GL Transcript Monday 3/16/09

Guiding Light Transcript Monday 3/16/09


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Previously on "Guiding Light"...

Olivia: Don't you ever do that again. I was worried sick about you.

Natalia: She went to go see Phillip, and then Remy found her.

Bill: We are going to start over, okay? We don't know each other. We are strangers. We meet. We fall in love.

Phillip: There is nothing that I will not do to protect my children. I know that now.

Lizzie: Hilda! Hilda, have you seen my earrings? The ones that Mom borrowed. I want to...

Phillip: No earrings, but I brought you a sandwich. You didn't have lunch with us.

Lizzie: Oh. I'm going out. Thanks, though.

Phillip: Okay. Are you okay? The last time I saw you, you were just so upset. You don't have to talk to me, at all. I just wanted to make sure that you're all right.

Lizzie: I'm good.

Phillip: Okay. Okay.

Lizzie: I'm good. I'm great, even. Bill's back, and we're going to be together.

Phillip: And that's what you want?

Lizzie: Yes.

Phillip: Then that's what you're going to have, with no problems. I ran into Grady Foley after I saw you. He admitted to me that he was the one that kidnapped you.

Lizzie: Good. Good. Then everyone will know that Bill was not the kidnapper.

Phillip: And neither was I.

Lizzie: No. I guess you werenít.

Phillip: When I talked to Grady, I made sure that he would never bother you again.

Lizzie: Do the cops have him?

Phillip: No. But he's some place where he won't be hurting anybody anymore, especially you.

Olivia: Okay. So I locked my gun up in a very safe place

Natalia: Did you take the bullets out?

Olivia: Yes. It's never loaded. Only at the shooting range.

Natalia: I still don't like it. I don't even want to know where it is because I'll be tempted to get rid of it.

Olivia: Or shoot me?

Natalia: That, too.

Olivia: Terrific, let's move on. So if I can't shoot Phillip, what am I going to do to keep him away from Emma?

Natalia: Well, he's got a trial coming up. And he's probably going to be found guilty, and he will be back in jail.

Olivia: Not necessarily. I mean, a trial date could take six weeks, six months, years, even. Meanwhile, he's out partying with his friends.

Natalia: That doesn't seem right at all.

Olivia: You think? And even if he does get a trial date, I mean, he's a Spaulding. They're not going to convict him of anything. He'll hire a good lawyer. He'll buy off a jury.

Natalia: Poor Emma. What a family to come from.

Olivia: Well, it's Rafeís family, too.

Natalia: I know. How did you deal with it, living in that house?

Olivia: I didn't let them push me around. And if they tried to, I pushed back. How about you? Well, I tried to talked to Alan nicely. You know, just let him know what he could and couldn't do with Rafe, you know?

Olivia: Yeah. How did that work for you?

Natalia: All right, how about this? How about we split up, and then maybe we can just think up some ideas?

Olivia: All right. That's fine. I'm going to go down to the police station, because I'm a glutton for punishment. They're useless.

Natalia: All right. I'll call Jane, and then she can come and sit with Emma.

Olivia: Sounds like a plan.

Natalia: We're going to work it out.

Cyrus: How did you get in here?

Dinah: Oh, you're not seriously asking me that question, are you? Where is he?

Cyrus: I'm assuming you're talking about my brother. And he hasn't been home for more than 24 hours.

Dinah: I hope he fell off a cliff.

Cyrus: He's my brother, Dee Dee.

Dinah: Do you think that buys him some sort of goodwill with me? Do you have any idea what Lizzie Spaulding is saying to people around town?

Cyrus: That Grady kidnapped her?

Dinah: Yeah. Hmm?

Cyrus: He did kidnap her.

Dinah: Well, I know that. But what if he starts telling people that I helped him, or that you helped?

Cyrus: Then we'll be in lots of trouble.

Dinah: So what are you doing? You hanging around, waiting for the police to pick you up?

Cyrus: No. Actually, I've been looking for my brother.

Dinah: Hmm.

Cyrus: Yeah.

Dinah: Good. So do you got any clues? Got any ideas? What's going on? Whatcha got?

Cyrus: I have no ideas, no clue.

Dinah: Oh, well, then that leaves us with a big pile of dog poop, doesn't it? You've been so helpful. Thank you.

Cyrus: This has been fun, Dee Dee. Stop by again sometime.

Dinah: I'll be around. I'm going to keep my eyes on you. Right one you till we find your brother, okay?

Bill: I have returned, the prodigal son, here to eat your burgers.

