GL Transcript Monday 3/23/09

Guiding Light Transcript Monday 3/23/09


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Previously on "Guiding Light."

Shayne: Hey. The party's over I guess, huh?

Dinah: Yup. Everything's over.

Alan: Put the gun down.


Daisy: It was a warning shot.

Alan: You've lost your mind.

Daisy: Shut up, or the next one goes in your kneecap! I want the truth about Grady. Where is he?

Phillip: Hey. How are you feeling after Dinah’s party?

Lizzie: I'm mad. But, I don't know. I guess I'm better than Dinah. I didn't just find out my own brother hates my guts.

Phillip: This is going to be difficult for them. They were very close.

Lizzie: Yeah. Well, it won't be too hard for Bill. Because he has me. We have each other. And that just makes everything else much less important.

Phillip: Everything?

Lizzie: When Bill and I decided to get back together, we realized that nothing on the outside can compete with what we have. So we decided not to let it.

Phillip: If you can make that work, you'll be so much further along than I was at your age.

Lizzie: Good.

Phillip: And I agree with you, starting over is a good thing.

Lizzie: I am grateful that you took care of things with Grady, but you and I are not starting over. There will never be a do-over for us.

Phillip: That's not at all what I'm asking for.

Lizzie: Good. I'm glad. Because we have to live together in this house, and we have to find a way to co-exist.

Phillip: And we're doing that, aren't we?

Lizzie: I guess so. But I don't want more that. I've got Bill. He's all I'll ever need.

I wonder what tomorrow will bring another day another night

what will it take for us to be free

just one more day to make things right

Bill: Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, Birdie. That means so much because this day sucked. Birdie, I want to show you something. You see that girl in the picture, Birdie, look! We don't like her anymore. Birdie, growl! Rrrff! We'll work on that later.

What will it take for us to be

free just one more day to make things

right I look at you, you look at me...

Daisy: Wait. Wait. Do we have to tell them?

Buzz: That we couldn't find Grady?

Daisy: Ah, no. That I shot at Alan.

Buzz: Is Alan dead?

Daisy: No.

Buzz: Nothing to tell. We do have to go in.

Daisy: I wish you hadn't stopped me. Because the Spaulding’s are just going to keep hurting us unless we put an end to it.

Buzz: Sometimes the only way to let it go is to let it go.

Daisy: I thought you said you couldn't let it go?

Buzz: I can try. I promised somebody.

Daisy: I don't think I want to.

Buzz: I got to go.

Shayne: Everything is not over.

Dinah: It's not?

Shayne: No, it's not. All right. Things look bad right now. I get it. You know, just like you told me, right here. There is always something to live for.

Dinah: Yeah, well, nothing is really coming to my mind right now.

Shayne: Give me your hand. Come on, together we can figure this out. You don't have to do this.

Dinah: "This?"

Shayne: Dinah, give me your hand. Come on, I've got you.

Dinah: I'm not going to jump, you moron.

Shayne: You're not?

Dinah: No.

Shayne: What are you doing sitting on the edge of a building then?

Dinah: Taking a look at the city, enjoying it, clearing my head.

Shayne: Right.

Dinah: Figuring out what to do next!

Shayne: No, no. I get it. On the edge of a building.

Dinah: Yeah. I found you up here once, didn't I?

Shayne: Yes, you did. I was going to jump.

Dinah: You're much more of a drama queen than I am.

Shayne: The party sucked, huh?

Dinah: It couldn't possibly be worse.

Shayne: You're not getting off that easy. Talk to me. I told you every detail of my miserable existence. You owe me.

Dinah: My misery is your entertainment now?

Shayne: Yeah. No! Of course not. I'd like you to give me the chance to help.

Dinah: No one can help me, Shayne!

Shayne: You know, I said the same thing, and then I met you. You turned me around. You saved me. And I didn't want to be saved. Would you let me repay the favor?

Dinah: I told everybody at the party that I helped kidnap Lizzie.

Shayne: Why would you do that?

Dinah: Are you going to help me, or are you going to yell at me?

Shayne: I just might do both, okay?

Dinah: I guess I deserve that. I, I don't know what happened. I was doing so well. You know, I-- like you said, I helped you. I helped Marina and Mallet get their baby. I liked being good. I want to be good all the time.

