GL Transcript Monday 4/27/09

Guiding Light Transcript Monday 4/27/09


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Previously on "Guiding Light"...

Lizzie: I don't want to go to sleep. This is too fun.

Bill: The fun has just begun.

Sister Angelica: Lara died, but her baby lived. I took care of him myself.

Shayne: Hey. Is everything okay? I thought I heard your voice.

Bill: Are you ready?

Lizzie: I'm ready for you to take your hands off of my eyes.

Bill: Lizzie Spaulding, welcome to your childhood.

Lizzie: Oh, my gosh! Universal Studios?

Bill: Yes!

Lizzie: I've always wanted to come here!

Bill: And here we are!

Lizzie: This is amazing!

Bill: It is amazing. It's something every kid should do. There are rides for everyone.

Lizzie: Can we go on all of them?

Bill: If you want to.

Lizzie: Can we get cotton candy?

Bill: And corndogs and popcorn and turkey legs.

Lizzie: Turkey legs?

Bill: You haven't lived until you've had a giant smoked turkey leg.

Lizzie: (Laughing) Okay, let's go. Let's go!

Bill: Wait, wait, wait. Listen to me. There have been a million things keeping us apart, okay? Insecurities, family, business, kidnappings.

Lizzie: Amnesia...

Bill: Oh, yeah. I forgot.

Lizzie: Ha, ha.

Bill: Listen, I know we've been taking it slow. We wanted to go through every step. But after this, I am done waiting. I want you to have a few perfect days of childhood, and then you're mine. Oh, one more thing.

Lizzie: What?

Bill: I'll race you to the entrance.

Lizzie: Wait. You had a head start!

Marina: Careful, Grandpa, your heart.

Buzz: I'm okay.

Frank: Hey, listen, this is just a question, you guys. Didn't we already have a party welcoming Henry into the family? I mean, I seem to remember champagne and all of that.

Mallet: No. That was just us.

Marina: Yeah. We want to be able to celebrate with all of our friends. Oh, how many guys from the police force are coming?

Mallet: Well, all of the guys at the station are coming. They're just going to come in shifts, when they get off duty. Did you call Remy and Christina?

Marina: Yes, I did.

Buzz: Ashlee called, and she'll be here.

Marina: Oh, good. Did you call Dinah?

Mallet: No. I thought you called her.

Marina: Oh, no. I'll call her right now.

Daisy: Free fries.

Ashlee: Oh, I don't think Marina is going to like that.

Daisy: Don't tell her.

Remy: Do we have to, like, bring a gift or something? It's not even his birthday.

Christina: We still have to bring something.

Daisy: Okay. If you get something and there is a card, will you sign my name on it? Because I'm not going.

Christina: You have to go. It's your family.

Daisy: I live with them. They want you guys there. Anyway, I have to work.

Ashlee: I'll cover for you.

Daisy: No, thanks.

Remy: Then pitch in for the card, man. Thank you, Daisy. It is so much.

Ashlee: Here. Here, I'll cover the rest.

Remy: Great.

Daisy: It's a card!

Christina: Daisy, you have to go. Let us help you out.

Daisy: They want you guys there. I have to work. If I can get someone to cover for me, then I will come. I promise, okay?

James: Hey, Mom.

Beth: Hey, honey. It's good to see you. I wanted to talk to you. I've been thinking... as long as you're going to stay in town, I think you should stay here with me. You don't want to be under your grandfather's control.

James: How many bedrooms do you have here?

Beth: I have one, but there's a sofa that pulls down.

James: I think I'll stay put for now.

Beth: That house isn't good for anyone.

James: I don't let anything about that place get to me. And I do like having my own bathroom. And the video game collection is amazing, so... I better get going.

Beth: What? You just got here.

James: I need coffee. I'll see you soon.

Beth: You can have coffee here?

Dinah: All right. Well, remind me not to take anymore 15-hour flights in the near future.

Shayne: Yeah?

Dinah: Yeah.

Shayne: I guess I'll cancel our Fiji trip I was planning.

Dinah: Really?

Shayne: Yeah.

Dinah: Oh, I take that back. I have a feeling that Fiji and I would be really good friends.

Shayne: Yeah?

Dinah: Yeah. Listen, should we rent a movie or order in? Or maybe we should stay up, or we'll be a little screwy all week.

