GL Transcript Tuesday 5/5/09

Guiding Light Transcript Tuesday 5/5/09


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Previously on "Guiding Light"...

Natalia: When we go away together, we'll figure out how to be together-- you know, what we are.

Dinah: I am really nervous about this whole DNA test thing. I want everything to stay the way it is. But that DNA test, I mean, it could really change everything.

Reva: I can't wait to be back home.

Olivia: What are you doing?

Emma: What do you pack for a trip to the spa?

Olivia: They call it "resort casual."

Emma: Who does?

Olivia: The nice people in the magazines.

Emma: Oh. I wish I could go with you and Natalia.

Olivia: Wait. No, you've got a field trip, right? And you like hanging out with Jane.

Emma: Natalia is not getting married. And when you guys come back, can we move back to the farmhouse?

Olivia: No. No. We can't go backwards, baby. But you know what? We can try something new. All right? All right?

Mallet: Oh, who's got the sports page?

Buzz: Who made this coffee? Oh, my gosh.

Marina: I did. You get up and make it tomorrow morning.

Buzz: Where are the comics?

Mallet: Oh, that coffee! That's like undrinkable. You made that at Company?

Marina: Oh, come on. I drank it. Itís... drinkable.

Buzz: I'll make another pot.

Marina: Has anyone seen Dad? He's supposed to watch Henry this morning.

Mallet: You know what? Did Frank come home last night?

Reva: So how am I doing?

Lillian: You're great. If I didn't know you were sick, I wouldn't know you were sick.

Reva: You know what, Lillian? I actually think I'm going to miss you when I go home.

Lillian: You are going to miss me so much. But you do have a baby and a husband to take care of.

Reva: I know. And how soon am I going to be able to do just that?

Lillian: Dr. McMahon is coming to talk to you about it today.

Reva: McMahon? Where is big Colin?

Lillian: He must love being called "Big Colin," for heaven's sake. He's at a conference in Chicago.

Reva: Oh. I'm feeling neglected.

Lillian: You are?

Reva: Uh-huh. Hey! Hey! Hello! I want to come home.

Jeffrey: Listen, you'll come home when the doctor says you can come home, all right? That's all there is to it.

Reva: What happened to my "what the hell" husband?

Jeffrey: Listen, if you come home too early, then you're going to have to go back there. I don't even want to have to think about that, Reva?

Reva: I know. I'll wait for the doctor to clear me. Aren't you itching to get back to work by now?

Jeffrey: This isn't work?

Reva: I know. It's one of the toughest jobs in the world.

Jeffrey: Yeah, nobody told me that when I signed on.

Reva: Any regrets?

Jeffrey: We've got a routine down. Don't worry.

Reva: So you don't miss me or need me at home?

Jeffrey: I miss you so much, you can't even imagine how much. We both miss you.

Reva: Good answer.

Jeffrey: All right, listen, we're going to drop by soon, all right? Hold on. Oh, my God, Reva, you can't believe what just happened.

Reva: Is Colin okay?

Jeffrey: He just lifted his head up.

Reva: Well, what happened?

Jeffrey: He just lifted his head up for the first time! It's amazing!

Reva: He picked up his head?

Josh: Yeah, Roc, it's Josh Lewis. Listen, I don't know if you're... I don't know if you're staying put or if you're moving around with Edmund, but I'd like an update when you get a chance. Give me a call back. Thanks, bye.

Remy: Hey.

Dinah: Hey. What are you doing here?

Remy: You called me. You said you were terrified to pick up the DNA results because...

Dinah: Shh! Shh! Keep it down, please.

Remy: You're worried Shayne is the father of Henry.

Dinah: I know. I know. I know. And I really don't know what I'm going to do if it's true.

Remy: Well, you don't have to tell him.

Dinah: Really?

Remy: Yes, of course you have to tell Shayne.

Shayne: Tell Shayne what?

Remy: Tell Shayne that Christina and I want to hang out. We had fun in Florida, man.

Shayne: Yes, definitely. Anytime.

Dinah: What are you doing here?