Shayne: It's not going to happen. It's probably not that much fun, either.

Dinah: Probably not.

Everything will be okay if we just stick together

but in Jamaica it's better

Lizzie: Hey, I'm glad you called.

Bill: Okay, this is not real, you know. This is Bill Lewis.

Lizzie: Are you sure you want to keep doing this after everything that has happened with Dinah?

Bill: Absolutely I want to do this, okay? I want to keep it going. Get to know you so we can get together, okay? So let's start over, allrighty? Hi!

Lizzie: Hi!

Bill: Look, I don't know if you remember me, but this is Bill Lewis. I was out in the park the other day with my dog, Birdie, and I met you and your dog, Roxy.

Lizzie: Bill? Bill, Bill! Oh right, right, right. How's Birdie?

Bill: Just great. How about Roxy?

Lizzie: Fabulous.

Bill: Good, good, good. Um, I don't want to sound forward, but we talked about getting a play date for the doggies. And I thought maybe you and I could go out for a drink, maybe even dinner.

Lizzie: Hmm, that's a nice surprise.

Bill: Is it?

Lizzie: I'd love to have a drink with you.

Bill: Great. I will pick you up in an hour.

Lizzie: I'll be ready then.

Bill: All right. See you.

Lizzie: Oh, wait, Bill?

Bill: Yeah?

Lizzie: No, I need the real Bill.

Bill: It's real Bill.

Lizzie: You know this is kind of crazy, right?

Bill: (Laughs) Yes, the best kind. Bye-bye. Yes, yes, yes, we've got a date.

Beth: Hey, so am I interrupting anything?

Lizzie: Nope. I was just talking to Bill Lewis. You wouldn't know him.

Beth: What?

Lizzie: No, don't try to keep up. I-- actually, I wanted to talk to you about Dad.

Beth: So how are the two of you getting along?

Lizzie: The same. I think he's trying.

Beth: Yeah, I think that he is, too.

Lizzie: Are you still going to help him with the trial?

Beth: I haven't decided yet.

Lizzie: Well, I think you should. It's the only way we're going to be able to move forward. Yeah, okay, so, think about it. I have to go get ready for my date.

Phillip: Who missed?

Alan: Who missed? Well, I'm glad to see that you're amused by all of this.

Phillip: What happened?

Alan: Well, as a matter of fact your former stepdaughter, Daisy, barreled in here with a loaded pistol and threatened to shoot my kneecaps off if I didn't tell her where Grady Foley was.

Phillip: Aimed a little high for your kneecaps.

Alan: Very amusing. She's messing with the wrong person, because I have called the cops and they will be here any minute. I said a cop, not a Cooper.

Frank: Well, you've got me, Alan. What can I do for this family today?

Alan: I want you to arrest your niece.

Frank: Daisy?

Alan: Yes. She shot me.

Frank: Well, you look fine to me.

Phillip: Okay. Frank, I'm sorry you had to come all the way out here. But if it's just the same to you, I'll take care of this.

Frank: Yeah, that's fine, Phillip. I'm sure we'll be seeing you around, Alan.

Phillip: Okay. Forget about all of this with Daisy.

Alan: Why?

Phillip: I'll tell Lizzie that you framed Bill for her kidnapping. Understood?

Buzz: Hi. Is it okay if we come in?

Marina: Oh, my gosh, of course. Oh, we were so worried about you!

Buzz: Nice to be worried about.

Mallet: Daisy, are you okay?

Daisy: Yeah.

Can't hear you

if you want me to stay

Mallet: I don't think you two have met.

Buzz: No, we haven’t.

Marina: Hey, little guy, you know that cool, cool grandpa I was telling you about? Huh? This is him. This is him. This is Henry Cooper Camalleti.

And I can't hear you

Phillip: Hey. I'm guessing you're here for Lizzie?

Bill: Yeah. We have a date today.

Phillip: Oh, great.

Bill: So you have a trial coming up?

Phillip: Yeah. I was just working on my defense. You can go ahead up if you want to.

Bill: Oh, no, no. Can't do it. Against the rules. We don't know each other yet. (Laughs)

Phillip: Right. I'll see if she's ready. (Laughs)

Bill: Thank you very much.

