GL Transcript Friday 4/3/09

Guiding Light Transcript Friday 4/3/09


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Previously on "Guiding Light":

Edmund: Shayne, there's something I need to tell you about Lara.

Shayne: What?

Edmund: She was pregnant.

Dinah: I am going to sue myself on behalf of the citizens of Springfield.

Doris: Like a public gesture.

Dinah: Exactly.

Reva: He's okay! You gave me a reason to live. You protected me. Now I'm going to protect you.

Billy: Hey.

Josh: Hey.

Josh: Wow. You know, Reva had a baby-- she didn't win the Kentucky Derby.

Billy: Yeah, well, anything worth doing is worth overdoing.

Josh: They're going to have to put that on your tombstone one day.

Billy: So how are you doing?

Josh: Fine. I mean, why wouldn't I be? A baby's a good thing.

Billy: Come on, Josh. I'm talking about Reva starting out with a new man and a new family.

Josh: I've had a lot of time to get used to the idea.

Billy: So what'd you get her?

Josh: Oh, these aren't from me, actually, they're from Matt. They're for Jeffrey. I got her... I got here these.

Billy: (Laughs)

Josh: I didn't want to overstep.

Reva: Our prayers have been answered.

Jeffrey: Have I told you how amazing you were in there?

Reva: No, no, you were the best coach ever, you really were. I never could have gotten through this delivery without you.

Jeffrey: Well, you did kind of want to throw me out.

Reva: Yeah, well, I wanted to do worse than that.

Jeffrey: And what do you want to do now?

Reva: Just hold him forever. Just hold on to him. I mean, do you have any plans for the rest of your life?

Jeffrey: Well, there is one thing that I need to do, okay? So just give me one second.

Reva: Okay.

Jeffrey: I have a son, everybody! I have a son! Oh, yeah, what's his name?

Reva: Um, damned if I know. (Laughs)

Dinah: I believe the defendant's actions caused great suffering for every member of this community, and as a resident I think I speak for all of us when I say full restitution of emotional damage can never be made. But, some relief could be found by an act of compassionate service.

Doris: And you believe that the good citizens of Springfield...

Ashlee: Mom, Mom, okay, turn... turn forward a little bit, because I'm not getting your good side.

Doris: You believe that the citizens of Springfield could find a way to heal?

Dinah: If the defendant can prove by her actions how truly sorry she is for the pain she caused, yes. We must find a way to make her pay. Then all of us would be able to move forward.

Doris: We rest our case, your Honor.

Judge: The plaintiff may step down. Now will the defendant please rise? I should have kept my tee time.

Mel: The defendant would like to speak on her own behalf.

Dinah: Oh, actually, your Honor, I have some character witnesses that are willing to speak on my behalf.

Judge: The three of you are here to testify for Ms. Marler?

Mallet: Not me, your Honor. I'm just here as a spectator.

Judge: Well, you should be thoroughly entertained. Which one of you would like to come first?

Remy: I'll go.

Judge: Come on, then.

Remy: Hi, sis.

Judge: It just gets better and better.

Edmund: Shayne! Shayne, look, I know it was a shock. I didn't mean to hurt you when I told you.

Shayne: When you told me that Lara was pregnant when she died and I didn't know anything about it? Yeah, that was a shock!

Edmund: Shayne. Stop. She was going to tell you herself the night that she... come on, look, look, look, look. You should have seen the expression on her face. She was so happy. She was so looking forward to telling you.

Shayne: Yeah, except she never got the chance because someone never cleared those fields properly.

Edmund: Yeah. At least her last thoughts were happy ones. She was coming to tell you, you were going to be a family.

Shayne: You should have told me, Edmund.

Edmund: I was going to, but you weren't ready. You were in a bad place, Shayne.

Shayne: Lara's dead. My unborn baby is dead, and I could have saved them.

Edmund: No, you couldnít. No, you couldnít. Stop beating yourself up about it.

