GL Transcript Friday 4/17/09

Guiding Light Transcript Friday 4/17/09


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Previously on "Guiding Light"...

Alan: Your father has accepted my invitation to rejoin the Spaulding board.

Natalia: I stand here before God...

Alan: I've taken the liberty to have a few press releases drawn up.

Natalia: I'm sorry, I canít. I'm sorry, Frank.

Phillip: Naturally I intend to seek the help of a qualified psychiatrist?

Billy: Hey, what's going on?

Bill: I need to talk to you about New York City.

Billy: Ooh! Cheesecake!

Bill: Yeah, cheesecake. No meat, cheesecake. Look, I'm planning on taking Lizzie on a trip, and I want to pull out all of the stops.

Billy: Good place. Big city, big time romance. You got it. That's it.

Bill: Yeah, you took us to some amazing places...

Billy: Oh, wait, wait, wait. You can go to the Rainbow Room.

Bill: That's the one. That's the one I was thinking about.

Billy: Yeah. Orchestra, you're dancing close, you're on top of the whole city.

Billy: (Laughs) And that is where we're going to be.

Bill: Is this part of the dating game?

Bill: This is. Yes, it is. In fact it's date number four... the one we're stuck on. And if I don't make it to date number ten...

Billy: Wait a minute, wait a minute, what's date ten?

Bill: Well, date ten is where all of the magic happens.

Billy: Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. Your mother would be proud of you.

Bill: Well, listen, um... I am going out of my mind because holding out, I've got to tell you, has been a little tough. Okay? So I'm trying to squeeze in seven dates in 48 hours. If I can't do it, I don't think I'm going to make it.

Billy: I think she's going to love going there. Girls love to go to New York, the theater, shopping.

Bill: Yeah. Yeah, exactly. But Lizzie doesn't know it yet. In fact, I better go tell her so she has time to pack.

Phillip: Okay, so let me get this straight. I have to take a psychiatric evaluation before I can work at the family company?

Alan: Well, Phillip, just look at it as a good faith measure, that's all.

Phillip: Yeah. Yeah! More like sabotage.

Alan: (Laughs) Son, you are being dramatic, please...

Phillip: Yeah, yeah, and you're being your old self. This is starting to feel very familiar.

Lizzie: Can anyone tell me why there are reporters outside?

Phillip: Because your grandfather will never miss an opportunity to exploit his family.

Lizzie: You know what? This is embarrassing, okay. I'm going to have to take the back way out. I'm really sick of having to say "no comment" every time we meet in the dining room for breakfast.

Alan: Phillip, just read the paper. I just think that you will not find this unreasonable.

Phillip: No. I read it. I read it. It says if I don't take your test, and I'm found fit, then I can't sit on the board.

Alan: Yes. And what are you afraid of?

Phillip: I'm not afraid of anything.

Alexandra: Oh, Phillip, just sign the bloody thing, will you. Humor him. We all know you are fine. Let us get on with our lives. Please?

Lizzie: I think that Mom should take a look at that press release.

Alan: Beth Raines, Attorney at Law? Phillip, I think you should probably look for new legal representation. She certainly hasn't helped you very much so far.

Phillip: Well, but you know, but I trust her, which is the most important thing.

Alan: I have an idea: Why don't we ask Elizabeth to do this? I think she would be a fair judge.

Phillip: No. Don't dump this on her.

Alan: Well, it's up to you. Do you want your father to get an evaluation, or does it matter to you, darling, that history might repeat itself?

Frank: Natalia?

Buzz: Frank! Come on, let's get in my car. We'll look for her together.

Frank: Did you say anything to her?

Buzz: Nothing.

Frank: Did you raise the same doubts about our marriage that you laid on me?

Buzz: Oh, come on, Frank.

Frank: You just couldn't keep quiet, could you Pop.

Buzz: Come on, Frank, all I want is you two to be happy.

Frank: No, that's not true. Because you said I could never make anyone happy.

Buzz: That is not what I said, Frank!

Frank: I can't believe I'm even talking to you.

Buzz: Oh, come on, Frank. I want this to be a happy day, a perfect day between you two, something you can remember together. Come on.

Frank: What the hell happened? She never let on that anything was even wrong.

