GL Transcript Friday 5/1/09

Guiding Light Transcript Friday 5/1/09


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Previously on "Guiding Light"...

Remy: We need to get a sample of Shayne’s DNA.

Dinah: And if they're a match, she'll be able to tell us?

Lab tech: That's what we do.

Jackie: I'm Jackie. I'm on lunch in a little while. Maybe I'll see you?

Christina: He was definitely hitting on you.

Lizzie: Is that Bill? (Gasps)

Bill: I do not think I can wait anymore.

Lizzie: Wait for what?

Bill: Will you marry me?

Lizzie: Yes, I will marry you.

Lizzie: Can you just tell me that this is real?

Bill: This is... this is real.

Lizzie: You just proposed?

Bill: And you just said yes. I can get you a better ring, too, you know.

Lizzie: I love this ring.

Bill: You don't want a diamond?

Lizzie: Oh, no, I want a diamond, but this ring... this will always be the ring that you proposed to me with. I love it, and I love you. You know the only thing I love more?

Bill: Roxy?

Lizzie: The fact that we're going to spend the rest of our lives together. I love it!

Bill: So that... that doesn't scare you at all?

Lizzie: After everything we've been through?

Bill: Yeah.

Lizzie: No.

Bill: No?

Lizzie: I think we deserve to be married.

Bill: You know what I'm thinking? Marriage deserves us.

Lizzie: We're getting married, Bill. (Laughter)

Bill: We're getting married.

Shayne: Come here, this is awesome. Come on! Well, come on, this is awesome. I haven't been to a place like this since I was a kid.

Dinah: I lived in a place like this as a kid.

Shayne: There you go, check the phone.

Dinah: What? Check what?

Shayne: Oh, just check the phone. You know, the thing you've been looking at since we got off the plane?

Dinah: Have not!

Shayne: You have too!

Dinah: All right, I'm expecting a text from the station.

Shayne: It's that important? Look where we're at!

Remy: Wow!

Dinah: I'm not sure yet.

Remy: What's going on?

Dinah: What?

Shayne: What are you doing?

Remy: Hi, dude. What's going on, man?

Dinah: Hi!

Shayne: Oh, my gosh! Hi.

Remy: Wow, man. When did you guys get here?

Shayne: When did you get here? We just walked... we just walked in.

Remy: Wow!

Christina: Well, I'm sorry I didn't know you were here or else I would have gotten you a pretzel.

Dinah: Oh.

Shayne: No, well, that does look pretty good, actually. Where did you get that?

Christina: Yeah, it's kind of salty.

Shayne: Yeah?

Christina: I need a soda, yeah.

Remy: That's my cue. I'll get you a soda.

Dinah: You know what? I'll go with you.

Remy: Okay.

Dinah: Okay.

Shayne: So weird!

Christina: This is really weird.

Dinah: I can't believe you're here. I've been trying to call you, but you haven't been answering your phone!

Remy: I was probably on a roller coaster.

Dinah: I'm still waiting for the results from the lab about the DNA report.

Remy: Well, sometimes it takes a couple weeks.

Dinah: I tell you, Remy, this has just been agony, you know? Keeping this from Shayne, not knowing if the baby is Mallet and Marina's or his.

Remy: Dinah, you know it may not be true, right?

Dinah: Right.

Remy: And I assume you came here for fun, right?

Dinah: Right.

Remy: Then have fun. Go, okay? You need it, all right?

Dinah: Yeah.

Remy: It's okay. Okay. All right, let's get her a soda.

Daisy: Let's go sit by the water.

Ashlee: Hey, guys! Are you having fun? I am.

Daisy: Yeah? Hi, I'm Daisy, Ashlee's friend.

Jackie: Hi. Ashlee’s new friend, Jackie.

James: I'm James.

Ashlee: Oh, this is the guy that... that paid for us to come here. His Grandpa is the one we took on "Dueling Dragons."

Jackie: Cool dude.

Ashlee: So, have you heard from Bill and Lizzie?

James: Um, I try not to check in with my family.

