GL Transcript Wednesday 4/22/09

Guiding Light Transcript Wednesday 4/22/09


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Previously on "Guiding Light..."

Natalia: I don't love him! I love you!

Frank: Just tell me what happened? Okay? Why did you rush out of the church like that?

Olivia: Itís... it's Gus.

Dinah: Take a trip with me. You need to find a way to say good-bye.

Shayne: We're going to go to Bosnia.

Josh: Wow!

Jeffrey: Eddie is on his way out of town. He just boarded a plane.

Josh: Where is he going?

Jeffrey: Bosnia.

Reva: Yes. Yes, I know that. I haven't been out of this room in days. So stop lecturing me, okay? Can you do me a favor? Kiss Colin for me. Yeah, I know. I can't wait to be back home.

Blake: No whipped cream today?

Billy: No, no. We're having a "See who can lose the most weight" contest. And since there is money involved, I'm going to win.

Blake: No, no, no, no.

Billy: What are you doing?

Blake: How are you going to win if you eat pie every day?

Billy: Ooh, I cut back to one piece.

Blake: Oh, no, no, no. Not on my watch.

Billy: Ah, that... (cell phone rings) that's, thatís...

Blake: I'm going to get you some coffee. (Cell phone rings)

Billy: Yeah?

Josh: Billy, where are you?

Billy: I'm just about to have some pie at Company.

Josh: Well, I need you to put down your fork and get to Reva.

Bill: Okay. I've got a couple of phone calls to make, and I can get up there in about a half hour, okay?

Josh: Half an hour? That's the best you can do?

Billy: At my age, you're lucky I can do it this week, okay?

Josh: Billy, now!

Billy: What, wait, okay, Josh, what's wrong?

Josh: Look, I need you to keep an eye on Reva for me.

Billy: Wait a minute. That's Jeffreyís job.

Josh: And you can't let Reva or Jeffrey know you're doing it. Do you understand me?

Billy: Hey, buddy, what's going on. Where are you?

Josh: Overseas. It's Edmund.

Shayne: This was all mine fields. Over here, over here.

Dinah: It's so peaceful now.

Shayne: Not when I was here. You know, you always read about what war will do to a place, but you have no idea until you've seen it. I can't believe this. I can't believe how far they've come.

Dinah: That's because of the work you did.

Shayne: No. No. I didn't do enough. And this isn't because of me.

Dinah: So tell me, how did it work again?

Shayne: How did it work? Well, we'd walk into a town, we'd set up camp, section off the fields. We'd clear them, clear the mines out. Back out, go down the next line to the next town.

Dinah: Wow.

Shayne: Same cycle, over and over again. Never staying in the same place for very long.

Dinah: That's hard. Setting up, tearing down, moving from place to place. But you were saving lives.

Shayne: Yeah... tried to save lives. It didn't always turn out that way.

Dinah: You did good work here.

Shayne: I lost count of all of the towns and villages. There's so many of them. They all blended together after a while. But this one, this one right here, this one stuck.

Dinah: Why?

Shayne: Because about a mile down that road, there's a little outdoor cafe with seats out front. And it has these tables that no matter how many napkins, matchbooks, whatever you've got to stick under the legs, it's still going to wobble on you. That's where I met Lara.

Buzz: Drink up.

Frank: What, drown my sorrows? You know that's not my style.

Buzz: I thought you might be thirsty, Frank. What's this?

Frank: Hmm?

Buzz: That.

Frank: It's Gus' badge. Rafe gave it to me right before the wedding. He said, "Welcome to the family." But I think what he meant to say was, Gus mattered to us, and now so do you.

Buzz: Oh, Frank, of course you matter to them. You've been great to them both. You know, Rafe needs a man around him that he can count on. What are you thinking?

Frank: I'm thinking how can I help Natalia get over Gus?