Shayne: You don't understand what you're talking about, all right? My baby, Edmund. And I could have done something...

Jeffrey: Shayne, there you are. Your mom wants to see you, and there's a little baby who I think you should meet. Come on. Come on!

Reva: Your big brother Shayneís going to be here any minute. He's going to be the best big brother you ever had. (Laughs) He is, he is. I think you're about the first baby he's probably ever held in his life, too. Oh. You're going to love him so much. Yes, you are.

(Knock at door)

Christina: Daisy. Dais? Hello. Hey.

Daisy: Oh, hi.

Christina: You have company.

Daisy: I didn't know you were coming over.

Christina: Yeah, your grandfather called me. He said you could use a little distraction.

Daisy: Wow, that's embarrassing.

Christina: He's worried about you.

Daisy: Yeah, I... want some soda?

Christina: Sure, thanks. Look, this is weird for me, too.

Daisy: Yeah, I know why he sent you. He thinks I don't have any friends.

Christina: Do you?

Daisy: I do have one.

Christina: Mm-hmm. What are you doing? Oop!

Daisy: Just... I'm... I'm deleting my loser ex-boyfriend from my page.

Christina: Does that work for husbands, too?

Daisy: Last time I saw you, you and Remy were making out.

Christina: Yeah, right. That was before he lost me my place at Johns Hopkins.

Mel: When you lived with Ms. Marler, what sort of behavior did you witness?

Remy: Dinah?

Mel: Yes.

Remy: Sheís... she was great. She was a good friend, generous to a fault.

Mel: And did she ever do anything dangerous?

Remy: No. Dinah would not hurt a fly.

Dinah: Excuse me, your Honor.

Mel: Let's say Dinah made a mistake. What would she have done?

Remy: She would... she would want to pay for it. Yeah, she would have wanted to be given the opportunity to pay for her mistakes.

Mel: No more questions. I do have another witness, your Honor.

Judge: Of course you do.

Mel: Mrs. Camaletti, would you say that...

Judge: Just let her talk, Ms. Boudreau. I'm sure she knows what part she's playing today.

Mel: Yes, your Honor.

Marina: Your Honor, I don't think it comes to a surprise to anyone in the courtroom that I've not always been Dinah Marler's biggest fan. However, I have one... I have one very important thing that I have learned about her, and that is that she is willing to make great sacrifices when she feels the need to help others. And as a member of the Springfield Police Department and an upholder of the law myself, I think that it does Dinah no good to stay behind bars, but rather to have the opportunity to pay for her crimes in another way, a selfless act for those people whom she has wounded.

Judge: All right. Is she done?

Dinah: I think she said it all, your Honor.

Judge: Oh, thank God. So if the parade is over, I will give you my verdict. Will the defendant/plaintiff please rise? This is the most ridiculous case I have ever heard in this court. But I must say I'm impressed. It's not every day that one finds someone so anxious to pay for their crimes. I therefore find in favor of the plaintiff and order the defendant to pay damages of $5,000... $10,000... $20... $25... $25,000.

Dinah: Excellent, excellent.

Judge: This court is adjourned.

Josh: Thank you very much.

Hawk: Looky here, it's the Lewis boys. Hey, have you seen my new grandson?

Billy: No, he hasn't made his appearance in the nursery yet.

Hawk: What are you doing out here?

Josh: Well, we just thought we'd give the new family a little time on their own.

Hawk: No, no, no, no. Man, we've got to get in there and see Reva. I mean, she's had a baby. That's the easy part. She's in for one heck of a battle.

Billy: Hawk, she's going to be okay. She's going to make it. She's a fighter. We all know that. She's going to be fine.

Josh: We all love her, right? That's not going to change. We're going to get her through this. She'll be okay.

Reva: Have you ever seen such a smiley little baby?

Shayne: So I hear my little brother's made his big appearance. Congrats, you guys. Oh, my goodness.

Reva: Hi.

Shayne: Hi.