Shayne: What am I doing here? I'm here to see my mom, like I do every day.

Dinah: I know, but I thought you were going to come a little bit later.

Shayne: Oh, so you came early to tell me I leave my socks on the floor and I don't put the seat up?

Dinah: No, you don't do that. You're perfect. He's perfect.

Remy: Hold on to that while you can, dude.

Shayne: I'm going to. All right. Are you okay?

Dinah: Yes. Yes, I'm okay. I'm perfect now. Everything is perfect just the way it is.

Natalia: Where is Emma?

Olivia: Jane just picked her up. You got everything?

Natalia: Yeah. Well, I think so. I brought this stuff up so you can just tell me what I need and what I don't need.

Olivia: It's a spa. We're going to be in a bathrobe most of the time.

Natalia: Well, you didn't tell me that.

Olivia: Oh. Is that a problem?

Natalia: No. No. Well, I mean, we can't wear a bathrobe the entire time.

Olivia: No. No. You need tops. You need yoga pants, flip-flops.

Natalia: Yoga pants? I don't have yoga pants. What am I... I donít... this spa things isn't really my thing. I don't really do... like I donít...

Olivia: Okay, wait. Just wait. Wait. What are we doing?

Natalia: I know. I'm sorry.

Olivia: No, it's okay. I mean, I'm nervous, too.

Natalia: Yeah, it's just... it's a big step for us.

Olivia: It doesn't have to be a make-or-break thing.

Natalia: No, I know. I know. We're just going two friends going to a spa for the weekend. It's fine. You know, whatever happens or it doesn't happen, we'll still be friends.

Olivia: Okay, friend, you ready to go?

Natalia: Should I leave some stuff here?

Olivia: No. No. You take half of your closet, and I'll take the other half.

Natalia: Yes.

Olivia: Closet on wheels.

Natalia: Yes.

Olivia: Okay.

Marina: No, Lynn hasn't seen him, either.

Mallet: All right. I'll call the station again. Buzz, you'll ride with Marina?

Buzz: Yeah, I'll ride with Marina.

Marina: Okay. Dad!

Mallet: What happened to you?

Frank: I don't want to talk about it. All I want to do is take a shower and take some aspirin, okay?

Buzz: What the hell happened to you?

Mallet: Frank, are you all right? I mean, are you going to be okay to watch Henry?

Buzz: No, I'll stay. I'll stay.

Marina: No, Grandpa, you had plans.

Buzz: I'll stay!

Frank: I'm sorry I worried you guys.

Marina: Wow! Alicia and a phone number. Maybe he had a good night last night?

Buzz: No. You don't have a good night and look that kind of bad.

Reva: Now? I just went.

Lillian: Well, they want to do a series of tests, so you drink some water. And you be good.

Reva: Yeah, whatever. I'll do my best.

Shayne: Lillian, hi. How is she today?

Lillian: Oh, she's doing really well. I mean, the doctors are so pleased. Come on in and see her.

Shayne: Okay, all right. We will. All right, let's go. Are you guys coming?

Dinah: In a minute. We'll be right in.

Shayne: Okay. She doesn't bite.

Dinah: Henry has a father, a good father, Mallet. Shayne can't be his father.

Remy: Shayne will be a good father, too.

Dinah: I know. I know.

Remy: Listen, I've got to take care of something, okay? Text me if you need me, all right?

Dinah: Okay.

Remy: Okay?

Dinah: Thank you.

(Cell phone rings)

Jeffrey: OíNeill.

Josh: Bad time?

Jeffrey: No. Actually, Reva is entertaining Colin, or vice versa.

Josh: How is she doing today?

Jeffrey: She's doing a lot better, you know, now that Edmund is out of the picture. His presence was really, you know, taking a toll.

Josh: Yeah, on all of us.

Jeffrey: Yeah. So what's up?

Josh: I haven't heard from Roc.

Jeffrey: Well, you know, that's not unusual. Roc likes to keep a low profile. No news is good news. So, listen, you must be relieved to be getting back to your day job, right?