Buzz: Well, did she say anything before she bolted?

Frank: One minute we were reciting our vows, and I told her that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her, and, and...

Buzz: And?

Frank: Well, then she turned to speak, and then she just had this look on her face.

Buzz: What kind of look?

Frank: Like she was just frozen, and I don't know why!

Emma: Has anyone seen my mom?

Olivia: Natalia, what are you doing out here?

Natalia: I don't know. Just taking a stroll in my big, white dress.

Olivia: Everybody is waiting for you back at the church. We should get you back to Frank.

Natalia: No. I canít. I can't go back there. I can't marry Frank. It's not right.

Olivia: The guy is crazy about you. The whole Cooper family wants to marry you. Are you kidding?

Natalia: I wish I could just go back to the church, and I could say I'm sorry, and, you know, start all over. Because I love the Cooperís. I really-- I love the idea of Rafe and I being part of such a big family. And Frank is...

Olivia: He is good. He's a good man. So do it. Come on.

Natalia: I canít. It's not right. I wish it was right. You have no idea how much I wish it was right.

Olivia: Well, luckily for you, I'm your maid of honor, and I take my duties very seriously, so I'm going to get you back there. And get you back to Frank...

Natalia: No, no. Please, just let go.

Olivia: What are you doing? What are you doing? This is the future that you've always wanted, right? It's what you didn't get to have with Gus. It's one that you deserve.

Natalia: I'm not going back. I've done enough damage.

Olivia: No, you're not thinking clearly.

Natalia: I am thinking clearly. Probably for the first time I am. I can't marry Frank!

Olivia: Yes, you can! You can marry Frank!

Natalia: No. I don't love him. I love you! I love you, Olivia.

Olivia: Do you know what you're saying?

Natalia: At Gus' memorial, when you told me that you loved me... I wasn't exactly surprised.

Olivia: You weren't?

Natalia: I think that I've known for a while, and I was just so afraid to actually hear it, that I would change the subject.

Olivia: We could do that now, if you want? Last chance.

Natalia: No. Whatever this is-- I-- this doesn't happen, not in my world. And it really scares me. And then something changed. Something happened, and I started to feel the same way that you felt. And I don't know when. I don't know-- I don't know if we were getting Emma together, to take her to school. I don't know if we were just sitting around and talking and it just felt so right. But it happened. And I realized...

Olivia: What?

Natalia: That you are my family. That you are everything to me. If that's not love...

Olivia: You never said anything.

Natalia: Because, honestly, I didn't know if I felt good or bad about that.

Olivia: Maybe a little bit of both. I know, I've felt the same way.

Natalia: That's when I realized how brave you are. When you could say-- when you could say those words. And I tried to say them to Frank, and I couldnít.

Olivia: And now here we are.

Natalia: This just-- it's new and it's different.

Olivia: It's a relief, isn't it? To have it out in the open, and I can finally look you in the eyes.

Natalia: Are you as confused as I am?

Olivia: Oh, yeah!

Natalia: I just-- I feel like that I can't just pretend that this hasn't happened. I canít. It's not fair to us. And it's not fair to Frank.

(Both): Oh, God!

Natalia: What have I done to Frank!

Buzz: I checked the parking lot. Olivia's car is gone.

Emma: Why did they go off without me?

Frank: You know what? Your mom and Natalia are great friends. And most friends need each other at a time like this.

Emma: Why did she leave her own wedding?

Frank: You know what, Emma? You know when you're at school and you get all nervous before you take your test, and all of that, because you really want to do we, and you want to make sure that you have all of the right answers? I think that's what Natalia is pretty much feeling right now.

Buzz: It doesn't mean she doesn't want to get married. It just means she's not ready yet. That's all.

Emma: Good. Because I like being a flower girl.

Frank: And you're a beautiful one. And I'm also glad that your mom is taking care of Natalia. Because if there is anybody that can make her feel better, it's your mommy.

Daisy: Why are you still here?

James: I'm just waiting to see if the runaway bride comes back. This is good stuff.

Daisy: No, it's not. It's a mess. You're a jerk.

James: So I guess you can get out of here, right?

