GL Transcript Tuesday 4/14/09

Guiding Light Transcript Tuesday 4/14/09


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Previously on "Guiding Light."

Olivia: I want you to have everything that you deserve.

Natalia: I can't have the one thing I want.

Shayne: We're both still reeling from everything we learned about Lara this week, right?

Edmund: That you killed her.

Doris: Natalia is about to make a huge mistake. You've got to stop that wedding.

Dinah: Edmund hit him over the head with a bat. I called an ambulance.

Josh: Is he still here?

Dinah: Maybe he left town.

Josh: That doesn't sound like Edmund to me.

Buzz: Frank? (Laughter) Frank? Say that again. I don't think I heard you right.

Frank: Natalia and I are getting married! It's all set. Wait, are you okay?

Buzz: Hallelujah! I thought this day would never come! My God!

Frank: Thanks for the vote of confidence.

Buzz: Well, I just... I'm sorry, but, I mean, with all this family's been through, I thought we could use a wedding. Today?

Frank: (Laughs) Yes.

Buzz: Today?

Frank: Yes hold on a second.

Buzz: What?

Frank: I just picked them up. What do you think?

Buzz: Ah, they're perfect, fine, beautiful.

Frank: Do you think Natalia will love them?

Buzz: She loves you. She can love the rings.

Frank: Oh man, I'd do anything to make her happy, Pop.

Buzz: Frank, are you happy?

Frank: Are you kidding me? I'm smiling when I'm chasing down criminals now. So does that answer your question?

Buzz: Yeah, I guess so.

Frank: But one thing, though. One thing.

Buzz: What?

Frank: I'm going to need my best man to come down to the church today and make it official. And it wouldn't be bad to have my father there, either, so.

Buzz: You got it. (Laughs)

Frank: (Laughs) I love you, Pop! I love you!

Buzz: So where is the bride?

Frank: Well, she's out doing wedding stuff. What else? Come on.

Natalia: So you are like... you're moving out today?

Olivia: Well, you know , I mean, you're getting married today, so I figured Frank might be thinking of moving in.

Natalia: Well, I know. You're just moving across town, right? So we'll see each other all the time anyway.

Olivia: Yeah, we will. We'll do lunch. We'll do lunch.

Natalia: (Laughs) Emma made this on, like, the very first day we moved in together. She was so excited.

Olivia: You know what, you keep that.

Natalia: I can't keep it. She made it for both of us.

Olivia: No, really. I know that she would want you to keep that to remember us.

Natalia: It's pretty weird, you know? Half the house is all packed up, you know? Half our home looks like it's gone. You have no idea how much I'm going to miss... I'm going to miss our Friday night movie nights together, with you, me, and Emma huddled up under one blanket on the sofa.

Olivia: I'm gonna miss that, too. They're such great nights.

Natalia: I have so much to do.

Olivia: I know you do.

Natalia: I don't know what I'm doing. I've got to go.

Olivia: You should, go. I'll see you at the wedding.

Natalia: Okay.

Mover: It must be hard to leave such a nice place.

Olivia: It is. It's really hard.

Jeffrey: Josh. How's Shayne? Is he all right?

Josh: He's getting his M.R.I. Dinah's with him.

Jeffrey: Well, let's hope that he is just banged up and there's no concussion.

Josh: I think he got lucky, considering the damage Edmund has done to others.

Jeffrey: Yeah. I spoke with security. They haven't seen anyone that matches Edmundís description.

Josh: Well, maybe Dinah is right. Maybe that bastard has finally left town.

Nurse: Mr. OíNeill, come quick.

Jeffrey: Where's my son? Where the hell is my boy?

Josh: Look, maybe Reva took him back to the room.

Jeffrey: Reva has strict orders not to see the child because of her immune system!

Josh: Well, since when has Reva ever followed the rules?

Jeffrey: I hope you're right! Did you check the mother's room?

Josh: Oh, my God.

Jeffrey: Now we panic.

Edmund: Diapers, formula, bottles, diaper rash, saddles it up. Here we go. On the road. Oh, luckily, you won't have to grow up in this hideous place. No. Wooden bears and wagon wheels and commemorative plates. I'm gonna be sick. I have much better things in store for you, little man. Come on. Say bye-bye. Bye-bye, now. Bye-bye.

