GL Transcript Friday 3/27/09

Guiding Light Transcript Friday 3/27/09


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Previously on Guiding Light…

Alan: You came back for one reason. That was to get even with your old man.

Phillip: I wish you hadn't found that.

Alan: But I'm here to make sure you win this one.

Doris: What a lovely show of support for your son.

Frank: Natalia and I are getting married.

Olivia: Congratulations.

Phillip: Listen to me. Grady is gone.

Lizzie: Sounds like you killed him.

Frank: You know, I, I didn't dare hope, but when I saw you at the christening, and when you were there with Daisy, and you kind of just fit perfectly right in there with the family, I knew it was right. I knew that we were supposed to be together.

Natalia: Frank, I love your family. I do. You are so lucky to have them.

Frank: Well, you know what? They're lucky to have you. So, what kind of wedding do you want? Do you want like a big, fancy church wedding?

Natalia: I don't know, something a lit bit more casual, like, you know, the backyard of Marina's house, or your house, your backyard. It's beautiful.

Olivia: It's gonna be your backyard, too.

Frank: You know, I hadn't thought about that.

Olivia: So, um, is there a date set?

Frank: Well, no, not yet. But there will be.

Natalia: Yeah. We have time.

Olivia: Okay.

Frank: Yeah.

Olivia: Haven't you forgotten something, Frank?

Frank: Well, it wouldn't surprise me, because I'm so damn happy right now, I can't even remember my own name. oh, my God, you're absolutely right.

Olivia: You know what? I'll get it. I'll be back. Here you go.

Frank: Thank you. Natalia Rivera, you've made me the happiest man in the whole world. Will you do me the honor of being my wife?

Natalia: I already said yes. (Laughs)

Frank: Okay. Here.

Olivia: Okay, Frank, you can get up now.

Frank: Do I have to?

Olivia: Yeah. (Laughs) Here, let me see. Beautiful.

Marina: Look what I did! I got Company back. That's not going to work. My grandpa will have a heart attack. Okay. So, I was thinking... I know that we're in a place in our lives right now where we're just trying to put the pieces back together. So... nobody talks like that. Okay, breathe. I went to Phillip Spaulding, and I told him if he was still willing, I would like the deed to Company? That's good. That's simple. That will do. Here we go.

Buzz: And this would be a Spaulding move. They can't help themselves. They think they can buy everybody. They'll never learn. Know this: I will eat glass before I'd take the restaurant back from one of those  criminals.

Marina: Hey, everybody!

Mallet: Hey!

Marina: Mommy's home. What are we all talking about?

Daisy: We are teaching Henry to hate the Spaulding’s. You've got to get them young.

Mallet: No, not to hate them. Just watch out for them. Henry, we don't hate anybody. We're the good guys, remember that.

Daisy: At least Phillip’s trial is today. He'll end up behind bars where he belongs.

Lizzie: Where are you taking me, huh? Are you going to kill me, too?

Phillip: No. Lizzie...

Lizzie: No. Please don't hurt me!

Phillip: Honey, I would never hurt you.

Lizzie: Did you hurt him? Grady-- did you kill him?

Phillip: Please, don't ask me that.

Lizzie: Oh, my God. Oh my God, you did kill him. What did you do? What did you do? Did you shoot him? Did you run him over with your car?

Phillip: Lizzie, it wasn't like that.

Lizzie: Did you hire someone?

Phillip: I didn't intend...

Lizzie: Why? How could you do that?

Phillip: Because I had to make sure that you were safe. I had to make sure that he couldn't come back again. I didn't want to kill him! I didn't have a choice. I did it for you.

Lizzie: I didn't ask you to hurt Grady.

Phillip: I know that.

Lizzie: You are just like Granddad. I tell you that I need help, and you had to take it to this hideous extreme. I don't want to be a part of it. I can't do this again. I don't want to know that someone is dead because of me.

Phillip: No. No.

Lizzie: I can't live with that, no. How could you do this to me? You made me a killer!

Phillip: No. Lizzie, no.

Lizzie: You make me a killer. You make me just like you. You are a murderer, that's what you are!

Phillip: Lizzie, you had nothing to do with this. I know how horrible what I did is, and I have to live with that for the rest of my life. But you don’t. This was my choice, not yours.

Lizzie: How could you do this?

Phillip: I don't know! Maybe, I should have called the police. I thought if I saw him, maybe I could find a way to make sure that he would leave you alone.

Lizzie: So you killed him.

Phillip: He started making deals with me, like I would bargain for your safety. He told me that I was better to have a guy like him on my side than against me.

