzz: The S.B.A.? Thatís... it's great.

Christina: Maybe, we'll see. They want to see the loan app though, so...

Buzz: Well, I mean, you know, you and Marina are hitting it out of the ballpark. I'd leave my kids with you.

Christina: Good. Tell everyone that you know. The only problem is that Marina is not able to go. Henry has a doctor's appointment.

Buzz: Well, do you want me to keep you company?

Christina: Yeah, you?

Buzz: I can be cheerleader, enforcer, you know, whatever.

Christina: Don't you have to work?

Buzz: Well, I actually... what's her name in there... she covers for me because she's trying to get some extra cash so she can date James Spaulding.

Christina: Really? You're going to go out with James? This is a good thing. ( Laughter)

Daisy: No, my grandpa is just being weird. But I will stay if there's a good reason.

Christina: Yes, I am trying to open a business and your grandpa is going to come talk to the money people for me.

Daisy: Oh, cool. Yeah, I'll stay for awhile, yeah.

Christina: Thank you so much.

Buzz: If you'd prefer no, that's just fine.

Christina: Are you kidding? I would love for you to go. But I do have to warn you, if they stamp approved on that application, I might get a little out of control.

Buzz: Oh, will hugs and kisses be involved?

Christina: Very possibly.

Buzz: Well, I'm there then.

Christina: All right.

Buzz: Make sure Remy knows that I left with his woman, all right?

Daisy: All right. Yeah. Good luck, Christina.

Christina: Thank you.

Buzz: Come on, let's go.

Christina: I could use some good news.

Remy: All right then. Okay, who is this guy you deal with at this Independent Fund Internet... whatever it is?

Clayton: I can't even remember his name right now.

Remy: It's not like you, Dad.

Clayton: He's a young-sounding, energetic guy. Good manners. Very smart.

Remy: Yeah, smart enough to take your money.

Clayton: We don't know that. He could call back any moment now.

Remy: How did you find out about this thing? You don't usually take risks with your money. You know, you're the guy who stashes money under the mattress.

Clayton: Yeah, thank God I kept some of it under the mattress, right? Wouldn't be able to fill the gas tank on the way home.

Remy: Again, Dad, how did you stumble on this thing?

Clayton: A friend of a friend. One of those referral things. You have to know somebody to get in on this.

Remy: Explain again, how does it work?

Clayton: I told you. It's an investment group. It's like a club. The money gets pooled and then invested.

Remy: I don't mean to sound stupid, I just have no idea how investments work.

Clayton: It's not exactly my field either, but the returns they promised were phenomenal, especially in this market.

Remy: And now you can't access your money.

Clayton: Everything was done by computer. Online. This is the first time I had to call. I needed some of the money back, you know, for your mother. But... it's like they never even heard of me.

Phillip: What is it that you have against Bill?

James: I don't have anything against Bill.

Phillip: Well, you just set him up to take the fall for this little enterprise of yours.

James: It's not like I intended for it to blow up. I was just trying to make some money.

Phillip: Right. And now you owe more than you could ever possibly pay back. Or no, excuse me, that's my mistake. Bill owes it.

James: I just needed a name to get people interested, okay. And he was Lizzieís loser ex-boyfriend at the time, I didn't think she'd care. I actually thought she'd laugh.

Phillip: Oh, well, I seriously doubt that it's going to happen that way.

James: It was a name. That's all.

Phillip: Oh, you put it that way, it sounds so simple.

James: Maybe I should've used your name. But who would've given me a dime?

Phillip: You know, you better start taking this seriously.

James: I am taking this seriously.

Phillip: You could go to jail. Do you understand that?

James: Yeah, that's why I'm coming to you now, before it's gone public. There's still time to find a fix.

Phillip: How? Even you if were to come forward now-- you make a clean breast of it and throw yourself on the sword-- you do understand that Bill is still going to be associated with this. Which means he's going to suffer. Which means your sister is going to suffer.

James: We wouldn't want that.

Phillip: Well, I do think we have to consider how it's going to affect her. That's all I'm saying.

James: Yeah, yeah, I get it. Lizzie comes first.

Phillip: I didnít... that's not what I said, James.

James: You know, you asked me what was wrong, and I told you. We're done here.

Phillip: Oh, no, no, no, no. No, we're not. Let's take a walk. Does your mother know anything about this?

James: Nothing. And I don't want her to know.

Phillip: Oh, I'm sure you donít.