Billy: Oh, not a chance.

Bill: May I join you, or is this a romantic lunch?

Billy: Not anymore.

Bill: Hmm.

Vanessa: Why prodigal? Did you go some place?

Bill: Um, you could say that.

Billy: Where did you go?

Bill: A couple of guys grabbed me, and locked me in a cellar. I fought my way out. Stole a truck, but made it back home to the one I love, Lizzie. So all in all, it's been a great week.

Billy: Yeah. So where did you really go?

Bill: Why would I make up a story like that?

Vanessa: I don't know. I don't know. That's the way you are. When you were five years old, you told your first big whopper.

Bill: Okay. Never mind. Never mind. No need to embarrass me here, because I am done with the past. I am all about the here and now. In fact, enjoy your time with me, because you only have me for a few more minutes.

Vanessa: Before what?

Bill: Lizzie and I have arranged to meet here. Is there anything in my teeth?

Billy: Wait.

Vanessa: No.

Billy: When... when you meet Lizzie, are you...

Bill: Dad, I've got to go right about now, because Lizzie will be here in ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two...

Lizzie: Oh, excuse me. I wasn't looking where I was going.

Bill: Oh, no, that's my fault. I shouldn't be blocking the doorway. Let me get your paper for you.

Lizzie: That's so nice of you.

Bill: No problem. Have a nice day.

Lizzie: Thank you.

Bill: Oh, yes. Now, where were we? It's just I made it so hard for us. I wasted so much time.

Billy: You can say that again.

Bill: Yeah, well, I finally figured it out. I realized that Lizzie is the most important thing in my life, besides you two. I'm just sorry that it took so long. And so is she. So we decided to get that time back.

Vanessa: Um, how do you do that?

Billy: Well, obviously, the boy has got himself a time machine.

Bill: Almost as good. Okay? Lizzie and I, we are starting over, starting fresh. Okay, you just saw that. We are strangers, right? We do not know each other. No history. No families. No feuding. Okay, we meet. We meet cue. We bump into each other, and I notice her.

Billy: Of course. She's a little foxtrot.

Bill: Exactly. And she notices me.

Vanessa: Well, you're a very handsome young man.

Bill: Thank you very much. I will take that.

Billy: What's square two?

Bill: Well, obviously, we'll meet again. Normally we would wait a few days, but Lizzie and I are anxious to get together. So we arranged a meeting later this afternoon.

Lizzie: One hour, in the park.

Bill: One hour.

Billy: Bye, Lizzie.

Bill: Dad, you don't know her.

Lizzie: I'm going to have Roxy with me.

Bill: Okay. Fun, huh?

Vanessa: When do the two of you make it up to the present moment?

Bill: I don't know. We hadn't talked about that. Gotta go.

Cyrus: No Grady. I don't know where else he could be. A cheap motel, maybe? We could make a list, divide it up. You take one half, I take the other. We show pictures. See what happens.

Dinah: Nope. That's going to take too many hours, and then that could probably turn into days. You know, I just... I need to find out if he has said anything. For all I know, the police are after me right now.

Cyrus: Well, what would you like me to do, Dee Dee? I don't have magical powers just because he's my brother.

Dinah: You know, families should keep track of each other.

Cyrus: Really?

Dinah: Yeah.

Cyrus: Do you know where your brother is right now?

Dinah: You know, stop it. Bill does not know that I am involved with this kidnapping. When he finds out that Grady is the kidnapper, he is going to go after him, and Grady is going to talk. I am screwed.

Cyrus: Maybe not. But we need to figure out where Gradyís been since the last time I saw him.

Dinah: Yes. Where was he the last time you saw him?

Cyrus: I sent him to see Lizzie Spaulding. She was going to pay him off, to try to keep him from testifying against Alan.

Dinah: Oh, that's terrific. So he's running around with a bunch of cash. He is foot loose and fancy free. He could tell anybody that I helped with Lizzie. So I say we go to Lizzie and ask her, did you give him the cash?

Cyrus: You can't talk to Lizzie about this, Dee Dee. I'll find out, all right?

Dinah: You know, that's fine. Right? Just go, okay.

Cyrus: I'm closing the doors.

Dinah: I will close the doors. Just go.

Cyrus: Fine.

Phillip: Hello?

Natalia: Hi. You don't know me, but...

Phillip: Let me take a guess. Natalia Rivera?

Natalia: How did you know that?

Phillip: Well, your picture is all around the house with Gus and your son.

