GL Transcript Thursday 3/26/09

Guiding Light Transcript Thursday 3/26/09


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Previously on "Guiding Light."

Beth: I have decided to help you.

Phillip: Tonight?

Beth: No. Through the trial.

Bill: No kissing.

Lizzie: Oh!

Bill: Hilda said. It's only our second date. We canít... do... that. Not yet.

Lizzie: Okay. Okay. Okay.

Josh: You're drinking these things way too fast to be care-free. Why are you here?

Phillip: H'mmm. Thank you.

Alan: Hey, wait a minute. That's my toast. If you want some breakfast, just tell Hilda to make you whatever you'd like.

Phillip: No. That's all I want. I've got a lot going on today.

Alan: I should say so. You're going to trial for the kidnapping of your own children.

Phillip: I've got a lot to do before that. I want to see everybody that was involved, and make sure that they know that this trial is for them.

Alan: Well, that's pretty generous of you.

Phillip: I came back to make restitution. I've got myself past those events, but I want to make sure that everybody else that got hurt has got the opportunity for closure that they need, even if that means me going to jail.

Alan: Well, that's a very good strategy. Get everyone on your side, then they'll testify on your behalf. Very smart, Phillip.

Phillip: You don't get it. Look, you couldn't get it.

Alan: No. No, I couldn't get it. I've never been on trial fighting for my life. No, not me.

Phillip: I need the deed to Company.

Alan: Oh, so this isn't being magnanimous at all, is it? You're going to buy off the town before the trial. Well, if it were me, I would hire somebody to buy off the town. But you, you're a little different. You like to be hands-on, more grassroots.

Phillip: Uh-hmm. Take one more piece of toast?

Alan: Let me know how it turns out.

Olivia: So what do you think, huh?

Natalia: Very nice. It's very you.

Olivia: Yeah. Yeah. I mean, it's brand new, everything. And there is maid service twice a week, and the restaurant delivers 24 hours a day, and a fitness center and a Jacuzzi.

Natalia: And the play center was amazing.

Olivia: I know, right?

Natalia: I've never seen so many video screens.

Olivia: Emma could spend so many hours in there.

Natalia: Yeah.

Olivia: You know.

Natalia: So is this what you've been looking for?

Olivia: I wasn't looking. I just figured since, you know, Frank proposed.

Natalia: I haven't said yes.

Olivia: I have to protect myself, you know, I have to protect Emma, right? And in case you do decide... (beeping noise) wait a minute. That is really weird, because that has never gone off.

Natalia: What is that?

Olivia: It's the beeper for my heart. It's supposed to let me know if something is irregular.

Natalia: Oh, my God.

Olivia: No, no, no. I'm sure it's nothing.

Natalia: We're going to the hospital right now.

Olivia: I'm going. I'm going.

Natalia: Okay.

Phillip: Hey. Where are you headed?

Lizzie: The office.

Phillip: You know what? I'm actually headed that way. I can drop you, if you want?

Lizzie: Oh? Actually, I need my car today.

Phillip: You've got a busy day?

Lizzie: No, not for me. Just work. That's all.

Phillip: So you're not planning on coming to my trial?

Lizzie: No, I wasn't planning on it.

Phillip: Okay. Mm, yeah, everybody involved is going to have different feelings about it, and that's okay. I don't know what's going to happen today, but I'm hoping that this will be a fresh start for everybody. And I'm going to try really hard to make sure that everybody gets what they need.

Lizzie: Even if that means going to prison?

Phillip: Yeah, even if it means going to prison.

Lizzie: Impressive. I have to get going.

Phillip: I'll let you know how it turns out.

Lizzie: No need.

Olivia: I can walk!

Natalia: How comforting!

Olivia: Stop hovering.

Natalia: Stop yelling.

Olivia: I'm not yelling.

Rick: Hey, girls.

Natalia: Hi.

Rick: I'm fine, thanks.

Olivia: Fix, all right? Because I have things to do.

Rick: Yeah.

Olivia: Could you do that for me?

Rick: Yeah. I'll just give you a mild sedative, and you'll be out for a while, and we'll get a chance to see if this thing is working. It's like a trip to the dentist, that's it. Exam room number three.

Olivia: Fine.

Rick: Okay.

Natalia: I'll be right out here.

Bill: Hey, ring-a-ling-ding. What has happened since we last talked?

Lizzie: Well, we talked three minutes ago. You know, you called me when you got off the elevator.