Buzz: (Laughs) That's a tough one. I mean, she went through her entire life thinking that Gus was the man for her. Let's face it, Natalia is a beautiful woman. She could have moved on when she was living in Chicago and Gus disappeared. But she didnít. She... I mean, you're fighting a life-long love here.

Frank: I get that, Pop. And I don't want Natalia to completely forget about Gus. It's just that I... I want her to feel better about moving on, you know? Because I know she's ready. In here, I feel it.

Buzz: But how'd she put it? When you caught up to her, what exactly did she say about Gus?

Frank: She didn't say anything. I mean, she was really upset, Pop. She didn't say much of anything.

Buzz: But she talked about Gus, right? She said that's the reason she's not moving on, the reason she's not married.

Frank: No. Actually, Olivia was the one who was talking about Natalia's feelings. Pop, she was really, really emotional. And, you know, Olivia was there to kind of help out. And I could tell that Natalia didn't want to hurt me. And I know that Natalia and Olivia have been there, you know, together, for like a year or so, and I know they talk about things and all that. And so when Olivia saw that Natalia and I were really, really upset, she just kind of jumped right in there. Olivia was the one that told me that Natalia couldn't marry me because of Gus.

Olivia: Em, I can't find your hat!

Emma: What?

Olivia: Your hat that goes with your costume. We needed to be gone 20 minutes ago, baby.

Emma: I don't know where it is.

Olivia: Well, this is why I asked you to lay everything out last night so we wouldn't have to run around like this.

Emma: What's wrong, Mommy?

Olivia: I'm tired, Em. I'm sorry.

Natalia: Hi, girls. I didn't know you'd be here. I wasn't sure.

Emma: I can't find my hat, and Mommy's tired.

Natalia: Mommy has a lot going on. Hello, sweetie, how are you?

Emma: Good. I was thinking about you.

Natalia: Well, I've been thinking about you, too. How's school?

Emma: Good. We went to a community garden, and I planted vegetables and ate organic food. It was good.

Natalia: Yeah? Well, that sounds very healthy.

Emma: It's Earth Day.

Natalia: Oh, it's Earth Day, and you have a big play to go-- this is a big day for you. I hope that you weren't too upset by the way things happened at the wedding. You know, just things didn't turn out the way that Frank and I had planned. And, um... I'm okay. I'm fine. Okay?

Olivia: We're running late. So, um...

Natalia: I know. You have to get to the play, right? Does Betsy Ross know all her lines?

Emma: I need to find my hat.

Natalia: Your hat? What, the little one that we made together? Didn't we pack that in your blue bag?

Emma: I'll go check. Wait, are you coming to the play, too?

Olivia: Em, I'm sure Natalia has plenty to...

Natalia: I'd love to.

Olivia: Get your hat. Go on. You don't have to come to the play.

Natalia: I know I don't have to come, I...

Olivia: What about Rafe? I mean, I'm sure he's confused. Shouldn't you be with him? He really liked Frank. He liked having a father figure around again and...

Natalia: Rafe was disappointed. But he told me that he just wants me to be happy.

Olivia: Did you tell him about us?

Natalia: No. I don't know what I would say.

Olivia: We really should get going.

Natalia: Okay. Well, like I said, I would really like to go...

Olivia: I don't think it's a good idea, I don't think...

Natalia: I know it's awkward, but this should be about Emma, I think. It shouldn't be about us.

Frank: Thanks, Pop, I appreciate it.

Buzz: Forget about it.

Frank: I'm not talking about the beer, Dad. I'm just, I'm thanking you for not telling me "I told you so."

Buzz: Frank, I wasn't even thinking that. I'm glad we know what it is now. I just wish I was wrong.

Frank: Well, you know what, you were quite clear, believe me. But all I heard were your doubts about me and Natalia.

Buzz: Not doubts. It was concerns. I just wish I kept my big mouth shut.

Frank: Well, you know what? That's what I was feeling at the time. Um... you know, I'm not mad at you for bringing this stuff up, okay? I'm just mad at myself.

Buzz: Why?