Daisy: No. I have to stay, help my family. And we don't know what is happening with Natalia. She could come back. There could still be a wedding.

James: I don't think so. I bet she's half way to Chicago by now.

Daisy: All right. I have to find my uncle.

James: Listen, I need a lift.

Daisy: What?

James: A ride. You have a car, don't you?

Daisy: Don't you?

James: Lizzie drove. I'm on my own.

Daisy: Oh, call up Bruno. He'll come pick you up, Ritchie Rich.

James: I'm not into the driver thing.

Daisy: Oh, right, yeah. You're just a simple guy.

James: I try not to fall into the traps. Too easy to get used to.

Daisy: But you will date the Governor's daughter and call in favors for your family. That is as Spaulding as it gets.

James: That was a once a year type of thing. Give me a ride home, Susan.

Daisy: It's Daisy. And you're not looking for a ride. You're coming on to me, and it's not working. See ya.

Lizzie: This is not my decision to make. Look, I know that we are all looking for proof that Dad is okay, but I don't think that this is the way to do it.

Alan: It's a routine examination, that's all.

Lizzie: Right. Okay. And then all of our questions will be answered?

Alan: Do you have a better idea, Elizabeth?

Lizzie: Well, it wasn't my idea to ask him to rejoin the company.

Alan: Wait a minute. Are you saying that you don't want your father in the company?

Lizzie: No. No, no, I'm not. I do believe that anyone in our family deserves a spot in the company as long as they don't start trouble. And you two are the ones who started trouble, so you two duke it out!

Phillip: Hey, sweetheart, that's a great idea. Come on, let's step out in the hall.

Alexandra: Alan, don't you dare go in the hall. You're still drunk, for heaven's sake. He'll drop you like a bag of potatoes.

Alan: You know something? This is a simple business decision, just like buying a company or hiring a new executive. And I think you're all being very emotional about this. Now, Phillip, here is the name of a doctor that I want you to look at, and I want you to think about going to see. Now, remember, it's for your own good.

Phillip: Oh, no. Wait a minute. Don't shrinks like you to talk about your childhood, don't they? I could do that for hours. Are you okay with full disclosure.

Alan: Say whatever you have to say.

Lizzie: I don't know what this is going to get us.

Alan: It will let us know if your father is stable enough to rejoin the company. It would not be a wise business decision for him to come back to the company if he is not. That's why it is good for him to see the nice doctor.

Phillip: Well, maybe I don't feel like I need to see the nice doctor. Maybe I feel like I'm okay just the way I am.

Alan: Fine. We'll see.

Phillip: I've got an idea. Why don't we all go together. We could have a group session.

Alexandra: (Laughs)

Phillip: (Laughs)

Bill: Hello, am I interrupting something interesting?

Phillip: (Laughs) No.

Alan: Well, yes. We were deciding whether Phillip is well enough to rejoin the company.

Bill: Ah, the daily power struggle. Not very interesting at all. I need to talk to Lizzie.

Lizzie: Gotta go.

Alan: Elizabeth, what...

Lizzie: Thank goodness you got me out of there. Those people are completely nuts.

Bill: They are nuts. Now, tell me, are you going to end like that some day?

Lizzie: Probably.

Bill: Okay. Then we'll go nuts together. Look, I came here because I wanted to ask you out.

Lizzie: Oh, date number four, huh?

Bill: Not just date number four, but four through ten. Because I need to get to date number ten.

Lizzie: You know, I knew this was going to happen. I am very sexy.

Bill: You are very, very sexy, and I don't think I can hold out much longer.

Lizzie: Okay. Well, what's the plan?

Bill: Here's the plan: Seven, count them, seven elegant dates in New York City, one after the other. Now, do you think you can handle it?

Lizzie: (Laughs) Hot shot, I can handle anything you've got, and then some.

Bill: Okay. Because I'm not kidding around here. All right? Number ten, it has to be something that we're going to remember for the rest of our lives, okay?

Alexandra: Thank you, dear.

Alan: Elizabeth left just like that!

Phillip: Yep. You still know how to clear a room.

Alan: You know, every time Bill Lewis comes in that door, she forgets her priorities.

Alexandra: Alan, it's called being in love. Love, look it up.

