GL Transcript Thursday 5/7/09

Guiding Light Transcript Thursday 5/7/09


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Previously on "Guiding Light"...

Bill: Matt is right, everything happens for a reason.

Jeffrey: Welcome home, Reva.

Lizzie: You don't mind if we waited and had a wedding?

Bill: Do you mind?

Daisy: You don't honestly think your dad would hurt Alan?

James: Dad, Dad, Dad, don't do it. Let it go. Let it go!

Jeffrey: Stop... right there.

Reva: Uh-oh, busted.

Jeffrey: H'mmm, good morning.

Reva: Good morning. Hey, there's coffee. It's fresh. How did you sleep?

Jeffrey: You know what? That was the first full night sleep I have had since Colin came home.

Reva: Oh.

Jeffrey: Where are you going?

Reva: Well, um, I'm going to take my son for a drive, if that's okay with you?

Jeffrey: Oh, that's great. Just give me a second, I'll come with you.

Reva: Don't you have a job?

Jeffrey: (Laughing) Well, I've been kind of working from home. That's what I've been doing.

Reva: Well, you don't have to do that. I mean, I'm fine. I don't have to go in for another treatment until next week, and today is about my son and us getting reacquainted.

Jeffrey: Okay. Go on your drive, all right? But, you know what? Just remember that I'm here, in case you need me.

Reva: I can do this.

Jeffrey: Reva, you just got home from the hospital, okay? You've got to ease into the day to day stuff. This kid's a lot of work.

Reva: Like his mom.

Jeffrey: You know what? You're both worth it.

Reva: You know what? You stay home. You have your coffee. I promise you that I will take it easy for the rest of the day.

Jeffrey: Okay, well, pace yourself, okay?

Reva: I'll spend the rest of the day with my feet up. Thank you for taking such good care of us.

Jeffrey: I like a challenge. Got that?

Reva: Yeah.

Jeffrey: Don't get lost!

Reva: I'm okay!

Josh: Hi! How you doing? How's life on the outside?

Reva: Ah, it's fantastic. Just kind of taking it one step at a time.

Josh: Great. Great!

Reva: Have you been sitting in there all night?

Josh: No. Geez, no! Don't flatter yourself. I just, you know, thought I'd stop by and see how you guys are doing. That's all.

Reva: We're doing great. In fact, Jeffrey is working from home today. It's really you I'm worried about.

Josh: Don't be. Don't be. I'm on my way to a job site up... um... north, and I'm early, so I just... again, I thought I would stop by.

Reva: We don't need a security detail.

Josh: I know that. I know. In fact, you know what? I'm late now. So... enjoy your day. Enjoy your son.

Reva: Thank you. We will.

Josh: Okay.

Reva: Thanks.

Josh: Bye.

Rick: Oh!

Phillip: Relax. It's just me.

Rick: Oh, good.

Phillip: I can't believe you're still here.

Rick: I thought you were that guy. How did your family trip go?

Phillip: Good. Good. Mission accomplished. I kept my dad occupied; kept the kids happy. Lizzie, at least, I kept happy. James, I'm still trying to figure out.

Rick: You went down to help Lizzie, right? Mission accomplished.

Phillip: Yeah. Not without a lot of help. Thanks, pal.

Rick: You have no idea how freaky the noises. You owe me. You owe me big time.

Phillip: Um, I got a t-shirt while I was down there.

Rick: Oh, don't knock yourself out. Oh, this is great. Thank you. Thank you!

Phillip: You're so easily pleased. Get out of here before somebody finds you and you lose your license.

Rick: It's a large. What are you trying to say?

Phillip: (Laughing) Get out of here. Thanks, pal!

Rick: A large. (Cell phone rings)

Phillip: Phillip Spaulding.

James: James Spaulding.

Phillip: Oh, hey, James, sorry. I didn't recognize the number. What can I do for you, son?

James: I just wanted to talk about that thing I mentioned.

Phillip: Um, yeah. Listen, I'm back in Ravenwood for the time being. So, absolutely, we can talk, but I'm just not sure how much I can do for you until I get out of here.

James: Right, only one escape per patient, and you used yours to help Lizzie.

