GL Transcript Tuesday 3/31/09

Guiding Light Transcript Tuesday 3/31/09


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Previously on "Guiding Light"...

Natalia: Marrying for money is not going to make you happy.

Man: And it's not going to get you your scholarship money, either.

Marina: I went to Phillip Spaulding, and I told him that I would like to get Company.

Man: This money was supposed to go to young students scraping to get by, not a greedy opportunist trying to scam the system.

Colin: Well, I'm waiting for one more test to come back, but, basically, everything looks like it's about right where we need it to be. Your OB/GYN said the baby's tests will be back in a few minutes, but maybe today is the day.

Jeffrey: Great. We're ready.

Reva: No. Speak for yourself. I'm not in any kind of rush.

Jeffrey: Reva, I know you've told me a million times that you don't want to have this baby early, but we had a deal.

Reva: I know. And I've kept my end of that deal. We've had the baby's vitals tested every day, and yet he's not cooked.

Colin: At this point, I'm not sure what you're waiting for, Reva.

Jeffrey: Neither am I.

Colin: I'll go check on those tests.

Jeffrey: Are you starting to waffle?

Reva: No, but I'd like a waffle. (Laughs)

Jeffrey: There's no more joking. It's time, you know. We have to do this.

Reva: I know. And I know that the baby will probably be okay. But while he's in here, it feels safe. And when he is out there, there is just all these new things that he's going to have to deal with. And I have to have radiation. So you're going to be home alone with him. And when he's in here, it's the last normal thing I have to hang on to.

Jeffrey: Well, hold onto me, okay? Because I'm never leaving you.

Edmund: May I join you?

Dinah: No. No. No.

Edmund: I'll share my croissant. Besides, it looks as if you could use the company.

Dinah: Your company? No. What makes you think I'd want to have coffee with you?

Edmund: Because misery loves company. And Dinah, I know something about misery.

Ashlee: Weird. They're always open by now.

Josh: Yeah. Yeah, I know. This place has gone really downhill since the Spauldingís took over.

Ashlee: No kidding. Even the Buzzburgers aren't as good.

Josh: I'm going to have to find a new place to go for breakfast. I think I come here out of habit.

Marina: Hey! Sorry, sorry, sorry. I am late. I had to take care of some stuff at the station, but we're open! So come on in. Okay. Coffee is coming.

Ashlee: Well, what's going on?

Marina: I talked Phillip back into giving us the restaurant. You know I'm not as good as my grandfather yet, but I will get the hang of it. So... what can I get you guys?

Josh: Um...

Ashlee: Um...

Mallet: Hi! How's everybody?

Marina: Hey!

Mallet: Okay. Here you go.

Ashlee: Oh!

Mallet: He just got changed, okay?

Marina: Okay.

Mallet: I've got diapers in here, extra formula in here-- oh, extra clothes in here. And then I'll just stop in and see you every time I pass by on my beat, okay? I'll stop in and see you guys. Hi.

Josh: Hi.

Mallet: All right, have fun. Bye!

Josh: Bye.

Ashlee: So, Marina, do you need any help?

Marina: No. No. I think we're good. Daisy is supposed to be here this morning to help me with the morning shift, and then my dad is going to come by this afternoon.

Josh: So it sounds like you've got it all covered.

Marina: Yes. Yes, I hope so. Scrambled eggs?

Ashlee: Uh...

Daisy: Coffee, now.

Marina: You are supposed to be a waitress this morning.

Daisy: Uh-uh, not today. Hangover.

Ashlee: You know what? I'm going to go check on her before I go to work.

Marina: Okay. I am sorry about all that, Josh. So what can I get you?

Josh: I think I'll just have some toast. I'll make it.

Marina: Okay. All right. I'll make some coffee.

Reva: Does that say what I think it says?

Colin: It says that your baby has reached every goal that you and your doctor set. He's ready.

Reva: Wow! So I guess I have to keep up my end of the deal, huh?

Jeffrey: I guess you do.

Reva: And we can schedule the c-section?

Colin: Oh, it's already been scheduled. It's in eight hours.

Reva: Eight hours? We're having a baby.

Jeffrey: We're having a baby today.

Reva: Okay. Well, I have to go because I still have things that I have to get done.

Jeffrey: I'll call my office and cancel, you know, all my appointments for tomorrow.

Colin: Just a minute, you two.