Josh: Yeah. Yeah, yeah, I am. The Lara project is still going on, and, of course, that's a big deal for Shayne. And I understand that Billy has brought in some new clients. So I'm keeping busy.

Jeffrey: All right. Well, thanks for taking care of Edmund.

Josh: I was happy to have the opportunity to protect my family.

Shayne: I couldn't have said good-bye to Lara without Dinah. It was like I was stuck between my life then and my life now. And this trip... this trip brought both parts together.

Reva: Thank you, Dinah, for being there for my son.

Dinah: No. He's the brave one.

Shayne: No, no, no, no. You were great. She was great. I mean, I was taking her to places that were Laraís and mine. You know, everything we saw was going to remind me of her, and... I didn't know. I didn't know if it was going to be too much or too intense for you.

Dinah: I wanted to be there.

Reva: Well, you knew he needed you.

Dinah: Yeah, I guess.

Shayne: Maybe that's what Lara meant. I'm having weird dreams about her.

Dinah: Have you been having more?

Shayne: I had one more. Yeah, I did. She comes to me in this dream, and she says, "Dinah will help you."

Dinah: Oh?

Shayne: I know. So, I don't know, so maybe we needed to go to Bosnia to give Lara peace. I don't know, the way I'm seeing it right now, it's almost like she was saying, you know, "Dinah, he's your problem now."

Reva: Well, he's a nice problem to have.

Shayne: Nice problem. Now is when you're supposed to say something great about me.

Dinah: I'm sorry. I'm out of it. You know what? You guys catch up. I'm going to grab a cup of coffee, okay?

Reva: Thank you, Dinah. You make him very happy.

Dinah: He makes me happy, too.

Reva: What, did I embarrass you?

Shayne: No, I'm fine. But don't break out any baby pictures, though, okay? Please?

Reva: Oh, come on. You know I have to do that eventually. That's a mom thing.

Shayne: That's a mom's right, huh? No, between Henry, Colin, all of the kids over at Universal, I think that... I think that she's on kid overload right now.

Dinah: Please, please, please, Henry. I love you, but don't be Shayneís kid.

Billy: Hey!

Josh: Hey!

Billy: I thought I was going to see you at the office.

Josh: Yeah, I'll get there.

Billy: Uh-oh. We sound a little uninspired.

Josh: Just trying to get myself back into a routine, that's all. Thank you.

Billy: You know, I was thinking about that. You're a preacher, and the next day you're an action hero, and now you're going to come back to humble family business. It sounds a little anti-climatic.

Josh: Hey, I love our humble family business. We're lucky to have it. I'm very aware of that.

Billy: We are lucky to have it, that's for sure.

Josh: Having said that, I do sort of miss playing the action hero, and I can certainly understand how Jeffrey gets addicted to the rush.

Billy: Well, you did a good thing, except that while you were away, I had to do double duty. You got to wear tights and a cape.

Josh: I didn't like the tights a whole lot, but the cape, I liked that.

Billy: Yeah, well, keep it. You know, you might need it again. Just don't wear it when you're in the marketing meeting with the people from St. Louis.

Josh: Okay. I promise.

Billy: Yeah.

Josh: I'm back 100%, okay? You can relax.

Billy: Well, I was thinking that you're the one that should relax. Look, you got rid of Edmund Winslow, and the whole family can breathe again. Reva doesn't have to carry the pistol in her purse. And, yes, Shayne is safe.

Josh: I'm just protecting the family.

Billy: You did a good job, and I'm sure that Reva and Jeffrey are real pleased about it. But now it's time for you to take care of your life and let them take care of theirs.

Josh: Yeah, I know.

Jeffrey: Hey. Is everything okay?

Lillian: Yeah. Well, you tell me.

Jeffrey: You're not here to see me, are you?

Lillian: No. Hello, you sweetie. Oh, you're so precious. Oh! So is everything okay around here? Do you need any help?

Jeffrey: Does it look like I do?

Lillian: You know, it really doesnít. Actually, it looks fine. Amazing.

Jeffrey: Thank you.

Lillian: Okay. I have to go back to the hospital. I was just checking.