Bill: Hello, Mrs. Lewis to be! The car's leaving in five.

Lizzie: I'll be ready in ten minutes.

Bill: I guess you're worth the wait.

Lizzie: Hi, fiancée.

Bill: Hmmm, not the most manly of words, is it?

Lizzie: Well, I guess you're stuck with it until you actually marry me.

Bill: Are you sorry that we didn't get married yesterday?

Lizzie: No. I'm excited we're having a wedding. The guys looked disappointed, though. I think they were excited at the idea of being our only guests at our elopement.

Bill: H'mmm, I think they're going to get over it.

Lizzie: Yeah?

Bill: Yeah.

Lizzie: You know, I should call my mom and tell her that we are officially engaged because we kind of left that out of the note when we fled Universal.

Bill: Yeah. I don't know, maybe you want to do that in the car or...

Lizzie: Hey, Mom.

Beth: Hello, sweetie. Where are you?

Lizzie: We are just about to leave the Bauer cabin. Where are you?

Beth: Home. We flew in last night.

Lizzie: Where is everybody?

Beth: Everybody?

Lizzie: James, Granddad, Dad?

Beth: Well, your brother went out first thing this morning. And, of course, your father is back...

Lizzie: Back where?

Beth: You know, I haven't seen him this morning. But you sound excited. Do you have news for me?

Lizzie: Well... Bill and I were going to get married last night.

Beth: Lizzie!

Lizzie: We didn't do it. We didn't do it. We are going to have a wedding, but it is official. We are engaged.

Beth: Oh, I knew it was going to happen, but it's still exciting to hear the words.

Lizzie: Are you really happy? I wasn't sure how you would feel?

Beth: Honey, I think that you and Bill have finally figured it out. So, yes, I am happy for you.

Lizzie: So where's Dad?

Beth: Um... you know, why don't I just give him the message?

Lizzie: What happened? Did something go wrong in Florida?

Beth: Lizzie, um, your father is in Ravenwood. Your grandfather had him locked up there before Florida. He got out to see you, but now he's back there. And I have no idea when he'll get out.

James: Hello. Hello. James Spaulding, Phillip Spaulding’s son.

Doctor: Well, you're early. Visiting hours don't start for quite some time.

James: I don't think my dad needs any visitors today. He had a busy weekend, lots of social interaction.

Doctor: I'm not sure I understand.

James: My dad went M.I.A. this weekend. He escaped and spent a couple of days in sunny Florida. You can put that on the chart. You'll be able to tell the minute you see my dad. He definitely got a little sun while he was in Florida. It was good for him.

Doctor: Why are you telling me this?

James: I thought you might need to know, part of figuring out how crazy he is.

Doctor: So you think your dad should stay here?

James: No. I think that you're wasting your time evaluating him, or whatever it is you're supposed to be doing. My dad's the sanest person I know.

Doctor: I'm not quite following you. I thought you were reporting him for bad behavior.

James: My dad knew our family needed help. He got himself out of here and made it all the way to Florida to take care of us. He's done some bad stuff in the past, but, I mean, who hasn’t. The truth is I... we need him to come home.

Doctor: James, I've been working with your dad for quite some time...

James: No one in my family will ever be completely normal-- whatever that means. I mean, he never even had a chance, being raised by my granddad, but he wants my sisters and my brother and me to have a good life, and that makes him a good guy, right?

Doctor: James, we are...

James: I need my dad, Doctor.

Doctor: I've got to get to work. Thank you for your input.

James: Thank you for listening, Doctor. Have a good day.

Doctor: Your dad's lucky to have such a good son.

Bill: Yeah... no. I just need a couple of answers. I don't know his doctor's name, but his name is Phillip Spaulding. It's my fiancée’s father.

Lizzie: Granddad.

Alan: Welcome home, Elizabeth.

Lizzie: Why do you need to cause trouble? Can't we just live like normal people?

Alan: "Normal people," as in the Cooper’s or the Lewis'.

Bill: Hello, Alan.

Lizzie: Where is my father?

Alan: Well, to your father's credit, he returned to Ravenwood. He realizes he needs help.

Lizzie: Why do you want him locked up? He's been fine.