Phillip: Yeah, you know what? You have put way too much responsibility on her. She's a young woman, for God sake. That's exactly what she should be doing. She should be out with Bill. She should be meeting her girlfriends for lunch. She shouldn't be in a musty old boardroom with us.

Alan: Is that your Father of the Year speech, Phillip? She's a Spaulding. It's her responsibility to be here for the company.

Alexandra: Alan, it seems to me that Bill and Lizzie are keeping this company afloat, in fact, the stock's in better condition than it was in the last few years, and considering this economy. Now, if anyone has some time alone, to spend some time...

Phillip: Right, good for them.

Alexandra: Yes, good for them. Exactly.

Phillip: You know what? I take it all back. I'll talk to your shrink. I'll do the questionnaire. That's fine. Bring it on. I've got nothing to lose.

Alan: Well, Phillip, you can take some more time to think about it, now you don't have to...

Phillip: I don't need to take anymore time. Just tell me, are they coming here, or am I going there?

Alan: Well, I -- Alexandra, I need to speak with you for a second outside.

Alexandra: What?

Alan: If you'll excuse us just for a minute, Phillip. I'll be right back.

Alexandra: What, what?

Alan: We have a problem.

Alexandra: What?

Alan: I didn't think Phillip would accept the evaluation, so I didn't get a doctor. But that doesn't mean I don't think he's well enough to go back to the company.

Alexandra: What was that all about? You handed him a card with a doctor's name on it? What was that?

Alan: I have lots of cards. I know lots of doctors. But I thought when I gave him the card, that he would say, "Dad, you're right, I'm not ready to come back to the company." And at least one thing in our life would remain the same.

Alexandra: Alan, honestly.

Alan: He called my bluff, Alexandra.

Alexandra: Yes, he certainly did, didn't he? Now what, smarty-pants?

Alan: I guess I have to come up with a different approach to keep him in his place. Shall we?

Daisy: Are you serious?

James: I'm just looking for a ride home.

Daisy: Hitchhiking is dangerous. There are a lot of freaks out there.

James: So you gave up on true love?

Daisy: What?

James: The wedding, I guess it's not happening?

Daisy: Oh. I'm just making a coffee run. There is nothing else I can do to help, and people seem to like coffee when they're in crisis.

James: I take mine black.

Daisy: All right. Get in. You're buying, for everyone.

James: You think I've got deep pockets just because I'm a Spaulding?

Daisy: Yeah.

James: I've got like $1.20 on me. But I do have a credit card.

Daisy: Great. We'll get doughnuts, too.

Bill: Okay, so pack fancy.

Lizzie: Okay. How fancy?

Bill: Just dress up.

Lizzie: Like black tie? Semi formal? Cocktail?

Bill: Yeah, sure, whatever. Just seven fancy outfits, and something super-sexy for after daytime. Actually, it doesn't matter what you put on after daytime because you're only going to have it on for about 30 seconds.

Lizzie: How much do you know that that is going to happen? Maybe I like all of this waiting. You know, I might have us wait until date 16... or 20.

Bill: I know what's going to happen because you're not the only one who's hot.

Lizzie: (Laughs) Oh, okay. Well, you're really confident.

Bill: I've got a lot to be confident about.

Frank: They're not at the house, Pop.

Buzz: Frank, I'll tell you what. We're going to go. We're going to pick up your mom and pick up Natalia, and we'll be back in a minute. Give him a hug. Come on. Give him a hug.

Emma: You look so sad.

Frank: And you look beautiful in that new dress. And that makes me happy. I'll tell you what, why don't you go inside. Because everything is going to be fine. And I promise you that I'm going to work things out with Natalia, okay? And thank you for my little hug. There you go.

Buzz: Frank, you're something else with kids. You're going to have kids of your own with Natalia.

Frank: Yeah, well, if I can ever find her.

Buzz: You'll find her. You'll bring her back, and get married. And you're going to be the best father in the world, the best husband in the world. Look, I'm sorry...

Frank: Pop, please. You know what? I know you meant well. I've just been a little edgy here. I just couldn't believe I was actually getting married today, you know. And I guess I'm not.

Buzz: Well, maybe you rushed it a little bit.