Frank: Because I didn't give Natalia the option or the time to tell me what she was feeling and how she was feeling. And, you know, not giving her any time at all to tell me how she was feeling about Gus and everything else.

Buzz: Don't go through that woulda, shoulda, coulda road.

Frank: Well, you know what? Things are different now. It's going to be a lot tougher. I've got a lot of hurdles to jump right now... because of everything that went down, but there's one thing that I do know.

Buzz: What is that?

Frank: When she agreed to marry me, she meant it.

Reva: Hey you.

Billy: Hey, you up for some company?

Reva: Oh, not just any company, but I can handle you, as long as you don't expect me to be entertaining, funny, or beautiful.

Billy: Oh, darling, you are all of those things.

Reva: See, you know how to talk to a girl.

Billy: So, what do the doctors say?

Reva: Well, they're saying that if I hadn't made my little escape the other day, that I would be getting out of here.

Billy: They're not telling you that you're a hero from going out and saving your boy from Edmund?

Reva: I don't think they exactly see it that way in the process of healing.

Billy: Well, they're wrong. You never would have healed if you had been worrying about your kids.

Reva: At least I don't have to worry about Edmund anymore. I know he's been taken care of.

Josh: Thank you. Roc, it's Josh Lewis. I'm here, actually, in the neighborhood. Call me.

Shayne: Our little mini-camp that we had set up for ourselves, it's two clicks up that road right there.

Dinah: Clicks?

Shayne: Kilometers. Tents, sleeping bags, nothing, nothing like our fancy hotel tonight, but we didn't mind.

Dinah: So you camped, you cleared landmines. And then what?

Shayne: Dinah, come on. Do you really... do you really want me to tell you about me falling in love with Lara?

Dinah: Yeah, I do.

Shayne: You know what the thing was about our relationship? We didnít... it's how our lives were set up here. You didn't meet each other and get to know each other in a normal way. I mean, we all trained together, shoved us all together, we went through the training program. But we knew the plan-- the whole time was that we were going to be fractioned up, broken up into little groups.

Dinah: The clock was ticking.

Shayne: Yeah, the clock was ticking.

Dinah: So you fell in love.

Shayne: Yeah. We squeezed a year into one month, literally. After that, the entire relationship was just about staying in touch with each other. I mean, sneaking in little visits whenever you could swing it. I can't believe I'm telling you all this.

Dinah: I said I wanted to hear.

Shayne: It's not because it's my ex or because it's personal, but because of the way it ended with her, and it's just because you are... you're being...

Dinah: Can I ask you a question?

Shayne: Please. Yeah, ask me a question. I need you to.

Dinah: You loved each other and you couldn't stay apart. Right?

Shayne: Yes. Yes.

Dinah: Then why didn't you just quit the corps? If you couldn't stand being apart, why didn't you just stop volunteering?

Shayne: We had a job to do.

Dinah: But you were in love.

Shayne: But we had a job to do.

Zamir: Shayne!

Shayne: Oh, my goodness, come here! This is Zamir. Oh, I can't believe it.

Shayne: Wow, you're getting better and better at these, you know that?

Dinah: They're amazing.

Shayne: They're great, aren't they?

Dinah: Yes.

Shayne: Zamir here doesn't talk too much. His brother was injured in an explosion about a month before I got here. They disguised a mine to look like a toy.

Dinah: You're very talented.

Shayne: Hey, how is your brother?

Zamir: Better.

Shayne: Would you do me a favor? Tell him I said hello. And tell your mom hello for me, too. I'm going to come see you guys before I go. Yeah? Okay. Speaking of going, you better get going because your mom's going to start to worry about you, all right? Oh, I need you to do me one more favor. Tell your mom that she's made the best cevapi for me that I've ever had. Can you do that for me?

Zamir: Okay, bye.

Shayne: Okay, Zamir, bye.

Dinah: Bye.

Zamir: For you.

Shayne: Thank you, Zamir. Thank you.

