GL Transcript Monday 4/13/09

Guiding Light Transcript Monday 4/13/09


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Previously on "Guiding Light"...

Olivia: Come out. Let me see the blushing bride.

Natalia: When I married Gus, I assumed that was that. I never met anybody else that made me want to do this again.

Shayne: What's happening? What's going on in here? I have plans with Dinah.

Edmund: Oh, Shayne, I just don't think you're going to make it.

Billy: Hey. Give me a cup of coffee. Will ya?

Frank: Absolutely.

Billy: What are you doing, working on a big new case or something?

Frank: Actually, I'm working on a surprise for Natalia.

Billy: Oh, hey, you two guys are cute together. It really gives us hope, you two finding each other.

Frank: Oh, thank you, man, thank you. You know what? I've got to say... I think I know what you're trying to say here, though. If a guy like me can get Natalia, then maybe a guy like you...

Billy: Hey, no, no, I don't want anything serious. I do fine with the ladies.

Frank: Oh, all right. Well, what if Vanessa gave you another chance?

Billy: It would be all over but the crying.

Frank: (Laughing) You know what? To true love, just like me and Natalia.

Olivia: You okay? Did you change your mind about the dress?

Natalia: The dress is beautiful.

Olivia: Yeah, I think so.

Natalia: Yeah, I'm going to take it back.

Olivia: Why?

Natalia: I can't let you do this.

Olivia: You know, listen to me, Monica comped the dress as a favor to me. It's not a big deal.

Natalia: It doesn't matter. I'm going now, actually, I'm going to run over and take the dress back.

Olivia: Listen to me. I want you to have the dress. You deserve it. I want you to have everything that you deserve, okay?

Natalia: I can’t. I can't have the one thing I want.

Jeffrey: I know about Shayne being responsible for Lara’s death.

Reva: So instead of coming to me and telling me, you made the decision that you needed to protect me?

Jeffrey: Reva, I just found out about it a couple of hours ago when Josh told me. I had every intention of telling you. Reva, Shayne is a grown man. He has Josh and Dinah looking after him. Little Colin only has us.

Reva: You mean, he only has you.

Jeffrey: Right now. With you fighting cancer, getting chemo, getting radiation, yes.

Reva: So that gives you the right to decide for me when and where and how I take care of my son?

Jeffrey: Reva, I know how hard this is for you, not being able to hold Colin right now. Not being able to go after Edmund and take care of him with your own bare hands. But right now it's my turn to take care of the family. Let me do that. Pretty soon it will be your turn.

Reva: I'm sorry.

Jeffrey: Me, too.

Reva: I'm just scared. I'm so scared. I'm scared. I'm scared for Shayne, and I'm scared for Colin.

Jeffrey: Okay. Colin is right down the hall, okay? He has the best doctors looking out for him. Lillian won't let him out of her sight. And Shayne has Josh and Dinah and me. Reva, both of your boys are going to be just fine.

Dinah: Any word from Roc?

Josh: No. He's still not picking up his phone.

Dinah: Neither is Shayne, which is weird because we were supposed to talk as soon as he visited Reva in the hospital.

Josh: Well, maybe he's still there.

Dinah: No. I called the front desk. They said he already left.

Josh: Maybe he went home or to your place. He could be there right now waiting for you.

Dinah: Maybe. But what's the deal with this Roc guy? He's supposed to check in with you every hour? I mean, what kind of black-ops guy let's his phone calls go to voicemail?

Josh: Dinah, I don't know. This guy-- he's Jeffrey’s top operative, okay? He's dealt with Edmund before.

Dinah: Not very well...

Josh: I trust him.

Dinah: Because you know Shayne is safe, or because you have no other choice?

Josh: Okay. I'm going to go track down Roc, and I'm going to give him a lesson in cell phone etiquette.

Dinah: Okay, thank you.

Josh: We'll have a good laugh about this later. Don't worry.

Shayne: You are here. I thought I had the wrong day.

Edmund: Right day. Wrong time. I cancelled the shoot.

