GL Transcript Thursday 4/9/09

Guiding Light Transcript Thursday 4/9/09


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Previously on "Guiding Light."

Remy: The gifts keep on coming. Divorce papers? Happy birthday, Remy.

Daisy: There is no room for you in my heart or my head.

James: How did you get in here?

Phillip: Somebody must have convinced Governor Young to pardon me.

Alan: You're out, son.

Phillip: I am.

Amy: I told you I had daddy wrapped around my finger. You owe me when I get back to school, James Spaulding.

Phillip: I'll tell you, when the guard came to get me, I thought that I was really in trouble. Because for some reason, this guy really seemed to have it in for me. But then he took me to the warden's office, and the warden showed me the pardon that had just been faxed over from the governor. And I couldn't believe it. And he told me that the official one would come in a few days, signed by the governor himself. So whatever the two of you said to him, obviously, it worked.

Beth: Well, I'm thrilled. I was working on your appeal, and I decided I needed to do something more immediate.

Bill: I got to tell you, I can't believe it worked. I thought we left there making things worse.

Phillip: Obviously not. I'm a free man.

Alan: Well, you must be very proud.

Lizzie: You guys are quite a team. I can't, I can't believe this. I really thought you were going to go away for a couple years.

Phillip: Yeah, so did I.

Bill: So, wait a minute. Wait a minute. Is this a complete pardon? There is no house arrest? There is nothing?

Phillip: Nothing. I'm free as a bird. Kind of amazing, isn't it?

Alan: Yes.

Lizzie: You know, I don't know what this will mean for you and me, but I know I didn't want you to go away. So I'm glad that you're back.

Phillip: Me, too.

Beth: Just what you needed, a fresh start.

Phillip: Well, thank you for helping me get it. You know, this is just great. I can't think of any better way to start fresh than surrounded by the people that I love.

Daisy: Hi. I can't believe it. Screw it. I need my phone. (Knock on the door)

James: That didn't take long. I had a feeling you'd come back. Girls usually do.

Christina: I can explain.

Remy: Explain what? What are you going to explain, huh? How some wives give their husbands ties for their birthdays, and you send divorce papers?

Christina: I didn't know it was your birthday until I got to Company!

Remy: You know what? Fine. No worries. I never liked my birthday anyway. This is just another reason never to celebrate.

Christina: No, Remy! No! I came here to tell you that... look, I thought it was the right thing to do. That I should...

Remy: You should what? You should what, dance with me?

Christina: We've never done that before.

Remy: Well, then, you know what? That'll make it easy to remember. Our first dance and is our last dance.

Christina: Remy.

Remy: Where do I sign?

Christina: Remy, wait.

Lizzie: Thank you for bringing me out here. I needed to talk.

Bill: I know you did, and that's why I got you by the hand and told everyone we would be back.

Lizzie: Is this always how it is going to be? You're always going to know what I need before I need it?

Bill: That's how it's going to be. That's my job.

Lizzie: Okay. So what do I need?

Bill: You need to tell me how surprised you are that you're happy that your dad's home.

Lizzie: I am... happy and surprised that I'm happy. Why?

Bill: All right, listen to me. Stop fighting it, okay? Stop trying to figure it all out at once. There is no need to. Okay? You're going to have all of these mixed feelings going on and mixed up emotions about your dad. Just have them.

Lizzie: Yeah. I just, I just need to be aware of...

Bill: No, no, no, no. You don't need to be anything, okay? Whatever you're feeling is okay because I'm here.

Lizzie: You really are, aren't you?

Bill: Uh-hmm. I told you I was going to be here. You didn't believe me?

Lizzie: No, I did. I just didn't know how much better it was going to make everything. I was just used to holding my breath through life, you know, waiting for the next catastrophe.

Bill: Well, they're still going to come.

Lizzie: But I can handle them now.

Bill: Yeah.

Lizzie: Because I have you.

Bill: Because you have me.

Beth: I will go speak to cook and tell her to have a special welcome home meal, all your favorites.

Phillip: Don't put her to any special trouble. I'm good.

Beth: You're right. We'll go out, all of us. Maybe Towers. I'll find Lizzie and Bill. I'll call my mother. You're home. We need to celebrate.

Phillip: Believe me, being home is enough.

Beth: Not for the rest of us, it's not. We haven't had a lot to be happy about lately. Let us do this.

