GL Transcript Wednesday 4/1/09

Guiding Light Transcript Wednesday 4/1/09


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Previously on "Guiding Light."

Reva: We can schedule a c-section.

Doctor: It's in eight hours.

Reva: This is the last time I think I'm going to get to talk to you like this.

Olivia: As your friend, I want to throw you in an engagement party.

Reva: If anything should happen to me, I want you to look after our kids.

Josh: I'm worried about Shayne. I think he may be in danger.

Edmund: All right, Reva, I'm going to go.

Reva: No, don't go! I think I'm in labor.

Olivia: Come on, Em, pick up the napkins, we have our guests coming any minute.

Emma: Are you mad the at me?

Olivia: No, I'm not mad at you.

Emma: I just wanted to help Daddy.

Olivia: And I'm proud of you for being such a good, brave girl. But you cannot just hop on a bus and go into town and go to court without telling me. We'll work out some visiting time with your dad. We just have to do it together.

Emma: I hope I helped Dad.

Olivia: Honey, he said you did.

Emma: What if they send him back to jail, and he's not sick anymore?

Olivia: Emma, whatever happens, I know your daddy was so proud of you for standing up for him. Right now we have a party that needs to be a huge success for Natalie’s sake, right?

Emma: You mean Frank's and Natalie’s.

Olivia: Frank's and Natalie’s. That's right.

Natalia: Hey. Is this okay? This is all right like this.

Emma: You look beautiful.

Olivia: You look beautiful.

Marina: When was the last time we went to a party?

Mallet: Well, you know, we could, we could be late.

Marina: Please, don't tempt me. 2:00 A.M. feedings don't exactly put you in the mood.

Mallet: I don't know. I wake in the middle of the night, and I see Henry sleeping in your arms. And I think, oh, she looks beautiful.

Marina: I look like I'm in the middle of a Tim Burton film.

Mallet: Yeah. Wild hair and smeared mascara, it works for me.

Marina: You're a man. Everything works for you.

Mallet: Listen, don't get me wrong. I love being a papa, but I need some quality adult time with my wife.

Daisy: That's gross. Get a room.

Mallet: We have a room. It has a baby in it.

Daisy: Yeah, well, he doesn't know the difference. I, on the other hand, am traumatized.

Mallet: Oh, ignore the youngest member of the clan. She'll cheer up when she gets to the party.

Marina: Oh, please. I'm not worried about her. I'm her boss now. If she keeps up this kind of attitude, I'll just assign her to the grease trap every shift.

Daisy: That's not fair.

Marina: Life's not fair, sweetheart. Get used to it.

Mallet: It should be a great party!

Buzz: Frank is actually getting married again. I didn't think I would live to see this.

Mallet: I didn't either. I didn't either. And I've got a baby sleeping upstairs. I didn't think I'd live to see that, either.

Buzz: You know, it's good to have something to be grateful for.

Mallet: Yes, it is. Bye, Joanna, we're leaving.

Jeffrey: This is starting to sound like a broken record.

Josh: People don't actually listen to records anymore, Jeffrey.

Jeffrey: Okay, can we talk about Edmund and Shayne some other time?

Josh: Look, I just came from Reva. Okay? So I know there is a c-section scheduled. I know the clock is ticking. I get that.

Jeffrey: Four hours and 20 seconds.

Josh: But, Edmund could become dangerous if certain things come to light. He could become a threat to Shayne, and that's not going to be good for Reva.

Jeffrey: What things?

Josh: I can't tell you that.

Jeffrey: Oh, come on, Josh!

Josh: You're going to have to trust me, okay? Shayne won't be safe until we get Edmund out of town.

Edmund: Okay, how do you know it's labor or maybe it's just a cramp.

Reva: Oh, I think by now I know the difference between the two.

Edmund: Okay. Okay. Fine. Maybe I should just boil some water.

Reva: This is real life, you idiot! It's not a movie!