Shayne: You know, you're right. It's not the right time to be doing a publicity shoot. I mean, we're both still reeling from everything we've learned about Lara this week, right? I mean, you telling me that she was pregnant when she died.

Edmund: And that you killed her.

Shayne: Right. Okay, Edmund, I know that you're in pain. Because I'm there myself, every single day. But you told me that you understood.

Edmund: Oh, I do, Shayne. I understand everything now.

Natalia: I shouldn't even have gone back for this dress. It was just a big mistake.

Olivia: I don't think it's a mistake when you're drawn to something, and you can't stop thinking about it. And you know deep down inside that it's something that you really want.

Natalia: Well, I just told you I can't have the thing that I want.

Olivia: Why not?

Natalia: Because it's wrong and selfish.

Olivia: What's so selfish about thinking about yourself for once, huh? All you do is think about other people, Rafe and Gus and me and all of the people at the church that you don't even know...

Natalia: You're the one who has to sacrifice. You're throwing me this wedding, and then you and Emma have to move out of your own home...

Olivia: Don't you understand why we're doing this?

Emma: Mom, Natalia, come downstairs now!

Natalia: Hi.

Olivia: Hey.

Natalia: What?

Frank: Hey, right back at you.

Olivia: Emma, you sounded like something was wrong.

Emma: Nope, nothing's wrong.

Natalia: What? Okay. All right, you two, what's going on? Did I forget something? Are we supposed to be somewhere?

Frank: No, no, no, not at all. Um... I got you an early wedding present. Unless you don't want it...

Emma: She wants it! She wants it! Right, Mom?

Olivia: Right.

Natalia: Oh, I didn't get you anything yet. Frank, I...

Frank: You know what? It's not a problem. It's actually for the whole family, but I left it outside. Just let me go out and get it, okay?

Rafe: Do you guys got some food in here? Because I'm really, really hungry.

Natalia: Oh, my God. Oh, my baby! What are you doing here?

Rafe: Oh, man!

Reva: Is that a knife sticking out of the peanut butter jar?

Jeffrey: Okay, I was mid sandwich and Colin gurgled or something, and it's his fault, okay?

Reva: I don't care. I really don’t. I don't care at all, as long as my son is happy and healthy-- both of them.

Jeffrey: This is his first play date with Henry.

Reva: He had his first play date?

Jeffrey: There will be others.

Reva: But not the first one.

Jeffrey: Reva, he couldn't even lift his head. Trust me, he's not going to remember. You're going to be there, okay, for his first tooth, for his first soccer game.

Lillian: Hey, guys. Are you looking at the pictures? Did you see the ones I took of little Colin. He's my boyfriend.

Reva: I'm glad. How's the jaundice.

Lillian: It's much better. It's clearing up really nicely. He looks great.

Jeffrey: Lillian, will you take a picture of me and my beautiful wife?

Reva: Oh, yes, please do. Just snap away, me with my dirty hair and an I.V. sticking out of my arm. Those will be the treasures that I will always want to remember.

Jeffrey: Well, I'm always going to treasure them because you just had my baby, and to me, you have never looked more beautiful.

Lillian: Oh, you are so lucky, Reva.

Reva: Oh! I know.

Jeffrey: Smile.

Reva: Say cheese. (Laughter) I don't want to see it.

Lillian: Well, I can show it to you right this minute.

Reva: No, I don’t. I feel queasy enough as it is.

Lillian: No, no, you are really going to like this one.

Reva: I can't believe I'm sitting here twiddling my thumbs while there's a maniac on the loose, and my son could be in danger.

Jeffrey: Reva, I have someone looking after Shayne. Right now you need to be here. And little Colin and I need that, too.

Josh: Roc, it's Josh Lewis. Where are you? Call me as soon as you get this. I need an update on... oh, crap. Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey. You okay?

Dinah: Hey, I've been looking all over for you. Aren't we supposed to get together tonight? Hope so. Bye.

Billy: What did you do, lose your boyfriend?

Dinah: No! I'm sure he's fine, but I haven't heard from him all day, and I can't seem to find Edmund, either. Something's wrong.