Bill: Yes, I did. I did. But so much can happen in three minutes.

Lizzie: Well, nothing did happen in the last three minutes. But earlier, I didn't want to mention it over the phone, but my dad asked me if I was going to the trial this afternoon.

Bill: M'mm. Do you want to go?

Lizzie: No.

Bill: Okay.

Lizzie: No, nope. It's just you and me, remember?

Bill: Yeah. You know what I think we should do?

Lizzie: What?

Bill: Go to the courthouse. I think we have to deal with the Dinah thing, the Phillip thing, and then build that moat.

Lizzie: Great. How about we just say that the moat's already built. I just need to put the kidnapping stuff behind me. (Cell phone rings) Lizzie Spaulding.

Frank: Lizzie, it's Frank. Is Bill with you? Because I need to talk to both of you about the kidnapping.

Lizzie: It's Frank.

Bill: Hey, Frank.

Frank: The state is wrapping up the Foley case, and, hey Bill, some of the evidence belongs to you. So I'm going to need you to come down and sign for it. All right?

Bill: Um... fine. We, we're on our way.

Lizzie: Hmm.

Bill: Come on. Come on. Let's go. It will not take long, okay?

Lizzie: No. No!

Bill: We are laying the foundation for the moat.

Phillip: Hey. Sorry, can I come in?

Daisy: Get the hell out of here! Mallet has a gun. He'll shoot you.

Mallet: Daisy, nobody is going to shoot anybody. Come on in, Phillip.

Daisy: Oh, my God! You're letting him in?

Buzz: What do you need?

Phillip: Um, my trial is this afternoon.

Buzz: Yeah, we know.

Phillip: And I realize that I should probably be saying this to Harley, but she's not here, so I canít. So I'm saying it to the people that have her best interests at heart.

Marina: Okay. Well, we're all here, so shoot.

Phillip: I realize that a few years ago, when I tried to take the kids away, I hurt a lot of people. I was going through a terrible time, and, um... well, I'm better now. But I just want you all to know that whatever it is that you need to make peace with all of that as a family and move forward, I'm willing to do that.

Buzz: So you're here to stop us testifying at your trial, right.

Phillip: No. But I can see why you would think that. You know, maybe I'm trying too hard, saying too much. Why don't you-- just forget it. Just take this.

Buzz: What is it?

Phillip: It's the deed to Company, Buzz. This should belong to the Cooperís.

Buzz: Yeah, your father tried this before, giving us Company back, but it didn't work. You know, you Spauldingís seem to think that things make up for actions, but they donít.

Phillip: No. Okay. I'll let you get on with your day.

Daisy: And if a Spaulding ever comes back here, we will shoot you!                                                                       

Mallet: Daisy. Daisy, just cool it.

Buzz: Well, that was to be expected, huh?

Marina: Okay. Come on. Go see Papa. I have got to go.

Mallet: Hi. What? You've got plenty of time.

Marina: No. I've got to go talk to Morrison, this morning, remember? So, I got to go, I got to run. I love you. I love you! Yes, I do. Thank you, Grandpa, and thank you, Daisy.

Frank: The voice analysis definitely confirms that Grady was the kidnapper. Now, unfortunately, we do not know his whereabouts right now. Hopefully, he got out of the country. But when we find him, and we will, we'll be in touch.

Lizzie: I really wanted this to be behind me. I don't want to think about Grady Foley ever again.

Bill: I thought that you said that your dad took care of Grady?

Lizzie: I have no idea what that means. What does that mean? Did he pay him off? Did he beat him up? Did he send him away? I don't know because I was too terrified to ask those questions. And if the police can't find him, then he is still out there.

Bill: You know how we get answers? We can go ask your dad.

Lizzie: Are you crazy? You think he's just going to tell us what he did?

Bill: H'mmm. I guess we'll have to do our own little investigating then, right? Come on.

Natalia: Okay. So I know you think I'm going to sit here and scold you and tell you not to scare me? But I'm not going to. I'm just going to sit here and be here for you, like I always am. I have never had a friend like you, ever. And who would have thought that two people like us could be so close. It makes me happy. You make me happy.

Different this time,

the image he had the back of his mind

slipped to his heart never felt sicker

when they were caught

Olivia: What's going on?

Natalia: Hey, you're awake.

Olivia: Yeah.

Natalia: Good. How are you feeling?

Olivia: Fine. How are you?