Reva: Shayne's doing better.

Billy: Oh, he was so good at little Colinís christening the other day.

Reva: He's a big-hearted guy. Colin's lucky to have him for a big brother.

Billy: Yeah. Is he still seeing Dinah?

Reva: Yes.

Billy: (Laughs) How do you feel about that?

Reva: Well, you know, I wasn't wild about it at first. But, you know, she really pulled him out of wherever he was. And now they're away together.

Billy: Away together, where?

Reva: I don't know. All Shayne would tell me was don't call him, he'd call me. I think they're away getting to know each other.

Billy: Oh, yeah. I remember those kind of days.

Reva: Yeah? I don't remember anything. To me, there's nothing outside these four walls, really. I mean, I have one kid who is falling in love, I have another kid who is throwing up all over his daddy, and Frank Cooper is getting married.

Billy: Oh, no, no. They called that off.

Reva: What?

Billy: Yeah.

Reva: See? See there? Lives are changing, and I know nothing about it. If it's not happening in these four walls or if it is not on this webcam, then I don't see it.

Billy: Okay. I've got to go. I'll see you later.

Reva: What? Wait a minute? What are you doing?

Billy: No, no. I've got some things I need to do.

Reva: Oh, come on, don't leave. Oh!

(Phone rings)

Blake: Company.

Billy: Hey, Blake, it's Billy. I need you to come over and baby-sit Reva until I get back, okay? Thanks.

Blake: Hello, Billy? Hello?

Buzz: Hey.

Blake: Oh, good, you're here. Listen, do you mind staying right here while I go across and sit with Reva? I know. Billy just called so I...

Buzz: Sure.

Blake: I'll call you. Hey, Frankie. Frankie. How are you doing honey? I'm sorry about the wedding.

Frank: I'm... yeah, yeah, I'm okay. I'm hanging in there. It's going to be fine, Blake. Natalia just needs more time.

Blake: Well, I'm glad that you're hopeful.

Frank: I love her, Blake.

Blake: Frank, she should be so lucky to still have you. I'm going to call you. I'm going to take you out, okay? All right. I'll be back. (Cell phone rings)

Frank: Yeah, Cooper here. Okay. Oh, come on, there has got to be something else you can do. Please, even just one more day. Yes, I know. I've burned my favors there. Um... thank you.

Buzz: What was that about?

Frank: That was corrections. They moved up Rafe's reporting time at the halfway house.

Buzz: I thought he had another couple of days.

Frank: Oh, he had a couple of days, absolutely. If he was attending a family celebration. I've got to go, Pop. I'll see you later. Are you going to be okay here?

Buzz: Yeah. I've got a waitress.

Frank: All right. Oh, um...

Buzz: Yeah?

Frank: I... I should go report to Natalia this news.

Buzz: Hey, Frank, I know it's none of my business, but, um, isn't this something better handled by phone?

Frank: What, do you think I'm using this as an excuse to go see Natalia?

Buzz: Well...

Frank: All right, Pop, I thought about it, okay. I know, it's too soon and all that but if I just pick up the phone and call her right now, I'd be sending her the wrong message.

Buzz: What message, Frank?

Frank: That I don't care anymore and that I stopped trying. But I havenít.

Ms. Jennings: You're late! All the kids are changing in room eight.

Olivia: I'm sorry. We had trouble with the costume. And I...

Emma: I'm sorry I'm late.

Natalia: It's good to see you again.

Olivia: Emma, let's get going.

Emma: Wait. I have a favor. Can my friend, Natalia, have one of the special seats up front? She was supposed to get married.

Ms. Jennings: Of course. See you in the auditorium.

Olivia: You shouldn't have come.

Natalia: I didn't want to disappoint Emma.

Olivia: This isn't about Emma.

Natalia: I'm sorry that I'm making you feel uncomfortable.

Olivia: This isn't about me. It's about you. Why are you doing this to yourself?

Natalia: Why are you being like this?