Alan: Phillip, don't be so humble. Let them celebrate the return of the golden prince. Besides, these little parties make Beth happy.

Beth: Thank you, Alan.

Phillip: You know what? If you think it's a good idea for the family to get together, go ahead. I'll be there.

Beth: I'll start making phone calls.

Phillip: (Laughs) Okay.

Alan: You know, son, Beth has become quite the hostess since you've been away.

Phillip: I just want her to have whatever will make her happy.

Alan: Beth doesn't know what will make her happy.

Phillip: You know, you and I have a lot to figure out. Let's try to keep the collateral damage to a minimum.

Beth: Everything has been arranged. Towers it is. Lizzie and Bill are coming.

Alan: Bill Lewis? He's not a member of this family.

Phillip: He's with Lizzie right now.

Alan: Today.

Phillip: Bill's fine.

Beth: Good. Alexandra and my mother are coming, but I couldn't get in touch with Olivia, so Emma won't be there. But you should call her.

Phillip: Oh, I will. I'll call her tomorrow.

Alan: Why don't you let me be the one to call Olivia, tell her that you're home.

Phillip: (Laughs) Okay. Knock yourself out.

Beth: Does he try to find the perverse joy in every situation?

Phillip: I hate to break it to you, but Olivia and I will work things out for Emmaís sake.

Alan: I think now would be a good time to file for custody.

Phillip: That's not what I had in mind. I would like to avoid a battle. I want to do what is best for my daughter.

Alan: You know, you missed a great opportunity just a few months ago. Olivia and her roommate created quite a scandal.

Beth: That's inappropriate, Alan.

Alan: All I'm saying is that the controversy could have been used to our advantage.

Phillip: You know, I want to avoid controversy.

Alan: You know, son, that is why you will ultimately lose.

Beth: None of this matters. Emma isn't coming today. Now, I tried to get in touch with James, but he hasn't called me back. I'll keep trying.

Phillip: He's at school. I understand if he can't come.

Alan: Wait a minute. He is your son, and he should be here, Phillip.

Phillip: Yes, and he is away at boarding school. I remember the experience very clearly. When you're away from home, your family is not exactly foremost on your mind.

Daisy: You think that I came here to see you?

James: It is my room. Are you staying? Because I'm going to change. Feel free to watch if you want.

Daisy: Please. I didn't come here to get a glimpse of a naked boy.

James: I'm 18. And my pants are on.

Daisy: You're 18, big deal.

James: I'm just saying, it wouldn't be a felony.

Daisy: Okay, well, for the record, I came back for my phone.

James: Okay. You got it. Why are you still here?

Daisy: Well, not because of you.

James: Oh, that's right. The room where you met the dude.

Daisy: Don't make fun of me.

James: I'm not. It's just... the guy made you cry. Why would you want to remember him?

Daisy: Because.

James: Why do girls always say that?

Daisy: Usually it's because their boyfriends are jerks.

James: So this guy really messed you up, huh?

Daisy: He wasn't who I thought he was. Or... maybe I never knew who he was-- I-- why am I telling you this? I don't even know you.

James: Are you sure?

Daisy: Yeah, I would remember you.

James: That's true.

Daisy: I would remember you because you're an ass.

Amy: Hey, honey! Who is she? Oh, right. She's one of those poor kids who has to work her way through school. You can tell the maid to come back later. You've got some major thinking to do.

Remy: Explain what? Hmm? You already made it perfectly clear that our marriage is phony. That I cost you your big dream of being a doctor. And you being around me is just a big reminder of that. That there is no reason for us to be together. Do you remember saying that?

Christina: Yes. Yes, I said those things, but I was upset.

Remy: And these are your papers, right?

Christina: Yes.

Remy: They're yours, right?

Christina: Yes.

Remy: Then nothing! Nothing! Tammy left me! Ava left me! And Max left me! So if you want to leave, then leave. It is fine!

Christina: No, Remy, no! It's not fine!

Remy: Then what changed then? What changed? Huh?

Christina: It's your birthday.

Remy: So what?

Christina: You don't want to get divorced on your birthday.

Remy: You know what? I do. I really do. Then maybe that will stop you from trying to celebrate it with me.

Christina: No, no! I don't want that on my head.

Remy: Why do you care?

Christina: Because... because, because I do. I didn't know that it was your birthday, okay? I didn't even know that you could dance.

