GL Transcript Friday 5/8/09

Guiding Light Transcript Friday 5/8/09


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(The first ten minutes did not have closed-captioning - I will put it up later)

Christina: Hey. Did you get off work early?

Remy: Yeah. Yeah. It was slow. How you guys doing?

Daisy: Do you want to go to Farley's?

Remy: No.

Daisy: I need new friends.

Ashlee: Call James.

Remy: Yeah, that's a good idea.

Christina: You don't like him?

Remy: He's a tool.

Christina: He has issues with the Spaulding’s.

Daisy: Yeah, so do I, but James isn't really one of them.

Remy: Keep telling yourself that, Daisy.

Daisy: Hey, it's Daisy.

James: Hey, what's up?

Daisy: I heard you were looking for me.

James: Oh, yeah. I grabbed a coffee at Company and saw Christina. I thought maybe you'd be around.

Daisy: Yeah, well, we're all just hanging out right now. I thought maybe you'd want to come over.

James: Uh... I can't right now. But I'll give you a call later.

Daisy: Oh, no, yeah. It's fine. Whatever. No big deal. We're just going to go out. Okay, bye. Oh, God, he's such a freak.

Remy: No kidding.

Daisy: All right. We need to go out. I told him we were going out, so...

Ashlee: Well, we could go to Company.

Daisy: I need to not hang out with my grandpa and my parents.

Remy: But they're cool.

Daisy: Okay.

Christina: Okay, let's hang out with your parents?

Daisy: Yeah? No. See, we're going to Farley's.

James: Hey, what's up?

Daisy: What happened to your plans?

James: They'll keep. I was right near here anyway. What's going on, guys?

Christina: Hey.

Daisy: I'm just trying to get this group over to Farley’s.

James: The bar?

Daisy: Yeah. Do you play pool?

James: Sure. Can't go. I don't have an I.D.

Daisy: Oh, that's not a problem.

James: What?

Ashlee: Well, let's just say you came to the right place.

Shayne: Look how happy they are. How can I ruin that?

Dinah: They are amazing parents. They are, but that doesn't change the fact that Henry is your son-- your son and Lara’s.

Shayne: Technically, he is my son. But I didn't know I had a son until yesterday.

Dinah: Which is why you can't make a decision about this right now, Shayne. You have to think this through.

Shayne: You know Marina has wanted to be a mother for as long as I can remember? This didn't just fall right into her lap. Dinah, that's an answered prayer.

Dinah: I understand that. You don't think I know that? Mallet losing his son-- you don't think that breaks my heart? But you know what else breaks my heart? You not having your son in your life. Not being a father to Lara’s child, to your child.

Shayne: Henry is where he belongs. What would be the point of saying anything? All we'd be doing is causing Mallet and Marina a whole lot of grief and worry. Because no matter what I promised them, they would live in fear every single day that I am going to try to come and take their child from them.

Dinah: Your child. Your child.

Shayne: Yes, my child. And I've decided to do what's best for him, which is letting him stay with his parents, Mallet and Marina.

Dinah: Shayne, I am so sorry.

Shayne: Every time I look at Henry now, I see his eyes, I see Lara. I know what I'm giving up. Okay, I do. I can live with that.

Mallet: Did you hear what he said to me when I got home from work today? I mean, most kids say Dada. But Henry sat right up, and he was like, "Yo, father dearest, can I get you a beer?"

Marina: You wish.

Buzz: He's a miracle baby, aren't you? Yes, you are.

Marina: He is. He's our miracle baby. You know, sometimes I can't believe that he's really ours. I'll wake up every morning and just ask what I ever did in my life to deserve this amazing gift.

Buzz: You survived so much, so much. And you helped this family so much. You deserve this family.

Mallet: Yes, it's true. Hey, buddy. What's up, pumpkin? Yeah.

Marina: Hi. (Laughs)

Buzz: So, you miss the Force?

Marina: No. No, not at all. Are you kidding me? I get to work here. It gets me out in the world every couple of days, and I get to bring Henry with me. It's a perfect situation.