Alan: Elizabeth, it concerns me that you're so easily fooled.

Lizzie: He has done nothing but try to prove himself.

Bill: Lizzie still has some questions, but she's ready to give Phillip another chance.

Alan: I sent your father to have a full psychiatric evaluation, to make sure that you and your siblings are safe.

Lizzie: You know, I believe that everyone deserves a second chance. And we know that you have had your share of them.

Alan: Your father is not ready to go out into the world.

Bill: Alan, that is not your decision to make.

Alan: Bill, this is a family issue. Perhaps you should go sit in the car.

Lizzie: Bill is family.

Bill: You know what? This is not going to fix anything, so maybe we should go.

Alan: I'm just trying to protect you, Elizabeth. You and your mother could be in danger.

Lizzie: I know that you believe that you're doing this to protect us, but I want to have some time with my father. I want a chance to get to know him. Maybe it could get better. Maybe it will be more like when I was little.

Alan: You know, that was just for a brief time in history, and yet you've taken that brief moment, put it on a pedestal, and idolized it. And you have got to stop dreaming. You have got to accept the fact that your father is never going to be the man that you want him to be. The sooner you do, the safer you are going to be.

(Knock on the door)

Phillip: Hello.

Doctor: Hello. How are you today?

Phillip: Fine. I'm feeling pretty good, actually.

Doctor: Good.

Phillip: How was your time off?

Doctor: Oh, it was much-needed. I went to visit my nieces down in Atlanta.

Phillip: Did you have good weather?

Doctor: Yeah, it was lovely. A lot like it was in Florida.

Phillip: Okay. Don't blame...

Doctor: I don't know who helped you. I don't want to know.

Phillip: Good. Because I take full responsibility for my actions. My family needed me.

Doctor: That's the rumor.

Phillip: I had really hoped to get in and out of here quietly.

Doctor: You like to make your own rules, don't you?

Phillip: Sometimes. It's an unfortunate trait I share with my father.

Doctor: Was it painful to admit that?

Phillip: Very. Speaking of the devil, I'm sure he was the one that tipped you off that I was missing.

Doctor: No. Actually, it was your son, James.

Josh: Hey.

Buzz: Hey.

Billy: Hey. I was just telling Buzz about Bill and Lizzie.

Buzz: Yeah. Good luck. Christmas with the Spaulding’s.

Billy: I can handle Alan.

Buzz: I hope so.

Josh: What about Edmund? Can you handle him?

Billy: Oh, come on. You already handled him. You ran him out of town.

Josh: Billy, I don't know that, okay? That note.

Billy: Wait, wait, wait. There was no address on that note. I mean, it could have come from anybody.

Josh: I just got off the phone with Dinah. She hasn't seen Shayne in a day or two. She hasn't heard from him. And Reva, you know, she's out of the hospital now...

Buzz: Reva's out, so that's good news.

Josh: Well, maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. The fact is that she's at Cross Creek, that makes her vulnerable. I just have this feeling that Edmund is out there somewhere, and he's angry and looking for revenge. That means Reva and Shayne are both in danger.

Reva: I'm a little pooped, though. What do you think? You're going to get me back on my feet again. What's that? Look at this. Look at this, baby. A present. Sounds like something fun. Everybody is going to want to give you presents, my beautiful boy. Oh, boy. Your daddy is right. You know? Your daddy is right. I'm exhausted. Whew! That's a lot of work. I'm ready for a nap. You ready for a nap.

Reva: My mama used to love this show. When I was home sick from school, she'd let me watch it with her, and we'd cuddle up on the couch together. It was so comforting. See, I got hooked on it again when I was at the hospital. All of the staff at Cedars used to love it, including Rick.

Jeffrey: (Laughing) I don't know how people get hooked on these things.

Reva: Yeah, well, everybody says that. Until it actually happens. You see her? This one right here. I love that woman. She has been on this show for years. She's just getting ready to marry the love of her life again. Roy.

Jeffrey: Ray.

Reva: Right, Ray.

Jeffrey: I leave the TV on after the news. It just kind of like comes on. Besides, Colin likes the music. (Knock on the door)

Reva: Yeah? You're saved.