Natalia: Good. Really good. Rick said that it was just some problem with the battery, and that he'll just fixed it, just fixed the little thing, and everythingís fine. So you are actually all good.

Olivia: Good.

Natalia: You're good. But I have some errands to run, so-- I don't know, do you want a cab or do you want me to wait?

Olivia: No. I can get a cab.

Natalia: Yeah?

Olivia: Sure.

Natalia: Okay. Thank you.

Olivia: Sure.

Natalia: I'll just put that there. Okay. I'll see you later. Bye.

A long time coming

so let's play every day

Natalia: Thank you for bringing Olivia and Emma into my life when I really needed them. She's the best friend I've ever had. I don't want to lose that. Please, God, please help us to always be friends.

Olivia: Your office said I could find you here.

Doris: Oh, okay. I already moved up Phillipís trial date. What more do you want?

Olivia: Someone to talk to.

Doris: Well, you choose the woman that you just blackmailed?

Olivia: I never would have... I'm sorry. I just... I honestly don't have anyone else. And I... anyone who would really understand.

Doris: What happened?

Olivia: Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. And I was glad. I just, I-- I thought about it, and I thought that maybe this is what I wanted because of the feelings that I had for Natalia. You know, the feelings that I've never had before.

Doris: I knew all this.

Olivia: I had, I had to go to the hospital today, I had another episode with my heart, and Natalia was there taking care of me. And I think that she might have almost even kissed me. And I just, I didn't let it happen. I woke up before she could.

Doris: Why?

Olivia: Because, if we kiss, then what happens next? I don't even know if I want what happens next. You know? I don't know who I am anymore. See, I, I feel like... my identity was always my ability to get men, and be desirable to men. And I liked having that power over them. I still do, so, okay. I kissed a woman. I'm giving up a huge part of what I've been.

Doris: Maybe you will, or maybe, but will find a whole new part of who you are.

Olivia: I don't want to give that part of me up. I like that part of me.

Doris: Well, who says you have to?

Olivia: I realized today that if I make this choice with Natalia, I'm going to be sacrificing a lot. And what about my daughter? What about her? How does this affect her? People are cruel, and she has been through so much.

Doris: You're just scared.

Olivia: Yes, I'm scared! Because, what am I doing? Why am I doing this?

Doris: You're afraid, Olivia, but you're not alone, okay? Everyone's afraid.

Olivia: I just think it's crazy. I just think that I'm acting crazy. And I don't want to make this decision. I just don't want to do it. Listen, thank you for talking to me, really.

Phillip: Hey. Rick, hey, man.

Rick: Aren't you supposed to be getting ready for a trial.

Phillip: That's what I'm doing.

Rick: Should I be talking to you? I mean, you do know that the prosecution's called me to testify...

Phillip: Yeah, yeah, I know.

Rick: ...And I'm going to have to tell the truth.

Phillip: I know that. Look, that's why I wanted to talk to you. That's what I want today to be about, people telling the truth, being able to get whatever it is that they need.

Rick: And this is just a trial. It's not going to fix all of the relationships that have been broken, like that. You know that.

Phillip: No. I know that. I know. Look, I'm doing what I can. I've, I've already been working on fixing myself.

Rick: Right. You probably have punished yourself more than any judge or jury possibly could, it's one of your hobbies. Right?

Phillip: Yes. Yes, I know how to beat myself up.

Rick: You're the best. You're the best at it. But no matter how much you punish yourself, the only thing that is going to fix this, Phillip, is time. That's it, right? Not a trial, not you going to prison. And I know I've made my mistakes, too, but I have to be absolutely certain that the person I'm looking at right now is the guy I grew up in high school, not this other guy who kidnapped my kid. You get it, right?

Phillip: I get it. Any idea how much time?

Rick: No. I have no idea.

Phillip: Okay, you have a trial to go to. I'll see you there.

Rick: Good luck.

Bill: Okay. Well, here is what we've got so far. My friend over at the F.A.A. said that Grady Foley purchased a plane ticket back to Australia. But what we can't verify is if he got on that plane or not.

Lizzie: Okay. Well, can't we call Homeland Security? I mean, they're supposed to know stuff like that, right?

Bill: (Laughs) I don't think Homeland Security is too concerned about someone like Grady Foley.

Lizzie: Great.

Bill: Lizzie...

Lizzie: Well you know-- what about we could track his credit card?

Bill: I've got someone working on that, but he purchased the ticket with cash. So that's probably what he is doing, everything is paid for with cash.