Reva: No, no. We don't have a minute. Thanks to you, we're having a baby in eight hours.

Colin: Well, you're actually having a baby in seven hours and 57 minutes.

Reva: Don't be a smart-ass.

Colin: But, seriously, I need just a couple of minutes to go over with you guys how things are going to happen tonight, okay? I need you back here in seven hours. You need to get checked in and get your epidural. Jeffrey, I'm sorry, but we don't have anything to help fathers through this process. (Laughter)

Jeffrey: I'll be fine.

Reva: No, he wonít. This is the first time he's done this. So I'll be sure he has a glass of wine or a good stiff drink before I bring him back.

Colin: Okay, well, listen, um... I wouldn't say this to you as your Colin, but I am going to say this to you as your friend. It wouldn't hurt for you to be a little relaxed, too-- not two relaxed, just one relaxed.

Reva: One?

Colin: Yeah.

Reva: One will be a treat.

Colin: You're going to need a treat, because what's coming up after is going to be tough. As soon as the c-section is over and you're stabilized, I'm going to watch you very closely, and the minute we think you're ready, we're going to take you out for the radiation.

Jeffrey: Will that happen tonight?

Colin: Well, it depends on how Reva's body responds after the baby comes. But we need to be very aggressive, because we've waited so long to treat the cancer.

Reva: Okay. Well, now we have exactly seven hours and, what, 40-something minutes, so we have to go. I have to go. I have to go, okay? Thank you. Okay. Let's go.

Shayne: Hey, congratulations!

Remy: Yeah. Yeah, that's great you guys got the place back.

Marina: Thank you very much. So what can I get for you?

Remy: I'll have some pancakes, maybe some bacon, some scrambled eggs, some orange juice and coffee.

Marina: Great.

Shayne: I just want some coffee, please.

Marina: Okay, great.

Remy: Buddy, you need more than coffee. Food takes your mind off of women.

Shayne: Mm, maybe that's why I just want coffee.

Daisy: You understand, just like Reva.

Josh: Were you drinking with Reva?

Dinah: No, she wouldn't let me.

Josh: That's good to hear.

Daisy: She did promise to take me drinking, though, once I'm legal, and she's not pregnant.

Josh: Fantastic.

Remy: I'm going to go help Marina. I'll be right back.

Shayne: All right.

Josh: Running out on your friend, huh?

Shayne: I have things to do.

Josh: Dinah things?

Shayne: I want to make sure that she's okay, but I don't want to freak her out at the same time.

Josh: I'll tell you what, how about if I come with you? That way it will seem more casual.

Shayne: Okay. Okay. Why not? Come on.

Remy: Hey. I ordered a big breakfast, if you want to share it.

Dinah: You should have seen the look on their faces when I dropped the bomb. My mom's head spun around like that kid in "The Exorcist." Bill has been treating me like a lost member of the Manson family.

Edmund: Wow, sounds like quite a party.

Dinah: Can you top it?

Edmund: Let's see. Aiding and abetting a kidnapper. No, I'd pretty much say you won it.

Dinah: Oh, really. It's not quite as bad as leaving me to roast in a fire. I think you won.

Edmund: I don't play with matches anymore.

Dinah: You know what drives me crazy? Is that actually I was starting to surprise myself with my behavior. People liked me for a minute.

Edmund: Then the walls came tumbling down.

Dinah: But I will rebuild. You did.

Edmund: You know, Dinah, I don't care that everyone hates me. I donít. I just... I want my daughter back.

Dinah: Eddie, you have changed. I don't think I've ever seen you put another person before yourself, but you did it with Shayne. You didn't tell him about Lara being pregnant because you knew it would break his heart.

Edmund: I think he could handle it now.

Dinah: Because enough time has passed?

Edmund: No. Because he has you. In case you haven't noticed, you twit, the boy's in love with you. What is this "minced"? You feed me minced?

Dinah: I have to go. Lots of things to do.

Edmund: I don't think you should go just yet. Why don't I get us some more coffee?

Dinah: No more coffee, thank you.

Edmund: Oh, Dinah, trust me, you're going to want to be wide awake for what's coming next.

Dinah: Now you're scaring me.

Edmund: Look! What a coincidence!

Shayne: You're a hard person to track down.

Dinah: Hi. I need to go run some errands. I will see you guys later.

Edmund: Why? Sit. You two need to talk. Croissant?

Shayne: Why? Why are you trying to shake me?