Shayne: Screwy?

Dinah: Yeah.

Shayne: H'mmm. It makes me think of something else we could do.

Dinah: Really? Once wasn't enough for you on the plane?

Shayne: You're never enough for me. (Laughter)

Dinah: Good.

Shayne: You got a voicemail.

Dinah: Oh, it's probably Mom or the station, so I'm just going to leave it.

Shayne: You're not going to forget about it. Why don't you check it now so you can get it done and get it out of the way, and then I can have you.

Dinah: Okay.

Shayne: Okay. Good.

Dinah: Right. Oh, boy.

Shayne: What is it? What is it, your other boyfriend? Should I go now?

Dinah: (Laughing)

Shayne: What? What is it?

Dinah: Mallet and Marina are having a party for Henry’s adoption.

Shayne: Really? That's great. I guess we have to go.

Dinah: We could call and send a gift.

Shayne: You can't call and send a gift. That's not very personal. Another party? Besides, we should go. You light up when you see that kid.

Dinah: Yeah.

Shayne: Yeah. We should. Come here.

Alexandra: How long is it going to be, Alan?

Alan: How long what?

Alexandra: Until you stop hating your own son.

Alan: I don't hate Phillip. I love him.

Alexandra: Yes, I've heard you say you love your driver, too. But I don't think you want to see him sitting at the head of the board room table across from you.

Alan: Look. Phillip and I have a very complicated relationship. You know that.

Alexandra: Well, now there is an understatement, dear.

Alan: Well, as soon as I know that he is in good mental health, he will rejoin us and take his rightful place with the family. Please? Until then, he is in a place where he is much better off, where he won't hurt himself or anyone else.

Alexandra: H'mmm. You had your own son locked up.

Alan: Just long enough until I know that the family is completely protected. That's all.

Alexandra: And how long is that going to be? Until you realize that you think you're completely in control again?

Alan: Until everyone realizes that I am the head of this family.

Alexandra: Well, I have a little private bet with myself, Alan. I wonder how long it is going to be before you understand that you are not the center of the universe.

Bill: (Laughing) I beat you.

Lizzie: You cheated.

Bill: Yes, yes, yes. Okay. Listen to me, here is the deal: Once you go through this turn-style, you're a kid and I have complete control over you.

Lizzie: You have complete control over me anyway.

Bill: That's true. Okay. So, are you ready?

Lizzie: I am so ready. I can't wait. Give me my ticket.

Bill: Oh, I cannot give you these tickets just yet. You are a kid. You might lose it.

Lizzie: Okay, okay. Fine. Let's go.

Bill: Okay.

Greeter: Welcome to Universal Studios in Florida. Is this your first visit?

Lizzie: Yes, it is.

Bill: Enjoy your day. Thank you very much. Now, you don't take off or you might get lost!  (Clears throat)

Lizzie: What is that?

Bill: That's for you. You're a little kid, remember?

Lizzie: I can walk.

Bill: It's a long way around this park. You don't not want those little feet getting tired.

Lizzie: I'm not.

Bill: Yes, you are. I do not want you to miss one stage of your childhood, okay? Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. I've got one for you. I've got one for me. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. (Laughter)

Bill: Okay, wait. Don't move. Okay. Oh, look at you. Look at you. Don't move. Don't move. Okay. There you go. Get in.

Lizzie: Are you going to be like this all day?

Bill: All day. Come on. Get in! Careful. Careful. Careful. I want you to hold on because you are about to have the most fun you've ever had in your life. Ready? Let us go. The journey begins! (Laughter)

Daisy: Hey, hey. Give that back.

James: Your friend Tiffany met a cute guy... cute. Ashlee will still cover you, and there is a new baby in the Cooper family.

Daisy: Yes, okay? Marina adopted a baby, and she just got word that it's official, and now there's a party.

James: Big news.

Daisy: Yeah. Oh, yeah, go right ahead. Drink my soda. And why don't you finish my sandwich, while you're at it.

James: Is that an invitation?

Daisy: An invitation? Yes, it's an invitation for you to pay for my lunch.

James: You work here.

Daisy: Yeah, we get a discount. It doesn't mean it's free.

James: Then invite me to your family's party. I invited you to mine.

Daisy: That was a party? It felt more like going to towers with the Addams family. Oh, here's Lurch.