Lizzie: You should have made the deal and then called the police afterwards.

Phillip: And told them what, honey? That you recognized the tattoo on his chest? That you thought it was his voice on the phone? It was your word against his? You didn't have any proof. I didn't know what to do. And then he looked at me, and he told me that you would never be safe. And I just... grabbed him. And then he was gone. I threw him over the cliff. God help me, I killed him. And I'd do it again.

Olivia: Hey. Here we are. Here we are.

Natalia: It's a little early for a drink.

Frank: Thank you.

Olivia: It's not a drink. It's a toast, okay?

Frank: To a special occasion.

Olivia: To two of the best people I know, who deserve a world of happiness. I hope this marriage is everything you ever dreamed of.

Frank: Thank you, Olivia. Cheers! Oh, that's good. Okay, now it's a-- now it's my turn. It's been a long time since I've let myself feel this way about anybody. In fact, I pretty much have given up hope that anything like this would ever happen for me. And now that it has, I'm going to make you the best damn husband you've ever seen in your life. Because, you know why? Because you deserve it.

Olivia: I have to go.

Frank: What? Hold on a second. Where are you going all dressed up?

Olivia: I have things to do. Things that need to get done. You two be good.

Frank: Oh, okay. Well, um... what would you like to do now?

Natalia: Ah, don't you think we should tell your family?

Frank: What a great idea! That's brilliant. You think of everything. Come on.

Marina: There you go.

Buzz: Thanks.

Marina: So... is everyone going to be home for a little while?

Buzz: Probably not.

Marina: Oh. Where is everyone going?

Daisy: We are going to the courthouse. We're going to watch Phillip Spaulding fry.

Mallet: It's only kidnapping, Daisy. They don't fry him for kidnapping.

Buzz: We're not looking for anyone to fry. Just a Spaulding-- any Spaulding-- just a Spaulding to pay for what they've done.

Daisy: Not that this Spaulding had anything to do with Grady going away. No. That was all Alan.

Marina: You know, I was-- I was thinking. I think that it's time for everybody to move past their issues with the Spaulding’s and start focusing on things that we can do to make our family stronger.

Daisy: Yeah. Okay. Yeah, we'll do that after we watch Phillip fry.

Marina: Okay. Well, um, you guys hurry home after you watch the frying. I have something important to tell you.

Lizzie: What is it that happened to you that makes you think that doing these kinds of horrible things is okay?

Phillip: Honey, I never tried to hurt you. I love you. And all of my children, more than I can ever possibly explain. When I threw him over that cliff, all I could think about is that I had to protect you. I had to keep you safe.

Lizzie: I don't feel that safe with you right now.

Phillip: But you are safe. I love you. And I'm never going to let anything happen to you.

Lizzie: You kidnap people. You murder people. That is not love! How could that be love when it makes you do such awful things?

Phillip: It's a love... it's overwhelming.

Bill: Hey. You all right? What did he say to you?

Lizzie: He just told me that he loved me.

Alan: I'll be up in the gallery.

Beth: I can't believe this. He is actually going to testify against you.

Phillip: Alan testifying is just the beginning of this round.

Beth: Okay. Well, maybe there is a way we can keep him off the stand. I can look up precedents. See if maybe his testimony would be too prejudicial.

Phillip: No, no, it's okay. I'm not afraid of the truth, even Alan’s. I want everybody to have a chance to say what they want to say. Hey.

Beth: Hey.

Rick: You ready?

Beth: Absolutely.

Rick: Good.

Phillip: How about you?

Rick: I just think this is an awkward day for all of us.

Doris: Dr. Bauer.

Rick: Yes?

Doris: You can join Mr. Spaulding in the gallery. We'll call you when we're ready to hear your testimony.

Rick: Okay. Thanks, Doris. Thank you. I'll see you guys in a little bit.

Beth: I shouldn't have let you do this. I shouldn't have agreed to help you. You need a real attorney.

Phillip: No. I need this. I need everybody to have a chance to speak. It's the way I want it.

Frank: I know this family has gone through some difficult times lately, and all of that. But, guess what? I really, I really feel the energy turning. And, it's all because of that little guy right there. You know? He's really healing this family and making it whole, so... I just wanted to take another step in the right direction for this family, to complete-- you know, to complete the family picture.

Marina: Dad, just spit it out.

Frank: Well, you know I asked Natalia to marry me, right? Well, she said yes.

Marina: Yes!

Mallet: That's awesome! Congratulations! I'm so happy for you.

Frank: Happy? Man, I'm the luckiest guy in the whole world! Are you kidding me? I'm so lucky.