Reva: You son of a bitch. Give me my baby.

Frank: So, Pop, I'm thinking some place...

Buzz: Greece?

Frank: No. I'm thinking some place warm, tropical, like the Bahamas, maybe?

Natalia: Hi, guys!

Buzz: The newest member of the family! Hello! How are you? Come here. Come here. Come here.

Natalia: Hi, guys. May I say, it is just an honor to be a Cooper.

Buzz: Oh, you're going to fit right in. Don't, don't, break my heart here. Tell me, tell me, tell me.

Frank: What's are you doing?

Natalia: I don't know... what's going...

Buzz: Do you play touch football? Do you play touch football.

Frank: We, ah...

Natalia: Football is my life.

Frank: We take our... well, we take our thanksgiving skirmishes very seriously here.

Natalia: I am animal. I am a killing machine.

Buzz: You picked a winner, Frank! Yes!

Frank: (Laughs)

Buzz: You shut up. We're talking about honey here... Greece.

Frank: Pop, Greece is fine, but Natalia and I-- we have our whole life together-- for her to go over to Greece and learn about crazy Uncle Stavros and see the village that we can from. So no worries.

Buzz: Frank, history counts. Come on. You can say hello to your sister. Greece.

Frank: I love my sister, but on my honeymoon? Please. Sweetheart, sweetheart, listen, this is what I was thinking, you know. Some place warm, like some Caribbean resort for just couples. No family!

Natalia: Oh, sure. But for now, we could just stay here.

Buzz: Or, just pick a place you can't afford, you know. And stay in the room all day and not even see the place.

Frank: Well, excuse me, but I think what Natalia is trying to say is that she would like to stay here because her son just came home. Okay?

Buzz: No.

Natalia: Yeah, well, yeah. And Olivia is moving out, and, you know, her and little Emma-- I would like to be here just in case they need anything.

Frank: You know what? We are will do whatever you want. I will do anything for you, okay?

Natalia: Thank you, you're so good to me.

Frank: You haven't seen anything yet. Now, I think we better get going because we don't want to be late for our meeting with Father Ray.

Natalia: Yeah. Yeah. And I... but I'm going to take my car, so we can just meet there.

Frank: Okay. You, please don't lose the rings, okay? I've got to go upstairs and get my keys. I'll see you outside, all right? (Whispers)

Buzz: Frank, Greece, Greece, Greece.

Frank: Caribbean. Warm.

Buzz: Hey. Hey, I don't mean to butt in, and I'm not going to be a nosey father-in-law, but... I've seen bigger smiles than that at funerals. Are you okay?

Natalia: Yes. No, I think, I think it's just-- I think it's normal, you know, I think all brides get this dazed face, and it's all white.

Buzz: You feel that's all it is?

Natalia: I love your son. And Rafe is crazy about him. And I can't think of any woman that wouldn't be thrilled to be in my shoes. And don't forget, the second dance is you and me.

Buzz: Oh, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Look.

Natalia: No, look at what?

Buzz: The rings.

Natalia: No. You know what? It's fine. It will be a surprise at the wedding. It will be fine. And I'll be there, and I'll see you, and I'll be in like a big, poofy dress, right?

Josh: Yeah, Mallet, that's right. He attacked Shayne, and now the baby is missing. And you can bet your ass that Edmund has him, so...

Jeffrey: Reva.

Josh: Yeah. And Reva is missing, too, so there is a pretty good chance he's got them both. Tell the cops to use extreme caution. Thank you.

Jeffrey: I'm going to kill him!

Josh: Jeffrey...

Jeffrey: I'm going to kill him, Josh, just like I should have done the first time he slithered back into town.

Josh: You've got to get a grip, okay? You're supposed to be the black ops guy, remember?

Jeffrey: I'm also a husband and a father now, too.

Josh: I understand that, and control goes out the window when you're family is in trouble. But we'll find them and we'll get them home safe. Let's go.

Reva: Please. Give me my baby!

Edmund: A mother's love is so touching. Is that how you found me, Reva, maternal instinct?

Reva: There's a webcam in here. Jeffrey put in a webcam. I saw you on my computer in my hospital room. I saw you here, with Colin.

Edmund: No. You know, I am going to change that name, by the way. Went to prep school with a kid named Colin, hated him, hated him.