Buzz: Who's hungry, besides him?

Marina: Actually, we were wondering if you could come with us for a walk.

Buzz: I don't know. My boss is pretty tough on breaks.

Marina: Well, I got someone to cover for you for a bit.

Buzz: You want to take me to the park, huh?

Marina: Yeah. Well, Henry has something he wants to show you.

Buzz: Okay, well, you better grab him.

Billy: Hey, we have landed ourselves a new project. The Defense Department wants us to build a new office building that has state-of-the-art security technology. I figured, hey, all that spy stuff will be right up your alley.

Josh: Billy, look, enough, all right? I get it. I overreacted a little bit at Reva’s house. I get it.

Billy: I think you overreacted a lot more than a little bit. Oh, you came about this close to calling in the feds and having a lockdown at Cross Creek.

Josh: Look, I'm a little freaked out about Edmund right now, okay? He's a dangerous man. He's angry at my entire family, especially my son.

Billy: Hey, you got rid of Edmund. Now it's time to let go of it. Unless, of course, you're having trouble letting go of somebody else, namely, Reva.

Josh: This has nothing to do with me and Reva.

Billy: Are you sure?

Josh: Don't you have work to do?

Jeffrey: Okay. The baby's finally asleep. I was just about to come and get you and get you all settled in upstairs.

Reva: You know what? I totally forgot that I've got that blood test at the hospital today.

Jeffrey: Oh, okay. So I'll put Colin in the carrier and I'll come with you.

Reva: No. No. What are you crazy?

Jeffrey: You shouldn't be driving.

Reva: The baby's finally asleep. He is. Let's just leave him there. Do you really want to pack him up into the car and take him on a bumpy ride to a noisy hospital with fluorescent lights and beeping machines?

Jeffrey: You don't want any company?

Reva: No. I don't want my son anywhere near that hospital unless he absolutely has to be.

Jeffrey: Okay. Point taken. Us guys will stay home. You go to the hospital and get poked by needles. Now, listen, call me when you're leaving. And if you feel light-headed or dizzy at all, pull over to the side of the road, and I'll come get you.

Reva: I will. You're my hero.

Jeffrey: Okay. I'll see you later.

Reva: Okay.

Reva: Hey. Hi.

Josh: Hi. How did you get here?

Reva: Oh, I have limited driving privileges. Actually, I'm on my way to Cedars to get a blood test, but I realize that I have these papers that Billy wanted me to sign and return, so there you go.

Josh: Thank you.

Reva: So... how are things here at the office?

Josh: Well, actually, I just got here a little while ago. I was, you know, at your house.

Reva: Oh, yeah, I know. I know. There was such a crowd there, you know? People coming and going. I had no idea who was there and who wasn't there. Oh, that's right, you are the guy that attacked the jack in the box.

Josh: Very funny. Nice. (Laughter) You know, it would be great if you could forget that you ever saw that. I haven't been getting much sleep lately. I think it is making me a little edgy.

Reva: So... whatcha working on?

Josh: Well, let's see. I sharpened two pencils today. I had a chat with Dinah and then Billy and now you.

Reva: Oh, I'm sorry. I guess you need to focus on work.

Josh: You know what, it's fine. My... my head's not in it.

Reva: You know, that's strange. I always think of you as the calm and unflappable one.

Josh: Well, we all have our moments, don't we? I'm really sorry I made such a spectacle of myself, Reva.

Reva: You didn't make a spectacle of yourself. You didn’t. Because if I had gotten that weird card from...

Josh: Well, it was from Hawk, right? I mean, you called him and checked? To make sure he's the one who sent it?

Reva: Yes, of course I did. And then I yelled at him for freaking you out. ( Laughter)

Josh: I'm just glad it wasn't Edmund, so...

Reva: Well, Edmund has only been out of our lives a week or two. The man's a psychopath. And you were the one that got caught taking care of him.

Josh: And now that's over.

Reva: Exactly. And I'm fine. So now you have to take care of yourself.

Josh: Are you telling me to get a life?

Reva: I'm telling you that I have to go to Cedars and give them some of my blood. I'll see you later.