Billy: Well, wait a minute. I thought Shayne and Edmund were friends.

Dinah: They were, until they weren’t.

Billy: So Shayne’s not home?

Dinah: Nope.

Billy: What about your house?

Dinah: You know what? I haven't tried that yet. Thank you, Billy.

Billy: Okay.

Dinah: It's him.

Shayne: Hey, Dinah, it's me. I forgot to tell you I'm headed out to a publicity shoot for the Lara project at the studio down on Fifth Street. I'm going to meet Edmund down there. So... I'll call you after, okay? Bye.

Billy: Good news?

Dinah: Ah, he is at a photo shoot.

Billy: Well, that's good.

Dinah: No, it's not good. He's meeting Edmund there.

Shayne: Edmund, you're upset and angry because Lara’s gone, and we can't do anything to bring her back. I know exactly what you're feeling right now.

Edmund: Do you? Do you know what it felt like to have a daughter like Lara? To have one bright spot in an otherwise miserable and inconsequential life? She was more than a daughter to me, Shayne. She was everything!

Shayne: And she was everything to me, too.

Edmund: Was she? Because she was giving me more than just trust and love. There was a baby, a child that might one day grow and find it in it's heart to love me and not think about the man I was, but to know the man I have become.

Shayne: Edmund, I made a mistake. I made a horrible mistake, missing that one landmine, and it cost me everything. And I have to live with that.

Edmund: And yet here you are, living your life, falling in love again.

Shayne: Okay. Right now you can't see past what has happened, but one day very soon...

Edmund: I trusted you with the one thing that mattered in my life. I believed that you loved Lara, but you didn't love Lara. You killed Lara.

Shayne: And Edmund, I hate myself for that.

Edmund: Oh, no. Oh, not nearly enough.

Shayne: Okay. Okay. Listen... why don't we go for a walk, get some fresh air and talk about this. Maybe somebody can help us.

Edmund: Really? Dinah! Josh? Your mother? Jeffrey? Oh, better yet-- better yet, how about Roc Hoover? After all, he's on your payroll.

Shayne: Roc? I don't know what you're talking about.

Edmund: (Laughing) Oh, it's amazing. You are a better liar than I ever imagined. You lied about loving Lara, keeping it a secret from me that you were the one who took her from me.

Shayne: Okay. I'm going to go now. I'm going to give you some time to stop and think about this, and we'll talk about it later, okay, when you're thinking a little more clearly.

Edmund: No! We'll talk about it now.

Rafe: This isn't a visit. That's it, I'm home, and I'm home for good.

Olivia: You're out of prison?

Rafe: Well, I have to report to the halfway house in about a week. And so they see that I'm fit to stay home. But, um... yeah, that's it, no more prison food, no more anything. It's just... (laughter)

Natalia: Thank you so much! Oh! Thank you, God!

Rafe: All right, Mom, stop. Frank helped, too.

Natalia: Did... did you get him early release?

Frank: Your son's a good kid. He did it on his own.

Olivia: Frank, don't be modest. Come on, you did this. You called in some favors, you used your connections.

Natalia: I don't know how I could ever possibly thank you for this.

Frank: Well, you know what? That's just the beauty of it, you don't have to, you know. I did it for our family.

Rafe: Well, you know what you could do? You could cook him some food because I hear he likes your chicken. (Laughter)

Frank: I heard that, right.

Rafe: It's the truth!

Frank: Rafe speaks the truth.

Natalia: Wait, wait, wait. So what actually happens now? I get you to myself for a full week, and then you have to go away again? What’s...

Rafe: Look, Mom, I'm not going to Vancouver. All right? I'm just going to be right across town. But I was thinking that maybe...

Emma: Maybe you can get married this week while Rafe's home! Please.

Natalia: This... this week? Oh, honey, I don't know. I don't think we could do that. It's just, you know, it's not a lot of time.

Olivia: Yeah. Are you kidding? We can do that. You've got your dress. I don't need to say, "I told you so." I can handle the food, the flowers, and all of that other good stuff.

Frank: I'd marry you right now if I could.

Emma: In the kitchen?