Olivia: Being realistic.

Natalia: No. You're being cold, mean, almost, and I don't get it. I'm trying to be positive in front of Emma, so that she doesn't see any of this. But you have no idea what it's like. I can't sleep. My head, I can't think straight for more than a second at a time. Everything is just a jumble. But I know one thing. One thing is very clear to me.

Olivia: And what's that?

Natalia: I couldn't say those vows to Frank because... I love Frank. He's a wonderful person. But saying those things to him would have been a big lie. And leaving him there, standing at that church, was only the second hardest thing I had to do that day.

Olivia: What was the first?

Natalia: Telling you that I loved you.

Olivia: Shhh.

Natalia: Telling you how I really feel.

Olivia: I was there when you said it, I know.

Natalia: And I was there when you said it to me.

Olivia: Do you understand? It's one thing to say it. It's what comes after. As hard as it is to say that...

Natalia: Yeah, it's really hard.

Olivia: I don't think you really get it. You can say it to a Gus or to a Frank, but to say it to me, and for me to say it to you.

Natalia: I know!

Olivia: I don't think you've thought this through! But I have, okay? I know what comes after "I love you."

Natalia: Really? Because I would love for you to tell me.

Olivia: Hell, okay? Pure hell. For you. And, let's face it, for me, too. And if you knew that, you wouldn't be here right now.

Billy: Hey, Buzz, I'm glad you're here. Wait, wait, this is going to be fun.

Buzz: What is this?

Billy: Say hi to Reva.

Buzz: Hi, Reva. There's nobody there.

Billy: Wait, wait. (Laughs) I forgot I've got to connect up here. Hello, gorgeous. What are you wearing?

Blake: What?

Billy: Are you with Reva?

Blake: Well, she was having her blood taken when I got here, but I think I can go in now.

Billy: Go over and tell Reva to turn on her computer because we've got something here that's going to make her smile.

Reva: Hey, right there.

Blake: Hi.

Reva: Hi.

Blake: Hey, listen, Billy sent me over from across the street. He wants me to tell you to turn on your computer.

Reva: Why?

Blake: I don't know. I don't know. But are you up for a visit?

Reva: Yes. You need to put on a gown and some gloves, too.

Blake: Gloves, too. Okay. So, um, listen, I was going to bring you some food, but they have such strict rules here, so...

Reva: Yeah, they're all about the rules here.

Blake: I know. I know, I know. I know. I've went on your website. The baby looks gorgeous.

Reva: Thank you. He is. He loves that blanket you gave him. Hi. (Laughter)

Blake: Oh, man. I want to go over and visit. If you think that Jeffrey wouldn't be insulted, I'd like to help.

Reva: Yes. Ask him. You know, he was all about the do-it-yourself daddy thing before, but now I think he is aware of the fact that it's okay to ask for a little assistance. So, how's your gig going at Company?

Blake: Oh, I love it. I love it! You know, I'm right in the heart of everything. And I get to telling everybody what to do, it's fun. (Laughs)

Reva: I could use a little fun myself. Wha... what in the world is this? Look, it's Company.

Billy: Hey! Here's Buzz.

Buzz: Hi, gorgeous.

Reva: Not as cute as my little honey bun, but it's nice to see people!

Billy: Hey. Yeah. Everybody here wants to say hi. Say hi! Say hi!

Reva: Oh, no, Billy, no. You don't have to do that, really.

Billy: But I really want to eat the Buzz burger. Besides, you said you felt like you were being cheated out of life.

Reva: And I made myself perfectly clear on that. I'm going stir crazy in here, but they're keeping me under lock and key.

Blake: Well, that's only because you never follow the rules.

Reva: Are you going to start lecturing me, too?

Blake: No. Are you kidding? That's one of my favorite things about you.

Josh: Frank, it's Josh Lewis.

Frank: Hey, Josh.

Josh: Listen, do you guys still have a watch out on Edmund Winslow?

