GL Transcript Monday 5/4/09

Guiding Light Transcript Monday 5/4/09


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Previously on "Guiding Light"...

Doris: Your ex-fiancé, she has the hots for Olivia.

Frank: You stop spreading lies about Natalia! I got into a fight.

Bill: Are you sure about this?

Lizzie: Marrying you?

Bill: The no-frills elopement.

James: I want you to take out Granddad for me.

Daisy: Is that your dad with Alan?

James: Is he really going to do it?

Alan: This isn't a ride.

Phillip: It could be.

Natalia: I'm going to just step out just for a minute, okay?

Olivia: Hey, where are you going?

Frank: I've got to get the hell out of here.

Olivia: Frank, it's not a hotel. You can't just check out. Let me get your doctor, okay?

Frank: Haven't you done enough already?

Olivia: Wait, wait! Natalie’s going to be worried sick.

Frank: If you care so damn much about Natalia, you'll get out of her life before you ruin it.

Olivia: Just wait. Wait! Frankie, wait.

(Sighs) (cell phone rings)

Lizzie: Hi, Billy.

Billy: Hey, darling, I've been trying to get a hold of Bill. You guys must be whooping it up down there in Florida. He hasn't returned my calls.

Lizzie: Um... he's a little busy.

Billy: Are you okay? You sound a little different.

Lizzie: I am. I'm engaged. Okay, I had had to tell someone. Bill and I are getting married.

Billy: (Laughs) It's about time!

Shayne: Would you like a drink?

Dinah: I would love one.

Shayne: You would love one? You look great.

Dinah: Thank you. I'm going to be right over there. (Laughs) Hey.

Remy: Hey.

Dinah: What's up with you?

Remy: Christina dumped me.

Dinah: Did you screw up?

Remy: What? Why do you assume that? Like why do...

Dinah: Never mind. Sorry. Remy, I am really nervous about this whole D.N.A. test thing. I mean, I go home and I find out if Shayne is little Henry’s father?

Remy: You have to tell Shayne.

Dinah: Yes, I will tell him if there is something to tell him. But, I mean, everything is going so well. Marina and Mallet, they're thrilled with their little boy, and Shayne and I are happy. We're happy. And I just want everything to stay the way it is. But that D.N.A. test, I mean, it could really change everything. Everything.

Daisy: James! James, stop! What...

James: I've got to get to them.

Daisy: Why? What's going on?

James: He's just crazy enough to do it if I don't stop him.

Daisy: Who?

James: My dad, I think he's about to retire my granddad permanently.

Alan: Phillip, if this is about Ravenwood...

Phillip: Oh, no, no, I know, that was for my own good.

Alan: It was. Son, I wanted you to get well so we could have days like we had today, huh?

Phillip: You know, it's a little tough to play theme park games when you're in a straightjacket. You know, maybe James was right. Maybe we would all be a lot better off without you here.

Alan: James said that?

Phillip: I just want this family to be happy. And, you know, sometimes, for a few minutes, I think we can be. And then I realize, no, there's too much damage done that's been done. Maybe the only way for us to move on is if we can find a way to erase the unhappiness of the past.

Natalia: What are you doing here?

Doris: I was just going to check up on Frank.

Natalia: Why?

Doris: Well, maybe I just like to check on the voters. I'm that kind of mayor.

Natalia: Bedside visits don't really seem like they're your thing.

Doris: All right, look, maybe I also want to apologize and avoid any unnecessary lawsuits. Look, my guys got a little carried away. They take their jobs very seriously.

Natalia: This is you? You're the reason why Frank looks like he lost a fight with a train?

Doris: You know what, Frank was drunk and very belligerent and my security guards took him down.

Natalia: That is not like Frank at all. What was this fight about?

Doris: You, and the woman that you swear is just your friend.

Olivia: They might be giving you some pretty heavy meds because you seem a little out of sorts.

Frank: I see things very clearly right now.