Frank: Absolutely, in the kitchen, on the roof. You know what? I just want us to be a family.

Natalia: Okay, then. Yeah, let's do it.

Frank: Really?

Rafe: Okay! That's great. Okay, you can stop that now. (Laughing)

Reva: Did you run into, thank you, Lillian out there?

Jeffrey: Yeah.

Reva: Is there anything new on Colin?

Jeffrey: I'm heading over there next.

Reva: Shayne won't answer his phone.

Jeffrey: You said he was just here.

Reva: I know. I know. But I can't stop worrying about him.

Jeffrey: He's probably with Dinah, and I'm sure he'll call back.

Reva: Will you give Colin a kiss for me?

Jeffrey: I can do better than that, okay? I can tell him how brave his mommy is, and how much she loves him and misses him.

Reva: Thanks.

Josh: Jeffrey, I'm glad I found you.

Jeffrey: Reva's in there, but she's a little tired right now. You might want to come back.

Josh: I'm actually not here to see Reva. I'm here to see you. I just left Roc Hoover in the emergency room with a concussion.

Jeffrey: Well, what happened?

Josh: What do you think?

Jeffrey: Edmund? What did he do, hit him with a tire iron or something?

Josh: You're not too far off, actually.

Jeffrey: Please tell me Shayne’s all right?

Josh: Dinah hasn't heard from him.

Jeffrey: And neither has Reva.

Josh: You know what, actually, I shouldn't be bothering you with this. I'm sorry.

Jeffrey: No, no.

Josh: No, you've got plenty on your plate.

Jeffrey: I can handle it, Josh.

Josh: You tell her that. Don't tell me that. I've been to your house. You're in way over your head. Shayne's my son. I'll make sure he's safe.

Jeffrey: Wait...

Reva: Wait! What about Shayne?

Jeffrey: Reva, what are you doing? Get back in bed. You need to save your strength. Are you crazy?

Reva: Jeffrey, Joshua, you have to both promise me that nothing will happen to either one of my sons. Because as long as Edmund is out there, they're all in danger. If he finds out that we're watching him, then he is going to be even more dangerous than he was before.

Josh: Reva, you have to focus on yourself and Colin right now. Let me handle Edmund, okay?

Josh: Just find Edmund before he finds Shayne. Shayne was here. He said that he was having a photo shoot with Edmund.

Jeffrey: All right. Get back in bed.

Reva: I will, just find him.

Jeffrey: We'll call you. We will.

Reva: Please find him.

Shayne: Edmund, I understand that you're in a bad place right now.

Edmund: Well, isn't that generous of you.

Shayne: I know because I've lived there myself. I did for a long time. Where I just... I wanted to take a walk off the roof, okay? I walked into an active mine field. Do you know why I stopped that behavior? Because I realized, Edmund. This isn't want Lara would have wanted for us.

Edmund: You don't know a damn thing about what Lara would have wanted.

Shayne: Are you listening to yourself? Do you hear what you're saying to me? You're accusing me of not being honest when you knew, the entire time, that Lara was pregnant with our baby.

Edmund: A baby you killed.

Shayne: An accident, Edmund! A horrific accident that I blame myself for every single day. But don't you, for a second, say that I didn't know her, that I don't love her.

Edmund: You didn’t. If you did, you never would have let anything happen to that precious angel. And if I knew anything about the kind of person you really were, I would have never let her get near you again.

George: I'm sorry. I thought we cancelled.

Edmund: We did. Um... I didn't know you were going to be here.

George: I have other work to do.

Shayne: Hi, I'm Shayne Lewis.

George: I'm George. Well, since you're both here, we could go ahead and shoot.

Shayne: Um, it turns out that we have a lot going on today. I actually have to run right now, so...

Edmund: And I... I need to go with you.

Shayne: No, no. No, no. It's okay. Why don't you stay here with George and reschedule the publicity shoot. (Cell phone rings)

George: RM Artistry. Oh, you just caught him. Here you go, cutie, it's for you. I'll get my PDA, we can reschedule?

Shayne: Hello?

Dinah: Hey! I've been trying to reach you. I've been worried.