Reva: Hey, sweetie. Look. Look. This is your big brother.

Shayne: What's his name?

Reva: And your Godfather. We don't know. We've been so busy just trying to get him in the world. You want to hold him?

Shayne: No, Mom, he's so small.

Reva: Oh, come on.

Shayne: I shouldn't hold him.

Reva: You're his Godfather. Just put out your arms. He'll be fine. Just support his neck right there. There you go. Got him?

Shayne: Got him. Hi.

Reva: (Laughs)

Shayne: So I'm your Godfather and I'm your big brother. It's my job to protect you. And I promise you that I'm never going to let anything bad happen to you.

Reva: Aren't they wonderful? They're just so wonderful, little babies. And you'll know as soon as you have one of your own.

Shayne: My God, he's so tiny.

Jeffrey: I think he likes you.

Reva: Of course he likes him. It's his big brother. He's going to be... his big brother's going to be his hero. I can't wait until he's old enough for you to tell him all about Bosnia and your adventures there and how you saved so many people's lives.

Jeffrey: Never mind that. He's going to have to teach him how to play ball.

Reva: Absolutely, lots of ball.

Shayne: I can't hold him anymore. Here you go.

Reva: Okay, sweetie. I got him. Little munchkin. Look at the little munchkin. Look at that baby.

Shayne: I'm...

Reva: No, no, you don't have to go.

Shayne: No, I'm just parked in a... parked in a no parking out front, so just let me move the car, okay? I'll be right back.

Jeffrey: Your dad's here with the Lewis boys. You ready for some visitors?

Reva: Well, I look like I just wrestled a grizzly, and my hair's a mess, but sure, bring them in. (Knock on door)

Jeffrey: Well, that was fast.

Colin: Hey. I brought you these. And I smuggled in a little champagne in a hot water bottle.

Reva: Thanks. Well, that's sweet, but I really... I don't want to see you right now.

Colin: Come on, you're turning down champagne?

Reva: I know why you're here. You're here because you want to talk about radiation and chemo, but I can't do that. Not while I'm holding my baby.

Colin: Come on, Reva. You know every second in this fight counts.

Reva: I've been waiting for this moment for a long... nine long months, and I'm not going to let you ruin it for me, I'm not.

Colin: Hey, come on. I'm the good guy. I'm the guy in the white coat, right?

Reva: Please... go.

Jeffrey: Let's let her have this time with the baby. After everything that she's been through she's earned that much. Once she starts the radiation she won't be able to hold the baby at all. So we're not going to take the baby out of her hands right now.

Colin: We had a deal.

Jeffrey: You weren't in that delivery room when Reva was giving every ounce of strength that she had to bring this child into the world. I'll let you know when we're ready, okay?

Colin: It's a beautiful baby.

Reva: Thank you.

Colin: I'm proud of you.

Reva: Thanks.

Colin: Reva, we've been in this fight, this dance, together from the beginning. And from the first day we met, when you came into my office, took your first exam, I've taken your fight to heart.

Reva: I know, I know. And I appreciate it, but it's still my fight. So I really... I need you to go.

Colin: You once said to me that I was an incurable workaholic. And then you taught me how to live. Well, like it or not, I'm going to return the favor. So I will be back.

Christina: Remy, he means well.

Daisy: And he's hot.

Christina: Yeah, there's that. But ever since we've been together my life has fallen apart.

Daisy: Because of Remy?

Christina: I don't know. But I do know that before my life was in order, and now I never know what's going to happen. Everything's a mess. You know, one day I have a scholarship to med school, the next day I donít. One day I'm going to a prestigious university, and the next day I'm not. I never know what's going to happen.

Daisy: I kind of love it when life is like that. It's exciting, it's full of surprises.

Christina: Mm-hmm. How'd you meet Grady?