Jackie: Hey, Ash? My break's over. Can I call you later?

Ashlee: Yeah, sure. I'll just hang out with these guys until then.

James: Got your wingman back.

Alan: What do you want to do next, Woody? "Twister"? Maybe "Shrek 4-D," or "Jimmy Neutron," huh?

Beth: Alan, have you been in the sun all day?

Alan: No, Beth, but thank you for asking. As a matter of fact, when everyone left I managed to have a good time all by myself... with Woody. (Laughter)

Phillip: What did you do?

Alan: Well, I went on that ride we missed earlier, the one where you shoot lasers.

Phillip: Oh.

Alan: Then I dumped a bucket of water on a kid at the "Curious George."

Beth: Alan!

Alan: Well, he squirted me with his water launcher.

Phillip: Oh, clearly the kid had it coming.

Alan: Yes, he did. Uh, where is Elizabeth and Bill?

Beth: I don’t... don't know. Haven't seen them in a while.

Alan: Oh, I think we probably need to go find them, then.

Phillip: I don't think they want to be found.

Lizzie: I just want to tell everyone! Hey! Hey, we're getting married! (Laughter) I love saying that!

Bill: I love hearing you say that. Now we got to tell everyone that we know. Maybe we should start with your family, all right?

Lizzie: Yeah, my family, yeah.

Bill: Yeah?

Lizzie: No, I've changed my mind.

Bill: Wait, you don't want to get married?

Lizzie: No, no, yeah, no. Of course I want to get married.

Bill: Well, what? You don't want to tell anyone?

Lizzie: No. I want to elope.

Bill: (Laughs)

You're my dream girl...

Dinah: Okay, what ride are we going to go on?

Shayne: You know what I want to ride? I want to go on "Family Reunion."

Shayne: Is that new? I don't see it.

Shayne: No. No, no, no. "Family Reunion"? It's been around a long time.

Dinah: What kind of ride is it?

Shayne: Well, it's a ride where the brother and the sister that aren't getting along too well.

Dinah: That doesn't sound like a lot of fun.

Shayne: No, it's fun. You know, it's really fun, because it comes with a really cool boyfriend.

Dinah: Is Bill here? You brought me all the way down to Florida to talk to my brother?

Shayne: Yes, I did, because you won't go talk to him in Springfield.

Dinah: No, Shayne, he won't talk to me.

Shayne: Stop this. You took me to Bosnia so I could say goodbye to Lara.

Dinah: It's not the same thing.

Shayne: It is the same thing, Dinah. Hey. I brought you here so you could fix things with your brother, because if you fix things with your brother, then we can move on, okay? I'm doing this for us. Okay?

Dinah: Okay. All right.

Shayne: Okay.

Dinah: Let's go on the "Hulk." Come on.

Christina: So... Dinah seems pretty serious for someone at an amusement park.

Remy: Dinah?

Christina: Yeah, Dinah.

Remy: Oh, she's, uh... she always gets into things.

Christina: Does she always tell you what it is? Because she obviously did this time.

Remy: Oh, see, please don't put me in an awkward position by asking me. I promised I wouldn't say anything.

Christina: Oh, no, no, you don't have to tell me. Yeah. I'm not your wife.

Remy: Thank you.

Christina: But if I were, I wouldn't want us to keep secrets.

Remy: Oh! Kind of like going on some strange guy's jet to Orlando, Florida?

Christina: Touché. (Laughter)

Beth: So this must bring back some fond memories for you.

Phillip: What do you mean?

Beth: Your stint as a character here at Universal.

Phillip: I don't know what you're talking about.

Beth: Does that bring back anything in that old brain of yours?

Phillip: Hey, you know what? You should have been here. I was pretty amazing.

Beth: I bet, I bet! You've got the beat for it, you got me there. So this was where Alan-Michael and Lucy got married.

Phillip: Yeah, they were right up there on the marquee.

Beth: Oh, I meant to tell you.

Phillip: Hmm?

Beth: James brought Daisy down here.

Phillip: Are they dating?

Beth: Well, I don't think they're dating, but I think he likes her.