Natalia: Well, I'm, I'm lucky. I'm so happy to be part of this family.

Marina: Oh, and we are glad to have you. I want to help you with everything. I want to help with the invitations and the dress shopping and cake tasting. Have you guys even registered yet?

Frank: Hold on a second. She just said yes, so...

Natalia: Yeah. We have lots of time to think about that.

Mallet: Well, have you guys set a date? When is the date?

Frank: Well, you know, the sooner the better. I just want Natalia to have the wedding of her dreams.

Natalia: Your dad, he's a wonderful man.

Marina: He is. And now he's all yours.

Frank: See that? She can't wait to get rid of me.

Marina: No! Let me see the ring!

Mallet: Wow!

Marina: Oh, it's beautiful! Nice job, Dad.

Frank: Thanks, daughter.

Mallet: Yeah, nice. What did that send you back, Frank?

Frank: Mallet.

Mallet: Hey, girls like rings. It's beautiful.

Marina: So what colors are you thinking of? I mean, I guess depends on what time of year, and your bridesmaids' dresses, oh, my gosh. Who is going to be your maid of honor?

Olivia: Hi.

Shayne: Hi.

Olivia: I thought maybe you might be your father.

Shayne: Uh-huh. Damn. I thought you were here to make a teenaged boy's dreams come true. The sexy stepmother fantasy.

Edmund: Got it. Hello, Olivia. You're looking well.

Olivia: So are you. I heard you were back in town. I've been meaning to call. You, I actually have been meaning to call. I'm sorry.

Shayne: Hi.

Olivia: Hi.

Shayne: Um, wow. Glad to see you. Dad's not here though, right now. I didn't know you two were doing the...

Olivia: No! Oh, no, we're not. We're not.

Shayne: You're not?

Edmund: Just a friendly drop in.

Olivia: Well, I just needed to get out of the house and have a little fun, so...

Shayne: Well, we could be fun.

Olivia: Okay.

Shayne: Thank you.

Olivia: And some for you.

Edmund: Thank you.

Lizzie: This is it. This is the money that I was trying to give to Grady.

Bill: How did it get there?

Lizzie: My dad put it there.

Bill: Well, if Grady doesn't have it, then where is he? Do you know where he is? Are you afraid he's going to come and get you?

Lizzie: No. He's never going to come and get me ever again.

Bill: How can you be so sure?

Lizzie: My dad told me he took care of it.

Bill: Are you okay?

Lizzie: When I was little, my dad used to count my toes when I was in the hospital, just this game that we played. He said that he could remember my blue eyes looking up over the toes, and I remember him smiling at me. He made me feel happy and safe. And I always knew that he would take care of everything.

Bill: It looks like he's still taking care of everything.

Lizzie: Yeah. Just this time I don't feel happy or safe. I'm glad Grady’s gone, I guess I just wanted to think that my dad was getting better, and now I'm more scared of him than I was before.

Buzz: Are you here to support your friend?

Rick: The prosecution called me to testify.

Buzz: What do you want to happen?

Rick: I want to make it better, whatever that takes.

Alan: Thank you for taking care of things in Europe, Alexandra. I'll let Phillip know that you called. It's good to hear your voice. Good-bye.

Doris: We made a slight change in the order of the testimony. I thought you might want to take a look at that, Counselor. Oh, that's right, you're not a lawyer. Here you go, Beth.

Bailiff: All rise. The Springfield District Court is in session. The Honorable Judge Ellis presiding.

Judge: This court will hear case 8660, The People versus Phillip Spaulding.

Buzz: I am grateful that with Phillip Spaulding back in Springfield, I have my boys in another country. As much as I miss my family, They will not return to the United States until he is safely behind bars.

Doris: Thank you, Mr. Cooper. Your Honor, we would like to enter this letter from Harley Cooper, one of the defendant's victims, into evidence as exhibit "A."

Rick: I didn't want to believe that he was unstable. But once I realized that he had my little boy, there is no denying that at that time he was dangerous.

Doris: And Dr. Bauer, do you still believe that Phillip Spaulding is a dangerous man today?

Rick: I think time is the only thing that is going to answer that question. But I do believe that there is nothing-- there is no punishment that this court could impose on him that would make any sense at this time that would serve any purpose.

Doris: Ms. Raines, you have quite a history with the defendant.

Beth: We were married. We have two children together.

Doris: Oh, I think it was a little more than that. I mean, you were the person that he turned to when his whole world came crashing down. He reached out to you when he was abducting his children. He asked you to come away with him.