Jeffrey: Are we expecting anyone?

Reva: No. Come on in! Oh, hi!

Lillian: Hi. I brought food and presents. Where's my gorgeous Godson?

Jeffrey: Is this a nursing visit or...

Reva: Here, sit down.

Lillian: Oh, I love her. I love her!

Reva: Isn't she great?

Lillian: And, you know, she's had no work done, I was told.

Jeffrey: Good Lord.

Lillian: Buzz is coming in a minute. He's just parking the car.

Reva: Oh, I'm so glad. So you guys are still together?

Lillian: We're seeing each other, very slowly, but we are.

Reva: He's a good guy.

Lillian: I know he's a good guy. (Laughter)

Buzz: Hey, welcome home!

Reva: Hey! You can only kiss me, as long as you're not sick or anything.

Buzz: You know, mental disorders, jail issues. It's what you can get. Look, he's beautiful. I mean his beautiful. He’s as handsome as Henry.

Reva: Yeah. They're both going to be heartbreakers, aren't they? How are Marina and Mallet?

Buzz: Oh, they're in heaven. We're all in heaven having the little kid around. Even me, I'm like one.

Reva: Aww!

Jeffrey: So, um... you guys want some coffee or something or oatmeal?

Lillian: No, no. We can wait until everybody gets here.

Buzz: Oatmeal, yeah. I have the same chewing issues he has.

Jeffrey: Everybody?

Buzz: Well, Josh told us, that Reva was coming home, and... what do you mean, everybody is going to show up.

Jeffrey: Oh!

Buzz: Oh, no!

Lillian: We'll all leave. We won't stay long.

Jeffrey: (Mumbles)

Lillian: Pardon me, Jeffrey? I heard you.

Jeffrey: Just watch your story, there. (Laughter)

Lillian: Oh, I love it when she kisses him.

Lizzie: I woke up feeling good this morning. I actually felt like life was perfect.

Bill: Yeah? And then you had to call home.

Lizzie: Yeah, well, things change really fast.

Bill: Well, you're worried about your dad. I think that's pretty normal.

Lizzie: No, it's not normal.

Bill: Huh?

Lizzie: It's not normal for your grandfather to put your father in a mental institution just so he can keep his place at the head of the table.

Bill: I think it's more common than you think.

Lizzie: Don't say that?

Bill: Look, do you really want your dad out and about?

Lizzie: I don't know. I think that he deserves a chance. He's done nothing but prove himself since he's been here. I just want everybody to be as happy as we are.

Bill: (Laughing) Oh, baby, that ain't going to happen! That's the smile I'm looking for. Come on, let's get out of here.

Phillip: Actually, the last-- the last place that you would ever expect to see the Spaulding family. People running all over the park, eating cotton candy, having a good time.

Doctor: Your parents never took you to amusement parks when you were little?

Phillip: Um... no. And, sadly, I really didn't have much of a chance to do that with my own children.

Doctor: I guess you proved that it's never too late.

Phillip: I just wanted to keep my father occupied so that my daughter could have just a little piece of that childhood that she missed out on.

Doctor: She missed out because you left her and her mother to come back here to deal with your family.

Phillip: I thought I could fix things here and get back to them before any permanent damage was done. It just didn't work out that way. And Lizzie was the one that suffered the most because of it.

Doctor: I see. So this was your way of making up for the past?

Phillip: I don't think you can do that. I just want her to have a good future.

Doctor: We've been talking for quite some time now. I've learned a lot about you and your family.

Phillip: (Laughing) I'm sure a lot more than you ever wanted to.

Doctor: But you're escape has presented an interesting dilemma for me. There's no perfect solution, but I have to do what I believe is in the best interest of my patient.

Reva: Oh, wait a minute. No, no, no. You mean they're not going to tell us?

Blake: They can't do that. They can't make me wait.

Reva: Yes, they can can. That's what keeps you hooked.

Frank: That's stupid. Well, it didn't hook me.

Reva: Yeah, that's what everyone says until it happens. Okay. Anybody hungry?

Billy: Hey, did I hear hungry?

Reva: Hey. Blake, you brought something to eat.

