GL Transcript Wednesday 5/6/09

Guiding Light Transcript Wednesday 5/6/09


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Previously on "Guiding Light"...

Reva: My baby doesn't even know me yet.

Josh: He's about to have the experience of a lifetime.

Olivia: You're the one who's having a problem. We probably should have skipped the whole spa thing and gone to a religious retreat.

Natalia: This isn't working out. I'm going to go ahead and leave.

Josh: Are you going to be okay?

Reva: Yeah. I'm happy. I'm excited, but I'm also a little scared. I mean, they have their life set up. I don't know if there's going to be room for me in it.

Josh: Well, that's just crazy talk.

Reva: My baby doesn't even know me yet.

Josh: He's about to have the experience of a lifetime. Getting to know Reva Shayne.

Reva: Thank you. And thanks, really, for getting me through all of this.

Josh: You're welcome. Now, go get 'em, girl!

Reva: I will. I can do this.

Josh: Yes, you can. Good luck.

Jeffrey: You know what? We're going to be okay, buddy. You know that? We've just got to wait for your mommy to come home. What are you doing? Is this a visit?

Reva: It's a long one.

Jeffrey: Oh, my God.

Reva: I'm home for good. I'm home for good! Where's my baby? Where's my baby?

Jeffrey: Wait a minute. You know, I get one more kiss before I hand you over. Why didn't you call me?

Reva: Because I wanted to see if I could still surprise you.

Jeffrey: It sounds like someone is happy to see you. (Laughter) Allow me. Okay.

Reva: Oh, hi!

Jeffrey: Hi, Mommy!

Reva: Hi, handsome! (Laughing) Hi, my handsome... hi, my handsome baby. ( Laughing) Hi, handsome. Hi. (Laughing)

(cell phone rings)

Josh: Josh Lewis.

Billy: Yeah, Josh, where the hell are you?

Josh: Oh, yeah. Well, I'm on my way. I just... I need to make a stop first. Do you need anything?

Billy: Yeah. I want some pie and coffee from Company, but I didn't ask you for it, okay?

Josh: (Laughing) Okay. You've got it.

Billy: Hey, it's good to have you back, too.

Josh: I never left.

Billy: Yeah, oh, yeah, right. Yeah, you were never gone. Okay. Bye.

Josh: I'll see you in a bit.

Olivia: You know what the problem is you are just way, way, way, way, way too sensitive.

Natalia: Oh, no. The problem is that whenever we have a problem, you attack my religion.

Olivia: I was not attacking your religion. Where has your sense of humor gone?

Natalia: That's not funny. You weren't joking.

Olivia: Oh, come on!

Natalia: "Well, maybe next time we should go to a religious retreat."

Olivia: I wasn't attacking your religion, okay? I was making a point!

Natalia: You know what's happening here? We have gone right back to the beginning where we don't even like each other. Will you calm down?

Olivia: You calm down!

Natalia: God, before we got here, we were friends. And now we're... we're what?

Olivia: Well, that's what we came here to figure out, right?

Natalia: Yeah. Okay. And what have we figured out?

Olivia: That this was a big mistake.

Natalia: I'm not going to pray for you to come back.

Olivia: Oh, golly, well it must be nice to know how you feel. It must be nice to be so sure.

Natalia: I'm not sure about anything.

Olivia: Why are we fighting?

Natalia: You tell me.

Olivia: Because it's safer. Because if we get along, we have to ask what's next?

Natalia: Okay. You're probably right.

Olivia: I don't want to fight with you.

Natalia: I don't, either. Could we maybe just start over?

Olivia: Uh-huh. I think I know a way. I don't know if you're going to be up for it.

Marina: Yay!!

Buzz: Yay!! Thank you. Yes. Buzz is back. Glad to be here. Yeah. But I'm not in charge. You are in charge here. I am not in charge of anything.

Remy: You see, Marina is all about being in charge these days.

Marina: Welcome back!

Buzz: Thank you.

Christina: They are such a cute family. I love hanging out with them.

Remy: Good people. They take care of each other.

Marina: Well, thank you. We try. Okay, so now I have most of my men exactly where I want them, Mallet is on the detective force, you are working here, Henry and I get to hang out every single day... free coffee for everyone.

Remy: Thanks, Henry. Thank you.