James: She doesn't need to be upset. She's the one person that stuck by me all these years.

Phillip: She loves you a lot. All right, there's a way to fix this, we just have to figure out how.

James: You know what? Forget I mentioned it. I'll be okay.

Phillip: Oh, I think you've done just enough already, okay. You know, James, you're not stupid.

James: You don't know what I am, Dad.

Phillip: I know you're a smart kid. I know you're too smart to think that something like this could ever really work.

James: I was smart enough to get this thing up and on its feet without any help. And it was going great for a while there.

Phillip: You want a pat on the back?

James: Uh, maybe, I don't know. I'm a chip off the old block.

Phillip: Oh, you think you're like me?

James: No. Granddad.

Phillip: Oh, well, that's great. Yeah, you're right. You may have found the one person in this world who would actually be proud of what you did. Is that who you want to emulate? I thought you were all about separating yourself from the family.

James: I wanted to make my own money.

Phillip: How much money are we talking about? Let's start there.

James: It's, uh... it's hard to say.

Phillip: Give it a shot.

James: How much do private jets go for these days? It's probably a couple of those, at least.

Phillip: Why?

James: Excuse me?

Phillip: Was it just for the thrill of it?

James: I think you were right the first time. I didn't want to turn out like you.

Phillip: Right.

James: Or Granddad. Or Lizzie. I was trying to buy my way out of being a Spaulding. And I came this close.

Bill: Oh.

Lizzie: Okay, I think it's time to bring the moms in.

Bill: Yeah?

Lizzie: Do some mom wedding stuff.

Bill: Okay.

Alan: I don't want this house taken over by a wedding that's not going to happen.

Bill: Oh, Alan, I've got a question for you. Have you ever liked anyone that was involved with Lizzie?

Alan: Of course I have.

Bill: Oh, really?

Alan: Yeah.

Bill: Yeah. Who's the lucky guy?

Alan: I don't have to answer that question.

Bill: (Laughs) Because there is no answer for that question. You don't want her happy with anyone else.

Alan: That's not true. As a matter of fact, Bill, I wouldn't mind if she married someone who was good enough for her.

Bill: See, I don't believe that for a second. I donít.

Lizzie: Okay, okay, all right. You guys, stop. Just shh! Back to the present. Wedding planning. Getting our moms involved. I would think you would like having Vanessa around. Weren't you two engaged at one point?

Alan: As a matter of fact, we were. That is until Billy Lewis roped her like she was a cow and drug her off to his home on the range.

Bill: Easy, easy, Alan. That's my mother you're talking about. But that is one romance to remember.

Alan: Boy, they really set a great example for you, didn't they, Bill?

Bill: Well, I'll tell you, they've always loved each other even when things weren't working out.

Lizzie: You know Granddad, you have better things to do than mess with your granddaughter's happiness.

Alan: Nothing is more important to me than your happiness.

Bill: Got it covered, Alan. Now, I think all this fighting is a little ridiculous, especially when there's so many other worse things happening in the world.

Christina: Yeah. Yeah, I'm actually right here with your grandpa. I don't know. You know, I guess they just need more information, which is good, right? Because they wouldn't ask unless they thought it was necessary. Okay, as soon as we're done, yeah. I didn't think they were going to make us wait. If you have other stuff to do...

Buzz: I'm right where I want to be. I'm just... I would love to help.

Christina: You are a huge help. Just being here. I'm supposed to be gearing up for med school right now. I'm losing that.

Buzz: I know, I know. That's just horrible, I know.

Christina: But it's okay. You know, med school could still happen. I'm crunching numbers on this thing and if I do it right, if I just put enough money away, it can be my pathway back.

Buzz: Honey, you are so organized. I'm dazzled.

Christina: I'm sure that you had plans like this when you were starting Company.

Buzz: I... uh... I don't know if you know this, I had a diner on Fifth Street, so I know food. I know... I can make food. I can clean it up. I can do all those things. But I had dreamed... you know, I wish my father were alive to hear this, but I finally found out I could make my dreams come true right here.

Christina: That's exactly what I'm trying to do. I mean, but you liked it, right?

Buzz: What?

Christina: Starting your own business, being on your own.

Buzz: Being on my own? Yeah, well, like, for one week I liked being on my own. But I think now, I think that... I know the best part of this whole thing is having somebody... people like me. And they're rooting for me. They're in my corner and I think is, without a doubt, the very best part.

Remy: According to this, everything seems normal, Dad. Is that the right balance?