Alan: James. Glad I found you, son. Listen, why don't you leave all of this greasy spoon and come with me to Spaulding. I've got some things here I want to show you. And we can have our lunch catered and talk.

James: Sorry, Granddad, I'm not interested.

Daisy: Yeah, James can't, because he is covering my shift for me.

Alan: What?

Daisy: Uh-huh. Yeah. While my family is celebrating Henry being adopted, the adoption is final, and so James was kind enough to agree to take wait of my tables for me while I go.

Marina: Hey, guys, a little help, please.

Mallet: I'm exhausted from hanging all of that toilet paper.

Frank: I don't have any wind left from blowing up those three balloons.

Marina: You guys are pathetic. Dad, please, can you go downstairs and get some chairs. And, baby, can please take the macaroni out of the oven.

Mallet: M'mm.

Frank: Is that good?

Marina: Any time today would be helpful.

Mallet: Moving. (Knock on the door)

Buzz: Come in!

Ashlee: Hey! Are we too early?

Buzz: No. I'll put you to work.

Christina: Oh good, that's what we're here for.

Buzz: Hello.

Ashlee: Hello. I tried to get Daisy to come, but she -- I offered to cover her shift, but she said no.

Mallet: That's okay. She's been a pain in the butt lately.

Marina: Mallet!

Mallet: Well, they're her friends. They know she's been a pain.

Ashlee: Oh, she has.

Christina: So what can we do?

Marina: Oh, thank you. Actually, you could help put some plates and napkins on the table, or you could go take care of Henry.

Christina: The baby!

Ashlee: The baby!

Dinah: There's nothing here. Let's just go to the mall.

Shayne: Oh, there is something here. Don't give up. Soap? There's a baby. He's got to be dirty. Oh, how about this?

Dinah: No soap.

Shayne: Oh, what about this? Let's get him this right here.

Dinah: Motor oil?

Shayne: Yes. He's a boy. He's going to have a car some day.

Dinah: We're going to send a gift, after. I've got to get a soda.

Shayne: I've got to get a hotdog. The food on that plane was terrible.

Dinah: Hey.

Remy: Hey. What kind of card do you get Mallet and Marina? There is no happy adoption cards.

Dinah: Are you going?

Remy: Yes.

Dinah: Maybe you shouldn't get them a card at all.

Remy: Why?

Dinah: I probably shouldn't be doing this, I shouldn't be talking about this. But I need to talk to someone about this.

Remy: Oh, no, no, no.

Dinah: Yes.

Remy: Okay.

Dinah: Look, I don't know what to do. There may be a problem with Henry’s adoption.

Bill: Look, Lizzie, it's the kids zone.

Lizzie: Yay!!

Bill: Come on. Get out of there! Let's go.

Lizzie: Oh, it's a rollercoaster.

Bill: What's the matter?

Lizzie: I just, um... I've never really been on one.

Bill: You have never been on a rollercoaster? You did need to come here, okay?

Lizzie: Do we have to start with the rollercoaster?

Bill: It's just a kiddie coaster. It's not even one of the big ones. All right. All right, listen to me. We don't need to start here. Maybe we can start on something more age-appropriate. All right? Come on, let's go.

Lizzie: Where are we going?

Bill: Fievel's Playland.

Lizzie: I love that movie. My mom took me to see it.

Bill: Then let's go!

I can tell you tomorrow, if you still want to know that

that I'm not ready for the moment to be clearing out my head

there's a better way to focus on my new fascination.

If I can hear your heart beat, and it's not your heart beat...

Lizzie: Okay. Okay. That was fun.

Bill: That was just the beginning.

Lizzie: Okay, where do we go next?

Bill: That is a surprise.

Beth: Oh, my key doesn't seem to be working.

Hotel clerk: I'm sorry, ma'am. You've been evicted from the building. A moving van came and took your things away.

Beth: How can I be evicted. I've paid all of my rent.

Hotel clerk: It came from the city. It's a court-ordered eviction.

Beth: Do you have a work order for the moving truck? I'd like to see where they took my things.

Hotel clerk: It's right here. Does that tell you what you need to know?

Beth: Oh, yeah. It tells me exactly who I need to be angry at. Thank you.

Hotel clerk: Uh-huh.

Lizzie: No, no, no. I don't think I'm ready for the rollercoaster yet?