Marina: Hey, Henry and I want to share our good fortune with all of our friends and family. Huh, bud? Yeah? What do you think? (Laughter) Good idea.

Shayne: Dinah, what is it? What's wrong?

Dinah: You need to read this.

Shayne: What is it?

Dinah: The results of the D.N.A. test.

Shayne: Okay.

Dinah: I didn't want to hurt you or Mallet or Marina until I knew for sure.

Shayne: What are you talking about?

Dinah: When we were in Bosnia, do you remember I was talking to that nun? When we were at Lara’s grave.

Shayne: Yes.

Dinah: She said that she was Lara’s nurse when she was in the hospital. She told me an incredible story that Lara gave birth to a baby before she died. And that baby is the one that I helped Mallet adopt, Henry. Henry's your son. I had to make sure it was true before I even came to you.

Shayne: No.

Dinah: I couldn't believe it, either. That's why I needed some proof. So I took some hair from your brush, and I took Henry’s pacifier, got some saliva on it, and dropped it off at a D.N.A. lab and asked them to run some tests.

Shayne: No. Dinah, if Lara had given birth, I'd know about it.

Dinah: She didn't have a chance.

Shayne: Why would she do that and not tell me about it?

Dinah: This is an exact match to your D.N.A., Shayne.

Shayne: No. There must have been a mistake made.

Dinah: It's not a mistake. You have the exact same D.N.A. as Henry. Mallet and Marina's baby is your son.

Marina: Peek-a-boo. Where did you go? Hey, Henry, how did I get so lucky? Somebody, somewhere decided that I should be your mommy. You know, you're the best thing that's ever happened to me. Yeah. I love you so much, my angel. I do. I do! I love you.

Josh: Yeah, Roc, it's Josh Lewis again. I have a weird feeling that something is not right with Edmund, so please call me when you can. Thank you.

Olivia: Come on, slow poke.

Natalia: I thought we were going to go for the total spa experience like nails and...

Olivia: No, they have great hiking trails here. The exercise-- that's part of the spa experience.

Natalia: Okay. So it's like a little walk, right? Just like a little walk?

Olivia: It would be nice if we could break a sweat.

Natalia: You know, I'm not so outdoorsy.

Olivia: You? You're miss salt of the earth.

Natalia: No. I grew up in Chicago. It's a big city. I went one time to a park with Rafe for a field trip, and there was poison ivy everywhere. It was disgusting.

Olivia: All right. Watch out for the poison ivy, and just pull your socks so those little tics don't bite your ankles.

Natalia: Eww.

Olivia: What?

Natalia: I didn't know you were a nature girl.

Olivia: I grew up on an island. Okay? But more importantly, I was married to Josh Lewis. So that family likes to hunt and stuff the animals and hang them on the wall.

Natalia: Okay, I got it.

Olivia: Come on, princess.

Natalia: I'm not a princess. You're the princess.

Olivia: I am.

James: Hey, Buzz.

Buzz: Hey. The last time I saw you, you were addicted to computers, and now it seems like you moved in with my granddaughter.

James: Um... yes, Daisy and I had a great time in Florida.

Buzz: I wasn't crazy about the idea, but she had a good time, and she deserves it.

James: Can I get a...

Buzz: What?

James: Can I get a coffee, black?

Buzz: Okay.

James: Hey man. How's it going?

Remy: Great.

James: Tough crowd. So you're back to work?

Christina: I, actually, am thinking of going into business for myself, a daycare center.

James: Pretty brave thing to do these days.

Christina: I've got nothing to lose.

James: Let me know if you need investors. I'm a big supporter of small business.

Christina: Thank you.

Dinah: Nobody knew that this baby survived. Not even Edmund. Not even Edmund. And I don't know what this is. I don't know if it's a coincidence, if it's a miracle. I don't even know if it's destiny. But of all of the babies that Mallet could have adopted, I don't know why it would be yours. And running into the nun like that... I don't know. Would you please say something?

Shayne: It's Lara’s baby.

Dinah: Are you angry at me for waiting to tell you about the results?

Shayne: No. I understand.

Dinah: Thank God. Thank God. Because, you know what, I had this image that you were just going to shut me out...

Shayne: I'm not mad at you.

Dinah: I didn't tell them. I didn't tell them. I want you to tell them when you're ready.