Daisy: I was going through my drug phase in boarding school, and he used to sneak into my room. And one night we were high and we drove into Springfield. And I didn't know that Alan Spaulding had hired him to kill somebody. And he ended up running down my cousin Tammy, and then he left, and then he came back, and I thought he had changed. And then I found out that he kidnapped Lizzie Spaulding, and now he's gone again, and I guess I'm glad.

Christina: You guess? You guess you're glad he's gone? We should be out celebrating.

Daisy: You have an id?

Christina: I'm legal.

Daisy: Today, so am I. Let me go change.

Ashlee: Okay. Okay, hold on. Okay, hold on there. Quiet down. Here we go. Okay, we're going live in five, four...

Dinah: Good afternoon, Springfield. Thank you for joining us. Today, justice was served. We learned that taking responsibility can have its own reward. But sometimes it's not enough. This afternoon in a court of law I was ordered to pay damages on the kidnapping civil suit of Lizzie Spaulding. The plaintiff, who filed on your behalf, the citizens, was awarded $25,000. I am also the plaintiff. Now I'm going to take this money and donate it to the Children's Center on Fifth Street. No community service has been assigned, but I pledge to you to dedicate my time every week, and I hope that it pays in some way for the hardships that were endured during the ordeal. I want to thank you for your time. And so we now send you back to your regularly scheduled program, "The Price Is Right."

Hawk: Oh, oh! There she is! How you feeling, sister?

Reva: Oh, look at this blessed little angel. How do you think I feel?

Hawk: Oh, how do you do there, my little partner. You are mighty fine looking. Can't wait to take him on his first fishing trip. Well done, husband.

Jeffrey: Thank you. I didn't pass out in the delivery room. The nurses were taking bets.

Reva: Billy, look.

Billy: Hi, sweetie.

Reva: This is Billy. This is your honorable Uncle Billy. You'll get to know him.

Billy: Yeah, you will. I'll be your favorite, because I'm the one you'll come to when your mommy says no. We're so proud of you. We've got flowers right back here.

Hawk: What's his name? Name?

Reva: Well, we've been kind of focused on just getting him into the world.

Jeffrey: We haven't come up with one yet.

Reva: Yeah.

Billy: Well, I think Harmon always has a pretty good ring to it.

Hawk: How about something colorful like Chance? Or Champ!

Reva: Oh, yeah.

Hawk: Look at that-- a Champ.

Reva: Those are fine names... for golden retrievers.

Hawk: (Laughs) You're right.

Josh: Hey.

Reva: Oh, Joshua, hi.

Josh: Hey, congratulations. That boy is a real blessing. Hey, I'm really happy for you.

Reva: Thanks, Bud.

Dinah: Edmund, where is Shayne? Is he with Reva? I have news for him.

Edmund: Shayne's not here. He's had some news of his own.

Dinah: What kind of news?

Edmund: Well, let's see. I told him that Lara was pregnant when she died.

Dinah: You are a bastard. Why did you tell him something like that?

Edmund: Because he was healing, and I thought he could handle it.

Dinah: You don't know that. We don't know if he can handle something like that. Where is he?

Edmund: I don't know. He went to see Revaís baby, and then I guess he left the hospital.

Dinah: Oh, my God.

(Phone rings)

Ashlee: Hey.

Daisy: Hi, you made it. We just got here.

Ashlee: Yeah, I was just in court. I actually saw your husband just now.

Daisy: Oh, don't talk about Remy. She doesn't like him today.

Ashlee: Really? Well, he's hot. Weren't you just kissing him the other day?

Daisy: Anyway, I'll have a beer, whatever's on tap.

Christina: She'll have a soda.

Daisy: Oh, my God.

Ashlee: Daisy, you're too young. I'll have a beer.

Daisy: You guys are worse than my grandma.

Christina: Reva, right? Isn't she supposed to have a baby sometime soon?

Daisy: Yeah, yeah. Any second. Jeffrey texted me earlier.

Christina: We should go see her.

Ashlee: Yeah, I love babies.

Daisy: Yeah, there's one at my house right now. They're cute. They don't know you're there, though.