Frank: Oh, yeah. You got anything for me?

Josh: No, I donít. I was hoping you might have something. Is there any activity at all?

Frank: You know what? I will... I'll check the computer.

Dinah: Zamir was such a nice kid.

Shayne: Yeah. He's something, isn't he?

Dinah: Yeah. Heís... really special. He looks up to you. He doesn't have a father, does he? The war?

Shayne: Exactly. After his father died, he... he really latched onto me. I guess that's an occupational hazard with this stuff.

Dinah: Yeah. It must have been very hard to say good-bye to him.

Shayne: No. No, because his mom's very together. I knew he'd be okay.

Dinah: How long have you known each other?

Shayne: Thanksgiving.

Dinah: Oh. You know, I knew about all of this, about you and Lara and your work, so, it's just... it's one thing to imagine it in your head, but it really is something very different to see and feel it, to see and feel what it meant to you. I see you here now, and I get it. It fits. It's very obvious that a part of you still fits, even belongs here.

Shayne: I belong in my present. Not in my past. Yeah, I loved it here. This was really important to me. So is this. So are you. Come on.

Dinah: What?

Shayne: Come on. There's someone you need to say hello to.

Josh: Frank, are you there? Do you have anything for me?

Frank: You know what, Josh? Not a thing. It's like he vanished into thin air.

Josh: Yeah, we should be so lucky. Okay, well, if you get any information at all, any leads, please, please call me.

Frank: Yeah, will do.

Josh: Oh, come on. Yeah, Roc, it's Josh Lewis again. Look, I'm on a road out here near the hotel. I don't know where to go from here. If you have any information for me, any, any leads at all, I would appreciate it. Please, call me back as soon as you get this.

Dinah: Wow, what a beautiful spot.

Shayne: Yeah?

Dinah: Yeah. I could stay here all day.

Shayne: The night after Lara and I left the restaurant we met at, we walked to this spot.

Dinah: Aww. Is that when you knew you liked her?

Shayne: No. No. It was when I was talking to her that I realized I liked her.

Dinah: Uh oh, we talked a lot when we first met. (Laughs)

Shayne: No, we didnít. No, no. You talked a lot, and, yeah, I hated you for it.

Dinah: Oh! You weren't exactly Mr. Charm yourself.

Shayne: Yes, I was.

Dinah: No.

Shayne: Yes, I was. No, I wasnít. No. I was a rude dude.

Dinah: Yes, you were.

Shayne: I'm sorry. I grew on you.

Dinah: I think we grew on each other.

Shayne: Any girl that can roast marshmallows with me at a fire that we just set together, I guess that's the girl for me.

Dinah: You're a sweet-talker.

Billy: Mmm. No one make da burger likes Buzz make da burger.

Reva: Stop! Stop!

Blake: You married him.

Reva: Yeah. That was a long time ago.

Buzz: When you married him, did he chew like that?

Reva: I chose you, too, Buzz.

Buzz: In a moment of wisdom and clarity. (Laughter)

Blake: Look at those two. They're a sorry-looking pair. I don't know why you chose either one of them.

Reva: When I married them, they were cute. (Laughter)

Billy: Hey, we're cute now. You're just not seeing our best side.

Blake: Do you have a best side, Billy?

Billy: Oh, do we have a best side. Watch this.

Reva: Hey, hey, come back.

Blake: Oh, we were just kidding. You're really cute. Come back and talk to us. Oh! (Laughter)

Reva: It's nothing, really. Been there, seen it. Billy and Buzz, put your pants back on. (Laughter)

Blake: I almost got a heart attack.

Reva: I may throw up.

Olivia: I'm... I'm not trying to be insensitive. I know this is a hard time for you.

Natalia: It's good to know.

Olivia: Look if I sound harsh, it's because I think you need to hear it. It doesn't matter if it's ten minutes after the ceremony or ten years. The truth is the truth.

Natalia: Olivia...

Olivia: Come on, Natalia, have you thought about Rafe?