Remy: Busted.

Daisy: Oh, come on. Like you never did anything like this when you were my age.

Remy: I did a lot of things at your age. Do me a favor, don't do any of them.

Daisy: Wow! Married life made you into a wimp, huh?

Remy: Hell, hell no. I still have my edge. I've just learned to make better choices.

Daisy: Oh, okay. Well, when I am your age, I will be more careful.

Remy: Ouch! Thanks. Thanks. Speaking of married life, why aren't you at the engagement party?

Daisy: Why aren't you at the engagement party?

Remy: I'm going to go. I have to work first.

Daisy: Yeah. Me, too. I will. It's just I told my family that I wanted to get Frank and Natalia a card.

Remy: That's nice.

Daisy: I couldn't really take much more of the love all around me, Mallet and Marina, Frank and Natalia, you and Christina, all of these happy couples.

Remy: Disgusting. Disgusting.

Daisy: I just don't know that I believe in love right now.

Remy: Because shady Grady went missing.

Daisy: Just disappeared on me.

Remy: Maybe he realized he can't change, did you a favor.

Daisy: Nobody gets Grady.

Remy: Oh, I get him. I get him. He's a hit man Alan hired to run down Jonathan, and he killed Tammy instead. He's lucky somebody in this town didn't kill him after that. I sure as hell wanted to.

Daisy: All right, stop.

Remy: Okay. Daisy, Daisy, tell me one worthwhile thing he did to counter what happened to Tammy.

Daisy: He loved me. I, I thought he did.

Remy: Okay, well, if he did, then maybe he realized leaving town is the best thing he could do for you.

Daisy: I think Alan had something to do with it. I mean, Grady was going to testify against him and put him away for a while.

Remy: Stay clear of the Spaulding’s, okay. You don't need to be their next target.

Daisy: Tammy was your friend. Don't you want to see Alan pay?

Remy: Alan is paying. His family can't stand him and...

Daisy: Yeah. That's a freakish group.

Remy: Two words, Daisy: Stay away.

Daisy: Oh, if I see a Spaulding coming, I'll cross the street.

Remy: Sounds like a plan.

Daisy: I just want to figure out if Alan did have something to do with, you know, Grady leaving.

Remy: Go to the party.

Daisy: I am.

Remy: Can you go to the party?

Daisy: Yes. Here I go.

Remy: Okay, all right. Forget about Grady.

Daisy: Never.

Never say goodbye never say goodbye.

Olivia: Honey, careful with that, okay?

Emma: Natalia needs my help.

Natalia: You know, I'm not used to such fancy jewelry, but your mommy insisted on loaning this to me.

Olivia: It's not a loan. It's a gift.

Natalia: No. I can't take that.

Olivia: Emma, tell her. Every bride to be needs something old, something new, and something borrowed...

Emma: Something blue.

Natalia: Thank you, that's right. I just... it's really too much.

Olivia: Please, just... after everything you've done for us. After what you've come to mean... it's a wedding gift, right, Emma? From you and me.

Emma: I can't seem to get it.

Olivia: Okay. Well, you know what? Let me, let me give it a try. Here. You know what, it's very, very delicate. So if you push too hard, it won't work. But if you're gentle...

Emma: When's the wedding?

Natalia: Um... we haven't set a date yet.

Emma: Make it soon because I can't wait.

Olivia: Yeah, the sooner the better, right?

Frank: Ladies? Wow. May I?

Olivia: Yes. Yes. I've got so much to do.

Frank: Thank you. Wow, the place looks great, but not as great as my fiancé. You look beautiful. Here you go.

Emma: Can I take a picture?

Frank: Of course you can.

Emma: You, too, Mom.

Frank: Oh yeah, come on, Mom. You're in this picture. Absolutely.

Emma: Say cheese.

Olivia: Cheese.

Frank: Cheese.

Natalia: Cheese.

Emma: Thank you.