Natalia: So you know who I am. And I'm sure you can guess why I'm here.

Phillip: Olivia sent you.

Natalia: No. Olivia doesn't know. I came to talk to you about Emma.

Phillip: How is she?

Natalia: She's a wonderful little girl, happy, smart. She knows you're home, and she really wants to see you.

Phillip: I would love that. How can we make that happen?

Natalia: We canít. I urged Olivia, when you first got back to town, to let Emma develop a relationship with you. But Olivia is terrified because of everything that happened.

Phillip: That's understandable.

Natalia: And Emma went missing earlier today. She's okay. But for a while there, we both thought that you had taken her. I have never been that scared. And I got it. I finally understood why Olivia doesn't want you to have anything to do with your own daughter. I'm not saying that it can't happen. But I'm telling you, if you don't give this some time and prove yourself, it will never happen.

Phillip: I appreciate your candor.

Natalia: I don't want to make anything more difficult. I just... I would like for Emma to have as uncomplicated a childhood as she possibly can.

Phillip: So would I. I love her very much.

Natalia: I love them both.

Olivia: You need to get your ass in gear and put my ex behind bars, where he belongs.

Doris: Which ex?

Olivia: Phillip Spaulding, you know, the kidnapper. Am I the only one in town who thinks he belongs in jail?

Doris: Look, he's awaiting a trial date. And, you know, the wheels of justice are turning.

Olivia: Well, make them turn faster.

Doris: I'm only the mayor, Olivia. I'm not governor, yet. There is only so much I can do. Thank you.

Olivia: I'll see you tomorrow.

Doris: All righty then. Bye-bye.

Olivia: Bye.

(Cell phone rings)

Natalia: What's up?

Olivia: I think I found a way to get Phillip.

Bill: Hello, sister!

Dinah: (Laughing) Hey, stranger. What are you doing down here?

Bill: Well, Ashlee told me you were down here somewhere, so I just followed the perfume.

Dinah: Oh!

Bill: Staff cutbacks? Is that why the boss is cleaning out the basement?

Dinah: Well, I was looking for some files, but they're not here. And I'm starving. Let's go to lunch.

Bill: You know, I just ate with Mom and my dad, but I just wanted to check in with my sister.

Dinah: Oh, well that's awfully nice, considering we don't even get to hang out that much anymore.

Bill: I know, and that's going to change. Okay? These past few days have been a little crazy for me. You heard that Grady Foley was Lizzieís kidnapper, right?

Dinah: I did hear... I did hear that. Wow!

Bill: Yeah. And when I found out, he grabbed me and locked me up out of town.

Dinah: Oh, my goodness. Bill.

Bill: No, no, no. I'm okay. But I realize what's important, that I love Lizzie, and I want to be with her. But I also realize there were people who stood by me when things got tough. Lizzie and you. You believed in me when not too many people did. I know I've been rough on you, but you stood by me, even when everyone else thought I was a kidnapper.

Dinah: I always knew it wasn't you.

Bill: That means a lot to me. And your devotion means a lot to me. Look, Lizzie and I, we're going to be starting over. And I want to start fresh with you.

Dinah: That sounds wonderful. Let's do that. I would really like to forget everything, too.

Bill: Done! All right? We are moving on.

Dinah: I'm glad.

Bill: Okay.

Dinah: Okay. Let's get out of this dusty dungeon, all right?

Bill: All right. Sis...

Dinah: Yes?

Bill: I love you.

Dinah: I love you, too.

Doris: Phillip Spaulding, you look pretty good for a dead guy.

Phillip: Thank you.

Doris: What can I do for you?

Phillip: I want to talk to you about my trial date.

Doris: Well, that seems to be a hot topic these days.

Phillip: Really? Who cares so much?

Doris: Mr. Spaulding, everyone in town is concerned about your whereabouts these days. In fact, I'm spending so much time talking about your trial that I have very little time to run Springfield.

Phillip: Well, I don't want you to be distracted. So what do you say we move it up as soon as we can?

Doris: I'm just a lowly public servant. I don't have any power to manipulate the court system.

Phillip: I think you underestimate your influence.

Doris: And I think you overestimate yours. You are the defendant.

Phillip: Well, I'm not actually just a defendant in this case. I'll be representing myself as well.

Doris: That's a bad idea. You don't want to go up against me in a courtroom.

Phillip: I thought you were just a lowly public servant?

Doris: I do what can to protect and serve. I will notify you of the trial date when the court notifies me. I'm afraid it's out of my hands.