Christina: Well, we'll go to the hospital after we eat.

Ashlee: Bathroom?

Christina: Yes, me, too. Daisy, can you order me a salad?

Ashlee: Yeah, me, too.

Dinah: Shayne, I know you're in there. I saw you go in. I know that Edmund told you Lara was pregnant.

Shayne: Yeah. I killed the woman I loved and our unborn child, too.

Dinah: Don't blame yourself. I really did not want Edmund to tell you.

Shayne: You already knew?

Dinah: Yes.

Shayne: And you didn't think I should know about this?

Dinah: No, I hoped you wouldn't find out.

Shayne: I want you to go. I want you to get out of here.

Dinah: I'm not going to leave you like this, no.

Shayne: You kept this from me. Who do you think you are?

Dinah: Listen to me, I would do it again. I would do it again, because at the time you couldn't handle it. It's the reason why I erased the image off of Edmundís computer. It was not out of jealousy. It was to protect you from seeing Lara being pregnant.

Shayne: Not your call to make, but thank you.

Dinah: Shayne, I was afraid of what it was going to do to you. I didn't want to find that guy who I found in Germany, the guy who hated everybody, hated the world. You were making your way back from that real dark place. I just... I didn't want to see you slip back there, you know?

Shayne: I was going to have a baby. I was going to be a father.

Dinah: I know that. And if you want to be mad at me, you be mad at me. You yell at me. Because I deserve it. So you can call me any name you want in the book. I don't care. You do it! You yell at me. But I don't ever want you to end up...

Shayne: No. Look at me. End up where? On the roof? Is that where you thought I was going to go?

Billy: I'll be sure and call and tell him he's got a beautiful new baby brother. Get some sleep.

Reva: Thanks Billy.

Josh: Hey, that is one lucky little boy to have you for a mom.

Reva: Thanks.

Josh: Yeah. Congratulations again.

Hawk: All right, Jay bird.

Jeffrey: And your dad was just leaving too, right?

Hawk: Oh, yeah, oh, yeah, oh, yeah, yeah. I've got to get out there and get me some more cigars. It's a big day for all of us.

Reva: We'll celebrate tomorrow at the house, okay?

Hawk: I do love you, baby.

Reva: Thank you.

Hawk: Oh, excuse me.

Reva: That's okay.

Hawk: You too, little partner.

Reva: See you tomorrow. Bye. Oh. Don't look at me like that.

Jeffrey: What are you doing? You know you can't go home. Reva, there is not going to be any party.

Reva: I had a baby. That's reason to celebrate.

Jeffrey: You have cancer, and it is going to kill you if you don't face it.

Reva: Don't talk like that, not in front of the kid.

Jeffrey: It took me a long time to be able to say those words, and I'm not going to stop. I'm going to keep saying them, because our baby is here. And he's counting on us, Reva. So, it is time. It is time for round two, whether we like it or not. Another visitor.

Reva: No. No, no, you have to go. I'm not ready yet. Go.

Jeffrey: Reva, you're going to have all the time in the world with the baby.

Colin: Once we get rid of all those cancer cells.

Reva: No, Colin, I'm sorry, but I'm not ready to let him go yet.

Colin: If I can get you some radiation with a strong dose of chemo on the side, Reva, I can win this fight, if you let me.

Reva: No, I don't want you here. And if you don't go, you're fired.

Colin: Did I mention that I'm slightly deaf?

Reva: You don't get it. This little person was inside me a few hours ago, and now you expect me to just let him go? No.

Jeffrey: We can get you well.

Reva: No. With the radiation I can't be a mother to him. I canít. I'll be weak and sick and barely able to function. Don't make me give him up, please. Please, donít. Don't make me leave him just yet. Just give me a few more minutes. Please, just give me a few more minutes.

Shayne: She would have played this for our baby.

Dinah: I'm sorry.

Shayne: I held my mom's baby today.

Dinah: Are you okay?