Reva: You're going to go to prison... for the rest of your life.

Edmund: (Laughs)

Reva: You are! It's going to be worse. It will be worse.

Edmund: You know, there are always a few things you can count on in life. And one of them is Reva Shayne will always protect her young.

Reva: I don't know what you think we did to you, I don't, but please, please, he's an innocent baby. He's just an innocent baby.

Edmund: He is, Reva. He is. And I should just punish Shayne, but this is so much sweeter, don't you think? I'm going to rob his family the way he robbed mine.

Reva: Shayne saw good in you.

Edmund: Yeah. Shayne was my last link to Lara, and I was prepared to love him like a son, and he lied to me.

Reva: Well, he defended you. He did. He understood your pain.

Edmund: He understood my pain?

Reva: Yes.

Edmund: Do you want to know what pain is, Reva? Do you want to know? Because I'm going to show you. I'm going to show you what it's like to lose a child, but you're going to get off easy because I lost two, my daughter and my grandchild, were killed by your incompetent hero son. Shayne, Reva, is nothing but a murderer.

I'm an open book I'm a long walk down the hall

an unlocked door some memories I can recall

I don't want to be smooth it takes a winning smile

me to learn to keep myself to myself a while, yeah because you comfort me...

Frank: Hey, honey.

Natalia: I'm sorry. I'm sorry I'm late. I just... hi. I just stopped to light a candle.

Father Ray: I was just telling Frank how happy I am for you two. But isn't today a little sudden?

Natalia: Well, I promised Frank we would get married as soon as Rafe came home. And, you know, I just, I can't wait for us to be a family.

Frank: And, Father, we're hoping that you can rearrange your schedule so that that you can marry us.

Father Ray: I'll, I'll certainly try. You know, I think now would be a good time for your pre-wedding counseling.

Frank: Okay. Well, um, actually, I think this is going to be pretty easy for you, because, well, I honestly believe that Natalia and I, well, we want the same things in life.

Father Ray: That's good. So, Frank, I'll start with you. I'm going to ask you a simple question.

Frank: Okay.

Father Ray: What does marriage mean to you?

Frank: Well, um... it means standing up in front of your family and friends and telling the world that this is the person that you want to spend the rest of your life with. You know, this is your choice, and she's my family.

Father Ray: And you are both ready to do that? To commit forever, forsaking all others?

Olivia: Hi.

Buzz: Hey.

Olivia: I'm here because I actually have a favor I want to ask of you.

Buzz: Okay, what can I do for you?

Olivia: Well, it's for Natalia, really. Um... do you think maybe you can whip up one of those big, fancy Greek wedding cakes?

Buzz: I'm already on it. I made a call to Company, they're putting it together.

Olivia: Great. Shouldn't you get over there?

Buzz: Oh, no, they don't need me to start.

Olivia: Whatís...? Are you, are you happy for them, Frank and Natalia?

Buzz: I don't need to be happy. I want my son to be happy.

Olivia: Okay. So what's the problem? Do you think Natalia is wrong for him?

Buzz: Natalia is perfect! Frank is perfect. They're both perfect. They're just moving so fast.

Olivia: Well, yeah! And why not, Buzz? You know, when you know what you want, you go for it. Why should they wait?

Frank: You know, Father Ray, I've got to tell you, I'm so lucky, because Natalia, she just already fits into my family so perfectly. I mean, she just feels like one of us.

Father Ray: Life isn't always so easy. Problems will come up. The key is to be open and honest with each other.

Natalia: What if feelings come along that you don't really understand?

Father Ray: Well, Natalia, you have a strong set of values. They will never steer you wrong. Believe in them.

Olivia: You know, when I was sick and feeling at my lowest, it was Nataliaís belief in me that kept me hanging on. Because she helped me and she gave me time and her husband's heart.

Buzz: Yeah, I know. I mean, the friendship is close, like you have, but marriage, being in love, that's something different.

Olivia: Yeah. Yeah. I'm just glad that she came into my life, even for a little while. It's been a privilege getting to know her.

Natalia: You know, it just seems like right from the start, Frank really knew me.

Frank: We just, we just kind of clicked. I mean....