Shayne: Tell them? Tell them what?

Dinah: That you're the baby's father.

Shayne: I'm not. I am the one who made him. Mallet is his father and Marina is his mother. And that is the way that this needs to stay.

Josh: It's Josh. How's Reva?

Jeffrey: Well, she's doing great. Thanks for, you know, dropping her off.

Josh: Is it normal for Roc to answer a voicemail with a fax?

Jeffrey: Josh, you've got to stop worrying. Edmund is gone. We can all get on with our lives.

Josh: Right.

Jeffrey: All right, well, listen, thanks for everything, okay?

Josh: Wait. Wait a second. Do you hear that clicking... hello?

Reva: You know, you and your daddy already have such routines down. You know what? You can do me a favor. You can tell your daddy that your mommy is pretty handy, too. That I can heat up a bottle, and I can change a diaper, and I can even give you a great bath. I can.

Jeffrey: I could use one of those.

Reva: What is it, sweetie? What is it, sweetheart? You're not wet.

Jeffrey: No. That's actually his hungry cry. He goes up an octave when he's wet.

Reva: Well, I've never fed him. I haven't changed his diaper. He doesn't know me. He doesn't know that I'm his mom.

Jeffrey: Look, he knows you. Okay? We visited you.

Reva: You pointed at me through a window.

Jeffrey: You carried him for nine months.

Reva: Yeah, well, he's been out in the world without me.

Jeffrey: Not anymore. We're together now. So, are you ready to feed him?

Reva: Yes. Yes. Okay, we're going to learn this together. Here you go. Oh. Here.

Jeffrey: (Laughing) Wow, this is a big day for him. Look at that. He knows his mommy's home. How about that, Colin, our best girl is home with us now.

Reva: (Laughing)

Christina: Oh, James took us to Universal.

Marina: Right. Yeah. Daisy told me. She said she had a good time.

James: She did?

Marina: Yeah, she did. She said it was fun, considering she was surrounded by Spaulding’s the entire time.

James: I know that feeling. Is she around?

Marina: Nope.

Christina: Can we take a message?

James: No. I just came by to grab a coffee.

Buzz: Would you stop it. He's too young for her.

Remy: It's not that. You know, for a smart girl, she is very naive when it comes to men, Spaulding’s in particular. You know when you and Alan had those matching heart attacks?

Buzz: Yeah. And she saved him? I don't hold that against her.

Remy: Well, he took a liking to her. He wants to pay for med school.

Buzz: She said no, right?

Remy: Well, for now. Bet then James Spaulding pops up and sends the three girls to Florida. When you've had a rough life like Christina, it gets extremely hard to pass up the chance at an easier life.

Buzz: She's a good girl. She'll be all right.

Christina: Mark my words, this summer when you come home, my daycare center will be up and running. Hey, maybe you want a summer job?

Marina: Ah, yeah, no, I don't think his family would probably be so into that.

James: I'm not that good with kids, but it would make for some pretty fun family discussions. I'll think about it.

Christina: All right. I... you're probably going back to school. When is the semester over? (Cell phone rings)

James: Excuse me. I've got to take this.

Christina: Okay.

Marina: I'll tell Daisy you stopped by.

Christina: You see, he's not that bad, and he really likes Daisy.

Marina: Okay. Okay. You're right. I will give him a chance... one. One chance. He is a Spaulding.

Christina: Why does everyone keep saying that?

Marina: Because it's true. You want to go get some air? I think that Henry needs some air. Let's go for a walk.

Natalia: Mission accomplished. I am sweating.

Olivia: Somebody needs to go to the gym.

Natalia: Yeah. I really had no idea that you were, like, the outdoors type. I didn't know.

Olivia: I'm indoor or outdoor. Olivia Spencer, a woman for all seasons. Is that a problem?

Natalia: No. As long as I don't have to keep up.

Olivia: I'll race you back to the room.

Natalia: Please, I don't want to race.

Olivia: I'll give you a head start.

Natalia: That's like cheating.

Olivia: Okay. Fine.

Natalia: Wait. Wait. Wait!

Josh: Hey, girls.

Marina: Hey.

Josh: Wow, he has grown.

Marina: Yes, he has, hasn't he?

Josh: He's a handsome young man, too. I like the hat.