Frank: You're welcome. Good job, good job.

Olivia: Who would like some champagne?

Jeffrey: Josh, the President of the United States can trust me with information, okay? Can you just tell me what the threat is to Shayne?

Josh: Not just to Shayne, but maybe to Reva, too.

Jeffrey: Do you know what the real threat to Reva is right now? It's the cancer that is attacking her body, Josh, okay? The pregnancy has been protecting her up until now. But now we're going to have the baby, and then she has to get radiation.

Josh: I know that. I just...

Jeffrey: Okay. You know what? You got 30 seconds. 30 seconds, otherwise save it until after the baby. Go!

Josh: Edmund is trying to be the father that his daughter always wanted him to be. But it's that same love for Lara that makes him dangerous now.

Jeffrey: How?

Josh: I can't get... (cell phone rings)

Jeffrey: Hi. I was just about to call you. I'm on my way....

Edmund: It's Edmund. It's Edmund.

Jeffrey: Edmund? What are you doing with Reva’s phone?

Edmund: Reva wanted me to call you. She's in some pain.

Jeffrey: What have you done, Edmund?

Edmund: Thumbscrews.

Reva: Oh, for Pete's sake. Give me that. Jeffrey, I'm in labor.

Jeffrey: Labor?

Reva: Are you there, Jeffrey, are you still there?

Jeffrey: Yeah. Just listen, don’t... do breathing. Breathe. How far apart are the contractions? You know what? I'm on my way, okay?

Reva: Jeffrey. You need to stop and breathe. It could be false labor.

Jeffrey: That's for the doctor to decide.

Reva: Exactly. So Edmund is going to drive me to Cedars, and I'll meet you there. I love you! Let's go. Don’t...

Jeffrey: She's in labor. Edmund's taking her to the hospital. I've got to get there.

Josh: No, no, no. I'll drive. I'll drive. Come on.

Buzz: Hey, eat. Smile.

Daisy: I'm trying, for Frank's sake, but...

Buzz: Not just for Frank's sake or Natalie’s sake. Do it for my sake. I need your smile. I need it.

Daisy: Even if I don't mean it?

Buzz: Oh, come on. It's like, you know, it's like riding a bike or exercising. You do it enough, and you really mean it.

Daisy: I wish I could be like you. I wish I could just let go of all of this sadness and forget about Grady. And, you know, no-- and stop blaming the Spaulding’s, everything.

Buzz: No. Don't forget it. Never forget...

Frank: Hey. Excuse me, guys. How's everybody? You know, um... hey this is a... this is a party here. I hope you guys are mingling, right?

Buzz: Frank, we were just putting our heads together and wondering about something.

Frank: Wondering about what?

Buzz: Well, how does a sap like you win one of the most fabulous babes like Natalia?

Frank: I don't know, Pop. But I'm not demanding a recount here, so...

Daisy: Well, congratulations, Uncle Frank.

Frank: Thank you, Daisy. Look, I know you don't want to be here. I know this is difficult for you, but I'm proud of you. And I appreciate you just keeping your head up. So thank you.

Daisy: Forget about me. Today is about you and Natalia.

Frank: You're right. And you know what? If I can find somebody like Natalia, trust me, there is a guy the out there for you.

Mallet: Walk away from the cell phone.

Marina: I was just...

Mallet: Everything is fine. Relax. The baby-sitter is going to call if there is a problem.

Marina: A problem, do you think there is going to be a problem?

Mallet: No problem. Marina, everything is fine. Everything is fine.

Natalia: Hey, guys.

Mallet: Hey.

Natalia: Thank you so much for coming. I don't understand how you were able to tear yourself away from that beautiful baby.

Marina: Well, you know, I think Henry needed a break from us more than we needed one from him.

Mallet: Yeah, if Marina's said that once, she's said it a hundred times.

Natalia: No. I mean it. I'm really impressed. Because I know parents' first time leaving the baby with a baby-sitter, they're a wreck. I know I was.