Clayton: Yeah, now press "transfer funds."

Remy: "Process not available." What does that even mean?

Clayton: As far as I can tell, it's geek speak for, "you can't have your money."

Remy: Dad, it's okay. It's going to be all right. Let's just assume it's just a temporary glitch, okay? You have other options, right?

Clayton: Options?

Remy: Yeah, yeah, like other accounts, you know, a CD or a mutual fund, a place you can go to for cash until it clears up. Dad, how much of your savings did you put into this thing?

Clayton: I was in that lousy 401k for years and it just poked along. I mean, I was going to work into my 70s before I had enough to retire on so... putting it all in this...

Remy: You put all of it in...

Clayton: Putting it all in this was going to speed all that along. You can't tell your mother.

Remy: Dad, I have to tell her.

Clayton: No, I have to work this out. Like you say, it may be a glitch, but in the meantime, I don't want her worrying. You're the only one that I can talk to about this.

Remy: You can count on me, Dad.

James: All the other greedy losers that get involved with this stuff. I had a goal. Admit it, you wish you would've came up with something like this when you were my age.

Phillip: Stealing other people's money?

James: Securing your independence. Telling Granddad where to stick it.

Phillip: James, he doesn't have any control over me.

James: Dad, he put you away.

Phillip: He likes to play games. He doesn't know how to deal with us any other way.

James: It's pathetic. It makes me sick to see the way that it works with you people.

Phillip: Do you really hate us all that much?

James: I don't hate. I see what happens. I want to keep it from happening to me.

Phillip: All right. We got to talk about what we're going to do next.

James: Okay. Okay.

Phillip: Now look, if you're up front with the authorities and you don't try to hide anything...

James: Whoa! You said it yourself, I could go to jail.

Phillip: No, I'm going to be with you and I'm going to hire the best attorneys for you. You're not going...

James: I don't need a daddy holding my hand. I need a fix.

Phillip: This is the best one we have available. At least this way we'll have some measure of control.

James: If I go down there, I lose every inch of it.

Phillip: No, you don't, no. Not if we do a press conference first before the authorities charge you with anything.

James: And Lizzieís fiancťe comes out smelling like peach cobbler.

Phillip: Now, James, look, I'm not throwing you under the bus to save Lizzie. This is the best option we have available.

James: I could've came up with a hundred better than this.

Phillip: James, you don't know what you're talking about. You have...

James: You know what? Thanks a lot, Phillip. Sorry for wasting your time.

Phillip: James!

Remy: What are you doing?

Clayton: He can't ignore my calls forever.

Remy: Yes, he can. A person like this doesn't play by the rules, Dad.

Clayton: What are you doing?

Remy: I have a friend who might be able to help us. Let's go make a call.


Bill: I'm telling you that movie is so...

Lizzie: Oh!

Bill: Hey, Ashlee.

Lizzie: Hi.

Ashlee: Hey, Lizzie, I'm here for my appointment.

Lizzie: Since when do you... are you "One-Dress Weddings"?

Ashlee: I am. Yeah, I mean, I'm not, not me personally, but it's the new business that I started.

Lizzie: Oh, since when are you in the wedding planning business?

Ashlee: Well, since Dinah cut back my hours at the TV station.

Bill: Dinah, real woman of the people.

Lizzie: Yeah.

Ashlee: Well, she took a pay cut, too. And don't feel so badly, it just I need a second job.

Lizzie: Okay... well, how much do you actually know about wedding planning. I mean, last I heard, you were planning on being a roving reporter. That's what she told me.

Ashlee: Well, you see, I don't know why I couldn't do them both. I mean, a lot of people have more than one job. I mean, I know that I'm new at this, but I have been a student of all things bridal for, like, years. And I think I could do a really good job for you guys.

Lizzie: Ashlee, the last time you were at a Spaulding wedding, you shot my grandfather.

Ashlee: I was hoping you wouldn't hold that against me.

Bill: Hold it against you? Are you kidding me? You are hired. (Laughter) Yes, absolutely.

Lizzie: Oh, Bill, my grandfather...

Bill: Lizzie, it will keep him on his toes. (Laughter)

Marie: Sorry to keep you waiting. I'm Marie Saunders, District Administrator. And your Christina, right?

Christina: Yes, pleased to meet you.

Marie: Nice to meet you, too. And you are, uh... Marina. (Laughter)

Buzz: No, not today I'm not. It's my granddaughter. I'm Frank Achilles Cooper. I'm just an interested observer. This is the motivated lady.