Frank: I thought marriage was the only way that we could be together because of her values and all that. So I guess maybe I did push it. Maybe I pushed it for selfish reasons because I really want to be with her so badly, Pop.

Buzz: You are in love.

Frank: I am, Pop. I love her. I love her with all of my heart.

Buzz: Then tell her what you told me. Bring her back here and say I do. Go on, go. Go!

Natalia: I can't believe I've hurt Frank like this. He's such a good man.

Olivia: Yeah, well, I think he'll actually understand.

Natalia: How could he possibly understand? I should call him or something. I should just call him and...

Olivia: And tell him what, that you have an unusual interest in your maid of honor?

Natalia: You're right. I just-- um... I'm in the church, and I'm standing there, underneath that big cross, and I know it's so wrong because I'm lying to Frank. And, worse, I'm lying to myself.

Olivia: Natalia, you've done nothing wrong.

Natalia: Except shatter Frank's life. And what are the Cooperís going to think of me now.

Olivia: Does that really matter?

Natalia: Of course it matters. They're all good people. And I'm not.

Olivia: You are the same good person that you have always been, and you have nothing to apologize for.

Natalia: I disappointed a good man.

Olivia: Okay. You know what? This is my fault. It's all my fault, so I'll fix it. I should never have unloaded on you the way I did on your wedding day.

Natalia: All you did was just tell the truth. But what good is that, though? What good is that kind of truth when all it's going to do is hurt other people?

Frank: Natalia!

Buzz: I'm getting creamed. I'm getting creamed by a child. You're, you're, you're a shark.

Emma: I prefer dolphins.

Buzz: Yeah, I bet you do. Sometimes you've got to be a shark. Don't feel bad that your mom is rushing off. She doesn't want me to leave yet. She's coming back.

Emma: That's okay. Frank told me.

Buzz: What?

Emma: Well, he said Mom doesn't want to see Natalia feel bad.

Buzz: Yeah. Yeah, love is like that. Sometimes it's confusing, too. You'll find that out when a boy grabs your pigtails. And what do you tell him?

Emma: Go fish.

Buzz: You're such a smart kid. So go fish!

Frank: Natalia, I've looked everywhere for you. Are you all right?

Natalia: I, I don't know. I don't know.

Frank: Well, just tell me what happened? Why did you rush out of the church like that?

Natalia: It's really hard to explain.

Frank: Just, just talk to me, okay? What could be so bad that we can't work through it.

Natalia: I was overwhelmed. I was standing in the church, in God's house, and everything felt wrong.

Frank: How could that ever be?

Natalia: I am not the person that you think I am. I am not right for you, Frank.

Frank: What are you talking about, sweetheart? You're not making any sense right now. You're the best person I've ever met in my life!

Natalia: But I, I have all of these feelings. And I don't really know how, I don't understand. And I don't know how to explain.

Frank: What, what feelings? What could be so bad?

Natalia: It's, it's, it's just...

Olivia: It's, it's Gus, Frank. Natalia feels badly that she's not over him. I found her at his memorial this morning.

Frank: Is that true?

Natalia: I was at his memorial this morning.

Olivia: It's just too soon, Frankie. It's too soon. And she really wanted to marry you, but standing in that church and remembering all of the vows she made to Gus, she just-- she kind of lost it.

Frank: I pushed you too quickly, didn't I? I pushed you too quickly, and that is what this is all about, isn't it?

Natalia: I think I just felt... I think I felt wrong pledging myself to you when I wasn't really free. And I never meant to hurt you.

Frank: I know that.

Natalia: I wanted to say those vows to you, I did. I really wanted to say them with all of my heart. I wanted everything that today was supposed to be.

Frank: I understand.

Natalia: Please don't hate me.

Frank: I don't hate you. To be quite honest with you, I really thought I hadn't really gotten over Eleni until I fell for you. But I can't say that I'm not disappointed or I'm not hurt right now because I'd be lying. I really wanted to put that ring on your finger today.

Natalia: I'm so sorry.

Frank: Don't be. Don't be. I would never, ever ask you to go against your true feelings. Because you don't do that to someone you love.

Alan: I want you to know that my sister and I will owe you. And like you, family always comes first for us. And I will keep you posted. Fine. Talk soon.