Marina: Well, thank you very much. Just for that, you get free coffee. You can go inside and tell my grandfather I said so.

Josh: Buzz is back?

Marina: Oh, yeah. Yeah. You should go check it out. We are on our way to the park.

Josh: Hey, you know, when he grows up, you're going to have to coach him in baseball.

Christina: Not Mallet?

Josh: Well, I'm sure he'd do fine, but Marina coached my son, and she was great. So you are going to have to do it with this young guy. Have fun.

Christina: Bye.

Marina: Bye.

Christina: He's nice.

Marina: Yes. Yes, he is. He's like my dad. He's just a good guy. You know, the whole family is great.

Christina: So I'm allowed to like him?

Marina: Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. Let's go.

Christina: I'm new around here.

Josh: Good to see you here, Buzz. It's nice to know that some things haven't changed.

Buzz: Really? You want to take a look at this. (Laughter)

Josh: Not really. (Laughter)

Buzz: I'm here because of the family. Coffee?

Josh: Yeah. Two to go, and pie.

Buzz: Billy?

Josh: Uh-huh.

Buzz: Billy? You mean like a pie?

Josh: Yeah.

Buzz: Okay.

Josh: Thank you.

Buzz: A pie for Billy. You and Billy... you know, I guess family is what matters.

Remy: You got that right.

Josh: Hey, let me ask you something: Suppose everyone else thinks a problem is solved, your gut tells you it's not, and it could hurt your family, what do you do?

Buzz: Is this you?

Josh: Yes.

Buzz: Go with your gut.

Josh: Thank you. Welcome back!

Buzz: Thank you.

Jeffrey: Ready to take a break?

Reva: Oh, are you kidding me. The bottle is done, and we're ready to belly up to the bar for another one, right, Colin? Right, sweetie pie?

Jeffrey: He just said make it a double. (Laughter)

Reva: Oh, what are you doing over there? What is that?

Jeffrey: These are the instructions that they sent home with you, the instructions that I'm sure you're not going to follow.

Reva: You know, everyone's mistrust is really getting on my nerves. I have a lot to live for.

Jeffrey: Me, too.

Reva: What does that mean? You're feeling okay, aren't you?

Jeffrey: Relax. I'm fine.

Reva: Good. Because I don't know what I'd do without you.

Jeffrey: Well, I am eventually going to have to go back to work.

Reva: I know, and that's fine. As long as I know you'll be coming home to us, everything is going to be perfect. Just perfect. Perfect.

Shayne: First, I think we should go for some ice cream, and then we should get out of this weather and go inside.

Dinah: Please stop pretending that you're not feeling anything right now. Stop pretending that this baby doesn't exist.

Shayne: Let me ask you something: What does it matter what I feel? I am in no position to be a father to that baby. Right over there, it wasn't very long ago that I was questioning if I wanted to live.

Dinah: You're a dad now.

Shayne: Not the way I see it. Because I have a great dad. So I know what it takes. And I don't got it.

Dinah: Yes, you do. Yes, you do. You are a natural. Children love you, and do not tell me that you weren't going to get married to Lara and have children.

Shayne: Hey, Lara is gone.

Dinah: You're not. Think about your son. What about Henry?

Shayne: If I was Henry... if I was Henry, I wouldn't want to be taken from the only parents I've ever known.

Dinah: I would have given anything to have my parents come and get me when I was little.

Shayne: Your adoptive parents weren't Mallet and Marina.

Dinah: No. They weren’t.

Shayne: Can we just forget it, please? Just forget it.

Marina: Hi, guys. Hey, Henry, look at this. Now we can hang out with your Auntie Dinah and Uncle Shayne. Where it's dry. It will be fun.

Jeffrey: Hey.

Reva: Hey.

Jeffrey: You need to rest.

Reva: No. I don't want to rest. I want to clean the house. I want to bake a cake. I want to take Colin for a walk.

Jeffrey: You know, I'm finding your domestic tendencies very sexy.

Reva: Really?

Jeffrey: Uh-huh.

Reva: I am a new woman. (Laughter)

Jeffrey: You want me to go out and get something to eat.

Reva: No, no. I can do lunch. I'll make lunch.

Jeffrey: Wow!

Reva: I am serious. I'm serious. I can do this.

