GL Transcript Wednesday 3/18/09

Guiding Light Transcript Wednesday 3/18/09


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Previously on "Guiding Light".

Phillip: I know.

Dinah: What?

Phillip: That you and Grady tied up Lizzie and kept her in a basement. I know everything.

Shayne: Everyone warned me that Dinah is usually in more trouble than she is out of trouble. She ran out on me.

Josh: They all want you to go after them, okay?

Shayne: No.

Josh: No, no, no. You have to do this. You have to go find her right now.

Bill: Oh, good, you've got a camera. Because I want our kids to see how much in love we were.

Lizzie: Whew! Kids.

Ashlee: That was not for your kids. It's for WSPR. Dinah asked me to come down here and catch all the best moments of today. She wants to do a story about you being cleared, about all of your kidnapping charges.

Bill: Good. That's even better. I want the world to see how much I love this woman. Keep filming. Okay, okay.

Lizzie: (Laughs)

Dinah: Lizzie told you that Grady kidnapped her.

Phillip: Uh-huh. And you helped. No wonder you had so much faith in your little brother. You knew he didn't kidnap her because you did.

Dinah: Grady, kidnapped her.

Phillip: Yes, physically, I'm sure he was the one who took her. You couldn't do everything. You were so busy being Bill's hero, like you are today.

Dinah: This day is about Bill and Lizzie.

Phillip: This day is about you. You love to be the good guy.

Dinah: I am the good guy.

Phillip: Are you?

Dinah: I'm going to go check on some desserts.

Phillip: Out with the bad. In with the good. Oh! That's a long way down.

Dinah: What do you want?

Phillip: I'm not the one you need to be afraid of, Dinah. Wait until Bill finds out it was your idea to kidnapped Lizzie.

Dinah: Grady already had Lizzie by the time I... the man is a liar.

Phillip: Thank you. I wasn't-- I wasn't completely sure until this moment, but I knew Grady had help. I just-- I had already talked to Cyrus and...

Dinah: Another liar!

Phillip: We're all liars, Dinah. So let me see, you were on the outs with Bill, and kidnapping Lizzie was your way back in. You figured if you removed the most important person, you become the most important person. Mission accomplished.

Dinah: Now, how did you find that out. Did Grady tell you that? Because everybody thinks he left town, and I'm betting you chased him out of town once you figured out that his word is worthless. You can't prove a thing.

Phillip: You're right. You watched while my little girl was tortured.

Dinah: Lizzie was not injured.

Phillip: You kept silent during the search when you could have ended it.

Dinah: There was a phone call that led to her safe return!

Phillip: And you let Bill take the blame when you knew you were guilty.

Dinah: You know what? Somehow all of the evidence against my brother disappeared, so somebody was looking out for him, Phillip.

Phillip: You know what? You're right. You're right. No matter what you've done, Dinah, there is not a damn thing that I can do about it. Not legally.

Shayne: Why did you leave the party?

Josh: Why did you? You know, when we were talking about before, getting the girl, if you do that and you find her, but she doesn't know you're there, you don't tell her, it's a little more like stalking.

Shayne: Go home, Dad.

Josh: What's going on, son?

Shayne: Nothing... is going on. You know? The only thing that Dinah Marler and I ever had in common was, one of us always needed something from the other. So now I don't need Dinah for anything, so Dinah doesn't need me.

Josh: Wanting has nothing to do with it.

Shayne: I don't know what Dinah wants, Dad.

Josh: What about you? What do you want?

Shayne: What do I want? I want... I want to not want her.

Josh: Why?

Shayne: Because I canít.

Josh: Why not?

Shayne: Was is it with you and these questions today? You're like a 5-year-old.

Josh: So answer one.

Shayne: You know what? Done. All right?

Remy: I'm sorry I made you cry.

Daisy: He's not picking up. I've been calling for days.

Remy: Grady?

Daisy: He was supposed to meet me the night before the grand jury, and he never showed up.

Remy: Well, you know, he could be scared. Alan can make things happen if he...

Daisy: I know. Look at my Uncle Coop.

Remy: And Tammy.

Daisy: And my grandpa is out there somewhere looking for Grady, and he won't come home. I hate Alan.

Remy: Everyone hates Alan, Daisy.

Daisy: I have to find him.

Remy: Grady? Daisy!

Jenna: Is this far enough away for you? Because if it isn't, I hear they've got plenty of room still on the moon.

Buzz: It's not far enough away.