Beth: Is there a question in any of this?

Doris: How did you feel about Phillip Spaulding that night?

Beth: That night I was afraid of him.

Judge: Call your next witness, Ms. Wolfe.

Doris: The prosecution has no further witnesses at this time. Good luck, Beth.

Judge: Is the defense ready?

Beth: Yes, your Honor. I would like to call our first witness.

Phillip: Oh, no, no, no, no, no. This is not happening. Sweetheart, you're not supposed to be here today.

Beth: Phillip, Phillip, she called me and asked if she could testify.

Phillip: I don't care, Beth. I don't want her here.

Emma: I wanted to be here. It's my turn to help you, Daddy.

Judge: Mr. Spaulding?

Emma: Please. I want them to know I love you.

Phillip: I love you, sweetie.

Lizzie: I wish we would have gotten together when I was 16 and started building that moat then. By now it would just be you and me and nobody else.

Bill: You wouldn't be lonely?

Lizzie: I'd be away from my family. Lonely would be a relief.

Bill: Yeah. Look, I get why you're feeling this way, okay? And I know I'm supposed to be the moat digger, but maybe we shouldn't cut ourselves off completely.

Lizzie: Are you changing the plan?

Bill: I'm not changing the plan. I'm just trying to make it better, that's all. Look, I love you because of who you are. And your family is part of that.

Lizzie: My family sucks.

Bill: Yes, but your family made you who you are.

Lizzie: Why are you defending my family?

Bill: I am not defending them. Look, they love you, in their own freakish way. I have my family, who loves me in their own freakish way. And, like you said, my sister will always be my sister. And your family will always be your family. But we don't have to let loving them take away from what we have. In fact, it can only make it stronger.

Lizzie: So no moat?

Bill: We can have a moat, but maybe we should have a bridge. You love your dad.

Lizzie: I know. Where are we going?

Bill: To court.

Edmund: I couldn’t...

Olivia: Drink right up. Okay, I'll go. What?

Edmund: I think we need some food.

Shayne: Pizza? Is it pizza?

Edmund: I was thinking more about a nice baguette and some brie. (Laughter)

Shayne: All right. Bread and cheese. Pizza, pizza.

Olivia: I think we've got to get some more to drink.

Shayne: I've got a couple of sixes at my house.

Olivia: Oh? Let's go.

Edmund: I'll order the pizza.

Olivia: Great. Conserving energy. Teamwork, teamwork.

Shayne: Oh!

Beth: So... when you saw your father earlier today, what did you talk about?

Emma: He just helped me with my Math.

Beth: Did he try to take you anywhere?

Emma: No. He just talked to me, and then my baby-sitter took me home.

Beth: Emma, how do you feel about your father?

Emma: He's my daddy. I love him.

Beth: No further questions.

Doris: Emma, it's very brave of you to come here today.

Emma: Thank you.

Doris: I'm just going to ask you a couple of questions. Is that okay?

Emma: Sure.

Doris: When you look at your father, are you afraid?

Emma: Yes. Afraid that I will lose him again. And I hate that.

Doris: No further questions.

Judge: Thank you, Emma. Call your next witness, Ms. Raines.

Beth: We have no other witnesses at this time, your Honor.

Judge: Ms. Wolfe?

Doris: The prosecution calls Alan Spaulding. Mr. Spaulding, what were your feelings when your son was trying to take his children away?

Alan: Family is everything to me. I hated what was happening to my son, and I wanted to help him.

Doris: Did you?

Alan: No. I couldn’t. The most important thing at that time was for me to protect my grandchildren and the other children. All I could do for Phillip was to stop him from hurting himself.

Doris: Since your son's return, has he displayed any behavior reminiscent of the kind of things you witnessed before he went away?

Alan: Well, there was an incident at a friend's funeral just recently. Phillip arrived with an escort of police, and he broke away from them, grabbed one of their guns, and fired into the crowd.

Beth: Objection!

Judge: Overruled. Continue, Mr. Spaulding.

Alan: It was at that moment that I realized that Phillip was more dangerous now than even when he ran away from his previous crimes.

Doris: Thank you, Mr. Spaulding. No further questions.

Judge: Ms. Raines, any questions?

Beth: No questions at this time, your Honor.

Judge: Thank you, Mr. Spaulding. If neither side has anymore witnesses.

Lizzie: Wait, your Honor. I have some information about my father that this court is going to need to hear.


Shayne: No, no. Wait, wait, wait. No, no, two more, two more songs, and then we get a tour bus.

Olivia: Oh, okay. No, can I do drums.

