GL Transcript Thursday 4/23/09

Guiding Light Transcript Thursday 4/23/09


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Previously on "Guiding Light"...

Olivia: Walk away and forget you ever said anything.

Natalia: Please, do you really think that I could do that?

Olivia: I think that you need to try, for both our sakes.

Natalia: I know what it means when you tell someone that you love them.

Roc: Slow down.

Josh: No, I'm not going to slow down until you tell me where the hell Edmund is.

Shayne: I'm exactly where I want to be right now.

Dinah: I'm glad to be here with you, too.

Josh: Why the hell didn't you call me back? I've been looking all over for you.

Roc: I lost my phone.

Josh: Do you have any update at all on Edmund? Do you know where he went once he got here?

Roc: Not yet.

Josh: Shayne is here. My son is here, and Edmund came here to get him.

Dinah: Are you tired?

Shayne: No. No, I'm good. I'm glad we're here.

Dinah: Have you decided where you want to say goodbye to Lara?

Shayne: Her grave. It's a good place to say goodbye to somebody, right?

Dinah: Yeah. Take as much time as you need. I can wait in the car.

Shayne: No. No, I want you to be there.

Dinah: Whoa. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Excuse me, ma'am, who are you? Are you following us? Are you connected to Edmund?

Sister Angelica: Who is Edmund?

Shayne: Sister, are you lost?

Dinah: She's not lost. I think she's following us.

Sister Angelica: I was following you.

Shayne: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Calm down. Why were you following her? What's your problem?

Sister Angelica: I work at the orphanage.

Dinah: The orphanage?

Sister Angelica: You shouldn't have come back here.

Josh: My son is in danger. Do you understand?

Roc: Stop, Josh. Edmund is under control.

Josh: What does that mean? Do you have him?

Roc: He's been sent away. My guys are watching him.

Josh: How did he get away in the first place?

Roc: He's a crazy son of a bitch. He fought me like a cornered animal. But I followed him here and I took care of business.

Josh: Where is he now?

Roc: You don't need to know. Be proud of yourself. You did a good job protecting your family.

Josh: Yeah, with your help. Thank you. Sorry, I just...

Roc: I understand.

Josh: Thank you. I'm sorry.

Roc: It's all right.

Edmund: Well, Mr. Hoover, that was quite a performance.

Roc: I didn't want you to hurt him.

Edmund: And here I just thought you didn't want to get shot.

Marina: And that is how the tortoise beat the hare. I know, I know. I would have bet on the bunny myself. The bunny, he's just chewing up his carrots and going... yeah, I know.

Mallet: Did I miss story time?

Marina: Yes. Your son seems to have a preference for stories that involve animals. Especially bunnies. They wrinkle up their nose like this. Yes, they do. What? You think you can do a better bunny impression than me, you go ahead.

Mallet: No, no, no. I was thinking about the children's services worker.

Marina: Why?

Mallet: It... I mean, it's all good, right? It's all good. But, you know, she never actually said she's closing the case. She never said that.

Marina: Well, I think you worry too much. It's all going to be fine.

Mallet: Maybe.

Marina: Would you mind watching Henry for a bit?

Mallet: Where are you going?

Marina: Oh, I'm going to go find my dad at the station.

Mallet: Well, why don't you just wait until he gets home tonight?

Marina: I could, but I'm going to look for him at the station because I think I need to corner him. He won't talk to me about anything that has to do with Natalia. It's like he thinks that I'm too young to understand what it means to have a broken heart.

Mallet: He'll talk when it's time.

Marina: No, he won't talk when it's time. He won't ever talk, and that is why I'm going to go find him.

Mallet: You've got that determined look. Does that mean you're going to get what you want?

Marina: Oh, you got that right, my friend. Now, you be good for your papa, okay? See you.

Mallet: Bye.

Olivia: How could I let you love me if it's going to make you feel like an awful person?

Natalia: No, it...

Olivia: You need to listen to me.