Jeffrey: Lillian, you're acting a little strange. You know, I can usually count on you to make some sort of sense, but you have me a little worried here.

Lillian: Oh, you're my friend, and I'm checking on you. Anyhow, bye.

Jeffrey: That's women for you, son. That's women.

Reva: Your father was really fantastic. He was. I mean, he knew that if I told Jeffrey the truth about Edmund, then Jeffrey would go after Edmund, probably kill him, and end up in jail himself.

Shayne: So Dad really came through, didn't he?

Reva: I know. He always does.

Shayne: Always. I know.

Reva: Don't look at me like that.

Shayne: Don't look at you like that? Come on, you know how kids are. No, listen, you know how kids are. I'm always going to want Mom and Dad back together. I am. And I know that Jeffrey makes you happy.

Reva: Yes.

Shayne: Yes, I know that. I'm acknowledging it. But let's be honest, if I'm putting together a team of professional good guys, Dad's my first draft pick.

Reva: You know, actually, that would be fun, wouldn't it? If we put together a touch football team for next Thanksgiving?

Shayne: What are you talking about?

Reva: I'm talking... I'm talking about the Cooperís. They do it every year, but they just play each other. I think we could kick their butts, I do. I mean, what about Dinah? She'd play, right? And Jeffrey... I could talk Jeffrey into anything.

Shayne: You need to slow down. I think you're out of your mind. Okay, how about you feel better first?

Reva: I love football. I really do.

Nurse: We need some blood, Mrs. OíNeill.

Reva: Oh, good!

Shayne: She needs some blood, and I need to hit the road. Bye-bye.

Reva: Chicken. Talk to you later.

Shayne: Uh-huh. Excuse me. Bye.

Reva: Bye, baby doll. Be good.

Shayne: I'll try.

Dinah: M-A-R-L-E-R.

Nurse: Yeah, it was a DNA test, right?

Dinah: Yes, exactly. I got a call saying that the results were in.

Nurse: Yeah, I'll get them.

Dinah: Thank you. Everyone is happy just the way it is-- Mallet, Marina, Shayne, and me. Henry. Henry's awfully happy with the mommy and daddy he already has. That's just the way it is. It's good just the way it is.

Frank: What, no questions?

Marina: No. No questions.

Frank: Well, that's a first.

Mallet: No, I mean, Frank, if you're okay, we're okay.

Frank: Well, I can't always be okay.

Marina: Of course you canít. Nobody can be okay all the time. That's what we're saying. So if you need any help with anything-- like your toast-- you can just let us know.

Frank: I think I know how to make toast. Thank you.

Marina: Okay. I guess I'll go to work.

Mallet: Yeah, let's go to work.

Marina: Dad, if you need anything, you can call me.

Frank: Marina, enough.

Buzz: Take it easy, Frank.

Frank: You know, I would be completely fine if all of you would just get out of here.

Natalia: This room is amazing.

Concierge: Only the best for our friends at the Beacon.

Olivia: Well, thank you. I'll return the favor when you come and stay with us.

Concierge: Inside, you'll find room service and spa service menus. We're running specials on seaweed wraps and couple's massage.

Olivia: Thank you. We'll look into that.

Concierge: Okay?

Olivia: Yeah. So do you want this room, and I'll take the other one?

Natalia: Yeah, whatever.

Concierge: I'm sorry, Ms. Spencer, but we book months in advance. We moved mountains just to get you this one room.

Natalia: Just the one room?

Mallet: So I'll see you on my break?

Marina: Yes, unless I go home to check on the big guy.

Mallet: Oh, please, Henry is fine.

Marina: I was talking about my dad.

Mallet: Your dad is going to be okay. He's just got to get Natalia out of his system. Unfortunately, that's going to take some time.

Marina: I know. I was just hoping that everything with Natalia would work out.

Mallet: Yeah, I know.

Marina: I just want my dad to be happy.

Mallet: Me, too.

Marina: I'll see you later.

Mallet: See you.

Olivia: You know what? I think all the hair products are lavender, and the rest are citrus-based. Here, smell this.

Natalia: Rub it in.