Alexandra: Alan, why is it I'm not feeling just warm and fuzzy all over?

Alan: Not to worry. I had to come up with plan "B," but everything is going to be fine.

Alexandra: Darling, why can't you just let this go. Let us live in some peace for a little while.

Alan: And let Phillip run this family? Not a chance!

Billy: How does it feel to be out and about?

Phillip: It feels good. It feels good, yeah. I'm still getting my bearings. I'm thinking about going back to work.

Billy: Hey, keep busy. That's good.

Phillip: Thank you very much. You know, Bill and Lizzie seem to be doing a fairly bang-up job running the company. I don't think I want to mess with that.

Billy: You know what? You might try keeping that old man of yours in line. He really likes to mess with those two kids.

Phillip: I'll do what I can. Although, Bill seems like he's holding his own.

Billy: Yeah. He's come a long way. Phillip, I got to tell you, your daughter is wonderful for him.

Phillip: I can see how much she loves him. I'm happy for them.

Daisy: Hey, Grandpa.

Billy: Hey, sweetie. Aren't you supposed to be at the wedding?

Daisy: Yeah. It's a long story. It's not a happy ending. I decided to come and get some coffee for everybody. And I picked up a hitchhiker along the way.

Phillip: Billy, do you know my son, James?

Billy: Ah, yeah, well. All grown up now, huh?

Phillip: Oh, yeah.

Billy: Yeah, I see.

Phillip: So you're helping Daisy get some coffee, huh?

James: I'm paying.

Phillip: Oh, okay.

James: I thought you were supposed to be at some emergency meeting with Granddad?

Phillip: Oh, no. No emergency. Everything is fine. I'm just sitting here having some pie. (Cell phone rings)

James: Excuse me.

Phillip: Um-hum.

James: Hey.

Lizzie: Sorry I ditched you before the big crisis about Dad rejoining the family company, and I did not want to stick around to see what happened.

James: Dad is right here, eating pie with Billy Lewis.

Lizzie: He's not having a psychiatric examination?

James: Not unless it included pie crust and whipped cream.

Lizzie: Great. Well, I guess he must have told Granddad to shove it.

James: I guess so.

Lizzie: Good. Good for him. I just, actually, wanted you to know that Bill and I are off to New York for a couple of days. And I wanted to say good-bye just in case you left for school before I got back.

James: I think I'll be here. Things are kind of interesting.

Lizzie: That's new. Usually you can't wait to get out of the house.

James: I can't leave right now. I'm needed here. I've got to pay for the coffee. Bye.

Daisy: I can't believe you're just sitting there watching me do all of the work.

James: I'm paying.

Daisy: Yeah. That, that's the easy part. Anyone can do that. See? Let's go-- look, I paid. There, I paid. Let's see you do the work. I need two large regulars and one with just cream and no sugar, please.

James: All set. Let's go. Bye, old guys.

Billy: Old guys? He reminds me of you at that age.

Phillip: That's what worries me.

Billy: (Laughs) Yeah. (Cell phone rings)

Phillip: Yeah?

Alan: Son, listen, I was wondering if you were still open to taking that evaluation?

Phillip: Um... yeah, sure. I have nothing to hide.

Alan: Terrific. I found a doctor who is willing to give you the evaluation. And as a matter of fact, he's on his way over to the house right now.

Phillip: Sounds great. I'll be there as soon as I finish my pie.

Alan: Good. Good. We can get this over with and we can all move on, son. I'll see you shortly. What are you looking at? You told me to take control.

James: Any of those doughnuts, glazed?

Daisy: Grandpa? Uncle Frank? This is so sad.

James: It's pretty cool... an empty church. You know what I always wanted to do? Ladies first. (Bell ringing)

Natalia: So what do we do now? How do I face your family?

Frank: We'll tell everybody we're postponing the wedding, that it was a mutual decision.

Natalia: There you go again. You're rescuing me, and I don't even deserve it.

Frank: No, baby, don't cry. Don't cry. Don't cry. Or you'll get mascara all over that beautiful face and that dress. I'm counting on you wearing that dress again.

Natalia: I can't promise that.

Frank: I honestly believe one day you'll be over Gus.