Natalia: No, you listen. I've listened, now it's your turn to listen. When I told you I loved you, I blurted it. I did, I know. But I guess that's what happens sometimes with the truth. It just comes out. But I'm not that naive. I know what it meant when I said that I loved you. And maybe I stuffed it down so long that it just didn't even really exist for me. I even came close to marrying a man, maybe because I didn't want to face it, I didn't want to say it. But when I did say it out loud to you, I knew exactly what I was saying. I know what it means to tell someone that you love them.

Olivia: You're not ready.

Natalia: And you are?

Olivia: I don't know. I don't know. Maybe not. But I don't have the baggage that you have.

Natalia: Baggage? You mean Frank?

Olivia: No, I'm not talking about Frank. I'm talking about Rafe, I'm talking about Emma, I'm talking about your religion.

Natalia: My religion is about love.

Olivia: Really? This kind of love? You're not ready.

Frank: I was hoping to find you here.

Josh: Roc, it's Josh. Open up. I've got a question for you about Shayne. Roc, are you still in there? Damn it.

Dinah: Look, Sister, I came back not for the baby. I came back to be with my friend.

Sister Angelica: Why should I believe you?

Dinah: Can you just give me one minute, please?

Sister Angelica: I'm watching you.

Shayne: Hey, what the hell is going on?

Dinah: I have no idea, but I don't want this to ruin your trip. We came here for you...

Shayne: Listen to me.

Dinah: ...Not for me.

Shayne: If there's something going on, I want you to know that you can tell me about it.

Dinah: I have no idea. You know what? Maybe she saw me, she remembers me. It happens to me all the time. I'll deal with it.

Shayne: She saw you? Dinah, there's a nun over there that looks like she wants to strangle the life out of you, okay? I feel like we're in a bad horror movie right now. I need to know what's going on.

Dinah: All right. The only thing I can think of is when Mallet and I adopted the baby and went through all we went through, we had to tell a few lies. I don't even remember meeting this nun, but I'm assuming she doesn't like lies, so she's probably after the truth. Now, I'll tell her everything I know, but you and I both know that this baby no matter what belongs with Mallet and Marina. It's the luckiest kid on the planet to have them as parents.

Shayne: Okay, yes, you're right, that is true. Listen to me.

Dinah: What?

Shayne: Neither one of them are here to defend themselves right now, and you're here alone. I am not going to say goodbye to Lara today. I'm going to do it tomorrow, because I'm not leaving you alone here with her.

Dinah: You don't think I can defend myself against the nun?

Shayne: Come on, I know you can defend yourself against the nun. It's not the point.

Dinah: Then please go. Say goodbye to Lara.

Shayne: No.

Dinah: I can handle this. Please?

Shayne: Thank you. Thank you. I've got to thank you. Oh, one more thing.

Dinah: What?

Marina: Hey, Laverne! You want to see the latest?

Officer Laverne Larkin: Is that a cute kid or what? Every time I see a picture he's always smiling.

Marina: Yeah, he's a healthy, happy baby. Happy baby.

Natalia: How did you know that I was here?

Frank: I called the Beacon. Your manager said I could find you here.

Olivia: It's for Emma. She's in a play.

Natalia: Yeah, and I promised her a long time ago that I'd be here. She's really, really nervous about forgetting her lines.

Olivia: You know what? It is going to start in a few minutes, so...

Natalia: I know that we need to sit down and have a conversation, but if it can just...

Frank: Natalia, I'm not here to talk about us, okay?

Natalia: You're not?

Frank: But I will take you up on your offer to talk. But not today.

Natalia: Why are you here?

Frank: Corrections called, and they've ordered me to take Rafe back to the halfway house.

Natalia: No, he was supposed to be with me for a week. That's what you told me.

Olivia: Why the change?

Frank: There is no change. When a prisoner is required to go to the halfway house as part of their parole, they usually go straight there. But I was able to pull a few strings so Natalia could have some time with him.

Olivia: Frank, pull a few more strings.

Frank: I can’t. The only reason the parole board let Rafe out was because he was going to be attending an important family event. And now that that event's not happening, they've ordered me to take him to the halfway house.

Natalia: When?

Frank: Now. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry, but that's why I wanted to track you down here. I knew you would want to say goodbye.