Olivia: You rub it in.

Natalia: Rub it into... that's good. You know, we could... we could just get a cot. I could sleep on the cot, and...

Olivia: We've shared a bed together in the past.

Natalia: I know, yeah. It's not falling asleep watching a movie with Emma right there.

Olivia: What do you think the manager suggested when he was talking about couple's massages?

Natalia: I don't know. I was going to ask you.

Olivia: Let's ask him. (Knocking on the door)

Blake: Hey.

Olivia: Hi.

Blake: Hi.

Olivia: This is funny.

Blake: Isn't it? I saw your name downstairs for a facial when I was getting a pedicure, and I... you know, I love this place. I didn't know you came here.

Olivia: It's my first time, actually.

Blake: Is it?

Olivia: Yeah.

Blake: Oh.

Natalia: Hi.

Blake: Hi. Natalia. Wow. Well, I guess this makes sense. I mean, you must be feeling pretty terrible.

Natalia: Me?

Blake: Well, you screwed up big-time. I mean, but itís... it might not be too late.

Frank: Pop, I would just like to come home and not be interrogated, that's all.

Buzz: Frank, if I walked in here like you, with my face cut up like that, you'd be asking me questions.

Frank: You have and I did, and I still didn't get any answers from you.

Buzz: Frank, who is Alicia?

Frank: What?

Buzz: The girl on the matchbook.

Frank: You're going through my pockets now?

Buzz: It fell out, Frank. I don't think last night was about Alicia. I've got things to do. Can you take care of Henry?

Frank: I don't think that's a good idea. I don't think I'd be a good influence on him.

Buzz: Well, then maybe Henry can take care of you.

Remy: Hey, are you okay?

Dinah: Yeah.

Remy: Did you find out the results?

Dinah: Yeah, I have them.

Remy: So, is Shayne Henryís father?

Dinah: I don't know. I haven't looked at the results yet. But I'll give you a call as soon as I know. I promise.

Remy: You better. Okay?

Shayne: Hey, hey. Where were you? Are you okay?

Dinah: Yeah. I'm just tired. I'm just tired. I'm going to be fine.

Shayne: Okay. The coffee didn't work, huh?

Dinah: I just want to go home and just relax, take a nap.

Shayne: Can I come with you? Or you're sick of me now.

Dinah: No, I'm not sick of you.

Shayne: You're not sick of me?

Dinah: No. I just want us... I just want us to stay the way we are, all right? That's all. Just the way we are. Let's go.

Shayne: All right.

Josh: You up for a visit?

Reva: You? Sure. Come in. Hi.

Josh: Hi.

Reva: Are you back on the job now?

Josh: Maybe tomorrow. I'm just trying to catch up on paper first before I actually, you know, go in.

Reva: Well, Wanda told me that everybody misses you there. Are you okay?

Josh: Yeah, yeah. I'm going back to work in the family business with my older brother-- that's a good thing. Not quite as fulfilling as chasing the bad guy.

Reva: Hmm. You were pretty good at the secret agent stuff.

Josh: Thank you.

Reva: I mean, you got Edmund. Unfortunately, you put yourself out of business.

Josh: No, it felt good, protecting you and our son. I don't really know what's going on in my life these days, so it was good to have a purpose for a while.

Reva: Well, the kids and I need you.

Josh: You need your husband. And you need to feel safe and sound so you can take care of that beautiful new little baby of yours.

Reva: Well, thank you for making it possible.

Lillian: The doctor is going to be needing to see you in a couple of minutes.

Reva: Why do you sound so serious?

Josh: I'll wait outside.

Reva: Tell me.

Lillian: No. I just... I'm telling you that the doctor is going to be in to see you in a couple minutes.

Reva: Well, can you stay? Because I don't even know this doctor.

Lillian: I will be right back. I have to check in another patient. I promise you I'll be back. Oh, boy, that little frown on your face-- my Lord, it's going to freeze your face forever.

Remy: Is that page 43 of my mom's handbook?

Lillian: Are you okay?

Remy: I will be if I can pick up some extra shifts at the hospital.