Phillip: Oh, well, that sounds more like it. I'm sure he's liking a different girl every week.

Beth: Like his dad!

Phillip: Until I met his mom.

Beth: Oh, you are smooth! (Laughs)

Ashlee: I have to go to the bathroom again before we get on another roller coaster.

Daisy: Again, seriously?

Ashlee: Yeah. Okay... I'll be right back.

Daisy: I'll go with you.

James: Of course, you will.

Alan: You know, I cannot believe that you paid for those two girls to come down here. They shot me!

James: You look fine.

Alan: Aren't you a little worried that Daisy may go looking for her loser boyfriend, Grady Foley? I mean, after all, she was very obsessed with him.

James: She doesn't seem obsessed today. Besides, it's kind of hard to find a guy that gets himself lost in a place like Australia.

Alan: Well, you know something? She may go looking for him, but that doesn't mean she's going to find him.

James: Ah... Granddad, what does that mean?

Alan: Hard to find a guy who's no longer around.

James: Oh, my God. Did... did you get rid of... of Daisy's boyfriend?

Alan: In the Spaulding family, Daisy's boyfriend is known as the man who kidnapped Elizabeth.

James: You hired a hit man to whack him.

Alan: Why would I hire a hit man to knock off another hit man? You know, I think you've been watching a little bit too much television.

James: I... I... I can't believe I'm having this conversation right now.

Alan: I'll tell you one thing. I had nothing to do with Grady’s disappearance...

James: But...

Alan: ...And that is the truth.

James: But you know something about it. I'm on the right track.

Alan: Yeah, right track, wrong man.

James: Just give me a straight answer. What is it? "You have the wrong man"?

Alan: You have the wrong Spaulding. It's someone we're concerned about and care about very much. Someone who has some mental issues right now.

James: Dad took care of Grady.

Alan: He didn't tell me that. I didn't ask him. But he-- your father-- was the last person to be with Grady.

James: Oh...

Alan: I know this is upsetting for you.

James: What makes you think I believe you?

Alan: I have no reason to lie to you.

James: That never stopped you before.

Phillip: James!

James: Hey, Dad.

Phillip: Hey. I just... I came down to join the family. I didn't know you were going to be here.

James: Yeah, of course.

Phillip: Although, guess what? I don't think your grandfather was very happy to see me.

James: Probably not.

Phillip: You okay? Everything good?

James: This place is great.

Phillip: Yeah.

James: Back home, I'd be in Chemistry class right now, so...

Phillip: This beats that. You want to ride this thing?

James: All right.

Phillip: This is great. I'm so glad you're here. Your sister's having a great time down here with Bill.

James: Great.

Phillip: Have you ridden any of the big coasters yet today?

James: Yeah. Have you gotten rid of any of Lizzie’s kidnappers today?

(Cell phone rings)

Remy: Oh! I've got to get that.

Christina: Is everything okay?

Remy: Yeah, yeah, it's nothing... it's nothing, so where were we? Ow!

Christina: Sorry! But I'm glad you're here. I... volleyball is much more fun with four people.

Remy: Maybe later.

Ashlee: (Sighs)

Christina: No, you know what? When are we going to be standing in the warm sand again? Let's take advantage of this weather.

Remy: It doesn't matter. Whatever team I'm on is going to win.

Daisy: Oh, why? Because you're a guy?

Remy: No, because I am bigger, stronger, faster, and I got mad skills.

Christina: Oh, forget this.

Ashlee: I call Remy!

Remy: Smart girl.

Christina: Traitor. We are in!

Dinah: Yes! You know, the world is 3-D, so you don't need the glasses.

Shayne: They're fun.

Dinah: I know.

Shayne: That was fun.

Dinah: I know.

Shayne: You're fun.

Dinah: Ah.

Shayne: You know what's really going to be fun? When you call Bill.

Dinah: No. Can’t. Now, come on, you brought me down here to have some fun, and I am having fun now. What do you say I call him when we get back?

Shayne: You're happy and relaxed right now?

Dinah: Yes.