Shayne: Yeah, I know. It's just been a hectic day.

Dinah: Are you with Edmund?

Shayne: Yes, I am. The photo shoot's not going so well, a little stressful.

Dinah: I know. I've been worried.

Shayne: I wasn't until I got here.

Dinah: Edmund acting freaky?

Shayne: Freaky? Yeah, you could say that.. something like that.

Dinah: You know what? Get the hell out of there. Let's go hang out somewhere fun.

Shayne: Where? Where am I meeting you?

Dinah: You're favorite place on the planet, the ball field.

Shayne: Oh, you remembered.

Dinah: Yeah. Come on, get out of there.

Shayne: I'm gonna go. I think we both need to calm down a little bit. Don't you?

Edmund: Yeah.

Shayne: I'll call you.


Olivia: Hi.

Doris: Hey.

Olivia: Buy you a drink?

Doris: Are you asking me out on a date, Ms. Spencer?

Olivia: No. I said drink, not dinner. And you're buying.

Doris: All righty then.

Natalia: Look at this.

Rafe: Hmm?

Natalia: I know, but look at this. Look how many days I had to cross off waiting for you.

Rafe: Oh, Ma.

Natalia: It was like an eternity.

Rafe: Look, you know what? Stop. It's over, I'm home already.

Natalia: I know. And I'm never letting you go anywhere ever, ever, ever again.

Rafe: So what, I coming on the honeymoon? I'll go.

Natalia: I know you would. I'll ask... I'll ask Frank about that.

Rafe: No. I'm okay.

Natalia: But you know what we should do? We should go to Cedars and see your real doctor. And just make sure your blood sugar...

Rafe: Stop. Look, I'm fine. The doctor at the prison was good, all right? Except for that one incident you know about. And that's it.

Natalia: Yeah, the one incident. The scariest time...

Rafe: ...Incident ever. I'm... it's over, Ma. It's over.

Natalia: How bad was it though, really? If you want, you can tell me.

Rafe: You know... you know what kept me through everything? Honestly. It was you. It was you and your faith, and how you know the way things are and the way things are supposed to be. I don't know. (Music playing)

Natalia: I am so proud of you. My baby. I'm... I'm feel so blessed.

Rafe: I know. You're happy, right? No, really.

Natalia: Yeah.

Rafe: Because that's all I care about, is you being happy.

Natalia: Well, of course.

Rafe: All right. All right, come here.

Emma: Rafe, come see your room. We hung up your posters.

Rafe: Oh, did you? Okay, come on. Don't drag me, though, because I can't move fast.

Frank: It's not too late to back out.

Billy: Ooh, now they told me I was going to find you like this.

Reva: Hi, Billy.

Billy: Hi, Reva. You want to get back in that chair?

Reva: Ah, no. I have to go and find Shayne.

Billy: They told me you were going to tell me that, too.

Reva: Josh and Jeffrey called you?

Billy: No, Jeffrey called me from the parking lot, and he said as soon as he was out of your sight, you were going to try to make a break for it.

Reva: Well, I don't know anybody can expect me to stay here when my son is in danger.

Billy: Well, I'm going to tell you. If you don't sit down in the chair-- that's a good girl. Good. Now, you see? Now, I don't have to sit down on top of you.

Reva: I can't believe the three of you are ganging up on of me.

Billy: Yeah, well, you're the belle of the ball, so just enjoy it.

Reva: Yeah? I don't enjoy people trying to make decisions for me.

Billy: I brought you pie.

Reva: Pie isn't going to fix this.

Billy: Pie fixes everything.

Reva: If I eat the pie, will you leave?

Billy: I'm going to stay here until I get the all clear. You want it? Oh, by the way, I brought two forks. (Laughter)

Reva: Of course, you did. Give me that.

Josh: Excuse me.

George: Can I help you?

Josh: Yeah. I'm looking for my son. His name is Shayne Lewis.

George: Actually, he was just here. A nice young man.

Josh: Was he alone?

George: No. Edmund Winslow was the one who booked the studio time, and then he cancelled it. I was shocked when he showed up.