Natalia: What if I'm never ready?

Frank: I'm willing to take that chance because you are so worth it.

Natalia: If I love Frank, how am I still able to lie to him like that?

Olivia: You didn't lie to him. You just didn't tell him the whole truth.

Natalia: I didn't know how.

Olivia: What I said about Gus, I said because I knew that you would rather die than to have people know your true feelings. Between us it's one thing, but to own up to it in the real world...

Natalia: Own up, to what? What, what is it that we're feeling?

Olivia: Whatever it is, I know that you're ashamed of it. It's one of the reasons we've been doing this dance for so long. And that's the reason why we can't do anything about this.

Natalia: So what happens? What happens to us?

Olivia: There is no us. You love me, but you're going to hate me one day for this. I can't live with that. I canít. (Sobbing)

Phillip: Okay. I'm here. Where's the doctor? I'm ready to reveal my deepest, darkest secrets.

Alan: Son, he'll be here in just a minute, son. Why don't you take a seat and just relax until he gets here.

Phillip: Okay. I guess I shouldn't have a drink until it's over. Maybe a little water.

Alan: Okay.

Phillip: You're not serious! You're-- I said I would take the test! What the hell do you think you're doing!?

Alan: It's got to be this way, Phillip. You made it harder than it had to be.

Phillip: What the hell do you think you're doing?

Alan: It's out of my control, son!

Bill: Seven!

Lizzie: Well, one bag for each outfit. I followed directions.

Bill: A first time for everything.

Lizzie: Seven dates, seven bags, my accessories alone, I almost had to pack an eighth bag.

Bill: Oh, you are amazing.

Lizzie: I just want to make sure I have everything I needed.

Bill: Okay. All right. So what bag has the sexy thing in it? You know, the only outfit you're going to wear after date number ten?

Lizzie: Right here.

Bill: Good. Very good. Yes, carry that, because we don't want to lose it.

Lizzie: What, what if we don't make it to date ten?

Bill: Hmm?

Lizzie: What if we want to join the mile-high club?

Bill: No, no, I've made it this far. I can make it through two more days. But if you keep this up, I'm going to have you sit on the other end of the plane, okay?

Lizzie: (Laughs) You really are crazy about me.

Bill: Crazy about you. Crazy about you. Do you think maybe the ride to the airport could be date number four?

Lizzie: No.

Bill: No?

Lizzie: Unh-unh.

Bill: You're killing me.

Lizzie: Ten dates was your idea.

Buzz: Bunny hole, you made it up bunny hole, you don't play fair.

Frank: You told everyone to go home?

Buzz: Yeah, as soon as you called. I told them, you know, we'll reschedule as soon as you contacted me. Contacted you back.

Emma: How's Natalia?

Buzz: Is she okay?

Olivia: You know, it's just going to take some time.

Frank: Hey, listen. Thank you. Thank you so much for taking care of her. I'm glad she has you as a friend.

Olivia: Any time, Frank. Come with me.

Buzz: Ah, is this just postponing or are we going to have go out and really get drunk?

Frank: It's Gus. Gus is the reason why she left the wedding.

Buzz: Great. How do you compete with a dead man?

Frank: It's simple. You just help her get over it quickly.

Buzz: No, you donít. Grief has no time schedule, take it from me.

Frank: Natalia is the best thing that has ever happened to me, and I'm not giving up without a fight.

Leave it all behind and open up your mind leave it because everything is

okay. Leave it all behind you

because no one's going to mind leave it because now it's time


Emma: Are you sure that Natalia is going to be okay?

Olivia: Yeah, sweetie. She just needs to figure this out for herself.

Emma: Maybe we should find her and tell her that we love her.

Olivia: Don't worry about that. She knows.

Leave it because everything is okay...

Next week on "Guiding Light"...

Bill: I heard you were in New York?

Lizzie: Date number four.

Mallet: Just checking in. How is everything?

Dinah: Are you okay?

Shayne: I'm not okay. They just told me my mom is going to die. We're going to go to Bosnia.

Edmund: This isn't about her son. It's about Reva, Josh.

Billy: What's going on? Where are you?

Josh: Overseas.

Nun: That couple that came to you, it wasn't their baby.

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