Blake: Hey, handsome.

Josh: Blake. Twice in one day. That's nice. What's up?

Blake: You're coming with me, and I'm not taking no for an answer.

Josh: Okay.

Blake: Wow, that was easy.

Josh: Yeah. Right now my family thinks I'm crazy, but I'm not so crazy as to say no to a beautiful woman who wants to spend some time with me.

Blake: Good answer. Come on, let's go to lunch.

Daisy: Here you go. I mean, I don't do it much anymore, but I made pretty good money. I mean, who doesn't need a fake I.D.?

James: I never thought about having one.

Ashlee: Seriously?

James: They're illegal.

Remy: No kidding.

James: I don't drink.

Daisy: Because you don't have a fake I.D.

James: No. I just don’t.

Daisy: Oh, well, then I guess you don't need one.

James: Maybe I should get one so I can hang out with you.

Daisy: Oh, no, no, no. I wouldn't want to compromise your integrity.

James: You'll owe me. Come on, make me one. I want to be 24.

Remy: Hey, guys, I don't know, it's just a thought, but do you think it's a good idea to make fake IDs in a cop's house?

Daisy: That is what makes it so exciting. My stuff is downstairs. I sold my camera to buy Zach and Jude birthday presents.

Ashlee: Oh, mine is broken.

Daisy: That's okay. Reva has a really nice one. I'll borrow it.

Christina: I'll come with you.

Daisy: All right, come on, Chris. We'll be right back.

Mallet: So Buzz, Buzz, Buzz.

Buzz: Yes, yes, yes. Where are you taking me?

Marina: It's not where I'm taking you. It's where Henry is taking you. This was his idea.

Buzz: Oh, well, Henry has a lot of ideas, just like his mom.

Mallet: Well, there's more where that came from. I mean, Henry has actually bought you a house, and he's also in the process of doing your taxes.

Marina: Grandpa.

Buzz: What?

Marina: Look.

Buzz: Did you do this?

Marina: Well, read it out loud so Henry can hear it.

Buzz: "You don't write something because you want to say something. You write because you have something to say." That would be F. Scott Fitzgerald. That would be Coop's favorite.

Marina: Yes, it would be. Henry didn't get a chance to meet Coop. But someday you can bring him here, and in between books you can tell him all about Coop, and how honest and loyal and brave he was.

Buzz: Thank you.

Shayne: Do you want to go to that new Italian place for dinner, then a movie?

Dinah: I'd rather just go home, order in, you know, relax a little bit.

Shayne: Okay. That works for me.

Dinah: Shayne? Do you really want to go to a movie or are you just trying to avoid talking about Henry?

Shayne: I'm not avoiding anything. We had that conversation.

Dinah: I don't think we're done. Do you know if I were in your shoes right now, I'd be a little overwhelmed, confused, possibly angry.

Shayne: Please don't psychoanalyze me right now, I'm not in the mood.

Dinah: You keep acting like this is a closed case. You can't make a decision like this in 24 hours.

Shayne: I did. I made a decision. And us talking about a million different times a million different ways isn't going to change my mind about it.

Dinah: Why do you want to play a martyr? You don't have to be a hero. Henry is your son. I support you in every decision that you make.

Shayne: You're just not going to let this go, are you?

Dinah: No, I wish I could. I wish I could, but I can’t. Because you know what? Train tracks right over there. We were there. You were there a few months ago, ready to end your life because you were burying how you felt about Lara.

Shayne: Yeah, and I need you to help me move forward, not lock me back into my past.

Dinah: I don't want to force you into something that you don't want.

Shayne: You couldn't, okay. I'm afraid that if you don't, I will end up right back over there again. Listen, Dinah, what happened to Lara was a tragic accident, and I would give anything to change the events of that day, take it all back. But I can’t. In the case of Henry, I get to make choices. I get to choose what's best for him. And right now that's feeling really good to me.

Dinah: There's going to come a point, one day, where you're going to want to raise that child.

Shayne: Yeah, maybe. But I'm going to honor the fact that I know that Lara would want him to be raised and to be part of a happy family.