Bill: No, no. This is not about a ride. It's about substance, food. Theme park food, the kind of that keeps your energy up all day.

Lizzie: I am kind of hungry.

Bill: I know, right? There is something about the excitement and the happiness that just builds up an appetite. Let's start with pizza.

Daisy: So all of the paper goes in the recycling, and all of the dishes, they go right here, in the bus stop, and then you want to take them right back and spray them with the spray bottle. Make sure that the handle is facing away from you because it is leaking a lot.

James: Thanks for the tip.

Daisy: Tips, yes. Um... we split the tips. They go in the jar behind the counter, and they get divided at the end of the day.

James: How much do you usually make?

Daisy: 25, 30.

James: Dollars?

Daisy: Yeah. And if you run out of things to do, you can always scrape gum off the bottom of the tables, okay?

James: You're-- you're really leaving?

Daisy: It's a family party.

Alan: I can't believe you let her do that to you?

James: Payback's a bitch.

Christina: Look at his smile! Is he always this good?

Marina: Yeah, pretty much.

Ashlee: You know, I know he was adopted, but he looks just like both of you guys.

Mallet: Well, he picked up his wonderful personality from me.

Marina: But he's horribly stubborn.

Mallet: Oh, he got that from her.

Marina:(Laughing) But we're so lucky. We've got the best baby in the whole world.

Mallet: He sure is. It makes our family complete. I can't begin to imagine our life without him.

Dinah: I went to Bosnia with Shayne. Before that, I went with Mallet. And I helped him get Henry.

Remy: I heard. That's a nice thing to do.

Dinah: It was the right thing to do. Anyway, Henry came back with us.

Remy: And now he belongs with Mallet and Marina.

Dinah: Well, I just got back from Bosnia with Shayne.

Remy: Did you get another baby?

Dinah: No. But a woman... a nun found me somehow and told me that she knew Henry’s mother.

Remy: Do Mallet and Marina know?

Dinah: No. She took me to see the mother.

Remy: And...

Dinah: She's dead. The mother's dead.

Remy: So Henry’s an orphan. He needs a home. Now he's got one.

Dinah: The grave that she took me to was Lara’s, Shayne’s Lara, which means Shayne is Henry’s father.

Remy: Mallet and Marina's baby is really Shayne’s?

Shayne: Hey, hey, hey.

Remy: Hey. Hey, buddy, what's going on?

Shayne: Why are you guys looking at each other like that? It's chili.

Remy: Oh, she doesn't like the card that I picked out.

Shayne: That's not going to work for Henry, is it?

Remy: Yeah. No. What did you get him?

Shayne: Well, nothing because I suggested motor oil, but somebody wasn't in to that. I said the kid would have a car some day.

Dinah: Let's go. See you there?

Remy: Yes, yes.

Shayne: All right. Thanks for showing up, buddy.

Remy: All right, man.

Bill: Okay. I think you are old enough for a little friendly competition.

Lizzie: Uh-oh.

Bill: No. I think you're going to be very good at this. It's something that you've done before.

Lizzie: What, kick your butt in a corporate meeting?

Bill: No. This is a lot more fun than that, okay? Come on. Gather as many balls as you can! Put them into the blowers and see how many people you can had hit. Ready? Go! (Laughing)

Bill: No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

Lizzie: Aahhh!

Shayne: Come on, pokey.

Dinah: Maybe it's just a family thing.

Shayne: Oh, they wouldn't have invited us if they didn't want you here.

Dinah: I don't know.

Shayne: Oh, come on, we can go.

Mallet: Hey, guys, thanks for coming. Short notice.

Shayne: We wouldn't have missed it for the world.

Mallet: Cool! How is everything in Bosnia?

Dinah: Fine.

Mallet: Good. Good. Well, I officially became a father today. Official.

Dinah: Whoo-hoo.

Mallet: Come on in.

Lizzie: I nailed you so many more times than you got me.

Bill: (Laughing) You are dreaming. I flattened you.

Lizzie: I don't think so.

Bill: Listen, the competition is not over. There are water guns out here.

Lizzie: Then I hope you like getting wet.

Alan: Any word from Elizabeth? No, I don't know when they're coming back from New York. That's why I put you on this. Look, I'll call her on her cell phone myself. (Cell phone rings)

Bill: Hello?