Blake: Of course I brought food! You weren't expecting company. Everything's on the table.

Josh: I thought you were supposed to take it easy?

Jeffrey: Yeah, she was.

Reva: Well, I thought you were supposed to be on a job site.

Jeffrey: Right. Change of plans.

Reva: I tried to get Shayne to come over. I left a message for him that I was out of the hospital, but I haven't heard from him, have you?

Josh: No. Blame Dinah. Actually, she's been good for him.

Lillian: Yeah, people change.

Josh: Sometimes, yes.

Lillian: Let's open the present, from me.

Reva: Well, maybe Colin will share it with me I could use a good bubble bath.

Lillian: It's a welcome home present.

Reva: Thank you. You guys didn't have to bring gifts.

Jeffrey: Yes, they did. (Laughter)

Blake: Please. Now, there's a pink one around here somewhere. It's from me. It's from for you two.

Frank: Oh, boy, should we hide our eyes, Blake? (Laughter)

Blake: No. It's a baby-sitting coupon.

Reva: Oh, thank you.

Blake: I'm offering my services.

Reva: But I don't think it's going to be any time soon that we leave the house without the little guy.

Blake: What is this cutie pie thing in the blue?

Reva: I found this sitting outside on the walk.

Lillian: Who is it from?

Frank: You got a secret admirer there, Reva?

Reva: No, it's not a secret, Frank. There's a card. "Guess who?"

Josh: Actually, Reva, you know what, stop. Stop, stop, stop!

Reva: Why?

Josh: Don't open that because it might be... Reva, I'm serious, don't open... I'm sorry. I just, um... I just couldn't let you open that. I'm sorry.

Billy: It's okay, Josh, it's your birthday real soon. I think I can afford you to get you one of those.

Frank: I'll go in with you, Billy.

Josh: Look, I think that that might have been sent by Edmund, okay?

Frank: Why would you ever think that?

Josh: Well, for the same reason that I think he is the one who sent me this note here.

Frank: "So happy Reva’s come home. Tell her I'm thinking of her and will do my best the to see her very soon. Guess who?" You think this is something to worry about?

Josh: Yeah, I do.

Reva: No. I'll handle it.

Jeffrey: No, you won’t.

Reva: Hey, it's Hawk. It's my pop. It has Hawk written all over it. You know, the whole guess who thing? He loves that.

Josh: Hawk?

Reva: Yes. Joshua, it's fine.

Lillian: Food?

Blake: Yeah. You know what, everybody? Let's eat so we can get out of here and give Jeffrey and Reva the afternoon.

Jeffrey: Thank you, Blake.

Frank: All right, well do we need to look for Edmund Winslow?

Jeffrey: No, no. Josh is just a little edgy these days. Edmund is gone, okay? He's not going to bother anyone...

Josh: You know what? There's something else. I should have mentioned it before, but there's this clicking sound on your phone.

Jeffrey: Josh, I work for the government, and so, you know, I mean, they monitor my phone calls for security reasons.

Josh: Shayne...

Reva: What about him?

Josh: You know what? Nothing. Nothing. Actually, he's fine. He's fine. He's fine. Everything is fine. Forget about it. I'm going to get something to eat. (Knock on the door)

Doctor: Yes, hi. Come in.

Lizzie: Hi. Dr. Silver, I'm Lizzie Spaulding.

Doctor: Lizzie, hi. I feel like I know you already.

Lizzie: I wish I could say the same for you. I just heard your name a few minutes ago. I need to talk about my dad. He's not supposed to be here.

Doctor: Um... I've learned a lot about your dad and the rest of his family, and his relationships with them.

Lizzie: Well, if you learned that from my grandfather, then you've learned the wrong thing. You know, my father has done terrible things, but he has been trying really hard to make up for them.

Doctor: Lizzie, I'm really glad you came in. Your take on your dad is very helpful in this case.

Lizzie: Good. Um... can I see him then?

Doctor: I'm sorry. I can't help you with that.

James: I'm on it. I'll have what you need by the end of the day tomorrow.

Beth: Hi, honey. Talking to Daisy?

James: You're psychic.

Beth: No. I'm your mom. How is she?