Natalia: Would you please tell Emma I am so sorry?

Olivia: Don't you dare worry about that. She loves Rafe, okay?

Natalia: If she's nervous, though, just tell her to do that trick that I taught her.

Olivia: I will. I wish there was something I could do.

Natalia: I know you do. Just take lots of pictures.

Olivia: You call me if you need me.

Rafe: Hi. I'm assuming you heard something.

Natalia: I can't believe that I have to say goodbye again.

Rafe: Ma, I'm going to the halfway house. I'm not going to prison.

Natalia: Yeah, I know that, but you're not going to be here at home where you belong.

Frank: You know, I'm going to give you guys some time to be together, all right?

Natalia: How long do we have?

Frank: He's got to be there by sundown.

Natalia: Thank you, Frank, for trying.

Rafe: Yeah, thanks, Frank.

Frank: I really... I really wish I could do more. Will you call me again when you're done?

Natalia: This is all my fault. I did it again. I let you down again.

Rafe: What, Ma?

Natalia: They moved your transfer to the halfway house because I didn't marry Frank. This whole home visit wasn't even supposed to happen. Frank made it happen.

Rafe: What's going on, Ma, with you and Frank? I mean, is there going to be a wedding?

Natalia: Frank is such a good guy, and I know that you were looking forward to having someone... you know, having a man in your life.

Rafe: Ma, you're making it sound like you were marrying him because I wanted a daddy.

Natalia: No, that's not why. I really liked the idea of being able to give that to you.

Rafe: All right, well, good, Ma, but I was just happy knowing that... or thinking that you were going to be with someone who you love and who loves you, and who was going to take care of you, not me.

Natalia: Rafe...

Rafe: Ma, look. Frank is a good guy, he is. But it doesn't mean that he's the right guy for you.

Natalia: Maybe not.

Rafe: I'm going to tell you one more time, I am happy if you are happy.

Natalia: Life is just a little bit more complicated than that.

Rafe: Ma, I think I know. I'm moving into a halfway house, and now you're a runaway bride. Come on.

Natalia: Oh, I really wish that I could explain to you why I did that.

Rafe: Ma, look, it doesn't matter. I don't care. I trust you. You think Frank can pick us up later in town?

Natalia: Why, did you want fast food?

Rafe: No, Ma. I was hoping we can go to church.

Natalia: Church?

Rafe: Look, I know I griped about it a lot when I was back here before, but the truth is when I was inside, you and your faith was the only thing that really got me through everything. So I was kind of hoping we could go together today. All right, come here. I love you, Mommy.

Natalia: I love you.

Olivia: Hey, you guys were great! Yay!

Emma: I didn't forget my lines.

Olivia: No, and you didn't look nervous at all.

Emma: I just did what Natalia told me. Where is she?

Olivia: You know what, baby? She really wanted to be here really badly, but she... today's the day that Rafe had to go to the halfway house, and she wanted to go and say goodbye.

Emma: We should go. Natalia will be probably sad.

Olivia: Well, you know, that's really sweet of you, but I think they want some time alone. Besides, we have your cast party to go to, remember?

Emma: Can Natalia come?

Olivia: I don't think so.

Emma: Why not?

Olivia: Baby, because it's different now, okay? We don't live at the farmhouse.

Emma: But Natalia didn't marry Frank.

Olivia: No, but that doesn't mean we're going to move back there. I'm sorry, honey, it's just complicated. It's just grownup stuff. Come on, come on.

Marina: Hi, Clarice.

Clarice: Miss Cooper.

Marina: It's Mrs. Camaletti.

Clarice: Mrs. Camaletti, this is not the way our office conducts business. I contact you.

Marina: I understand that. Really, I do. But I work for the government, too, and I understand that there are rules that we all have to follow.

Clarice: By rules I assume you mean laws, and no, your adoption did not follow the rules or the laws.

Marina: I understand that it is your job to protect the children of this community. Look, my husband and I, we're both cops. It is our job to protect the people of this community.

Clarice: Then you should understand what I'm going.