Olivia: Frank, will you lie down? Let me get a nurse.

Frank: Don't patronize me. You know exactly what I'm talking about. I know about you and Natalia.

Olivia: Don't be angry at her, Frank. She feels bad enough as it is, Frank.

Frank: I'm not angry with her at all, actually. This was your idea, wasn't it?

Olivia: Excuse me?

Frank: The two of you hooking up or whatever it is you're doing.

Olivia: Frank, I know this is difficult and I'm sorry.

Frank: You mixed her up, because that's exactly what Olivia Spencer does, doesn't she? She sees something that she wants, she goes after it, she does every trick in the book to get it.

Olivia: Can we not talk about this in the middle of a hospital?

Frank: What was it? You didn't want to see us happy? You couldn't deal with that, is that what it was?

Olivia: That's not fair.

Frank: You struck out with Gus, so you decided to go after his wife?

Natalia: Stop. Stop, Frank. If you want somebody to blame, blame me.

Lizzie: Billy, it was the most romantic proposal at an amusement park.

Billy: When's the wedding?

Lizzie: Actually, we're eloping.

Billy: You sure you don't want some big ol' wedding?

Lizzie: No. All I want is Bill.

Billy: Well, in that case, you have my blessing.

Lizzie: Thank you, Billy. That means a lot.

Billy: Hey, look, I've got to get going. I'm actually meeting some guys, we're going to go fishing. But I'll be thinking about you and Bill and I am going to throw you a big ol' party when you get back from that honeymoon, okay?

Lizzie: Well, you may have a long wait because this is one honeymoon that'll never end.

Dinah: Yeah, I do know. I have been so anxious about this D.N.A result. But now I don't even want them.

Shayne: Don't want what?

Dinah: All the calories in this drink. I can't imagine how many there are. Probably a million.

Shayne: All the calories in the drink?

Dinah: Yeah.

Shayne: After the corn dog and cotton candy yesterday, baby, I don't think it's going to matter.

Dinah: Oh.

Shayne: You want something? Want me to get you something?

Remy: Yeah, yeah, I'll have a drink to make me stop thinking about Christina. Hey, what are you doing?

Christina: I'm going home so you can spend your time with someone fun.

Daisy: Wait, wait, wait. This is a joke, right? You don't honestly think your dad would hurt Alan? Whoa! No cocky smile? No quick comeback? You really are worried?

James: Why can't my family be normal like everyone else's?

Daisy: Have you met my family?

James: You survived being a Cooper.

Daisy: Barely.

James: So maybe we do have something in common.

Alan: What are we doing... what are we doing out here?

Phillip: It's quality father and son time. I'm surprised you don't recognize it.

Alan: Why don't you tell me what you want, Phillip?

Phillip: I want you to stop destroying the family. You did it to me and now you're doing it to the kids. You have a carefree kid like James who is ready to dance at your wake.

Alan: So you've come back to fix the family, is that it, Phillip? Get rid of everyone who's disappointed you? Well, go ahead, start with me.

Phillip: You know, I pretty much gave you a pass for shooting me. But if you think that you're going to ruin my children's lives, you think I'm going to stand by and let you do that...

James: Dad, Dad, don't do it. Let it go. Let it go.

Phillip: James, relax, all right? Your grandfather and I are just having a little chat.

Alan: You know, James, I'm glad you saw that. Your father just threatened me. He obviously needs psychiatric care. Now I want you to go call security.

Phillip: You know what, you sound a little paranoid, Dad. Maybe you're the one who needs to talk to a shrink.

James: So you weren't going to do it?

Phillip: Calm down, all right? Our family is crazy enough. Let's not give Daisy the wrong impression.

Daisy: Oh, no, this is perfectly normal.

Phillip: Yes, this is normal. Well, for us, it is normal. Maybe we should start our own theme park because the Lord knows every day is a fun-filled family adventure day at Spaulding world.

Bill: Hey.