Phillip: Thank you.

Lizzie: How's your jaw?

Cyrus: I'll live. How's Bill's fist?

Lizzie: Bill is amazing.

Cyrus: Yeah. He is. He's a great guy.

Lizzie: Thank you for being willing to help me find him.

Cyrus: I'm glad you're together. And I'm glad that you're happy. But this thing isn't over. I need to find my brother so we can put all of this behind us.

Lizzie: Put all of this behind us? The only way to put this all behind us is for your brother to stay as far away from us as possible.

Cyrus: Heís still my brother. Listen, up until now, I've always tried to fix things for him by making them go away. But now I know that the only way to help Grady is to convince him to come back here and take responsible for what he has done. I have to find him, make him pay the consequences so that he can put his life back together.

Lizzie: I don't want him to have a life. I'm glad he's gone. I hope he stays gone.

Cyrus: So... you're thinking he took the money you gave him and left?

Lizzie: I have no idea. I dropped the bag when I realized he was the kidnapper. He probably grabbed it and ran.

Cyrus: But you never saw him take the money?

Lizzie: No.

Cyrus: So if the money is still in the warehouse, that means that Grady could still be in town.

Lizzie: Well, he better not be.

Cyrus: I'll let you know what I find.

Olivia: Hey. Where have you been?

Natalia: You said we were going to come up with ways to keep Phillip and Emma apart, and that's what I was doing.

Olivia: All right. Well, while you were working on it, I figured it out. We have to get Phillip back in jail as soon as possible.

Natalia: But you said that he might not even have a trial for months.

Olivia: Well, we're going to get his trial date moved up.

Natalia: Oh, yeah?

Olivia: Uh-huh.

Natalia: Because we're not lawyers, and we have no control over the legal system. I learned that with Rafe.

Olivia: I know. I know. And it would be hard for us to have a direct effect, but there are people out there who have that kind of influence who just need to -- we just need to influence them.

Natalia: Who's "them?"

Olivia: Doris Wolfe.

Natalia: The Mayor.

Olivia: Uh-huh. Yeah, she could get the trial moved up if she wanted to.

Natalia: Why would she do that for us? I thought she hated us.

Olivia: I know. And that's what makes this so so interesting. See, Doris has a secret.

Natalia: What?

Olivia: And we're going to use that secret to get her to do what we want.

Natalia: That sounds kind of mean. So what's the secret?

Olivia: Well, let's just say that Doris is more open-minded than she might have led on. I was out the other night, and I ran into her at a gay bar.

Natalia: What were you doing in a gay bar?

Olivia: And there she was, wearing a hat.

Natalia: What's wrong with that?

Olivia: There's nothing wrong with it. But it was a disguise.

Natalia: Okay. You still didn't tell me what you were doing in a gay bar?

Olivia: I wasn't looking for a gay bar. I was looking for a drink, okay? The sign said "ladies' night," so I wandered in, thinking I might get a free martini. Accept it was a night, you know, where ladies go out to meet other ladies.

Natalia: And Doris...

Olivia: That's why she was there.

Natalia: Well, I mean that's fine. She can do whatever she wants. It's her business.

Olivia: No... yeah. I don't care what she does. You don't care what she does. But obviously, she does because she's trying to keep it a secret. So we'll just, you know, take that little secret, and we'll use it to have her do what we want.

Natalia: That is blackmail.

Olivia: No, no, no, no, no. It's using what is available. It's kind of like, you know, picking out ingredients that you need or want to make a pie. You might want a berry pie, but you might just have apples. So you know what? You've got to make apple pie. That's what we're doing.

Billy: I like it.

Vanessa: Oh, I know. How could you do that? How could you pretend that you didn't know somebody that you know really well. I just think I would feel foolish.

Billy: I think it's sexy.

Vanessa: You think a triple decker hamburger is sexy.

Billy: Well, it is.

Vanessa: (Laughing) You have apple on your chin.

Billy: Yeah, well, you know what? I think we should try it, you know, what Bill and Lizzie are doing.

Vanessa: Are you out of your mind?

Billy: Excuse me, have we met before? (Laughter)

Lizzie: Oh, hi there, little doggie.

Bill: Oh, yeah. She... well, she wasn't supposed to run away. You naughty little girl. You didn't do it. Oh, my goodness, it's you. We met this morning over at Company.

Lizzie: I didn't know you were bringing a dog.

Bill: Well, you said you were going to bring Roxy, and I thought I would, you know, it's a good way to meet.

Lizzie: She's a cutie.