Alan: Bill, where's Elizabeth? What's that noise and the background? Where are you?

Bill: Lizzie didn't tell you? We are in Florida.

Alan: I guess I didn't get that message.

Bill: We're in Orlando, actually. Universal Studios. Ever been there?

Alan: The theme park?

Bill: (Laughing) What's wrong, Alan? Not your cup of tea?

Alan: Well, I'm a little busy to ride the rollercoaster.

Bill: Yeah, we're a little busy too, Alan. Busy giving Lizzie that fun, care-free childhood that she never got. The one that every child deserves.

Alan: Your cell phone is starting to break up, Bill.

Bill: Sorry, Alan. Got to go.

Alan: Why don't you put on Elizabeth?

Bill: No can do, Alan. We're about to go on the Woody Woodpecker's Nuthouse Coaster. I'll try to remember that you called, but I can't promise anything. Good-bye.

Alan: Look, this is very important, Bill. Hello? Well, your sister is in Florida.

James: Nice. I've got to get to table four.

Alan: No. You've got to get home and pack. I'm taking you and your mother to Universal Orlando. We've got to go down there and rally around Elizabeth before Bill influences her and we lose her.

James: Granddad, are you telling me you want to take me on the merry-go-round?

Alan: Sure. Why not?

James: No, thanks.

Lizzie: Bill!

Bill: Oh! (Laughing)

Daisy: You so owe me. Oh, that's gross.

James: You left.

Daisy: I came back. Through the back door.

James: I'm not splitting the tips.

Daisy: You don't have to bus tables, either. I'll find someone to cover my shift. I was just giving you an out, unless you want to have lunch with Alan?

James: You're right. I do owe you.

Daisy: All right. But seriously, you can go. I'll find somebody to cover my shift and...

James: I can’t. I'm working.

Daisy: What? I'll find somebody to cover my shift.

James: I said I'd do it. You better go to your family party.

Daisy: Okay. Thanks.

James: Hey, Daisy? Now you owe me.

Bill: Truce?

Lizzie: No way! How come you only say that when I'm kicking your butt?

Bill: Come on! We have other rides to go on! Come on!

Lizzie: No! I don't trust you. This is a ploy. You're going to get me.

Bill: After everything I've done to give you the perfect day.

Lizzie: It has been perfect. But there is only one thing that would make it perfect.

Alan: Look at this, James. Universal Orlando Resort has everything! Go beyond the screen and jump into the action of your favorite films.

James: I don't want to go there with you, Granddad.

Alan: We could go to "Islands of Adventure." It says here, "Take an unforgettable journey through five remarkable islands, where all your favorite myths, legends, comic book cartoons and children's stories come to life." Now, how can you not want to do that? Even I want to do that.

James: Have a great time, Granddad.

Alan: No, James. You're coming with us. We're all going to go down there as a family.

James: Why now?

Alan: Because I said so.

Dinah: Look at them, they look so happy, don't they?

Remy: So what are you going to do?

Shayne: You've got a good hook there, buddy. You've got a good, bright hook.

Dinah: Can I hold you? Please?

Shayne: Ready? A beautiful woman wants to hold you, you've got to go that way. Now he's smiling.

Dinah: Oh, I think you want your mommy back. I think you do. You want to go back to your parents. I'm so jet-lagged, I'm afraid I'm going to drop him.

Marina: Oh, you're okay. You miss Mommy and Daddy, huh? Oh, yeah.

Shayne: Can I take this home with me or-- here you go. (Inaudible) Thank you for saving me. Seriously, since I've been home, it's been babyville around here. Colin and Henry. What? You think this brings up all the Lara and baby stuff for me again, don't you?

Dinah: Does it?

Shayne: Yes, it does. Of course it does. Hey, but not in a bad way. Us going to Bosnia, me saying good-bye to Lara-- Dinah, that's exactly what I needed. Thank you. My life right now is exactly where I want it to be. I wouldn't change a thing.

Marina: Oh, I think it's time for a diaper change.

Remy: I'll change him.

Marina: You will? Wow! There's nothing sexier than a man who knows how to change a diaper.

Remy: Come on Henry is stinky. There you go. Great, great, great.

Marina: Henry, look over here.

Remy: You're a chick magnet already.