Phillip: Oh!

Lizzie: Hi! I thought I heard your voice.

Bill: Good to see you.

Lizzie: Nice to see you.

Bill: You look very nice.

Lizzie: Thank you. So do you.

Bill: I thought maybe we could go for a walk in the park since it is still light out, and then we can go over to Towers for a drink.

Lizzie: Great. I just have to change my shoes.

Bill: Well, we don't have to walk.

Lizzie: No, no, no. It sounds good.

Bill: Okay. I promise I will not have her home late.

Lizzie: You really don't need to include him in this. This is just about you and me.

Phillip: I've got to go get some papers upstairs anyway. Have a good time.

Bill: Shall we?

Lizzie: I'll grab my other shoes on the way out.

Frank: I'm looking for Lizzie.

Beth: Oh, she went out.

Frank: Thanks.

Beth: Oh, Frank, how are you? How is your family?

Frank: It is a little late to be worrying about the Cooper’s, isn't it, Beth?

Beth: I lost him, too, you know.

Frank: I know.

Beth: I read his book almost every day.

Frank: I still have his voice messages on my cell phone.

Beth: I don't want to let go. Reading his book makes me feel connected to him, like I still have a piece of him.

Frank: Beth, why don't you... why don't you come with me to the house, to see Marina and Mallet's baby.

Beth: I don't think that your family would want me there.

Frank: Coop would. Come on. Why don't you get your things.

Mallet: From the moment I saw this boy, I knew that Marina was meant to be his mom.

Buzz: Look at you, you're a mom!

Marina: Look at you, you're a great grandpa!

Buzz: That's okay.

Marina: Do you want to hold him?

Buzz: Yeah, sure.

Marina: All right, Henry, here we go. Get to know your great grandpa, huh?

Buzz: Oh, welcome to the Cooper family. We're rowdy, we're Greek, we love holidays, and we love big football games. All in all, it's a pretty good place for a little boy to grow up. Hey you, I'm sorry I didn't see you sooner. Sorry, but I think I had some things to do, and I... I don't think you would have liked me back then. But I think maybe I've been trying to try but I think... I've been avoiding you, saying your first name. But I'll get there. I will. I'm going to be there for you little guy. I 'm going to be to look after you like your Uncle Coop would. I'm not as tall as he is, but I'm a better poker player. And I'll teach you everything I know, or all of the good stuff, anyway. Oh, he's beautiful.

Marina: Thank you. All right, Daisy. Come on over here. Say hello to Henry. He missed you. Come hold him.

Buzz: It's a start.

Daisy: This isn't going to fix everything. No. Because Coop is still dead, and Grady is still gone, and the Spaulding’s are still walking the street and making life miserable for everybody.

Mallet: Okay, then.

Dinah: Uh-huh, that look on Bill's face, yeah, that was probably the worst look I have ever seen. I will never forget that I am the one that put it on his face.

Shayne: I think that you are supposed to remember it always and use it for next time.

Dinah: You sure as hell weren't doing that when I met you.

Shayne: I sure as hell wasn't, you're right. You know who taught me how to do that? You did.

Dinah: Okay. That's not fair.

Shayne: No?

Dinah: No. Taking my life lessons and shoving them in my face. No.

Shayne: I think it's fair. I think it's just fine. You know what I'm going to do for you right now? I'm going to pass one of my little life lessons from me to you. When all else fails, throw a ball. It cures everything.

Dinah: That is so male of you.

Shayne: It's so male of me?

Dinah: Yeah, things blow up-- play sports.

Shayne: Yeah?

Dinah: Yeah.

Shayne: I've still got to say it's better than crying, watching an old movie and eating a pint of ice cream.

Dinah: You know, nothing is better than crying, watching an old movie and eating ice cream.

Shayne: Oh, yeah? Is that right?

Dinah: Yeah.

Shayne: How would you know? Gonna knock it until you try it. Go on, let's see what you've got.

Bill: So you grew up here in Springfield?

Lizzie: I did. I did, most of my life. I spent a couple of years in Arizona. Oh, then, I went to boarding school, and I hated that.