James: Good. What are you doing?

Beth: I'm taking a course this summer, and I thought I would get started on my reading.

James: That's good for you. We're going to need a good lawyer in this family.

Beth: Why? What happened now?

James: Nothing. I'm just saying.

Beth: Good. That's all I need to hear because it will be a long time before I can deal with this family's legal problems. Now, when are you going back to school?

James: I'm not. I'm finishing online.

Beth: When did this happen? You hate being around the family. You love school, or at least you did.

James: I can't go back right now, Mom.

Beth: Is this about Daisy?

James: I wish. (Cell phone rings)

Beth: Hold that thought. It's your sister. Hi, sweetie.

Lizzie: Hey, Mom, have you seen James?

Beth: Yeah. He's right here with me now.

Lizzie: I just tried to call him.

Beth: Did something happen?

Lizzie: I don't know, but you should probably head back to the house, there could be trouble.

Beth: We're on our way.

Alan: Hello? Anybody here? Well, hello.

Phillip: Hi.

Alan: What are you doing here?

Phillip: I've got some terrible news for you. It appears that I'm as sane as anyone else. Dr. Silver signed my release forms. My stay at Ravenwood is over.

Alan: How could that be?

Phillip: You know what? You and I have got a lot to work out. And it's not going to be easy for either one of us, but I'm willing to give it a try for the sake of the family.

Alan: Everything I do, Phillip, is for the sake of the family.

Phillip: Oh, good. Then we're starting out on the same page. Hey.

Beth: Hey. Are... are you in trouble? What...

Phillip: I don't think so. I was just released.

Beth: I'm confused. Lizzie called and it sounded like something bad had happened.

Alan: Wait. Wait. Elizabeth did this?

Phillip: No. Actually, James. I would like to thank you for speaking up on my behalf. It appears that I owe you again.

James: I'll hold you to that.

Phillip: Yeah, it was funny. Actually, I felt like a kid who got caught playing hooky when Dr. Silver realized I'd gone down to Florida.

James: I'll bet that was a first.

Phillip: Yeah. The funny thing is, I think she was on the verge of releasing me before she found out about Florida. So I guess I could have hurt my chances there, but I think my general good behavior and my son's impassioned plea on my behalf helped the doctor make her decision.

Beth: I am so proud of you!

James: Yeah. Well, I did what I could.

Phillip: Well, I appreciate it. And, you know, we actually... we still have some catching up to do. We never did get a chance to have that talk.

James: We could do that right now?

Phillip: Yeah, we could. Do you mind if we take a walk? Hey.

Lizzie: Oh, thank God.

Phillip: Hey.

Lizzie: You know, the doctor told me that she let you out, but I wasn't sure if she was on Granddad's payroll. I figured she might have you chained in the dungeon.

Alan: I appreciate your show of faith, Elizabeth. You know, Dr. Silver came highly recommended. I was just trying to help your father.

Phillip: I liked her.

Lizzie: I hear you got there first.

James: Not a big deal.

Bill: I heard you sealed the deal.

Phillip: I'm having a really good day.

Lizzie: Well, that's good. Because... Bill and I have some very, very, very big news.

James: Dad and I are actually just going to go for a walk.

Lizzie: It's just going to take a minute.

Bill: She needs to tell it now because her head will explode and it would be messy.

Phillip: What? What is it, sweetie?

Lizzie: We're engaged! We're officially engaged! (Laughter)

Bill: Real ring to come.

Phillip: You didn't say anything down in Florida, and I didn't know if that was good or bad! (Laughter) I figured you'd tell us when the time is right. Honey, congratulations!

Bill: Phillip, thank you for your help.

Lizzie: And your faith in us.

Phillip: You know what, I don't know too much anymore, but I can still recognize true love when I see it. Yay! This is a great day for our family!

Beth: Yes, it is! How you doing back there, Alan?

Alan: I'm starting to get a splitting headache.

Lizzie: Well, we are going to need everybody's help because we're going to have a blowout wedding. (Laughter)

Frank: What's going on with Josh here? Does he seem a little whacked to you?

Blake: I think he's just had a really rough year.