Marina: Police training.

Natalia: Yeah.

Mallet: Oh, I forgot to ask you. Have you got your official Cooper family tattoo?

Natalia: Oh, I have to get a tattoo?

Mallet: You have to get a tattoo, yeah. A Greek flag on the butt.

Marina: (Laughs)

Mallet: It's tasteful. Very tasteful.

Marina: I cannot take him anywhere.

Natalia: Oh, boy.

Buzz: Oh, sorry.

Olivia: It's okay.

Buzz: Thank you.

Olivia: For what?

Buzz: For this. For this. For knowing how important it is to celebrate love.

Olivia: It seemed like the right thing to do.

Buzz: I can't tell you how much it means for me to see Frank like this, to see him happy. I mean, both of them. I love them. And they both found happiness. You know? It's amazing. Some people never get a shot at this. It shows you how important it is when you get it, to hang on to it because it's the only thing that really matters. It can't be easy for you.

Olivia: What?

Buzz: Well, I know how you and Emma love this place. And once Frank and Natalia get married, it's going...

Olivia: No. Yeah, Buzz, it's a house. We'll find another house to live in. It's just... Natalia is an amazing person. She should be happy. You know what I need, Buzz? More champagne. (Laughs) Oh! Oh!

Natalia: It's okay.

Olivia: Oh, no, your pretty dress.

Natalia: No, it's okay.

Olivia: No, no, no. Let me get it. Here. Sorry. You should put cold water on it.

Natalia: Cold water.

Father Ray: I'm so sorry I'm late. I hope I can still offer up a blessing.

Josh: You know what? I don't think we were supposed to get out of the car.

Jeffrey: It's going to be fine, okay. Once I explain to him who I am and what's going on, it's going to be okay, Josh. And then you can explain it to Reva.

Josh: Just for the record, I was not speeding. I was in a hurry to get you to the hospital.

Jeffrey: Is that why you took the "short cut?"

Josh: That short cut saved us a ton of traffic.

Jeffrey: It took us three miles out of town. All right, here he comes. Just let me do the talking, okay?

Josh: Okay.

Jeffrey: Hello, Officer.

Traffic cop: Why have you exited the vehicle?

Jeffrey: Yes, we realize that's against the law, but if you just hear me --

Traffic cop: Sir, do you realize you were going 60 in a 30 mile zone?

Josh: Look, there is a good explanation, Officer. I'm...

Jeffrey: I'm-- my wife is having a baby.

Traffic cop: Hey, that's a new one. Is she in the trunk?

Josh: In the trunk? That's very funny. (Laughs)

Jeffrey: Yeah. That is a good one. I'll have to remember that one. But, seriously, Officer, my wife is having a baby. She's on her way to Cedars hospital in Springfield, and I'm meeting her there.

Josh: He's telling the truth, alright. Now, if I was speeding a little bit, I apologize for that. But it's true. His wife, who actually happens to-- well, she used to be my wife-- not that the baby, of course, is mine.

Jeffrey: The baby is mine! The baby is mine! So is the car. Okay? My so-called friend here...

Josh: So-called!?

Jeffrey: ...Thought he could drive.

Josh: You know what? Next time I'm going to let you drive. In the frame of mind that you're in right now, you'd probably wreck the car, and that would really help Reva, wouldn't it?

Jeffrey: Because you're the only one who can help Reva!

Josh: That's the thanks I get for trying to be a nice guy!

Jeffrey: I told you to let me handle this!

Josh: Like you handled Edmund?

Traffic cop: Hands on your heads. Do it.

Josh: Really?

Edmund: Excuse me. I just called from the car. The lady's in labor.

Reva: You know what? I'm not even going to need that because it's not like I'm having the baby. I'm just having a few... oh! That was interesting.

Edmund: Reva, sit.

Nurse: Are you her significant other?