Dinah: Have you thought about what life would be like with a son? You know, that maybe Mallet and Marina getting that baby and bringing it all the way back here, maybe that was for a reason.

Shayne: I think about the fact that Lara loved helping people, and that she would want them to raise Henry. Now, you could look at it like my kid got brought back to me or you could look at it like Mallet and Marina were given the greatest gift ever.

Dinah: Maybe that baby is your gift. Maybe Lara gave...

Shayne: Okay, this is done. We're done talking about this. We're not going to do it again. Okay? I just need you to back off me with this.

Buzz: Coop would love this. I love it.

Mallet: Good, I'm glad, Buzz. You know, Marina would want you to know how much we think of Coop-- both of us, every day-- and how much he's missed. I don't know what it takes to heal a family. Maybe it just takes us trying to remember that we all love each other.

Buzz: Well, that's your wife, you know. She's taken this on. I hope she knows that we all appreciate it, even those of us who don't appreciate very much, very often, like me and Daisy. She's taken on so much. She's been so great.

Marina: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Just don't forget me at Christmas.

Buzz: Hey!

Marina: Where's Grandpa?

Buzz: Do you know you're the luckiest little fella in the world?

Marina: I'm just trying to be a good example for him.

Buzz: You're a great woman. Do you know that?

Mallet: She is a great woman. Yes, she is. You know what? We have to get to his appointment. We're going to be late.

Marina: Yeah, we do. And he needs to eat.

Buzz: He's okay, right?

Mallet: Yeah, no, it's just a check with the doctors. His first one since he's officially become ours.

Blake: How's the lunch?

Josh: It's really good. Thank you so much for getting me out of the office. I was clearly not going to get anything done today, anyway.

Blake: Sometimes you just have to let things go.

Josh: Yeah, usually, I'm better at that.

Blake: I know, we've been very concerned about you.

Josh: What, because I attacked a child's toy that happened to be gift wrapped? You know, you all worry too much.

Blake: You haven't really been yourself lately, Josh?

Josh: Okay, all right. A lot of things have changed this year. You know, Shayne came back and I thought once he got settled in things would calm down, but they haven’t. There's just... there's a lot going on.

Blake: I know.

Josh: I'm also at place in my life that I didn't think I would be at right now. It's good, I mean, in some ways it's great. I have more time to myself. I don't have as many obligations. The problem is I kind of like having obligations. I like feeling connected.

Blake: You have so many connections to your family and your business. I think... I think that you need to refocus. I think you need to connect with some different people.

Josh: Well, I'm always going to want to take care of my kids.

Blake: And they're very lucky to have you.

Josh: What about your kids? They must miss Ross, huh?

Blake: Terribly. Hey, Reva.

Reva: Hey.

Blake: Hi.

Reva: Small world, huh?

Josh: How'd things go at the doctor?

Reva: Oh, it was just a blood test. I see Colin next week.

Josh: What day next week?

Reva: Uh... Thursday, I think.

Blake: Do you want some coffee?

Reva: That would be great.

Blake: I'll get it for you.

Reva: I came in to just get a bite before I go home.

Blake: Yeah, I'll get it.

Reva: Great, thank you.

Reva: So, what are you doing, playing hookie?

Josh: Yeah, well, I wasn't going to get anything done today anyway.

Reva: Well, sometimes it's best to just cut your losses.

Josh: Yeah.

Blake: Here you go.

Reva: Oh, that's great. Thank you so much. I appreciate that.

Blake: Uh-huh.

Reva: And thank you so much for encouraging him to loosen up a little bit and get out and have some fun. He needs it.

Blake: I know, he's always taking care of people.

Reva: I mean, he's always been like that, even when he was a kid.

Josh: Oh, come on.

Reva: Always played by the rules, always looked out for everybody else, made sure they were all okay.

Josh: You know what? Excuse me. Excuse me, that is not true. You say that because you spent so much time breaking the rules.

Reva: Only the dumb rules.

Josh: Okay, whatever. Whatever you say, Reva.