Jeffrey: You just got home. You should be relaxing.

Reva: I don't want to close my eyes. I don’t. Because he's changing every second, and I don't want to miss it.

Jeffrey: Tuna sandwich. And...

Reva: Pepper jack. I can do that. (Laughing)

Billy: Hey. You got my pie in there, I hope, right?

Josh: Yeah. Yeah, I got your pie. I'm just... this is Reva’s. She just got home from the hospital. I just wanted to make sure everything was okay.

Billy: Well, let's go inside and see if she...

Josh: No, no, no. Let's not do that. I don't think they want company right now. I just was worried that they might be a little preoccupied with Reva’s health, the baby, that kind of thing, and might miss a problem if it were to come by.

Billy: What kind of problem? Josh, what's going on here? "Everything's okay. Don't worry. See you soon, Roc." That doesn't sound like a problem to me.

Josh: It's cryptic. I mean, I just know there's something wrong there.

Billy: Come on Josh, the guy is just terse. What do you care?

Josh: That's what Jeffrey said, but why did he stop calling me? And why is it that every time I talk to Jeffrey or Reva on the phone, I hear this clicking sound. And why is it that I have this feeling in my gut, Billy, that there's something wrong?

Billy: Because there is something wrong.

Josh: What, you think I'm crazy? Is that it?

Billy: No. I just think you need to get a life.

Josh: Well, isn't part of life protecting your family?

Billy: Protecting your family or protecting Reva? Okay. All right. Okay, okay. Let's say you're right. What exactly are we looking for here?

Josh: I don't think Edmund is out of the picture. I really don’t. And Roc supposedly has him somewhere, but Edmund has people. You know what I'm saying?

Billy: Well... you got the pie. So I'll stay with you for a while. Look, we have to go back to work, to the real world, okay?

Josh: I know that. Believe me, I hope I'm wrong about this.

Billy: Yeah, but if you're right, you get to ride in and save Reva. Is that it? I... I didn't say that, I'm sorry.

Marina: So how was Florida?

Dinah: It was a blast. It really was. We had a lot of fun. It's kind of weird being back in real life.

Christina: It was so much fun.

Dinah: Yeah, it was.

Marina: Well, I go to say I'm a little jealous. Although, I think being home with Henry is more fun than any amusement park for me.

Shayne: That's because he has fun parents.

Marina: Oh, you're probably right. That's probably it. No. You know, Henry has been such a blessing for my whole family. I don't know what we would do without him.

Dinah: You know, I think... well, we should go, really, I need to eat.

Marina: Well, then let's all head back over to Company. I mean, we were going to go for a quick walk, but the weather's bad, so...

Christina: And I should get back to Remy.

Dinah: Is Remy at Company?

Christina: Yeah, he's helping Buzz fix the deep fryer.

Marina: Yeah. Let's go. Free lunch. Yeah?

Shayne: Free lunch? When have I ever said no to that?

Marina: Good. Let's go. You can hold the baby. It's a good arm workout on the way back, yeah?

Shayne: Okay. Come on, big man. Let's go have some free lunch.

Natalia: That was amazing.

Olivia: Are you relaxed?

Natalia: Finally.

Olivia: You know what? I am starving. So we should order lunch and figure out what we're going to do tonight.

Natalia: Okay.

Olivia: Maybe a movie? Or maybe a midnight hike?

Natalia: Are you serious?

Olivia: Oh, it's beautiful. Gosh, the moon, the stars... you just have to worry about the bats flying around.

Natalia: No, no, no, I can't do bats.

Olivia: I'm kidding, okay? Movie night?

Natalia: Yes, movie night.

Olivia: Okay. Look at this. It's very delicious. And healthy. See, even you can relax.

Natalia: I'm a very fun person, usually. You don't know . You don't know the half of it.

Olivia: You know what? Why don't you decide what we're going to have for lunch because I'm really starving, okay? (Knock on the door) Emma, what are you doing here?

Natalia: Emma, did you run away again?

Emma: No.

Natalia: Then how did you get here?

Emma: I asked Jane to take me. I missed you guys too much. Both of you.

Olivia: Where is Jane?

Emma: Out waiting in the halls for you guys to say yes. I wanted to surprise you. Please don't send me home. I'll be fun.

Natalia: (Laughing) Well, we do have some extra tickets for the mineral baths.