Edmund: Please. I just...

Reva: Oooh, yeah. The same goes for me. Not even close. I do have a husband around here somewhere, though. Jeffrey O’Neill is here.

Nurse: I'm sorry, we're fresh out of husbands. You know, we better get you to maternity.

Reva: No, no, no. I'm going to wait for Jeffrey. I really want to wait for him.

Edmund: You know, Reva, you may want to wait, but that baby probably has other ideas.

Reva: You know what, Edmund! Jeffrey and I have been through this pregnancy every step of the way together, all of the peaks and valleys. Besides, it's probably just false labor. It happens.... oh! All the time, it happens. If you faint on me...

Edmund: Reva, excuse me. But I have led men into battle. I have dueled with sabers, I have overthrown governments. And if you don't sit, I'm going to.

Reva: I'll sit. Oh, okay.

Edmund: Reva. We can get through this, you and I, if we have to.

Reva: Oh, no. No, no, no, no. Life cannot be that unfair.

Natalia: Father?

Father Ray: I'm not crashing the party, honest. I got an invitation.

Natalia: No, no, I know. I needed you here. I wanted you here.

Father Ray: Is it okay if I kiss the bride to be?

Natalia: Please.

Father Ray: Amour. Que dios bendiga a usted y su novio.

Natalia: Muchos gracias, Father.

Father Ray: Now, where is that lucky guy?

Frank: Hello Father, how are you? Kissing all the beautiful women, I see. ( Laughs)

Father Ray: Be good to her Frank, or else.

Frank: Is that a blessing?

Father Ray: No. That's a promise.

Natalia: See, that's nice to have somebody on my side of this party.

Frank: I'm on your side, honey, absolutely. So, Father, I have to ask you a question: This union, does it count as an answered prayer?

Father Ray: Oh, does it ever. I used up almost all the votive candles praying for you to find a woman. (Laughter) I mean, the right woman.

Olivia: Hello, Father Ray. How are you?

Father Ray: Hello. Good.

Olivia: Good.

Father Ray: Oh, by the way, Sister Ann says hello.

Natalia: Sister Ann?

Father Ray: I didn't know you were friends.

Olivia: We, we just exchanged business cards. The nuns want to rent the Beacon ballroom... for the musical that they're putting on. I believe it's the "Sound Of Music." Refill, anyone?

Father Ray: Well, since it looks like I'm not going to be getting a drink until I give the blessing.

Frank: (Laughs) Excuse me, everybody. I think Father Ray would like to something.

Father Ray: In the name of the father, and of the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Frank, Natalia, may God bless you both. May he bring you health and happiness. We also ask that your love and faithfulness be a blessing to all of us. We need inspiration. We need hope, now more than ever. Both of your families have faced trials and tragedies. And a wedding, like the birth of a child, is a new beginning. Oh, mighty Father, we ask you that you make their love true and abiding. May their love be the light that guides us through the darkness. I mean, no pressure or anything. (Laughter) Just be good to each other. And let your joy be ours as well. Amen.

Frank: Amen. Thank you, Father, that was beautiful. I appreciate it. Now, how about a glass of champagne.

Father Ray: Oh. Thank you. How are the new parents holding up?

Mallet: Great. Everything's really good. Well, Marina was right here. Good. Very good.

Father Ray: God bless.

Mallet: Thank you.

Josh: Let me do the talking, he says.

Jeffrey: If only, Josh. If only. And then you had to tell him you were a minister.

Josh: I was a minister.

Jeffrey: Was, Josh. You were a minister. And, quite frankly, right now, you don't look like a minister. You look like-- you look like an imposter.

Josh: Well, look who's talking! Mr. Excuse me, Officer, but do you know who I am.

Jeffrey: You had to take that damn short cut. The short cut that brought us to this Podunk where nobody knows who I am.

Josh: Why don't you go tell him this is a Podunk.

Jeffrey: My wife is having a baby!