Shayne: Taking big, deep breaths? Yeah? That's good, because so is Bill. See, Bill is in that happy, relaxed kind of vacation place right now, because that's what this place does. It brings families closer together.

Dinah: What are on, an infomercial for the park?

Shayne: I'll tell you what, no cotton candy until you call Bill.

Dinah: I love cotton candy.

Shayne: I know.

Dinah: Voicemail. You know what? He probably has it off so he can enjoy his vacation feelings.

Shayne: I'm going to make a deal with you. You're going to call Bill and we're going to go ride a ride. And then you're going to call Bill again and then we're going to get to go ride another ride. And then you're going to call Bill, and we're going to get to dah, dah, dah. You see where this is going, right?

Dinah: Yeah. Two rides and then phone call.

Shayne: Tough negotiator. Fine. What do you want to do next?

Dinah: Cotton candy. It melts in your mouth.

Alan: Your daughter seems to keep ignoring my text messages.

Beth: My daughter wants to spend a little time alone with the man that she loves.

Alan: Well, she needs to spend more time with her family.

Beth: Why? Alan, why do you insist on doing this? Look around. Haven't you noticed that none of your family wants to spend time with you?

Alan: Beth, it was my idea to come here in the first place.

Beth: No, it wasn’t. It was Bill's idea. You can't pick and choose who you want Lizzie to spend time with. Family is family.

Alan: Bill Lewis will never be family.

Beth: He may be someday.

Alan: Not if I have anything to say about it.

Beth: Alan, either eat some fries, or leave me alone.

Alan: I will never accept Bill Lewis as...

Beth: Fries. Fries.

Alan: They need more ketchup.

James: Daisy's worried about her old boyfriend, Grady. If you were me, where would you tell her to look for him?

Phillip: James, I don't know what your grandfather's been telling you, but...

James: In a... in a dumpster? Maybe the bottom of a lake? I'm just kidding, Dad. I don't believe anything Granddad says. Even if you did do it, I wouldn't judge you for it.

Phillip: James, come on, look, I... I love you, I love your brother and your sisters more than anything in the world. I'd do anything for you, but...

James: So... you did get rid of Grady?

Phillip: James! I... let's just drop this, all right? Because I don’t... I don't think your sister needs to worry about this guy anymore.

James: Good to know, because now I'm going to need you to get rid of someone for me.

Watching the world from the inside

broken man feeling it out on the outside

doing the best you can

on and on it seems the world is just a dream

I found myself awakening from time to time

but the better side of me is trying hard just to see

the blue skies through a cloudy day

all my troubles fade away

if the world is just my playground

I've been meaning to teach you

so we can see my shooting starts

won't you tell me where they are

because I'm looking up and down and back and finding out

the world is just a playground.

It's all connected holding us back are the words of the confused man

at the end of the day it seems that I'm stuck inside a dream

and you find yourself wakening from time to time...

Christina: Remy, why do keep spiking so hard, huh? (Yelling)

Daisy: Gross. Um, do you guys want us to go?

Christina: No, no, no, no!

Remy: Yes! Yes.

Christina: No, no, stay. We'll keep playing. We'll keep playing.

Ashlee: It looks like you guys want to play another game.

Daisy: Yeah, I... come on, Ash. We'll go rinse off and we'll go to the park. See if we can find your new boyfriend, Jackie!

Ashlee: He's not my boyfriend yet!

Remy: Can you believe we are alone?

Christina: No, no, no, no! You're still sandy!

And the view from the wind of change

it's all at once just passing by (screams)

The world is just a playground

Dinah: This is so much fun!

Shayne: I told you you'd have fun.

Dinah: Have a bite of my corndog.

Shayne: Absolutely not.

Dinah: (Laughs)

Shayne: Thank you, though. It's all yours; go for it. We should stay a few more days.

Dinah: Just to have some fun?

Shayne: Hell yes. Just to have some fun. You know, a few more days of... of not dwelling on the past. A few more days of not checking our phones for text messages from the station every five seconds.

Dinah: Nothing has come in. Nothing has come in. Everything's like... you know what I say? I say we go on another ride. Come on.