Jenna: How long are you going to hide for?

Buzz: I've got to find Grady. I got to make Alan pay.

Jenna: You haven't even seen Marina's baby yet.

Buzz: They don't need me.

Jenna: Oh, another one of your big fibs.

Buzz: Oh, look at me.

Jenna: I am looking at you, and I like what this man is.

Buzz: This man can do nothing for them.

Jenna: Yes, he can.

Buzz: I'm lost. Which is exactly where I need to be. Yeah.

Billy: Well, I-- let's bring it down a notch and do a little chicken dance.

Lizzie: I love the chicken dance! (Singing)

Billy: Hey! Just in time to join the festivities.

Daisy: Where's Alan?

Vanessa: Ah... he must have left.

Daisy: They said he was here, at this party.

Ashlee: Well, he was.

Billy: Yeah, but I don't think he wanted to celebrate, you know, Bill, so we're going to have fun by ourselves.

Daisy: I need to see Alan.

Ashlee: Okay. Come on. We'll go find him. And carry on. I've got this.

Billy: You take care of her. Ah, refreshments.

Daisy: Do you know where Alan is, or not?

Ashlee: Alan is the last person you need to see right now, okay? I need to talk to you.

Daisy: I don't have time for this. I need to find Alan. Do you know where he is?

Ashlee: Grady is the kidnapper! The charges against Bill were dropped. And the reason they were dropped is because Lizzie realized that it was Grady who was the one that kidnapped her.

Daisy: You're lying.

Ashlee: Why would I lie about something like this?

Daisy: Because... he didn't like you back. You want him to suffer.

Ashlee: Okay. I'm telling you about this because I'm your friend, and I didn't want you to hear about it from someone else.

Daisy: Grady is not the kidnapper. I have to find Alan.

(Everyone is singing)

Bill: That's mine.

Billy: It's about time.

Bill: There you go. Don't hurt yourself. Don't hurt yourself.

Lizzie: You put too much...

Bill: Lizzie, Lizzie make sure my mother's stretched out properly. Come on.

Lizzie: That's what I'm saying. Right there, yeah. Then clap for yourself.

Billy: It's kind of like the twist. (Laughter)

Phillip: Don't you wish you could feel like them? Happy, carefree... guilt free.

Dinah: I'm celebrating my brother's freedom. I'm happy that he's happy.

Phillip: No. You're trying to dull everything because you're afraid of not knowing.

Dinah: Not knowing when you'll rat me out for something you can't prove?

Phillip: No. Not knowing the next time you're going to be in a situation like this, where you see everybody having a good time, and you can't take part in it because you know you don't deserve to.

Dinah: I have worked very hard to deserve it, and I am asking you to not take that away from me.

Phillip: I'll never tell, Dinah.

Dinah: Isn't that why you're here, to tell everyone?

Phillip: No... (laughs) of course, you probably thought I was going to throw you off the roof, too.

Dinah: So this is this, my punishment? You chase Grady out, and I get to stay here and live with whatever it is you think I've done.

Phillip: I've better things to do than punish you, Dinah. Besides, I'm fairly certain you're going to punish yourself.

Dinah: No. I don't do that to myself anymore. I've watched people suffer for months, and I hated every minute of it. Look, I've made some happiness for them.

Phillip: Yeah, for them. But there is not any relief in it for you, because you know what you did. And you know that I know.

Josh: In a perfect world, you and Lara would be building a life together right now. But this is not a perfect world. Her time here ended. Yours didnít.

Shayne: You're right. I never thought about it like that. Except, you know, when we were working on the project together, or when I'm looking at old photos. Or when I get up in the morning, or when I go to the gym...

Josh: Okay.

Shayne: ...Or when I pay my bills, or when I wash my car, or when I breathe...

Josh: Or when you're with Dinah. Do you think about her then?

Shayne: No. I mean, not as much lately. No, no I donít.

Josh: I think that's good.

Shayne: No. It's-- I mean, thinking about Dinah more means thinking about Lara less. How is that good?

Josh: Look, I'll be honest with you, okay? Your mom and I, we've never been big fans of Dinah. But seeing you two together, you seem like you're good for each other. If Dinah makes you happy... --

Shayne: She makes me crazy.

Josh: ...If she makes you happy, that's not something you should feel guilty about.

Shayne: Dad, it will never work out. And even if it did work out... no. What am I talking about? It would never work out, okay? I don't deserve for it to work out.