Remy: You know what, then? You know what-- look the at it this way: I have a lot of bad habits you'll never get to know. So let's just... let's just end this.

Christina: You know what, Remy? You can't just sign it. We need a witness.

Remy: Fine, fine, fine, fine. I'll get a witness. I'll get Mel, she can be our witness, we will get it notarized and then we will get it over with. What? We are done here. Thereís no reason for you to stay.

Bill: (Laughs) Oh, you are amazing, truly amazing. Look, this is what we're going to do: We're going to sit so close that we're just going to whisper to each other like there is no one else at the table. See? Good times, right? ( Laughs)

Lizzie: All right. Fine. I'll go change.

Phillip: Whoa. Nice dress.

Beth: Thank you. Something I left here when I moved out. You ready?

Phillip: Ah, yes.

Beth: Okay. I asked Bruno to bring the car around. Ten minutes, Alan.

Alan: I don't need ten minutes. I'm already ready.

Beth: Lizzie, you're not dressed! Our reservation is in 15 minutes!

Bill: Oh, you can go ahead. We'll, we'll meet you there.

Beth: Oh, okay, okay. Everyone's coming for you. This is going to be wonderful.

Alan: Yes, it's going to be a spectacular evening.

Lizzie: Hilda? Can you help me? It's this zipper again.

Bill: Hilda's not out here!

Lizzie: Oh, really? Can you help me then?

Bill: Sure. That really is unzipped.

Lizzie: I don't know what happened.

Bill: Did you do that on purpose?

Lizzie: It's stuck.

Bill: Well, maybe I should get Hilda, because we haven't even been on our fourth date. And if I get too close, I just...

Lizzie: I know I look good.

Bill: You do look good.

Lizzie: I was thinking maybe we could put this dating thing on hold, just for one day.

Bill: It is a little old-fashioned, isn't it? I'm starting to enjoy it. You know what I'm saying? I just don't like the wait.

Lizzie: Me, too. I just thought, you know, maybe we could accelerate things since I am seeing you... exclusively.

Bill: You wouldn't say that just to get me into bed, would you?

Lizzie: I'd say a lot more just to get you into bed.

Bill: You are making it very hard.

Lizzie: That is the plan.

Bill: Um... I canít. I'm gonna get Hilda.

Lizzie: No, don't bother.

Bill: You are very bad.

Lizzie: No. I'm very, very, good.

Amy: You really need to get rid of the maid.

Daisy: Are you guys going to keep acting like I'm not here?


Daisy: Introduce me.

Amy: Why do I need to meet the maid?

Daisy: Hi. I'm Daisy, his girlfriend.

Amy: You said I was your girlfriend.

Daisy: He doesn't like to talk about me.

Amy: Why would you have her for a girlfriend?

Daisy: Excuse me? What's wrong with me?

Amy: Oh, nothing. I'm sure you're a really nice person. But you're obviously not rich.

Daisy: Yeah. I think he feels responsible for me, you know, because my mom was his family's housekeeper. And we grew up together. He didn't want them to know about us. He's ashamed of me.

Amy: That's terrible.

James: We had a good time, though, right? Remember? Tell Amy about, um, I think we were 11, and Granddad got so mad you remember.

Daisy: Yeah. So mad.

James: What, what is it that you said when you got out of the car. It was so funny.

Daisy: It was so funny. Your grandpa, oh, yeah, but then he blamed it all on me, and I got grounded for a month.

Amy: You're horrible.

Daisy: Yeah. I had to sneak in here to see him because when he comes home, he ignores me. And sometimes he makes me hide in the closet when he knows you're coming. I try not to listen, but...

Amy: She's been in here when I was-- I think you were right before, when you said we should see other people. I need to see other people.

James: Do you know what you just did?

Daisy: You want me to apologize. You should be thanking me.

James: I know. I've been trying to figure out a way to dump her for months. Nothing worked. But a secret girlfriend! That was awesome!

Lillian: Sweetheart, are you okay? What's wrong?

Christina: I just came from seeing my grandma.

Lillian: But I thought she was doing fine.

Christina: She's fine. I'm a mess. I came here to talk to her, but I just I couldn't-- I didn't want to upset her. And I know she'd be disappointed.

Lillian: Why, sweetie?

Christina: I messed everything up, my career, my school. My marriage.