Reva: Really, all I was trying to do was have some fun.

Josh: Yeah, and if it landed you in jail, got you arrested once and a while, what the heck, right?

Reva: Okay, well, he did have to bail me out once or twice.

Josh: When Reva needs attention she gets herself arrested.

Blake: I'll have to try it sometime.

Reva: He's always had a hard time having fun so I'm glad he has someone to loosen him up a little bit.

Josh: Reva always made sure I had fun whether I liked it or not.

Reva: Well, you always liked it.

Josh: And you wonder why it is that I think you need someone to keep an eye on you.

Blake: I'll be back in a second. Excuse me. (Blows raspberry)

Josh: Very mature. Very nice. You know, I can do that, too. (Blows raspberry) (laughter)

Jeffrey: Hello, ladies.

Daisy: Hi, Jeffrey. How is the baby?

Christina: I'm dying to see him.

Jeffrey: Yeah, well, it's kind of like passed visiting hours. He's sleeping.

Daisy: You know, we're not even visiting. I just wanted to my borrow my grandma's camera. Is that okay?

Jeffrey: Oh, yeah, I guess. Did you call and ask her?

Daisy: No. (Laughter)

Jeffrey: Okay, well, she's going to be home in a couple of minutes so...

Daisy: Wait, what? She's home. No one tells me anything. When did she come home?

Jeffrey: Yesterday.

Christina: Mr. O’Neill, your wife is amazing. I've been following her case since early on in the pregnancy and, I mean, she and your son are unbelievable.

Jeffrey: I think so, too. Daisy, you know what, just take the camera. We have two anyway.

Daisy: Thank you.

Christina: Is Mrs. O’Neill going to be home soon?

Jeffrey: Yeah, anytime now. You know what? She actually has had a lot of visitors. So why don't you guys, maybe, come back later.

Daisy: Yeah, that's fine. I have a project, and we have to go anyway. So just tell Reva I'll call her later. Thank you for the camera.

Reva: You know, I meant what I said before, that it's time for you to chill out and have some fun.

Josh: It's time for me to get a life.

Reva: We're safe. I'm home now, and that's something I never thought was going to happen. I'm still shocked that I even walked out of that hospital. I'm shocked and I'm grateful, and I am determined to enjoy every second I have left. And you're one of the reasons why that's happening for me. But I'm okay now. I'm okay. I don't need you sitting outside the house.

Josh: You mean, you don't want me to.

Reva: I love that you're doing it, but I don't want that.

Josh: Well, maybe what happened at the house was a good thing. Maybe it was a wakeup call for me. You don't need me around to fight your battles for you anymore.

Reva: I am going to try to keep my battles to a minimum and enjoy the quiet life as a wife and a mother. (Laughter)

Josh: Okay.

Jeffrey: Hi!

Blake: Hi. I left my phone.

Jeffrey: Oh, well check it out.

Blake: How are you, huh?

Jeffrey: Oh, I'm fine.

Blake: I just saw Reva.

Jeffrey: At the hospital?

Blake: No. No, actually. She was finished with the hospital, and she came to Company for coffee. I left her there with Josh.

Jeffrey: Was she okay?

Blake: She was great. She was fine, actually, she had a lot of energy. And then Josh and Reva were having a lot of fun together. So much fun that I don't even think that they realized that I was gone from the restaurant.

Jeffrey: Where's your phone, Blake?

Blake: It'd be here. I just worry when I see Josh and Reva like that, okay? Because I'm wondering if perhaps he's just waiting to marry Reva again. Any time any man has ever disappeared, he has just always been there to pick up the pieces.

Jeffrey: Why are you telling me this?

Blake: I think you're a good guy. I like you. I do. I just don't want you to be another victim of the Josh and Reva thing.

Jeffrey: The Josh and Reva thing. Um... do you think you could watch my baby for about an hour?

Blake: Sure.

Jeffrey: Okay. Thank you. Because I think I do have to go take care of something before it does become a problem.

Daisy: This is not going to be my best work. I'm a little rusty.

James: Interesting.

Daisy: You think?