Lizzie: Of course it is. A million dollars goes a long way.

Bill: A million dollars? How did he get a million dollars?

Lizzie: I took Grady a million dollars to keep him from testifying against my grandfather. That's when I realized that he was the kidnapper.

Bill: So you just handed him a million dollars, and now he is gone?

Lizzie: No. When I realized, I panicked. My dad came, and I just left the money.

Bill: Okay. So then Grady probably came back for the money?

Lizzie: Yeah. Yeah, he might of. I just left it at the warehouse.

Bill: All right. This is what we should do. We should go check it out, okay? If the money is gone, that means Grady is gone.

Lizzie: Okay.

Lizzie: Well, this is it. This is where I dropped the case of money.

Bill: Well, it's gone.

Lizzie: Maybe someone moved it.

Bill: I don't think you move a million dollars. I think you would take it.

Lizzie: Okay. Can we just look around for a minute?

Bill: Yeah. Sure. I don't know. Anything?

Lizzie: No. No.

Bill: No. Look, I am sure that Grady came and took the money.

Lizzie: Okay. Yeah. I like how that sounds.

Bill: (Laughs) Okay. Look, if you were accused of kidnapping and you have a million dollars, why are you going to stick around, right?

Lizzie: Yeah.

Bill: Right.

Lizzie: Yeah, you're right.

Bill: Right.

Lizzie: He's gone.

Bill: He is gone.

Lizzie: He's really gone.

Bill: He's gone.

Lizzie: Okay. Can I see that phone that Frank gave you real quick? Oh, thanks.

Grady: Don't be stupid.

Next time...

Lizzie: You suck! Grady! You suck!

Bill: Ooh, okay. That's quite a temper you've got there, little lady. Remind me never to kidnap you.

Lizzie: Ah, you already did.

Bill: Yeah, and that was a bone-head move.

Lizzie: You can make it up to me.

Bill: Come on. Let's get out of here.

Emma: Daddy!

Phillip: Hey.

Emma: You're tall.

Phillip: Am I?

Emma: Am I going to be tall, too?

Phillip: Maybe. Come here. Let me look at you. I bet you're wondering why I have been gone for so long?

Emma: Mommy says you're sick.

Phillip: Is that what Mommy said? Well, she's right. I was. But it wasn't like, it wasn't like having the flu or a stomach bug or anything like that. It was kind of like being sick in the heart.

Emma: Mommy got a new heart. I bet you could get one, too.

Phillip: The cure for my heart is just being here and seeing you, and helping you if there is anything that you need, if you need anything.

Emma: Are you good at multiplication?

Phillip: (Laughs) Yes, that's my best subject. Keep going. What else do you need?

Emma: My turn. I want to help you.

Phillip: You do?

Emma: You're my dad.

Phillip: Just seeing you has helped me.

Jane: I know we came to get ice cream, but we're running a little late, though. We have to go home now.

Phillip: Come here. I'm going to think about you today.

Emma: I'm going to think about you, too. Bye, Daddy.

Phillip: Bye, sweetheart.

Marina: Hi.

Phillip: Hey.

Marina: I've been looking for you. Do you still have that deed, you know, the one for this place?

Phillip: Ah, yeah, I do.

Marina: Good. That's good. Um... I, ah.... I'm glad you still have that.

Phillip: Why? Did Buzz change his mind?

Marina: No. No, he didnít. I don't think there are very many people in my family that could ever be able to take anything from a Spaulding again. But, um... I can. You know, I think, I think that, um, right now is not the time for my family to lose this place. Silly, but it's true. This restaurant is just kind of who we are. So if the offer still stands, I would like to be the one that breaks this curse. Let's just move forward.

Phillip: Sounds like a plan. Sign right here.

Marina: Okay. So, um, that's it?

Phillip: That's it.

Marina: Really? I mean, it's that easy?

Phillip: Some things are.

Buzz: Changes, a bottle, where is everybody?

Mallet: Hey, look at you guys. How are you doing?

Buzz: Thank God you're here. I got a job interview.

Mallet: No, no. Wait, Buzz, I'm still on duty.

Buzz: Oh, no, no, no.

Mallet: Hey, look, Marina is not here. Okay? Come on...

Buzz: I've got to go. I've got to go.

Mallet: Buzz, I can't walk the beat with a kid strapped to my chest and a carrier. What if I have to shoot someone?

Buzz: What shooting. It's Springfield, for God's sake.