Bill: Do you think so? Because I wanted a bigger dog, but that's all they had.

Lizzie: No, no, no, no, no. She's a perfect match for Roxy.

Bill: Okay.

Lizzie: Oh, my goodness. Yes... yes, we did. We met at Company. You were the guy that helped me with my newspaper. Wow! What a coincidence that we would meet again.

Bill: Love was meant to be.

Lizzie: What's your dog's name?

Bill: My dog's name? It's, um...

Lizzie: Ah, you... she looks like a, um, a birdie.

Bill: That is amazing. You guessed it. Her name is Birdie.

Lizzie: (Laughing) Well, my dog's name is Roxy, and we were just about to go for a walk, if you'd like to join us.

Bill: Well, what do you say there, Birdie? Come here, you. Come here. Do you want to take a walk with these two lovely ladies? I think Birdie says yes. It looks like we're going for a walk.

Lizzie: Good. Come on, Birdie. Yes.

Dinah: Anything?

Cyrus: Not even a shiny quarter on the floor.

Dinah: Well, that's good, right?

Cyrus: Well, we know the money's not here.

Dinah: Well, the money's not here and Gradyís not here.

Cyrus: Maybe not.

Dinah: Absolutely not. There is no way that slimeball brother of yours got his hands on what?

Cyrus: A million.

Dinah: A million? Oh, a million? He'd be gone.

Cyrus: Maybe. $5 million and I'd be gone.

Dinah: $5 million, I'd be gone, and I have family here.

Cyrus: Grady is my family.

Dinah: Yeah, I know. I'm sorry for you. But I'm happy for me. If he is gone, there is no way that he said anything about my part in it or your part in it.

Cyrus: You're right. No one will know what either of us did, but I don't know if my brother is okay.

Dinah: You know what? He's a big boy.

Cyrus: Who gets into big trouble. Look, I'm glad he's not here, but I've got to find him.

Dinah: Really? Let him go.

Cyrus: I canít. He's my brother.

Dinah: Fine. Find him. Just don't bring him back here.

Cyrus: I think that's a given. I'll see you around, Dee Dee.

Dinah: Okay. Safe trip. Cyrus? I don't have my car. I forgot...

Phillip: Hey, Dinah. Need a ride somewhere?

Dinah: This is bizarre, running into you here at the cannery warehouse.

Phillip: Yeah, it's weird, huh?

Dinah: What are you doing here?

Phillip: Well, this is where I found Lizzie. And it's where Grady was holding her. So I thought maybe I would come out and take a look around, see if I could find anything that would tell me anything about what happened.

Dinah: Oh, that's a good idea.

Phillip: You know, there might be some kind of evidence that would tie him, or whoever was helping him, to the kidnapping.

Dinah: Oh! Did he have any help at all?

Phillip: Well, Lizzie said he wasn't acting by himself. And from everything I understand, I don't think this guy could have pulled it off on his own.

Dinah: Did you find anything?

Phillip: Well, I didn't find anything outside. So I thought I would come in and kind of poke around. What are you doing here?

Dinah: I'm doing some pre-production work on a story that I'm working on at WSPR.

Phillip: Really?

Dinah: Yeah.

Phillip: The owner of the station does that?

Dinah: (Laughing) Cutbacks.

Phillip: Yeah. Did you get everything you needed?

Dinah: Yeah. Um, actually, I took a lot of notes.

Phillip: Got a note pad?

Dinah: Yeah. Right here. I've got it all in my head.

Phillip: Really?

Dinah: Yeah.

Phillip: You must have a good memory. I bet that helps... keeping your story straight. I can give you that ride now.

Doris: Oh, can't I have a moment of peace?

Natalia: We need your help, Ms. Wolfe.

Doris: Yeah, well stand in line, okay? I have to get to a meeting.

Olivia: You know, I think that can wait. I mean, you're a very important public figure. That's one of the perks of being a big fish in a small pond, wouldn't you say?

Doris: What do you want?

Olivia: I told you I want Phillip Spaulding locked up as soon as possible.

Doris: And I told you I can't do that.

Olivia: I think your constituents at ladies' night will disagree.

Doris: So, you're calling in your chips?

Olivia: You asked what I wanted to keep quiet. This is it.

Natalia: You know, Ms. Wolfe, we really don't care about your personal life, or who you see or what you do.

Olivia: No, no. But obviously, you do. So if you want this to stay a secret, then...

Doris: I'm just not ready.

Olivia: I'm not ready for Phillip to see my daughter.