Josh: Your wife, your baby! I get it, okay. You know, she had other husbands and other babies before she ever even met you! You are not indispensable.

Traffic cop: I told you two to zip it. We're going downtown.

Jeffrey: What?

Traffic cop: Maybe a night behind bars will chill you out.

Jeffrey: No, you can’t. You can’t. Excuse me, please. Officer, I have to get to the hospital.

Josh: Look, he's telling you the truth, all right? His wife is about to give birth.

Jeffrey: You checked his I.D. please, just take my wallet, right here in this pocket, and check mine. It's not a forgery. You can check it out, call Washington. I'm the District Attorney of Springfield. Call, call the mayor.

Traffic cop: Run a check for me. The name's O’Neill.

Jeffrey: Call the White House! It will be faster!

Reva: Where is Dr. Fletcher? Does he even know I'm here?

Nurse: I'll go look for him.

Reva: Thanks.

Edmund: I'll go with you.

Reva: No! No, Edmund. Come here. I really don't want to be in here alone.

Edmund: I'm sorry, what?

Reva: Oh, now don't start.

Edmund: (Laughs) I'm better than being alone? Wow, Reva! For us, this is a, this is a giant leap for mankind. What should I read you? How about ooh, all of the exciting new details of Miley's new concert tour. Perhaps, ooh, how Jen got that hot new bod.

Reva: I'm scared.

Edmund: I won't tell.

Reva: Have you, have you been....

Edmund: Scared? (Laughs) Never.

Reva: Have you?

Edmund: Where to begin.

Reva: Tell me, please, because it helps.

Edmund: Reva, do you have any idea what you're asking? Yeah, probably you do. Well, it wasn't that long ago, actually. I was in the hospital and Lara told me that she was my daughter. I was her father. I had a child. She was mine, you know, my little girl. It was then, for the first time in my... it wasn't-- it wasn't running into battle and it wasn't facing firing squads and I wasn't blowing myself up almost a few times. None of that really scared me. You know, it was, it was Lara. For the first time in my worthless life I had something to lose.

Reva: So you know how I feel.

Edmund: You know, Reva... as strange as it may seem, I think I do.

Reva: I don't want to lose this baby.

Edmund: Hey, Reva, Reva, Reva, if you cry, you are going to compromise over two hundred years of British tailoring traditions.

Doctor: Traffic is a nightmare. I should have taken the shortcut.

Reva: You know, Doctor. It's probably nothing at all. I just wanted to be on the safe side.

Doctor: Couldn't wait for your regularly scheduled appointment, could you, Reva.

Nurse: If you'll step outside.

Edmund: Yeah.

Reva: No, no. It's just that Jeffrey is on his way. And I'd like to wait for him.

Doctor: Reva...

Reva: No, no. Really, I mean, it's just not-- I'm not even sure if I'm going to have this baby today. So there is something you can do about that, right?

Doctor: Well, you are in the early stages of labor. I can give you something to halt the labor.

Reva: Yeah, you can stop it. And then we can pick it back up again when I'm ready.

Doctor: You still have that option, but there is not a lot of time to consider. Nurse?

Reva: Well, you know, hey, what's to consider? Because the longer this little guy is inside me, the longer he'll have to get big and get strong. You know, every day counts. What?

Edmund: I just have one question: Is this really all about when you are ready? Doesn't your child have any say in the matter?

Olivia: Hi.

Natalia: Hi. I thought you might want to take a little rest.

Olivia: Excuse me?

Natalia: Just a little sparkling water, it's got bubbles, too.

Olivia: Am I embarrassing you?

Natalia: I didn't say that.

Olivia: Am I?

Natalia: No, not yet. Your daughter is here and all of our friends, and I don't want you to say anything you might regret.

Olivia: Oh. You know who you sound like? You sound like somebody's wife, but you're not mine. And you've got a hubby to be downstairs that you can go boss around, okay? I call the shots in my own life. Got it?