Lizzie: Now, I know you wanted pictures of your fiancé, but I think you're going to have to settle for pictures of your wife because it's time for me to start getting ready.

Bill: You know, that bag you brought up here is big enough. You sure you don't want to have a gown and veil in there?

Lizzie: No. I have some stuff to go hiking in and swimming, but not marrying.

Bill: Well, maybe there's something around here that you could wear.

Lizzie: I'll be fine. It's okay.

Bill: Okay.

Lizzie: Seriously, look, I've got flowers and we can play music. There's a C.D. player. We're going to make it work.

Bill: Okay. Beautiful.

Remy: Wait, wait, wait. Look, you didn't understand what I'm saying. You're just blowing things out of proportion.

Christina: Oh, so now I'm not fun and I overreact.

Remy: That is not what I said.

Christina: It's what you meant.

Remy: I'm not letting you leave here mad at me.

Christina: You did not buy my plane ticket, so don't tell me what to do.

Remy: You want a reason to start a fight? I'm going to give you one. It's good!

Christina: Are you kidding me?

Natalia: I think you should get in bed.

Frank: I finally figured it out. I know the real reason why you stopped the wedding. And it's standing right here.

Natalia: Frank, if you think that Olivia pushed me into anything, that I could be that easily manipulated, then you never really knew me.

Olivia: Natalia, you don't have to do this.

Natalia: I care too much for you to let us live a lie, and that's exactly what our marriage would have been.

Frank: She got into your head. She can convince anyone of anything.

Natalia: I know this is really hard to accept, but... you know, there's just... it just happened, and it's real. And now you have to let go.

Frank: So that's it, huh? It's now you and Olivia? What is it that you are, exactly?

Natalia: I don't know. I don't know. I don't know if I'll ever know, but I know what it's not. It's not harmful or sinful or 100 other words that had me ready to marry a good man like you and make us both regret it for the rest of our lives.

Frank: All along, I thought it was me. I thought I was pushing you way too hard. I blamed myself, and you let me.

Natalia: I never... I never meant to hurt you, Frank.

Frank: It's a little late for that, don't you think, Natalia?

Natalia: Wait. Frank! Frank! I owed Frank the truth. Or else he's just going to keep getting into fights.

Olivia: That's how he got that shiner.

Natalia: He deserves better. He deserves to be happy.

Olivia: So do we.

Natalia: Yes, we do. But is this the price that we have to pay because we have these feelings?

Olivia: I don't know.

Natalia: Today it's Frank, and the next it could be Emma, it could be Rafe.

Olivia: I don't know. I don't know. We've tried ignoring this. But we're together. And we're together. So what does that say?

Natalia: That this is real. But then there are all of these real consequences that we have because we feel this way about each other.

Olivia: I knew the consequences the minute I told you that I love you. If you can't handle this, then you need to let me know now.

Frank: Damn.

Rafe: Frank. Frank, I thought that was you. Damn, you look like hell. Listen, I want to say I'm sorry again about you and my mom not working out.

Frank: Thanks, Rafe. I've got to go.

Rafe: Oh, Frank, come on, stop. What happened to you?

Frank: You wouldn't believe it.

Rafe: Try me.

Bill: No, that's great. Yeah, that's fine. We will be here. Thanks. All righty, so, that was the Justice of the Peace. Looks like we'll be getting married in the moonlight.

Lizzie: Oh.

Bill: Hey, we don't have to do this.

Lizzie: Hey, it's okay. Really. It's going to be good. It's going to be good.

Bill: (Laughs) You are being very Zen about this.

Lizzie: We did survive my family following us to Universal. I guess I feel like we can handle anything.

Bill: Uh-huh. Uh-huh. So what do you want to do to pass the time?

Lizzie: We could play checkers.

Bill: I was thinking we could do a rehearsal.

Lizzie: You want to rehearse the wedding?

Bill: The honeymoon.

Lizzie: Yeah?