Lillian: Well, I thought you were a full-time EMT?

Remy: I was. I am.

Lillian: Ooh, ooh, ooh. I knew they were going to do some cutbacks.

Remy: Yeah. I'm the lowest on the totem pole.

Lillian: I'm so sorry.

Remy: Yeah, well. Can you do this for me? I haven't told my family or Christina, so...

Lillian: I won't tell anybody. And I'll be on the lookout for work for you and for Christina.

Remy: Thank you, Lillian. Thank you.

Reva: Oh, hey. Come here. I'm glad you're here.

Josh: What did the doctor say?

Reva: Well...

Josh: Well, what?

Reva: They're sending me home. I've kicked the infection, and whatever treatments I need, I can do it on an outpatient basis. In fact, they even think I'll respond better, as long as I follow a few simple rules.

Josh: Oh, rules. Well, that's going to be a problem.

Reva: No. That's not bad. I mean, these are easy: Lots of rest, somewhat of a diet, moderate exercise, like walking and gardening. I think I can do that.

Josh: Congratulations.

Reva: Thank you.

Josh: You've done it again.

Reva: Well, I'm not cancer-free, but I am winning. Now I get to go home and be with my baby.

Josh: Jeffrey must be excited.

Reva: Yeah, I want to surprise them.

Josh: Well, when can you go home?

Reva: Well, all I have to do is pack and sign a few papers, and then I am out of here.

Josh: I can drive you, if you'd like.

Reva: Really? Because I was actually going to call Shayne, but that would be...

Josh: No. I'm already here.

Reva: Thank you.

Josh: Sure.

Reva: Thank you for taking care of us and me.

Josh: No problem. Always.

Frank: With Natalia, I'd walk in a room and I'd just see her there, and she would just make me so happy. She'd bake me cookies, okay? I mean, do you know how hard it is to find somebody out there who bakes cookies? Let me tell you something, if you find a girl out there who starts baking you cookies and all of that, man, don't let her go. But you know what? I'm going to have to let Natalia go for now. I really just... I'd still like to be her friend, but it's different now. It's different, but... anyway, listen, thanks for listening, you know? I really need to talk to somebody about this, and I really don't want to... I don't really want to stress my family out, so thanks for being a good listener. And we'll just keep it between us, okay, pal? All right?

Buzz: He is a good listener.

Frank: Yeah, he is. And you're right, he did make me feel better.

Shayne: I don't know how you got this tense.

Dinah: What?

Shayne: These knots. You have a couple of knots. We just came off of vacation. I thought we had a good time in Florida, hmm? Right there. Things are finally looking up for us.

Dinah: Yeah. You know what?

Shayne: What?

Dinah: I love our life together. I don't want anything to ever change.

Shayne: Me, neither.

Blake: So you're really not going to marry Frank?

Natalia: Frank is a wonderful man.

Blake: Yes, he is. He's the best.

Natalia: But he deserves to be with a woman who really loves him, you know, with all her heart.

Blake: And you don't?

Natalia: No, not like I should.

Blake: Well, then, you know, it's just for the best then-- unless it's just cold feet. Are you sure it's not...

Natalia: No, it's not.

Blake: You're doing the right thing. I mean, there is nothing worse than walking down the aisle and think that you're making a big mistake.

Natalia: Has that ever happened to you?

Blake: Yes, it has. But then I've also gotten it right. I got it right once. When it's right, you'll know. Sometimes it only happens once, but... even that is perfect, if it's real love. How about you, Olivia? I haven't seen you out with anybody. Are you dating anybody right now?

Olivia: I'm not really looking.

Blake: Well, when you're ready, you'll find somebody. You always do. Oh, man, this is so much fun. I haven't done a girls' weekend forever.

Olivia: Are you okay?

Natalia: Oh, yeah, I think so. You?

Olivia: Yeah. I think Blake was just a little worried about Frank, that's all.

Natalia: No, I know. I understand.

Olivia: You do?

Natalia: Part of me was just... I just wanted to tell her we're together.

Olivia: What stopped you?

Natalia: The part of me that doesn't really understand what being "together" means for us yet.