James: I wanted to be 24.

Daisy: Let's not get crazy, dude. 22 will do it.

James: Look at this. The secret life of Daisy Lemay.

Daisy: It's no big secret.

James: Everybody has a secret. Now I know yours.

Daisy: Well, then you have to tell me yours.

James: I don't even drink.

Daisy: Well, then, it must be something really sick.

Marina: He is a wonderful, beautiful, perfect baby.

Mallet: Yes, he is. Hey, we're not biased or anything, are we?

Marina: No. No.

Mallet: Okay, good. Definitely not. (Laughter)

Marina: You know, he's starting to take after you.

Mallet: Yeah?

Marina: Yeah, he is. His laugh? Oh, he's laughing at you. Maybe he is just saving the Cooper’s right now, but pretty soon he'll save the world.

Mallet: Oh, come on. You've got to let him pace himself. I don't see him saving the world until he's, like, five.

Marina: Four. Definitely four. Yes, I'm a mom. I know these things. I'm a mom... to the most wonderful baby. I will stop doing this, I promise.

Mallet: You don't have to. I love it.

Marina: Hi.

Mallet: How you doing, Doc?

Marina: Oh, so how is everything? How are his height and his weight? I know he was a little on the small side when we first brought him home and we first got him, but I think that he's gaining the right amount now.

Doctor: His weight's fine.

Marina: Good. Good. And his shots -- his shots should all be up to date. We've been very on top of that. And if there's anything else we can do, just let us know. I'm sorry I'm rambling. It's just that we're on our way to zoo because Henry loves the monkey house. He and his poppa, they love the monkey house.

Doctor: We're just waiting on his blood work. It shouldn't be too much longer.

Mallet: Okay, thanks, Doc. He's worth the wait. We'll be patient.

Shayne: Dinah, I just need you to know that everything I want, everything that I need, I already have right here in this room right now.

Reva: Okay, this is like one of those weird TV shows. Everywhere I go, you seem to be there.

Blake: I left my phone here, so I came back to get it. And then Jeffrey needed to run an errand, so I said that I would baby-sit.

Reva: And Colin?

Blake: Oh, he's sleeping, like an angel.

Reva: Good. I'm glad Jeffrey went out. He's been cooped up in this house for a while now. He probably has a ton of things he has to get done.

Blake: Yeah. Well, what are friends for?

Reva: You know, Josh was still at Company when I left. You can still catch him.

Blake: I'll call him now that I have my phone.

Reva: Because he needs a distraction. He's been so busy dealing with everybody else's problems, like Shayne and me-- he needs to let go.

Blake: I couldn't agree more.

Reva: He's just one of those amazing people, you know, that cares so much about others.

Blake: Yeah, well, once you have somebody like that in your life, it's really hard to let go of them.

Josh: Hey, you just missed Reva.

Jeffrey: Well, that's okay because I'm looking for you.

Josh: Something about Edmund?

Jeffrey: No, it's not about Edmund. It's about you and my wife.

Marina: Hey, are we good to go, Dr. Cohen?

Doctor: I went over Henry’s blood work. I'm afraid there's something we have to discuss.

Dinah: All I need is a bed and unlimited amount of margaritas, and I'll be fine.

Shayne: All I need is you.

Dinah: I wish we could do that, you know, just take off and not have to face anything.

Shayne: We have faced it, Dinah. I know what I'm giving up. I also know what I'm giving Henry, which is the life and the family that he deserves to have. I'm really sorry that I snapped at you...

Dinah: Don’t. Don't say your sorry. You don't have to say that.

Shayne: I just want you to understand that you and I, we can move on from this together. But so can Mallet, Marina and Henry. They can move on together, okay? Okay? Okay. Okay.

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Shayne: Is it Roc?

Josh: No. It's the local hospital.

Nurse: Mr. Winslow has had no visitors.

Mallet: How sick is our son?

Doctor: He needs an immediate transfusion.

Marina: Find somebody with his blood type.

Jeffrey: Well, what can I do to help free you of this obsession?

Josh: That's not going to happen!

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