Marina: No, I don't understand what you are doing. By keeping this investigation open and refusing to let us follow through on the adoption of our son, who are you protecting? That baby, or just some rules?

Clarice: I'm really not comfortable having this discussion.

Marina: Okay, look, I understand that there were glitches in our adoption process. But please, you saw that baby. You saw he is happy and he is healthy. And by taking him away from us, are you really protecting him? Look, I know that this is a really difficult judgment call. Remember, as I said, I'm a cop. I have to make these judgment calls on a daily basis. I understand. That's all I'm asking, just a judgment call.

Clarice: If you won't leave, I'll call security.

Marina: Drugs? Are you using on the job?

Clarice: You just put that there.

Marina: Oh, Clarice, this isn't good. Drugs? Around children? Wow. This is quite a judgment call, isn't it? What do you think I should do?

Dinah: Really? Kissing in front of the nun? She already hates me.

Shayne: She hates you? She hates you? Okay, that's it. I'm staying here until this is resolved with her.

Dinah: No. No, you shouldn't do that.

Shayne: Why wouldn't I do that?

Dinah: Because you need to go say goodbye to Lara, to move on.

Shayne: Listen, I can say goodbye to Lara tomorrow.

Dinah: You didn't let me finish. For us to move on, you need to say goodbye to Lara, and I need to say goodbye to Mallet. Helping him adopt this baby, until it's over, it still ties me to him.

Shayne: That's not why we came to Bosnia, is it?

Dinah: No, no.

Shayne: Okay.

Dinah: It didn't even cross my mind. I suggested going to Bosnia for you.

Shayne: Okay.

Dinah: But since I'm here, I should do it, too. And then by tomorrow, both of us can be free, okay? I'm sure this is just about paperwork or something like that, and that will be that. All right?

Shayne: All right.

Dinah: Okay. Thanks.

Shayne: Good luck.

Sister Angelica: Are you going to try to do it again? Is that why you came back?

Dinah: Do what again?

Sister Angelica: Steal another baby. I won't let you. I'm calling the police.

Dinah: Whoa, whoa, whoa. What are you... we did not steal a baby?

Sister Angelica: No, you Americans, you come here, flash around money, you think you can buy anything you want.

Dinah: Listen to me. Listen to me. You have got this all wrong. We showed up at the orphanage to adopt a baby, and we did. Everything was fine until your director came to us and said we couldn't have the baby, that the parents changed their minds. Then at the hotel the parents showed up. They came to us. We did not go to them.

Sister Angelica: And you bought the baby.

Dinah: No. No. That was the father. He brought up the money.

Sister Angelica: Why didn't you go to the police?

Dinah: Because we didn't know who to trust. And you tell me-- isn't it better that that baby is in a safe and loving home? He found that.

Sister Angelica: No. No, it's not better.

Dinah: Then you tell me what else matters.

Sister Angelica: That couple who came to you, that wasn't their baby.

Dinah: Oh, my God. I knew it. I knew that they were scam artists.

Sister Angelica: They fooled the director of our orphanage, but I know.

Dinah: What do you know?

Sister Angelica: I know who the real parents are.

Shayne: Wrapped that up quick. Dad? What are you...

Josh: I was in the neighborhood.

Shayne: This is Bosnia, Dad. That's not going to work. What are you doing here?

Josh: It's a beautiful area. It's nice to see where you did your work. Look, I didn't follow you here, okay, son? I got a tip that Edmund was on his way here, coming after you, so I came after him.

Shayne: Edmund's here, right now? Because I just left Dinah alone down there.

Josh: He's fine. He's fine. We had a small glitch, but it's been handled. Edmund's not going to be bothering anybody.

Shayne: What does that mean, handled? I thought that he was handled last time.

Josh: We all did. But somehow he got away from the authorities in Springfield. They've picked him up here. It's okay. It's taken care of.

Shayne: And you came here to Bosnia to make sure that I was okay.

Josh: It's my job.

Shayne: Wow. I owe you a big thank you.

Josh: Don't worry about it. It's just part of being a dad. You'll know that one day. I'm sorry.