Bill: Oh.

Lizzie: You?

Bill: I grew up here. I grew up here. Public schools, high school, the whole nine yards.

Lizzie: You were, let me guess. Class president?

Bill: More like class clown, but... so what do you do now?

Lizzie: My family owns a company, and I work there. You?

Bill: My family owns a company, too.

Lizzie: Hey.

Bill: What position do you have?

Lizzie: I'm the C.E.O.

Bill: C.E.O., nice.

Lizzie: Yeah. You?

Bill: Um... C.E.O.

Lizzie: Wow! Okay. Small world.

Bill: It is. You want to go swing? On the swings.

Lizzie: Why not? (Laughs)

Bill: (Laughs) That's great.

Shayne: Thanks.

Dinah: I'm sorry I threw the ball over your head. Can we just talk?

Bill: Dinah, I want you to stay away from me. I want to stay away from Lizzie because I do not want anything to do with you anymore.

Dinah: All right. Look, I understand that you're angry at me. I get it. I deserve it. You can yell at me. You can call me a bitch. You can say anything you want. You get it out of your system, all right, and then we can start all over again.

Bill: Dinah, I don't want to see your face anymore! I don't want to hear your voice! I don't want Mom telling me what the hell you're doing!

Dinah: That's fine! We will take time. Families do that, all right?

Bill: No. You don't get it. You don't get it! You're not my family anymore. You are not my family. I do not have a sister. We're done.

Dinah: Bill!

Bill: Yeah!

Dinah: Bill, don't walk away! I screwed up! I know I screwed up! I will make it up! Lizzie, I did not know that Grady was going to do that to you! Bill, why!

Marina: I can't get over it, the way he crinkles his nose.

Frank: Hey, guys. Look who I brought with me.

Beth: I hope it's all right.

Mallet: Sure. Absolutely. Come on in. We want everyone in town to meet our boy because he has traveled a very long way to get here.

Beth: I wasn't, I wasn't planning on coming today, so, actually, I don't have a gift. But this way is better because you can tell me what you need.

Marina: We're good. Thank you.

Frank: So... well, he's a cutie, isn't he? I absolutely love being a grandfather.

Beth: It's a special feeling when your child has a child of their own.

Frank: You're absolutely right. I'm glad my daughter has this chance.

Beth: He is adorable. (Laughs)

Mallet: Do you want to hold him?

Beth: Um... you know, Buzz seems to be doing a fine job on his own. What's his name?

Buzz: Henry... Cooper... Camaletti.

(Baby cooing)

Daisy: Hey, it's Daisy. And you're probably at work, but I, I just need to see you. Okay. Yeah, I'll see you in a minute.

Not really too sure what to believe

holding on to the secrets you swore to keep

or the things you feel you need

Shayne: Dinah! Dinah! Dinah, hang on!

Dinah: No!

Shayne: Stop!

Dinah: I don't want you to see me like this!

Shayne: See you, see you like what?

Dinah: I don't want you to see me fail! To see Dinah the way I always am, just ruining everything, making people's lives miserable. I just want to be alone. I just want to be alone.

Shayne: Want to be alone. You were dealing with this on the roof. How did it go from that to wanting to be alone?

Dinah: I just hide better than other people, you know? I just don't want to be me anymore. I just don’t.

Shayne: You don't want to be you? I think you're great. And I think a lot of people in this town think you're great, too.

Dinah: No. No one does. Everyone wants me to change, including myself, but I never do.

Shayne: You have changed! Dammit! You have changed! You've changed since I've been back in this town!

Dinah: No, I haven’t.

Shayne: Yes, you have!

Dinah: No, I haven't! No! I just wanted to be done. I wanted to be different. I wanted to get out of my head. I want to be gone!

Shayne: Do you think that everyone would be happier if you were gone? Is that what you think?

Dinah: Yeah. Yeah, I think some people would be very, very happy.

Shayne: I wouldn't! I get it. Dinah, I know what you want. You want to go right out into the mine field, right? Huh? You want to end it all, don't you? You want to run out here and hope that you catch a live one, and that it's just all done, right? Because you won't have to hurt anymore. You won't have to suffer anymore. And then no one else will have to hurt anymore, too. Well, you know what? I've tried this. And it sucks!