Mallet: Oh, hey, Daisy. Good, good, good. You know what, Marina will be home in a few minutes.

Daisy: Oh, no!

Mallet: No, you're the Godmother.

Daisy: No, no. I didn't even want the job.

Mallet: No, no. Itís... look at you. Look at you. That's perfect. Beautiful.

Buzz: Look, he's changed. He'll go right to sleep.

Mallet: He'll go right to sleep. Just blow on his tummy. He likes that. He likes that. You'll have no problems. Thank you so much, Godmother. She looks great.

Natalia: How are you?

Olivia: Good.

Natalia: I'm so sorry I just ran off like that.

Olivia: I'm fine. I'm fine. Did you get your errands done?

Natalia: Yeah. I talked to everyone I needed to talk to.

Bill: So what are we going to do? Are we going to go back to work?

Lizzie: Absolutely not. I want to run and scream. I feel free. Grady is gone.

Bill: I didn't know it was going to be such a big deal.

Lizzie: Neither did I.

Bill: All right. So if we're not going back to work, what do you want to do?

Lizzie: Ah, ice-skating?

Bill: Ice-skating?

Lizzie: Yes.

Bill: You want to go ice-skating? How about we go for a drive.

Lizzie: Ah, no. I want to be outside. How about we go for a run?

Bill: Running? You want to go running?

Lizzie: Yeah. I'm sorry, what's wrong? What's wrong? Are you afraid that I'm going to beat you?

Bill: Oh, so you don't want to just run. You want to race me? Well, I've got to tell you something, these legs were built for speed.

Lizzie: Oh!

Bill: I ran high school track. So if you're going to race me, you're going to have to do it at your own risk.

Lizzie: Ooh. You are going down.

Bill: We'll see about that. In fact, this is what we're going to do: I will drop you off at home...

Lizzie: Okay.

Bill: ...I will go change. And I will wear my slow sneakers, and then I will meet you where?

Lizzie: Spaulding horse trail, that's where it meets the jogging path.

Bill: Okay. That works. So while you're choking on my dust, I've just got to go up to your steps, grab you a glass of water so you can breathe again.

Lizzie: You are going down. You're going down, down.

Bill: Yeah, we'll see about that, let's go.

Phillip: Counselor, are you ready to go to court?

Beth: I was starting to worry.

Phillip: What, did you think I was going to run?

Beth: No. But after I heard your plan, it did cross my mind that somebody might try to run you over.

Phillip: You know what? And it helped me to see everybody. I hope that what happens today helps them.

Beth: If you try to make this trial about fixing things for everyone, you're going to end up in prison. Is that what you want?

Phillip: It's not about what I want. It's about everybody that I hurt getting what they want. And that does include you, by the way. And I know you've offered to help me, but I can't imagine that you have forgiven me.

Beth: No, I havenít. But if you are really better, then we can base our relationship on what we can build today.

Phillip: That's, that's what I'm hoping for, for everybody. I'm hoping that this trial can be a fresh start for all of us.

Beth: Phillip, this trial isn't about everyone. This trial is about you. You're the one who is accused of a crime. You're the one who is facing jail time. And we have exactly two hours to finalize our strategy.

Phillip: You sound nervous.

Beth: I'm not an attorney. I don't know how to help you.

Phillip: Beth, it's okay. If all I wanted was somebody to keep me out of jail, I could have hired a lot of people. I know that you don't understand. But today has got to be about more than just avoiding a prison sentence. It's got to be about me really being free. And I am never going to be free if everybody involved doesn't feel like the debt has been paid.

Beth: So you're walking in there planning to lose?

Phillip: No. I'm going to win back who I really am.

Olivia: Is Frank coming over?

Natalia: Yeah. I called him.

Olivia: Good. It's kind of a big day for you. How are you going to tell him?

Natalia: I don't even know what I'm going to tell him yet.

Olivia: Well, what do you need to make a decision?

Natalia: I need to know that what I'm doing is the right thing. You know, I want some sort of..

Olivia: Sign? You know, like God's blessing, I'm not sure it works that way. You know, I think maybe you have to make up your own mind.

Natalia: I know how to make up my own mind. When I know what's right and what's wrong. But in this situation, I don't know. I don't know what's good, and, you know, whatís... (knock on the door)

Frank: Hey. I'm sorry. I knocked, and no one came to the door. But, anyway, I got here as fast as I could. What can I do for you ladies?