Marie: Yes, I can tell. This business plan is very well done.

Christina: Really?

Marie: One of the best I've seen. You would be surprised at some of the work that comes across my desk. But this is impressive. The only thing that I'm missing is hard numbers.

Christina: Numbers?

Marie: Customers.

Christina: Oh, if you look in section three you'll see all of our estimates.

Marie: Yes, estimates. Yes, I saw them, but you're asking for a lot of money based on a guess. What I need are hard numbers.

Buzz: How is she supposed to give you the number of freaking customers she has before she opens the business? Sorry.

Christina: So you're saying that I need to guarantee you how well I'll do before I open. Isn't that a catch-22?

Marie: Listen, these are challenging times, Christina.

Christina: You can say that again. I've never been turned down before for doing everything right.

Buzz: You know, you look in the dictionary for cover my butt and her face is over it.

Christina: I guess I need to call Marina.

Buzz: Christina, I hope you know if I had the money, I'd lend it to you.

Christina: Oh, Buzz, it's okay.

Buzz: No, it's not okay. What happened here was a travesty.

Christina: Yeah, and I'm going to beat it. I am so tired of being told no. You know, the gatekeepers are keeping me out of med school because I messed up. But that woman, that woman is not the gatekeeper to my success. She can turn me down for money, but she cannot keep me from having a business, from making this business a reality-- and a successful reality.

Buzz: Wow! Good for you.

Christina: It's just one more person that I have to prove wrong. That's how I see it.

Daisy: Oh, hey.

James: Hey back. What's that slave-driver Marina having you do now?

Daisy: You like Marina. I believe you said she had nice...

James: I like it when she's nice to you.

Daisy: Well, I know Buzz needed to go somewhere and so he asked if I could stay and help out. What's wrong?

James: Nothing's wrong.

Daisy: Really? Because as second ago, it looked like there's something wrong.

James: What? Oh, uh, I'm still upset about them canceling "Arrested Development."

Daisy: That's not what you were thinking about.

James: Change the names and that's my family. You ever think of that.

Daisy: What is wrong?

James: Nothing is wrong, Susan. Do you like card tricks? Because I have a great card trick.

Alan: Well, why don't you get comfortable? Put up your feet. Cigars are right over here.

Phillip: Not now.

Alan: Well, you're in charge now. You have to start acting like it.

Phillip: I'm not in charge of anything.

Alan: Oh, that's right, you want it both ways.

Phillip: Oh, are we really going to have to do this right now?

Alan: So willing to shove me aside, but unwilling to exert any kind of control. Economists call it laissez-faire, I call it a recipe for disaster.

Phillip: All right, you can call it whatever you like. You're entitled.

Alan: Elizabeth is about to marry a loser. James is ashamed of his heritage. And his greatest aspiration is to be a slacker, and you're doing nothing about it.

Phillip: Boy, you know, you really have no idea what you're talking about.

Alan: We have a window of opportunity where Elizabeth is concerned. We can do many things to stop this ridiculous wedding.

Phillip: All right, just stop!

Alan: Your son is another matter. Now, if you don't have the stomach for it, Phillip, I will take care of it.

Phillip: You leave James alone.

Alan: No, I'll take care of him. I'll make him appreciate being a Spaulding, just like I did you when you were his age.

Phillip: Oh, yeah. Yeah, you showed me Dad. I spent years thinking that Beth was dead because you didn't think she was good enough for me.

Alan: You were too young to be together then.

Phillip: You know what? That's revisionist history and you know it.

James: Go on, pick one. It will be yours.

Daisy: Um... oh, wow, you're so good at this. Not my card.

James: Damn! It usually works. I don't get it.

Daisy: Oh.

James: What about the four of hearts?

Daisy: Wow, that's really impressive. You're a con.

James: Got that right.

Daisy: Master of illusion.

James: You should see me make things disappear.

Daisy: Yeah, I already did, actually. Your mood. Your doing a great job of covering, but something was obviously bothering you before.

James: Can't hide anything from you.

Daisy: Yeah, so just tell me.

James: I canít. If I do, maybe they'll come after you, too. I got to take on this thing alone, but I'm scared. Oh, the humanity!

Daisy: I can never tell when you're joking.

James: Always.

Daisy: Why?

James: What's worth getting serious about?