Dinah: Hey, I'm not trying to shake you. I told you that I just needed some time for myself. That's all.

Shayne: Okay. Are you done with that? Because I just want to hang out with you.

Dinah: Hang out?

Shayne: Yeah, hang out. You know, go watch a movie, shoot a game of pool, fly a kite, go bowling-- I don't know. Hang out.

Dinah: You don't want to go bowling with me. I'll kick your ass.

Shayne: I would love to do anything where you'd be kicking my ass.

Josh: Thank you for calling Shayne.

Edmund: Yeah. Well, Josh, your son made my daughter happy. So I suppose he deserves to be happy, too.

Josh: I hope you always remember that.

Edmund: Why wouldn't I?

Josh: No reason. I think we should leave them alone, don't you?

Edmund: Yeah. Let's just hope they're not too stubborn to work things out.

Reva: How about here?

Jeffrey: Slow down.

Reva: I know, I know, I know.

Jeffrey: We're having a baby. We're having a baby in seven hours and 26 minutes.

Reva: I know. And Colin did say that I could have one relaxer, right? So I figured that that one relaxer might go really well with a Buzzburger.

Jeffrey: You want a Buzzburger when you're going to have a baby in seven hours?

Reva: Yeah. Well, I don't know when I'm going to have a chance to have another one, right?

Jeffrey: Okay. One Buzzburger coming up. Hey. Henry! What are you doing here with your mommy?

Marina: You tell them. You tell them that mommy got the restaurant back from the big, bad Spauldingís.

Reva: Oh, no, Marina, you didn't! Really?

Marina: Yes.

Reva: Oh, that's great.

Marina: Thanks.

Reva: Isn't that great? Henry, that's great.

Marina: So what can I get for you guys?

Jeffrey: Two Buzzburgers and a bottle of wine.

Marina: Okay. Just one glass, right?

Mallet: Hey, there he is.

Marina: Hey!

Mallet: Hey, Mr. Henry Cooper.

Marina: Will you take him so I can get them?

Mallet: Come here, Henry, buddy. What's up? Oh, cool. Hi, guys.

Jeffrey: You got the restaurant back. That's good work.

Mallet: Well, it's all Marina. She's all amazing.

Reva: She's a good girl.

Marina: I think I am, too. There you go.

Mallet: We've got a whole system worked out, right?

Marina: Yes, we do. I'll take Henry, you take table seven, please.

Mallet: Oh, okay. Which one is table seven? The one in the back, right?

Marina: The one in the back.

Jeffrey: I'll be right back.

Reva: Okay. Yeah. Oh. A little more. That's good.

Jeffrey: Well, here's to my beautiful wife.

Christina: Do you know what you're doing?

Reva: Yes, I know exactly what I'm doing.

Marina: But what about the baby?

Jeffrey: Our baby is going to be here in seven hours and 24 minutes.

Reva: Yes, we've scheduled a c-section.

Christina: Oh, my God! You're about to have a baby?

Reva: Yes.

Christina: These guys, they're about to have a baby!

Reva: Here we go. Well, not like just...

Remy: Do you need any help? I've delivered one before.

Jeffrey: Well, we already have a doctor, thank you. We scheduled a c-section, and we just, you know, came in here for... well, to relax.

Reva: To relax, yeah.

Jeffrey: And to have a toast.

Reva: Yeah.

Mallet: A toast! Well, let's have a toast! What do you think? Toast to new beginnings. What do you say?

Jeffrey: To new beginnings!

Reva: To new beginnings!

Jeffrey: Okay, we're at 6:31, Reva. Time to focus.

Reva: Yeah. I guess that means I should go pack my bag.

Jeffrey: We're going to see our baby. We're going to meet our baby in just a few hours. Do you believe it? (Cell phone rings)

Reva: Uh-oh. You know what? It's you-know-who.

Jeffrey: Yeah. OíNeill here. No. No. No. No. Sorry, Chief, I canít. Not today. Bye.

Reva: Was that...

Jeffrey: No, no, no. It's just undersecretary to an undersecretary to an undersecretary. They want my thoughts on a homeland security proposal.

Reva: Really? And you're going to stand here watching me pack. You've got to go. Go!

Jeffrey: My wife is giving birth today. I need to be here.

Reva: No. You need to go! I can do this. I'll keep packing, and you go take care of that.

Jeffrey: I'm not leaving you alone.