Edmund: I love this!

Olivia: Could I do drums?

Shayne: Here, here, here.

Olivia: All right.

Shayne I'm not a singer, though. Here, I can do...

Olivia: That's all right, you can do it. Okay.

Shayne: Start? Start right there-- one, two, three, four...

Marina: Okay, world. The Coopers are back.

Lizzie: I was, really the only one of my father's children that was old enough to understand what was going on that night. And it was terrifying. But... when I looked in his eyes, I knew he wasn't going to hurt me. I could see that he loved me. He did love all of his children. I know he went about it in the wrong way, but he really was trying to protect us.

Judge: Are you saying that you forgive your father for what he did?

Lizzie: No. No. He made a terrible mistake. But he made it out of love. My father has big emotions. He loves with his whole heart, and it just overwhelms him sometimes, and he loses control. I guess I want him to learn how to love that much without letting his emotions conquer him.

Judge: Is there anything else, Ms. Spaulding?

Lizzie: Ah... no, no. I think I've said it all.

Judge: Thank you.

Doris: Nice job, Counselor. I'll see you back here when the judge reaches the verdict. Alan, I often go to Towers after a trial to celebrate. Can I get you a drink?

Alan: I'd be delighted. Good luck, son.

Beth: Your father is such a bastard. So, do you want to go back to the house and talk about what comes next?

Phillip: You know what? I think I need just a few minutes to sort of clear my head out. You go ahead. I'll meet you back there.

Shayne: I'm out of beer.

Edmund: Pizza, too.

Olivia: That's okay. Because I need a big cup of coffee.

Shayne: Here. Here, I'll make you some. I've got it right here.

Olivia: Oh, no. That's okay. I want to get some air. I'll take a walk and I'll get my coffee.

Edmund: Call us later?

Olivia: No. I, I've got to go home to my little girl. But, thank you. It was fun hanging out with you guys.

Edmund: Okay, I get lead guitar this time.

Shayne: No, no, no, no, no, no. You sing. No, you don't play the guitar that well. You're singing this time. You ready?

Edmund: Okay. Let's go.

Shayne: Let's do it.

Frank: You know, I don't get it. I don't know why Marina asked us to come here, you know, this is not one of the best of places to celebrate.

Natalia: Well, maybe she thinks this is a good way for everybody to move on.

Mallet: Hey, Henry and I just do whatever Momma tells us to do.

Frank: (Laughs) We all do.

Buzz: Why are we here? We just saw the Spaulding’s.

Frank: Pop!

Buzz: Frank.

Frank: Pop, come here!

Buzz: Frank!

Frank: Pop!

Buzz: Frank. Oh, my God! My heart, my chest!

Frank: Pop, Pop, Pop!

Buzz: What?

Frank: We're getting married. Natalia said yes!

Buzz: You did it?

Frank: I did it! We did it!

Buzz: Oh, my gosh, you poor idiot. Welcome to the family.

Natalia: Thank you. I'm very happy to be here.

Daisy: Congratulations.

Frank: Oh, thank you. Thank you! Now, now we can celebrate.

Mallet: You know what? Where's the waitress? Because I'm not serving. We need a drink. How about a toast?

Marina: I'll take your order.

Daisy: Are you working for Alan now?

Marina: No. No, I'm not. But I am working for the owner of this restaurant.

Mallet: What? Who is the owner?

Marina: Yours truly.

Mallet: What?

Marina: When Phillip left this morning, I went after him. Look, I know some of you may not like this, but our family needs to own this restaurant. This is who we've been. This is who we are. And I know it's right.

Natalia: I think it's wonderful.

Mallet: Yeah, me, too.

Frank: I am so proud of you.

Marina: I'm sorry, this is the right thing.

Mallet: Well, let's have a drink!

Frank: Absolutely! Yeah. (Laughter)

Marina: To our restaurant!

Mallet: To our restaurant!

You got to decide stand up and say it, stand up and say because you don't let choices go, you know the choice so come on and lead the way, and make it happen leave it strong and steady, because it's not now or never it's when you're ready, change, stand up and say stand up and say, too late but you know the choices, you'll know the choice so come and lead the way, only you can decide shine out to your light

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Phillip: And my little girl had a baby. So where is Sarah?

Christina: It was Johns Hopkins registrar's office. They were informed of the fraudulent scholarship situation.

Olivia: You sound like somebody's wife well, you're not mine.

Nurse: We can schedule the c-section.

Shayne: It's in eight hours.

Reva: Eight hours.

Edmund: Shayne, there is something I need to tell you about Lara.

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