Josh: You don't deserve what? To love again? You have so much to offer another person, son.

Shayne: Promises, promises. Promises that I can't keep, and Dinah knows it. She would never believe that I could protect her without letting her down.

Josh: Because she's been hurt before?

Shayne: No, Dad! Because she knows I promised the same thing Lara, and I killed her. That's why!

Jenna: So the first time you ran away and left everything behind, it didn't work out so well for you, did it?

Buzz: Harley and Frank were better off without me.

Jenna: Oh, come off it. This is that lie, that lie you tell yourself every time your wallowing in self-hatred.

Buzz: Do you have any idea how helpless I feel right now?

Jenna: Oh, there is no other choice? You have no other choices out there, right?

Buzz: Well, I can threaten Alan, but it wouldn't have any teeth to it. I can have him thrown in jail, I can have him killed, but Coop would still be gone.

Jenna: That's right. That's the truth.

Buzz: So I'm supposed to take comfort in people I love, in my family. But I don't feel anything. You know what wakes me up in the morning? Rage.

Jenna: And that's what you think Coop wants from you? Is that the lesson that you got from his death? That's how you're going to make him proud of you?

Buzz: When did I ever make him proud of me?

Jenna: He worships you, Buzz.

Buzz: And look where it got him.

Jenna: Not for a second, does he blame you for what happened.

Buzz: Well, he's wrong. I let him down, in a big way. He was in danger. I was supposed to protect him. I didnít. I gave him keys, and I sent him to his death. And I've got to live with that for the rest of my miserable life.

Alan: How did you get in here? What do you want?

Daisy: I have been looking for Grady. My grandpa and I looked and looked. Nothing. And I came home and I went through all of my stuff. Everything he's ever given me. Nothing. Just a clue, you know-- where he might be. And then I went to my basement, and I finally found something. I, um-- I figured out how to break into the cabinet where Marina keeps her gun. Where is he? He was going to testify against you, and now he's gone! Tell me where Grady is.

Lizzie: Hey, there you are. Come dance with us.

Bill: I know. Right?

Dinah: No, no, no. I can't do that. I'm just-- I'll raise my glass while you dance.

Billy: Oh, no, no, no-- no more toasts. My arms are sore. (Laughter)

Vanessa: Go on, dance. Enjoy this.

Dinah: It's not for me, Mom.

Bill: Dinah, Dinah, this would not be happening if it wasn't for you. Think of everything you did for me. You went to Germany to find some doctors to bring me out of my coma. I mean, you've done so much for me. Thank you. Thank you.

Dinah: And I didn't find any, did I?

Vanessa: Oh, you've been wonderful. Come on, give yourself some credit.

Lizzie: I'll give her credit.

Vanessa: Good.

Lizzie: We're not friends, everyone knows that. But, I owe you, for keeping Bill's spirits up when I didn't have the strength to. It really makes me wish I hadn't said all of those nasty things behind your back.

Bill: Oh!

Lizzie: But, seriously, honestly, we wouldn't be here if it weren't for you. Thank you. For everything that you've done.

Billy: Well, I think that absolutely deserves a toast. So... to Dinah!

Dinah: Okay, everyone, stop what you're doing, okay? Because none of you would be here if it wasn't for me.

Lizzie: Yeah, that's what I just said.

Dinah: You don't know all of it. All of your love and your respect that you've been showing me, and all of the kind things that you've been saying, my whole life I've been waiting to hear those words. But... after I hear them, I feel empty. Because now I realize, my whole life, what I have really wanted was to not only hear those words, but to deserve them. And I don't deserve them.

Bill: Are you okay?

Dinah: Thank God you're home. I don't know what I would have done if something happened to you. And this is the last time you're going to see me like this. That's the last time anyone is going to see me like this.

Bill: Honey, you want to sit down?

Dinah: No. I'm not done. He wasn't working alone.

Billy: What are you saying, Dinah?

Dinah: You were right, Lizzie, there were two. There's always two.

Lizzie: Two?

Dinah: When Grady Foley kidnapped Lizzie, he had help. From me.