Shayne: Did you see that couple back there in the matching get-up?

Dinah: (Laughs)

Shayne: Can you believe that? Let's never be that couple.

Dinah: They were cute.

Shayne: Let's never be that couple.

Dinah: They were very cute. Hey. Hey, what's going on?

Tommy: I'm lost.

Shayne: You're lost, huh? Okay. Okay, what's your name?

Tommy: Tommy.

Shayne: Tommy, hey. I'm... I'm Shayne. Nice to meet you. This is Dinah.

Dinah: Hi.

Shayne: Um... okay. Where did you last see your parents at?

Tommy: By a ride.

Shayne: By a ride, all right. I'll tell you what. Um... you see that security guard right there? He's going to help you out. You're lucky you found us. You see this pretty lady right here? You know what she specializes in? She specializes in helping kids come together with parents, okay? So everything's going to be all right.

James: Uh, wait, Dad. You're not going to answer my question?

Phillip: James, do you... do you know what it is you're asking me?

James: Yeah. Gun, knife, poison. The guy on the ride had a big trident that shot lightening. You could use one of those.

Phillip: Okay, maybe I just need to learn your sense of humor.

James: You don't want to know who it is?

Phillip: Okay, son, fine. I'll play. What, have you got some girl that doesn't want to go out with you, or some teacher that gave you a lousy grade, what?

James: Uh, no, no. This... this one's a little closer to home. I want you to take out Granddad for me.

Bill: Aw, you know what I'm missing right now? That Florida weather.

Lizzie: Oh!

Bill: Why did we leave again, please?

Lizzie: So that we can have this time together, because you know when we tell my family that we're getting married, my granddad will try to ruin it.

Bill: I'm so glad that your mother texted us when she saw Dinah, because what was she thinking showing up like that?

Lizzie: I know. Who knows? Who cares? Probably nobody has even realized we've left yet.

Bill: Probably not. It is a big park.

Lizzie: I loved the trip.

Bill: I love that we're getting married.

Lizzie: Eloping.

Bill: Eloping, right.

Lizzie: Hmm.

Bill: Uh-huh. Good old Bauer cabin. Uh.

Lizzie: What are you doing?

Bill: I am going to pick you up and carry you over the threshold.

Lizzie: You do that after you get married.

Bill: Since when do we follow the rules?

Lizzie: Wait, wait, okay... (squeals)

Bill: Okay, great. Thanks. All right. I just spoke to the closest Justice of the Peace. He cannot be here until a few more hours, so...

Lizzie: Oh. Well, you know, that does give us enough time to...

Bill: To what? What?

Remy: (Laughs)

Christina: Why did I agree to race you? Your arms and legs are twice as long as mine.

Remy: Because you're the most competitive person I've ever met!

Christina: That's not true.

Remy: Competitive! Ah! Competitive and stubborn. And beautiful.

Christina: We should come down to Universal Studios more often. You turn into a huge mushball.

Remy: Oh. You know what? I have to thank the Spaulding’s.

Christina: You? Could you just say that again?

Remy: They did us a favor.

Christina: Yeah, it's amazing.

Remy: It's like... it's just great hanging out with you, you know?

Christina: Mm-hmm.

Remy: No work, no school, no family, no pressure.

Christina: Yeah.

Remy: And I'm seeing you in a whole new way. You're fun.

Christina: I don't think anyone's ever said that about me.

Remy: I still beat you.

Christina: By this much-- this much!

Remy: No, I turned around, and I swam backwards, okay?

Shayne: Okay. So you see that security guard right over there? The guy that's getting on his radio? He's going to make sure that everything's okay, all right? Do you know, were you with your parents in the Discovery Center?

Dinah: We'll keep looking.

Shayne: We will. We will. You know what? We're going to go with you and the security guard when he takes you right over there. Now, that's Guest Services over there. You know what they're going to do there? They're going to say your name on the loudspeakers that goes through the whole park, so you're mom's going to hear your name and then you guys are going to get back together, okay? How does that sound? Sounds all right? Everything's going to be fine. Come on, let's go.