Reva: Yes, you are, because you're hovering, and your nervousness is making me nervous.

Jeffrey: I'm not nervous! Okay. Okay, I'm a little nervous. All right. You know what? Call me if you need me to bring home anything at all. Just call me, okay?

Reva: I'll give you a holler! Love you. I need to find my bunny slippers anyway.

Remy: (Clearing his throat) That was cool, rooting on Reva and Jeffrey like that. It was... it felt good.

Christina: Yeah. Reva is an amazing woman. She and Jeffrey must have an amazing marriage to get through something like that.

Remy: Yeah. You know, maybe that's what marriage is, you know, helping each other through the tough times.

Christina: I always hoped mine would be like that.

Remy: Look, I'm sorry things have been so tough for us. I really wish I could make it better.

Christina: You do-- most of the time. I really like having you around.

Remy: (Laughing) You do?

Christina: Yeah, I do. I like doing things together.

Remy: Like what?

Christina: Like studying, and ride-alongs. Pushups.

Remy: Yeah. Pushups? I like pushups.

Mallet: Oh, hey, babe. Listen, I've got to get back to work. I've got to go back on beat.

Marina: Okay.

Mallet: Henry's all yours.

Marina: Hey...

Mallet: Listen, listen, I heard something down at the station I want to talk to you about.

Marina: Yeah. We will talk about it later, okay, when I get home, okay?

Mallet: Okay.

Marina: Okay.

Mallet: Bye, guy.

Marina: Say bye-bye. Say bye-bye.

Shayne: I can do this. I can totally do this. Just give me one second here. I used to be able to do this when I was a kid, no problem. But you know what it is? It's the wind today. The wind's not cooperating.

Dinah: Whatever you say.

Shayne: You know what we're going to do? Here. You're going to hold this end.

Dinah: Okay.

Shayne: Connect those two. I'm going to take off running.

Dinah: Okay.

Shayne: When your string gets tight, nice and tight, you're going to let it go, all right?

Dinah: Okay.

Shayne: You got it?

Dinah: Yup.

Shayne: All right, let's do this. All right. Ready?

Dinah: Yup.

Shayne: All right. You know what it is?

Dinah: What?

Shayne: It's a crappy kite.

Dinah: (Laughing) Don't blame the kite.

Shayne: It's a crappy kite.

Dinah: You didn't read the small print. When people hang out with me, you know, I mean, it's hazardous to their health and for the kites.

Shayne: Good thing I don't follow directions.

Dinah: Bad things happen when I'm around.

Shayne: No, that's not true. Bad things mostly happen to you. I see you help all of these people. You're great at it. But when someone tries to return the favor, though, you bolt on them.

Dinah: Look who's talking. For a guy with a bum leg, you can sure make a fast getaway.

Shayne: Good point. What if we both hung up our running shoes? What would happen then?

Dinah: Right after we get this kite in the air.

Shayne: All right.

Jeffrey: Yeah, I'll get on it right away. Okay. Thanks. Now, how can I concentrate on work when I'm going to be meeting you in person in just a couple of hours? (Knocking on door)

Mallet: Hey!

Jeffrey: Hey!

Mallet: Hey, your lights are on in your car.

Jeffrey: Oh, okay. I'm sorry. I'll come down.

Mallet: No, no, no. No need. I got it. The door was open, the keys in the ignition, and the motor was running.

Jeffrey: Yeah. I'm a little distracted.

Mallet: Yeah, I get it. I get it. You think you're distracted now, though? You just wait until you bring that little bugger home, and you try to operate on, like, two hours of sleep a night.

Jeffrey: Two hours?

Mallet: Yeah, two hours. It's all right, you'll get used to it. Well, you kind of have to get used to it. You don't really have a choice. But what I found is, you develop this whole new set of skills. You know, you eat while you're standing, you do 20 loads of laundry at once-- all of this while not having any sex whatsoever. Yeah, it's good stuff.

Jeffrey: I was just telling the little guy that I can't wait to meet him.

Mallet: Wow, look at that. Wow, that's great. Wow, they just take over your heart. That's the thing. Congratulations! That's fantastic. Hey, when they get a little older, let's get them together and play some catch or something?

Jeffrey: Okay. That's great. You know, it looks like you and Marina have really got it together. So when my kid can't stop crying and the middle of the night, I'll know exactly where to drop him off.

Mallet: Done! But I don't think you're going to want to leave him for more than a second.