Shayne: It's okay. No, don't apologize. It's okay. I'm glad you're here. There's somebody I'd like to introduce you to. This is Lara, Dad, and you would have liked her a lot.

Mallet: Hey, Laverne Larkin, have you seen Marina?

Officer Laverne Larkin: She was here a little while ago.

Mallet: Oh, okay. (Cell phone rings) Hello?

Dinah: Hey, Mallet, it's me. I am in Bosnia.

Mallet: What? Why?

Dinah: Well, I am here with Shayne, and I actually ran into somebody from the orphanage who heard something about that couple that was trying to shake us down for some money.

Mallet: Yeah. You know what? Maybe I should be there. Should I get on the next flight to Sarajevo?

Dinah: No, no, no. No, no, no. I can handle things. It's really just about formalizing everything. I wanted to make sure that there are no snags on the American side of things. I wanted to be able to reassure the orphanage of that.

Mallet: No, everything's fine as far as I know. Children's services has signed off on it.

Dinah: Oh, good. Good, that's good to know.

Mallet: Are you... are you okay? Are you telling me everything? You're not in some kind of trouble, are you?

Dinah: No. No, no, not at all. In fact, I've got a car waiting for us in case we need to get anywhere quickly. I was just checking in, making sure that my Mr. Henry's okay.

Mallet: Your man Henry. Henry is good. Everything is good. I'm good. Thank you, Dinah. You've been a great friend through all of this. Thank you very much. And... (baby cries) hold on, hold on, hold on. Sorry, Henry dropped his binky. Anyway, what I... Dinah? Dinah?

Father Ray: Rafael, I am so happy to see you.

Rafe: Well, I'm not back yet. I still have to do some time in a halfway house. But...

Father Ray: You're taking steps. That's all that matters. I am so sorry about the wedding. If you and Frank ever want to come in and talk, I'm here.

Natalia: Thank you.

Father Ray: Marriage is a huge commitment. There's no right or wrong way to move forward. Everybody's different.

Natalia: Thank you. Actually, today, though, it's about Rafe. He wanted to come by here before he has to head back.

Rafe: Yeah, well, it just feels good to be back in the real deal as opposed to, like, a prison chapel, you know? And I don't exactly have a lot of time. I'm not going to be able to make it to this week's service. That's why I wanted to come.

Father Ray: In that case, let's light three candles. One is for your blessings, your health, second is for your loved ones, and the third is to ask God to forgive your sins, and is a promise that you'll live your life according to his teachings.

Rafe: Okay. Ma, come on.

Olivia: Okay, you all set? Because I think I hear everybody in there.

Emma: Can I have your phone for a sec?

Olivia: Why?

Emma: I want to borrow it.

Olivia: Why?

Emma: To take pictures.

Olivia: Okay, here.

Emma: It's ringing.

Olivia: What do you mean it's ringing? What... you called Natalia?

Emma: Invite her to the party. Please?

Olivia: I'll mention it. (Cell phone ringing)

Emma: You didn't say anything.

Olivia: She didn't pick up. That's all we need to know right? Come on.

Marina: I have fantastic news.

Mallet: Oh, I just got him down. I just got him down.

Marina: That is fantastic news as well, but I think I got one that's even better.

Mallet: What?

Marina: The investigation is over. It's over. They're going to stop the investigation. We have a meeting with the court. We're going to see the judge today.

Mallet: Are you sure?

Marina: Yes.

Mallet: Are you sure? Because listen-- I talked to Dinah today, okay? She called me. She's in Bosnia with Shayne. She saw someone from the orphanage, okay, and they're asking all kinds of questions.

Marina: Okay, but baby, I guess they got the answers that they wanted, because it is over. It is over.

Mallet: Clarice said that?

Marina: Yes, yes, I was just at her office, and she made it very clear. She made it very clear she is going to move this process along just as quickly as possible.

Mallet: Really?

Marina: Yes.

Mallet: All right! That's incredible! Yes!

Marina: I knew it. I knew it, baby. Baby, I knew it. It's you and it's me and it's Henry, and we were all meant to be together. And I just dare anybody to mess with that.