Dinah: You know what? I'm going to be right back. I want to help. Okay. I am in serious, serious trouble.

Remy: So you really think this baby could be Shayne’s?

Dinah: I don't know. I don't know if the nun was telling me the truth. Maybe she was lying. I don't know.

Remy: That's crazy, Dinah.

Dinah: I know. I know. And I don't know what to do, Remy. Should I tell Shayne?

Remy: You haven't told Shayne?

Dinah: No. No, I haven't told him. Because I don't want to upset everyone if nothing is going on. Why do that?

Remy: Yeah. Yeah, you're right. You need to find out if this baby is really Shayne’s. You have to get some D.N.A.

Bill: All right. All right. All right. This is my favorite part. This is where I'm going to win you that giant Woody Woodpecker.

Lizzie: How long is that going to take?

Bill: Not long at all. I am so good at this. Where do you want to start? The ring toss? The baseball thriller? The water gun or the sledge hammer thing...

Lizzie: I think you should probably start with the ring toss thing so you don't hurt yourself.

Bill: (Laughing) Oh, yee of little faith.

James: Mom, what are you doing here?

Beth: Alan had me evicted from the Beacon. My things are in the front room.

James: That sucks.

Beth: Don't worry. I've already filed an injunction to stop him. I'm going to take him to court if I have to.

Alexandra: What is this? What's going on?

Beth: Alan had me evicted. Is this how it's going to be, Alan? Any time somebody doesn't do things your way, you're going to have them thrown out into the streets?

Alan: Beth, you belong here. You belong here with Peyton, James, and Elizabeth. The reason I had your things brought here was not to punish you. It's because I need you. I need Elizabeth. But unfortunately, Bill Lewis has taken Elizabeth to Orlando, Florida. And I need you to come with me and help bring her home.

Beth: Okay, you're on. I will go to Florida with you, but only so when you try and ruin my daughter's life, I can make sure that you don't have a shot in hell.

James: I guess we're going to Florida. Are we taking the jet, or what?

Alan: No. We're taking your mother's broom.

Christina: So who took your shift?

Daisy: Um... James Spaulding. This is a boring party. I'm sorry you guys got sucked into it.

Ashlee: Well, we wanted to celebrate the baby, but, yeah, it is a little quiet.

Daisy: I'm so sick of quiet. I want something exciting to happen.

Christina: We could do something later, go to the movies, the mall, whatever.

Daisy: Yeah. It's still early. We could go to Farley's?

Ashlee: Um... how about no. The last time we were there it was a disaster.

Christina: Yeah. But Remy did save the day.

Ashlee: He did. He is a good guy. Where is he?

Dinah: D.N.A.? What are you talking about? How am I going to get D.N.A.?

Remy: Here. Take this poopy diaper.

Dinah: Oh, I'm going to take this poopy diaper in my purse?

Remy: All right. Spit -- yeah, his birth cloth. Use his birth cloth. There it is. Oh, this is not going to work -- yes. His binky! Yes. Put it in his mouth.

Dinah: Okay. I'm sorry, little guy. It will be okay.

Remy: That will work. Okay. Take that and now we need to get downstairs and give Henry back to his... parents. Damn.

Dinah: Don't swear in front of the baby. Thank you.

Marina: Hey.

Shayne: Hey, hey.

Marina: You know, I think this is the first moment of silence I have had since we got Henry.

Shayne: Any regrets?

Marina: Oh, no, no. Not for one hundred millionth of a second.

Shayne: H'mmm. I'm just curious. I want to ask you: Why do you think the investigation got dropped?

Marina: Well, it might have something to do with me blackmailing the child protective service agent, but who knows.

Bill: What was that?

Lizzie: Ooh!

Bill: What did you end up getting? Oh, my goodness, that's a beautiful, beautiful flower. Maybe you need a little something more, like a big letters bill.

Lizzie: Yeah. You know, I'm not feeling that, but I am feeling that!

Bill: That's all. Get in there.

Next on "Guiding Light"...

Rick: You know, I've got a really good friend here who actually figured out how to escape.

Phillip: You're going to spring me?

Dinah: Tell me what I do with Henry’s binky again.

Remy: Take it to the lab and get results. You need to get a sample of Shayne’s D.N.A.

Lizzie: What every girl wants: Prince Charming comes sweeping into her life. It's romantic.

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