Bill: Oh!

Lizzie: (Screams)

Christina: I cannot believe you did that.

Remy: I had to keep you here and that's all I could come up with.

Christina: How am I going to get my bag?

Remy: I guess you'll have to get your swimsuit and go get it.

Christina: My swimsuit is in my bag.

Remy: That is even better. You'll have to go without a swimsuit.

Christina: You're an ass. Sorry.

Alan: You know, James, I was starting to have high hopes for this little family vacation of ours, but then your father seems to have other plans.

Phillip: You know, the only reason that I came down here was to make sure that Lizzie was okay.

James: Well, this was great. Daisy and I are going to get going. We've got to meet up with her friends.

Alan: Wait a minute, wait a minute. What about your family time here?

James: Family time's over. You tried, Grandpa, but we just don't like being around each other.

Phillip: But James, actually, I need to talk to you for a minute.

James: Can it wait until we get back to Springfield?

Phillip: No, it can’t.

James: Daisy and I were going to...

Phillip: Actually, Daisy, I was going to ask you, would you do me a favor? Would you take Alan on Dueling Dragons because he really loves it?

Alan: All right, Daisy, let's go. I think we can figure out a way to have a little fun. Come on.

Daisy: Okay.

Phillip: Thanks. She's a nice girl. You should be nice to her. She should get extra points for sticking around, too.

James: I see Alan is alive and hissing.

Phillip: Please tell me that you're not disappointed.

James: I was trying to point out at how toxic Granddad is, how the whole family is.

Phillip: Yeah, well, that's going to change. Things are going to get better.

Olivia: If we move forward, we can't have any regrets.

Natalia: Well, I've had my personal talk with God, and I am making peace with this. Are you?

Olivia: My soul has never been much of a battleground. We can't stay inside forever. We've got to live our lives.

Natalia: So, um... when we go away together, we'll figure out how to be together, you know, what we are to each other.

Rafe: I'm sorry, I'll be right there. Frank, come on, you've got a bag of bandages and aspirin. You've got a six-pack of beer. What happened?

Frank: I walked into a door.

Rafe: Frank...

Frank: Rafe, there's something that you should know about the wedding.

Rafe: I'm listening.

Frank: Your mom and me, man, we just weren't meant to be, and it's my loss.

Rafe: Come on, Frank, it's Mom's loss, too.

Frank: I just hope that we can stay friends.

Rafe: I promise you, your number is still on my speed dial.

Frank: Your mom is a great lady, and she worked very hard for you. She stands up for the people that she loves. And if you happen to be one of those people, well, then, you're very lucky.

Rafe: I know, my mom is the best, right?

Frank: Don't forget that. And don't let anyone ever convince you other than that, all right?

Rafe: When I'm free, why don't we just play some hoops or something, all right?

Frank: You got it, man.

Rafe: Yeah?

Frank: Yeah. Easy, easy.

Rafe: I'm sorry. Be careful with those doors.

Frank: Be cool.

Shayne: It's bad. This is bad. This is going to get ugly.

Dinah: Especially if she had some shoes in that bag.

Christina: You better put that bag right here, thank you.

Remy: You are pushing every one of my buttons, woman.

Christina: That's what make me so fun.

Remy: You are fun.

Christina: Oh no, no, no, it is too late for that. Don't even try it.

Remy: It is not fair, you leaving before I try to make it up to you.

Christina: Okay. Go ahead.

Remy: Christina... um...

Christina: That's all you've got?

Remy: I don't want to say something that'll piss you off again.

Christina: Well, say something.

Remy: Your smile brightens the room. Look, I came down here and dropped everything because I wanted to make sure you're okay. Now, I know you can take care of yourself, but I needed to be here. I like taking care of you. How's that?

Christina: That's pretty good. Keep going.

Remy: Okay. And you're hard to keep up with, but I love trying. And our relationship has nothing but surprises, and that's fun. See, we're fun together, me and you... (screaming)

Dinah: Why does romance always work out that way? The minute you finally get it together, you're jumping in the water, making a splash.