Phillip: Yeah, Stan, I want you to do me a favor. I want you to get the PR department to see if any stories have been written about any member of the family recently. No, not just the members that are at the company. Everybody. Alan, Alex, kids, grandkids, all of them. And get back to me as soon as possible, okay? Great.

Lizzie: I can't believe that you would do something like that.

Bill: What? Look this is going to teach your family not to push around a Lewis, okay. Anyone who can stick it to Alan Spaulding is a winner in my book. It's always been one of my rules, so I think...

Lizzie: Dad. Help me. Please help me. Make him understand that just because he is part of the Spaulding power, he can't just use it to take advantage of people or hurt people.

Phillip: Honey, I think this has got less to do with Bill and more to do with James.

Lizzie: James wasn't there. James wasn't there when he did the hiring. He certainly wasn't there when he fired the shots.

Phillip: What are we talking about?

Bill: We're talking about sticking it to Alan. And whatever Ashlee charges, I think it is well worth because the look on Alanís face when he sees that Ashlee Wolfe is the weeding planner, it's going to be priceless.

Phillip: Ashlee that came to Universal?

Bill: Yeah.

Lizzie: Yeah, you know, I love her. Okay, I love her. She's sweet. She shot Granddad. And the only reason-- the only reason-- that he wants to hire her is because he knows that it's going to piss Granddad off.

Phillip: So you... this is all about you picking the wrong wedding planner?

Lizzie: Yes, this is a really big deal, Dad. Tell him that I should get my way.

Phillip: Uh, yeah, she should get her way. It's, um... I won't give you much advice as a father-in-law, but, you know particularly when it doesn't matter, let the woman have her way.

Lizzie: Thank you.

Phillip: Although, just the thought of your wedding planner having shot Alan really brightened my day.

Lizzie: Okay. Call Ashlee. Tell her she's not our wedding planner.

Bill: Well, your dad just said I brightened his day. I don't want to unbrighten it.

Lizzie: No, he said that I should get my way. And my way is you calling Ashlee and telling her... I don't know what you're going to tell her. Tell her we're using someone else.

Bill: Okay, is this what I have to look forward to? This right here?

Lizzie: When your wife is happy, your life is happy.

Bill: Oh.

Lizzie: Say that, every day, in the morning. Start the day that way.

Bill: Okay. Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.

Lizzie: Oh!

Bill: Oh, baby, that was good.

Lizzie: I know. That's what I'm talking about.

Bill: That was good.

Lizzie: I won.

Blake: Hello?

Bill: You won? What?

Blake: Hello?

Bill: Hey, hey, how are you?

Blake: Did I come at a bad time?

Bill: No, no, no, no, never a bad time. It's always... always a good time.

Blake: Well, that's good. I saw your wedding announcement in the newspaper and I came by to congratulate you.

Bill: Thank you very much. Thank you.

Blake: I also wanted to offer a house-warming gift to you.

Lizzie: Oh! We don't have a house.

Bill: No.

Lizzie: Uh-uh.

Blake: You don't? What a good thing that I stopped by, huh? I mean some people get so wrapped up in planning the wedding, they forget to plan after the honeymoon.

Lizzie: Yeah, yeah. We can't plan for after the honeymoon. We can't even agree on the wedding.

Bill: Or who's going to plan it.

Lizzie: Mmm.

Blake: I thought that Ashlee was planning the wedding. I mean, I ran into her and she was all excited because Dinah cut down her hours so she really... she needed the challenge and the money and... you know, you gave her a shot when you could've hired anyone.

Bill: Well, she gave Alan a shot so that's why we hired her. (Chuckling)

Lizzie: You know, it's just that Ashleeís a little flighty. So I'm feeling a little nervous about her planning my wedding. Yeah.

Blake: Oh, well, Lizzie, dear, some people would call me the same thing.

Bill: I would never call you that, Blake.

Blake: No, that's because you're very sweet and you've known me forever. But let me tell you something about us "flighty" girls-- the very same energy that makes us appear flighty is the energy that helps us come through in a pinch and save the day. So you remember that when you're looking for a realtor.

Bill: Mm-hmm.

Blake: My card.

Bill: Okay.

Blake: Congratulations again.

Bill: Thank you.

Lizzie: Thank you.

Blake: Bye.

Bill: Bye-bye, Blake. (Sighs)

Bill: That was good advice, huh?

Lizzie: Fine! Fine, fine, fine. It is going to be your job to make sure Ashlee does not bring a gun to the wedding.

James: Granddad. You got anymore of those puppies?