Natalia: Yeah. He, he knew when I needed a shoulder to lean on. He knew when I needed to be swept off my feet. He knew when I needed to be left alone, or when I didnít. He just, you know, I just really feel like Frank gets me.

Father Ray: Then you two are a perfect match.

Frank: Well, I think so. But, I mean, I've got to be honest, kind of had a little help along the way.

Natalia: What do you mean?

Frank: Well, um... Olivia. Olivia, um, she kind of coached me a little bit. I mean, she kind of told me some things that you liked and that you needed, like, you know, well, a romantic dinner or visiting Rafe. She was a big help. She really was.

Natalia: Olivia? She was...

Frank: Yeah. Yeah.

Natalia: She was behind some of those really special things that you did for me?

Frank: Yep. Absolutely. She gave me some really good advice, I mean. And I listened to her. Look, we're here.

Father Ray: Sounds like they both had your best interests at heart.

Frank: You know what? You're absolutely right. And Olivia was a really good friend to both of us.

Natalia: I found a great man to marry. A husband and wife and family, those are the things that I believe in.

Buzz: What are they putting in your drinking water?

Olivia: (Laughs) What do you mean?

Buzz: You didn't used to be so sentimental. I guess Natalia sort of broken down some barriers. I'm glad.

Olivia: Yeah. Yeah. She's definitely brought out better parts of me. I don't know how she did it. She'll do that for Frank, too.

Buzz: Yeah. Well, maybe I'm just being a father, but she, I don't know, she seems distracted. She's, maybe she's just nervous.

Olivia: Oh, Buzz, come on, you can't doubt that she's right for Frank. Frank is perfect for her. He'll give her the life she deserves. That's what I want for her.

Buzz: Well, that's some friendship you two have.

Olivia: Yeah. It's a great friendship. I'll never have another friend like her, ever.

Reva: Don't leave this house with my baby!

Edmund: You and Shayne owe me, Reva, and I should say this just about wipes out the debt. You know, when Lara came to me and told me that she was in love with Shayne and she was carrying his baby, I thought, this is a sign. It's a sign. Maybe there can finally be peace between us. What a fool, me.

Reva: Lara wouldn't want you to hurt that baby!

Edmund: Don't you preach to me about my daughter. You didn't know her.

Reva: Neither did you!

Edmund: Yes I did. I knew Lara, and I loved Lara, and I lost Lara. But I'm all right with that now, Reva, because I think I've got a cure for the pain. I'm going to raise this child on all the hate that I have for you and your worthless son. I think that, that should just about fill up the emptiness.

Reva: Please, I'm begging you, from one parent to another, don't do this. Don't do this.

Edmund: Why? Why not, Reva? Who's going to stop me?

Reva: I am!

Edmund: Oh! Oh! Oh God. I did it for Lara!

Reva: Hi, honey. No, you did not. You did it because you just can't help yourself. Well, you know what, Edmund... oh, Mama. It's Mama. (Sobbing) Take a good, long look at this, Edmund, because this is love, and it's the kind of love that a man like you will never know because you don't deserve it. And now you're going to get exactly what you do deserve... nothing! Hi, baby, oh, how's my baby. (Crying)

Josh: Reva? Hello! They're not here.

Jeffrey: No, he's gone. I'll try Mallet, see if they've got anything. He's got my family, Josh. He's got Reva, and he's got my son!

Josh: I know. I know.

Jeffrey: Mallet, it's Jeffrey. Anything on Edmund Winslow? No. Okay. Yeah, thanks. You know what? Forget the cops, all right? I'm going to get someone who can help us.

Josh: Jeffrey, just hold on. Jeffrey! Jeffrey, just... Jeffrey! Oh, my God!

Olivia: Hi. You know I blame you, right? I mean, you gave me this gift, this heart, and it was open and generous. And suddenly it's like I could feel everything you ever felt for her. So thanks a lot. But now I have this great, big love, and I have no idea what to do with. You remember how Natalia and I used to fight all the time? Well, you know what? We're a family now. We're a real, honest, thank goodness family. And Emma, oh, my gosh. She is so happy. She is so happy. She just glows. You know something? It's funny because I have been through breakups and divorces and all kinds of failures, but loving Natalia and letting her go so that she can have a great life -- I think that might be just the one thing that I've done right. You know, I promised the doctors I would take such good care of this heart. But I swear to you, based on how I'm feeling right now, I think I've broken it.