Shayne: No, no, no. Hey. Hey, I don't think the splashes matter if you find someone that you're meant to be with. (Laughter)

Lizzie: (Screams)

Alan: You know, Daisy, I know what you're up to. You're not hiding anything from me.

Daisy: What are you talking about?

Alan: What is it with you Cooper women that find Spaulding men irresistible, huh?

Daisy: It must be your great personalities.

Alan: You're not going to ruin James' life the way your mother ruined Phillip, all so she could marry a Spaulding.

Daisy: You've got it all wrong. I like James because he's not like a Spaulding.

Alan: So you admit it. It's out in the open now, huh?

Daisy: Yeah. People like people, Alan. That's not a crime in anyone's books but yours.

Alan: Stay away from him.

Daisy: I will if you will.

Phillip: I've been thinking a lot about you, and about why you've distanced yourself from us.

James: Isn't it obvious? We can't come to an amusement park without drawing blood.

Phillip: You think you were born just to save Lizzie’s life, don't you?

James: When Lizzie beat leukemia, you didn't have much use for me.

Phillip: James, that's not the way it was. You've got to understand, when you were born, your mom was married to somebody else.

James: So you decided not to acknowledge me for her sake?

Phillip: No. I distanced myself. Just like you are now.

James: Why? Because you thought you were doing me a favor?

Phillip: No. Because I cared too much about you and I couldn't stand the thought of somebody else raising you.

James: Whatever, it's cool.

Phillip: No, it's not cool. You're my son, and I love you. And I'll go to the end of the earth for you. I just hope you're not going to ask me to jump through crazy hoops to prove that to you.

James: That was my way of seeing if I could count on you. But that's Lizzie’s franchise.

Phillip: I'm sorry.

James: For what?

Phillip: For all of it. For never teaching you to play baseball or sail. Or... I never took you to an amusement park. I know we missed a lot.

James: I managed.

Phillip: I know you did, and I'm proud of you. But I'm back now, and I'm not just here for my other children. I'm here for you. If there is anything that you need, all you have to do is tell me.

James: There is something I've been having a little trouble with. (Cell phone beeps)

Phillip: Daisy?

James: I've got to go.

Olivia: We'll take the luxury package. What does that include? Oh, salt or mud?

Natalia: What?

Olivia: Salt glow or mud treatment?

Natalia: Manicures or whatever.

Olivia: No. No. We want to take it all. We want everything. Yeah, okay. What? Rooms? They want to know if we want one room or two. Separate. Separate rooms. Thanks. Bye.

Natalia: Wow! I've never done anything like this before.

Olivia: Me, neither.

Natalia: No, I mean... I meant for this. I meant, like, you know, staying in a ritzy resort. All that. Should've asked what the prices are.

Olivia: No, I get a professional discount, you know, one hotel to another. So don't worry about that.

Natalia: So, we're really doing this, huh?

Olivia: Yeah, I guess so.

Natalia: Frank knows about us now, so, you know, the word is going to get out pretty soon.

Olivia: I know. We're just... we're going to have to be ready.

Natalia: Yeah. But, um... how do we, you know, behave around each other when we get there? Do we hold hands, or, you know... at dinner, do we sit next to each other, across from each other?

Olivia: You know, why don't we just do what we feel like doing? Whatever feels right.

Natalia: So kind of like a test run.

Olivia: Yeah. You know what, we can talk about our situation or we can drink our fill of cucumber water and come home.

Natalia: Okay, good, there's no pressure.

Olivia: No pressure.

Natalia: I just hope Frank's okay.

Liz: You okay, Detective?

Frank: I'm fine, Liz.

Liz: How about another drink, on the house?

Frank: Thank you.

Woman: I hope the other guy had it coming.