Shayne: I just cleared my field. I was supposed to see Lara that night. I hadn't seen her in forever. It had been months and months and months. And I was going to ask her to marry me. I was packing up my gear, and I thought I-- I thought I heard someone yell my name. So when I stood up, I turned around to look, it happened. Just like that. I missed one, Dad. And then I froze. I froze. Stiff. I went into shock. I didn't -- I didn't believe that what I just saw really happened. By the time that I made it back up to the top of the field, they had already taken Lara to the hospital. And the next thing I know, they're telling me that Lara is dead. And they never even let me see her again. It was my fault. She trusted me. It was my fault. She ran out into that field because I was working it. And if I worked it, and if I cleared that field, that means it was safe. I killed my most important person. So I didn't want to live anymore. I knew where the active fields were, and I went for a walk out in one. I couldn't even get that job right, either.

Josh: Son, son.

Shayne: It's, it was just another sick joke. I hated that chair the first time. I hated it. And I walked out into a landmine field wanting to die, and I leave in that damn chair again!

Josh: Does Dinah know all this?

Shayne: You know the guilt that you were wracked with after the car accident. I still don't think that you are over it. And I survived. And I made a full recovery, even. What if I hadn't? How would you be able to live with yourself?

Josh: I don't know.

Shayne: What's too horrible for you to imagine. Because that has been my life every day... since Lara died.

Alan: Daisy, I... I will help you find Grady, but I think you need to put the gun down and let's just talk, okay?

Daisy: I'm not stupid. I know this is the only way you'll listen to me.

Alan: Okay. Okay. Talk.

Daisy: Well, do you know that Harley used to take me to the shooting range all the time, and I have excellent aim. And, also, did you know that the whole staff is outside for some big household meetings, so they won't hear a gunshot. Don't go for an alarm, okay! Just give me what I want, and this can all be over. I want the truth about Grady.

Alan: The truth that I know is that Grady did not show up at my hearing. That's all.

Daisy: But why? Did you pay him off? Did you have someone grab him? Did you tell him that you were going to hurt me?

Alan: I think that's reaching a bit, Daisy. And I think I'm starting to understand what's going on here. You see, I think that you may be a little bit embarrassed that you hitched your wagon to a degenerate like Grady Foley.

Daisy: Grady loves me.

Alan: Well, when you hook up with somebody like that, you deserve what you get. (Gunshot)

Dinah: Grady came to me after he kidnapped Lizzie. He thought he was doing me a favor because he knew I was mad at you. And I never wanted any of this to happen. I wanted to tell you right away.

Bill: Why didn't you?

Dinah: Because I saw you needed me again. I took control of Spaulding, the company, the house, everything, and I gave it to you. For no other reason than because you're my brother. And you wanted it. But when I gave it to you, you kicked me out. And I'm not proud, but I wanted you to know my hurt, and know what it feels like when you have someone who you will do anything for just disappear on you. And, Lizzie, I am so sorry. I didn't tell you that Grady had Lizzie because I didn't think he'd have her very long. And the whole thing snowballed. I lost control of Grady. I lost control of the situation. And I couldn't take seeing you in pain.

Bill: (Laughs) You couldn't take it anymore, Dinah?

Dinah: The phone call that led you to Lizzie -- that was from me. I helped you find her. And I know that it's not enough. I can't fix my mistakes, but what I did, I made up for them. That's what I thought I could do. Every time I've messed up in my life, somebody has made me pay. For once, I'm offering, and I am not asking for you to understand. And I am not asking for your forgiveness.

Daisy: That was a warning shot.

Alan: That was a real bullet. You've lost your mind since you've been hanging around Grady Foley.

Daisy: Shut up, or the next one goes in your kneecap!

Alan: You know, Daisy, there's another way of handling all of this.

Daisy: Really? Because this way seems to be working for me.

Alan: Now you're starting to sound like your mother.

Daisy: You're right. You're right. I hate you as much as she did.

Buzz: Alan! Alan, I need to talk to you.

Alan: Buzz, I am so glad you're here. Would you take your psychotic granddaughter and get her out of here.

Buzz: She has the gun. That means she's in charge.

Daisy: Alan keeps hurting us. He drove Grady away. And everyone thinks I'm a fool.

Alan: Buzz, please, just get the gun away from her, and take her out of here.

Daisy: Why should I? He deserves it, doesn't he?

Alan: You know, you are insane. You've lost touch with reality, just like Coop did.

Dinah: I know you're shocked.

Bill: Go away, Dinah.

Dinah: I screwed up. I can fix it.

Bill: No, you canít.

Dinah: Bill, all of us make mistakes.

Lizzie: I've got to go. I've got to get out of here.

Phillip: Lizzie, I can take you home, if you want to stay, Bill.

Dinah: Let's just stay. Let's just talk, okay? And then I'll go down to the police station and tell them everything.