Shayne: I felt like it would have pushed me over the edge. I think I maybe wanted it to push me over the edge so I could be as mad at myself as I was before, so I could start to punish myself. But it didnít. He was just... he's warm and wiggly and just... just a baby.

Dinah: They're so special. They make you smile.

Shayne: You're right. I was such a mess when I came here before. If I would have found out that Lara was pregnant when she died I would have been done. I would have been done.

Dinah: When I found you on that roof I just... the terror that went through me. I thought you were going to jump.

Shayne: A month earlier, had Edmund told me that my child died, I probably would have.

Dinah: I know.

Shayne: Hey. I... I went to the roof today, and I thought about it.

Dinah: Shayne...

Shayne: Listen. I couldn't do it. I couldn't do it. I got a phone call, and I wasn't going to answer it. Something told me that I had to answer it, I had to look at my caller I.D., something. And I did, and it was you. And I looked down, I saw your name, I just couldn't do it. I'm here because of you. I am.

Daisy: Uh-huh, and over there, that is where I hurled.

Christina: That won't be happening tonight.

Daisy: You guys are no fun.

Ashlee: (Laughs) Oh, come on. We are the funnest people you know.

Christina: I don't really think of myself as fun.

Ashlee: No? Not even with a husband like Remy?

Christina: I don't want to talk about my stinking husband.

Daisy: Oh, harsh.

Ashlee: Yeah, stinking Remy. Well, he is a man.

Jack: So can I buy you ladies a round?

Ashlee: No, thanks. We're okay. We can buy our own drinks.

Jack: I don't know. I mean, three hot girls like yourselves, out on your own...

Christina: Actually, we're together.

Jack: Yeah, but you got no men. Listen, my friends and I were wondering if we could show you a good time, since you're all alone.

Remy: They're not alone.

Jack: Hey, get lost, pal. I saw them first.

Christina: Actually, you didnít. He's my husband.

Jack: Sorry, dude. No disrespect.

Ashlee: Thanks, Remy.

Remy: So what are you doing here?

Christina: What are you doing here?

Ashlee: God, guys, you really are married.

Billy: Hey. Hawk's down at the commissary and he's eating. Any news?

Josh: No, no, and I didn't want to intrude, you know? I just don't feel good about leaving without knowing what's going on with Reva.

Billy: Amen, I'm right there with you on that one, that's for sure.

Josh: I'm really glad I know this time.

Billy: She's going to be good. She did it before, she'll do it again. She's tough.

Josh: I know she is.

Billy: Besides, new baby, big family that loves her, and she's got you and me. (Laughs)

Josh: (Laughs) If she knew you and me were sitting out here waiting she'd probably give up just to spite us.

Billy: (Laughs) I love Reva Shayne, I do.

Josh: Yeah, me, too.

Reva: First moments of their life is the important and the most precious, you know? It's when they get to know you, they get to know your voice and your touch and your smell. I'll come back and he'll be a totally different person. He won't even know me.

Jeffrey: Reva...

Reva: But he'll know you. He will know you. So there's some things you need to promise that you'll do. You have to promise me that you will hold him as much as you can, and you need to lay him on your chest so he can feel your heart beat. And rub his head against your cheek, because that's what I would do. And sing to him, Jeffrey. Promise me. Sing to him every night. Promise me. I love you. You have him. Okay, okay, Doc. Oh, my God, oh, my God. We haven't even given him a name yet. He needs a name.

Jeffrey: We can do that later.

Reva: No. Now. Colin? It's the perfect name. It's the name of two of the men who saved my life, right? Okay.

Next week on "Guiding Light":

Judge: After much deliberation I've reached a verdict.

Billy: Third date.

Lizzie: Really?

Billy: Yeah.

Lizzie: You know what happens after your third date? Sex.

Roc: Prince Edmund. What has he done this time?

Josh: Nothing yet. I'd like to keep it that way.

Grady: Not bad, but I could have broke in faster.

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