Doris: I will move Phillipís trial up to the next available date on the calendar.

Olivia: He belongs in the front of the line.

Doris: He's already there. Are we finished here?

Olivia: Yeah. I think that's it.

Natalia: Thank you for your time.

Bill: Well, thank you for keeping us company. I think Birdie is having a great time.

Lizzie: I think Roxy is, too.

Bill: Hey, that's my sister. Do you mind if I call her over?

Lizzie: No, not at all.

Bill: Dinah!

Dinah: Hey, guys.

Bill: Hey.

Dinah: What...

Bill: Birdie loves her Auntie Dinah.

Dinah: What?

Bill: What was I thinking. This is my sister, Dinah Marler. Dinah, this is... well, this is crazy. I don't even know your name. We're really starting over. Just play along.

Dinah: Okay.

Lizzie: My name is Lizzie.

Bill: I'm Bill.

Lizzie: Bill. That's a nice name.

Bill: Thank you. Is Lizzie short for Elizabeth?

Lizzie: It is. It is.

Bill: It is. Okay.

Dinah: What else would it be short for?

Lizzie: Do you live in Springfield?

Bill: Yes, she does. And thank God. Because I don't know what I would do without her. Dinah is an amazing sister. She stood by me through some very tough times, and I owe her.

Dinah: No, you donít.

Bill: Yes, I do, big time.

Lizzie: It is really nice to have family you can count on.

Dinah: It is. It is. Listen, I've got to go. It was nice meeting you, Lizzie.

Lizzie: Oh, nice to meet you.

Dinah: Okay.

Bill: Okay.

Lizzie: Well, this has been fun, but I think I should probably take Roxy home now. Right, baby?

Bill: Coffee?

Lizzie: What?

Bill: Do you have time for a cup of coffee?

Lizzie: Yeah, I'd like that. Come on.

(Cell phone rings)

Cyrus: Hello?

Phillip: Is this Mr. Grady Foley?

Cyrus: No.

Phillip: This is Melbourne Air. We're having trouble processing Mr. Foley's credit card for his flight to Sydney. Do you know how we can reach him?

Cyrus: No. When was that flight leaving?

Phillip: Sorry, sir. I can't give out that information.

Lizzie: You know, I think Roxy is getting tired. I should probably bundle her up and take her home.

Bill: I should probably do the same with Birdie, all right?

Lizzie: It was so nice to meet you, Birdie. Yes, it was. Maybe we can do it again sometime, huh?

Bill: Lizzie, um... why don't we exchange numbers. That way we can set up a play date for the dogs.

Lizzie: Well, they do seem to like each other.

Bill: Yes, they do.

Lizzie: I guess it would be all right if I gave you my number. You're not a kidnapper or anything, are you?

Bill: (Laughing) Not anymore.

Lizzie: There.

Bill: I'll call you then.

Lizzie: I'd like that.

Bill: Fine.

Lizzie: Come on, Roxy. That's from the Lizzie that already knows you.

Bill: Hey, Birdie! Birdie! Come here, you. We did it! We did it, Birdie! We did it!

Doris: Are you here to apologize for your low-life brother?

Cyrus: My days of apologizing for Grady are over. I'm just here to have a beer before I go.

Doris: He's fired, you know.

Cyrus: Got it.

Doris: Take off your coat. Stay a while.

Cyrus: No. I've got to get going. I'm looking for my brother.

Doris: Well, don't bring him back here.

Cyrus: Got it.

Doris: I don't give people chances like I gave Grady.

Cyrus: Well, everyone wants something different from life.

Doris: But I tried to give him a chance. I tried to mentor him, but he blew it.

Cyrus: I appreciate it.

Doris: He's still fired.

Lizzie: You probably wondered, did he love her or not? And that is a question that should be answered.

Bill: Lizzie, what do you mean?

Lizzie: I can't do this.

Bill: Lizzie...

Dinah: Why can't I make it all disappear? Why?

Come bring me a fall from a mountain when it's sunny the world's coming down on me down so hard it's a fist I've pounded a shot from a gun when the waves are crashing down on me oooh but I'm unbroken unbroken

Next on "Guiding Light"...

Phillip: You didn't want Lizzie with Bill, so you had him framed.

Alan: You're going to tell her about me?

Phillip: Don't give me a reason.

Buzz: What am I looking for? Grady, for revenge. I want my son. I want my wife. I need revenge.

Frank: Here it is. I need you to give us a new statement. Unfortunately, we have to go over every single detail again.

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