Tommy: Mom!

Mom: Oh, my gosh, Tommy! Your father and I have been looking everywhere!

Tommy: I got lost.

Shayne: We were just about to walk him over to Guest Services.

Mom: Thank you so much.

Shayne: It's okay, it's okay. He's a... he's a really good kid.

Mom: Okay, we have to go find your father now. Tell the nice people thank you.

Tommy: Thank you.

Dinah: You're welcome.

Shayne: We did our good deed for the day. Hey, what's going... what's going on here? He's with his mom; everything's fine.

Dinah: It just makes me really happy to see kids be where they belong.

Ashlee: Hmm... let's see. I don't even know where to start. I mean, Jackie’s probably over at "Toon Lagoon," but James...

Daisy: I'll text him. He can find us.

Beth: Alan, Alan.

Alan: Well, looky here! The two girls that tried to shoot me.

Ashlee: Well, actually, I... I did shoot you, but I took you on a roller coaster, also.

Alan: And the "Dueling Dragons" was fun, don't forget.

Ashlee: I know, right?

Beth: Uh, so... are you girls having a good time?

Daisy: Yeah. Ashlee has a new boyfriend!

Alan: Am I paying for him, too?

Ashlee: No. He works here.

Alan: Well, fabulous.

Ashlee: Well, uh... we were just on our way to find James.

Alan: Well, of course, you were.

James: Why are you here? Isn't the whole reason you're in Ravenwood is to prove that you're not crazy? So escaping, what's that going to do for you?

Phillip: Well, you know, just... just for the sake of conversation, what does me getting rid of your grandfather going to do for you?

James: You don't think the whole family would be better off without him? I mean, come on, isn't that why you broke out of the nuthouse? Because you didn't want Granddad to ruin Lizzie’s trip? You keep saying you want to fix things. Get rid of Granddad, and everything else will be easy.

Phillip: Uh, you know what? That's enough. I understand that you've got your issues with me and with your grandfather, but this little joke has gone far enough.

James: I'm not joking! You did something for Lizzie. Why can't you just do it for me?

Phillip: All right! I said that's enough! What is somebody going to think if they hear you saying something like that?

James: It's a father/son talk. About how you "solved" Lizzie’s problem with Grady. Of course, most dads would have gone to the cops. You're more of a hands-on dad, right? At least with Lizzie.

Phillip: James? I came back to help all of my children-- all of you. Now, you all... you require different things at different times.

James: Not me. I don't require anything.

Phillip: I understand that you have problems with the way...

James: You know what? You know what? Don't explain, okay? You're there when Lizzie needs help, I get it.

Phillip: I want to be there when you all need help.

James: Okay, Dad. Lizzie's your favorite. I've always known that.

Phillip: Oh, God. Look, this is... you're... you're telling me that I've got to knock off your grandfather to prove to you that I love you as much as your sister?

James: It'd be a start.

Lizzie: Taking your time. Even better.

Bill: I hope the Justice of the Peace gets lost. That way, the honeymoon could go on and on.

Lizzie: Uh, no, no. You have to marry me. You're not going to get away with not saying, "I do." Want to go pick some flowers?

Bill: Flowers?

Lizzie: Mm-hmm.

Bill: Do you think the married life is going to be like this?

Lizzie: I'm not your wife yet.

Remy: This is nice. No one's interrupted us in, like, a half an hour.

Christina: Yeah, actually, I should call the girls. We have to make dinner plans.

Remy: Uh, no, they can find you. And if we're lucky, they won’t.

Christina: I can't just ditch them.

Remy: (Groans) What happened to fun Christina?

Christina: Well, I'm still fun Christina.

Remy: No, no, no! You are reverting back to old Christina with all the plans and the doing things proper. You're not going with the flow, baby. You're kind of like my sister.

Christina: You don't like that Christina?

Remy: No. No, I like the new Christina. She's more entertaining.

Christina: Well, maybe this will entertain you.

Remy: Ah! Ah! Oh!