Dinah: (Crying) Maybe it will work for me.

Shayne: It's not gonna work. It's not gonna work for you because I'm not going to let you do it, all right? You're not going to get to find out because I'm not going to let you do it. You can run around this field all you want. You can take off right now. And I'm going to be right behind you every step of the way, yes, I am.

Dinah: Do you think you should? I'm a big mess. I'm a mess.

Shayne: All right. I don't think so. No, you're not. No, you're not. Come here. No, you're not!

Dinah: Remind me what we're doing here again, please?

Shayne: We're here because you think you're a mess. These people inside this house think you're a hero, and they used to not like you.

Dinah: It doesn't matter.

Shayne: No? I think it matters. I think it matters that you got these people a baby, and you turned them into a family.

Dinah: One good deed makes up for a lifetime of screw-ups?

Shayne: No, it does not. But I think you're forgetting that we all do good and bad things every day. And that they balance each other out.

Dinah: Well, I've got a lot of bad things on my list.

Shayne: Yeah? See, I don't think so. I think you just dwell on all of the bad things on your list. Because we all have bad things. Look at me. Do you think anybody is good all the time?

Dinah: I want to be good.

Shayne: Do you?

Dinah: Yes, I do.

Shayne: All right, good luck with that. It's not gonna happen, but good luck with that. Hey, I'm just here wanting to remind you of the good you have done.

Dinah: Please. What are you, Clarence, the second class angel?

Shayne: That's me. That's right. And you're going to help me earn my wings.

Dinah: No, no! No! What if they know about the kidnapping?

Shayne: Ooh. Were any of them at the party? Hmm? No? I guess we're just going to have to hope they haven't heard then, are we? Come on.

(Knock on the door)

Frank: Hey, guys. I know you're not here to see me. So come on in. Henry's over there, cheering everybody up. Okay.

Shayne: You see this? You see how happy they are? You did this.

Marina: Hey, guys. Well, come here. Come see how cute he is.

Shayne: You done good.

Ashlee: Daisy, hey. We go on in like an hour, but I'm really glad you called. Are you okay? I feel really bad that I had to be the one to tell you about Grady. I'm so sorry. You must be devastated. This sucks. And you must be mad. What if the police find him? He'll go to jail, right? I mean, if the police bring him in.

Daisy: I shot Alan. I...

Ashlee: What?

Daisy: I shot at Alan.

Ashlee: Oh, my God.

Daisy: It's his fault, everything. He is the one who hired Grady to kill Tammy. He tried to keep Bill and Lizzie apart. He-- he's the reason Coop is dead. And he gave my grandfather a heart attack. I wanted him dead.

Ashlee: I know the feeling.

Daisy: And I can't even go home now because I know what everybody is thinking. You know? They told me over and over again, stay away from Grady. I mean, they're all thinking that I'm just stupid.

Ashlee: No, Daisy, they're not. I don't think that you're stupid.

Daisy: I don't think I'm ever going to see him again.

Ashlee: Do you want to?

Daisy: That's what makes me so mad at myself. Because, yeah, more than anything.

Beth: I forgot my gloves when I was here. Oh, here they are. So, how are you doing?

Phillip: Oh, there's lots of reading.

Beth: Oh. Most of my first year of law school at the law library. Marina and Mallet have adopted a baby boy. I just went over to see him.

Phillip: That's nice.

Beth: They named him Henry Cooper, after Coop.

Phillip: Are you okay?

Beth: Not really. You know, Frank is right. That's a baby, and babies have a way of making us believe that things will be better in the future. At least we hope that they will be.

Phillip: That's the way I felt the first time I held Lizzie, like anything was possible.

Beth: That's a good feeling.

Phillip: Yes. Yes, it is.

Lizzie: I'm so sorry.

Bill: (Laughs) No, no. I'm fine.

Lizzie: She's your sister.

Bill: Yeah, not anymore.

Lizzie: Right. That's not realistic. You can't just make Dinah not related to you. You can't just erase her from your life.

Bill: (Laughs) Watch me.