Olivia: Okay. All right. You know what? We need to just take a deep breath and chill out, because we promised ourselves we're going to take advantage of this time and just see where it goes, right?

Natalia: Right. But there's always going to be a Blake or some stranger we don't know that's looking at us and implying things...

Olivia: So I'm not the only one who felt a little awkward when that guy was implying or thinking or...

Natalia: You know what? It's what we think.

Olivia: You're right.

Natalia: How do we expect people to accept us being together, if that's what we even are, if we don't accept it yet?

Olivia: Okay. Where did the "if" come from? There's an "if"?

Natalia: Forget the big picture. I'm talking about when people start something up, and they have to deal with their own personal baggage.

Olivia: Okay. You know, I get that. So, you know, I travel light. Some people bring the whole closet.

Natalia: I'm trying to be serious.

Olivia: Why are you getting so upset by this?

Natalia: You know, I bet that you're glad that Blake is here, so that way we don't have to deal with each other.

Olivia: No. I think, actually, I'm dealing fine. You're the one who's having a problem. We probably should just skip the whole spa thing and gone to a religious retreat.

Natalia: You know what? This isn't working out. I'm going to go ahead and leave.

Olivia: No. You stay. I'll leave!

Mallet: Oh, yeah, look at you guys.

Marina: You are awfully cute.

Buzz: Henry is taking care of Frank.

Frank: Yeah, and he did a damn good job, actually. I'm sorry I lost it with you guys earlier, okay? I apologize.

Marina: Okay. Do you want to tell us what happened last night?

Frank: Don't push it.

Mallet: Buzz, what are you doing? Are you okay?

Frank: You all right, Pop?

Buzz: No. I think I've got to set a better example for you. I think I need to go to work.

Marina: You want to run the restaurant?

Buzz: No, no. You're in charge. I'll work for you, if you'll let me.

Marina: Well, I'll make a sign: "Buzz burgers are back."

Buzz: I didn't know they left.

Marina: When can you start?

Buzz: Yesterday.

Marina: Oh, you're hired! (Laughter)

Buzz: Oh, here's your coat.

Frank: It was good for her.

Marina: We're going to be okay.

Right there by your failure to recognize

you've been searching for something you never found

sat there in your own pandemonium

trying hard not to let yourself go

but it's too late you'll come undone.

You're coming undone...

Shayne: Hey. Dinah, what's wrong?

Josh: You going to be okay?

Reva: Yeah. I'm happy, I'm excited, but I'm also a little scared. I mean, they... they have their life set up. I don't know if there is going to be room for me in it.

Josh: Well, that's just crazy talk.

Reva: My baby doesn't even know me yet.

Josh: He's about to have the experience of a lifetime, getting to know Reva Shayne.

Reva: Thank you. And thanks, really, for getting me through all this.

Josh: You're welcome. Now, go get 'em, girl.

Reva: I will. I can do this.

Josh: Yes, you can. Good luck.

Reva: Hi.

Jeffrey: What are you doing? Is this a visit?

Reva: It's a long one.

Jeffrey: Oh, my God.

Reva: I'm home for good. I'm home for good! (Little Colin crying) Where's my baby? Where's my baby?

Jeffrey: You know, wait a minute. You know, I get one more kiss before I hand you over. Why didn't you call me?

Reva: Because I wanted to see if I could still surprise you.

Jeffrey: Well, it sounds like someone is happy to see you. Allow me. Come on. Oh. Okay.

Reva: Hi.

Jeffrey: Hi, Mommy.

Reva: Hi, handsome! Hi, my handsome! Hi, handsome! Hi, handsome! Hi! ( Laughter)

Coming up on "Guiding Light,"

Dinah: I didn't want to hurt you or Mallet or Marina until I knew for sure.

Shayne: What are you talking about?

Marina: You're the best thing that's ever happened to me.

Jeffrey: Josh, you've got to stop worrying. Edmund is gone.

Josh: Right.

Natalia: We have gone right back to the beginning where we don't even like each other. What have we figured out?

Olivia: That this was a big mistake!

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