Lillian: You and Remy, you just seemed so happy.

Christina: We got married when we were drunk.

Lillian: Oh.

Christina: And we stayed married so if I could get a scholarship to med school. And then the financial aid people found out that we were lying, and they took away my money. And then Johns Hopkins withdrew my acceptance.

Lillian: That wasn't a good plan, was it?

Christina: I know. I sent Remy divorce papers. I mean, I had to. Why stay married? I only got married to go to med school.

Lillian: Sweetie, I don't think you want to end your marriage.

Christina: I have to. Marrying Remy is what cost me my dreams.

Lillian: Oh, oh, oh. I had so many dreams in my life. I had dreams about traveling and climbing mountains, and running marathons, about my jobs, about having millions of children. But the dreams I really remember are the dreams about love. Love are the only dreams that count. And maybe Johns Hopkins.

Mel: Sit.

Remy: They're divorce papers, Mel. They're standard. You can write them in your sleep.

Mel: Yeah, I know. But I don't write them in my sleep because everyone is different. You never know what someone might sneak in.

Remy: Sneak in? Christina is not going to take advantage of me.

Mel: Why?

Remy: Because.

Mel: Because she's in love with you?

Remy: Those papers are from her, Mel.

Mel: Ah. So what you're telling me is that you came down here to sign some divorce papers, but that you're in love with her.

Remy: Why do I do everything ass backwards?

Mel: You mean get married first and then fall in love? Hey, it's who you are. You know you're a breach, right?

Remy: Thank you, Mel. Thank you. Thank you for your expert legal advice.

Mel: What-- are you paying me?

Remy: What am I supposed to do?

Mel: Listen babe, first things first, stop talking to your sister. Okay? I don't need to know that you are in love with Christina. She does.

Beth: Good. There's a chair at the head of the table.

Alan: Excellent.

Beth: Phillip, you sit there so you can see everyone.

Alan: Wonderful. I'll take this chair here.

Alexandra: Now, isn't this lovely. I'm so happy I could make it. Congratulations, darling.

Phillip: Thank you Aunt Alex. I'm so glad you're here. It wouldn't be a party without you. Come on, sit.

Alexandra: Alan, darling, what are you doing way down there?

Alan: Oh, just getting a little fresh air, Alex.

Waiter: Would you like to see a wine list?

Beth: Mr. Spaulding will choose. I meant... Phillip. It's his party.

Alan: I'll have a scotch, double.

Waiter: Yes, Mr. Spaulding.

Beth: That's the one you like, isn't it?

Phillip: Oh, yeah. Uh-huh. Love that.

Rick: Well... hey.

Phillip: I didn't know you were going to be here.

Rick: I didn't know you were out.

Phillip: Well, yeah. It's kind of a surprise. Everybody's happy, right?

Rick: Hey, it gives us a chance to be reacquainted if you pick up the tab. Everything is good?

Phillip: Nothing has changed.

Rick: Everything is good. Hey, can I take this seat?

Alan: Sure.

Rick: Isn't this great, to have your son home again?

Alan: A dream come true. Beth, I thought you told me this was supposed to be a family celebration.

Beth: Rick is practically part of the family.

Alan: Yeah, well, for you, Beth, every man at this table is practically part of the family.

Rick: Alan. Not now.

Lillian: Hello.

Alan: Oh, look, another extended member of the family!

Lillian: I was so glad that the governor realized what a stupid mistake that judge made.

Alan: So you've come to pay homage to the prodigal son, huh?

Lillian: Is he going to be trouble?

Beth: If the last few minutes are any indication, yes.

Lillian: Oh, I get so excited because you can be my project. I'm going to sit right next to you, and we're going to have so much fun together, Alan. (Laughs)

Alan: Beth, is your mother here to keep an eye on me?

Beth: No. She's here because she loves Phillip. That's what this is about, bringing together the important people in his life.

Alan: Keep them coming.

Lillian: Oh, you grumpy man. You're so grumpy. (Laughs)

James: Hey, wait!

Daisy: The first time I slapped you. You kiss me again, I will knock you on your ass.

James: It was just a kiss. It didn't mean anything.

Daisy: Oh, that's great. That makes me feel way better.

James: I was excited, okay? I just wanted to say thank you.

Daisy: By kissing me?

James: I like kissing. I'm not big into thank you cards.