Bill: Just get out of the way.

Dinah: I'm taking responsibility.

Bill: Dinah, just listen to me! Listen to me. You're dead to me.

Shayne: I'm sorry that I dumped all of that on you. Don't tell Mom, okay? She's too close to her due date. She doesn't need to hear that right now.

Josh: Okay. You know, son, you made a mistake. Accidents happen. That's the way life works sometimes. I'm sure Dinah has already said this to you, but no one would blame you.

Shayne: She thinks Edmund would.

Josh: Yeah, well, she's right about that. Edmund can't know.

Shayne: Don't worry about Edmund. We're friends.

Josh: It's good to have friends.

Shayne: Yeah. It is.

Josh: I think you should go back to the party, spend some time with Dinah.

Shayne: Yeah. I have to go home and shower and get ready.

Josh: So go home and shower.

Shayne: Thank you for listening.

Josh: Thank you for telling me.

Phillip: You want something?

Dinah: Are you happy? Is this what you wanted?

Phillip: No. I don't enjoy people's pain.

Dinah: Even after everything that I have done to your daughter?

Phillip: But you faced up to it, Dinah. It took me years to do that. You're much better off.

Dinah: What are you talking about, I'm better off?

Phillip: Look, look at the way you've been living for the past few months. You've been hiding and covering your tracks, and standing by, while your brother and my daughter's life's been falling apart, doing nothing. No. Those days are over. I mean, I could give you the darkest before the dawn speech, but it's not always true.

Dinah: I really have lost everything and everyone, haven't I?

Phillip: That makes this the beginning, a clean slate.

Dinah: It doesn't feel like the beginning. It feels like the end. Throwing me off the roof would have been kinder.

I'm going crazy baby, about you...

Buzz: Don't ever say my son's name again. Come on, it's okay. Come on. Let's go.

Daisy: (Sobbing) Everyone was right. I'm so stupid. I trusted Grady. I loved him. He's never coming back. He's never coming back.

Buzz: It's going to be okay.

Daisy: Is it?

Buzz: I think so.

Daisy: I thought you were going to stay away. Why did you come back?

Buzz: Because I need my family. They need me.

(Knock on door)

Edmund: Hey, Josh. I'm surprised to see you here.

Josh: This is my office.

Edmund: Of course. Have you seen Shayne?

Josh: Yes, I have. In fact, we were just playing a little ball.

Edmund: Good. He was here earlier, and I just had the feeling something was weighing on him.

Josh: He seemed fine to me.

Edmund: Josh, I'm not trying to come between you and your son.

Josh: You wonít.

Bill: I don't know, baby I'm so sorry. I should have seen it.

Lizzie: How could you?

Bill: Well, I should have seen that what I was doing was hurting her, and that she was trying to hurt you.

Lizzie: She's your sister. Of course you would trust her.

Bill: She's not my sister anymore. She's going to pay...

Lizzie: I don't want our lives to be about this kidnapping, okay? I don't want them to be about Grady. I don't want it to be about Dinah. I don't want it to be about anything that happened before the night that you came back to me.

Bill: I have so much to make up for.

Lizzie: Not to me. Look, I know you're going to have to live with what Dinah did, and that's going to be really hard for you. But I just don't want anyone, anyone from the outside to touch what we have.

Bill: I don't want that either.

Lizzie: Then we will let it go.

Bill: So we just forgive her? Let her off the hook?

Lizzie: I don't know. I don't know. Okay, we'll figure it out tomorrow. Tonight you just hold me.

Bill: I can do that.

I feel like my head is on fire

to you I am new don't know that that's true.

Feels like I've known you awhile

so I'm trusting in you I might be a fool

but I feel like this feeling is right

but I've been wrong before and I'd do it again

I just can't stop singing tonight

and I'm playing tonight it's that old sweet song

and I been singing it out for way too long...

Shayne: Hey. Hi there. I came all the way up here looking for you. The party's over, I guess, huh?

Dinah: Yup. Everything's over.

Next week on "Guiding Light"...

Shayne: There is always something to live for. Together we can figure this out. You don't have to do this.

Phillip: Forget about all of this with Daisy. Or I'll tell Lizzie that you framed Bill for her kidnapping.

Frank: You can't let Dinah be the Godmother of your baby. Do you want to tell them or should I?

Phillip: I'm not afraid of the truth. Even Alanís. I want everybody to have a chance to say what they want to say.

Lizzie: Oh my God.

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