Josh: Reva, what happened?

Reva: We're, fine, we're fine. Where's Jeffrey?

Josh: We were both looking for you. He dropped his phone, so I got the message. Did Edmund hurt you? Did he...

Reva: No. No. I wouldn't let him. I worked too hard to bring this little guy into the world. I wasn't going to let him take him away from me.

Josh: What did you do to him?

Jeffrey: So what happened? Are you okay?

Reva: I am. Edmund took Colin. I saw them. I saw them on the webcam. I saw them here, so I came and I found them here.

Jeffrey: You went after Edmund?

Reva: I had to. Jeffrey, he had our baby.

Jeffrey: I put out an A.P.B. okay? Oh, yeah, and tell Mallet to shoot Edmund on sight.

Reva: No, Jeffrey. No, no.

Jeffrey: I'm not going to go after him... yet. What do you know about all of this?

Josh: I just assume Edmund somehow thought that your baby would make up for the one that Lara lost.

Reva: He wanted to punish us for Laraís death. But in the end, he couldn't do it. I was able to talk him out of it.

Jeffrey: So Edmund just let you two go?

Josh: Maybe he got scared. I looked for him, inside, out side, and he's not here. There's no sign of him.

Jeffrey: All right. Well, um... we need to get him checked out, okay?

Reva: Okay. I just need a minute.

Josh: I'll take Reva to the hospital. We'll be right behind you.

Reva: Okay, baby, you go to your daddy, okay? You be good for him. You be good for him. I'm so glad you're safe. I'm so glad.

Jeffrey: Reva...

Reva: Okay, honey. I know. Okay. (Colin is crying) You happy? It's okay baby. It's okay. It's okay.

Jeffrey: All right, come on.

Reva: I can't do it. I canít. I cannot lie to him about Edmund. I canít.

Josh: Yes, you can. And you will. If Jeffrey finds Edmund, he'll kill him, and your baby will be left with a sick mother and no father. You have to let me handle this, Reva.

Frank: Okay, Poperino, what do you think, my dress blues or my tuxedo?

Buzz: I, um... how about a suit? The one that Marina picked out for you for your birthday.

Frank: But don't you think I should go all out here? Come on. It's my wedding!

Buzz: You're grown. Pick what you want.

Frank: What's, what's going on with you? You seem a little tense. Oh, my God! You lost the rings, didn't you?

Buzz: No, Frank. It's Natalia.

Frank: What about her?

Buzz: A tux? She's a simple person. Simple tastes. A tux. She'd want a tux. You should know better.

Frank: Excuse me. If you have something to say, say it.

Buzz: Frank, how much do you love this woman?

Frank: What kind of question is that? I love her with all of my heart.

Buzz: Do you love her enough to let her go?

Olivia: You know, when I was sick, you pretended to love me so that I would keep on fighting. But I knew, I knew your heart belonged to her, and now I know why. Oh, and I used to make fun of her all the time, her goodness and her faith. She was like some eternally chipper Mary Poppins. Truth is, I envied her. And now she's going to get married. And I'm going to stand there, and I'm going to watch her walk away from me forever. But you know what? That's okay. That's okay, because I have finally learned how to put someone else first. And I learned that with her. So you see, Gus, I am trying to believe in something bigger. In a love that would have me walk away from the one person that I would give anything to keep.

As if it was just meant to be what if I'm wrong and you don't

feel the same, am I getting ahead of myself.

Reva: I took it from the hospital. I don't even know what I was thinking. I just knew I had to do something, and I waited for the right moment to be able to use it.

Josh: How did you know he was here?

Reva: The webcam. Jeffrey set up a webcam so that I could watch the baby on my computer in my hospital room. And I just looked up, and I saw Edmund with Colin here.

Josh: You are amazing, Reva.

Reva: Thank you. Thank you for your help.

Josh: We have to get you to the hospital. We have to get you well. And the question is, what do you want to do about the man lying unconscious in your laundry room?

Reva: I don't know. I don't know.

Josh: Let me deal with it.

Reva: Are you sure?

Josh: He went after our son, too, Reva. I have a plan. Roc, it's Josh Lewis. How's your head? Good. I have another assignment for you. I think you're going to like this one.