Daisy: Okay. Next time just download me a song or something.

James: Oh, next time. So you did like the kiss. I knew it.

Daisy: Oh, wow, your ego it's like even bigger than your feet.

James: You noticed.

Daisy: Okay, save your lines for the other girls. You're so not my type.

James: What type am I?

Daisy: Oh, I know the guys who go to this school. You're rich, you're egotistical, you feel like you own the world.

James: You went here.

Daisy: Yeah, because I have a big, overprotective family, and they knew if I went here, I would stay away from the guys.

James: I get it. Good girl likes the bad boys, right?

Daisy: Well, one ex-boyfriend is in jail, and the other one really should be. But, no, I'm not a good girl. Let me guess, another girlfriend, this one with an even lower I.Q.

James: It's from my mom. She wants me to join them for a family celebration.

Daisy: Well, tell your mother to teach you some manners.

James: You tell her.

Daisy: What?

James: Come with me.

The judge: It's a simple case. Just get them to sign, and we're all set.

Remy: Seriously? A courtroom? It's a little dramatic, don't you think?

Mel: No. It's a big deal, Remy.

Christina: I'm sorry I'm late. I got your message.

Mel: Have a seat.

Remy: Mel's about to make a point.

Mel: I've asked you two down here for a reason. These are real divorce papers. He's a real judge. Now once you sign these and I file them with the court, that's it. It's over. You're divorced. You can't just take it back. So... if you have anything to say to each other, I suggest you do it now.

Christina: Actually, I was just talking to Mrs. Raines about my dream.

Remy: Which I cost you.

Christina: It wasn't just your fault.

Remy: You wanted to be a doctor your whole life. I signed the financial aid papers.

Christina: And you're also responsible for getting me accepted into Johns Hopkins.

Remy: I blew them both.

Christina: We blew them.

Remy: Because it was based on a lie. How can we move forward if we're still lying. We're not married. We never have been.

Christina: Right.

Mel: Are you sure you guys don't want to take some time. You don't have to rush to do this today.

Remy: I don't want to lie anymore.

Christina: Neither do I.

Mel: That's it. You're divorced.

Phillip: Wow! You do make a beautiful couple.

Bill: Well, it's really all Lizzie. (Laughs)

Phillip: You'll get no argument from her father.

Lizzie: Where's Mom?

Phillip: She's actually inside. But can I talk to you for just one second, first.

Bill: Well, she tells me everything. I might as well stick around, yeah?

Lizzie: Yeah, that's okay, that's okay.

Bill: You sure?

Lizzie: I'll meet you in there.

Bill: All right. Thanks.

Phillip: Um... I just thought maybe we should get this out of the way.

Lizzie: What?

Phillip: In case you're wondering.

Lizzie: Wondering what?

Phillip: What I had to do to get out of jail?

Daisy: No. No. I will not go out with you and your family.

James: Why not?

Daisy: Because I don't want to.

James: It will be fun.

Daisy: I don't even know your name.

James: So what. We already know a lot about each other.

Daisy: No, we donít.

James: I know that you used to go to this school. I know that you don't like rich kids. I know plenty about your ex-boyfriends.

Daisy: You want to know what I know about you?

James: That I look good in a towel?

Daisy: You want me to slap you again? Because I will.

James: Come on. It will be a kick. I've got a car waiting for me to take me to my home town. There's a nice little restaurant there called Towers.

Daisy: Towers? Okay. I-- I'm leaving. Don't follow me this time.

James: See you at the restaurant! Wear something nicer!

Lizzie: I don't want to talk about this.

Phillip: Okay. That's fine. We don't have to talk about it. As long as you know that I didn't twist any arms or have any arms twisted to get out of jail, okay? You have no reason whatsoever to be even the slightest bit afraid of me. Because if I thought that we couldn't move on from this...

Lizzie: Then you'd what? Go to prison or go disappear on some mountaintop?

Phillip: Is that what you want?

Lizzie: No. No. You're my dad.

Phillip: I'm not the dad that terrified you.

Lizzie: That's not past tense. You just killed someone.

Phillip: And you know why.

Lizzie: That doesn't make it any better.

Phillip: Honey, I'm your father. I was protecting you.

Lizzie: Isn't that... isn't that what you thought when you were kidnapping us?

Phillip: It's not the same.

Lizzie: Really? What's the difference?