Frank: Actually, I had it coming. Liz, another beer. Thank you. I'm sorry. I was just very rude to you. My name's Frank. Frank Cooper. I had a rough day on the job.

Woman: You a cop? I love cops. You married?

Frank: No. No, I'm not. Mind if I join you?

Woman: Please do.

Waiter: Two pacific paradises for the ladies.

Dinah: Oh, thank you.

Waiter: There you go. And two beers for the gentlemen.

Shayne: Thank you, sir.

Remy: Thank you.

Waiter: Can I offer you anything else?

Dinah: I think that will do it. Thank you.

Christina: Dinah, thank you so much for loaning me something to wear.

Dinah: Oh, sure, no problem. You know, the four of us hanging out like this, this is terrific. Why didn't we think of this sooner?

Shayne: Because we weren't dating before.

Remy: Because Christina and I were too busy trying to get a divorce.

Dinah: Oh, okay.

Christina: But at least now we can relax and be friends.

Dinah: Good.

Shayne: I'm a hungry friend right now. Where's that waiter? Did you see the nachos that went by? They looked awesome.

Christina: Why don't we go up to the bar and get something? I want to see the menu.

Dinah: Sure, yeah.

Shayne: I'll be right back.

Dinah: Okay. Don't be long. I don't want to go home.

Remy: I know the feeling.

Dinah: What's up with you?

Remy: Nothing as bad as your D.N.A. problems. So, what are you going to do is Shayne is the father of Marina and Mallet's baby?

Dinah: You know, a very good friend of mine told me not to worry about that while I'm here. I'm going to do just that.

Daisy: You had better be nice to me. You just sent me off with your grandfather.

James: He was as scared as you were.

Daisy: He better be.

James: Isn't this just like most family vacations? Take a few crappy pictures, buy get some corny souvenirs, and then Dad tries to off a Granddad.

Daisy: Yeah, except with my family, it would be more like everybody falling in love with same person at the same time. Cooper romance is doomed. It's disastrous, like my Uncle Frank's wedding.

James: It's a good thing we're so different from both our families.

Daisy: Yeah.

Billy: When you told me you were getting married, I had no idea...

Lizzie: I didn't even think to ask you where you were going fishing.

Bill: Maybe you guys to stay at the Copper Kettle down the road.

Josh: No, it's all filled up. Family reunion kind of thing.

Billy: Hey, you know, if you guys are hungry, we brought a ton of food.

Josh: Hey, who's marrying you?

Bill: A justice of the peace.

Billy: Wait, now you've got a minister.

Matt: That's right. Yeah, Josh can marry you, Billy walks Lizzie down the aisle, I'll be the best man.

Bill: That's not a bad idea. And then we can eat hot dogs, play poker.

Matt: See, things happen for a reason.

Bill: Yeah, yeah. Could you just excuse us for one minute? (Sighs) Matt is right, everything happens for a reason.

Lizzie: They're cute. They want to help.

Bill: It's okay? I mean, this is the wedding that you want? You, me and three guys who probably haven't showered for three days? Hey, I saw the magazine-- "Have the wedding of your dreams."

Lizzie: Okay, yes, I bought it at the airport. It's not that big of a deal.

Bill: It is.

Lizzie: No, it's not.

Bill: It is a big deal. Yes, it is. Look, I want it to be the girlie wedding-y day that you always dreamed about-- Roxy being your flower girl, people putting us chairs, picking us up over their heads while they dance.

Lizzie: We're not Jewish.

Bill: Oh, you got to be Jewish for that? Aww, that's too bad, because I always liked that.

Lizzie: You sure you wouldn't mind if we waited and had a wedding?

Bill: Do you mind?

Lizzie: Let's go home. I have to plan.

Bill: Oh, wait a minute. How are we going to break it to the guys? I mean, they are pretty excited.

Lizzie: Aww. (Laughs)

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Shayne: Tell Shayne what?

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Olivia: Okay, friend.

Blake: Oh, hi.

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