Jeffrey: If the doctor could check him out, I'd really appreciate it.

Nurse: Well, actually, Mr. OíNeill, this ordeal put the roses back in his cheeks. His jaundice is gone.

Jeffrey: You really like living on the edge, don't you, buddy. Just like your mom and dad, it must be in your genes.

Nurse: Hopefully he'll have a clean bill of health soon, and you can take him home.

Jeffrey: Yeah. I just wish I could say the same thing about my wife.

Frank: Are you serious? Why would I ever give up on Natalia?

Buzz: Frank, I think Natalia is fantastic. I think you're a fantastic, believe me, a fantastic couple, but she is a woman that likes to please other people, do things for them. And I think maybe she wants to be the perfect woman for you, to be... have the perfect family that Rafe needs, you as a father...

Frank: Okay, okay, hold on one second. I want those things, too.

Buzz: I just... I think you're rushing into this.

Frank: Why are you doing this? Don't you think that this family is entitled to have something good happen to it for a change?

Buzz: Are you sure you're marrying her... she's marrying you for the right reasons, you know?

Frank: She loves me.

Buzz: Well, maybe she thinks it's because she owes you, Frank.

Frank: What are you saying? That no woman could love me for me just being me? Is that what you're saying?

Buzz: Oh, Frank, I never said that.

Frank: No, no. You don't have to. You believed Coop could find love, didn't you?

Buzz: That's different.

Frank: And what about Harley? Harley, meeting a guy every few years, whatever, you danced at all of her weddings.

Buzz: Oh, come on, please.

Frank: And Marina, Marina, my God, my own daughter, she dated her way right through the most-wanted list until she met Mallet. And you. You found Lillian, and then you screwed that up. But I guess-- no, no, no I guess you guys can have all of that, right?

Buzz: Frank, you're twisting my words now.

Frank: No, I'm not twisting your words. Frank Cooper, I guess Frank Cooper is just going to be a cop who is never going to have a partner for the rest of his life, is he? He's the guy who is a third wheel at a couples' table. Right? A guy who's never busy on Valentine's Day.

Buzz: Frank.

Frank: He's that guy, isn't he, Pop?

Buzz: Frank, Frank, I want you to have the love you deserve.

Frank: Well, I found it, Pop! And I love her. And guess what I'm going to do? I'm going to go to the church, and I'm going to put on this tuxedo right here, and I'm going to get my shot, my shot at true love.

Buzz: Frank, wait.

Frank: That's what I'm going to do.

Buzz: Frank, wait. Wait. Frank, wait. Look! All right? What kind of woman doesn't want to see her wedding rings? She didn't want to see the wedding rings.

Frank: You just couldn't be happy for me?

Olivia: I wanted to make sure there were fresh flowers here. Because, we have a contract with these people, and I think they're slacking off.

Natalia: That's not why you're here.

Olivia: I came to say good-bye. And not to Gus, but to everything, that, you know, we had since he died.

Natalia: What do you mean?

Olivia: Well, you're starting a new life, you know? A new life, a new family, and I should do the same thing.

Natalia: I came to say good-bye, too. It's funny how we were both thinking the same thing.

Olivia: Thinking the same thing. See? This is a good reason for me to move on, because, you know, we're finishing each other's thoughts. And the next thing you know, we'll be on the couch fighting over the remote and wearing jogging suits just like an old married...

Natalia: We're doing the right thing, though. You know, we are. Because this is the best thing for everybody. It's the best thing for Frank and Rafe and Emma, for all of us.

Olivia: That is what is important. That's what's important.

Natalia: If you know that, then why are you crying?

Olivia: I'm crying because... just, you should go. You're getting married. Come on. You should go and try on your dress and sip champagne, (crying) And look for something old and something new...

Natalia: Tell me what's wrong.

Olivia: ...And something borrowed and something blue! (Crying) Just go be with your groom! Please, you don't want to be here!

Natalia: I want to know why you are upset? I do!

Olivia: You don't want to know... I'm in love with you! I love you.

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Roc: Don't worry he'll live. He's going to wish he was dead.

Edmund: The day of reckoning is coming, Josh. I know where I stand. Do you?

Olivia: I'm in love with you. And that's why I want you to be with somebody who can give you the life that you deserve. And I can't do that for you.

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