Phillip: You know what? I'll leave it up to you and God to decide that. You ready to go?

Alexandra: I spoke to Buzz this morning.

Lillian: How is he?

Alexandra: Putting one foot ahead of the other. Which is about all you can do.

Lillian: He's lucky to have someone who understands.

Alexandra: Yeah, well, he misses you.

Bill: Getting a little snockered, Alan? I don't blame you. Now that Phillip is back and here to stay, there's not really much for you to do, is there?

Alan: Are you implying that I'm irrelevant to my family, Bill?

Bill: Your family, the business.

Alan: Well, if I am, then what does that make you?

Bill: I'm not worried about my place. But clearly you are.

Christina: You didn't have to do this, walking me home.

Remy: Right. Guess not. It's habit.

Christina: Yeah. It's pretty weird, being divorced.

Remy: It's kind of the same...

Christina: Only it's not.

Remy: Right.

Christina: I just can't believe we made it this long.

Remy: Yeah. When we woke up that morning, that was....

Christina: That was the worst hangover of my life.

Remy: And we didn't even remember what happened.

Christina: Why do they let drunk people get married? It makes no sense. ( Laughs)

Remy: Maybe we told them we wanted to.

Christina: Yeah.

Remy: Well, of all of the screw ups in my life...

Christina: I know. I know. This one lasted the longest.

Remy: No. This... was the most fun.

Christina: It's certainly never boring. But now it's time to get back to our regular lives.

Remy: So, um... good luck, Christina. I really hope you get your dream.

Christina: Good luck to you, too, Remy. So should we shake hands now or...? ( Laughs)

Remy: I think a good-bye kiss might be more fitting.

All I need is for you to talk

to me like you used to like you used to

all I need is for you to look at me like you used to, like you

used to it's those things that make or

break we go or stay

it's the simple things that make or break

Beth: Oh, excuse me.

Alan: Ah.

Beth: The men's room is that way.

Alan: You know, when you were having your affair with Coop, you couldn't wait to get out of the house, Beth. Now I can't even lift a fork without seeing you.

Beth: How much have you had to drink?

Alan: It doesn't matter. You're not my wife anymore.

Beth: I don't want you to spoil it for Phillip.

Alan: Phillip, huh? Everything is for Phillip now.

Beth: You really did want him to go to prison.

Alan: Don't question my loyalty to my family.

Beth: I'm not questioning anything. You said it yourself. A stay in prison might do him good.

Alan: You cheated on me, Beth. You tried to make me the laughing stock of this entire town.

Beth: I didn't have to try very hard.

Alan: Don't think for one minute that you can push me aside. You, Phillip, or anyone else.

Phillip: Hey. Where is everybody?

Bill: Um... don't know. Are you okay?

Phillip: I'll find them. I'll round everybody up. I'll be back.

Bill: What did your dad say?

Lizzie: Nothing. It was about Grady. I'm fine. I'm fine. My dad's just complicated.

Bill: Complicated. Right. It's my job to make everything simple, okay? So you, me, kiss. Okay?

Christina: How did that happen?

Remy: Because we're backwards, man. Oh, and I make it a point never, ever to sleep with married women.

Christina: I don't think it matters when it's your wife.

Remy: Ex, ex-wife.

Christina: No. No. Let's not do that anymore. No more Mr. And Mrs. It's just us now.

Remy: Remy and Christina.

Christina: Christina and Remy.

Remy: Shut up! Oh, my gosh! (Laughs)

Christina: What does that mean?

Remy: I don't know. Every time you look at me you won't think about how you lost your dream.

Christina: Well, there are the dreams that you think you want. And then there are the dreams that you didn't know you wanted until you got it.

Remy: Like us?

Christina: Imagine that. (Laughs) What if, what if we're the dream?

Daisy: Okay. I came back, and before you start gloating, I just want to say you said this thing, it was going to be fun, and I haven't had a lot of that lately. So it better be fun.

Student: I don't know who you're looking for, but will I do? It's worth a shot. Who's the lucky guy?

Daisy: I'm not sure. I don't know.

Beth: Let go of me now!

Alan: Don't think you can walk away from me like you walked out of my life, Beth! We have a child together!

James: Granddad, get your hands off my mom!

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Roc: What has he done this time?

Josh: Nothing. I'd like to keep it that way.

Edmund: Maybe you were right to be afraid.

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