Natalia: I got it.

Olivia: Hey, wait. Wait. I'm sorry. I really want this party to be special for you. I'm not doing a very good job. I just... maybe I just kind of envy you, that your life is so simple.

Natalia: Don't envy me. I have my own problems.

Olivia: Then I wish I could make them all go away. I wish...

Emma: Can I take a picture?

Olivia: Honey, don't you have tons.

Emma: No, silly. Of you and Natalia and Frank.

Father Ray: You've got to be thrilled about the scholarship.

Buzz: What scholarship?

Father Ray: You don't know? Some of Coop's students started a scholarship in his name.

Buzz: They don't have any money.

Father Ray: That's what makes it amazing. These kids managed to raise over $1,000 so far. The church is matching it. So are several other organizations and businesses around town. The Henry Bradshaw Scholarship. I can't think of a better way to remember your son, can you?

Buzz: No, I can’t.

Frank: Hey, Emma. Oh, okay. Absolutely. You know what, folks? Emma would like to take a nice family picture. So... where is Marina now?

Natalia: Oh, I think someone has separation issues.

Frank: Oh, the poor baby.

Natalia: Oh, I'm not talking about the baby. (Laughter)

Marina: Hey!

Mallet: Hey. Where's Joanna?

Marina: Hey. Ah --

Mallet: You sent her home, right? You sent her home?

Marina: I missed him.

Mallet: Marina, we were gone less than an hour.

Marina: 47 minutes.

Mallet: Yeah. Okay. Was he okay? Hey, champ, how are you? Bumps? Bruises? Rashes? Anything? He's good?

Marina: Oh, no. He is perfect. Absolutely perfect. Joanna did everything right.

Mallet: Oh, good. That's what she does.

Marina: I just wanted to see him, you know? Just hold him. So that he knew he wasn't alone. That he is loved.

Mallet: He is loved. You know, he's not going to remember the orphanage.

Marina: I know, but I do. And I never even saw it. Go ahead, and tell me I'm a horrible mom, that I do everything wrong.

Mallet: No, I can't tell you that because...

Marina: Because?

Mallet: Don't tell anyone, but I like having him in our bed, too.

Marina: You do?

Mallet: Yeah, I do. I didn't realize how much I wanted him until we actually had him. It was worth all of that crazy stuff I had to go through to get him here.

Marina: With Dinah. I guess we'll always owe her.

Mallet: That debt is paid.

Marina: (Laughs) You have to see his face.

Mallet: Doing great. Yeah, that's good.

Jeffrey: Ah, hi. Reva O’Neill, please.

Doctor: Jeffrey. We were starting to wonder.

Jeffrey: Yeah. Hi, Doc. Well, we took a shortcut. How is she?

Doctor: Well, she's in the early stages of labor. We still have the option to stop it.

Jeffrey: Stop it? I don't understand. We scheduled a c-section.

Doctor: Well, I think your son has other ideas.

Josh: Okay, well, this is where I get off this ride. So good luck.

Jeffrey: Josh.

Josh: What?

Jeffrey: Thank you. Thank you.

Josh: Any time.

Reva: There, can you rub it, just...

Edmund: Oh, no, Reva...

Reva: Oh, Jeffrey! Oh, you're here. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Jeffrey: This isn't like you, making a dramatic entrance, do you think?

Reva: Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know. But I made it here. Where have you been?

Jeffrey: Josh and I decided to visit the countryside.

Reva: Josh?

Jeffrey: It's a long story. Something to tell our grandkids.

Edmund: Well, if you'll excuse me.

Jeffrey: Edmund, wait. I just want to say that...

Edmund: Please, Mr. O’Neill, if word got out about this, it would ruin my reputation.

Reva: Edmund... thank you.

Edmund: Hey, you could always name him Edmund.

Reva: I'm not that grateful (laughs)

Edmund: Didn't think so.