Natalia: I always think about Rafe.

Olivia: What about Emma? What about me?

Natalia: I haven't been able to think about anything else.

Olivia: I love you, Olivia, but just saying that makes me miserable.

Natalia: Don't put words in my mouth.

Olivia: No. It's what I heard. What about your church? What about God? What does he have to say about all of this?

Natalia: Stop making fun of me.

Olivia: I'm not making fun of you. I'm bringing up some very real issues. You do not get to say something like this in a vacuum. Trust me, I'm just trying to spare you what I've been through because I've been living with this a long time.

Natalia: We both have.

Olivia: No. But I knew. I've had time to imagine the looks and the guilt and the judgments. I have a plane to catch.

Natalia: No, we're not done...

Olivia: We are done! Please tell me you understand that we're done before we even got started, because that's the way it has to be. The best thing that you can do is just to walk away and forget you ever said anything.

Natalia: Oh, please, do you really think that I could do that?

Olivia: I think you need to try for both our sakes.

Natalia: You stop! You think you know me. You think you know better than me.

Olivia: I do know you.

Natalia: Then why are you always selling me short? Please, don't deny it. You always think that you know better than me because you're worldly and you're experienced, and you've been around.

Olivia: All right. All right. I've been in love. I've had my heart smashed a few times, and, okay, I want what everyone else has. I want someone to love me. And I want a happy ending. And, believe me, if I thought that we could...

Natalia: We don't know.

Olivia: No, no, no, no. No one knows what is going to happen when you decide to love someone. I just know that we would have to face so many more obstacles than other couples even have to think about. I saw you with Frank. And I saw what happened, and I saw how terrible you felt. You tell me, how am I supposed to let you love me if it's going to make you feel like an awful person.

Natalia: No, it really won't be.

Olivia: You need to listen to me.

Natalia: No, you need to listen! I've listened to you. It's your turn to listen. When I told you that I loved you, I just-- I blurted it. I did. But I think that's what happens sometimes with the truth. It just comes out. But I'm not that naive. I knew what it meant when I said it. Maybe I just stuffed it down for so long that it just didn't even really exist for me. And I even came close to marrying a man. Maybe because I didn't want to face it. Say it out loud. But when I did say it, out loud, to you, I knew exactly what I was saying. I know what it means when you tell someone that you love them.

Billy: Thanks a lot for taking care of Reva.

Blake: It was my pleasure. Except that...

Billy: Oh, yeah, I know. I changed your life today.

Blake: Oh, baby! (Laughs) Okay.

Billy: See you later. Hey... did that take your mind off your troubles?

Reva: Yes, you did. I almost forgot I was in the hospital.

Billy: Sometimes it's nice to leave your worries behind.

Reva: Yeah. Well, sometimes your worries...

Billy: Hey sweetie. It's okay. You take a nap. I'll wait out here.

Reva: No, no, Billy. Go home. I'm fine.

Billy: Okay, I'll go.

Reva: I love you.

Roc: It's okay. You can put that down.

Josh: What the hell happened to you? I went back to that place you were holding Edmund. You were gone, he was gone, there's blood all over the place. I've been looking all over for you, calling in favors.

Roc: Slow, slow down.

Josh: No, I'm not going to slow down until you tell me where the hell Edmund is!

Dinah: We could have stayed longer, you know.

Shayne: I'm okay.

Dinah: I just-- I don't want you to rush through any of this because of me.

Shayne: I'm okay.

Dinah: Because, listen. We did this because of you.

Shayne: I'm okay. Do you know something? I'm exactly where I want to be right now.

Dinah: I'm glad to be here with you, too.

Shayne: I needed you here with me.

Coming up on "Guiding Light."

Dinah: Have you decided where you want to say goodbye to Lara?

Shayne: Her grave.

Dinah: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Are you connected to Edmund?

Natalia: I know what it means to tell someone that you love them. How did you know that I was here? Are you following us?

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