Dinah: You have no idea how much I love cotton candy.

Shayne: I do. I've never seen somebody eat so much of it.

Dinah: Honestly, it's probably the one good memory I have of being in the circus. It's light, it's airy, it makes you forget about everything else.

Shayne: Well, if that's the case, I'm going to have to figure out where to find some of that back home.

Dinah: Yeah. I thought we were never going home.

Shayne: Never? Never going home just for a few more days.

Dinah: (Laughs) Let's say a month.

Shayne: Yeah, right. Like you could be away from that station for that long.

Dinah: Yeah. (Cell phone rings)

Shayne: Ignore it. Just ignore it.

Dinah: I'll tell you what. You go get us another bucket of cotton candy, and I will have dealt with this by the time you get back. Deal? Promise?

Shayne: I'm going to hold you to that.

(Cell phone rings)

Dinah: The DNA results are back. Should I go back to Springfield?

Remy: Are you having fun, Dinah?

Dinah: Yeah, I am.

Remy: Then the DNA results will be there when you get home.

Dinah: You're right. Thanks.

Remy: Oh, hey, if you want to have fun, don't dump a frozen drink on Shayne’s head.

Dinah: What?

Ashlee: No, okay, we must be, like...

Daisy: In here?

Ashlee: No, I don't think so. If... if we're... okay, no, we must be, like, over here.

Daisy: Let's go over... no.

Ashlee: No, I already did that.

Daisy: I have no idea where we are. Let's just go...

Jackie: There you guys are.

Ashlee: Hey, you.

Daisy: Hi, Jackie. Oh, my gosh. Ash, I totally... I need to go buy some souvenirs, okay? So I will meet you back at the hotel.

Jackie: I can't believe you're leaving tomorrow.

Ashlee: Yeah, I can't, either. I really love it here.

Jackie: I'm off work now. You want to hang out? Or do you need to be with your friends?

Ashlee: Ah, no. No, I see them all the time. Anyway, they all have dates.

Jackie: Now you have one.

Ashlee: Oh, thanks. Cool.

Jackie: So can I get your email so we can keep in touch once you go home?

Ashlee: I'd like that.

Alan: You know, Beth, there are a lot of rides I haven't ridden yet.

Phillip: Well, you know what, Dad? Why don't we go ride one of those together?

Alan: I'll be right back.

Bill: Hmm.

Lizzie: I want to go back and pick some of the mountain laurel we saw on our way up.

Bill: You know what I'm about to do?

Lizzie: What?

Bill: Go get my camera.

Lizzie: Why?

Bill: Because I don't have any pictures of my fiancé.

Lizzie: Well, you better hurry. I'm going to be your wife before you know it.

Bill: So are you sure about this?

Lizzie: Marrying you?

Bill: No, the no-frills elopement.

Lizzie: All I need is you.

Bill: Aw. Okay.

James: I love coming to places like this.

Daisy: Oh, yeah? Why? Is it the thrill rides, or the girls in bikinis?

James: Because everyone seems the same. To look at them, you could hardly tell the difference between a regular person and my dysfunctional family.

Daisy: I don't believe you.

James: Okay, you're right. It's the girls in the bikinis.

Daisy: No, no. I mean, you bust on your family, but then why did you come down here if they mean nothing to you?

James: Beats going to class... and I got to hold you hand.

Daisy: Hey, look, is that your dad... with Alan?

James: Oh, my God. Is he really going to do it?

Alan: Um, Phillip, this isn't a ride.

Phillip: Could be.

Alan: I think I'm going to get down from here.

Phillip: Oh, relax. Come on, you never took me to amusement parks when I was a kid. This is our chance to bond.

Next week on "Guiding Light,"

Josh: Edmund's out there somewhere, and that means Reva and Shayne are both in danger.

Reva: I found this sitting outside of the walk.

Remy: Of course, you have to tell Shayne.

Shayne: Tell Shayne what?

Man: We moved mountains just to get you this one room.

Natalia: Just the one room?

Phillip: Maybe we would all be a lot better off without you here.

Alan: Well, go ahead.

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