Olivia: You know what? I'll leave the two of you alone.

Beth: I have to fax these petitions to the clerk. I'll be back.

Phillip: It seems like old times.

Alan: Son, you may not believe this, but I am the best thing that ever happened to Beth. So, tell me, how was it running around town repenting?

Phillip: I think they know that I'm offering them release.

Alan: Really? Like releasing doves into the heavens. Very peaceful. It must be nice making them believe that's the reason you came back to Springfield.

Phillip: It is the reason that I came back.

Alan: Uh-huh. Son, I know you. I made you who you are today. You came back for one reason, and that was to get even with your old man.

Phillip: It's not about getting even.

Alan: You came back for one reason, and that is to make me pay for shooting you. Now, you may not admit that yet, but that's the real reason you came back.

Lizzie: Oh, my God. Oh my God.

Phillip: I wish you hadn't found that.

Natalia: So after the scare at the hospital, I went to church and I prayed. I asked God to help me.

Frank: Well, did God answer your prayer?

Natalia: When I came home, Olivia and I, I mean, um... I, I think that you were right. I think you and I should get married.

Frank: Is that a yes?

Natalia: Yes.

Frank: Are you saying yes?

Natalia: Yes, I'll marry you.

Frank: Thank God! Oh, my God! That's so great. Oh, my God. Thank you, thank you, thank you so much. You won't be sorry. I promise you. I'll make you so happy. This is just great. Olivia! We have some news for you! Okay, you ready? Here it is: Natalia and I are getting married.

Olivia: Congratulations, Frank.

Frank: Thank you. Thank you very, very much.

Olivia: Yeah. I know you're going to be happy. Congratulations.

Frank: Yeah, I know. We will be happy. I will do everything in my power to make her so happy.

Olivia: I'm counting on that, Frank. So, listen, this is a private moment. I don't want to intrude. So I'm going to go out.

Frank: Oh, my God. Look at you. You look so beautiful. You even look more beautiful than the last time I saw you, and I didn't think that that's even possible.

Natalia: Thank you, Frank. Thank you so much for loving me this much.

Frank: I do. I really, really do. I love you so much. I love you with all my heart.

Doris: Alan Spaulding.

Alan: Hello, Doris.

Doris: Wow, it seems like just yesterday I was going after you.

Alan: Uh-hmm. And you lost that case. But I'm here to make sure you win this one.

Doris: Wow, what a lovely show of support for your son.

Alan: Phillip is my son. But I'm also a concerned citizen.

Doris: Oh, of course you are. The last time you were so concerned about Phillip on the streets, you shot him. Nice of you to use legal channels this time.

Alan: Do you have a strong case?

Doris: I'm feeling pretty good, Alan. Why? Do you have something that's going to make my case stronger?

Alan: Let me say this: If you need to use someone as a fallback, to drive home your point, call on me.

Doris: What point is that, Alan?

Alan: I still think my son is very dangerous.

Phillip: Lizzie...

Lizzie: Where did that money come from?

Phillip: You don't need to know that.

Lizzie: Is that the money that I was bringing to Grady?

Phillip: It doesn't matter...

Lizzie: Yes, yes, it matters. It matters! Because if he didn't take that money, then that means that he could still be out there, and he could still be looking for me. Why? Why did you let me think that this is over?

Phillip: Because it is over. It's over, okay? I promise you.

Lizzie: Why? Why? Why? Because you told Grady to leave town? Let me tell you something, Dad, he will come back. He killed Tammy. He killed Tammy, and he came back. He came back looking for Granddad, asking for more cash. So if he didn't take this cash, he is going to come back here.

Phillip: He can't come back.

Lizzie: No. You don't know this guy. You don't know this guy. He's like a cockroach. He just keeps coming back and coming back. I have no idea why I would have trusted you. How could I have thought that you had any ability to protect me. He's going to come back.

Phillip: Lizzie, Lizzie, listen to me. Grady is gone. He's gone, and he is not coming back. I did what I had to, to make sure that he can't hurt you again.

Lizzie: It sounds like you killed him.

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Olivia: You're two of the best people I know. I hope this marriage is everything that you've ever dreamed of.

Marina: Where is everyone going?

Daisy: Going to watch Phillip Spaulding fry.

Lizzie: You murder. That is not love.

Olivia: Hi. I thought maybe you might be your father.

Beth: I can't believe this. He is actually going to testify against you.

Phillip: Alan testifying is just the beginning of this round.

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