Alan: Well, maybe in a few years. I think you're a little young to smoke now.

James: To the casual observer, I do look like any other teenager.

Alan: Mm-hmm.

James: But inside beats the heart of a wise old soul, experienced beyond his years.

Alan: A wise old soul, huh?

James: Granddad, what if I told you I could get you in on the ground floor of an amazing investment opportunity?

Alan: Hmm?

Remy: Come in, Dad, we'll talk about what to do next.

Clayton: What's to do except... wait?

Remy: We are not going to sit around and wait, okay? We're going to figure this out. We're going to make a plan. Now, I can help, Dad.

Clayton: Yes, it's a great idea, sure. What do you make, $600 a week? My problems are solved. Son, I'm sorry.

Remy: It's okay. It's fine.

Clayton: No, it's not okay. I'm letting it get to me and you've been a Godsend. You're a good son.

Remy: Dad, we're going to fix this, okay?

Clayton: I better go catch up with your mother.

Remy: Hey.

Christina: Just a second. Hi. I'm just... I'm working.

Remy: I can see that.

Christina: I got turned down for my loan. So what, right? It's just money.

Remy: It's never just money, Christina.

Christina: I know what you're going to say. You're going to want to up your investment, but donít. I'm just fine. I just need to figure out a few things.

Alan: An investment opportunity, huh?

James: It's right up your alley.

Alan: Really? How so?

James: It's patently illegal.

Alan: Hmm.

Phillip: There you are.

Alan: (Laughs)

Phillip: Will you excuse us for a minute?

James: Granddad and I were in the middle of something.

Phillip: This is more important.

Alan: Well, I want to hear what James has to say, Phillip.

Phillip: Let me guess. He has an investment that he wants to tell you about.

James: Dad!

Phillip: He gave me the same line earlier. It's a joke.

Alan: How do you know?

Phillip: Because he's 18 years old. Come on. Come on.

James: That hurts.

Phillip: Some day you're going to thank me for that.

Ashlee: I mean, another idea is the Botanical Gardens. I mean, birds and flowers blooming.

Lizzie: What?

Ashlee: The Botanical Gardens.

Lizzie: Oh, yeah, yeah.

Ashlee: Is now a bad time?

Lizzie: No, no. Absolutely not.

Ashlee: But, I mean, you're excited about getting married, right?

Lizzie: Yeah. You have no idea.

Ashlee: But...

Lizzie: You just start working on all this and you just want to focus on how great it's going to be. You know? I just feel like it's always going to be this great and I just... I don't want to take any of this for granted. Any of it, ever.

Remy: You told Marina?

Christina: Mm-hmm. I left her a message.

Remy: It's okay, you know.

Christina: Of course it's okay. This is just a bump in the road.

Remy: No, itís... you can hide your disappointment to Buzz and your partner, but you can tell me how you're really feeling.

Christina: If I can't pull this off...

Remy: You will.

Christina: But if I canít... twice in a row... (cell phone rings) that's Marina. Hi.

Man: Remy!

Remy: Ho!

Man: I don't believe it, man.

Remy: What's going on, man? What are you doing here?

Man: You know, just rounding up the usual suspects for a game.

Remy: Oh.

Man: Hey, are you interested?

Remy: High-stakes poker game I bet, right?

Man: Mm-hmm.

Remy: Yeah. No, count me out.

Man: All right. Well, just in case you change your mind...

Phillip: All right, James, you have to stay away from your grandfather.

James: Are you serious? The minute I saw him I thought, "Why did I go to you first?" When I tell him I used Bill's name...

Phillip: No, you canít.

James: ...He'd be so proud.

Phillip: Listen to me. You just... please listen to me.

James: I did... before. It got me nowhere.

Phillip: All right. Look, I admit you through me for bit of a loop. I wasn't sure how to react. But I meant what I said to you down in Florida. You can count on me.

James: What about Lizzie? Bill?

Phillip: There's a way to work this out so nobody gets hurt. I know there is. You're my son, and I don't want to run your life for you. I just want to help you in whatever way that I can. Now, this hasn't gone public yet so we got a little bit of time-- not a lot, but a little. But you have to trust me.

James: Okay. Okay.

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Josh: I just need to make sure that Edmund can't touch you or your mom.

Phillip: Well, you haven't heard back from Bill Lewis because he's been helping a friend through a crisis and I'm sure as soon as that situation is resolved, he'll be able to answer all your questions.

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