(Knock on the door)

Reva: Hi.

Josh: Bad time?

Reva: Well, actually...

Josh: I won't stay long. You should have Jeffrey look at that. This won't take long, okay? And I promise it's actually good news. Shayne has begun to open up to me.

Reva: That's great! I want details, and I want them now.

Josh: Actually, this kind of falls under the father-son privilege kind of thing.

Reva: What? You're making that up.

Josh: Yes, I am. But the point is that you don't have to worry about him, okay? You can just focus on giving birth and your new son, and know that I have at least one of your other sons covered-- with the help of a lovely young lady, of course.

Reva: Dinah?

Josh: It beats hanging out with Edmund.

Reva: You think?

Josh: What's with the suitcase? Are you going some place?

Reva: Ah, yeah. I am. I have an appointment today... to have a baby.

Dinah: Shayne, come on. Get down!

Shayne: No, I almost got it.

Dinah: No! Stop! You're embarrassing.

Shayne: I'm not leaving this kite up here to prove to everybody I was a failure at flying it, all right?

Dinah: You were a failure at flying it!

Shayne: Just a few more feet, and I've got it.

Dinah: Come on. I will buy you another kite!

Shayne: I am not leaving this kite up here.

Dinah: You don't have to save the kite! You don't have to save everything! Thank God. I was afraid you were going to fall on your head.

Shayne: Afraid?

Dinah: Yes.

Shayne: You would love it if I fell on my head. Because then I'd need saving again.

Dinah: That is not true.

Shayne: It's not true?

Dinah: No.

Shayne: As soon as you thought I was okay, you ran away from me.

Dinah: What are you talking about? You followed me around, kept asking if I was okay. That's not saving?

Shayne: Okay. So we're both guilty of it. It doesn't have to be this way. You know that? What happened if we were friends that didn't try to save each other?

Dinah: I don't know. Can we do that?

Shayne: We can fly kites together.

Dinah: No, we canít. The kite's still stuck.

Shayne: I've got an idea how to get it down, friend.

Dinah: How?

Shayne: Come here. Get on my shoulders.

Dinah: You're crazy.

Shayne: Yeah, so are you. Come here. One leg over. Let's go.

Dinah: Oh! Yeah! That's going to hurt tomorrow.

Shayne: Grab the fence. You got it?

Dinah: Yeah.

Shayne: All right. Here we go.

Dinah: Okay.

Shayne: Hold on.

Dinah: A little higher.

Shayne: I've got you.

Dinah: Oh. I think I've got it.

Shayne: You got it?

Dinah: Yeah! No! No!

Marina: Oh, my God. Get up! Get up!

Daisy: I canít.

Marina: You get up right now, or you are going to be grounded.

Daisy: You can't ground me. I'm over 18.

Marina: Get up right now! Can you take this over to Jeffrey at the hospital? It's snacks for Reva.

Daisy: My head is pounding.

Marina: Your grandmother is having a baby. Take her snacks now.

Remy: So, um... we've been married for four months, one week, and six days.

Christina: And six hours.

Remy: I'm sorry you didn't get a real wedding.

Christina: I'm sorry you didn't get a real bachelor party. (Laughter)

Remy: Okay, then I'm sorry you didn't get a real bridal shower.

Christina: I'm sorry we didn't get a real honeymoon.

Remy: Oh! My bad. Sorry about that. That's embarrassing. I've got an idea. Come on.

I'm just going for it living in the moment

now I know there's one thing I can feel it

every little piece of me that's in your dreams...

Josh: Wow! I knew this was coming. It's just that now that it's here...

Reva: Imagine how I feel.

Josh: I remember when Shayne was born.

Reva: Me, too. Right here in this house, upstairs in the bedroom. I remember you wrapped Shayne in so many blankets. You were scared to death he was going to break.

Josh: We stayed up all night, sitting by his crib, just watching him, marveling at this tiny, fragile little being that we had made.

Reva: With the rosiest cheeks, peach fuzz for hair. Shayne, our little cowboy.

Josh: Yeah. Do you remember when you went into labor with him?

Reva: Of course I do-- February. He was the best Valentine's gift we could have given each other. I remember those moments like they were yesterday-- the pride in your eyes, the sweet way you held my hand. Those memories will never fade.

Josh: Those were good days, right?

Reva: Yes. They were the best.

Josh: I'm glad you're the mother of my children. I always have been.