Josh: How long ago did they leave?

George: A few minutes ago.

Josh: Do you have any idea where they went?

George: No. Your son received a phone call from a woman, and they left right afterwards. Someone knocked things over and just left it. Not very considerate.

Josh: Um... here. Call my secretary, and I'll be happy to pay for any damages. I'm sorry about that. And thank you for your time.

Jeffrey: Someone knocked things over? Someone was upset.

Josh: So where do we go now?

Jeffrey: Let's check out that alley where you found Roc Hoover.

Shayne: Dinah, where are you? I saw your car. Got us a double bacon cheeseburger with...

Edmund: Hello, Shayne. We expected you sooner.

Shayne: Edmund, Dinah has nothing to do with this.

Edmund: Oh, come on. She's the girl who saved you, remember? The one who helped you get over the guilt for blowing my daughter up in little, tiny, slippery pieces.

Dinah: Shut up, you sadistic son of a bitch!

Edmund: Oh, now there's the Dinah we all know and love.

Shayne: Hey, Edmund...

Edmund: I knew this sweet as pie act could not last.

Shayne: Edmund, let her go and you and I can talk about this.

Edmund: Okay. Let's check on that, shall we? What do you say, Dinah? You want to go, or are you here for the long haul? I have to say your love story has been an inspiration.

Dinah: Get the hell off of me.

Doris: Nice. So I heard that Rafael Rivera was released from prison?

Olivia: You heard that? Or maybe you did something about that?

Doris: Oh, I have no idea what you're talking about.

Olivia: Oh, yeah. No, no that's my bad. I don't want to give anyone the impression that you actually care. Anyway, however it happened, Frank and Natalia were thrilled, and they're moving up their wedding date.

Doris: Okay, that was pathetic, even for you.

Olivia: See, now I remember why I don't like you.

Doris: And yet, you asked me out for a drink.

Olivia: I want to get wasted.

Doris: Cheers. Look, Olivia, I know how you really feel about Natalia, and I know that you would rather cut your right foot off than have her walk down the aisle with Frank Cooper.

Olivia: So what? She wants to marry him. She's going to marry him.

Doris: Well, does she know how you feel?

Olivia: I think she does. And I'm beginning to think she feels the same way.

Doris: Well, and what? You're too much of a coward to go and tell her?

Olivia: I don't know what to say.

Doris: Look, I'm really not trying to make your life miserable here, okay? But I've got to tell you what you want. And not what you think you want to hear, but what you really want, deep down. You have got to stop that wedding. Natalia is about to make a huge mistake and ruin everyone's life, including yours.

Natalia: See, Olivia got it for me.

Emma: It looks so pretty.

Natalia: Thank you.

Emma: And you'll look pretty in it. And I get to be the flower girl.

Rafe: Okay. Ma, it does, it looks great. I hope... I just hope I get to see you in it.

Natalia: Well, I'll make sure that you do. All right, I'm going to go downstairs and check on Frank, okay?

Emma: Okay.

Rafe: Okay.

Emma: Is there a part for a flower boy?

Rafe: I don't think so.

Emma: Well, you have to do something.

Rafe: All right. Well, how about I just do whatever my mom wants.

Emma: I guess you won't be my brother anymore because we're moving out.

Rafe: Oh, um... I wasn't really going to be your brother, sort of, but we can be friends.

Emma: Can I still write you letters?

Rafe: Yes. Well, no. Why? I'm going to be here. We can hang out.

Emma: Cool!

Rafe: Cool?

Emma: Cool.

Rafe: Okay. Give me one of these. Thank you. Look what I found. Frank, you know what? I think I want you to have this.

Lillian: Is she giving you any trouble?

Billy: No more than usual.

Lillian: What a surprise.

Reva: How is my little baby doing?

Lillian: Oh, he's doing beautifully. He has the loudest lungs in the entire nursery. You should just hear him. I can't imagine where he got those from.

Reva: I'm going to start screaming if I don't hear from Jeffrey soon.

Lillian: Look it, I want you to rest. I want you to stay calm. I mean this. But I will go call Jeffrey.