Jeffrey: So what's all of this about calling a halt?

Reva: Well, you know, when I said that I was ready, I lied. But now our little guy here has been telling me that he wants to come out, so I guess I'm ready, too. Okay?

Buzz: Daisy, where are you going?

Daisy: I tried, honest, I did. But if I stay, I'm just going to be a downer.

Buzz: Was it what Father Ray said, about honoring Coop, because, you know.

Daisy: Um... no, I mean, the scholarship, that's great. But, um... Coop is about more than just teaching and writing, you know. When it came to the Spaulding’s, he...

Buzz: He kicked butt. Remember he had a bulldozer and ran through the Spaulding’s fancy front iron gates.

Daisy: Yeah, yeah. I think, I'm like him. I want to do something, even if it's just find Grady, and make him tell me why he did it, why he used me.

Buzz: You know, you need to, like, think about school, going back to school. Or, clubbing with your friends, or staying home with us. Come on.

Daisy: I love you for wanting to help me, I do. But I-- this is something I have to deal with on my own. Somehow.

Frank: Have you had any of this shrimp?

Natalia: H'mmm.

Frank: I mean, it's unbelievable. Olivia put so much into this.

Natalia: Too much.

Frank: I'm not talking about just the money. I mean, she really put a lot of love into this, I have to say.

Natalia: I know.

Frank: You know, in the beginning I really thought it was all about Gus' heart with you two, you know? But you guys have become good friends. Friends in the true sense of the word. Well, anyway, you know what? It is a sin in the Cooper family not to finish all of the food on your plate, so...

Natalia: I know of bigger sins.

Frank: Come on, eat up. Come on. Come on, come on.

Natalia: Frank, I can’t.

Frank: Come on.

Natalia: Frank, you don't have to treat me like a baby.

Frank: Oh, it's not a baby. It's a princess, a beautiful princess, for the rest of our life together.

Buzz: Ooh, that sounds like a toast.

Olivia: Buzz is right. Someone should make a toast. Someone should say what needs to be said at a time like this. And I'm the person to do it.

Out in the open its supposed to be the way I imagine the future

should be easy the stars all aligned as if it

was just meant to be what if I'm wrong and you don't

feel the same am I getting ahead of myself

my own demons

Edmund: Hey, hey, hey. You don't want to stick around and see how it turns out?

Josh: Not my show this time.

Edmund: Oh, come on, Josh. You don't think this is all a coincidence, do you? You're the one who ends up driving Jeffrey to the hospital. I'm the one who is there when Reva needs someone. Of all of the young women and young men on the face of this planet, our children find one another?

Josh: If I think about it too much, my brain will explode. I'm heading out of here.

Edmund: Yeah. I'm going to stick around.

Josh: Fine.

Jeffrey: So are you sure that you don't want to do the c-section?

Doctor: Well, I'm afraid the baby has other ideas. We're going for a natural delivery.

Jeffrey: Yeah, but, I mean, we prepared for the c-section.

Reva: It's okay, Jeffrey, really. It is. I am so glad. Really, after everything we've been through. We've had a very long nine months of crying and laughing and hoping and fearing. I never even thought I was going to make it this far.

Jeffrey: Well, I knew you would.

Reva: I know you did. Does the president pay you enough?

Doctor: Okay, let's do this.

Reva: Okay.

Jeffrey: I love you, Reva.

Reva: I know, I know. I love you. Ouch! Okay, okay, okay. Is that it? Is that it? Oh, that hurts. What are you looking at? Okay.

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Doctor: The baby seems to be ready Reva.

Reva: I know, but he's early.

Olivia: You have changed my life forever.

Edmund: Maybe this isn't the right time.

Shayne: No. Hold on. What do you mean, not the right time? Not the right time for what?

Olivia: I also never told you-- (glass breaks)

Edmund: Shayne, when Lara came to find me, she...

Shayne: She what, Edmund? She what?

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