Frank: I'm not talking about that. Josh, he's more than anybody, like. The level-headed one. There's something else going on here.

Jeffrey: How are we going to get rid of them?

Reva: Hey, they're our friends.

Jeffrey: Yeah, well, they won't be much longer if they don't get out of here and let you rest.

Billy: Okay, everybody, it's time for us to go home! Let Reva rest.

Lillian: Loud and clear.

Billy: Okay.

Buzz: Are we still your friends?

Reva: Thanks for the presents. Thanks for bringing the food.

Blake: Any time.

Frank: Let's golf. Let's golf.

Jeffrey: Get out of here. Bye.

Josh: I'm sorry that I overreacted before. I apologize.

Jeffrey: Don't worry about it.

Reva: I'm worried about you.

Josh: Don't be. I'm fine. I really am. Just keep an eye on her, and make sure she doesn't go wandering off, okay?

Jeffrey: I'll try.

Josh: And if you need anything, just give me a call.

Billy: Come on, let's go.

Josh: Okay. Bye.

Reva: Bye.

Jeffrey: Bye, guys. I think it was a big mistake to send Josh after Edmund. You know, he doesn't realize that the case is closed. He can't let it go.

Lizzie: The finest piece of plastic jewelry in the theme park.

Beth: And it's beautiful, but I hope Bill is looking for the real thing.

Bill: I am on it. I am on it. Well, to my beautiful bride to be, my future in-laws. I know it hasn't been the easiest road, but I'm looking forward to peace and prosperity from now on.

Lizzie: Yay!!

Phillip: I am the father.

Beth: Yes. Yes.

Phillip: To you sweetie, to my daughter and her fiancée-- may you always be as happy as you are today.

Billy: Are you okay?

Josh: Yes, I'm okay. Thank you. I'm here. I'm back at work, where I belong.

Billy: But you would rather be somewhere else?

Josh: Billy, I just can't shake the feeling that Edmund is out there somewhere, and that he is a threat to this family.

Billy: Don't worry. We're not going to let anything happen to the family. Just promise that you won't go hunting this guy down by yourself.

Josh: I won't do anything stupid. I promise.

Billy: I didn't think you would.

Josh: "Tell her I'm thinking of her and will do my best to see her very soon."

Jeffrey: You should really take a nap, you know.

Reva: We're almost ready, right, Colin? We're almost ready. And then I'm going to take a long, hot bath with some of the stuff that Lillian brought. We have fantastic friends.

Jeffrey: Yeah. I like them a lot better now that they're gone.

Reva: Hush!

Jeffrey: And that thing... I can see how Josh was freaked out about it? Here, let me put it in the closet.

Reva: No. I like it. It is cute.

Jeffrey: Is Hawk the one that sent that, do you think?

Reva: Absolutely. Yes. And I'm going to call him and thank him for it.

Alan: I need aspirin, not alcohol, Bill.

Bill: Hilda!

Alan: No. I've given her the day off. Look, I'll get it myself, all right.

Lizzie: Wait, wait, wait. I have some in here.

Alan: Really?

Lizzie: There you go.

Alan: Hmmm...

Lizzie: What are you doing?

Alan: Just checking, that's all.

Lizzie: Do you think I'm going to poison you?

Alan: Well, I'm not having a good day. Anything could happen.

Lizzie: Don't be like that. This could be a brand new start for our family. Right? Maybe we'll all start getting along. Or I could just hope.

Bill: Well, stranger things have happened.

Alan: Name one, Bill.

Phillip: Hey, James. James, hey. I thought we could have that talk now.

James: So now is a good time for you?

Phillip: Yeah, absolutely. What's on your mind?

James: Forget it. It's not important.

Phillip: Well, it was important a few minutes ago.

James: You know what? Go back inside. Be father of the bride. Sounds like more fun.

Phillip: Okay. If you change your mind.

James: No, I won’t. Dad? Dad?

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Jeffrey: I hope Colin likes this thing better than Josh did. I think he got a little too addicted to the whole secret agent thing.

Josh: This has nothing to do with me and Reva.

Billy: Are you sure?

Alan: If you want to run this family, I would suggest that you take charge of your children before they slip into the abyss.

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