Billy: I will keep her quiet.

Josh: Roc was right over here when I found him.

Jeffrey: Well, I don't see anything out of the ordinary. I can get some guys over here and give it a clean sweep. (Cell phone rings) Yeah?

Lillian: Jeffrey, it's Lillian.

Jeffrey: Hi. Is everything okay over there?

Lillian: Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. Reva just wanted to know if you found Shayne, and I wasn't about to let her call.

Jeffrey: Well, he wasn't at the photo shoot. We're going to check a couple other places. Tell her not to worry.

Lillian: (Laughing) Are you kidding? It's Reva. Okay.

Josh: Why don't we head over to my office, see if either one of them are over there.

Jeffrey: Let's go.

Josh: Okay.

Dinah: Talk to me. Talk to me. Are you okay?

Shayne: I'm okay. I'm okay. Go. Go, go, go, go, go. Get out of here!

Dinah: I'm getting you to Cedars. You could have killed him! Is that what you wanted? To kill us both, to make up for what happened to Lara? Guess what? That isn't going to work, Edmund. That is never going to work. That will not bring Lara back, and it sure as hell wouldn't make you into a man that she would have ever love. Believe me, it would only make it hurt worse. Hi. There's been an accident on Route 22, at the ball field.

Frank: This is a great honor, but I can't accept it. I'm sorry.

Rafe: Frank, you can. Look, my father was a cop and you're a cop, too. To be honest, I think he would be happy you guys are getting married.

Frank: I don't know what to say.

Rafe: Well, why don't you just say you're going to take care of her.

Frank: Well, that's definitely not a problem. I can promise you that. Look, your father and I were more than just cops. We were friends. He was my brother-in-law, and, well, we were family. Anyway, what... I just want you to know that I would never, ever try to replace your father.

Rafe: No, Frank, I know that.

Frank: Well, I just want to be here for you and your mother. I know that the two of you lost a lot of time together when you were away, and you sacrificed a lot when your father died. And I'd like to help make up for some of that, or at least try.

Rafe: I think that sounds like a plan. I like it. Come here. You're a good man.

Frank: So are you, my friend.

Rafe: Oh, Ma! Come on, stop. Look what we did.

Natalia: I just have to get some water.

Olivia: I'm glad you're home. I wanted to... oh, my God, what's wrong?

Natalia: Just come with me. You have to see this. Look. Rafe gave Frank Gus' badge.

Frank: Can you believe it?

Olivia: Oh, wow! That's amazing.

Frank: Wow!

Emma: I'm ready for the wedding.

Olivia: Honey, your beautiful, but, it's not for a little while.

Natalia: No, you know what? We've waited long enough. Yeah.

Emma: Yay!

Natalia: Yeah, are you free later today?

Frank: Really?

Natalia: Yeah, I mean, it's like you said, why wait? I want the same thing that you want. I want us to be a family, like a real family, like official and everything.

Frank: Oh, my God. I can clear my schedule. Oh, my God, thank you. You look beautiful!

Natalia: Wait, you guys.

Frank: What?

Natalia: I am going to need a maid of honor.

Olivia: You know you have one. (Music playing)

Josh: Shayne! What happened?

Shayne: I'm all right. I'm all right, Dad. I'm all right.

Dinah: Edmund hit him over the head with a bat, and I called an ambulance.

Josh: Is he still here?

Dinah: No.

Jeffrey: Edmund bolted?

Dinah: Well, he was standing over there one minute, and the next he was gone. I don't know, I mean, maybe he left town.

Josh: That doesn't sound like Edmund to me.

Jeffrey: Oh, my God. Reva.

Coming up on "Guiding Light"...

Frank: Are you okay?

Natalia: I think all brides get the dazed.

Buzz: Are you sure that's all it is.

Nurse: Mr. O’Neill, come quick.

Jeffrey: Where the hell is my boy?

Josh: Look, maybe Reva took him back to the room.

Jeffrey: Oh, my God!

Edmund: Come on. Say bye-by. Bye-bye.

Reva: Give me my baby!

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