Reva: Always, Bud. Oops.

Josh: Okay. I'll leave you to your packing-- unless there's something I can do?

Reva: Actually, there is.

Josh: Okay.

Reva: If anything should happen to me during all this...

Josh: Reva, please, don't even... don't go there.

Reva: Please, please, let me finish. Please. I mean, it's been a high-risk pregnancy from the very beginning. And the c-section could go really well, but, you know, the cancer treatment's always a question.

Josh: Reva...

Reva: Listen to me, please. I want you to look after our kids. I know Marah and Shayne are grown up, I know they are, but they're still going to need their daddy. I want you to make sure that they're not sad.

Josh: I'll take care of them.

Reva: I know. Thank you.

Josh: But you're going to be around here for a very long time.

Reva: You still have a direct line to that big guy upstairs?

Josh: I just know you. I'll put my money on you any day of the week. Good luck.

It's only bells and whistles

it's only bells whistles

Mallet: So you've got some news for me?

Marina: I said that I wanted to talk about it later.

Mallet: I know, but maybe we can talk about it now.

Marina: Okay. I decided to leave the force-- for a while at least. I think it will give me an opportunity to have more time with Henry and try to get this business up and running like it should. You know, I mean, I'm the one who took this over, and...

Mallet: Sorry, I wanted to let you know that I'm proud of you. I think you're a great mom.

Marina: You're not mad?

Mallet: Is it what you want?

Marina: Absolutely.

Mallet: That's all I wanted to hear. That's all I wanted to know.

Shayne: Just curious, what kind of place are you running, exactly? Because there's another couple making out right outside of your door here.

Marina: We are running a very magical place. It makes people very happy.

Shayne: Mm-hmm.

Marina: So how are you? How are things going?

Dinah: Well, no charges so far, but we're waiting to see what happens with the police.

Mallet: I've got to go. Bye, Henry.

Marina: So what are you two up to today?

Shayne: We're hanging out. We're hanging out today. (Phone ringing)

Marina: Well, good. Excuse me. Sorry, phone. Hello? Company. Ah, yes, actually, she is. Just a moment, please. (Clears throat) oh, hey, Christina, I think you have a phone call.

Christina: Me?

Marina: That's what they said.

Christina: Hello? This is Mrs. Christina Boudreau. Yes. Oh. No, no. Thank you for calling. Mm-hmm. I understand.

Remy: Who was it?

Christina: It was Johns Hopkins' registrar's office. They were informed of the fraudulent scholarship situation, and they gave up my spot.

Remy: They can't do that, though.

Christina: It's done. It's over, Remy. It's all over.

Josh: I've been looking for you.

Jeffrey: Sorry, Josh. Whatever it is, it's going to have to wait.

Josh: Yeah. I know about the baby. I actually just came from seeing Reva.

Jeffrey: Is everything okay?

Josh: She's fine. She's fine. And I know you don't want her getting worked up about anything, so I tried to reassure her. But I'm worried about Shayne.

Jeffrey: I thought things are going better with him.

Josh: I think he may be in danger.

Reva: This house-- this house made me so happy when I was a kid. There's a lot of love in this house. Welcome to your childhood, son. Oh, boy. I just realized that this is the last time I think I'm going to get to talk to you like this, because you're going to make your debut today. A little cry and a smack on your fanny, and you will be a full-fledged member of the human race. It makes me very happy. I just want you to know that I will always, always be there for you. You gave me hope to get me through the biggest fight of my life.

Edmund: Hello, Reva.

Reva: What are you doing here?

Edmund: Well, I wanted to clear the air before you went into the hospital. I want to tell you how sorry I am for all of the pain I've caused you over the years.

Reva: You know something, Edmund? In three hours and change, I am going to have this baby!

Edmund: Okay, okay. Fine, Reva. I'm going to go.

Reva: No, don't go!

Edmund: Why?

Reva: Because-- oh, I think I'm in labor. (Exhaling) Oh, oh, oh!

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Reva: This is real life, you idiot.

Priest: Frank, Natalia, God bless you both. May their love be the light that guides us through the darkness.

Edmund: Reva wanted me to call you. She's in some pain.

Reva: I'm in labor.

Natalia: Don't envy me. I have my own problems.

Olivia: I wish I could make them all go away.

Josh: I don't think we were supposed to get out of the car. It's going to be fine.

Cop: Hands on your heads. Do it!

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