Olivia: We could take a nature walk and feed the ducks.

Natalia: But not at night because there are bats.

Emma: Yuck!

Olivia: It is way past her bedtime for the bat stuff.

Natalia: You came just in time.

Olivia: You know what, it will be dinner and movie night. You know what? I heard they have great, great desserts if we decide to get crazy. Yeah? Okay. I'll go tell Jane you can say yes, or you go tell her.

Emma: Yes!

Olivia: Now, where's your bag?

Emma: It's over there.

Olivia: You were packed before I even left.

Natalia: She's just so adorable.

Olivia: I don't know too many people who would like a kid showing up for their spa vacation.

Natalia: Then aren't you very lucky you know me?

Olivia: Yes, I am.

Josh: I just need to make sure Edmund doesn't finish what he started.

Billy: Hey, do you have any proof that Edmund is still a threat?

Josh: No, I don't have any proof, okay? Billy, come on. Haven't you ever just had a feeling about something and you can't explain it.

Billy: You know what I know? I know about addiction. And I'll tell you something: You've got a taste for being a hero. And now everything else tastes flat and stale. Josh, it's just like alcohol, come on! You can't live without it until you realize that you don't have a life. You can either sit here and stare at the rain, or you can make a decision to get a life. What's it going to be?

Josh: Okay. You're absolutely right. Get your pie, get in the car. Let's go to work.

Buzz: Ah!

Remy: Everybody, here are the first Buzz burgers of the new administration! ( Cheers and applause)

Marina: Nice.

Remy: Would you like some fries to go with that shake?

Christina: You're a pretty good waiter, but don't quit your day job.

Marina: Dinah, would you mind holding Henry for just a second so I can go take a picture of my grandpa.

Dinah: Absolutely.

Marina: Thanks. See Auntie Dinah!

Dinah: He has your eyes.

Shayne: No, he doesn’t.

Dinah: Those aren't your eyes?

Shayne: No. Those are Lara’s eyes. Can you give me a little warning next time?

Marina: Come on. I just want to take a picture.

Dinah: Okay?

Marina: Yeah?

Dinah: Yeah. Okay, ready?

Marina: Ready?

Dinah: Cheese!

Marina: Nice. Nice. Now, Shayne, one with you, just with you holding Henry, okay?

Shayne: Uh... I'm hungry. How about after I eat?

Marina: Come on. Dinah, just give him Henry. No, right now! Let's go.

Dinah: Go ahead. Yeah.

Marina: One, two, three!

Dinah: I think that's going to make a beautiful picture.

Marina: It's awesome.

Shayne: Here you go, Marina. Thanks.

Marina: Yeah.

Natalia: Tomorrow we're going to get wrapped up in seaweed like mummies.

Emma: Cool.

Olivia: You know, we'll take a dip in a thermal spring and get pedicures, and when we're finished, we'll come back and watch all of your favorite movies!

Emma: Yes.

Olivia: Yes! So, so much for our alone time.

Natalia: Well, moving a little too quick almost cost us our friendship there, so... we're friends and we're family, and we don't want that to change.

Olivia: No, we don’t.

Natalia: And the other stuff... well, we'll figure it out.

Olivia: We will, right? I mean, we're going to figure this out? We have to because we can't just live in limbo. I need to know what we are and aren't going to be to each other. I don't want to play games. Can't keep the other person from living their life.

Emma: Mom, Natalia!

Olivia: Movie time!

Natalia: Okay, what do you we got?

Shayne: Thank you for lunch.

Marina: Of course.

Dinah: We can pay.

Marina: Oh, no, no. Next time, okay. I'm just glad you guys stopped by and you've been here. And Henry is so lucky to have you guys.

Shayne: He's a lucky guy all the way around, isn't he? Right?

Dinah: Yes, he is.

Shayne: We'll see you.

Marina: See you.

Dinah: I feel like I've ruined your life.

Shayne: No, hey, don't say that.

Dinah: Where do you want to go?

Shayne: I, um... I need a little bit of alone time. Is that okay?

Dinah: Sure.

Shayne: Yeah?

Dinah: Yeah.

Shayne: I'll call you later.

Dinah: Okay.

Billy: Okay. Here you go.

Jeffrey: Welcome home, Reva.

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