Lizzie: No, I don't want to watch you do that. Watch you pour all of your energy into being angry at her. I know you don't want to be around here right now, but, honestly, like, I don't, either. But if we spend all of our time worrying about Dinah, we're not going to be able to focus on each other.

Bill: But I'm not going to worry about her. I'm just going to forget her.

Lizzie: Yeah. But you can't do that forever. Blocking her out is going to have a toll on you. And at some point, we're going to have to deal with that, and that's fine. But I just don't want us to pretend like it isn't going to have an effect on you, living without your sister.

Bill: I don't need her because I have you.

Lizzie: Right. So I am glad that you finally figured out that I'm the number one thing in your life.

Bill: Uh-huh.

Lizzie: But when the time comes for Dinah to become part of your life again.

Bill: It's not going to happen.

Lizzie: And that day will come. Hey. It will be okay, because we're together.

Robert: Table for two, Mr. Lewis?

Bill: Yes, please.

Lizzie: Oh, they know you here.

Bill: Well...

Robert: Right this way. How are you, Ms. Spaulding?

Lizzie: Great. Thank you, Robert.

Bill: Well, well, it looks like they know you, too.

Lizzie: Oh!

Bill: I'm surprised we haven't seen each other here before.

Lizzie: It's weird.

Bill: So what would you like to drink?

Lizzie: Um, I think I'll have a Mai Tai. That sounds good. How about you?

Bill: A Mai Tai?

Lizzie: Uh-huh.

Bill: I think I'm going to do something a little more, I don't know, exotic, like an ice cold beer. Hmm? Keep it simple. Now, I know we said just drink, but do you want something to eat?

Lizzie: No, no, no. I think just a drink is fine. I don't want to be out too late.

Bill: Wow, you're really going to make me work for this, aren't you?

Lizzie: It will be so worth it.

Beth: Yeah, that one's a tricky one. There's already a precedent on that point. I read about it in law school. Macina versus Conklin.

Phillip: Okay. Thank you.

Beth: You're welcome. I did love school. It was fun to have a goal and work towards something that was just mine and learn new things.

Phillip: You're good at it.

Beth: I wanted to be. So you have to have all of that read by when?

Phillip: Tomorrow.

Beth: (Laughs) I've decided to help you.

Phillip: Tonight?

Beth: No. Through the trial. Okay. Let's see what we've got.

Don't it get so easy doing something right

everyone's imperfect inside

Marina: Well, I'm glad that you guys are all here. You saved me from having to make a lot of phone calls. Now that Grandpa and Daisy are home, Mallet and I would like to do the baby's christening before he goes away to college.

Buzz: Thanks for waiting.

Frank: Yeah. When and where?

Mallet: Tomorrow, at the church.

Marina: You know, where christenings are usually held.

Frank: You know, for a mom, you're a real smart ass.

Marina: Yeah, well, for a smart ass, you're a real Godfather.

Frank: What?

Mallet: Well, Frank, we would like you to be the Godfather. Say yes.

Frank: Yes!

Mallet: Oh, yes. That was easy. I hope Daisy's that good.

Marina: So you guys can come, right?

Shayne: Is there going to be food? I'm just kidding. No, of course. We'd love to be there.

Dinah: It's not just family?

Marina: Oh, heck no.

Dinah: Okay. Well, I'd be honored. Thank you for including me.

Marina: Well, of course we'd include you.

Buzz: Thank you for getting him here. No, it's made a difference.

Mallet: Well, Dinah knows she did a really good thing. And thank you. You sacrificed a lot to give this family its missing piece.

Dinah: He's absolutely perfect.

Marina: Yes, he is. Do you want to go see Dinah? Go see Dinah! Go see her. Remember her? She's the one who brought you here.

Frank: Dinah? It's a great feeling, isn't it?

Dinah: Oh, yeah. Yeah.

Shayne: You see this? You feel this right now? You're one of the good guys.

Everyone's imperfect everyone has scars scratches on the surface

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Daisy: I'm not ready to jump back in and be cute little Daisy in your cute, perfect lives.

Marina: Daisy.

Doris: I was just over at Towers, and it turns out that Dinah Marler was there yesterday, confessing to helping Grady Foley kidnap Lizzie Spaulding.

Marina: Dinah, we would love for you to be Henry’s Godmother.

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