Dinah: This right here is Mallet and Henry.

Sister Angelica: Yes, I remember him.

Dinah: And that's Marina, his wife. She makes a fantastic mom.

Sister Angelica: You said you were his wife.

Dinah: I was his wife. We're divorced.

Sister Angelica: Why did you lie? Why didn't his wife come with him?

Dinah: Marina has a very large and close family. She just recently lost her uncle, so she felt that she needed to be there to help them. They've been trying to adopt a baby for a while, and he thought that the whole family just would love having a new baby.

Sister Angelica: Why Bosnia? Why come so far?

Marina: Well, they've been trying to adopt in America, but they were at the end of a very long list.

Sister Angelica: And Americans have no patience. They want everything immediately.

Dinah: That's not true. That's not true. You said something earlier about Americans being rich. You couldn't be any more wrong about that. Mallet and Marina are cops. They aren't rich. And the only reason why Mallet found this orphanage was because he heard about it, and he had heard that a lot of children needed homes because of the war. And he didn't do that because he was selfish or wanted to fool somebody. He did that because he wanted to help. That's who he is, that's who they are. I mean, you look at Henry, and he's happy. He's happy, one picture after another, Sister. So I don't really know what you would like me to tell you-- that this child is happy, he is protected, he is loved. What do you want to hear?

Sister Angelica: Why haven't you asked me who the real parents are?

Dinah: Because we didn't steal this child from a couple on the street. We got him in an orphanage because he was an orphan. I am assuming that the parents are too poor or too hurt from the war to be able to care for him. So if you would like tell them that he is in a home, he finally got a home, then you can tell him.

Sister Angelica: I never met the father, just his mother.

Dinah: Well, if you would like me to tell her that he is safe and protected and loved, I will do that.

Sister Angelica: I will take you there.

Natalia: Is it time?

Rafe: Hey, Mama, come on, look. When I'm out next time I'll be out for good, I promise. Ma, you said you wouldn't do that this time. Please?

Natalia: I did not say that, I did not.

Rafe: Ma, I'm not going to jail. It's not jail.

Natalia: I know.

Rafe: It's safer.

Natalia: Thank God.

Rafe: Mom, I'm going to be back soon, I promise, okay?

Natalia: But I'm going to miss you every day that you're gone.

Rafe: I know.

Natalia: I love you so much.

Rafe: I know, I love you, too. Come here. You okay? All right, I'm ready. All right, let's go. Oh, Ma. Okay.

Natalia: Oh!

Emma: Please don't be sad.

Natalia: Oh, hi, honey. I'm not sad. I'm okay now that you're here.

Olivia: We didn't know that you were here. We were at Company, right? I thought that Frank was going to pick Rafe up at the house.

Natalia: No, actually Rafe wanted to come here before he left, so...

Olivia: Well, I'm sure that was comforting for both of you. Hey, you ready to go?

Emma: But Natalia needs us.

Olivia: No, honey, I'm sure she wants to go back inside.

Natalia: No, wait, wait, wait. I do need something from you.

Olivia: Anything. You can ask me anything.

Natalia: Would you come inside with me? Please?

Emma: Let's go.

Olivia: Let's go. Natalia, what are we doing here?

Natalia: We're being together.

Josh: No, no, no, that's great, that's perfect. I can be at the airport in a few minutes. Yeah, yeah. My work is finished here. Yeah, thank you.

Dinah: How much farther?

Sister Angelica: Not much.

Dinah: Look, I need to ask you a question about this woman. Is she looking to take this baby back, or is she asking for money? Because I have no problem writing a check. And I'm not saying I'm trying to buy the baby, but I want you to know that that baby is where he belongs.

Sister Angelica: There, that's the baby's mother.

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Dinah: If this is some kind of plan to extort money, you can forget it.

Natalia: I feel like everything's going to be okay. God still loves me.

Judge: There's just one more witness, and we can finalize this adoption.

Bill: I got you down here on that jet without you knowing where we're going.

Sister Angelica: That baby you took home was Lara’s. We never knew who the father was.

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